16 June, 2024


Easter Attacks: Political Buffoonery & Police Tomfoolery Masking Conspiracy Against The State

By Tassie Seneviratne –

Tassie Seneviratne

These days, people watch news bulletins of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry in regard to the Easter Sunday (21st April 2019) bombings, purely for entertainment and not for any news value. The blame game has taken the stage of comic strips as commented by all and sundry. The magnitude of the incidents and their ramifications are thereby lost on the people.

These news broadcasts have opened the floodgates for public discourse.

The co-ordinated attacks in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa revealed that there was a conspiracy. The conspiracy was against the State – A serious offence under the Penal Code. The conspiracy and its background was known from 2016 till it was put to action in April 2019.

Whether an investigation into the conspiracy was initiated as required by Chapter X1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, we do not know. Whether reports were submitted to the Magistrate every two weeks, as required by Sec. 115 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, we do not know. (‘B’ reports and further reports)  

We know that information about the conspiracy had been incessantly flowing in from concerned Muslim groups to the Intelligence Services. Former Director /State Intelligence Service, Nilantha Jayawardena, has revealed that he even received information 17 days prior to the attacks and that written notices were issued to 14 VIPs that included President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Defence Secretaries, and the IG Police. This would mean the Security Council too was aware of the impending threat.

This would also mean that by the time the hot information was received, there was the background information of the conspiracy and an inquiry file already in hand to tie up with it, and giving the police a head start.

We do not know if the Attorney General was consulted in the early stages and especially when the hot information was received. That would have strengthened the IGP’s hand in the light of his excuse that the President stood in the way of police action as stated in his evidence that was broadcast.    

Considering the seriousness of the offence and the confidentiality required to protect witnesses, one would expect evidence to be taken in camera. But the intention here was evidently a political move to divert people’s attention from blaming him – the President. By way of the diversion, the people are now entertained with comic strips in news bulletins.

The preposterous denial of any knowledge of the specific information, and the departure from the country on a private visit to Singapore on the eve of the bombings, and several other actions on the part of President Sirisena, raises suspicion on in the eyes of the public.

As for the Inspector General of Police, (IGP) he has no excuse at all for not co-ordinating all the police divisions under his command and expediting a contingency plan to prevent as well as to apprehend the culprits when the hot news was received. There is no argument on that. It was a police job. The information was specific. The IGP did not need orders from any authority. In fact he did not have to obey any orders to the contrary because that would have been unlawful. His excuse that the President stood in the way of police action citing political ramifications, is not acceptable.

The Secretary Defence as well as Director State Intelligence also carry responsibilities attached to their appointments. The Prime Minister too is shirking his responsibility. What did the Security Council do? 

The latest witness to be summoned before the Commission is former Senior DIG M.R. Latheef who was in charge of the STF. 

Most of the ‘witnesses’ who are summoned before the Commission are in fact respondents who are answerable for this holocaust. Their mind-set is only to wriggle out of any blame. Excuses such as: Security Council meetings not held; no specific information was received, are lame excuses to confuse the whole issue. Police have nothing to do with Security Council meetings. – That is political.

The evidence of the IGP before the Commission, that he was pressurized by the President to take the blame, and offering a high post as a reward, is a very serious allegation.

1.) For what precisely was he was asked to take the blame is not known – whether it was political blame or blame for not carrying out his duty under the law?  

2.) The specific nature of the pressure exerted on him is also pertinent. These are matters the public wish to know, arising from what has been broadcast.

Either person did not seem to have a clue what the blame was about. There is, however, a criminal charge that is attached to the blame. Furthermore, DIG M.R. Latheef who was in charge of the STF. (S/DIG/STF). He stated in evidence that he was not intimated of the specific information and that he would have prevented the attacks had he been informed. The IGP thereafter added in evidence that S/DIG/STF was in fact informed in writing as well as orally. This is not tangible with his excuse that the President was the stumbling block. If the President stood in the way of police action, the question arises as to what the IGP expected S/DIG/STF to do? To manipulate evidence by bargaining with the IGP, offering him a high post as a reward, and thereby interfering in the course of justice, makes out another serious allegation against the President. Bribery or Corruption is also made out.

Much to the chagrin of this episode, a point to note is that, other than passing the information around, at best, no police deployments had been sent out to the field, to cover the places under threat with determination to prevent the specific threat, and to also alert the targeted places! 

Now they are all passing the buck like school children after some mischief, saying: “No sir, not I sir, he did it sir.”

In this case it is: “No sir, not my fault sir, he should have done it sir.” And the comic strips carry on regardless in news bulletins broadcast on TV.

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  • 11

    In Srilanka, Police, CID, Military intelligence Service investigations, charging the suspected and court judgements etcc. are politically manipulated. Easter Bombing is nothing different. The fact is all the suicide bombers are killed themselves (suicide). There was a parliamentary commission inquiry after the inquiry. No body knows what happened to that inquiry. There is now a presidential inquiry after new president came.
    By looking at timing of the Bombing and locations, it is clear that it is a well planned bombing to the advantage or disadvantage of a political purpose. This happened at a time when there is no good relationship between President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil. This happened after 2018 Political coup by Sirisena and former President against the Government. It happened at a time when the Buddhist Fundamentalists blamed a Muslim doctor carrying an illegal fertility operation on Sinhala women.
    After the bombing Buddhist Sinhala fundamentalists put the blame on Muslim political leadership. So far no one was charged who planned the bombing, who funded the bombing and for what purpose it was carried out and it was not in the agenda of presidential commission as well. I don’t think that they will find the truth. However, some one may go to the jail whether he has relevant in the bombing or not.
    Lasantha Wickrematunga still waiting to here the truth.

    • 9

      This is what happens when buffoons and buffaloes are elected and/ or appointed to high positions not on grounds of suitability or efficiency, but only because they belong to the right tribal group. 75 years ago, would it have been possible for two DIG’s to have been in jail at the same time? Or for two murderers to be in Parliament?
      We all know where things went wrong Time to admit it, people.

  • 1

    for once an article I read.

    It is quite unbelievable what we are hearing. in the commission. No one takes any responsibility. The IGP is acting like a lowly pc. the Defence Sec is waiting for Nilantha to do it. I am not sure what Nilantha says. The Ex president is acting like a tinpot despot. The Prime Minister is absent. And this circus goes on.

    I believe if there was a good IP who was given the information they would have done something eith it intead of ending memos with FNA .

    This is why the 69 mil voted for Gota and against the 19a

    • 3

      “This is why the 69 mil voted for Gota and against the 19a”
      Yeah, right.
      I presume you haven’t heard the latest about Rishard B’s brother.

  • 3

    In my opinion, both the “GOVERNMENT” led by the then Prime Minister and the “STATE” led by the then President by way of “WILFUL NEGLIGENCE” of duties assigned to their respective positions “DID CAUSE” this “Heinous Crime” against a group of citizens of the country. Without going in circles and staging these “Stage Shows” (Commissions and Public Inquiries), for Public Entertainment”, those “TWO” ( ex-PM & PRESIDENT ) must be “CHARGED” appropriately in a Court for”WILFUL NEGLIGENCE” of “Duties and Functions” assigned to those positions OF the People BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE. The rest of the “Beaurocrats” (Law Enforcement & others) who functioned under them could be “WITNESSES” and also made “ACCUSED” as and when the case is proceeding. Will the present “Government” and the “State” take that challenge? TAKE it and it is a MUST.

  • 11

    The attacks were carried out with full support of Rajapaksas and Sirisena to make the UNP unpopular, put a wedge between Christians and the UNP and help Gota win the presidential election over dead bodies which is nothing unusual for him.

    If the matter is pursued any further their involvement comes to light. What happened to Lasantha murder investigation is happening to Easter Sunday attacks investigation.

    Shame on Christian voters who voted for Gota! At least make a firm determination now not to do it ever again.

  • 5

    “In my opinion, both the “GOVERNMENT” led by the then Prime Minister and the “STATE” led by the then President by way of “WILFUL NEGLIGENCE” of duties assigned to their respective positions “DID CAUSE” this “Heinous Crime” against a group of citizens of the country.”

    Both ex-president and PM are now on the side of the current PM and President. The current PM and President were saved by ex-President and ex-PM.
    Both groups protect themselves but poor people dance to their lies and suffer forever.
    What can the judiciary or buddhism to do?

  • 2

    When the satues was Damaged in Mawanella in December 2018 before Easter Attacks, and a Muslims’ Warnings about Terrorism Went Unheeded Taslim was one of the first victims of the Sri Lankan extremist who was shot had informed the perpetrator and same time why wasn’t it regarded as a high priority to track them down

  • 9

    I read a news item in which Arch Bishop of Colombo Malcom Ranjith blamed a court decision to release Rishard Badudeen’s brother who was accused of him involved with Easter bombing. It was also told that there is a deal between Government and Rishard Badudeen. Why Malcom Ranjith is angry with Muslims? He never voiced when this government made deals with murders and terrorists like Karuna, Pilliyan or Douglas? Some accused Malcom was aware of the Easter Bombing?
    It is why, there is a strong believe it is a political bombing, not an ISIS attack.

  • 4

    The ‘go slow’ on the investigation of the bomb blast on 21 April 2019 appears to be a pre-arranged one with the connivance of the Sinhala politicians to create chaos and score a point for the next General Elections. That is why Christian churches were selected where the congregations were mostly Tamils, instead of the Buddhist Temples on a Poya Day.
    A maximum political return with minimum damage to the Sinhalese

  • 0

    Every politician so called VVIP /VIP knew about it. This includes MS/RW/Rajapaksas and Ranjith. The poor who perished on that day are those who were not aware of their fate. Harin told PCol “his father was warned by CID. The same CID had met one of the murderer hours before he self exploded in Dehiwela lodge. The first official act of GR was to to put the whole CID on watch list and then to cleanse all evidence, during which process the head escaped (like Carlos. G). Then the blame game began to confuse the public. When questioning, by taking sides (based on politics ) people are left with more questions than answers, which exactly the politicians expect. The fact is , all of them knew except for those victims. How I see this is when a mafia plans a kill , against their common enemy (usually govt or law enforcement), they may warn the heads of their rivals, as a common courtesy/unwritten rule. Here too all those influential people , were aware and those not are now forced to keep silent, to avoid responsibility , accountability and embarrassment. Isn’t it smart ?????

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