18 May, 2024


Events: Protest against abduction, disappearance and illegal detention of opposition activists

By Colombo Telegraph –

A protest organise by the Movement for People’s Struggle-  UK branch  against the abduction, disappearance and illegal detention of opposition activists in Jaffna peninsula will be held on December 19 , in front of High Commission of Sri Lanka.

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    The abduction and detention of Lalith and Kuhan is not merely a continuation of violation of human rights and the politics of complicity, it is a concentration of all the abuses and atrocities. We are concerned for their lives, since death in custody is a norm in this country. This abduction and detention happened on International Human Rights Day in Jaffna. It concentrates the mid-set of a conquering, occupying force that will go to any length to entrench a militarist-cahuvinist-hegemonic dynastic regime. Our own group of 48 persons, representing various Left parties and organisations, including the Ceylon Communist Party ( Maoist), NSSP, Socialist Party, Committe for the Investigation of Disappeared and others who went to Jaffna to commemorate International Human Rights Day was subject to intimidation. We were detained for two hours on the streets, our banners, posters, newspapers were thrown on the ground. We were told that we could do this type of thing in Colombo, but not in Jaffna. We replied that we do not recognise any particular rule in any part of the country. There is only one Constitution and we are here to exercise our fundamental right of freedom of assembly and speech. We asserted that this was International Human Rights Day and any suppresion of our rights would end up in Geneva. We said that we are determined to join the public rally at whatever cost, and all that the authorities could do would be to arrest all of us or attack us and we were prepared to face the consequences. At this point the army had been deployed, along with trucks and lorries to haul us by force. In the end we were granted permission to proceed to the public meeting in the Jaffna town. The meeting itself had been subjected to harassment and intimidation. However Com. Sivajilingam had held forth, along with Hon. Mavai Senadirajah and others. At the meeting we declared that we have not come to commemorate or celebrate International Human Rights Day, since there is nothing to commemorate or celebrate, but to mourn the death of freedom and democracy in the Land of Lanka. We have since lodged a complaint at the Police headquarters and taken up the issue with the Human Rights Commission. We are glad that we stood up for our rights. We felt we were standing up for the collective rights of the people, particularly the Tamil people held hostage by an occupying force. We celebrated that fact that we had turned International Human Rights Day into a Day of Defiance.

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      Stop acting like you have done no wrong. Look back at the number of innocent women and children you killed by your terrorism. You have tried over the past two years to tell the world that the Government is a bad one. They could not care less because you are part of a cess pit where there is no oil they can get. Don’t waste your time. like Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu and Gehan Perera. Get a proper job and do some honest work. Even the Tamil people don’t care for you.

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    Dear Casie Chetty,
    Your attitude that those who protest human rights violations, are part of a ‘cess pit’ is diagnostic of the mindset of the Rajapakse Regime of which you appear to be an ardent supporter.
    The LTTE terrorism has now been replaced by State Terrorism.
    This is what people are protesing about now.
    Even recently, an astrologer well known the president & his family has been abducted, brutally killed, and his body wrapped in plastic,weighted by an anchor, encircled with barbed wire and thrown in the sea. – but later surfaced..
    The motive for the killing is a mystery.
    Long ago, Richard Soysa too was ‘executed’ and thrown in the sea from a helicopter – because he wrote about a former despotic regime.
    In 1971 & in 1987/88/89, tens of thousands of unarmed youth were shot dead by the state militia. Were these perpetraters of wholesale murder too, from a cess pit?
    Recently, army & police dragged out more than a hundred sleeping villagers, brutally assaulted them causing broken limbs & grievous injuries. The victims of this Navanturai Brutality are in remand jail but the perpetraters are free to carry on with impunity – from which cess pit did they emerge? So far there has not been a judicial inquiry into the incident – is the judiciary too from a ‘cess pit’?

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