10 August, 2022


Deal-Politics Disastrous For Sinking Muslim Community

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

The forthcoming local government elections once again exposes the political bankruptcy of Sri Lanka’s sinking Muslim community especially in the east. Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, the unfortunate outcome of national racist politics , came with the slogan of Islam and Unity, seem to have come to the end of the road.

The SLMC ruthlessly exploited religious slogans to hoodwink the people while unity disappeared following the death of SLMC founder Mr M.H.M.Ashrarf. Almost four decades after the establishment of SLMC the unfortunate state of affairs of the Muslims especially in the east is such that the main SLMC found shelter in the United National Party for   political survival, positions and perks.

The splinter groups often created by leaderships of major political parties to suit their agendas detriment to the interest of the Muslim community are busy looking for alliances for survival. With campaign for the forthcoming local government elections heating up political scene in the east seems to be chaotic with senior Muslim politicians shifting alliances, abandoning all principles, for positions and incentives.

The SLMC General Secretary Hassan Ali who has been with the party since early days finally told some home truths when he called last week to end the   culture of SLMC and its splinter groups   serving as agents of the major political parties- abandoning the rights and dignity of Muslim Community. He told the media that  once in the government they abandon burning issues of the community to ensure they do not lose their positions and perks.

Justifying his allegation Hassan Ali explained the problems faced by the Muslims   in the east since independence. He said that; The minority community’s main accusation has been that the majority community which comprised only 9.8 percent of the North-East population in 1946 increased to the present level of 25 percent solely due to colonized settlements. Demarcation of borders for districts also contributed to it.  Similarly the Muslim population which was 32.5 percent in the North-East during the signing of the Indo-Ceylon Peace Agreement of July 1987 has today been reduced to a mere 17 percent.

He added that during independence in 1948 the entire east starting from Trincomalee and Batticaloa to Pottuvil end was under Batticaloa district. The Sinhala population in the entire east then was around 4000.It was the time Ampara was under Sammanthurai district.

In 1961 a new Ampara district was created by joining adjacent areas such as Dehiatta Kanda, Padiyatalawa and Bintanna Pattu. Muslims suspect that this was a   move to prevent the emergence of a predominantly Muslim district in the east covering Kalmunai, Pottuvil, Sammanthurai, Mutur and some other areas. With the creation of new Ampara district and the opening of Gal Oya scheme Sinhala population recorded an increase of more than a 500 percent.

Since then encroachment of Muslim areas has been an ongoing problem. Some even estimate that Muslims lost around 60,000 acres of land due to manipulations by successive governments, both SLFP and UNP, in cooperation with the bureaucracy. They had done this under various pretexts such as archaeological areas.

When Pradeshiya Sabha (Local Government Unit – LGU) borders were demarcated in 1987, the Lahugala LGU which comprised just 7085 members of the majority community was allocated a 368.2 sq. mile area while the area allocated to the minority community comprising 19,831 members was only 103.9 sq.miles. The Wevagampattu LGU comprising 6585 majority community people was given 260 sq. miles while Sammanthuraipattu LGU comprising 40704 minority community people was given only 99 sq. miles.

At district levels too, the minority communities were discriminated against. Sixty six percent of the land area was allocated for 36 percent Sinhalese in Ampara District while 70 percent of land was allocated for 34 percent Sinhalese in the Trincomalee District.

Explaining the unwritten agenda of the successive governments Hassen Ali said that even today 74 percent of the population in the Ampara district remain Tamil speaking people. However to date there was no Muslim or Tamil appointed as government agent for this district. This has been the unwritten policy of all governments.

Added to this new local authority boundaries were created in 1987 without proper delimitation commission or consulting the Muslims of the area. In areas such as Lahugala and Panama where there were less Sinhalese more lands were given while in areas such as Pottuvil where there were more Muslim population but less lands were given.

There was demarcation of boundaries for a totally different purpose after the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement. It was demarcation of areas under ‘Government’s control’ and LTTE control.

When the then UNP Government  introduced the 13th amendment to the constitution to  implement the Indo-Lanka  Peace Agreement  which  was  a  Provincial Council level power devolution system, similar to federal concept, the majority Sinhala community perceived  it as India’s aggression and a conspiracy to invade the country.

That agreement was a humiliation to the Muslim community because their leaders were not consulted and   that agreement deliberately excluded the word ‘Muslims’ in its entirety. The Muslim Leadership from the conflict area declared that the Indo Lanka agreement was a total betrayal of its community.

Under the direct administration of the LTTE and many government officers acting on their instructions, the aspirations of the North-East Tamil people are being fulfilled.  Similarly the welfare and aspirations of the Sinhalese community of the South are being fulfilled through their political leaders.

It is the Muslim community that has been refused its rights to administer themselves. Their welfare and aspirations remain totally ignored.

Grabbing Muslim owned lands under various pretexts has been an ongoing program.For example a UNP Minister once claimed that 12,000 acres of Muslim owned land from Pottuvil to Kalmunai belonged to Digavapiya Cheititya. However Late SLMC leader Ashraf proved that only 500 acres in this area belonged to Digavapi Chaitiya.

Forty two settlements were created   to be divided equally between Muslims and Sinhalese. However, instead of 21, Sinhalese settled in 36 settlements and only eight were left for Muslims. Even here the Muslims cannot go to their settlements as the Sinhalese have taken over that too.-

There are multifarious reasons which qualify the Muslim community as a distinct national community.  Simply because they remained good citizens and did not wage a militant war to win their legitimate rights does not disqualify them.

If only those ‘who waged war’ are to be given recognition that would also mean recognition of thousands of lives and mammoth properties destroyed in the war. It would, in other words mean approval of the jungle rule, ‘survival of the fittest’.

Instead of constructing buildings as signs of development, goodwill among communities and developments based on that should be undertaken. The tragedy is that international forces that come here to give us counseling are getting themselves trapped in the complexities of the problem.

This problem has been aggravated by the policy of SLMC and its splinter groups joining governments under various deals. As a result Muslims were caught between the devil and the deep blue sea and their rights were encroached.

Indications are that Muslims during the past three to four decades have seen through the treachery, corruption and immoral activities of SLMC and its splinter groups and politics of deal .Thus the inevitable need to end this shameful politics of deals.

In this respect some point out that rather than simply joining the government for personal benefits they should join governments which would attend to Muslim issues. In this regard they cited the policy adopted by Tamil National Alliance, TNA ,of not joining the government but remain outside and get Tamil issues sorted out. Tamil civil society remain vigilant. Muslims should follow the same policy and win the legitimate rights and respect of governments.

In this way the community could protect its interest especially with regard to the policy of grabbing Muslim owned lands, caused by racist elements. Need of the hour is to bring some respect to Muslim politics and restore the dignity of the community.

However this seems to be a distant reality in view of the horse trading underway in the east now in the run up to next month’s local government elections. Many suggest that decades of injustice to Muslims could be rectified only by appointing a commission with a time frame to implement Muslim issues ignored for decades by successive governments. The question is whether this will be a reality in view of the chaotic national political current environment?

Instead of simply raising Muslim issues Muslim politicians and the community should also take active part in national issues which affects the entire country.

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    When did Muslims do any other form of politics. Like standing-up on principles. Last govt used mostly
    Muslims for its corrupt practices from murder to money laundering.

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      Dear Latheef, Sinhalese have made it loud and clear that the entire island belongs to them and it is their sole decision as what to do with the land. Declaration of lands as forest reserve, archaeological sites or temple property is their prerogative and that no one should question about that right. They are clear that Muslims fleeing persecution by Portuguese were settled in eastern province by King Senerath 400 years ago, and therefore asylum seekers cannot have any say about territory above their heads. So whatever you say is not going to matter as the Sinhalese embarked on a mission since independence to make every part of Srilanka to become Sinhala majority areas. Due to the war, they could not achieve much, but they have started the program once again with border areas of Northern province. Refusal to allow Muslims to resettle in Musali, despite settlement of Sinhalese from Hambantota in the nearby area, is because of this. Just as much you are making a complain about Muslim majority status in Amparai being eroded, Tamils are making same complain that their majority status in eastern province has been denied, for which Muslims in eastern province are partly responsible. Correct approach for Muslims in east is to support north-east merger with autonomy for Muslim majority areas joined in a non contiguous basis, with full land and police power which will correct injustices done in the past. Northern province council have clearly stated that they are not against settling of Muslims in Musali. Did you hear that in an election meeting in Mutur, a Muslim speaker has stated that due to the wrong policies of Muslim politicians in the past, Muslims are being hated by others communities.

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    If anyone is confused with the caption. Its just a typo. The “t” is missing.

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    You saying Ashrof Proved only 500 acres belonged to Deeghavapi should be a muslims claim who does not know sinhala history. Temples had Something called Nindagam which looked after the temple. that should be a very large land area. Only thin is Temple question the govt if handed over to Muslims.

  • 7

    We’ve seen your piercing look often and read many things by you.

    Yes, you are right. The Sinhalese are afraid of the millions of Tamils in Tamil Nadu. That it is an irrational and ridiculous fear is accepted by guys like me. Sinhala chauvinists are a problem.

    You guys who imagine that you are in direct communion with Allah are another problem. If you understand that we are all human beings, and that we have decided that this world belongs to homo sapiens and not to other animal forms, we can get somewhere with ensuring that almost all human beings live happily for roughly a hundred years and then die. That will be the end of us. I don’t know whether we are right to think that other animal forms don’t matter.

    We are human beings, and we use language to communicate. Right now we are using English – somebody else’s language. Useful, but it causes immense frustrations for those who did not have exposure to it as children. The dominant language in this country is Sinhalese, but we MUST allow people who speak only Tamil to live with dignity. Muslims are Tamil-speaking, but some of your families are switching over to other languages. I have no problem, but some Tamil speakers will not like the trend – naturally, and I have no problem with THAT.

    Who are “Muslims”? A “religious” group. You want a religion, it is your business. Yes YOURS; you are welcome to believe in fairies, goblins or in Allah. But you have no right to impose it on other humans, including any children begat by you.

    Let there be secular laws for this country that apply for all. I want a minimum marriage age set for all humans, so as to ensure that slavery ends. Why can’t you accept that? If you bring an argument that some guy named “Allah” wants it, I’d like to see all such deluded people pushed out of our country – together with said Allah.

    • 0


      Feeling merry tonight? According to Gallup Poll, SL is in the Top 10 highly religious countries in the world with 99% of the population are into fairies, and fighting for their own goblins, and then shark always wins and destroys the other because of its size. So to reduce destruction, advise the sharks first, then the rest will follow with no option, the ocean will be calm finally.

      What has setting an age limit for marriage, got to do with slavery? Does it anyway stop us sending our maids as slaves to Arabs? Or, Kurundhu watte households still employing poor children as their servants? Or stop our politicians making teachers kneel down for them and tieing up the innocents on trees? Or stop, an angry Buddhist monk calling a Tamil a ‘dog’ in public? Or, is that going to improve discrimination on minorities in any form?

      Finally, a country being secular can’t guarantee on communal harmony, India is a good example. Just change the minds of people, discourage those culprits harming the harmony.

      All these time, I had been thinking you look at things in a matured way.

      • 0

        Dear Fathima,

        So, I’ve come down in your estimation, since you say that you had found me looking “at things in a matured way”.

        Well, yes. Even the most balanced person can be driven to say things owing to your obduracy.

        Yes, it’s disgraceful that this country has now got so many people who are desperately poor that they have to be housemaids (slaves) in other countries. The doings of some people that you decry, I don’t approve of.

        However, it is true that I’d like public life to be secular. I know what a joke – that list of “most religious countries”. The more religious a country is, the more violence that country appears to be.

        Child marriage is slavery. A different kind of slavery. Please examine that carefully, instead of going off at a tangent on slavery of a different sort – which is also sad. It is so sad that so many are desperately poor. I wouldn’t want to stop them going; I’d like to see us tackling that “wanting to go”. I hope that you respect that difference. I’m NOT throwing mud in return; I’m asking for social justice for all. Very difficult, well worth working quietly towards.

        I’m NOT going to get drawn in to an argument about the “Evils of Child Marriage”, because from experience I know that it never ends.

        “Secular countries”? Again, no point arguing with you. I know that some things are bad with India – applies to all places where more than one person lives. “Hell is other people”. Either you realise the truth of it, and adjust and compromise – or you make life hell for others.

        • 0

          If you all find that MMDA with child marriage is causing that exaggerated damage to the community and country as a whole, why can’t the GoSL abolish or the Sinhala president with all executive powers abolish it and bring 1 law for all? Do you think ACJU and its Rizvi Mufthi and his gang are on top of GoSL and the president?

          If they were to do it, they even had a good supporting from EU and GSP+. All that they did was just pinched the child and are enjoying its crying, not doing anything more to stop crying.

          Why you and the like, reformists and the women affected don’t pressure the GoSL on this?

          I guess we need to talk about other aspects that make SL become a land of slavery. It is poverty at its top. For example, If you look at on a ration of Muslim child-marriage vs male kids being made to work as prostitutes for foreigners in the down-south beaches, you would realize the difference is like an ant and an elephant.

          As per your wish to make SL a secular nation, how would you achieve without a blood bath from the Monks and the saction of the community? Are you going to say them “Take your Lord Buddha along with and go away from the land” ? (If you’re a neutral and an athiest, that is how it has to be?

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    Moors as they were called settled by force in the costal regions. Due to the diligence of the Sinhalese the island didn’t end up like Bangladesh. The Portuguese also massacred Moors. One of the few positives of an otherwise tragic period.

  • 2

    “Since then encroachment of Muslim areas has been an ongoing problem”

    Mr. Farook,

    It is the other way around. It was Muslims who grabbed land once belonged to Sinhalese after they were allowed to settle in the interior parts of the country by King Senerath to stop persecution by Portuguese. After grabbing land that belonged to Sinhalese now Muslims talk about grabbing their land by Sinhalese. What a joke!
    The problem is Muslims breed like rabbits and grab Sinhala land. The Government should come out with a policy to provide free education and health only to two children and charge the full cost for the others. It is the majority Sinhala people (75%) who pay through taxes to provide free education and health in some instances to 10-12 children in a Muslim family. This should be stopped.

    • 1

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “It is the other way around. It was Muslims who grabbed land once belonged to Sinhalese after they were allowed to settle in the interior parts of the country by King Senerath to stop persecution by Portuguese.”

      Please do us a favour by not talking about the land. You descendants of Kallathonies have no ancestral right to the land. Therefore please stop talking about rights over land.

      Land grabbing is embedded in every little islander’s DNA. Even an advanced medical treatment of gene editing may not cure land grabbing addiction.

      • 2

        Dumbass ! hela are descended from Naga, yakkas, deva and rakshas. 700 Indians captured Anuradhapura. That has nothing to do with the rest of the island. The Indians were eventually expelled by the natives.

    • 1

      E E.
      Good idea.Let’s adopt the Russian or N Korean system of government to make real progress.

    • 0

      Eagle Eye ,

      ” The problem is Muslims breed like rabbits.” A non-stop slogan
      chanted by some organized gangs of racists sneaking into any
      political issue in the country to attack a selected target which
      is Muslims . Modern China is the top performer in world economy
      overtaking US and Japan , thanks to its population and India today
      ranks second behind China , again with its largest population.
      Indonesia stands fourth with its population behind the drive . One
      major setback for the fall of many industrial giants is cited as
      aging population and low birth rate which are threatening their
      dominance by more than seven places lower in another twenty
      to thirty years time . Now, my advise for guys like you is very
      simple . Read until you fully understand , the story of “Dog in the

    • 2

      Eagle Eye:

      Over 94% of large and unwieldy public sector jobs are occupied by these 75% Sinhala people. Each single rupee, over 50 cents is spent on Govt/Semi-govt wages. And you and I know it is ever increasing, as every successive govt trying to attract the people with their policy.

      10 – 12 children in a Muslim family means, 10 – 12 Sri Lankans in a family (will) contribute to the taxes without demanding or carrying placards on train-stations or blocking public roads for state sector jobs.

      And Muslims are naturally talented in doing business, they don’t depend on Govt jobs (they know how unsuccessful they will be, trying so) or incentives for bringing up their 10 – 12 kids, there are exceptions as in anything, of course.

      On the other hands, Muslims breeding like rabbits can help you in times, like in 2015 to get ourselves out of sinkhole of MR.

      So overall, you got a better deal from master breeders?

  • 3

    Dear Eagle eye,

    I have studied logic, even taught it a little.

    I give you full marks for your very well-reasoned comment. Yes, given our welfare state, and the over-population of the world as a whole, those adults who are irresponsible enough to produce more than two children (replacement level), must be made to pay all the costs of bringing them up.

    However, I feel sorry for the girl-children. Why is it that they are treated as chattels (worse than slaves); SOME of them are sold to old men. Let us not exaggerate. It happens but rarely. However, even one child sold is too many.

    Make 18 the minimum age of marriage for girls.

    One misgiving that I have about your comment, Eagle Eye. I hope that you do NOT approve of Sinhalese chauvinism. Like Muslim lunacy and fanaticism, it is a problem. One of the many which have dragged our country down.

    I’d like to see one Sri Lanka, where Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, Malays, Burghers shed their separate identities, and live together as human beings. Yes, even citizenship is a secondary thing, just a legality.

    May all beings be well and happy.

    • 4


      “I have studied logic, even taught it a little.”

      You mean you are not really a Sri Lankan if you are indeed a practicing logician. Sri Lankans and logic don’t mix.

      “I give you full marks for your very well-reasoned comment.”

      Please reread excerpt from Eagle Blind Eye’s typing:
      “It is the majority Sinhala people (75%) who pay through taxes to provide free education and health in some instances to 10-12 children in a Muslim family.”

      This is the most stupid thing the Sinhala/Buddhist fascists not only continue to believe but also want other to believe. This is not based on any facts (for fascists facts are the first enemy) but off hand bigoted remarks become another Mahawamsa truth.

      The Muslim population in this island stabilized at about 7% of the total population many decades ago. In one or two decades its stayed below 6%. There is no exceptionally large scale Muslim population explosion. Secondly this racist only imagine expenses on Muslim population but conveniently forgets all consumption taxes such as Value Added Tax. Whether one like it or not Inland revenue catches everyone with this tax without exception. Muslims are not exempted from paying this tax. Muslims who work come under income tax regime, the PAYE Scheme. All businesses are compel to pay Taxes whether sole trader partnership or companies. Muslim owned businesses are not exempted from Taxes just because they are run by Muslims.

      Therefore Muslims population hasn’t increased outrageously in the 100 or so years, they do pay taxes, and ……

      My point here in this forum is that I am sorry to say I was shocked to see you agreeing with a well known racist the Eagle Eye without comparing census, income, taxes, …. .

      • 0

        NAtive Vedda: Why only what you are writing is correct and not what the Egale eye is saying. YOu say for 100 years muslims population did not change. No where in the world, no one accepts that claim. Not only for Sri lanka but for any other country in the world. Even Sri lanka has muslims who have more than one wife. they are just children producing factories.

        • 0

          J S.
          Are you trying to be logical or factual?
          Good luck?

    • 0

      Yes Sir, my wishes exactly! One country, one people , one law.! Religion is a personal issue to be practised within one’s personal space without disturbing other’s in a competition of raucousness. Feel free to flame me if you will!
      sabbe satta sukhi hontu – may all beings be happy –
      Colonial Muslim from Ceylon

    • 0

      Sinhala_Man ,

      Check the following states in the US for minimum age of consent:

      1.Aguascalientes – 12. 3. Compeche – 12.
      2.Baja California Sur – 12. 4. Baja California – 14.

      In 25 of US states there’s no legal minimum age if conditions are met :
      California-None . Colarado -None . Delaware -None . Florida-None
      Idaho- None . Kentucky- None . Louisiana-None .Mississippi-None.

      New Hampshire in the US allow 13 year for girls and 14 for boys
      with parent’s consent and court permission . In Tennessee , girls as
      young as 10 have married in 2001 and over 200,000 minors married in
      the US in the last 10-15 years , it is reported . You keep saying that you
      are not a racist and if that is the case , when you go all out against
      Muslim customs which are also the customs of many other cultures,
      look for Non-Muslim popular cultures for information before you take
      the offensive with a smell of slight racism . I don’t want to call you
      that way unless you try your best to label yourself . I don’t agree with all
      what Muslims are into , in the name of Islam and at the same time
      baseless , meaningless and repeated onslaught will find its answers with
      facts and figures where appropriate .

  • 2

    Dear Native Vedda,

    I don’t know the reputation of all the guys who make comments. I only know that you and I are not racists.

    I have said that “Sinhalese Chauvinism”is a problem.

    Do you think me a racist?

    • 3


      “Do you think me a racist?”

      I don’t usually respond to reasonable comment. However I make it a point to say what I believe in. I know a racist when I read his or her typing.

      The racists and bigots should not be allowed go unchallenged. If you read my comments you will see that my comments are usually aimed at such bigots.

      I was only pointing out that you should take little more care when you agree with those practicing card carrying racist.

      Have good day.

      • 1

        Dear Sinhala man, on what basis that you declare a person racist. Demanding ones legitimate right is not racism, if so Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are all racists. Tamils are only demanding their fair share of land and power, which is increasingly being proved scientifically to be correct by geological, archaeological and genetic methods. World is now beginning to realise that it is the intransigence of Sinhalese that is the cause of the problem. Sinhala atavistic fear of Tamil Nadu should not stand in the way of granting rights of Tamils to live as first class citizens ruling themselves in their land, which claim they can substantiate.

        • 1

          Dear Gnana,

          No time to get in to arguments!

          I don’t know how “scientific”, but I certainly have found that Tamil is the oldest language now in use. How much it has changed in 4K years I don’t know. Can’t understand it even in current form.

          Yes, some very cruel things have been done to Tamils in Sri Lanka. We must correct that. Please help us to help you.

          • 1

            Thank you for your offer, Sinhalised Tamil man.

  • 5

    If there is one community that has been thriving as a result of Sinhala -Tamil discord it is the Muslims. A close examination of events in this country over the past three decades or so will reveal the exponential growth of their standing in all spheres.
    After all, Muslims have always been in Govt: whether UNP or SLFP. Even their exclusive SLMC is a partner of the previous as well as the present joint UNP-SLFP regime.Like Oliver Twist could I have one more spoonful please!!

  • 1

    Native Vedda,

    Sinhalese are chauvinists and racists. Tamils are racists and terrorists. Muslims are terrorists and opportunists.

    Tamil terrorists chased Sinhalese lived in the North and East. Tamils grabbed the property belonged to Sinhalese in the North. Muslims grabbed the property and land belonged to Sinhalese in the East. After the war ended, Sinhalese could not claim their property or land because Tamils and Muslims had forged deeds. Eravur is a good example. It was a town where most of the business premises were owned by Sinhalese. They also owned vast tracks of paddy fields. Now there are hardly any Sinhalese in the town and the paddy fields have been grabbed by Muslims.

    • 0

      Eagle Blind Eye

      Sane people write their comments to enlighten the rest of the forum.
      Could you tell us your reason why you suspend your rational judgement just before you start typing assuming you too once had rational faculty working.

  • 0

    Muslims should have joined hands with the Tamils and supported LTTE. We could have Tamil Eelam embracing the entire North East. The problems with the Muslims is that they are neither here nor there, meaning they dont want to identify with the Tamils but they are not Sinhalease either but pretend to be Sinhalease. . They want to create a separate identity for them. Sri Lankan Muslims thought that they have the bigger Islamic world to support them, bigger in numbers and economic terms than the Tamils in Tamil Nadu (aka Toilet Nadu for some of the Sinhala racist here). But the Muslims all over the world the Sunni and Shite factions. are butchering each other , The oil rich Muslim world is in turmoil and in self destruction. The Sri Lankan Muslim are are like orphans let down by the Muslim world and by the their own politicians locally. Its not too late even now for the moderate Muslims to join hands with the Tamils
    as my Muslim neighbour in Colombo used to say :
    Mahatma Gandhi enna sonaaru
    Ellaarum onna senthu onnukku iruka venum enru sonnaaru

    • 0


      “Muslims should have joined hands with the Tamils and supported LTTE. “

      Oh you wanted Muslims also to end up in Nandikadal.
      I didn’t know you had a secret agenda.
      Why could not your Right Honourable National Leader make his fellow Tamils joined hand with him.
      What did he do to make Muslims equal partners of his so called liberation of Eelam?
      Did you know 39 or 42 Muslim members of LTTE died fighting for your mirage.
      More than 200 Muslim members of LTTE cadres left LTTE immediately after the expulsion of their kith and kin from the North.

      Please tell us what your thesiath thalaivar (National Leader) do to enhance unity among Tamils, among Muslims, Sinhalese, ……………
      Where did you find this psychopath and who made him your leader?
      Please note I was told Tamils are clever just like Jews.
      Everyone who extended his/her hand of friendship was bumped off by him.

      • 0

        Native – I agree that VP made a lot of mistakes that culminated in Nanthikadal.

    • 0

      Please refer my comment under”Simmering Mistrust in Tamil and Muslim Politics……………………..

  • 4

    When Gadafi visited Sri Lanka in the 70s, he told the then Muslim leaders that he wanted to see a Muslim Sri Lanka when he visited next time. So, Assraff created SLMC to Muslimize Sinhala-Buddhist Sri Lanka. Assraff gave birth to Muslim extremism in Sri Lanka, bulldozed Buddhist archaeological sites in the Eastern province, most notably a Digawapiya stupa, and made fraudulent land deeds. Digawapiya complex is more than 12000 acres but Asstaff lied about it. Now, his reincarnation-Badudeen is following Assraff’s foot steps.

    Over the last 3 decades, Muslimization of Sri Lanka has been taking place aggressively, smuggled Muslims from South India, Rohingyas, Maldivians, etc have been settled strategically all over the island to send more Muslim politicians to the Pradeshiya saba, the parliament and the Councils , and given them fraudulent Sri Lankan birth certificates, NIDs, and land deeds.

    In a way, it’s good that the current SLMC leaders have detached from Assraff’s motives and got rid of his wife.

    India introduced 13th amendment by threating to invade Sri Lanka, and it’s based on lies and myths, it’s completely invalid. It must be revoked immediately.

    Can Muslims justify your presence in Sri Lanka? There are 4 million Muslims in Sri Lanka, what have Muslims ever contributed to Sri Lanka and your host- native Sinhalese? Did you Muslims join the army and fight the kallathoni LTTE? NO!, but thousand of Muslims have gone to join the ISIS. So. the then Sinhala politicians did the wise thing by not letting so called Muslim leaders to come anywhere near the stupid 13th amendment. Otherwise, it would have been double-trouble.

  • 1

    I tend to agree with you on the Eravur issue.In fact there was a Sinhala school in Eravur in the early days,which would then mean that there were Sinhala households in the area. Also,fishing in the Punnakuda area close to Eravur was also in the domain of Sinhala Fisherman. With the onset of hostilities in the 80s the Sinhalese left and all that was taken over by the Muslims.This is just one example of reaping the whirlwind!

  • 1

    I tend to agree with you on the Eravur issue.In fact there was a Sinhala school in Eravur in the early days,which would then mean that there were Sinhala households in the area. Also,fishing in the Punnakuda area close to Eravur was also in the domain of Sinhala Fisherman. With the onset of hostilities in the 80s the Sinhalese left and all that was taken over by the Muslims.This is just one example of reaping the whirlwind!

  • 1


    “Mahatma Gandhi enna sonaaru
    Ellaarum onna senthu onnukku iruka venum enru sonnaaru”

    Nallathan sonnaru Mullah Nasruddin (Well said Mullah Nasruddin)
    Was it Mahatma Gandhi or Mullah Nasruddin who said “Ellaarum onna senthu onnukku iruka venum enru sonnaaru”?

    • 0

      Native – I stand corrected

      • 2


        It was Badiudin Mahmud MP Minister of Education 1970 – 1977 who introduced standardization scheme in 1970 alleged to have said “Ellaarum onna senthu onnukku iruka venum enru sonnaaru”.

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