13 July, 2024


Eliyantha White Is A Fraud! Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa Stop Endangering Anymore Lives!

By Achini Ediriweera

Achini Ediriweera

Prime Minister stop Fraudulently Misrepresenting Eliyantha White as a Medical Doctor and stop using people’s money to pay a salary to him!

Mr. White’s a fraud and he is not a doctor – Do Not Obtain his Services!

 Mr Eliyantha Lindsay White is not a ‘medical doctor’. I knew this since 2005, when he meddled with my late father’s life and we lost him to this man’s criminality. Also, those people there who have access to this information, the former president/current Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and all entities who endorse Mr White so fearlessly as a ‘medical doctor’ know that Mr White is not a medical doctor as well. Since I last reported in relation to Mr White, I have come to learn that Mr White is responsible for the loss of so many more innocent lives while some have lived on to expose their near-death experiences that were resulted by his fraudulent malpractices.

Yet, Mr White has not only been allowed to operate in his capacity as a doctor and endanger more lives, he has been further awarded a paycheck from the Prime Minister for this, using your money- that is public funds. What is more concerning is that, Mr White’s fraudulent representation is supported by the current Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who acts as an accessory to the unlawful acts committed by Mr White by endorsing him and even awarding him the title the “Royal Chief Doctor” in Sri Lanka, despite this individual being responsible for killing so many people as a result of his fraudulent malpractices, given he is not a doctor.

Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister appointed Mr Eliyantha White as the “Royal Chief Doctor” knowing very well Mr White does not hold any license to perform any duties in his capacity as a medical doctor. Mr White not only does not hold a relevant license to act as a medical practitioner, he has not even attended ‘any’ medical school. In the eyes of the law, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has committed a very serious crime when he attests to this fraudulent representation of this individual. People rely on Mr Rajapaksa’s fraudulent representation of Mr White more than they would, if a normal individual did this, due to the undue influence it imposes. When Mr. White is being referred to as the ‘Royal Chief Doctor’ by a highly regarded individual such as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka who  says that he will cure cancer, or your broken foot – people rely on this endorsement more than they would, if it came from an unknown entity as the Prime Minister is expected to have a duty of care for the people – who would think he will endanger people’s lives this way! Mr Rajapaksa endorsed Mr White back when he was the President and currently, as mentioned above, he continues to do as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

As per the article published by BBC Sinhala on 11 June 2011, they verified with the Sri Lanka Medical Board and they were able to establish that Mr Eliyantha White was not any sort of a doctor. Note this was information already made public all the way back in 2011. However, since then, Mr White has still been able to continue his work for the then President and current Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, at the discretion of Mr Rajapaksa.

As reported by BBC Sinhala in 12 June 2011 Dr NJ Nonis confirmed to them that Mr White was not a medical doctor of any sort: “Sri Lanka Medical Council’s Registrar Dr NJ Nonis told BBC Sinhala service: “The person named Eliyantha White is not registered in the Council either as a medical practitioner, dentist or an assistant medical practitioner.” BBC Sinhala – 12 June 2011

People have been further violated, as Mr White is on the official payroll at Temple Trees as the “Royal Chief Doctor to the Prime Minister” -note, these are public funds! The money of the people! The money of this country that is being abused this way as if it is their inheritance. This is covert abuse the people face over there in Sri Lanka. Please tell me how is this acceptable? This means Mr Rajapaksa has put Mr White on the payroll for an esteemed role for which Mr White is not legally qualified for, while that is information Mr Rajapaksa is already privy to, which makes Mr Rajapaksa an accessory to this crime at so many levels. Moreover, to claim Mr White can perform medical miracles –makes the severity of this crime graver. Furthermore, to not only pay a salary to Mr White but also afford him security personnel, luxury cars, fuel and all that which comes with it using the Sri Lankan taxpayer’s money, the people’s money!  – makes this criminal! – Have you seen the dire circumstances under which people live over there???

I highlight that in the rest of the world, or in the first world to be more precise, these are very serious crimes amounting to serious jail time for both parties. In Sri Lanka, to merely voice against this and alert people to this utterly ruthless abuse of power is considered as being ‘brave’. That breaks my heart even more while it is a window to the severity of the vulnerable, hopeless and the dire state of reality they must live in.

Eliyantha White is evidently still at liberty to practice as a ‘doctor’ and he still reportedly treats patients as permitted by Mahinda Rajapaksa is still the “Royal Chief Doctor”. As already been reported, he has treated many patients in the past including my late father, and sadly many have had fatal endings including my father. He has had the liberty to prescribe medications when the regulations of the Sri Lanka Medical Board clearly prohibit anyone from prescribing medications if they do not hold the relevant medical license to do so.

As per the status quo for those in power over there, Mr Eliyantha White and the Prime Minister Rajapaksa nevertheless feel so invincible and utterly fearless to do anything as they please and they do not feel any fear of having to face any repercussions – because there are no repercussions and legal consequences for the ones who dictate the law over there! These are yet again symptoms of the alarming level of corruption and of a heavily broken system in Sri Lanka. I make the strong assertion that this country is not being governed – it is currently being ‘owned’.

As mentioned, all of the above constitute to very serious crimes: this is a ‘fraudulent’ representation made by both Mr White and Mahinda Rajapaksa. The law recognises the ‘severity’ of ‘fraudulent representation’ and the severity of it is measured by the ‘magnitude’ of the nature of the fraudulent misrepresentation that has been committed. In these circumstances, the severity is so high, given this individual was represented as being a ‘medical doctor’, a role that is highly relied upon for matters relating to life and death. One is put through extensive training for close to 10 years in medical school even in the most advanced countries in the world, where they are educated and fed with vast knowledge to be able to cater to the complex mechanisms within the human body and the rapidly evolving field of medicine. Following this, in the practical field a freshly graduated medical student is put through more exams and they are then further subjected to more training and long hours for few more years until finally they are ready to be qualified as being fit to cater to the responsibilities of the role of a ‘medical doctor’. Accordingly, this extensive learning and training all reflect the gravity of the role of medical doctor – and to fraudulently misrepresent that, reflects the severity of this serious crime.

Furthermore, to misrepresent one as being an accredited medical practitioner, by endorsing them fraudulently means, you are endangering the lives of those who rely on their advice that relates to matters of life and death – and that is what has been committed here by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, when he openly endorses Mr Eliyantha White along with a salary paid for by people’s money. Finally, Mr Rajapaksa further commits the more serious crime as he endangers the lives of people who he has a duty of care to protect and care for, as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Thus, the severity of this crime is magnified!

Who would ever believe their Prime Minister just felt like calling someone a ‘doctor’ and labelled them as one, gave them the privileges of a doctor without any merit as he pleased? This is truly what has been done here.

How is the Prime Minister of this country and all these relevant politicians operating with such a fearless attitude? How are they so fearless and invincible? How is the rule of law in Sri Lanka so corrupt that these people are above the law? Again – This is a role with dire responsibilities in taking care of human life. By doing all this, both Mr White and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka have endangered the lives of innocent people. Recently, I learnt about the unfortunate passing of a national netball player from Visakha Vidyalaya, Melanie Wijesinghe, another victim of Mr White. I witnessed a video clip of her innocent mother weeping and explaining her tragedy due to this ruthless man’s fraudulent acts. I ask Mr Rajapaksa, as a parent himself, how do you sleep at night?

Also, that salary he pays to Mr White using this Country’s money, the people’s money – why not use that money and educate the many kids who are in dire circumstances in that country?? Those who dream of going to medical school??? Those talented children who cannot afford the cost of living or have compelling circumstances such as a sick parent or no income to even afford to study. Those kids that miss out medical school by 1 or 2 points and resort to poorly paid labour work??? I know a few personally! My beloved helper Thilaka’s daughter Kumari once studied under a lamppost in Galpatha and my late father was not happy with that, so she was welcomed to our house and rightfully assisted through her journey. Today she is a doctor at the Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital. I know personally the dire circumstances people live in. Not to mention those who reach out to me on Facebook asking for help sometimes to build a simple roof over their heads.

How do you sleep at night by just ensuring you are fed and you are fine, and all your loved ones are fine – all while knowing you have all this power in your hands to do right by the people, right for that man who innocently believes in you? These are questions I raise not only for Mr Rajapaksa but for all of those in power there.

Kids in that country go through a lot to go to medical school to pass out as legitimate doctors. They endure so much hardship throughout their childhood and yet they remain resilient until they achieve this title – most do it facing so many adversities. Why could you not give a platform to someone like that who has merit to be regarded as medical doctor instead of Mr White??

I am appalled by the manner in which Sri Lanka upholds injustice, prejudice and corruption. When politicians believe they can do as they please, without consequence or without having to reason their actions – we know there is a serious problem. Moreover, if any reasoning was even provided, being fearless about the illogical and illegitimate nature of it is common- in a country like this you know you got a serious problem.

It blows my mind that not even in the most powerful country in the world, the USA, can the most powerful president in the world, operate in this way without having to answer to anyone. How can you feel no fear and think you are so invincible to act whichever way you like and not face repercussions??? To decide if someone lives or dies? Goes to jail or not? Gets to be a doctor or not? How can you have this much power?! What has this country, Sri Lanka, come to?! Simply being the commander in chief when ending the war does not give you the authority over a country to function this way.

The Prime Minister seems to have absolutely no fear in breaking the law, because the law in Sri Lanka is not above these people in power.  As always there is absolutely no respect or regard for the people as human beings, and people are being treated like fools. This is heart wrenching to witness and as a righteous person, for me, it is hard to stay quiet about it – I will not.  I lost my father early as a result of Mr. White’s fraudulent acts, so many more people have lost their loved ones due to Mr. White too – I will not stay quiet condoning these injustices. It is not a personal vendetta; it is a moral obligation I have as a human being. – These are real breathing humans who have feelings and aspirations who are being robbed, dehumanized and abused this way.

I urge that you take the right measures and remove Mr White, to ensure the safety of the people. I urge that you take responsibility and provide answers to your nation who have voted you in to lead with decency, honour, care and integrity.

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  • 12

    A total fraud and a killer – two essential qualifications to be a friend of Rajapaksas.

    • 4

      Eliyantha White and Dilith Jayaweera are almost like ZIAMESE twins.

      Both would target innocient patients but to fish on muddy waters. If any Karma would punish these both…. could give us a real relief.


      May all with hearts, be empowered to stand the kind of HIGH criminals.
      Right at the very moment, RAJATHUMA should come forward and make a PUBLIC statement…. but he would never have balls to do so. He just let any HIGH CRIMINALS to mislead the innocient people,… telling the world – that Eliyantha or any fraudster would be treating doctor for RAJAPAKSHE family.

  • 5

    This repetitive, long-winded and rant-like essay on the unsuitablility of this man smacks of some self-interest rather than public interest. Although the article purports to demonstrate public interest, it does not seem to be a genuine attempt to safeguard the public, more than a personal attack. I would have expected to hear some of his credentials like what medical or other school did he attend, in what country, and what evidence there is, that the SLMC or board has not endorsed his credentials. Furthermore, if he’s a “royal” doctor, only the “royal” family will be treated by him. I imagined this to be a positive thing.

    • 3

      “Dr” White is not available for much scrutiny.
      Perhaps this video might answer at least some of your queries.

  • 10

    It is best to let this white fellow treat Mahinda when he is ill. Then we can all let a sigh of relief at the outcome.
    However, I can bet you that Mahinda will seek other known qualified doctors.

  • 5

    Achini, this is no different from Trump causing more than 250,000 deaths by down playing Covid, willful misinformation, encouraging people not to wear masks, having open rallies which turned out as super spreaders and ridiculed science/medicine and experts. All this to help him get re-elected.. Here MR is promoting a quack as a doctor, misusing powers to pressure many to seek help from him. You father is one among many victims.

  • 11

    You make a much needed expose of the fraud being perpetrated on a people confused by the horrible pandemic by the Rajapaksas and their criminal ‘doctor.” I’d like to reiterate what I said in response to your earlier article of Nov 7th:
    The problem is … the Rajapaksas are not very bright. As a family they’re quite backward in their thinking. But due to some fortuitous circumstances they have become very powerful people in the country. They were at the right place at the right time. That’s all. They have amassed power and wealth, but their intelligence didn’t keep pace. Actually it has gone in the opposite direction. Autocratic leaders are known to succumb to superstitious beliefs because of their anxiety about losing their newfound power, wealth and celebrity. This is what makes the Rajapaksas desperately seek the protection of mythical creatures through mantra sutra and talismans. How can they guide the people … is this Viyath Maga?

  • 3

    Not the Eliyantha, Who are this ROYAL beggars? giving people’s hard earned money to fraudsters?

  • 7

    Not only Eliyantha White, the entire Rajapaksa government is a fraud.
    The President, who was an American citizen, secured nominations through forged documents.
    His forgery was confirmed with the hurriedly passed 20A with the dual citizenship clause which is directly against the November 19-mandate. Sinhalese Buddhists did not elect a dual citizen. Therefore, he has no right to hold the high office.
    Mr. Ediriweera Premaratne was not the only patient who has died after consulting Eliyantha White. Many other such stories are emerging.
    The second corona wave is also fake. The emerging COVID-19 positive results all over the country are a Rajapaksa sponsored racket to keep people indoors so that the intensive deforestation activities of the government are hidden. As the Global Forest Watch has revealed, by 19 October, there had been “20,270 deforestation alerts” in Sri Lanka which is extremely high. As a nature lover, I commend the great service rendered by the Global Forest Watch to countries like ours.
    Sinhalese are fast realizing the folly of re-electing Rajapaksas as rulers.
    I guess, not only Sinhalese, even Tamils and Muslims now detest Rajapaksas. I don’t think Tamils and Muslims will approve the attempt of Rajapaksas bringing LTTE diaspora into Northern politics and the society. Who wants to be trapped, mistreated and killed again?

    • 1


      Did any agent or your managers take commission out of your payroll? Why did you turn the hat inside out on Royals matter? Or is that the payroll included this flip flop drama too? For every Sinhala Modaya, there is one Sinhala Intellectual Hypocrite to misguide him/her. There is no way the SinhaLE Wildlife Sanctuary, Lankawe can get out of the hands of Royals, unless people like you fix you yourself. NM, the first Socialist stared the first political party, down to Champati, post USSR socialist, a day in a new party, new policy, new facial mask.

  • 1


    Apparently, Eliyantha White is also claiming that his daughter, and possibly his son too, are ‘doctors’ of medicine.

    If they are not qualified to be so, is also a cause for concern.

    At one point, it was claimed that she had qualified as a ‘pilot’, and the next, that she had qualified as a ‘doctor’ and that she is also engaged in healing of the sick. (Got to know this info. through some reliable source).

    These claims need to be investigated in depth and if relevant, exposed!!

    People need to be cautious of these fraudsters. Unfortunately, because of their superstitious beliefs, people unwittingly put themselves at risk or fall pray to this kind of stupidity.

  • 2

    It is surprising to note how the “VICTIMS” or their “Dependants” of this so-called “Royal Doctor” have so far failed to resort to Legal Action against him. The other day I saw MP Ranjan Ramanayake holding a Media Presentation with the mother, father, and brother in attendance relating to the death of a young sports-woman (17 yrs. Old) resulting from treatment administered by this “Royal Doctor”. The “Death” as announced at this media briefing was determined to be “Leukemia”. The interesting part of this media presentation was the revelation that this “Royal Doctor” has obtained “Millions” from the President Fund for his activities. It is also known that, unless through a very “High” personal contact, no appointments to consult him could be obtained. With all these “REVELATIONS”, I am unable to comprehend as to why NO ONE has taken steps to bring him before courts. Apart from that, the Medical Council and the GMOA must move in the matter; but surprisingly they too are silent. Why? This must be answered by Sachini as well as MP Ranjan Ramanayake and many others who have taken treatment from him and are in hiding without exposing the scrumptious operation of this “Royal Doctor”.

  • 0

    Rosy reporting Colombo having 30,000. Rest of Western Prince another
    30,000. Hangbangtota(Southern) about 10,000. Kurunagala 10,000 (Northwestern) Rest of the country another 10,000. The estimate-able number says Lankawe might have already surpassed beyond China. That is why media says Royals wants Pavithiram to quit.
    Dingri Dingale Meenadchi Dingri Dingale
    Watch the fast the world is flying!

  • 0

    Simon, GMOA,medical council and its rabid members who were protesting anything and everything which they thought was anti Rajapaksas or to help Rajapaksas during MS/RW time, have gone into complete silence. Even during RW/MS time these organizations failed to raise their concerns. The racist bigot who claimed to have invented a test for pseudo patriotism, could not perform one on this quack. They are mere political members in disguise, registered with these bodies. Take a look at Fauci and those experts, regardless of their political affiliation,refuse to kowtow to such rogue politicians.

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