23 May, 2024


Economy Suffers With Few People Acting On The Slogan ‘Sri Lanka Is Ours And Not Theirs’

By W A Wijewardena –

Dr. W.A Wijewardena

Behaviour like low level animals

The slogan that is being shouted in an angry loud voice by a minority section of Sri Lanka’s majority Sinhala Buddhist population conveys a non-negotiable message to minorities in the country. It says: ‘Sri Lanka is ours and ours only. All others who wish to live here should do so according to our terms. So, take it or leave it’.

This type of instinctive behaviour is imbedded in the DNA of lower level animals who operate in packs for reproduction and economic power. Thus, a pack of wolves or monkeys will demarcate a certain geographical area for themselves and resist with deadly violence the entry of any intruder of the same species.

For them, the law is that ‘We’ have the right to brutalise ‘They’ who do not belong to us. Hence, exchange, interaction and cooperation – common grounds that ensure welfare, well being and prosperity – are anathema to them.

Homo sapiens is an evolved species

According to historian Yuval Noah Harari who documented the history of humankind in his 2011 book ‘Sapiens’, the Homo sapiens – Man, the Wise – too, behaved in the same instinctive fashion some 10 to 20 thousand years ago. These early humans who lived simply by hunting and gathering had to claim ownership to geographical territories to ensure the continuity of the ‘pack’.

However, about 10,000 years ago, they embraced the fundamentals of economics – producing grain by using their labour, implements and land funded by money lent by some wealthy Homo sapiens – by being farmers. Those farmers had to depend on more economics when they produced a surplus or could not produce enough to meet theirs, on the one hand, and when their needs expanded beyond domestic supplies, on the other. That gave birth to trade and commerce, migration of Homo sapiens and inter-settlement and inter-breeding.

Thus, the hard-wired DNA of Homo sapiens evolved into a new system in which they could cooperate with others for sustenance, well being and prosperity. Harari has identified three factors which have united the peoples of the globe in this manner: Money or economics, empire-building and mega-religions. Now, some sections of peoples of the world – Sri Lankans are not an exception – have proved Harari wrong. Instead of uniting peoples of the world, they have caused a ‘fight to death division’ among them. It simply shows that their DNA has not evolved beyond that of lower level animals.

Attempts to seize economic power through religion

But in a way Harari is correct. The three uniting forces are still at work. Accordingly, the desire for economic power has forced people to go for empire building. It is in turn justified by using religion. Therefore, economic power, empire building and religion go hand in hand together. This was evident in the Crusades that were launched in the 11th to 12th centuries in the Mediterranean.

It was supposed to be a religious war; but at the end, it was pure economic power that framed the rules of the game. The Oxford historian Peter Frankopan has given a number of examples in his 2015 book ‘The Silk Roads’ to substantiate this point. One is the power struggle for Venice which was at that time a thriving trading port like Singapore or Dubai today. The Christian crusaders had promised that the territories they would liberate in the Holy War would be duly handed to the Roman Emperor. They had done so by swearing an oath on the relics of the Holy Cross.

But, after the territories were captured, there was no sign of fulfilling the promise they had given to God. When they were reminded of this, one of the Crusaders, Roger of Sicily, says Frankopan, who had made fortunes out of the Holy War, had ‘raised his leg and then given a loud fart’. He had then, pronounced confidently, ‘By the truth of my religion, there is more use in that [that is, in the loud fart] than in what you have to say [that is, meeting what was promised to God]’.

Thus, the Crusaders who fought a religious war continued to manage Venice after they captured it. With that, they took control of the entire trade in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean caliphs too used religion to consolidate economic power

According to Frankopan, about two centuries ago, the Caliphs of the Mediterranean had also grabbed economic power by using the new religion, Islam.

Says Frankopan in The Silk Roads: ‘The Muslims had taken over a world that was well-ordered and studded with hundreds of cities of consumers – taxable citizens in other words. As each fell into the hands of the caliphate, more resources and assets came under the control of the centre’.

What this means is that the battle for economic power is normally fought with religion at the forefront of the battalions. Several centuries later, the Mogul invasion of India or Europeans’ invasion of Asia and Americas too took place in the same fashion.

Priests delivering religion to those seeking economic power

Religion was, therefore, used by crafty people to capture economic power which was a sine qua non for a good life. Frankopan has put this very cogently in The Silk Roads as follows: ‘A series of chain reactions had been set in motion, whereby competition for resources and military confrontation prompted the development of sophisticated belief systems that not only made sense of victories and success, but directly undermined those of neighbouring rivals’.

Then, it was the duty of the priesthood to give moral support to those who went to war in the name of religion, but in actual practice, to gain economic power. The priests were, therefore, recognised without questioning or protest as the source of the newly acquired economic power of nations. This recognition gave them an acquired sense of self-confidence elevating them to a higher status in society.

To match this higher status, their role was extended to the spheres of politics giving them another unique power: that is to dictate terms to rulers as well as to the people at large. Frankopan has noted this originating in ancient Persia. But the examination of human history shows that it has been the general rule in all subsequent societies.

The problem with such ‘behind-the-scene political manoeuvring’ by priests is that while they have called the shots, they were not accountable for their actions. If the things were successful, there was no problem. But if they went wrong, the rulers who acted according to their advice did not suffer since they had enjoyed political power for the time being. It was the people at large who would fall victim to such political machinations by priests who are not accountable for their action.

Fear of losing economic power

Today, the old human experience is repeated in a new guise in many parts of the world. It may be the religion or ethnicity that is being put forward as the cover.

In India, even today, caste is being used effectively to keep economic power among privileged groups. The Brexit campaign in the UK was targeted against migrant ethnic groups that had flooded the country from Eastern European countries. Even the migrants from Asia and Africa are reported to have supported Brexit because of the threat these East European migrants have posed to their jobs and future.

In Myanmar, minority ethnic group Rohingya is being targeted by the majority Burmese Buddhists because they feel that these minorities have captured economic power which they claim has been theirs. In Malaysia, the ethnic Malays feel threatened by minority Tamils and Chinese which led to the proclamation that Malaysia is the country of the Bhumiputras – the Sons of the Soil.

In Sri Lanka, during the whole of the post independence era, the majority Sinhala Buddhists have claimed that they have been threatened to extinction by the minority religious groups like Sinhala, Christians and Muslims or minority ethnic groups like Tamils and again, Muslims. In early 1950s, a popular slogan uttered by the majority Buddhists was the onset of a Catholic invasion. While this threat has been imbedded in their psyche, a new threat against Tamils got rooted in them since around mid 1950s and against Muslims, especially after the end of civil war in 2009.

Economic cost of ethnic war

This need not be the case since economic power in Sri Lanka and elsewhere has been captured by the state in modern days. Functioning as a secular organ, the state has to be the arbiter between rival ethnic, religious and social groups. It has to protect the rights of every citizen living within it. These rights specifically mean property rights – the right to one’s body and physical property irrespective of one’s ethnicity, faith or social standing.

Yet, clashes occur mainly due to the failure of the state to function as an impartial arbiter, on the one hand, and economic hardships that have been brought on the citizenry in general in bad times, on the other. With regard to the first case, the political power enjoyed by the majority of the citizens has prevented the state from functioning as an impartial arbiter. This leads to discontent among the minority groups forcing them to protest peacefully at first and with deadly violence later.

This is the root of the Tamil insurrection in Sri Lanka that cost its economy at the rate of about 2% in economic growth every year since early 1980s. During the five year period immediately after the economy was opened in 1977, the country recorded an average economic growth of 6.3%. After the 1983 anti-Tamil riots that propelled the country to a bloody civil war, the growth decelerated despite the maintenance of the same level of investment as before. The average growth rate during the 27 year period till the end of the war in 2009 amounted to 4.3%.

The loss of the output by about 2% every year at a compound rate precluded Sri Lanka from reaching the average income per citizen, known as the Per Capita Income, needed to reach the status of a rich nation within a generation. Thus, the proponents of ethnic violence had given the loud message to every Sri Lankan: suffer the economy.

Central Bank’s plan to stabilise the economy are being derailed

After the end of the war, the economy was driving on the high hope of ethnic reconciliation. Accordingly, the annual average growth rate boomed to 8.4% from the previous low rate of 4.3%.

But, with no effective reconciliation with the minority Tamils and the onset of a new economic power struggle with minority Muslims, growth began to falter since 2013. During 2013 to 2017, the average growth fell once again to 4.3%, the rate which the country had recorded when it had been going through the costly ethnic war.

Against this background, the Central Bank had begun to consolidate the macroeconomy providing a boost to long term investments by the private sector – both local and foreign. Inflation rate was successfully reduced to 5%, government revenue was temporarily raised to 14% of GDP and measures were introduced to tackle the alarming debt picture as well as the ailing external sector.

The hope of continuing with this program has now been shattered by organised attacks on minority Muslims in Gintota, Ampara and Kandy recently. Since the present good governance government had failed to nip them in the bud, a fear psychosis has been created among other minorities in the country, namely, Christians and Tamils.

This was voiced by the leader of the opposition and leader of Tamils in Parliament whilst participating in the Parliamentary debate on the attack on Muslims in Kandy.

These concerns should not be ignored since they will affect the economy victimising all citizens, including the majority Sinhalese. They all have to shoulder the bill to pay compensation to victims. Given the present budgetary problems, they will have to do so by sacrificing other important needs. The axe will thus surely fall on their plans to have good schools for children or good medicare for citizens. That is the direct cost to be borne by them.

Violation of property rights of minorities with impunity 

In addition, there is an indirect cost on the economy as well. It will come from the reluctance of both local and foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the country. They would be dissuaded by the fear of losing their investments if they are burned down or their lives taken away by hooligans on flimsy excuses.

The economists call this violation of property rights, the protection of which is essential for any nation to sustain its economic growth. When a section of the majority Sinhala Buddhists can take those property rights away from minorities at will and with total impunity, the feeling which investors would get that their property rights are at stake cannot be avoided.

These hooligans are at war with Muslims today. It is only a matter of time that they would extend their attack on minority Tamils, Sinhala Christians and foreign investors whom they will consider as enemies of the Sinhala Buddhist nation. Once all these groups have been taught a lesson for conspiring against them, their attention would be directed toward those among the majority Sinhala Buddhists who would do well economically. LTTE which annihilated their own members has already proved this point.

Hence, if the Government is interested in long term economic prosperity, it has to observe the rule of law to the letter. Failure to do so in search of short-term political expedience would mean only one thing as far as the economy is concerned. Sri Lanka’s economy has lost about 2% of its annual economic growth during the horrendous ethnic war in the past. It is poised to make a similar loss in the future as well.

Suffer the economy

Hence, the good governance government which is accused of failing to observe the rule of law and the extreme groups among the majority Sinhalese as well as among the minority groups have jointly delivered only one message: Suffer the economy.

When the economy suffers, it is all Sri Lankans who will jointly suffer.

*The writer, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, can be reached at waw1949@gmail.com

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  • 9

    Sinhalese have lion DNA …so you can`t blame their behavior.

    Tamils and Muslims (converted Hindu Tamils ) have human DNA

    Sunday Sil Monday Kill

    Only Greater China can put this country in order under them all will become a minority.


    • 1


      Sinhalalese, like the other Paras, have Para-DNA, not Lion -DNA.
      (296 Words)

      Why are the majority of the Sinhala Buddhists remaining silent, when this lunatic Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” fringe causes mayhem for Buddhism and the country? What about a Citizen’s force, surprising all law abiding citizens, (because the police is NOT fully doing their duty), with a charter to respect and protect life and rupture from marauders, rioters and killers, and to initiate civil charges against those who create property destruction,, like the American ACLU?


      To begin with those Few Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” People Acting On The Slogan ‘Sri Lanka Is Ours( Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” ) And Not Theirs, ( All other Paras), must be told the truth.

      Ask the Paras to provide DNA samples, to show unequivocally, they are Paradeshis, Paras, Strangers in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, who came from South India, their homeland, and that they are Sinhala speaking Para-Demalas from South India, per genetics.


      Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people:

      Journal of Human Genetics 59(1) · November 2013

      Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka

      Coastal Vedda Community


      The country’s original inhabitants are known as Vedda people and there are three Vedda types in Sri Lanka: Stone Vedda (Cave Dwelling Vedda), Village Vedda and Costal Vedda. Unlike the first two groups who are located in the middle of the country with hunting and gathering subsistence pattern, the Coastal Vedda inhibits the Eastern shoreline of the island and practices maritime fishing.

  • 7

    So true, but sadly those who read this article and understand its gravity already know this. To the rest its gibberish. They really dont get it. This is a domino effect. It’s one day going to come down to their own door step. It all depends on where you sit on the branch. Anyone who has an ounce of intelligence should at least try to read this article again very slowly, even take notes and try to recap. This WILL save your child’s life if not your own regardless of your Religion, Race, Ethnicity or any other factor. Dog eat Dog, Rat eat Rat is here now!

    • 3

      Mr.Wijewardena’s excellent piece should be translated into to sinhalese and be available for anyone free of charge at every Street corner.

  • 0

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    • 4

      Nimal Tissa Wijetunga

      Thanks for keeping it brief.
      Please keep up your good work.

    • 3

      Impunity for Hate crimes and Financial Crimes by Politicians are 2 sides of the same coin Dr. Wije. Bondscam Ranil has managed to distract everyone from his Financial Crimes with Hate Crimes against Muslims conducted by Pathala Champika Ranawaka on his behalf.
      Also, Sinhala people have been feeling the pain of Bondscam Ranil’s robbery of Cenral Bank and neoliberal and Neo Con economic policies and hence found a Scapegoat in the Muslims.
      July 1983 was also when a UNP GOvt. was in power and pushing neoliberal reforms – increasing inequality and privatising and selling of state assets. Today there is also an envioronmental crisis and need to pay of the massive Debt caused by Corrupt politician’s misrule.
      The timing of the anti-Muslim riots is very suspicious – to benefit Ranil and DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE the people of Lanka it seems. although Civil society which is in the pocked of Ranil’s foreign backers will point the finger at the Corrupt and Criminal Rajapaksa Pohottuwas who have also contributed to crisis.

      Why were the police immobile and who has cultivated a culture of IMPUNITY for Financial Crimes and Hate Crimes by politcians and their saffron THugs these past 3 years? Who benefits from these riots whichnow overshadow the massive governance crisis and need to Impeach Ranil for Bondscam after the local govt elections defeat of UNP?

  • 7

    Many of the Srilankans dreams are shattered…..
    It is not hard to imagine that rioting directly damages property values and economic activity. When people smash windows, steal things, or set buildings and property on fire, that all has direct economic costs. Moreover, if people are rioting they are not working, and even those who are not involved in the disturbances are affected – they cannot get to work, shop or otherwise carry on with business as usual.
    This wouldn’t happen if Gnanasara was thrown behind bars after the Aluthgama riots. Now there are hundreds of Gnanasaras . MaRa and Gota are the architects of creating this kind of terrorism.
    We should now leave it o Karma.

  • 0

    There are no “low level” animals or “high level”. If at all, the only truly low-level animal is Homo Sapiens with his endless conflict, inability to think of the common good and soiling the very world he lives on

    Animals behave according to the way nature has programmed them in order to ensure survival of the species. Man does not. He lives only to exploit

  • 1

    In order to country be economically successful, the leader should be good, and thr appomitees of him should be good.Pro-LTTE – Indian estate – Tamil who wanted to promote Tamil as the National language has quit his political radio program. It says, He had pocketed the money and investd in in the stock market. So, Ranil had taken over the program. One Mohottiyage (pronounced Mohottila) buddhi Pathirana who wants to run the program is even washing plates even women left. They say, Even after Jalanandana piritha has not left. everybody knows SLBC’s reputation goes away if Ranil is priased .Another Mohottila of Ranil who is inthe air force is kniown to condemn even almost new cars and sell those to relatives, and is taking parts of the expensive flying machines and sell (sale prices) outside. He says he is living in kaluthara with a goddess. I heard Another Ranil appointee asked one last chance to go to NEw york free of Charge (he had gone via ITaly to see his pmbarii) .but he says, no there is one creative ticket machine which can issue tickets like that. He not only heads but practically owns the cricket board. some how that top gun has suffered really hard for finding the embassy. He had to wait on the road just like a Hari Krishna begger for money who wants to leave the country. the reason english was hard there. Everybody do not tell that he did not speak English. Another Ranil’s viskam work. RAkhitha vikramanayake also like to come to Sri lankan back because Singapore is not that good now. He likes the ticket section. ArjunM had asked him to be recruited for the job.

  • 3

    For those who are depressed over communication disruption over the ban on FB:
    People can use “GOOGLE HANGOUTS” to communicate. Unlike FB, it allows group video chat.

    • 2

      Cell phone it self has Texting, SMS. there are many ways. Those banned sites collect informaion. china, Russia, turkey are some countries that have their own sites, probably iran.

  • 1

    What ever the property rights, buddhist viharas had Nindagams.where are those. Muslims are infamous for bull dozing those viharas and establishing their ancient villages. They even wanted ritigala, some in anuradhapura, somawathi, Seruwila. I heard, Wigneswaran is saying throw it to the sea if you see a buddha Statue or if you see a piece of rock or something which says Sinhala Nation. Some politicians have written permanent deeds to vihara nindagams. when they found those the rajamaha viharas had handed back to the viharavassi bhikkus. I don’t know whether you wrote it sarcastically. IF not many things are up side down. Most of the economists are foreigners. they see it from a different eye. did you here that JEsuits are chanting Jayamangala gatha. What is the purpose ? You talk about budgetry problems. How about the new Minister for SOBEs, one came from highways, giving a inflated contract, without tenders to an Indian company. PArt of that was to build house for him with the govt money. The major reason is they say they do not have any knowledge on what they are doing.

  • 6

    Thank you Dr WA W. You have not minced any words.
    We have reached the “Sri Lanka is OURS stage”. The OURS is the MR clan or the MS/RW lot. Looks like the OURS may settle for MR & MS/RW. But what next?

    The losers are the Lankan silent majority.

  • 1

    Dr.Kalu-sudda….Yes It Is So To You………..Sri Lanka Does Not Belong T%o the Sinhalese…………But Beloved SINHALE It is The LAND OF THE SINHALESE……….How dare You Kalu-Suddas To Grab It From Us And Make It Sri Lanka…….From TheDay It Becomes So It Had Been A Blood Bath…..Why You Dirty A–Holes Made Our Beautiful Country In Which All Souls what ever the caste and creed was Living Under The SINHALE Royal Lion Flag Violated Our Rights By Changing The Identity Of Our Country………..After Which we all our suffering ……..BUT The RULERS Living Off Luxuriously ROBBING Peoples FUNDS……. spreading racialism………With The DIVIDE AND RULE policy………….We should Get Back Our good old country ………….until then there will not be peace

  • 1

    Many make a mountain out of a mole hill. I heard, that muslims businesses were charging Halal Tax without informing the customer. People knew it there was noway to counter act it and used the opportunity. I think the govt also stopped helping those who have damages because it was a response to crooked business practices.

    • 3

      HEARD? Did you also hear about the businesses that employed many Sinhalese also got burnt down leaving with many of these poor but hard working tax payers without an income? How are those children going to survive ? Crooked Business, Halal Tax , Wanda pethi, destroying jungles and the list goes on are all punishable by existing law. Root cause is that, successive Govts and possibly future ones are not going to implement law and order. So if you’re feelings are genuine which I dont think it is, you would fight to fix the root cause i.e. instill Law and Order. Instead you’re clearly making excuses for yet another group to join the destroyers of law and order.
      Despite your politics, surely by just being on this site and being able to string the words together to make your silly arguments it is evident that your parents have done their best. Sad to see you disrespect them by constantly publicly making a fool of yourself.
      All I say is to fix the root cause of our evil. No matter who or where they come from.
      “Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done.” Neither is happening.

    • 0

      People spreading false rumors, and setting one Sri Lankan against the other, should be tied to a tree and flogged.

  • 1

    This Is A Very Good Time To See The PATRIOTS And The TRAITORS Of A Country……………..Main ISSUE We See Is ThatTHESE Traitors Does Not Like To Hear The Cultural Heritage …Archealogical Facts and That The The SINHALESE BUDDHIST are HEIRS Of This Country ……I Am A Sinhalese Christian But We Are Living On This Tiny Island Under The Sinhalese Buddhist Culture………………All These Traitors Does Not Want To Admit So…….That Is Their BABY……WE Cant Hep It As Well Any A– Hole Cannot Erase The Sinhala Buddhist Identity Of This Country…………That Is Our Baby………..God Will Bless You DR So Much ……Please Understand And Try To Admit The Facts….Although You May Have Been Brain washed By The Colonial Education system Do not Let Down Your Country

    • 2

      Stay in the well, it suits you for you will only hear your own echoes.

    • 1

      You sound like a zionists, digging deep down under Mosques, to find a fragment of a pot, to claim the land is all theirs, despite the stealing of lands of the occupied. Your comment eerily reminds me of zionist crimes. Hmmm…

  • 0

    W.A. Wijewardena so you think this is the opportune time for you to write an inflammatory article of this nature? You are correct in writing”This type of instinctive behaviour is imbedded in the DNA of lower level animals”. [Edited out]
    What is needed at times like this is not hate filled opinionated articles to be published for consumption. Utterly disgusting and I am also not sure why CT permitted these types articles in their domain. What a slap in the face for the majority law abiding, tolerant, peaceful Sinhalese who has no enmity towards other races or religions in SriLanka.
    [Edited out]

    • 3

      Dear “patric”,

      The truth has to be told.

      You seem to imply that telling the truth will provoke “decent, tolerant, peaceful Sinhalese”.

      Dr Wijewardena’s broad outline of evolution is correct. He is an economist, not a Medical Doctor – nor is either of us, I should imagine. An Evolutionary Biologist may be able to fine tune the views expressed here; I feel sure that he will not contradict them. I have put most of what I had to say on the previous page.

      I’m afraid, “patric” that you do not sound very tolerant!

      Please think that one out.

  • 10

    Hey Doc. Stop kidding yourself! What do you mean “few people”? Majority of the Sinhalese Buddhist hold the view that “Sri Lanka is ONLY for the Sinhala Buddhist and others who are not welcome here”. Buddhists who do not share this sentiments are either lying and not been truthful. This country really belongs to an indigenous people and Lord Buddha himself was a foreigner. Where the hell did you get this statistics from to hold the view that only “few” think along the lines of this slogan?

  • 2

    The next phase would be the start of villification process of Dr.Wijewardena like in the case of Dr. Brian Seniviratne, which would start with SB politicians like MrRa and his henchmen like Pohatuwa party leader GLP, DJ, Wimal, Dinesh and such others followed up by the BBS, and the state controlled media.

  • 1

    Political stability is most paramount issue for an open room for development and growth of National Economic of Sri lanka. Until basic political conditions are not that fulfill by positive environment shifted and created by new order of system any nation challenge which that cannot meet any ends.
    It is difficult towards working on the economic prosperity of people in Sri lanka.

    1 Although Sovereignty of Sri Lankan is priority of political factor and decisive reasons are of up bring
    economic level of Island.

    2 The Territorial integrity of nation come under Unitary nature is decency State, that is led to modern
    democracy . In fact TNA, TULF and FP by claim on separatism for Tamil Homeland since 1949 its
    undermined nation very foundation of integrity. Last 70 years Tamil claim that homeland has
    that deck – chair of national economy growth and development.

    3 Decay of ‘Democracy’ by ruling parties specially UNP of neo-liberalism of political-economic-social
    system declared oneself of few UNP’s growth that ruin whole nation by foreign capital dominations.
    Well democracy were not shared with local capital market. Because of that economic and political
    system failed due to Neo-liberalism in both were (politics economic)fundamentally unfair and unjust
    to all nationalities of Sri Lankan? That is how democracy did not work at under UNP+SLFP new
    regime since 2015 January 9th?
    Ongoing anti-globalization of UNP rang of policies are adopted by current regime not sustainability of capitalism. By and large Market economy of capitalism not been working since 2015 January 9th in the way that their UNP leaders boosters claim. Market in all round way not stable.

  • 1

    Very well written Sir , hope those Political Animals and Superiority complexed Animals read this to understand the mess the crrate?

  • 1

    Once a M’daya always a M’daya

  • 1

    An excellent Analysis Mr Wijewardane.

  • 3

    An excellent Analysis Mr Wijewardane. Very well done.

  • 0

    Write about the issues in Sri Lanka instead of apportioning blame on everyone.

    There is a simple solution to curb the madness – IMPLEMENT LAW AND ORDER.

    You can write all the gibberish you want and be over-analytical, ENFORCE THE LAW.

  • 0

    It’s okay kill them all minorities and have your Sinhala only buddhists only country and enjoy for a short time..if you wish..
    Muslims or Tamils are nit for sale or any bargaining.
    they learned their mistakes…
    and you all better be careful handling the minorities…

    If not..we all cannot have a peaceful nation…but a country of many pieces…
    Sinhalese and Tamils and Muslims and all others are our brothers and sisters..

    please do not allow the racist sinhala stupid guys to destroy all the trust we have in the ethnicity///

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