28 September, 2023


Genocide Of Tamils In Sri Lanka – Time For UN, UNHRC & Security Council To Take Action

By Kumarathasan Rasingam – 

Kumarathasan Rasingam

The genocide of Tamils cannot be forgotten by the Tamils all over the world. The oppression against the Tamils commenced immediately after Sri Lanka [then called Ceylon] gained its independence on February 04, 1948. It should be noted that the Tamils Kingdom of Jaffna flourished for more than 800 years before the arrival of Portuguese in 1621, at that time three Kingdoms existed in Sri Lanka [then Ceylon]

1. Kotte Kingdom [Sinhalese Kings ruled]

2. Kandy Kingdom [Sinhalese Kings ruled]

3. Jaffna Kingdom of [Tamil Kings ruled]

The Portuguese ruled Sri Lanka as three units from 1621 to 1658

The Dutch ruled Sri Lanka as three units from 1658 to 1795

The British ruled Sri Lanka as three units from 1795 to 1833 and in 1833 the British amalgamated the three units as one unit for their easy administration. And ruled until independence in 1948.

Unfortunately the British handed over the entire administration [including the Tamils Jaffna Kingdom] to the majoritarian Sinhala Buddhist political leaders where most of these leaders were and are in the mindset to make Sri Lanka a BUDDHIST/SINHALESE NATION.

The disturbing feature of Sri Lanka’s post independence is the state organized violence in the form of anti-Tamil riots and pogroms periodically unleashed on the Tamil people in 1956, 1958, 1961, 1977, 1981 and 1983, The last in 1983 referred as ‘Holocaust’ or: Black July 1983” witnessed over 400 to 500 Tamils killed and billions of rupees worth of their properties and business establishments destroyed. And from 2006 to 2009 more than 70,000 Tamils were brutally massacred as per United Nations estimates.

Please note that the Canadian Government, Tamil Nadu State in India and the Northern Provincial Council already passed laws to this effect.


On May 20, 2022, Canada’s Parliament has created a day to recognize the genocide of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Parliament unanimously adopted the motion to make May 18 of each year Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day.

Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly [India]

The Tamil Nadu State Assembly of India on March 27, 2013 passed a unanimous Resolution “Calling for an Independent International Investigation into the crime of genocide and other violations. It also requested the Central Government of India to impose economic sanctions and arrange for a referendum by Tamils to decide the feasibility of a separate state in the North and East. It also asked the Central Government to stop treating Sri Lanka as a friendly country.”

Northern Provincial Council [Sri Lanka]

The Northern Provincial Council passed a Resolution on February 10, 2015 requesting the UNHRC to investigate the claim of genocide and recommend appropriate investigations and prosecutions by the International Criminal Court.”

Brampton City Council [Canada]

Brampton City Council in Canada passed a Resolution on April 24, 2019 “Recognising the crimes committed against the Tamils in Sri Lanka constitute genocide.” It also recognized May 18 as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day with request to educate others about the tragic loss of life, land and human rights of the Tamil Nation and the crimes of genocide committed against them.”

The Catalan City Of Barcelona

The Catalan city of Barcelona has called for an investigation into the genocide of Tamils by Sri Lanka, and to recognise the rights of the Tamil people to an independent homeland, Tamil Eelam.

In a resolution voted by the city’s municipal council on January 25, representatives denounced systematic violations against the rights of Tamils, urged the recognition of Tamil sovereignty and called for an end to the Sri Lankan military’s occupation of the Tamil homeland.

British Labor Party Leader Hon. Keir Atarmer

Marking 13 years since the genocide in Mullivaikkal, the UK’s Labour leader has called for Sri Lanka to be referred to the International Criminal Court noting that “the perpetrators of these atrocities still have not been brought to justice”.

His statement comes as British MPs are continuing to demand accountability for the atrocities Tamils have suffered and to impose sanctions on perpetrators such as Sri Lankan army commander, Shavendra Silva, and Defence Secretary, Kamal Gunaratne. Thus far the UK government has failed to impose a single sanction on a Sri Lankan government or military official implicated in war crimes.

It is clear how the genocidal pattern is braided in with the history of the state of Sri Lanka. The slow protracted genocide proceeds with the intent to wipe out the fundamentals of the existence of the Eelam Tamil nation in various aspects and forms. All these crimes are committed to target the Eelam Tamil nation.  It is crystalline and obvious, even for an outsider, that the Tamil nation represents the victim of this genocide

Analysing the cause of the genocide in the case of Eelam Tamils, and realising the failure of the International Community to act genuinely and on time has led us to reflect back to the question of whether the crime of genocide is a jurisdictional problem or something that is not applied because of the political discretion the international bodies hold.

*Kumarathasan Rasingam – Secretary, Tamil Canadian Elders for Human Rights Org.

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    Bogus Tamil genocide, bogus Jaffna Tamil kingdom, bogus Tamil refugee diaspora, bogus, bogus, etc.
    Remember Tamil ethnicity is no more than 120 years old. Dutch brought Malabaris slaves in Jaffna are now known as Tamils.
    Historically Sri Lanka was always known as Kingdom of Sinhale or Sinhala Deepa/ Sinhala Deepa.
    Remember Tambapanni, Upatissa Nuwara,  Anuradhapura,  Polonnaruwa,  Dambadeniya,  Gampola, Kotte,  Sitawaka and Senkadagalapura(Kandy) were CAPITALS of Island Kingdom of Sinhale.
    Remember Nallur Kovil, Munneshwaram Kovil, Koneshwaram, etc were built by Sinhala kings.
    Arya Chakrawarthi and Kalingamaga were relatives of South Indian Kings, who were only CHIEFTAINS not KINGS at all.

    • 5

      Yes, it is all bogus. There is no mention of Tamil Kingdoms in any of the great Indian epics (Mahabharata, Ramayana, etc.). But there is mention of Sinhalese kings.

      • 1

        Does your CE Mahabaratham say anything about male lion in its sexual prime copulating with human woman in her sexual prime?

        The women at the time probably copulated with Stallions, going by the so called Vedhas.

    • 8

      Before Independence the influence of Tamils in Anuradhapura was considerable in the Old Town. The new Town was constructed, one is forced to deduce, to reduce and negate the Tamil influence in Anuradhapura.

      Mahawansa refers to 32 Petty Tamil Kings Dutugemunu had to overcome before reaching Ellalan’s Capital. Coins of that period have been unearthed which point to Tamil presence from South to North. There are Tamil letters in those Coins. Names of Tamil Petty Kings are found in some of them. After the Bakthi Cult prospered in the North and East many Tamils living in other parts of Sri Lanka preferred to go to the North and East since the famous Hindu Temples lay there. This was a time when Jainism and Buddhism were beginning to go out of vogue due to the re- emergence of Saivaism consequent to the Bakthi Cult. The Thevarams of Nayanmars in South India referred to Thiruketheeswaram and Thirukoneswaram in Sri Lanka.

      • 3

        Kumarathasan Rasingam,
        “Before Independence the influence of Tamils in Anuradhapura was considerable in the Old Town.”

        No one denies that Dravidians were in Sinhale because they started invading this country from 3rd Century BC and invaded 53 time. Also, there were Dravidians who came as traders because Anuradhapura was a business hub between East and West. NE is where Sinhala Kingdoms Anuradhapura (377 BC to 1017 AD) and Polonnaruwa (1056–1232) were located and that area was inhabited by indigenous Sinhalayo. Dravida invaders wiped out Sinhala settlements forcing Sinhalayo to retreat to South.
        Simply because Dravidians who came as invaders or traders lived in Sinhale before independence they cannot claim NE as their ‘Traditional Homeland’ and demand a separate State or a Federal State because before Dravidians occupied NE, Sinhalayo were the inhabitants in that area.

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    Genocide! Genocide! Genocide! Genocide! Genocide!
    Every year in May we hear Demalu who believe Gobble’s Theory singing the same old ‘Baila’. Sometimes it works because even in the so called ‘Developed‘ countries politicians do any dirty thing to get votes.

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      Who the devil was Gobbles? A turkey?

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    Demalu have been digging every inch of land in NE to find the skeletons of 40,000 – 200,000 Tamils killed by Sri Lanka Army and buried but after 12 years they have not been able to find. Keep on digging!

    Wonder how ‘Ranaviruvo’ who were fighting to defeat Tamil terrorists found time to dig mass graves to dump so many dead bodies?

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    There was no genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. If the writer wants to know what genocide, concentration camps etc look like let him look at China. Let him thank the Sinhalese, and especially the hated Buddhists for not following China’s example. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/85qihtvw6e/the-faces-from-chinas-uyghur-detention-camps

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      “There was no genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. “

      How do you know it was not genocide?
      If that was not genocide then what was it?

      “If the writer wants to know what genocide, concentration camps etc look like let him look at China.”

      Please let us know or describe in words how should genocide look like or smell like or feel like, …? There is no way China would let us see all such activities. Even if China let us peak into Chinese brand of genocide, we have one or two faithful Mao’s b***s who would never accept it.

      “Let him thank the Sinhalese, and especially the hated Buddhists for not following China’s example.”

      Do you think the Sinhalese and Buddhists are that evil or cruel?
      I don’t think so. However there is a new variety of people, new converts who are known as Sinhala/Buddhists, public racist Anakarika Homeless Dharmapala’s grand children.
      Get the meaning of words right.

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      We all Aryan Sinhalese, Sinhalised vikings, europeans and of course Aryan Hindians and diabolical Frankenstein monster named RAW etc. are the highest intelligent human species in evolution of whole humanity.

      Where as 320 odd of Anglo, Franco, First Nation and all recent migrants of Canada are indeed dumbest of the dumbs.

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