26 May, 2024


From DS To MS: How Sri Lanka Became So Mediocre

By Vishwamithra1984

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.” ~Anonymous

It should be a captivating story. It’s a story that can be told and listened to without a wink. Pundits would theorize, historians would relish and cynics would say ‘I told you so’. All political chicanery played out to a finish, trickery and deceit employed by the players to such an exquisitely consummate level, the level of deceit had all hallmarks of Ceylon’s growth to nationhood; an uncanny human drama enacted and historians would salivate, for chronicling of such curious events is a privilege, not a mere exercise in penning thoughts on paper. This is the story of Ceylon’s journey from ‘Independence’ to a crescendo of corrupt family rule. It had its usual sordidness while at the same time, was exclusively poignant and entertaining. However, the last ten years of the drama were unique. Its pathos and intrigues, its conspiracies and their exposés had a bizarre and inexplicable canter; Sri Lanka has been limping towards an end that exists only in the imprecise theaters of the uncertain and mediocre. ds

From a Westminster-style democracy to an Executive Presidency on the one hand and from an elite-based mercantilism to ruinous socialist/capitalism-based mixed economy to crony-capitalism on the other hand, Sri Lanka seems to be stalled in a pothole of mediocrity and sub-standards. Corruption, nepotism, absence of accountability and transparency at political structures and each level of the bureaucracy, have retarded the country’s progress towards what one calls a ‘dynamic equilibrium’, equilibrium between clashing economic and social forces. Reconciliation between these clashing forces seems improbable. Its political profile is lamentable while possibilities towards a realistic attainment of a balanced socio-economic evolution appear remote.

Time has passed when everything was blamed on British colonialism and its preceding Dutch and Portuguese occupation of the country. Ceylon, after gaining ‘Independence’, has voyaged towards greater assuredness and more ‘independence’ from the crutches of foreign powers of the colonial kind. Yet, all indices that measure a country’s economic heartbeat are down; statistically they may issue clues towards a rapid development of Gross National Product, but in a real sense, whether that growth has manifested itself in the day-to-day lives of the common man is acutely questionable.

The evolution of Sri Lanka as a reckonable national and socio-economic power could be chronologically broken into four broad stages. I will deal with the first phase, from D S Senanayake to S W R D Bandaranaike period in this column and follow up with the next three stages in separate columns and a final one is dedicated to the nagging cause of the Northern and estate Tamils and the rise and fall of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE).

  1. From D S Senanayake to S W R D Bandaranaike (1947 – 1959)
  2. From Sirimao Bandaranaike to J R Jayewardene (1960 – 1989)
  3. From Premadasa to Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunga (1990 – 2005)
  4. Mahinda Rajapaksa to Maithripala Sirisena (2005 – Present)
  5. Rise of Tamil agitation-politics culminating in the LTTE, Prabhakaran and the 27-year war

In the late nineteen forties, Ceylon had a fairly robust, friendly bi-cameral legislature, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Among the majority ethnic group, Sinhalese, there was a wide gulf between the two main political philosophies at the time, namely social-capitalism led by the ‘D S Senanayake’-stalwarts and socialism/communism led by Dr. S A Wickremasinghe, NM Perera, Phillip Gunawardena, yet the usual business of government was conducted without the degrading vituperative politics of today. Even between the Sinhalese and Tamils, the political leadership had not wilted to the level of resorting to desperately harsh, downright racism and name-calling. S W R D Bandaranaike, still hanging on to the identity of his Sinhala Maha Saba, was part and parcel of the United National Party (UNP) founded by D S and was the Leader of the House, a post whose holder is the theoretical successor as next Prime Minister. This de jure position, however, was eclipsed by the presence of both Sir John Kotelawala and Dudley Senanayake, who were nephew and, elder son of D S respectively. While Dudley was a relative newcomer, Sir John was an old hand close to the ‘old man’, D S and quite ambitious to succeed him, when the time came.

Bandaranaike was no novice to political trickery. He knew that D S would never offer him a chance to be the leader of the UNP and the country so long as there were close relatives of him holding high Cabinet positions in his government. Apart from this foresight into the succession spectacle of political leadership, Bandaranaike also chartered a carefully calculated move to get to power in a short time. Although D S may not have treated Bandaranaike’s defection from the UNP as a ‘big’ issue, the country, especially the Sinhalese Buddhists, salted this move as one made in the exclusive interest of the Sinhalese-Buddhists of Ceylon who had been sinned against by successive colonial powers, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British.

Bandaranaike made the right move at the right time and to date it remains the only defection-move from a major party that bore the desired results. Breaking away from the UNP and forming the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) as a viable alternative to the UNP had its historic and historical significance. The traditional left led by ‘N M and the gang’ never recovered from this political master-stroke by Bandaranaike. These traditional leftists, who were considered at the time as the alternative to the UNP, ceased to be such and could enjoy real power only within the hallways of SLFP-led governments as coalition partners and the significant role they played as the leading protagonists of the ‘have-nots’ in the country and with the birth of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and Rohana Wijeweera’s oratorical brilliance, suffered a further setback. Historians have not rendered much kudos to this move by S W R D, yet the facts are transparent. The traditional left that existed in Ceylon in the nineteen forties, fifties and sixties suffered an irrecoverable defeat because of the birth of the SLFP and its, SLFP’s, representation in Parliament in successive elections grew rapidly. The ‘have-nots’ who were represented by the traditional left acquired a new garb of nationalism flanking on chauvinism; the average worker attained a tangible ‘place in the sun’ and the branding of the UNP as a ‘rich man’s party’ took deep root in the minds of the voter, at least until 1977.

The trickeries and conspiracies that were hatched by the shrewdest and highest minds of the country at the time, the Governor, Chief Justice and the super elite of the land, Lake House group’s Chairman L M D de Silva and Managing Editor, Esmond Wickremesinghe (present Prime Minister’s father) to select the successor to the dying D S Senanayake after his fatal horse-ride on Galle Face green on the morning of 22 March 1952, are most lucidly recounted in the biography of ‘J R Jayewardene of Sri Lanka’. How Sir John was sidelined in preference to Dudley Senanayake, J R’s involvement in securing Dudley’s consent to be the next Prime Minister, rounding up the members of the UNP were all the ingredients that went into making a new Prime Minister.

Subsequently, Dudley succumbing to the pressures of the job, the famous ‘Hartal’ organized by the leftists, Sir John assuming Premiership and making a mockery of politics and fine-tuning of the national platform by Bandaranaike with the ready and willing assistance of the Buddhist clergy of the day, coupled with a real and dire need in the country for a socio-cultural shift, a shift so diametrically opposed to the one existing at that time, contributed to the sweeping electoral success in 1956 for Bandaranaike. The first paradigm shift in post-Independence politics in Ceylon occurred in 1956 and its effects have engendered a new socio-cultural mindset, which, when positive, was extremely creative and when it assumed a negative persona, catastrophic changes occurred. That positive creativity produced pioneering works of art such as Sarachchandra’s Maname, Chithrasena’s Nala Damayanthi, Lester James Peiris’s Rekhawa and Amaradeva Mahagama Sekera duo’s Madhuwanthi. That cultural resurgence which followed is continuing up to the present time.

Yet the negative effects were disastrous. Among the direct manifestations of a mindset that was damaged, warped and hateful and distrusting were, polarization of the nation along ethnic lines, repeated eruptions of racial riots, standardization of student intake to the universities culminating in a brutal ethnic war that killed tens, if not hundreds of thousands and injured more. Ultimately Bandaranaike was assassinated by the forces of his own creation. An intellectual par excellence, a liberal at heart and an erudite authority on word-craft, Bandaranaike eventually proved to be, as James Manor wrote in his biography ‘The Expedient Utopian’, who could not match his rhetoric with his action. S W R D Bandaranaike left behind a sad saga of ethnic tensions and an emergent generation who looked to government as a deliverer of all solutions. It was indeed a tragic beginning of a new era.

*The writer can be contacted on vishwamithra1984@gmail.com

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Latest comments

  • 20

    Now the Patriotic majority Mod….S soon to create another white Elephant!!! Using tax payers money ! Not from the Politicians INCREASED PAY HIKE!!’
    Erecting the so called World’s Tallest XMAS TREE in Galle Face Green!!!!’

    SHOCKING ! How idiotic can be!! Naivety beyond ones imagination of the Brain power of our politicians and leaders!!

    One wonders where the Brains have been implanted by GOD in ones body??! Is it inside the Head or inside the BACKPASSAGE???
    Guess ??

    • 8


      RE: From DS To MS: How Sri Lanka Became So Mediocre

      “The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.” ~Anonymous”

      “This is the story of Ceylon’s journey from ‘Independence’ to a crescendo of corrupt family rule. It had its usual sordidness while at the same time, was exclusively poignant and entertaining. However, the last ten years of the drama were unique. Its pathos and intrigues, its conspiracies and their exposés had a bizarre and inexplicable canter; Sri Lanka has been limping towards an end that exists only in the imprecise theaters of the uncertain and mediocre. “

      And the Analyst Says: “SHOCKING ! How idiotic can be!! Naivety beyond ones imagination of the Brain power of our politicians and leaders!!”

      It is all in the Para-Sinhala Tribe. Their average IQ is 79.

      Interesting question, how far? Is there a surprise here?

      We NOW have, Sirisena, the Gamarala, who has turned out to be a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona (Colloquial Sinhala), Mala-Perethaya to the 6.2 million who voted for him. He is in cahoots with the crooks and killers.

      Will the Turncoat get reformed? What was the experience since Independence in 1948? Even the Leftists joined the Racists.
      Is Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho dimmed and doomed by the Paras from India, Baharat, Damba-Diva?

      • 5

        Vishwa, All this historical excavation, digging, and chest beating mea culpas are a waste of time.

        The fact is that if India had NOT MILITARIZED ethnic tensions in Sri Lanka and set up the LTTE and other militant groups and provided arms at a SENSITIVE and DIFFICULT TIME in the island’s history, this mess would not have happened.

        India and Indian academics have colonized the minds of liberal SL political scientists so badly that they have forgotten key facts like:

        Which post colonial nation-state in Asia and Africa did not have majority-minority ethnic and religious tensions? Sri Lanka would have managed its problems eventually, but India was systematically turning ethn0-religious tensions including horrible riots into WAR and Armed conflict by training and funding Tamil boys and youth in camps near Delhi and in TN.

        India has messed with all its neighbours and borders. that is why South Asia and all the countries in South Asia are a mess today and SAARC a non starter!

        • 12

          The easiest target to vent the INFERIORITY COMPLEX is nothing but the Giant India.
          India did this Hindia did that?? What happened to our country before all the SWINDLERS ARRIVED IN THE NAME OUR LEADERS! OUR POLITICAL LEADERS!!

          Please stop the CRAP BLAME GAME!!
          Soon yours and my Country will be A DUMPING GROUND ,MORTGAGED



          • 3


          • 5



            That is called Para-Sinhala Theravada “Buddhist” Dukkha and

            China, China Mahayana Buddhist Seppa!

        • 3

          From D S Senanayake to S W R D Bandaranaike (1947 – 1959)
          * Colonization of Sinhalese in the East.
          * Sinhala Only Act
          * Banda-Chelva Pact
          * 1958 massacre of Tamils
          From Sirimao Bandaranaike to J R Jayewardene (1960 – 1989)
          * Constitutional change
          * Repealed protection given to minories.
          * Foremost place to Buddhism.
          * 1972 JVP Terrorism and massacre of Sinhala youths.
          * 1977 massacre of Tamils
          * 1978 Constitutional Change to create dictatorship
          * 1981 Burning of Jaffna Library
          * 1983 LTTE attack on military and massacre of Tamils.
          * 1987 Indo -Lanka accord, Provincial Council, Indian Army
          * 1988 LTTE (Premadasa Funded)IPKF war
          * 1989 JVP Terrorism and massacre of Sinhalese.
          * 1990 100,000 IPKF (Indian Army) Left
          From Premadasa to Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunga (1990 – 2005)
          * LTTE (Premadasa Funded)IPKF war
          * Assasination of Gamini Dissanayake & Lalith Authathmudali
          * Assasination of Premadasa
          * Economic Sanctions to North East and Bombing of Civilians
          * Capture of Jaffna and Chandrika proposals
          * Vanni False into LTTE and Peace talks (Norway)

          Mahinda Rajapaksa to Maithripala Sirisena (2005 – Present)
          Rise of Tamil agitation-politics culminating in the LTTE, Prabhakaran and the 27-year war
          * Mihinda Funds to LTTE to become President
          * War between LTTE and Mahinda
          * War ends. Massacre of Tamils
          * UNHCR Resolutions
          * mahinda Ends
          * Maithiri arrival

          According to Former Indian Secretary
          The Cost of Sinhala only Act and Buddhist Sinhala Fundamentalism was:
          100,000 Civilians dead
          27000 LTTE dead
          27000 Sinhala Army Dead
          1000 Indian army dead
          Expense 200 billion US dollor.

          Still sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism wants to increase the cost to 10 fold in the next five years.

        • 2


          Sorry to disagree. India had nothing to do with SWRD’s greed for power. His greed was so great he fomented racism. From that day onwards it has been downwords. India had nothing to do with countless pogroms against Tamils that gave birth to the dreaded LTTE.

          And just for the record the JVP uprisings had nothing to do with India.

          And for the record again, India has nothing to do with the present day Ghanasaraya led anti Muslim activities and the pogrom at Aluthgama. MR and his mafia have everything to do with it.

          Sinhala modayas and hora thakkadiyas must take full blame for the mess that is Sri Lanka today.

        • 0

          India and most governments do this-interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. Government may be necessary in times of disaster but generally government is not necessary. People know what they need and are quite capable of doing their own thing. Government spends varying amounts of money on other countries. In the UK propaganda is called “international aid”!!
          When politicians say they are not cutting the international aid budget UKIP (United Kingdom independence party says that money should be cut. The reason is that all the nationalists public think that international aid means uk giving money to starving foreigners. That is not the purpose of “aid” . Aid is the mechanism by which a country interferes with another country. Once the “aid” is given the powers that be sit back and watch

      • 1


        Any idea where this picture was taken and the significance of the tree where all these men and women are paraded??
        Can you please name all the posers on the picture??
        Do you think some of the men were drunk???

    • 6

      It was teh 78 consitution created all this mess.
      It opened even for idiots but infiltrated by all abusive cultures to get elected to the parliament.
      I have no doubt, had we had a better constitution, Wimal Weerawase or the kind of drama queens would not end up in parliament. He does not have basic qualifications to be a politician of the calibre except his anus style – mouth piece that drops down all silly statements regardless of the person being attacked. Remember the days of LAST PE, Mr Sirisena was attacked by all possible unethical ways. I have never heard /seen things on political stages occured, not even far worst negibouring coutnries, but it was the reality in Srlanka, keeping the man of the match Mahinda Jarapakshe in the stage.
      There were also Duplicate personality created to attack Mr Sirisena to all low levels. None of these succeeded thanks god.
      But today this highly abusive men enjoy STRAFLOSIGKEIT -Impunity.
      What the hell is going on with the men in action today ?
      Why cant we LET alone put Wimal WEERANWASE in Jail appeasing us. We have waited that long.

    • 0

      Brexiteers ,17.5 million of us British have done what SWRD Bandaranayaka did in 1956 to Sri Lanka or ceylon as it was then-voted to leave the rat race!

  • 4

    It is time someone of sound learning and a deep appreciation of contemporary history educated readers and the country of what we were in 1948 and what we are today; why – and what should be done to avert the
    deepening plunge into the abyss – economically and politically.

    It is good such an examination should emerge from the generous pages of the liberal Colombo Telegraph.

    R. Varathan

    • 9

      As my old Driver said. “Suddhanta aapahu Rata baaradenna Oney”

      • 1

        Is this Why this Government is selling of Portions of Land to China?

    • 1

      Singapore had a leader which too tge country from a dot in South East Asia to a playground of the rich . My father ,Dr Peter Fernando,was chased by a robber when he went to Singapore with his wife. My fatger had one leg and a wooden leg. In Sri Lanka in 1990 ,the country was a “wreck”. In Sri Lanka my father could walk anywhere at any time with his wfe and not be robbed. Sri Lanka may not have many skyscrapers, motor ways and a economy that will make a swiss want to improve their country but Sri Lanka has the world’s largest free eye bank , has an education system which is free and still has land not destroyed by tarmacadam.

      • 0

        people hail the city state and glorify the place. Singapore is an over worked under slept unfulfilled arrogant inhumane sad fast place where chinese ill treat the tamils and tamils take it with no complaints .

  • 19

    There is a notable difference. A woman was remanded for stealing packets of milk powder. Parliamentarians are stealing millions in the name of Privileges and remain free to rob more. Still we call Sri Lanka a Buddhist country. Need versus Greed. That is the difference between DS and MS.

  • 5

    A penetrating overview of our post-independence history. The parts to follow will be a challenge to overview. Shall look forward to them in the following weeks.

    Our’s is indeed a sad story- a mix of noble efforts aimed at uplifting the people materially, in parallel with degenerating politics of a type that degraded them as humans! Multiplication of religious exhibitionism with a parallel undermining of spirituality and, elevated thoughts and action! ChIcanery, venality and brutality have come to define a potential paradice.

    Maname , Rekewa etc., were flashes in the pan and such phenomenon continue, giving hope.

    Dr,Rajasingham Narendran

  • 5

    So far so good. Looking forward to next installments.

    But I can already foretell the end objective of all this. To whip up fading anti Rajapaksha hatred and prop up fading fortunes of yahapalanaya.


  • 3

    It is because of stupid political critics like Vishwamitra, stupid politicians like RW, CBK, Marxist politics, Tamil tribal politics, stupid monks…

    The above reasons

  • 5

    Ranil has just admitted that the Jafna Public Library was burnt under the UNP. In 1991 PresidentPremadasa publicly proclaimed that —

    “During the District Development Council elections in 1981, some of our party members took many people from other parts of the country to the North, created havoc and disrupted the conduct of elections in the North. It is this same group of people who are causing trouble now also. If you wish to find out who burnt the priceless collection of books at the Jaffna Library, you have only to look at the faces of those opposing us.”

    He was accusing his political opponents within his UNP party, Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake, who had just brought an impeachment motion against him, as directly involved in the burning of the library in 1981
    [Wikipedia entry]

    Instead of echoing the familiar bogeyman S W R D (from Yankee Dick JRJ who organised a revolver with Nawaloka) a serious analyst would mention the influence of the West on erstwhile colonies.

    See –
    Neo-liberalism is neo-colonialism in disguise

    • 2

      Wendell, Ranil’s mea culpa wasn’t good enough, it was a 10 second blurb responding to someones critique in parliament.

      The Govt must stand up in Parliament and apologize to the Tamil people what we did to them in’83. Other countries have looked at their past and said to it’s people.

      We must do so too.

  • 6

    “That positive creativity produced pioneering works of art such as Sarachchandra’s Maname, Chithrasena’s Nala Damayanthi, Lester James Peiris’s Rekhawa and Amaradeva Mahagama Sekera duo’s Madhuwanthi. That cultural resurgence which followed is continuing up to the present time”


    Birth of these works have nothing to do with the 1956 government change. Ediriweera Sarachchandra was experimenting from late forties and early fifties in drama and the turning point in his role as a dramatist most probably is the enormous freedom and state sponsored facilities that he enjoyed as a lecturer in the tranquillity of Peradeniya in fifties and the inspiration that he received from other external sources. English educated Lester left Sri Lanka in 1944 or so and returned to Sri Lanka around 1953 partly due to the encouragement he got from his British colleagues, and partly because he saw the resurgence in the musical field in late forties championed by Sunil Santha. Amaradeva associated Samarakone and Sunil Santha in 1940’s and it is their influence that encouraged Amaradeva to search a music idiom. Chithrasena started his search to find an expression in ballets way back in 1940’s with Samarakone and Sunil Santha providing the musical scores for his early works (prior to Amaradeva’s scores for Naladamayanthi). The statement that 1956 revolution lead to the creation of these great works is just a populist view which does not have much substance- Jay

  • 3

    The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come.”

    No wonder Sri Lankan politicians and Sri Lankan intellectual class never looked back to learn from past mistakes?

    They are stuck and standstill and not moved an inch since independence.

  • 7

    The best example to compare the progress is Malaysia, they gained indepndence 9 years later, similar population, similar ethnicity-Malays, Chinese, and Tamils, today their economy is US$ 300 billion with a per capita income of US$ 10500, where as the Sr lankan economy is US$ 80 Billion with a per capita income US$ 3900.

    What is the reason for their success? the first thing that Tunku Abdur Rahman did after gaining independence was bringing all the different ethinicities together under one identity as Malaysians and the rest is history. recently when visiting Malaysia i was amazed to see how the Deepavali festival of the Hindues were celebrated from the air port onwards, and how they are using every opportunity to grow the country.

    where as we the Sri lankans blessed with much better resources in every way going the other way around, the people or i might say the leaders lacks any vision of bringing the people together for the betterment of the country and the people, rather from the day of the independance we have been going backwards and there doesn’t seems to be any light end of the tunnel. what a shame.

    The only solution is to hire someone – a retired PM from Malaysia or Singapore- as a consultant and allow him to run the country for the next 5 years or a similar option, because our people and leaders are proving time and again they cannot do the job properly.

  • 6

    When the ruling coalition become joint opposition they all transform into maha dena mukthas.
    When the reverse happens the situation of the country does not change that much or rather remains the same.

    This has been the story since 1948.

    Pol arakuth emai. Molash arakuth emai.
    Dekama ekai or echara venesak nei.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 5

    May be too much inbreeding? Apples don’t fall far from the trees!
    No Exposure? Frogs in the well!

    Need some foreign blood/genes again?
    Until Suddha came we were slaves to our kings and their clans men!

    I do not know to cry or to laugh, We have all the resources we need, still we crawl in the dark

    • 4

      If People forget about Race, Caste, Organised Religion, Language and other Dividing Categories, Not only in Sri Lanka, but all over the World. This Earth would be a Peaceful Place to Live in!

      After all we all evolved from the same Tribe in Africa!

      • 0

        Well said. The human race will never conquer space until we stop asking whether the spaceman is white ,black, man,Us citizen or Russian ,man or woman!
        I wonder whether Buddah said anything that might help us realise our full potential? !

  • 5

    Super, look forward to the coming weeks, the hits and misses of my motherland, more misses than hits.

    • 3

      Political corruption, cronyism andlack of a the concept of Meritocracy in the reason for the crisis in Sri Lanka.
      President Maithripala Sirisena says the lack of sufficient skilled workers with necessary technical knowledge is a challenge for the economic development of the country.

      The fact is that the corrupt politicians have placed their corrupt, uneducated cronies who totally lack technical knowledge into all the important posts. The corruption and cronyism that has seeped is in all institutions including universities where the concept of MERITOCRACY and appreciation of DIVERSITY is totally absent is the root cause of Mediocrity in Sri Lanka.

      • 1

        Don Stanley you said:-

        “President Maithripala Sirisena says the lack of sufficient skilled workers with necessary technical knowledge is a challenge for the economic development of the country.”

        We had enough skilled Workers till the Politicians decided they knew Better, and Paid themselves Higher Salaries and Allowances.

        The Result; The Skilled Workers emigrated to Countries that appreciated their Skills, and Paid them Salaries and Allowances in Accordance!

  • 1

    Well, in the epoch beginning 1947 and ending 2014, only the politicians molded the good old Ceylon from a Country envied by all other Countries in the region to a Country accused of war crimes, and money laundering and let down by the international community unless and until the Country complies with the world order.
    From 2015 to date, due to the change from the bad Government to Good Government, Sri Lanka appears improved with some policy changes shown to be acceptable. Now the present new Government made up with the international community after cosigning the UNHRC memo to bring back Democracy and reconciliation with the victims of war and the victims of the disappeared.
    Now the new Government has gone back from its commitment to the UN and is committing the same crimes not different from the previous regime. So what change in the history of Sri Lanka do the people expect to happen? In another four years are we going to see Sri Lanka sliding down or sailing smooth or even up to its 1947 status.

  • 1

    When I look back I am filled with anger. When I look ahead I am terrified. The notion of a Sinhala Buddhist nation is scary. The sensible will keep religion and the State apart. But here they are bedfellows. Together they metamorphose into Mahasona and Ririyaka combined.

  • 2

    Happy to see yet a nother writer making efforts to enlighten Srilankans in gaining some insight/judgement ( hoping).The views of readers are clear indication of what is known as “Grief Reaction”, where Denial, anger, bargaining, depression/frustration and eventually the healing takes place so that we can continue life in a healthier and productive manner.But unfortunately lot of us are still caught up in the initial stages of grief (almost after 70 years of history) and majority seems to be still in denial.

  • 1

    Reading this on the Mediocre Politicians I thought How we are still stuck in the groove .Where is the educated voter who went beyond the box of looking around the people who is strong to lead us out of the rut with mindful liberation of shedding the baggage of the past and looking to the future …. For a very long time people who mattered did not listen or see mich , like wearing blinkers never fringe dwellers in the slums nor in the rural out back and the Mediocre Poilticains just aped those that left our shores by wearing outlandish clothes to impress that we are as good as them clothes that did not suit the climate nor the traditions the Civil Servants and planters the CEOs wer even worse and reaian in their ties traveling in air conditioned cars brought as part of foreign aid may be . .Imagine a PM in a funny suit of the Peer or who ever .Well two of ours did .Not o meet the queen but for a photoshoot at home how medicre is that ? ..Imagine their minds ..Well the media was worse if we look at he cartoons of that time ranting against free education a welfare measure that saw gave many a chance of social mobility . .Our media was screaming about the lazy Sinhalese not seeking hard jobs in the estate sector even in the 1960s not knowing that it was the policy of the time to take the low caste Indians as indented labour even to far away places like Figi and S Africa .That was the media at that time mediocre in research like any other .The people were not educated to value their own yes the voting public and so was mediocre in mind set and of low self esteem What a Catch 22 situation !..where do we find the ‘Nerds’who will use their gift to find the path to joy and peace and be mindfully liberated from thanha !and lead our people to live a life in a humane way and not just to invite investors ..or some such foreign visitors who wants to stare a t a Christmas tree .

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