28 September, 2022


‘Covid’ The New Religion – Science Or Faith? Do We Need A Vaccination? 

By Manuka Wijesinghe

What is religions’ purpose? Those who have a loving God, would know that religion is that what subdues and controls the natural bestiality of men, ridding him of his animal nature and teaching him to control his appetites and strive to become as good as his good and loving God.

In faiths lacking a personal God, an ethical system substitutes the personal deity. In faiths such as Buddhism, it is the fear of Karma, the law of cause and effect, which forces one to be good. Nearly every given religion has its set of ethics; rules of civilized conduct or a deity which enforces or persuades man to be good. He is good primarily, because he is a fearful creature and fearful of divine retribution.

In other words, the purpose of religion is to invoke fear in men. It is indeed a needed fear for if not for that controlling mechanism that wills men towards moderation and goodness, man will not be a civilized animal but an uncivilized beast. Goodness is not the law of the jungle, it is the law of civilization. It is that what makes us human.

But, since the technological revolution, God has been dying a slow death. In the United States of America, God has manifested himself into the twin brother of the Capitalist enterprise. As much as the American constitution boasts the Right to Liberty, there is another more sinister fundamental right embedded into the list of their rights and that is the Right to Profit.

The Right to Profit is the philosophical foundation of Globalization, the new world order, spearheaded and managed by the winners of the Cold War; the United States of America.

Yet, does one ever consider the means through which profit is made?

Profit is made by invoking desires. Not needs, but desires. I remember, in the late seventies, along with market economy when television infiltrated our society. Then, all the creative young minds of the age were allured into the well-paying advertising industry. Most of my friends were amongst them. Suddenly, my friends, who had once ridded moral high horses, possessed a sense of justice and social responsibility, lost those virtues and became Sri Lanka’s first generation of Hedonists. Pleasure; their first principle and their reason of being; the merry amusement in their ability to persuade and unthinking public to consume that what they did not need. Thus, while creating a society of wants they washed down their own moral responsibility with Rum and Coke.

That was the painless birth of our market economy.

The source of commercial TV is the United States of America. If one has been to the USA one would know, that there, commercials are the essential content of Television. A movie or a soap being the gap that is injected between commercials, thereby giving the illusion that television is a medium of Entertainment when in truth, it is a medium of advertisement.

The Capitalist dream was not our ideal nor that of the European’s, until the Marshall plan was introduced to Europe by the United States of America after the Second World War to create states (colonies) that would purchase American surplus. Americans surplus had an early history for it was a product of slave labour. No labour costs, hence cheap cotton.

By the end of the Second World War, the United States of America, having completely annihilated indigenous cultures and the nations of the American Indians, had created a society unprecedented in the history of man. A society no longer based on virtue, but one based on sheer profit.

Professor Odd Arne Westad, in his book ‘The Global Cold War’ states, ‘The core idea that had led Americans to nationhood were the same ones that commanded them to seize the vastness of America (from its first citizens, the American Indians) and transform it in their divine image. Along with the idea of Divine Providence, they formed an ideology and that motivated the US elites in their relations with the outside world from the federal era to the Cold War.’

And I shall proceed to say, up until Covid-19.

Covid-19 is not the wrath of God, it is not the wrath of nature, it is American created.

While the American working class, whose jobs have been outsourced, their environment polluted and are plagued by pollution caused cancers turn to the talking-tongue Pentecostal churches; a Prosperity Gospel which is completely contradictory to the rational Enlightenment principles that created the United States of America; the American elite, utterly disconnected to the working class have been making other plans. Digitalization, surveillance Capitalism and the projection of fear.

Their motivation being nothing less than maximum profit in a land which does not tax its rich.

The economist and Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, in his book on ‘Globalization and its Discontents Revisited’, wrote, ‘From the perspective of America as a whole, they wanted the wrong thing. What they asked for was essentially what American corporations wanted….they enriched their coffers as wages were driven down. …..when they drafted the provisions concerning intellectual property rights, they were not thinking about what was good for the advancement of science in the United States, let alone the world. They were thinking about what would increase the profits of America’s big corporations, especially its large Drug and Entertainment companies.’

Where does Covid-19 fit?

When the drama of the new respiratory disease of Wuhan began to play on televisions around the world like a science fiction film (science-fiction being a genre common only to the USA), though it appeared like an American science fiction film, it was more dangerous for American tech giants’ virtual reality was about to conquer our living reality.

Wuhan was not about a virus, it was about ostracizing China.

China is undoubtedly upon the path to economic leadership, much to the dismay of the United States. One cannot predict if China would display a greater sense of fair play, but I am willing to believe that the descendants of Confucius and Lao-Tse have the capacity to understand justice and law unlike the descendants of adventurers and desperadoes whose wealth was gained by the enslavement of black Africans and the genocide of the native Americans enabling them to seize their lands and proclaim in their constitution; ‘Every man has a right to own property.’

Does the American have an equal right to theft too?

‘In the name of rationality and progress, the American government attempted to control and in some cases exterminate all the nations who had settled in what became the United States of America. These interventions set the framework for dealings with countries of low level ‘rational action’ could not receive liberty as a gift from the America. ‘Control’ became the favoured method for extending Americas aims beyond the sea to where liberty as yet was not an option.’

That liberty is still not an option.

With Covid-19, American control has found its way into the edicts of Globalization and we are in this mess. The sheer idiocy and irrationality of government lockdowns, was justly summed up by Dr Katz, the president of the True Health Initiative; ‘The fight against Corona virus is worse than the disease.’

How did we get into the mess we are in? How did a PCR test, untested for its efficacy become the paradigm of Covid-19 testing? Why does the renowned British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates as an authority on Covid? It is because he funds BBC’s health services? How did the Berlin Charite, move to the limelight? Is it because he is one of their main donors too? How does the Robert Koch Institute conjure magical super numbers when the infection curve had dropped? Is it because he funds it too? How did the Imperial College’s head virologist, infamous for his bad mathematics be the prophet of British Covid? Was it because Gates funds the Imperial College too? How is it that the chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a state of pandemic and authorized the using of PCR tests when there was no pandemic and the PCR test was faulty? Is it because the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is their single biggest private donor? Or is it because Mr Tedros got a taste for their monies during his tenure as the Health minister in his native Ethiopia? The list of persons involved in this panic are all funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In other words, we have begun to live in a world in which truth has been subjected for American billionaire and pharmaceutical interest.

On the BBC’s morning show on the 12th of April 2020, when Europe was going into Lockdown, the host of the BBC’s morning show interviewed Bill Gates. He was asked the following, ‘Bill Gates how important is it now to have a global response?’

Bill Gates: I’d say it is critical because the tools that are going to reduce deaths that that the drugs you know that’s a global thing…uuhhh…to get those out. And the thing that will get us back to the world that we had before Corona virus is the Vaccine in getting that out to all seven billion people…and so the efforts to test those at the factories….to understand…uh…you know…is it safe and ready to go…uuhhh..thats it is a global problem…uuhhhh…and, so you know, I am glad you know that people are coming together  to find where is the best work and combine that …you know that factory will be in a different country than the science is in, and ….uhhhh..this is a whole world working on, probably the most urgent tool that is ever been needed.’

Host: Can I ask you to reflect a little more on the way the world leaders thus far have responded to the crisis.

Bill Gates: Well there’s the period…ah…when I and other Health Experts were saying that this is the greatest potential downfall the world faced and…uh..going back quite aways with a speech in 2015 and a New England Medicine article about this specific thing…..and we will definitely look back and wish we had invested more…uhh…so we could quickly have all the diagnostics, drug and Vaccines….’

Bill Gates, a university drop out who is certainly not a Health Expert but merely the co-founder of Microsoft and the director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the richest men in the world, having megalomaniac desires to create an image of himself as a visionary (substantial evidence on Netflix in a series of films called, ‘inside Bill Gates mind), perhaps, upon reading Jared Diamond’s 1998 bestseller, ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’, about the extinction of pre-industrial societies through germs, began a quest against viruses. He had failed with his computer systems, so he jumped species and forced the trials he financed, upon a human population.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was his tool of operation. It was founded in the year 2000, giving him 21 years to lay the groundwork. Donations and funding to respected institutions, experts, media and governments, forced them to act upon his behest. To lie to the world, that if mankind would not be inoculated against viruses, it would die.

But, in contrast to computers, the human body is a host to viruses and they live in symbiosis with man. And, with an intact immune system, fundamentally, not dangerous. To rid our bodies of virus is to kill us. It would be easier to rid his computers of viruses, but he failed to do so. But, unlike most men, his failure made him more determined, so, he used his billions to bribe persons of authority. Heading the list is the current head of the World Health Organzation, a man who has been accused of genocide against rival Ethiopian and Somali tribes but most famous for covering up from the international media, outbreaks of cholera and famine in his native Ethiopia, during his tenure as Ethiopia’s Health Minister.

Returning to Bill Gates’ interview, I do not know, but I get neither relevant nor irrelevant information from his words. His presence is a waste of media time. From the phrases he drops, I do detect some nouns such as factories (which I presume are labs) and tools, which I presume are laboratory tools and not agricultural tools. But one word is always thrown across somewhat haphazardly. Vaccines. And that does pose a problem. Not as a word carelessly used in a talk show, but that a billionaire intends to vaccinate seven billion people on this earth.

Eighty years ago, in Nazi Germany, one may have called such experiments; Eugenics. But this is Bill Gates and his money has the ability to change words; from Eugenics to Philanthropy.

In this Information Society, I suppose, a man who knowns nothing about the human body nor its immune reactions can be the prophet of the novel Corona Virus. Listening to him stutter on that morning show, I have the need to laugh, but I cannot, for if these Lockdowns were not a tragedy, it would indeed be a comedy.

Children deprived of education, is it not a tragedy?

The old, isolated and forbidden to mingle with the young, is that not a tragedy?

The closure of restaurants and culture, is it not a tragedy?

Men deprived of income and driven to suicide, is that not a tragedy?

Social distancing, is it not a tragedy? 

Bill Gates gave us the personal computer, was it intended to replace life?

Bill Gates has become the crusader for Global Health and has manged to surround himself with a task force of experts, institution and media which has sacrificed ethics to let a rich man play his anti-Viral game. And act God. When Covid began, we were presented with only one option. Here, I return to beginning of this essay. The force of the media in advertising. ‘Vaccines, special offer, till Avurudu!’

When a simple virus spread through this globalized world, we were given only one option of health. An undeveloped vaccine. Every government leader, every television station, every newspaper sang the vaccine hosanna while government forces arrested us for doing what we always do. Live.

Do we need vaccinations?

We do Not! Not for this Corona Virus. Corona is unlike the virus which caused the Spanish flu in which the host cell dies causing bacterial supra-infections leading to pneumonia. Covid-19 is not lethal. It has a symptoms of any other flu. It is harmless to the healthy, even to the old as long as there is no other serious underlying condition like pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetic complications or any other reasons causing immune compression.

It is harmless to children and in the history of men, for the first time, a Virus has emerged which targets primarily those over eighty and spares our children.

Yet it is said to kill. Why and who?

Those most adversely affected are those in affluent countries like The United States and England. In the course of this essay, I hope to make you understand why.

We, in the south are not immune compressed, unlike the western first world societies whose entire immune system has been supressed through annual flu shots which have long been proven to be contra-indicatory (which the WHO refrains for articulating, though it is well known).

We do know, that no pathogen (virus or bacteria) can infect the human body if we have a functioning immune system.  We know what herbs we need to take if we feel ill, have a cold, cough or a sore throat. The traditional medical practices (Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine) are a sciences, used not only in acute and chronic conditions but also as prevention and its remedies are Test-Tried. The science of Ayurveda spans thousands of years while the origin western medical science (allopathy) was the great European wars. And its origin was not healing, but killing.

When Europe began its great wars, today’s pharmaceutical companies were those that provided the biological gasses that killed millions of people. They created Mustard gas used in the First World War, Napalm used in the Korean and Vietnam wars and Zyklon B, used to gas Jews in concentration camps and Auschwitz. The ancestor of today’s pharmaceutical companies were companies profiting from death. They were founded, not to save men, but to kill them. That business was also immensely profitable. But, when the wars ended, profit ended too and new ideas were needed for profits to continue.

That new idea was Pharmaceuticals and Drugs. So, War companies became Drug companies.

Yet, the new company’s philosophy did not change. Drugs and pharmaceuticals were not developed to heal men, but to generate profit. And to generate profit ad infinitum man had to be fearful, anxious, in pain or ill; ad infinitum.

Hence, if one has an acute rise in Blood pressure, one can be assured the western medical practitioner will prescribe blood presser reducing drugs to be taken unto death. It is the same with most other diseases. Diabetes, rheumatic diseases, asthma, neuralgia, cholesterol, just to name a few. Western medicine does not cure, it makes a diseased a chronic drug addict.

These synthetic drugs also come with an encyclopaedia of side effects. For example, blood pressure reducing drugs reduces the quantity of blood which results in the gradual lowering of blood volume and the reduction of necessary haemoglobin which could lead to numerous other complications some of which are vertigo, tinnitus, neuralgias and many more chronic conditions requiring further drugs to appease them. But appeasement is not a cure. You appease one place, it emerges in another. And, the human condition become chronic.

But, Eastern medicine is different.  It is not a ‘one size fits all’ hypothetical medical science. But an ancient knowledge, tried, tested and designed to treat one disease, but originating in various human constitutions. Eastern remedies are natural herb, minerals, changes in diet and disease causing habits. Remedies are taken only for the duration of the pathology exists. It does not make patients drug addict. 

Eastern medicinal systems cure, Western medicine is a procrastination. If cure should come, ONLY in acute diseases, it is not for the superiority of drugs but because the patient’s body still has the vitality to generate a cure despite the intake of synthetic toxins. But, it will likely change and vitality will speedily ebb, when he is condemned to lifelong synthetic drug usage.

Eastern medical systems addresses man, western medical system addresses profit.

Since the emergence of this supposed new Corona virus, things have changed. All traditional knowledge has been, throught the efforts of government and media, been forsaken for a magical, yet undeveloped, hypothetical, futuristic vaccination.

Is this a Brave New World, prescribed to us by our western donors?

The German chancellor Angela Merkel, in her first public articulation about the Corona virus said, ‘The pandemic is at an end when a vaccination is found.’

Besides being a Physicist and the Chancellor of Germany, is she also pharmaceutical lobbyist? Or, is she the embodiment of the sheer failure of science? Or, is she a head of State following an agenda divergent from the good of those entrusted to her their care? Is she an American lemming?

In this debate, one should not forget that Germany, having not signed a peace treaty after the war, still belongs to the United States of America. It is the US’s satellite state. After the Second World War, it got its monies, from the American designed Marshall plan, making it Europe’s strongest economy although it was the nation which gassed millions of Jews. This gas was manufactured by the Gas and Chemical Company IG Farben which was a conglomerate of the drug companies BASF, BAYER, Hoechst. Agfa etc. Names most familiar even today, as supplier of drugs.

Returning to the German Chancellor’s statement, one must indeed doubt the verity of her scientific training or ruminate about the failure of science when a physicist claims that a pandemic ends only when a vaccination is found. Has she never heard of herd immunity?

Yet, there is a method to the seeming irrationality of world leaders.

That is German hospital, the Berliner Charite’s chief Virologist. Christian Drosten. He is incidentally the creator of the PCR testing method for-Covid 19. He got the ball rolling when he informed the chief of the WHO, Tedros, of a novel Corona virus. Thereupon Tedros Covid- 19 to be a global pandemic. 

A man who had once told journalists not to call a famine, a famine, when he was a minister in his native Ethiopia!

But, for this ball to roll as it did, the ground work had been laid. By the Bill and Melinda gates foundation. The World Economic Forum and GAVI; the vaccination alliance, again founded in 2000, coincidentally, in the same year as the Gates foundation. Gavi’s, approach to public health is ‘a business oriented approach and technology focused, using market oriented measures, seeking quantifiable results. A mode termed the ‘Gates Approach’ or ‘US type approach’ which has already harmed local health care systems, prioritizing new vaccinations instead of putting money and effort into the coverage of old and cheaper vaccines and having vaccination manufacturers on its governing board. An obvious conflict of Interest….’

All these players are non-governmental organizations, but having enough capital to dictate to governments to compromise the well-being of society for the maximum profit of these corporations.

Covid-19 is a Corona virus. We humans are a composition of viruses. Viruses do not kill us, it wants us to live for we are its host. Yet the host must ensure that he has a functioning immune system so that the guest will not conquer him. Herbs, native medications, oils, massages, purges (panchakarma), diet, tonics, breathing exercises (pranayama) and a healthy life styles ensure immunity. Vaccinations destroy immunity. Vaccinations shrink the thymus gland and reduces the function of the natural immune system. Furthermore, there is substantial evidence to prove that the injection of viruses increase the susceptibility to develop cancers in later years. The damages caused by vaccinations are incurable. Paediatric wards are filled with children suffering Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Would one bother to inquire to the origin of those conditions, in most cases they are traceable back to the point of vaccination.

Today, in the west, it is the old they want to vaccinate against covid-19. In the south and the east we want to vaccine the young. Why? The old are likely to die, does the west not want our young to live? Do WE not want them to live? For it is out leaders who are following their orders. Our own president is an American citizen, does he work for them, or for us? We let them vaccinate us against a harmless virus, is there any guarantee that tomorrow they will not vaccinate our children? Causing them to develop Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Retardation?

Are the American and European financial bail-outs and donations a justifiable compensation for the privation of our lives? And the lives of our children? We have an excellent Ayurvedic education and brilliant practitioners, why does no Ayurvedic practitioner speak out against this vaccination crime, committed by our own government in recommending vaccinations to an unthinking public? What is more lethal than Corona? Is Dengue not more lethal? Chicken Gunya? Malaria?

The government will make its profit with vaccines, but we will surely suffer its side effects.

In the late nineteen seventies the American vaccination manufacturers received permission to begin the trial vaccination of Hepatitis B on white homosexual men in New York and I believe, San Francisco. In two to four years henceforth, every single one of those vaccinated men had AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

That is the legacy of vaccinations.

Despite the clear evidence of the direct connection between the Hepatitis B vaccination, HIV and the subsequent AIDS, the medical malpractices were played down by highlighting the sexual preferences of the men. Aids began to be called the Gay disease. Then, as now, Anthony Fauci was the chief advisor to Ronald Reagan, the President of the United States, whose vote bank was the conservative, white Christian American to whom Homosexuality was a perversion and a privation of the noble white men. They just did not care.

Yet, sodomy had existed since the birth of man, without AIDS. It is practiced in the toilets of boys’ school, without AIDS. Many doctors and virologists who tried to speak up against the falsity of the Fauci declarations that Aids was a gay disease were ostracized, lost their jobs and were even driven to suicide. The myth of Gay disease had to prevail in order to cover up the crime of the Hepatitis B trials. For his deceptions, Anthony Fauci was appointed the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. A position he holds till today.

That is not all, in 2009/2010, Sweden did a massive vaccination campaign for the prevention of Swine flu. The vaccine had been hurriedly developed by the British drug company GlaxoSmithKline. The vaccination were carried out on children and young adults under the age of 30. The result was that every one of the inoculated now suffer from Narcolepsy, a chronic disorder of the nervous system that causes excessive and uncontrollable drowsiness. It has destroyed the lives of young Swedes. And their condition is irreversible. 

Everything in this Covid-19 pandemic has been a myth, a lie and a travesty of health and of justice. 

The west, since the fall of Communism has changed. Covid had given them a reason to abandon the edicts of Democracy and resort to Totalitarianism. The face of the new Totalitarianism is the German chancellor Angela Merkel, a daughter of Socialist East Germany, who was never taught the lessons of Democracy introduced to the West Germany society along with American occupation. The multilateral damaging actions of the Berlin Charite’s Christian Drosten, the director of the Robert Koch institute and the rest of the team with which Merkel has surrounded herself, including the former pharmaceutical lobbyist who is her health minister is a symbol of the end of debate and dialogue. The end of Democracy.

Many experts in the fields of immunology, virology and epidemiology, including the renowned professor Sucharit Bhakdi who wrote the book, ‘Corona-False Alarm. Its facts and figures’, have been begging Merkel for an audience. But the German Chancellor refuses to grant an audience, preferring to make apocalyptic proclamations when there is no apocalypse. She hears only the fallacies of the Charite’s Christian Drosten and the incorrect data analysis of the Robert Koch Institute. 

The closure of schools and the belief that a symptomless Covid positive can transmit the Corona Virus to a healthy agent was a falsity, published by inaccurate publications emerging from Christian Drosten’s lab. The person he supposed was symptomless, a Chinese woman, who had transmitted the disease to a Bavarian was with symptoms and had been taking medication to suppress her fever while in Bavaria. Thus, it was a Covid Positive WITH symptoms (a diseased) who transmitted the virus to a healthy agent. But, the fallacy of Drosten’s report was never corrected nor false governmental decisions adjusted and healthy persons with a Covid positive lab report was forced into quarantine.

Who was diseased? Man or the lab report? Perhaps the report should have been quarantined!

The same Drosten lab sent out another verdict that children spread Covid to adults although no substantial study has ever been done to prove it and in Sweden, the one country that did not go for lockdowns fared no worse than the countries that had faced the hardships of lockdowns and no child had thus far killed its grandmother. Yet, in Germany, Drosten’s statement became a rock edict and children were forced to pay the price for a scientist’s false speculations.

Yet, he remained the chief advisor to the Merkel government. 

Thus, the German government made choices ignoring the economic costs and ignoring the doctors and public health officials who said, there is no necessity of lock downs. But, their imposed (or even a ‘Reset’*) agenda was greater than public good. Men had to be made to believe that a killer virus would enter into the noses and pharynxes of men and unless he got himself inoculated, he could die.

For their purposes, they used the PCR test ad hoc. And when the numbers came down, they did more tests in order to spike the curve. There was never a second or third wave. These waves were created by increased testing only.

It has been said that the president of Tanzania had ordered PCR tests to be conducted on a goat and on a papaya. They were both Corona Positive. I wonder if the papaya and the goat were quarantined. Or, had they been used to spike the Corona curve? If the lab report spike the pandemic curve, why not a goat and a banana too?

Governments did not want the truth to spill out. Therefore, all Covid deaths were ordered to be exempt of autopsy, an order from the Robert Koch Institute, fearing the spread of aerosols although evidence provides that Covid is not transmitted through aerosols. But one pathologist in the Institute of Forensic medicine in the Hamburg University autopsied despite RKI’s orders. The result of his autopsies was that none of these supposed ‘Covid deaths’ had been healthy persons but had suffered several years of pre-existing chronic conditions like coronary heart disease and diabetes, lung and kidney diseases, cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. With or without Covid, these deaths were imminent. Yet their death certificate state, ‘death caused by Covid-19’. 

In other words, if I should be tested positive for Covid and should die of a car crash, I would be categorized as a ‘Covid death’ and utilized to spike up Covid numbers.

It was the same in other counties too. In Italy, the advisor to the Italian minister of health said that eighty eight percent of the stated ‘Coronavirus deaths’ had not been due to the virus, but due to other pre-existing conditions. 

Yet that was not the only reason for high mortality in the early days of the disease’s appearance. Death was caused by the early intubation. In places like Germany and other western countries, there was a race for the purchase of ventilators assuming that every Covid positive would need intensive care. Ventilators are tricky to use and need constant watch but the danger of ventilators is that bacteria tends to enter throught the intubation pipes, causing pneumonia and eventual death. But, ventilators were used on Covid patient’s like it was a faith, although using ventilators on healthy lungs could cause the collapse of the lungs. Oxygen masks would have been better, but medical teams were using the Chinese medical protocol and a false assumption that the use of lung machines will prevent aerosols spreading to the health care personnel. In hindsight it is evident that those who were put on early intubation or were intubated too long, faced a sure death.

Yet, the cause of death in each and every death certificate was Covid-19.

Many eminent and ethical scientist, doctors and public health officials have signed petitions (the Great Barrington Declaration) and spoken out against the malpractices of governments and the catastrophe of unnecessary lock downs. But they have all been ignored or belittled for they do not tally with those for who governments work; Vaccination alliance, the Gates foundation, drug and Tech companies which have earned billions through human panic and government enforcement of online life.

One of the earliest studies to the spread of Corona, done in February 2020 was done by Hendrik Streek, the professor of Virology at the Bonn University. His study was conducted in the German town of Heinsberg, which was a site of an outbreak, reporting a high rate of respiratory diseases after the annual carnival. Dr Streek and his team took extensive samples of Covid testing and discovered that in a family of five persons it was not uncommon that while two were tested positive, three were negative. His study concluded that the asymptomatic had already withstood Covid and that the mortality rate was 0.24-0,26 percent. Finally, he stated that the evidence gathered indicates that Corona had been in circulation before the pandemic, several had herd immunity and we as a species should simply learn to live with it.

Needless to say, his report did not please the producers of the Covid hysteria and media and professor Streek was torn to shreds. Yet his study is one of the first and perhaps the only systematic study on the spread of Covid-19 at a site of the outbreak. Dr Streek’s conclusions were based on data and common sense. But, common sense had been sacrificed in Merkel’s Germany. Professor Streek even faced litigation from the German ethic commission which seemed to think he had no right to do such a study without permission being granted by them. I truly do wonder if the ethic commission would react with such belligerence when the country begins to inoculate people with inadequately tested viruses, thereby changing their genome.

And so, Dr Streek’s Heinsberg study on the spread of Covid-19 went into the annals of medical history. His study was based on fact and common sense. But, Covid-19 is not common sense, it is a new religion being sold as science.

Its salvation, liberation or moksha; the vaccination.

As the Economist and Nobel Prize winner Stiglitz wrote in his book on the failure of Globalization, ‘America invested only in Drugs and Entertainment’. Entertainment was the pseudonym for advertising. Covid-19’s advertised product is undoubtedly the vaccination. Men had to be indoctrinated into thinking that the vaccination was the ONLY alternative and so the vaccination mantra is recited by governments and media until the lie is believed.

Western Drugs, Agrochemicals, weapons, oil spills are the irrefutable damages to man and his environment and it is the legacy of the first world nations. Now, they have thought a novel way of reaping profits when previous means are facing too many liability issues. Vaccination is one of those novel ways to keep us in fear and in the west’s eternal servitude. I suppose, we never shed our Colonized people’s mind.

The European conquered the Americas and its indigenous people. Those their weapons did not kill, they killed with their diseases. We are now immune to them, even without inoculation. Now, they are getting ready to kill us again, with their vaccinations.

As they did with Napalm, Zyklon B and the Atom Bomb.

Is God still a white man? 

*Manuka Wijesinghe, Practitioner, alternative medicines and author. 

*Covid-19. The Great Reset’ was a book written by Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum and a follow script writer of the Covid panic. His book is supposed to give hope. It is not hope it gives but a load false superlatives and lies. He writes; ‘Corona virus has no parallel in modern history.’ He is right, but it is not Corona which has no parallels, it is the draconian action of governments which have no parallel. Incidentally, the Corona agenda began after the 2020 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, between the 21-24 of January 2020. Many Roads lead to Rome they say, I would say many roads in our current catastrophe leads to the ‘Great Reset’ planned in Davos.

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    “Bill Gates, a university drop out who is certainly not a Health Expert but merely the co-founder of Microsoft and the director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the richest men in the world, having megalomaniac desires “

    CT, where do you find authors like this “practitioner of alternative medicine”, who nevertheless uses Bill Gates’ Windows to write his rant?
    A Harvard drop-out , I think, is worthy of more respect than even a PhD from wherever the author has NOT gained his qualifications..

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      Good job MW: We need a vaccine like a hole in the head!

      Untested Covid-19 vaccines will create a health crisis in the long run and turn folks into vaccine addicts for each new COvid-19 strand
      This will lead to vaccine resistance in the long run which is very dangerous especially for those who already have BCG vaccination at birth which has protected them so far..

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    Wonder if the author is willing to experiment whether roasted jak seeds can cure Covid19? Flatulence could purge away the virus.

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    Ayurvedic business not going well then?

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    Good One! Do we need a vaccine? Yeah like we need a hole in our heads!

    There is mounting evidence that the high rate of Covid-19 deaths in Euro-America is due to widespread use of flu vaccines.
    Overuse of vaccines confuse the bodies’ immune system and then it over-reacts causing a cytokine storm, inflammation, anaflexis etc that leads to most of the Covid-19 deaths.
    Once hooked and addicted to Covid-19 vaccines they will be necessary for every new strain, every 6 month or one year for the rest of ones pathetic life.
    BCG vaccine is already protecting those who got it as babies.. and would be the best bridging vaccine for adults..
    We should avoid

  • 6

    A load of nonsense and misinformation.

    • 3

      Is this yet another avatar of Dinuk/ DRS ?

  • 4

    Old Codger, I get the same feeling. Looks like an avatar. Now we know he is an alternative medicine expert. Hope did not get tips from our famous Dr. White.

  • 0

    Another load of ‘alternate facts’, as Trump cronies would say, about the pandemic by an alternate medical practitioner but with so much conspiracy theories & holes in the argument, I would call it utter rubbish.

    Thanks to the Bill Gates Foundation, poor Africans & many in third world countries have been treated for various diseases. Bill Gates was the richest man in the world but unlike other fabulously rich men, he decided to donate his money to charity & doesn’t need anymore. Germany & Japan are highly advanced countries today but both countries were decimated after the war & the US Marshall plan helped to rebuild the countries. Whether it is from Covid or any other disease, a vaccination against infection is necessary to control the spreading. In SL, testing is random, & the infection rate is uncertain, therefore, can be in blissful ignorance. Even Trump dismissed the pandemic as ‘just a flu’, although, it is alleged that the US is behind the virus, despite hundreds of thousands having died because the US Govt.’s failure to take precautions.

    Is their a proven aurvedic treatment for the pandemic, apart from the divine concoction told to another alternate medical practitioner in his sleep by a Hindu goddess?

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    I know is hard to believe, but this is real. I am from Thailand, Last year I accidentally came to know that I have contracted Hepatitis B. I actually don’t know how or when I contracted it but I have it, I was so depressed to know about it, but worldherbsclinic HBV HERBAL FORMULA was a blessing for me, I am thankful to everyone here. After three months of using their HBV HERBAL FORMULA, my test result came out negative.

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    I know is hard to believe, but this is real. I am from Thailand, Last year I accidentally came to know that I have contracted Hepatitis B. I actually don’t know how or when I contracted it but I have it, I was so depressed to know about it, but worldherbsclinic HBV HERBAL FORMULA was a blessing for me, I am thankful to everyone here. After three months of using their HBV HERBAL FORMULA, my test result came out negative.

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    I know is hard to believe, but this is real. I am from Thailand, Last year I accidentally came to know that I have contracted Hepatitis B. I actually don’t know how or when I contracted it but I have it, I was so depressed to know about it, but worldherbsclinic HBV HERBAL FORMULA was a blessing for me, I am thankful to everyone here.

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    Global Elites feel that the natural human body is incapable of reaching levels of happiness and superiority on its own. Evolution is slow. DNA, the overseer of everything that takes care of the human body is feeble in its attempts ….DNA trying to fight viruses is ineffectual. Hence the future mRNA vaccines are the perpetual balm that will fight all kinds of diseases, including cancer. It is the newest and latest technology of medicine. mRNA works without the involvement of the DNA.
    mRNA medicines together with their monetary spike it will give these supposed rational thinking Elites, is the newest way for creating Homo Deus or God-man. The free-will and natural spirit of the human and their ineffectual DNA are to be deactivated. The ultimate aim is for Elite humans to indulge in every sensual need possible without the encumbrance of offspring, and any commitment towards the surges of the masses.

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    Please, please try roasted jak seeds. Expelled wind in the system will cure you of everything.

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