7 December, 2023


Dear Mr. President, Priority Need To Focus On Controlling Serious Economic Crimes

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Dear Mr. President,

The Ministry of Defence has advertised five vacancies for the “Recruitment as Reserve Assistant Superintendents of Police to the Ministry of Defence, affiliated to the Sri Lanka Police, skilled professionals to become proud members of the Ministry of Defence, dedicated to the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka as well as to public safety and to play a superior role for the nation. These recruits will function as Cyber and Forensic Analyst, Geo-Political and Strategic Analyst, Counter Terrorism and Violent Extremism Analyst, Economic Analyst and Statistical Analyst (the last two covering security perspectives regarding national security)” (refer attached). Any justified decision to strengthen the knowledge and skills based professional capability of existing human resource of the state is a welcome move, so long as the recruits have in addition to the specified qualifications, requisite commitments to best practice professional standards, ethics, correct attitudes and values.

The caring civil society fervently hopes, in accord with your stated commitments in the manifesto and the several public pronouncements that followed your election as the president, that you, with the support of your cabinet colleagues and the top officials of the executive, will similarly focus on the essential priority need to focus on controlling serious economic crimes, which can easily debilitate the financial integrity, fiscal and monetary stability and solvency of Sri Lanka; and if allowed unabated will destabilize the economy and prevent the realization of the goals of splendour and prosperity.

The optimum operational environment to assure financial integrity minimizing serious economic crimes is by having effective laws, regulations, policies, systems, procedures, practices and controls, with efficient and effective independent oversight mechanisms, enforcements, investigations and prosecutions, followed by independent justice systems with penal sanctions and recovery of proceeds of crime. The critical drivers of such a system are independence, capability and professionalism of supporting human resources in the entire chain. It is however quite evident from many case studies that the systems controlling financial integrity of Sri Lanka fails to meet required standards of effectiveness, due mainly to the lack of competent and committed professionals in the chain engaged in independent oversight mechanisms, enforcements, investigations and prosecutions. Due to this incapacity the independent oversight control, enforcement, investigation, prosecution and punishment of offenders of money laundering, transfer pricing, securities offenses, bribery, corruption, financial fraud, organized crimes, drug trafficking, smuggling, and avoidance of taxes/ excise and customs duties are ineffective; and more importantly the recovery of proceeds of these crimes eventually fail and are thus unable to restore the state revenues leaked and state assets stolen or defrauded.

Civil society looks to you as the President, to take early action to strengthen the structures, systems, laws and regulations along with the capacity of the resource persons engaged in the independent oversight control and enforcement of mechanisms; and thereby minimize serious economic crimes system wide and facilitate successful recovery of proceeds of crime. In the above context it is suggested that you pursue the undernoted strategic action steps under your direct leadership supervision:

* Seek cabinet approval to set up an Enforcement Directorate similar to that of India[1] under the supervision of the Inspector General of Police, reporting to an Independent Public Commission made up of three members comprising of a high integrity competent retired Appellate Court Judge, a retired Senior Officer of the Auditor General’s Department and a retired Senior Officer of the Central Bank.

* Enforcement Directorate to be entrusted with the mission of minimizing the identified serious economic crimes systems wide; enhancing oversight mechanism and controls system wide and where suspected that any such crimes having taken place professionally investigating and prosecuting, optimizing recovery of proceeds of crime

* Seek technical support in setting up the Enforcement Directorate from the Financial Integrity Unit of the World Bank and its affiliates Financial Action Task Force[2], UN Office on Drugs and Crime[3] and the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative[4] with extended human resource training and development support from bi lateral supporting countries and other specialized agencies

* Recruit competent and highly professional staff for the Directorate, similar to the staff recruited to the Defence Ministry; and support them with requisite resources, knowledge, skills, systems, data bases, best practices and technical and investigation assistance linkages

* Enact essential legal and regulatory reforms, commencing with the early enactment of the Proceeds of Crime Act draft sent to the previous regime for cabinet endorsement

* Enhance the capability of the prosecutors of the Directorate to successfully prosecute serious economic crimes and judges to effectively support the judicial processes connected therewith

* Make it a compulsory requirement of all state remunerated persons to adopt the ethical standard to report to the Directorate any known or suspected non compliances with laws and regulations

Trust you and your advisory team will give due consideration to this submission.

[1] https://enforcementdirectorate.gov.in/

[2] https://www.fatf-gafi.org/

[3] https://www.unodc.org/

[4] https://star.worldbank.org/

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Latest comments

  • 35

    Dear President,
    If you are a genuine Sri Lankan can you remove all the family members from the cabinet and employ with talented qualified members of parliament?
    Can you still think that you are committed to Sri Lanka can you influence your family members who are still hold American citizenship to give up their American citizenship and become Sri lankan citizens?

    • 7

      I’m sitting here reading Mr Chandra Jayaratne beseeching Gota for ethics and morality …….. and trying to figure out if human intelligence has progressed or regressed with time ………..

      Dunno about morality…. but there were better ethics in the time of the cannibals. They killed because they were hungry; a very valid reason by any objective criteria ………… and they finished all their food.

      Simpler times too …….. but much more advanced food delivery than Uber Eats: food delivered themselves on their own feet ….. lunch comes around, you just whack Old Codger on the head …… and Mom puts her head around the corner and says, “Son make sure you finish all your food.” ………..Dinner comes around you whack Native Vedda on the head …… first preference would have been Eagle Eye but he is full of toxins …… arsenic, glyphosate ……….. in this business you gotta have a good nose for self-preservation

      But when the modern man kills, he ain’t hungry ……….. It’s a mental trick that we play on ourselves …….we don’t judge the act of killing by objective criteria …….. but by the perpetrators’ projection of his “practice” of “culture/civilization”

      • 6


        We are revolted by the cannibals’ eating of the victim and automatically fall into the trap of discarding objective criteria …….. while we are duped by the “modern man’s” cloak of “culture/civilization” he puts on ……. when the cannibals’ act is the lesser of the two evils.

        So, the trick is to, get the fashion-sense right. Can anyone pass me the contact details of Gota’s tailor? ……… Gotta get this projection thingy right!

        And the guy I admire the most, good ol’ Adolf ………. He was listening to Wagner and collecting stolen fine art and dressed in high fashions ………… and the millions gassed almost went unnoticed. That’s the epitome of “projection” thingy.
        Like some dude said “I have the simplest of tastes; I’m always satisfied with the very best.” …….. Adolf, my man, stand up and take a bow.

        Gota you sit ……. even that you didn’t do best.

        • 4

          Thank you Mr. Jayaratne!
          One of the most serious economic crimes is the Covid Injection crime – the purchase of 14 million Expiring Pfizer gene therapy injections by the NMRA, for children and “boosters after the so called pandemic became Endemic in Sri Lanka. NMRA data was destroyed in a massive Data hack of the GoSL Cloud!
          Also, the CoP 26, ‘Climate Catastrophe’ narrative is being used to hack our Agriculture and food security and Energy security too and promote foreign corporate take over and Disaster Capitalism – the switch to LNG to benefit Euro-American energy corporates although Sri Lanka’s carbon footprint is tiny and it is the G7 countries that emit 80 percent of the Greenhouse gases. The Sale of Kerawelapitya power plant to the Rogue State an example.
          The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) program in another form.
          The Health Sector consumes 35 percent of the National Budget and Covid-19 biotechnology, false positive PCR test and antigen test, fleets of ambulences turning Lanka into a Biotech DUMPING GROUND with so called Aid Donors dumping obsolete PCR test machines and so called Health Insuarance for parliamentarians and children etc. in Sri Lanka when we have a free National Health system is a huge scam. The entire corrupt health sector that subsidizers Big Pharma needs to be investigated.

    • 7

      People are gradually grasping it the difference between GOTA as Presidential Candiadate and the very same after his election.

      The difference is sky-earth.
      But there are still a huge portion that would make it very diffiuclt to see it right.

      I believe those are the ones that at once name ” rainbows” as ” buduras – buddha’s radiative rays”.
      Religious Bps, over to you, your INJECTION jabbed in SINHALA pairahs is thousand time more powerful than the COVID vaccines.

      Thanks to MEDAMULANA bps, entire world is now comparing ” us so called powerful nation with 2500 heritage with those of V-E-N-E-Z-U-L-A.

  • 28

    All hard working , tax paying citizens of this country expected the regime of Mr.Clean to throw the book at the robber barons of the previous decade . However by his inactivity , he proved that he too was complicit . History will judge him to have been one of the worst “leaders” Sri Lanka ever had. What hope have we now ?

    • 9

      Pundit: Why wait for history to judge him the worst “leader” Sri Lanka ever had? Since day one of his functioning and continuing as of today and signs of things to happen tomorrow, he has been “JUDGED” and “PROVED” to be the “WORST” leader we had and could have in Sri Lanka. He is not going to “Change” because he is a “Psychopath” overwhelmed with a heavy dose of “EGO” – “Uddachcha”. Such a person is beyond correction and to have a person of that type as “President” of the country is a “Deluge”.

    • 1

      “All hard working , tax paying citizens of this country expected the regime of Mr.Clean to throw the book at the robber barons of the previous decade . However by his inactivity , he proved that he too was complicit”
      How do you throw the “Book at Robber Barons”, when they are ‘part and parcel’ of the entity that supported and caused the “purported Mr CLEAN” to be elected!!!!
      It is a sad state of affairs that 6.9 million adult mature citizens of our country were not aware of Bellimissa of Singapore and Ukraine MIG deals to categorise the candidate as ‘CLEAN’ and the Robber Barons were the prime movers and proponents of GOTA’s nomination, campaign and election!!!
      Then these 6.9 million are not fit to exercise the franchise, bestowed on them, because they did not discern the source of the 1000 rupee notes, ¼ Gal Arrack and Biriyani bath parcel!!!!
      The outcome is of no surprise if that is the case – not knowing is not an excuse assessing the competency of the contender before casting the vote!!
      Cause is self-inflicted!!
      Delivery is as expected!!!!!

  • 34

    Me Jayaratne
    Can you actually hear what you are saying here?
    You are asking the chief organizer of crime to employ people who will actually do their respective jobs diligently. What do you think will be the end result? Obviously you cannot be serious.
    Let me explain, 6.9 million Buffalo’s voted for a known murderer and known deal maker as president, then as if that was not enough they went ahead and voted for tsunami hora, and the biggest mafia don as prime minister. That ushered in a whole bunch of family members into all the key positions.
    Now the country is in a very bad state. Money is gone. Some of their family members are implicated in Panama papers, while murderers are not only set free, but given government offices.
    Some people are buying private jets and hiding businesses and assets overseas, racial and religious tensions are being reignited, they are quietly selling off all strategic assets, the list is endless.
    Suddenly there is an advert to employ 5 high profile police officers in crucial positions, do you think they are being employed to actually do due diligence? Or are they going to cover up all the criminal activities and bury all the atrocities?
    Can you reason with criminal masterminds? Please don’t waste your breath, writing futile requests.

    • 4

      Dear HT,
      You are spot on.
      Thanks very much for articulating it as no other. I am listening to Rev. Malcom Cardinal now. His message is very sharp. Coming colour is no good for the criminals in power.

      May all gods be powerful to take these men out of our sights soon.
      The sooner the better.
      God bless srilanka !

      • 2

        Dear LM
        Thanks, Bro.
        Let us do our best while we can.

  • 5

    Part I
    Chandra Jayaratne,
    Very well written article and most importantly the ideal juncture too.
    It is enlightening.
    The resplendent isle and pearl of the Indian Ocean, is a lost case and without any redemption as a democratic country in this world!
    Sad to say so, as much as it is heartbreaking to anyone to concede that fact.
    It is blatantly and plainly evident fact for the past 50+ years (Comparatively the previous 20+ years were more serene, justiciable and righteous societal environment).
    The main reason if one really assesses deeply, could attribute them to the following:
    1. Universal Franchise (UF) afforded to Sri Lankans being misused widely by
    a. Hora (impersonation of uneducated voters) Votes
    b. Bribing of voters by
    i. Undeliverable promises
    ii. Cash Bonanza at election time or prior
    iii. Material Bonanza on election day Lunch and alcohol
    2. As the years past from 1931 (approximate datum of UF), the educated voters influence vaned as those graduated in age by joining the eligible voters of SL causing:
    a. Dilution of the percentage of educated voters to the uneducated or politically enlightened citizens
    b. This variation increased the propensity to confuse the voters by 1 (b)

  • 4

    Part II
    c. The system always had the 1 (a) from the point of UF becoming available due to issues of access to polling booths in remote areas and absenteeism at voting time.
    The 1 above, has become more pronounced from the time we achieved independence and become a big issue at all levels of election at present to influence the voters (virtually ‘buy votes’)
    This is a flagrant violation of the primary concept of sovereignty and the use of Universal Franchise as a source of mandate to govern!!!!!!
    The past administrations did not address this systemic failure in the election process, instead a ‘Hodge Podge’, in respect of transport of voters, which is prohibited!!!
    This in fact enhances the possibility of ‘Hora’ votes as the voter is physically absent from the booth!!
    Our very smart politicians who enact laws!!!!!!! What a clever “DEAL” indeed!! Is it not????!!!!
    Further the voter being bribed (purposely used that word instead of influenced as that is what politicians are doing) to elect their representatives by 1 (b), go on to vote all the bad elements to the ‘August’ assembly as law makers, to rob and plunder the wealth of Sri Lanka!!!!!!

  • 4

    Part III
    The voter is not concerned as they feel that robbing millions by people getting bribes is acceptable, when they themselves have been ‘Bribed’ by 1 or 2 thousand rupee notes and ¼ bottle of Gal and Chicken Biryani Bath Parcel to vote the clandestine lot to power!!!!!!!!
    This in Sri Lankan Law is not an election fraud and is an admissible practice to seek the votes of electors since 1970’s
    Providing transport in one’s own car to 10 others (you cannot do this now because of seat belt law and limited seating laws) to a distant and remote inaccessible polling booth is VERY MUCH SO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because, if and when they are certainly absent from the polling booth, you can administer “Hora Chande”, with utter impunity!!!!!!!
    This appeal will not passed muster with any election Commissioner General or Director General!!!!! They are equally ignorant as the voter they are guiding to elect the representatives, except they have luxury limousines, nice rent free house and have more than 3 square meals to boot!!!
    So the circus goes on and aren’t they are a merry and Jolly lot?????????? I mean they are very adventurous lot!!

  • 3

    Part IV
    They are exploring the American dream of “DEALS” with their elected representatives!!!
    I mean these Sri Lankan voters (not limiting to 6.9 million only, but to the entire electors of SL)
    Why not?????????
    Once the leaders are enlightened the electorate too must follow the circus!!!!!!
    Now enjoying eating I meal instead of 3 square meals by their own free will!!!!!!!
    I am not veyr happy about it, nevertheless it is the reality!!!

  • 3

    Sri Lanka is already a Police, Army, Navy Airforce, and family-dominated state who are defending the rulers and supporters, which is almost something similar to Russia’s, Chinese, and south Arabian style of administration. If this regime continues unabetted, it would end up similar to the North Korean Kim Un regime!! What more additional security protections are required for them? whilst average Sri Lankans are bothered about their next-day meals, cost of living, youth unemployment, sickness, etc !!

  • 1

    followed by independent justice systems with penal sanctions and recovery of proceeds of crime. Which proceed is Chandra Jeyaratne talking about? Did that theft took place in 1948 or even in 2022?

    Many commentators have excellently pointed out that it is the Hitler King needs to be investigated by these new appointments and have recovered the looting and swindling from that family.
    It is easy to write with good English, like statesmen, but only after the fact, that the country is destroyed. But all Mr. Cleans are too much clean. It can only be answered by DMJ that it is for how much he singed the customs papers as PM. Unless a bloodless French Revolution comes and throw everyone associated with the past 73 years governments, inside, Lankawe cannot be ruled again. I mean every one of the crook teams. Further, to prevent these 73 years of pandemic returning and corrupt the mass and the new reps again, Tamils must be liberated. Yes, War Criminals should sit on UN Electric Chair too. That will prevent their angelical Sinhala Buddhism keep converting them into barbaric hellish species-The Viyathmaha.

  • 3

    Mr. Jayaratne, do you think above said experts/analyst have the ability to solve Panama papers, Lasantha murder, Thaj murder, recent food scams, political murders , Easter bombing ——— likewise, hundreds other unsolved mysteries. In that case why politician Ranjith is taking it to the international courts ????

    • 3

      Lanka slips to 104 in 2021 from 94 position in 2020 , CORRUPTION INDEX. More of recruitment is to cover Rajapaksas corruption and most probably go after dissent.

      • 0

        OMG , can anyone believe this. MR is a daylight thief and now we hear there is bigger crook who managed to clean out MR’s personal account. This is silly and sorry Lanka for you.

  • 6

    Mr Jayaratne don’t you know that for the first time in Sri Lanka’s history people have elected a man with allegations of Murder, Fraud, Corruption etc. to lead the nation and expect him to deliver “Prosperity and Splendour”. What is the purpose of advising a fool who tried to save foreign exchange spent on chemical fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides by converting the country to organic agriculture within a few minutes.

  • 4

    Are you so naive or such an
    ardent fan of Nandasena? Haven’t you read this proverb “ when a clown
    gets a place in a palace, he does not become a king- the whole palace becomes a circus “ MJA

  • 1

    Plaster solutions.

    The nation is a failure. That is to root of the problem. To fix it, divide the island into 3 mono ethnic nations and relocate people to their respective nations. Close the borders.

  • 0

    Thank you, Good on You Mr. Chandra Jayaratne!
    The most serious economic crime is the Covid Injection crime – the purchase of 14 million Expiring Pfizer gene therapy injections by the NMRA, for children and “boosters after the so called pandemic became endemic in Sri Lanka, whose data was destroyed in a massive Data hack of the GoSL Cloud NMRA data storage!

    The Health Sector consumes 35 percent of the National Budget and Covid-19 biotechnology, false positive PCR test and antigen test, fleets of ambulences turning Lanka into a Biotech DUMPING GROUND with so called Aid Donors dumping obsolete PCR test machines and so called Health Insuarance for parliamentarians and children etc. in Sri Lanka when we have a free National Health system is a huge scam. The entire corrupt health sector that subsidizers Big Pharma needs to be investigated.

  • 0

    “Dear Mr. President, Priority Need To Focus On Controlling Serious Economic Crimes”

    especially when our poor country is ranked 102 out of 180 countries in the latest 2021 corruption percepton index given out this week


    chinese say that the fish head starts to rot first.Westerners say culture permeates from the top and flows downwards. So what shouldwe do here?obvious isn’t it.Maybe chandra should say instead of dear,dearest and ask for a referendum 2 years before your term ends ,whether people want to continue with you as the head of this country and if they say no then resign and hold a presidential election.

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