1 June, 2023



By Helasingha Bandara

I decided to write this piece whilst firmly rooted in my theory that the next power shift in Sri Lanka will be in favour of the Rajapaksas. It may be Gotabaya or another Rajapaksa or even some shock and awe candidate. Whoever it may be, he /she will enter the fray from the Rajapaksa camp. Despite all the brilliant objections and revelations that appear in the media at present, warning people of the emergence of a Rajapaksa who has a tarnished image, the boost that has been injected wittingly or unwittingly by Ranil, Maithri and Wigneswaran for that emergence is no mean contribution. During the past three and half years whilst the Maithri-Ranil duo lived in cloud cuckoo land, Rajapaksa forces were relentless in their pursuit of causes that could turn the tide against those in power. It did not need an elephantine effort to convince the public that the current regime has been lifeless in comparison to the previous one. Wigneswaran’s plea for his ‘beloved people’ to follow his resolutions, will inculcate a justifiable fear in the vulnerable Singhala psyche.  Such fear invariably pushes people to look up to a saviour. By now that saviour is not inconspicuous.

Mahinda Rajapaksa had the greatest opportunity to become the best loved political leader since independence. His doltish fantasy to be crowned as the modern king of Lanka, combined with his complicity in nepotism, cronyism and other evils caused his unexpected fall from grace and he missed the boat to be in the midst of great Sri Lanka rulers in the by gone era. Thus the history of the country has yet again created a large vacuum in the governing field of Sri Lanka for someone to go into history books as the leader that this country had never seen before, a leader who is selfless and bent on developing the country, raising the living standard of the poor and restoring the dignity of Sri Lanka in the global stage.

The enemy observation principle of a battle field: foreground, middle-ground and the distance, in that order, cannot be new to Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Yet he has so far failed to apply that practice to other real life situations. Here he has started a campaign, reading other peoples’ papers, to preach a subject of which he has no knowledge. He could do better if he were to start with subjects of which he has knowledge and is able to talk without prompting. If he looks around with an open mind, the topics around us are in abundance. My purpose is to shed some light in this regard.

An economy of a country is of paramount importance, there is no doubt. The absence in addressing such an issue is fatal. Yet, considering it as the starting point is just like missing the enemy hiding in the foreground and the middle-ground. Therefore, it would have been better for the resurrecting Rajapaksas to observe the foreground first. It is an essential prerequisite to analyse what made Mahinda unpopular, what made the Ranil- Maithri duo unpopular, what are the day to day burning issues. before dealing with the economy which is hardly understood by the common voter.

Escalating corruption particularly among the politicians and in the state sector, deteriorating discipline in the country in general, rising crime rate including violence against foreign visitors and the propagation of a macho ‘Chandi’ culture, unbearable cost of living, infrastructure development, ethnic divisions are the issues found in the foreground. Devise a strategy to address them first while launching an action plan with the long-term objective of gradual improvement of the economy. 

Someone wrote that Gotabaya is hated by some and loved by others. People took a huge risk by voting Maithri in. They will have to take a similar risk to vote in a Rajapaksa, if that is the desired eventuality. Lanka awaits a history maker. Who knows, Gotabaya may change himself from Chandashoka to Dharmashoka. Life has to be lived in hope!

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    “Wigneswaran’s plea to his beloved………..will inculcate fear in Sinhala psyche” – So much the better. Tamils prefer an enemy who behaves like an enemy rather than an enemy who pretends to be a friend. Last time India/USA/West told Tamil people to vote for the common candidate as Tamil problem will be settled during his tenure.. Now that is not likely to happen. All what is happening is measures taken haphazardly to hoodwink international community with no signs of justice or reconciliation. In future Tamils are not going to swallow the assurances that a common candidate against Rajapakse will settle Tamil problem. Tamils are not going to vote for MS, RW or any other from UNP whatever persuasions are made through agents, giving Rajapakse nominee the victory. Whichever Rajapakse wins he will have no escape from fulfilling the obligations to grant justice to Tamils, punish war criminals and effect reconciliations. However Mahinda will prefer abolition of executive presidency so that he could become the executive Prime Minister and is likely to support the 20th amendment brought up by JVP. He can then appoint Gota as the non-executive President. RW too may like it since he knows that he has no chance of winning the Presidential election, but has a better chance of winning parliamentary election.

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      In lanken context, even high criminals will have to be seen as strong buddhist.
      This has become the tradition in modern day srilanka. We perfectly know from what GR happened to deliveri his brothers terms, what a man he really is.
      There had been missing of people.
      There had been torture on day light
      There had been shootings on protesters with few got dead
      There had been prison – slaughter of prisoners, amounted to 23
      There had also been journalist purposefully killed just because spoke against his HIDDEN master dealings-MIG
      There had been imprisonment of former war won army commander.

      All these however, qualify some to get that the bugger GR is still a strong buddhist.
      People – tell me where have been living.
      Why lanken folks are that stupid ?

      SRILANKA IS WONDER IN ASIA- Thanks we thought elected president woudl do his job well, but he is TEETHLESS: his qualification proved not to be an ABLE person
      He would only join hand with Rajpakashe rascals.

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      Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam
      Oh, please give me a break.
      Under Maithree-Ranil Coalition, Tamils are enjoying unparalleled freedom!!!
      – 1. Name one country where terrorist supporters were allowed to commemorate dead terrorists on their own soil! Now LTTE terrorists even have a Commemoration Day!
      – 2. Name a time when Tamil Christians (I don’t have the figure. May be about 1.5% of the Tamil population?) were able to remove Buddha statues from North and East!
      – 3. Name a period when Tamils had the freedom to loot and occupy lands in the North and East which don’t belong to them!
      – 4. Name a time when Tamil Christians were allowed to build Catholic churches whenever and wherever they want in the North East! They spring up like mushrooms!
      – 5. Name a period when Tamils got the freedom to completely bulldoze and destroy ancient Buddhist ruins in the North and East!
      – 6. Name a period when Tamils had the upper hand to formulate a new Federal Constitution at their whims and fancies!
      – 7. Name a period when Tamil students had the authority to ban Sinhalese cultural events in the Jaffna University!
      – 8. Name a period when Tamil PC members were allowed to resurrect LTTE with government patronage, which is a banned terrorist outfit.
      – 9. Name a time when statues, monuments and cemeteries dedicated to LTTE terrorists were built using public funds!
      – 10. Name a country where a minority Chief Minister was allowed to spread racial hatred against the majority!
      – 11. Name a country where the majority population has no freedom to buy a land in a particular province in the country, other than in Sri Lanka!
      – 12. Name a country where the majority population is not allowed to relocate in their own lands in a particular province, in favour of minority!
      Contd’ …. 1/2

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        Did you plagiarize the above from Shanali Waduge’s compilation for morons?

        “1. Name one country where terrorist supporters were allowed to commemorate dead terrorists on their own soil! Now LTTE terrorists even have a Commemoration Day!”

        Sri Lanka.
        The JVP terrorists have been remembering fallen heroes day in November every year since 1993 in this island and other western countries.
        24th November Heroes Commemoration:


        I suggest you keep Shenali Waduge’s moronic questions to yourself.
        You don’t need to prove you have gone Ga Ga.

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          Keyboard Veddass
          There is no comparison between LTTE and JVP. JVP was a registered political party while LTTE was a ruthless terrorist organization. Moreover, JVP was not a banned political party when they start commemorating. For your information, LTTE is still a banned terrorist outfit.
          I don’t know what you meant by connecting my comments to somebody else’s name. I have been posting my original opinions here and one other place since 2015 but I have never seen that name here or the other place where I usually post comments.

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            Champass …………………….. practitioner of …….

            “JVP was a registered political party while LTTE was a ruthless terrorist organization. “

            I know you do not want to address the real issue with supporting evidence. Just like HLD M, Kamalika, Shenali Waduge …………………… you just keep on typing as you go along. As it happened LTTE ‘s political wing was listed as விடுதலைப் புலிகள் மக்கள் முன்னணி (People’s Front of Liberation Tigers Registered in 1989) though it is defunct now.

            There is an offshoot Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal තමිළ් මක්කල් විඩුදලෛප් පුළිකල් தமிழ் மக்கள் விடுதலைப் புலிகள் ( Tamil People Liberation Tigers) still active.

            Karuna, Pillayan and KP played a key role in LTTE causing many death and assassinations. If those war criminals can roam around the entire island with impunity what is stopping the Sinhala/Buddhists from sympathizing the death of innocent civilians?

            If war criminals Gota, Mahinda, SF, ………….. members of armed forces could roam around the island dictating people what to do when to go to toilets why not the people who lost their kith and kin remember the death?

            You are racist bigot and you will remain one.
            However your grand children are going to tell you off one of these days. Prepare yourself for a bumpy landing in last days of your life.

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      Contd… 2/2 – Dr. Gnana S
      – 13. Name a country where the majority religion is not allowed to practice in a particular province, other than in Sri Lanka, in the Northern province!
      – 14. Name a country where a minority community is allowed to practice separatism, racism and terrorism without any obstacle, other than in Sri Lanka!
      – 15. Name a country where a President and his ruling government were funded, supported and elected by minority separatists, terrorists and racists, other than in Sri Lanka!
      – 16. Name a time when Tamil separatists, Tamil racists and LTTE terrorist sympathizers had the upper hand in government decisions!
      – 17. Name a country where a Prevention of Terrorism Act or anti-terrorism measures were “politically” blocked by terrorist sympathizers themselves who are minorities!
      – 18. Name a period when rioters of Tamil origin were petted by country’s President while his Police mercilessly attacked rioters of Sinhalese origin with water cannons, tear gas and batons.
      – 19. Name a period when Tamil hardcore terrorists who killed innocent civilians were released unconditionally and with compensation while Army officials who fought against terrorists were jailed denying even their salaries/pensions!
      – 20. Name a government which explored all possibilities and then put in place all avenues whether they are local Parliamentary Acts and Bills or International Resolutions and Treaties to prosecute its own national Army on unsubstantiated war crimes allegations to appease a terrorist diaspora and racist separatist minority politicians (in this case LTTE diaspora and Tamil politicians)!
      Yahapalanaya Government which is LTTE friendly, Tamil separatism friendly, Tamil racism friendly is yours, baby!! Why complain?

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      Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam,
      “Last time India/USA/West told Tamil people to vote for the common candidate as Tamil problem will be settled during his tenure.”
      Can you please tell us ‘What is the Tamil problem that need to be settled?’
      As far as we know ordinary Sinhalayo and Demalu live in harmony. More than 50% of Demalu from North and East now live in the South with Sinhalayo. In Colombo City 40% Sinhalayo, 40% Demalu and 20% Muslims. According to our observations Demalu who live with Sinhalayo do not face any discrimination but Daliths who live in the North still are being discriminated by Wellala Demalu.

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        Eagle Eye
        Exactly. I am also trying to figure out what this political problem is and the reason for “discrimination” exclusively faced by Tamils in the North. Even the President says there is a problem. Since 2015 he has been saying that the ‘reconciliation’ should start from the school. Even in 2018 I heard the same words. That means he hasn’t done anything for three years, though we are awaiting to see what he meant by ‘reconciliation.’ He is ridiculing his own self. President is a good humorist, a self-deprecating one.
        Anyways, it is very important for the next President to not to rely on Tamil and Muslim political parties for election. There is a way for the next President to make himself the “saviour” of ordinary Tamils in the North without being under obligation to Tamil political parties. Some simple things will be helpful to reach out to ordinary Tamils in the North and rescue them from the selfish Tamil political captivity.

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      Slight diversion from the topic.
      The Media hype created by JO&Co , Rajaballo & Co are just to divert from normal political gossips.
      There’s no split within the family nor grudge between brothers MR and BR or GR.
      These are MR media’s cock and bull stories for gullible Moda voters.
      There you go the Moda MR Bum Lickers to change your gullible voting preferences.
      Until the next election there will be plenty of these Fake news by MR & Co just like Ukranian Stage managed murder of a Russian media spy , then the SO CALLED
      So SURREAL!!
      My Blood Curdled and returned to Normal.
      Hah! Hah!Hah!!
      Fantastically Stage managed drama by Ukraine !!?? Are they not MARA FRIENDLY SL FRIENDLY ….?????
      God help Srilanka with the kind of Friendly States we have ..
      All I can say God save this Wonder of Asia my Land of bread and honey. ( Once upon a time)

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    Gotabhaya’s starting point itself “Operation Shangri-la” (courtesy DJ ) is a failure. There is no originality in what he says. It is pretty obvious that he is totally dependent on “Viyaththu” to show him the “Maga” (the way.) Finally, if a chance is given, his economic theory when comes to the practical level, will entirely be formulated by “others” who are aliens to ordinary voters.
    Same like Ranil, and to a certain extent Mahinda, Gotabhaya will also focus on the 10% wealthy. Ironically, 95% of the Shangri-la audience were the same people who were mostly benefited from MR’s government.

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    My foot! Not in a million years.
    “Who knows, Gotabaya may change himself from Chandashoka to Dharmashoka. Life has to be lived in hope!”
    Only if he let go of all his belongings and beg for ” Sabba Dukka Nissaran, Nibbana Sachchi Kiriyaya”.

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    All Gota did was read Mallika’s Report which Mallika painstakingly prepared for Dr Ranil to present as Yahapalana Vision 2025.
    That is what Mallika told the Media dudes in Colombo, the very next day, after all those UNP movers & shakers in Business paid LKR 25,000 each to be at Shangrila.
    Wonder who gave Mallika’s Report to Gota?…..
    Could it be Kabira who is recuperating in Rajagiriya, while having Afternoon Tea with Gotabaya.

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      What matters is not who can make the best promise and who can claim ” I came up with the idea first” but who can keep the promises by auctioning the promises. Srilankans are not short of ideas but are short of people to action the ideas.

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      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Wonder who gave Mallika’s Report to Gota?…..”

      Did Pottu Amman department have anything to do with it? Most of them worked for Dr Gota post 2009.

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    gota ,s mistake is not to follow a pro poor econo mic policy
    those who came to shangrila came from the rich colombians and they are in the minority when it comes to the vote
    people want a new face like trump and macron so if sanga agrees to stand he will thrash the others
    his honesty and integrity is unquestioned
    who ever wins he cant do much with a load of debt he inherits

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    Helasingha Bandara has a simple model to predict the future trajectory of Lanka. Obviously Helasingha does not savor the output. We do not either.
    The model gives prominence to Chief Minister Vigneswaran as one influencing the trajectory. Seventy years experiences show that Vigneswarans may cause perturbations but the trajectory will remain as planned.
    The language/religion-divide is still a pariah but corruption/nepotism/impunity are now considered respectable. We are all sinking in this quicksand.

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    HB becoming a realist…..at last………

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    The analysis and the thinking here are clear, and we have to thank the writer for not pretending that he has a solution.
    He is right to indicate that we must look for new faeces. although that means taking risks.

    • 0

      Good Heavens !
      Some typos resulting from Android suggestions don’t matter. This does.
      I meant to say new faces are required.

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    Hello Hela;
    I can’t remember being unrealistic ever.
    Thanks for the complement anyway.

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    Comment related to Dr Ghana….,,,,,,,
    Tamils of Sri lanaka has to live harmony with other majority nationalities….Island Hence which that harmony denied by Jaffna Tamils .
    But Tamils want homeland in Lankan land which is belongs to 2600 years dominated by majority Sinhalese-Buddhist civilization . Meanwhile fake demand Tamil homeland for Tamil speaking for not only Tamils in Lanka and including Tamil in Tamil Nadu, but which claim that extended Tamil speaking in Globe? Or whole World!
    How is that road map and their aim of Global Tamil Forum and World Tamil Congress was established by aim of political perspective claim by Tamil Diasporas who seek Tamil homeland Lanka not that Tamil Nadu … India ? But that claim expanded for Tamils speaking in whole world ?
    By hundred thousands of Tamil enjoy high standard of life metroporaitn cites in Western countries.

    The aim of chauvinist Tamils that to safeguard affluent life of Tamils living in the Western world and additional to that Tamils diaspora claim that ruthless puppet movement in North-eastern part of Island. Tamil diaspora that has been claim by joint operation by TNA and the new leaders of LTTE of C.Wighnsran to be initial ruthless barbarian regime in NORTH of Island!!!!

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    “Gotabaya may change himself from Chandashoka to Dharmashoka. Life has to be lived in hope!”

    This change maybe expected before or after the elections?

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