23 June, 2024


Endgame: The Emerging Cycle Of Confrontation & Conflict 

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

“Ven Vendaruwe Upali Thero, the Anunayaka of the Asgiriya Chapter delivering an anusasana on the occasion of an almsgiving marking the 69th birthday of Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that he should opt for military rule if this is what is necessary to build the country. Ven Upali, noting that Gotabaya is referred to as a Hitler, suggested that if that is the case he should be one and build the nation…”

‘“If They Call You A Hitler, Then Be A Hitler and Build This Country,” Asgiriya Anunayaka Thero Tells Gotabaya’, Colombo Telegraph, June 20th 2018

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

— WB Yeats, The Second Coming


The statement quoted above is the very worst, most dangerous and shameful statement I have ever heard in the public domain in this country, and it would have been so in any country.

The very last thing this island needs is to slide into another cycle of conflict. But that’s where we are headed unless we stop, think and make choices and changes of the correct kind. 

This is the first time that mainstream society and politics both in the North and the South, have seen a simultaneous rise of extremisms. 

This is the first time that mainstream society and politics both in the North and the South, has seen a simultaneous rise of extremisms. Back in the 1950s, competing nationalisms did infect the North and South, but the cultural and class congruencies provided such a commonality that SWRD Bandaranaike and SJV Chelvanayakam were able to arrive at an agreement, though that was swept aside by oppositional currents. 

At the 1970 election the rise of Sinhala nationalism which was to result in the policies of media-wise and district wise standardization at the entry point to the universities, was met by extreme nationalism from the burgeoning Tamil youth movement, but at the general election of 1970, Tamil mainstream politics remained relatively moderate. The clash of nationalisms came late that decade.

In 1977, the Tamil mainstream opted for separatism but the South remained relatively moderate, electing the Jayewardene led UNP. Again the clash of nationalisms came later, because the rise of those nationalisms was fairly uneven.   

What we face today is the dangerous phenomena of (negative) symmetry and simultaneity. Despite a neoliberal cosmopolitan government which has been rightly criticized for appeasement of Northern bellicosity and has been crippled electorally as a result, the slogans and symbolisms from the North, the political discourse and behavior of the Northern Provincial Council and civil society movements, have escalated in their militancy. 

The scene is being set for a return to the Satyagraha movements of the 1960s and the Tamil youth activism of the 1970s. What we shall see is a cross between Kashmir and Gaza, without a similar causative context.

What the North should have done is to use the space afforded by a neoliberal cosmopolitan government to secure a durable provincial devolution, based upon and building on the existing 13th amendment. Instead what we have seen has been the adventurist misuse of the Northern Provincial Council as platform, resulting in “genocide” resolutions and para-LTTE mobilizations. Thus, time and space have been thrown away or traduced by Northern Tamil nationalism, propelled by the proto-separatist, para-Tiger Tamil Diaspora. 

This rise in Northern political militancy has discredited the very term “Sanhindiyaava”, meaning détente, mistranslated as “reconciliation”, in the South.

The combination of a spike in Northern stridency and the economics of neoliberal globalization on the part of the dominant drivers of Government policy, has generated entirely predictable results: a displacement of mainstream social opinion towards populist neo-nationalism. 

As in many other parts of the world, in Sri Lanka, it is neoliberal economics that is threatening liberal democracy by implementing policies which have generated an inevitable mainstream backlash. Cosmopolitan neoliberalism has bred nationalist neo-conservatism. 

The subterranean struggle within the ranks of the electorally ascendant opposition is that between a centrist or center-left populism, which is relatively moderate on the ethnic and ethno-religious issues, and a trending Trump-Modi-Netanyahu-ism. This must not be reduced to the issue of Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The enthusiasm for him is only a symptom, not a cause, of search for strong man who will restore rather than relinquish the results of a hard fought military victory, and revive the economy by ending strikes and “making the trains run on time”.

By converting to neoliberal globalist evangelism, the traditional center-right UNP has lost its center, its national credentials and mass base, thereby creating a Frankenstein’s monster of a radical neo-nationalist New Right. There is an emerging bloc of tendencies and strata making up the backbone of a rising New Right neo-conservatism. The foot-soldiers are a vast current of the petty bourgeoisie. The ideology or rather the social psychology is one of resentment (Nietzsche famously used the French term “Ressentiment” while relentlessly combatting it). The animating spirit and style are of rancor and intolerance. 

Reason and Realism tell us that Sri Lanka must eschew the two rival rightwing projects, a neoliberal globalist Right (in decline) and a neo-nationalist Right (in ascendancy). The neoliberal globalist Establishment, in its cosmopolitan elitism, does not understand the country’s heartland and will not transfer leadership to the one in their political formation who can. The neo-nationalist Right, in its nativist parochialism, does not understand the texture of the terrain beyond the heartland, be it on the island or outside; be it the Tamils, India, the West or the world-system. Soon, the ideological center will no longer be the political center of gravity. 

The real political and ideological struggle is to recreate a Middle path; to regrow a progressive center space opening to a centrist outcome. There are 15 months at best, in which this can be done.

If it is not done, if there is no political de-escalation in the North and the South, this small island will face for the first time, an election which could be the last free national election we have, because it will result in the victory of extremist, politically and ideologically fundamentalist forces in the North and the South. 

We are heading for a frontal political and ideological clash. In the North it is propelled by the university student body, Gajan Ponnambalam and Wigneswaran, and in the South by hardline ultranationalists in civil society caucuses and networks. One can imagine just how chronically weakened our pluralist democracy would be, just how intolerant a society this would be if these two stratums wielded power, authority and influence.

A country in which such forces face each other, wielding power at the center in Colombo and at the periphery in the Northern Provincial Council and the parliamentary seats representing that area, will be a more sharply polarized country than at any time in our memory. It will no longer be extremist minorities, mostly plebian, on both sides; it will be extremist majorities including elites, elected to office and supported by their respective Diasporas. The polarization between the communities will not be merely island-wide but global. It will be a global zero-sum game.

The only way in which this nightmarish scenario can be avoided is by identifying and strengthening the populist’s centrists, the moderates, the progressives in all political camps. There are three sources of moderation in this country’s politics: 

  1. In the growing anti-government space it is Mahinda Rajapaksa who stands head and shoulders above the others, supported by the mature oppositional personalities like Dinesh Gunawardena and Vasudeva Nanayakkara. They head the largest centrist progressive or pluralist-populist ensemble in the country’s politics, namely the Joint Opposition-Pohottuwa bloc. 
  1. President Sirisena and the SLFP, especially the Rebel Sixteen, are pluralist-centrists. 
  1. Populists in the UNP like Sajith Premadasa, and liberal-democratic UNP semi-dissenters such as Vasantha Senanayaka, Navin Dissanayake and Ruwan Wijewardena are the UNP’s moderate center. 

It is pointless speaking of the UNP’s globalist neoliberal elite as “moderates”, because it is precisely this Establishment that has by its very nature and policies, constituted the most effective growth medium for the neo-nationalist Alt-Right. If things remain as they are and go the way they are going, the electoral swing may be as in 1977. 

Never have I witnessed mainstream society in the South react against moderation, liberalism and even social democracy, embracing a New Right ‘common sense’ that “democracy is dispensable/we need a tough leader”, as I have seen in the past few years and months. The hierarchy of the Buddhist clergy and the more hawkish-ex-military brass are the secretors and purveyors of this ideology. They are trying to pull off a political putsch for the candidacy. 

The problem is not the candidate. It is the constituency and the ideology; the project. The project entails a retrogressive remodeling of the State, in which the clergy is above the law and dictates (“vidhaanaya” as Ven. Elle Gunawansa, the orator of Kanatte July ‘83 recently pronounced) to the State. It is the shift from the civilizational and cultural reality of our Sinhala Buddhist heritage to a notion of 21st century Sri Lanka as a Sinhala-Buddhist state ( or simply, a Buddhist state). 

To be sustainably successful in a complex and challenging external environment, the Opposition’s candidate has to pivot away from this fringe and relocate and root himself firmly within the pluralist democratic political mainstream, avoiding a regime project that is a junta installed by electoral means.

If the hawkish Alt-Right project wins, Sri Lanka, which was once the most advanced democracy in South Asia, may have a remodeled state in Sri Lanka along the lines of (Zia’s) Pakistan or Myanmar, which this time would surely seek a unilateral solution, as the perennial North-South problems surface in a cycle of revolt-rebellion-repression.  Now that we’ve heard applause for a Hitler or military rule, perhaps we shall hear from the same quarters, advocacy of a Final Solution? A regional, if not global, response will be triggered. 

It is only a fusion of the moderates in the Opposition that can shape a different and safer outcome. 

It is not enough to manage the South. Somebody must imperatively manage the North. The North is far more ‘out of control’ than the South and has always been so, because the politics of fanaticism has been the norm rather than the exception there. The North has to makes it mind up on two issues:

A. Is the North actively working towards an alliance with Southern moderates and will it limit its demands to that which Southern progressives/centrists/moderates can take to the ballot box and win or at least stay viable? Or will the North pitch its politics according to the wishes of the Diaspora and Tamil Nadu? These are totally incompatible choices and the North has to make up its mind in the month that are left to do so.

B. Is the North willing to accept that the only political solution that any Colombo administration can be held to, and which it can sell its constituency, is “to proceed with the implementation of the 13th amendment” as per the bilateral accord with India? Or does the North prefer to hold out for more, only to miss out what it can really secure and wind up in exactly the same place or below it, decades later?     

Will 2019 be the last democratic election we have before the State and System are tightened, and society straitjacketed preventing a free swing of the pendulum and democratic alternation in office? Will it be a soft landing, or a catalytic and combustible change, triggering a chain reaction leading to a catastrophe which turns us into a former Yugoslavia?

Any permutation and combination of categories (I), (II) and (III) listed by me above is sufficient to reconstitute a centrist shock absorber-cum-safety net which can save Sri Lanka from the coming North-South, Sinhala community vs. Tamils plus India plus the West collision. The late theoretician of the Trotskyist “Samasamaja” movement, Hector Abhayavardana sometimes said that “the Sinhalese are the Serbs of South Asia”. He must not be proved prophetic. It is only this shortlist of shifts and fusions that can save the country from a cataclysm. 

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Latest comments

  • 13

    Thero is proposing military rule and the ultra-racist DJ is propagating the gospel by the Thero. What a duo? While trying to eliminate the Tamils’ rights and their political power, the ultra-racist is preaching what the Tamils must do.

    • 6

      The public racist Dayan Jayatilleka types:

      “Is the North willing to accept that the only political solution that any Colombo administration can be held to, and which it can sell its constituency, is “to proceed with the implementation of the 13th amendment” as per the bilateral accord with India? “

      The 13th amendment was enacted in 1987 about 31 years ago. Why or what was it that preventing the state which has the power and particularly the clan which had absolute power over life and death of the people implementing 13A? What are the politicians who have power to loot and deny, kill and deny …………….. waiting for? The rulers could unilaterally implement what were agreed 31 years ago.

      Whom are you kidding for the past 31 years smart ass patriot?
      At least some of the fellow commentators are aware of and remember what was going on since 1987.

      What is it stopping the implementations of 13A?

      • 1

        ‘“If They Call You A Hitler, Then Be A Hitler and Build This Country,”

        Geeze man this head-priest is late to the party!

        Anyways ……….better late than never.

        I made the comparison of our beloved Gota to the great Adolf years ago ………. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/smart-patriotism-jagath-jayasuriya-the-war-heroes-of-rathupaswala/

        If you look back through the ages/history ………..all great men think alike

        In spite of steeped in Buddha’s teachings and studying them for a life time …………….. it’s a godless laymen who first made the connection

        It’s really simple if your vision is not impaired by that Oxbridge/Ivy-league claptrap ……… and one has to speak in complex tongues to make a spectacle of one’s erudition

        They may be rare in the land ……. but ye can start calling me a visionary ……. I wouldn’t object.

        I say Gota for president!

        I want to push out his buddy that Avant-garde dude …….. and corner the contract for super-duper remote-controlled gas thingies

  • 10

    I am impressed Daya. There is a lot of shit in your article, but amidst all this diarrhoea there is a certain eureka moment where you seem to have realised the danger of the likes of Gota. I have given up, old cup cake. I think Sri Lanka is a reflection of the lunacy of its people, all complete with warts and foreign degrees they have. Their thinking seem fundamentally warped. I also think you don’t need to wait for a 20 year plan, if the resources are allocated efficiently the citizens can have a decent life today and now, but they are simply incapable of clear thought. I see this from the very top to the bottom.

    • 7

      Dushy Ranetunge

      We are dealing our modern yet complex world with the medieval thought process and feudalistic mindset. Time and again we have proved free education did not make the general public wiser nor the pseudo intellectuals are being enlightened.

    • 6

      I agree. People in Western nations have a healthy disdain for their politicians while Sri Lankans worship them. The people are lied to, cheated and robbed time after time but they unfailingly return for more. Knowing that all their leaders are corrupt, the least they could do is to abstain from voting, but this hardly ever happens. There really is no hope at all.

      • 0

        Because people are corrupt too and they feel comfortable with their elected leaders.

    • 6

      ” I think Sri Lanka is a reflection of the lunacy of its people, all complete with warts and foreign degrees they have. “
      Yes, but the strange thing is that the degree-holders and the three-wheeler drivers think the same way most of the time.
      ” there is a certain eureka moment”
      Not an Eureka moment, I think, but a Damascus moment. There are rumours, and rumours of rumours, about D.J’s imminent posting in Moscow.
      Be that as it may, welcome as his sentiments are, I find it hard to believe that D.J. has turned a page. I remember in 2012 or so he was preaching to the BBC about Gota’s dictatorial tendencies. Just 6 months ago, he was vigourously promoting a Gota candidacy. So which D.J are we to listen to? OR is is it one D.J with alternating personalities?
      When Dr. D.J sticks to a position for more than one year, I will take him seriously.

      • 5


        “So which D.J are we to listen to? OR is is it one D.J with alternating personalities?”

        By now you would have learned that the public racist takes 64 positions all at the same time.

        “When Dr. D.J sticks to a position for more than one year, I will take him seriously”

        He once typed the world around him had changed therefore he too had changed. Are you looking for any principles in this racist? You are making a huge mistake.

    • 0

      Danger is not GOTA. So many Rajapakses standing up there and the group of 16, Mahinananda Aluthgamame, Udaya gammanpila looks very capable politicians – only for swindling the country. the question is who will deivide the sinhala buddhist vote so the 2% Protestants and 7% Wahabis can win it. There is a group of idiot voters lawys there who will vote for them. Maithripala sirisena would be laughting at this. But his PM will be the same old Ranil, everybody knows him.Who will save Sinhale. that is the only question. Are they there to save the country or they themselves.

    • 0

      I thought this Dushy dude would be the H C for Lankawe in London, after Dr Ranil became the Yahapalana PM….
      What happened???????

  • 2

    North will certainly explode into a Kashmir like situation irrespective of who reigns Colombo. Let it explode and burn itself. We just have to make sure rest of the country, including East is secure and safe. And we have to realign our foreign policies building partnerships. That is it. We need Rajapaksas back. I prefer MR to GR. But since MR cannot stand for presidential election again, we have to go with GR.

  • 4

    No Dayan, go stick your 13th amendment up your a–e. Dayan the opportunist masquerading as a pluralist wants us to believe he’s no Sinhala Nationalist; now he wants to patch these guys up, Mahinda and Sirisena calling them moderates. Stop preaching pluralism to us, when you lot have the advantage in an unequal setup expecting us to settle for scraps and blaming Gajen Ponnambalam and CM Wigneswaran for upsetting the apple cart. So finally another posting, the little arse licking paid off, didn’t it!

    • 2

      Scrap 13th Amendment. That is Rajiv Gandhi’s piece of shit. People in this country, including Dalits in the North do not want Provincial Councils. Dalits in the north told not to give land and police powers to NPC because NPC is controlled by Wellala politicians.

      • 0

        Hello there
        Have you forget the dalit in south. We know how hard you people spinning stories of catism to destroy tamil. Wolf cry as the goat is wet .

    • 2

      Nice language from an elderly woman.

      • 0

        “Nice language from an elderly woman.”
        Ooh that really turned me on. I like elderly ladies who swear.

    • 2

      what is ‘US’ there? Are you a Sri Lankan citizen? If not, why the hell should we, listen to you? Do you realise being a non Sri Lankan, your ideas are like dog’s poop to us. It does not matter.

  • 0

    SInhala Buddhist fascist Theros want to create Sinhala Buddhist fascist state like the Nazi Germany for their “master” race.

    Tamils and Muslims might end up like the Jews of Sri Lanka.

    Mahanayakes, as in every war whwere they took the lead, are giving the blessing and the green light to the mas murderer of both Sinhalese and Tamils – Gota to create the killing fields, that massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent Tamils.

    God save the people of thios island

  • 4

    The statement quoted above is the very worst, most dangerous and shameful statement I have ever heard in the public domain in this country, and it would have been so in any country. – DJ

    How about?

    “I am not worried about opinion of Jaffna people… now we cannot think of them, not about their lives or their opinion… more you put pressure in north, happier Sinhala people will be here… Really if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy.” : The Then President of Sri Lanka in an interview #Post Black July 83 Riots to Daily Telegraph Reporter in July 1983

  • 4

    ‘“If They Call You A Hitler, Then Be A Hitler and Build This Country,” Asgiriya Anunayaka Thero Tells Gotabaya’, Colombo Telegraph, June 20th 2018
    Hoped tat this was taken out of context.
    Dayan Jayatilleka says ~ “…….The statement quoted above is the very worst, most dangerous and shameful statement I have ever heard in the public domain in this country,……”.
    From this point the real Dayan takes over – the tirade against Tamils.

  • 2

    Don’t worry about Asgiriya..
    Dr Ranil only visits Malwatta which is the closest to Dr Ranil’s Neo Liberal Right Wing .Elite, Anglican and Vellala Faction. which has embraced American Evangelism big time..
    Don’t know about the Vellalas , but our Sinhala Anglicans and even some Catholics have become full on Evangelists and sing Halleluja to Netanyahu, on Sundays for liberating Jerusalam…
    Even Keselwatta Kid who is supposed to be the Prince in Waiting wouldn’t have a clue about those Dr Dayan’s Left, Centre and Right “isms” .
    Let alone the Samurdhi recipients of his UNP Baiya Faction.
    70 % of the inhabitant population now know Mahinda Rajapaksa was good.
    Dr Ranil is bad.
    And Sira betrayed what ever little the 70 % got in the form of Development and Economic benefits from President Mahinda, after Pirahaparan departed from Nanthikadal.
    Even Podi Hamuduruwa in Hunupitiya temple has woken up from his Siesta a on UNP pillow.
    Now he says the country has gone to the dogs.
    And all what the Government wants to do is to divide it according to the wishes of the West.
    But the most interesting bit from Podi Hamudruwa’s spiel is how they hanged Somarara when the poor thero didn’t know which end of the Hand Gun spits the Bullets.
    In fact Podi Hamuruwo declared that the real killer of Banda, passed away peacefully only recently.
    Wonder how many Yahapalana heavies were at the funeral?…

    • 2

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “But the most interesting bit from Podi Hamudruwa’s spiel is how they hanged Somarara when the poor thero didn’t know which end of the Hand Gun spits the Bullets.”

      However, you saw O C Corea pulling the trigger on behalf of the UNP and Ranil.

  • 1

    Dayan Jayatilleka,

    We all know that you were for Gota as presidential candidate when the Viyath Maga took place at the Shangri La last month. However, are you for Gota as presidential candidate as of today?

  • 2

    Hitler killed over 23million people in the former USSR.
    Hitler considered Slavic Europeans to be sub-human(this would include Trump’s current wife a Slovenian American)
    Hitler eliminated 6 million Jews, and so many gay people, Roma people and socialists and communists too.
    Hitler Youth was a dangerous personality cult.
    He like Prabakaran was keen on Lebensraum via war.
    He did make Germany’s infrastructure spectacular after their disaster in World War I. He created roads, jobs jobs jobs and gave Germans a sense of self belief by falsely targeting Jews for his Aryan hate. Brown and yellow people were even below Jews for him

    This bloody Monk has no clue. Is he educated? He perhaps learnt of what Hitler did to make Germany a global power between WW-I and WW-II or someone told him that.

    A Hitler, Sri Lanka does not need.

  • 1

    Members of Tamil Diaspora, LTTE cadres and sympathizers hate Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabhaya Rajapakse because these two gave the leadership to give the biggest blow to the pride of Demalu who thought that they can achieve their objectives through violent means. Demala invaders from Hindusthan tried to colonize Sinhale from 3rd century BC and they failed. When Prabhakaran started the military campaign against the Sri Lankan Government and terrorist campaign against civilians with the backing of India and few western countries to establish ‘Eelam’, an impression was created by guys like Solheim that LTTE is militarily so strong and Sri Lankan Armed Forces will not be able to defeat LTTE. Ranil Wickramasinghe who buys anything that White Guys say believed that and signed the CFA and handed over one third of the country on a platter to Prabhakaran which was a great achievement for Demalu. But Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabhaya took the challenge and defeated Prabhakaran and his terrorist outfit LTTE. History repeated and Demalu lost. Now Demalu who thought that LTTE led by Prabhakaran will never be defeated find it difficult to come to terms with that. So they hate Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabhaya and carrying out mud- slinging campaign.

    • 2

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “Now Demalu who thought that LTTE led by Prabhakaran will never be defeated find it difficult to come to terms with that.”

      Whoever gave you the long rope that “LTTE led by Prabhakaran will never be defeated”?
      Whoever it was he had met the right stupid fellow.

      Listen, listen good.
      If people tell you porkies you must always ask questions such as who, why, what, when, where, how, why now, why me, ……………..

      In your case its not difficult to sell Taj Mahal, Petronas twin tower, Lotus tower, ………………… to you.

  • 0

    I’m sorry to hear Dayan missed the flight to Moscow.

    May be after 2020, as our Minister of Foreign Affairs?

    Did you unpack the luggage Dayan or need help?

    • 2

      Sarah Haththotuwa

      After 2020 there could be a slim chance of other candidates competing for the post,
      GL, Rohitha Bogollagama, former monitoring MP for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sajin de Vass Gunawardena, Basil (10%, 20%, 30%), Palitha Kohona, ………. Major General Shavendra Silva, WWV, RWP, RSP, USP, psc, CR, ……………… Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa, …………. the film maker Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara, ………..

      The essential quality is how to reject international norms, deny war crimes, annoy anyone and everyone, ability to carry clan’s b***s, ……………………. justify human rights violations, ………………

      If the intention is to insult/irritate/annoy foreigners and international institutions please let Mrs Bogollagama accompany her husband.

    • 0

      Probably Dayan’s flight was aranged by CT. Because, CT doe snot have news in Sri lanka. Even Tribalist Tamils love Army now. Only Wahabi and protestant news. SARAH – very much sinhala buddhist name,

  • 6

    Hypocritical , Selfish, bungling idiot Ranil is pushing the country to desperation. When we expected him to clean up the country he just ended up doing a big robbery !
    He talks like he should get the Nobel prize for economics, but messes up anything he touches , he is just a con lawyer
    All this misery is coming up because of the UNP leaders failures for 25 long years.

  • 4

    I believe the recent elevation of buddhist monks to main players in the political arena has led to a deterioration of our tolerance – as ironic as that sounds!

    Monks and other clergy, of any faith, should not be the driving force behind politics, unless of course we want a mono-religious theocracy like Iran.

    Donning robes has been exploited by sinhalese nationalists as a modus operandi to gain/misuse the traditional respect for the sangha. The JVP has been complicit in this strategy.

    Ours is a multi-religious and multi-lingual island – no one religion should attempt to quash others. Such a move is most un-buddhist.

    There needs to be insightful politicians from both the Tamil and Sinhala sides that use reason and long-term consequences before proposing and enacting policies.

    People need to stop the kow-towing to buddhist monks, Saudi mullahs and the LTTE supporters, if they genuinely want peace and prosperity on this isle.

  • 3

    Your endgame Dayan?
    From revolutionary, to Tamil Liberation fighter/minister with EPRLF, born-again Sinhala nationalist with a Masters in Buddhism to boot, R Premadasa worshiper, diplomat representing MR, sacked but crawling again. What next Dayan? They say “Cats have nine lives, Lions have one”.
    Our endgame is having to choose between two baddies. Does this matter to you Dayan?

  • 3


    There is no end game for Sri Lankan stupid.
    VP thought he was master of games, he could define new games and define the rules.
    The end game was played by Hindia according to its tried and tested rules.
    In 2015 MR and his many b***s carriers thought they were the final players in the end game. Hindia and USA thought otherwise.

    About six weeks ago Dr Gota made some conciliatory noises towards Hindia.
    We need to investigate more into Hindia/USA game plans, may be they are playing good cop bad cop. May be they believe they could catch Gota by his b***s and his heart(?) and mind would follow.
    May be they need a national hangman to further stabilize the island fit it into their grand plan.

    Do we know anything about their grand plan?

    • 0

      There’s some coherence from NV after a long while……

      • 1


        I have been saying things coherently for donkeys years. You are not matured enough to grasp the essence of what I have been saying to everyone simply because being Sinhala/Buddhist you think you possess extraordinary capacity to understand complex domestic, regional and international issues however its your in built paranoia which preventing you from learning stuff from a Veddah boy.

        Stay tuned you will learn many things.

  • 2

    As DJ says, “The problem is not the candidate. It is the constituency and the ideology; the project”.

    Therefore the need is not to allow extremist forces take the candidate hostage. Accordingly, the moderate forces should move into the core around the candidate without wandering around in the periphery. Because the candidate has a real potential to be the next Prez. He is a doer. He will deliver whatever the set programme.

  • 0

    Native Veddah,
    Whatever said and done by you, we are confident that Tamil masses will never purchase your stupid racist aligned comments as they do not want to ruin their lives once again. Today, they are relatively better off in all aspects in their lives and they are re-building their lives too.
    Besides, they have recognised what is true reconciliation by giving the most fitting farewell to a Military Officer and by the way given huge slap on the face of so called racist thugs such as Sivajilingam, Wigneshwaran, TNA etc.
    Similarly, the Tamil masses have recognized the futility of fancy slogans for elam, separate state, Federalism, challenging the very fabrication of the country as well.

    • 1

      Nimal Tissass Wijethunga

      Could you type what you want to say in Sinhala please if at all possible.

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