19 May, 2024


Getting The AstraZeneca 2nd Jab: Trapped Turtles Tossed By A Monsoon!     

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath de Alwis

On Wednesday 30th June I received a text message that I and my wife would receive the second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine on Thursday 1st July at 2 pm at the Sugathadasa stadium. My wife turned 79 in May. I will reach 79 in August.

We turned up at the Sugathdasa stadium on I July Forty minutes past Twelve.  We left the Sugathdasa Stadium at Twenty minutes past four. It was an excruciwatingly overwhelming ordeal.

I stood in a que for three hours and a little more. My first instinct on seeing the long que meandering up and down the stepped pavilion of the Sugathadasa Stadium was to say, ‘to hell with the second dose and let’s go home’.

But I could not do that. I had no moral right to impose my haughty contempt for a world gone mad, on my wife who was determined to have the second dose of the vaccine. 

For fifty-two years, I have been consistently loyal to her and as most fallible humans, frequently unfaithful. So, I decided to be loyal and stayed.

Having undergone heart bypass surgery ten years ago I am on regular beta blockers and meds to ease angina. I am experiencing early signs of osteoarthritis.

So, I tried to see it in a way that will ease my discomfort.

I had with me the slim large type 103-page publication by Julian Baggini ‘A short history of truth’.  It helps one to understand the world of alternate truths created by populist patriotic messianic leaders. 

It has some interesting subtitles – Eternal Truths, Authoritative Truths, Esoteric Truths, Reasoned Truths, Empirical Truths, Creative Truths, Relative Truths and Powerful Truths.  My having to stay the next few hours in the queue for my vaccine was one such powerful truth.  I got into philosophical musings to ease my pain and discomfort. 

I thought about my six adorable grandchildren. Then I thought about what Julian Baggini calls the authoritative truth which reminded me of a Periclean peroration with the aid of a teleprompter. 

While I find living under the stifling atmosphere of this inept autocracy absolutely stomach churning, getting the jab to stay alive, to see my grandchildren finishing university was an extremely pleasant idea.

To live another three or four years to see this lot getting booted out due to the pent-up wrath of an exasperated electorate was an awfully exciting, spellbinding idea.

So, I stayed in the queue of septuagenarians for three hours and a little more. I marveled at the sight of septuagenarians waiting in passive hope. There was the occasional diversion of someone literally willing under the strain.

It was a great experience. While on the second steppe of the pavilion I could see the agitated lower limbs quavering in uneasy motion on the upper steppe.

I did not see any bare feet.  A tribute, I suppose to the open economy that made ‘barefoot’ a brand.

On the upper steppe, I saw a confusing mix of Sandals, Slippers, Stelatoes , Bata, Clarks,  Nikes, Reeboks, and Pumas. An eloquent testimony to the inequity of the vaccine circus enacted in the metropolitan sprawl.

That explains the logic of building a world-class city on reclaimed land while spawning turtles who do not survive monsoon weather. 

It is a sad commentary of our confused socio-political ethos that seeks to preserve the tribal while yearning for the global.

Aging matrons were painfully moving forward while their bulging bunions indicated a determination to move in opposite direction. I looked up to see the owners, only to discover wrinkled faces telling desolate stories of vanished dreams. 

Reaching the end of the first lap, I parked my frail wife at the business end of the pavilion to join me when I reached the end of the queue on the third and final lap.

At this point, two police officers one superior flaunting brazenly disagreeable authority and a younger officer with an obvious empathy for the old and infirm formed batches of ten who then moved across the grounds to the building where the vaccine was administered.

Those who arranged the show would have not bothered to check with the meteorological forecast. It rained. It drizzled and was generally cloudy.

At the other end, army personnel checked the cards and cleared us for the jab. Clumsy thinking with military precision seems to be the new ballgame in town. That is another story for another day.

When I got back home, I googled for images of either our President or our Prime Minister who are both over seventy getting the vaccination.  I did not find any. Then I searched for South Asian leaders who got the vaccine. I found the following:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi receiving
the vaccine (Twitter/Narendra Modi)

Prime Minister Imran Khan
receives the Sinopharm vaccine.
Handout via Xinhua

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma
receives a jab of COVID-19 vaccine (Xinhua)

Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
receiving his Vaccine (Male Presidents Office)

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
receives her vaccine at her official residence.
(Dhakka Tribune)

Why cannot we find images of our Prime Minister or President receiving the vaccine? 

May be our leaders are true servants of the people.  It is possible that they have decided to wait until the entire nation is vaccinated.

If that is the case, why do we find images of other leaders in the region getting the vaccine?

May be that other leaders of the region have devised credible plans to vaccinate their people and wanted to reassure their backward people of the importance of getting the jab.

In the whole of South Asia only we had a C W W Kanangara and only we enjoyed universal franchise since 1931.

The people of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Maldives do not claim a 95 percent literacy rate as we do. 

Only we have monks in control of Nightingales claiming that they alone can anoint leaders and direct vaccine distribution.

That brings me to the main point of departure of this essay. It is about inspiring leadership in the hour of crisis.

These are thoughts that passed my mind in the long wait for the second AstraZeneca jab at the Sugathadasa stadium on Thursday 1st July.  

The ancient Chinese thinker Lao Tzu who is supposed to be the founder of Daoism defined leadership in 630 BC.

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him; worst when they despise him.

Closer to our age, Machiavelli the political theorist of the age of renaissance defined leadership in a more pragmatic terms taking account of the coercive and corrosive nature of power and leadership.   

One ought to be both feared and loved, but as it is difficult for the two to go together, it is much safer to be feared than to be loved. Still a prince should make himself feared in such a way that if he does not gain love, he at any rate avoids hatred.    

Leaders are those who provide direction in dark times. In times of despair, when people are exhausted by uncertainty, great leaders have emerged to change history by inspiring courage, offering hope.   

Such feats of leadership are remembered for their substance and impact. The styles vary but the message is essentially celebrated by later generations for their substance which often turn out to contain the distilled essence of human capacity for resilience in times of peril.   

A great speech captures the imagination of a nation because the ideas are constructed with integrity. The sincerity of the words of genuine leaders become lyrical poetry in the minds of ordinary people.

A great address to the nation must contain a serious, worthy proposition. Blaming the predecessor’s myopia offers no proof of the current leader’s vision or far sight.

There is great wisdom in the adage “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.” 

Inspiring a nation is no easy task. That involves a genuine appeal to the finest of values cherished by the nation. If it involves setting new ideals, such new ideals must have the power to penetrate the collective conscience of the nation.

The purpose of an address to the nation is to persuade the people to pursue a path worth pursuing.

It should appeal to the hearts of the ordinary and excite the minds of the discerning.    

In times of extraordinary crisis leaders address the people to assure them that the leader is prepared to walk beside the people.

The people already know why? What they need to know is how? The people need to know what the plan is.

True power in this terrible crisis of a pandemic lies in absolute clarity. In a world overrun with information relevant as well as irrelevant, true power lies with those who could provide a clear vision.

This vaccination mess demonstrates one simple truth. True leadership is managerial competence. 

Let us examine the question of leadership in history.

It is fashionable for mediocre commentators to attribute an accomplishment reached by a collective resolve to some great leader. Sycophancy is not history. 

I am disappointed and disheartened by the way we are confronting this pandemic.

Waiting for the jab, I had four hours and more to think about the current leadership and our present dilemma of who and what should replace them.

I thought about the reject who returned to parliament. I reflected on the son who claims the doubtful legacy of a father under whose tyrannical presidency I suffered untold misery. I meditated on the tedious sermons of the well-meaning idealist trapped in Marxist Leninist circumlocution. 

Shifting my weight from one leg to the other for three hours and more it occurred to me.

Dreams are indeed renewable. My grandchildren would experience a new world. That world is waiting to be born. All it needs is to create a ‘new equilibrium, ecologically more friendly, socially just and morally decent.

Do we need another leader, or do we need to reinvent ourselves?  Should not we not stop looking for leaders who return from the city of angels. (Pun intended) 

What makes a man, or a woman rise above others to assume the mantle of leadership? Why are some more drawn to the burdens of leadership than others? What makes a great leader?

Waiting for the vaccine while tortuously inching forward in that agonizing queue, I asked myself how History’s great leaders have risen above their contemporaries to navigate through adversity, defying all odds to achieve goals not for themselves or family but for all the people they truly served.

I do not believe in the great man theory. That belongs in tribal folk lore.  Sitting round a campfire, maladjusted tribal warriors recount the horror heroics of tribal leaders. Need we return to such permittivity ? 

Such story telling round imagined tribal campfires prompted the sociologist philosopher Herbert Spencer to the remark on would be great leaders.   Before he can remake his society, his society must make him.”

Personally, on this business of leadership, I would stay with Karl Marx. “Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past.” 

In fluid times of crisis, leadership matters. It is the leadership that can make an accurate diagnosis of the problem and determine the remedy.

A leader does not make waves. The leader is a surfer who rides the big wave.

We must not confuse leadership with puny minds creating puny ripples in puny puddles.  The big wave usually submerges false prophets and fake leaders.

Tribes demand heroes. Nations demand leaders who can pursue a shared vision. The idea of the great warrior leadership is as old as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata or Odyssey and the Iliad.

For primitive minds, it is convenient and comfortable to seek heroes. Not all heroes are leaders, and all leaders are not heroic.

In the late nineties, the editorial board of the Time Magazine debated on who should be featured on its January 2000 cover as the most important person of the 20th century.

Their short list included the two war heroes Churchill and Roosevelt. It also included Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein.

They picked Einstein on grounds that his extraordinary creativity had the greatest impact on the 20th century and the new century of information and knowledge.

Einstein declined the presidency of Israel.

‘Time’ editor and Einstein’s biographer Walter Isakson describes him not as a leader but a beacon. 

The beacon of humanity would have foreseen the butchery in the Gaza strip.

After a lifetime of flaunting his authority Einstein never ceased to be amused by the fact that he was considered an authority. Authority does not seduce true leaders.

Leadership means mobilizing people for a purpose.

In this pandemic, leadership means mobilizing the people for the specific purpose of containing the virus and preserving life. It is a shared purpose. It is a collective goal.

The children of Hamlin followed a legendary leader – the Pied Piper to oblivion.

PS. Just when I reached the end of this essay an old friend from my days at Lake House called me to say that another of our old colleagues who is now 95 had gone to the Sugthadasa Stadium. He had not waited in the queue.  Luckily, another colleague who is still active in the profession had alerted him to the vaccine being administered today (Friday) at a CMC outlet in Kirillapone. He has got it with no fuss.

I am glad for him. Therein lies a tale. Chaos with military precision is the new game in town. Left Right they march. Left does not know what the right is doing and vice versa.   

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Latest comments

  • 2

    So what I am about to tell you will save your life. The period we are on started in 2012. Some thought this marked the end of the world – but not so. This year marked the beginning of an era. So the pandemic is one of the vehicles the changes will come. One of the changes this period will clear is world history. Gothama Buddha – yes him -> “ගොතම බුදු හාමුදුරුවෝ”, lived in our island all his life. His history and original teaching is now available to all. During his time a pandemic spread just like now. The Buddha was in the town of Visala, or modern day Kabilittha area of the island. The Ratana Sutta he delivered contains the recipe to defeat this disease. The traditional monks in the island keep chasing this prescription for cure. This is akin to taking the doctors prescription and singing the words hoping it might cure things. They need to take heed the advise contained in the doctors prescription. So I will leave you the first level of defence and the second. The first line of defence is this ->. https://bit.ly/36asOOS . The second is හෙළ වෙදකම. There are 3 kinds of medicine. Hela/Ayurweda/Western.

    • 5

      Is hela medicine something to do with extracting oil from snakes?
      Oh, by the way, does your original Mahavamsa have any Covid cures in it?

      • 2

        OC and all,
        please watch the video below

        It is worth watching this video. Prof. Peris is one of few experts in virology to have added analysis of ths nature.

    • 8

      Dont forget to tell the archaeology task force to ‘discover the evidence’ somewhere in the NE of the island so that can be used as an excuse for more land grabbing from tamils.

    • 6

What are the evidences you to fall on the lies that ගොතම බුදු හාමුදුරුවෝ”, lived in our island all his life ?
Fairy tales of this nature are being promoted by some PUNNAKU drinkers in this country for numerous gains.
Most of srilankens would not think twice before going to do anything.
If COW dung would be painted as ” PANACEA” against COVID19 could easily go viral and become the medicine of the day within an overnight.
People incl. TODAY ‘s MBBS holders (Medical Degree from Loacl Medical Faculties) would rush to collect it. It is public secret the manner that KALIAMMA-control mad man could twist the mind set of the masses (in millions) after ABUSIVE media gave it a publicity under the orders of WIMAL WEERAWANSA style politicians. With Speaker and minister of health being placed as the ” guinea pigs” for this campaign, made most SINHALAYAS the ultra stupid people to the world. WIth this being the ground reality about the nature of srilanken average mind set of the day, no rocket science or the like degree qualifications would be needed to realize this in the country today.
      And not forgetting how SRILANKEN PUTHALAM DONKEYs in millions (so called sinhala buddhist adherents) gathered to worship – a water snake carried “fake relics” to the most sacred Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya shortly before the last Presidential election?

  • 14

    I am amused in a way, at the reference to Pericles in respect of that boring 75 minute monologue of “nothing useful at the end” speech. I hope you were not trying to be Prophetic as well because Pericles later died in a pandemic called the “plague of typhoid” and we have a pandemic here called Coivid-19. Hmmmm.

    • 5

      Today s political situation is worsening.
      BBS lead and all other so called SANGA POWERs are now in hibernation mode while new comers are stepping in.

      Let me correct it was not 75 min, but 69 min of MEDIA display. Tody people question why cant GR face the nation ?
      Sensitive readers over to you – were all these not predictable prior to Nov 2019 ?

  • 22

    Sri Lanka is the first ever country that jailed the military commander who lead the battle against LTTE.
    You may think that the leadership will not tolerate any violation of law even if that is his military leader or his son or his brother or his wife. It is also important to know that an LTTE leader who was accused by fake claim that KP sent hundreds of ships of arms to LTTE was released by the leadership. This again showed that leadership is very minded of human rights and rule of law and sympathy.
    You can find this sort of golden leadership only with one Family out of 22 million.

  • 13

    Dear Mr.S de A.
    Am indeed saddened by you experience. Five years older than you, my wife and I had the similar SMS on the 30th June. But it said “Sugathadasa Stadium New Bazar” as venue.
    We had an SMS 4.45pm call up for 1st July. We got there at 4.10pm. We had barely a dozen in the first queue getting registered at the entrance and the about 8 in the next vaccination queue inside. By 4.40 we were all done and dusted. In the context of the usual pandemonium at these “centres”, we were very very surprised. In fact, we had hired a vehicle on flat rate for 3 hours at it still has 90 minutes at the end. May be we were lucky.
    We saw another long queue across the other side, AND WE WERE TOLD on our inquiry (may be may be not true) that, that was for those who had come without SMS call up and who had not given proper telephone numbers.

  • 16

    It is always good reading what IdeA writes with elegance. In our old age, let us agree to spell que as kew. In our days, we had leaders who were educated. Our administrative services were staffed by the best graduates of the single university we had. These days are gone as elitism must go. But, it has been replaced by sheer incompetence with the most unintelligent buffoons running every show even like the organizing of vaccinations. The army is running the control of the pandemic when it knows nothing about these matters. Those who know languish without being asked to help. When inept morons rule a state after coming to power by raising ethnic chauvinism, this is what happens to the state. We have a combination- the monks, the politicians on all sides of the ethnic divide and a gullible people – which will ensure that the problems will not be solved in the near future.

    • 1

      Rajapakshes did not come to power by raising ethnic chauvinism. Rajapakshes returned because dong keys in this country elected inept morons to rule this country in 2015. Instead of ‘Yahapalanaya’ expected by those who voted them, they got a ‘Jadapalana’ Government. They robed the Central Bank, ruined the economy and ruined the peace and security enjoyed by people after defeating Tamil terrorists by allowing Muslim terrorists to carry out suicide attacks.
      “When inept morons rule a state after coming to power by raising ethnic chauvinism, this is what happens to the state.”

      • 8

        you may be sitting on your little brain – UPSIDE DOWN viewing is the result.
        With all regardless of supporting to any political parties, entire srilanken people know it well how RAJAPAKSHES silbings abused the STATE FUNDs making them untouchably wealthy.
        Auditor general of the country along with their responsible authorities, over to you, please raise the question- how Rajapakshes became untouchably wealthy ? It is your responsiblity to prove the public where those wealth CAME from ? Is that from ALADIN GE PUDHUMA pahana or Daizy Grand Ma’s majic bag… is still to be cleared… please do your job.. let alone today Thank you.

        • 6

          If SO CALLED – BOND SCAM- was born during ” good governance” govt, now the rulers can clear the doubts… let alone today, people in this country have the right to know the truth.

          Truth is – it was born under the rule of ” wandhibattaya Ajitha Cabral and Mafia Boss none other than Mainda Rajapakshe”: This was also well revealed by POlONARUWE donky/aka Sorysena. However, Sorysena’s mad nature was displayed by that “52-day FAKE govt aka coup” by making b**son of the naiton again a Premier remember”: ?
          Honourable MP Ranil Wickramasinghe challenges incumbent govt to do the job regarding giving the conviction regarding ” so called bond scam”… why on earth Rajapakshe B****puthas moves like a snail in that regard ? Baduth ewunge.. naduth ewunge… You the kind of ASUCHI eaters of Rajapakshe family would not see it beyond.
          Get well soon Eagel Eye – Get well soon Eagel Eye -Get well soon Eagel Eye -Get well soon Eagel Eye -Get well soon Eagel Eye -Get well soon Eagel Eye -Get well soon Eagel Eye –

  • 8

    Sarath, you are absolutely right on this. In school as well by elders I was told how great our leaders were including Senanayakas, SWRD and Srimavo. By the time JR came I was matured enough to understand the difference between good , bad and the ugly. After leaving Lanka and gaining real knowledge and experience I came to understand , we as a nation never had a genuine leader. All we had was family pandemic. It was bad from the word go which turned worse and now it’s all ugly.

  • 4

    My sympathies to Sarath & others who had to wait hours in queues to get the vaccine. A friend of mine with mobility problems has given up on getting the vaccine after 2 failed attempts. The first time, after queuing up since early morning, only to be told the vaccines were finished by mid day & the second time, he returned home after a few hours in the queue, expecting to be told the same as the queue was hardly moving due to constant queue jumpers who were being escorted in by military or police personnel. The failure of the vaccination programme in SL, considering the chaos, shortage & subsequent inconvenience to people, is down to lack of planning & bureaucratic inefficiency, as well as, corruption, which all points to lack of leadership of the President & the incompetence of the Minsters involved, particularly, the backword health minister who should be fired for mishandling the pandemic from the start,

    The UK govt, has been blamed for mishandling the pandemic & for the 120,000 COVID deaths but the vaccination programme has been a success. When my turn came, I was informed to make an appointment at a venue of my choice & the second appointment was made at the same time, 3 weeks hence. I was informed not to come early to prevent queueing & I was out in under 10 minutes, no signing disclaimers & all my details already on record.


  • 6


    What contributed to a successful vaccination campaign is not necessarily the leadership of the PM & Health Secretary, but the competence of the professionals behind the scene & the health care workers. The vaccination was administered all over the country according to age & vulnerability, & nobody, not even Royalty, could jump the queue. The pandemic is very much under control now, yet, the Health Secretary had to resign, not because of his moral conduct over an affair with his advisor but for his hypocrisy in expecting people to abstain from touching, even in grief, while he was pursuing an amorous relationship in his office. At the end of the day, more than leadership, it is principals, integrity & competence, which the SL politicians & bureaucrats have none.

  • 5

    Dont be fooled by politicians pretending to get the jab in front of the cameras. They get injected with saline or vitamins.

  • 8

    “and as most fallible humans, frequently unfaithful.”


    I read that with a chuckle! ………. that’s a luxury I can’t afford, if I love my life …….. but as they say, one can be unfaithful in one’s heart and mind ………. :))

    Good to know you and the missus got through the ordeal

    I always try to see the funny side of things …….. perhaps, that’s the only way one can maintain one’s sanity when forced to live through what’s going on around us now …………

    Take care.

    • 2

      Sarath’s candour noted by me as well.
      Yes, a sense of humour is very necessary to pull through these times.

  • 3

    Well written report. Sorry to hear your story sir. I live in New Zealand and when I went to get my first Pfizer Covid jab last week , I found 20-30 people were given chairs to sit until you get your turn. . While I was there my suburb area MP came and seated a couple of chairs after me. Then an old man came using a walking stick. He was assisted by a nurse and took him to a room to give the jab. I was thinking of my motherland. Why can’t the authorities change our system

    • 4

      Srilanken@ and to whom it may concern@

      Nice to get to know it from you directly. Our highly corrupted men in leadership should learn a lot from from younger Ms Jacinda Ardern.

      Now I am telling you my story from Germany.
      As is the case with anything and everything, germans are well planners. We have got regional levels “Impfzentren – Vaccinating centres, Arztpraxen – General Practices and Hauspraxen, practices to the elderly people.
      i got my first jab a month ago and I was accompanied by well trained service personnel from the entrace to the cabins where injections are administered. it took me just 1 hour including 30 min drive to the place. That was very efficient.
      You are well informed by sending you documents so that you would not miss your appointments accordingly. Yes no favourations would be allowed to any politicians in any of the places. Compared to what we hear from SL, it is just sky-earth differences.
      And btw Germany’s population is 83 millions while NZ’s and SL’s are 5 millions and 22 millions respectively.

  • 4

    Well written report. Sorry to hear your story sir. I live in New Zealand and when I went to get my first Pfizer Covid jab last week , I found 20-30 people were given chairs to sit until you get your turn. . While I was there my suburb area MP came and seated a couple of chairs after me. Then an old man came using a walking stick. He was assisted by a nurse and took him to a room to give the jab. I was thinking of my motherland. Why can’t the authorities change our system

    • 1

      Sri Lanka: Your “Prescription” from New Zealand – “To assist those using walking sticks”. If that type of assistance is given, I bet, all our “Yakos” are going to come with “Walking Sticks”. Our fellows will not stop at that, they will improve on it and “Hire” people to carry them in “Stretches”. The “Carriers” will make a make-shift “Business” outlets with “Stretches” and “Walking Sticks” for renting and charge a fee to carry the people on their shoulders. How long you have been away from us? Don’t forget, our “High Literacy” rate has made us surpass even Eienstine. Enjoy your life in New Zealand way. We enjoy it here in our way – “Desheeya Uthpadanaya” (Indigenous Innovations).

  • 2

    Our leaders are good at show up to put pirthnool as ordinary and bow down and get blessed ,who can we look upto, our medics would have gone to their homes and put the jabs,
    How our cricketers behaviour ,these are the sort of icons, even the behaviour of the few yellow robs
    100 jabs provided to factory workers without the knowledge of health officials, is it jabs maffia
    The writer should have contact the Ratmalana mayor but seems he dont cut corners I believe

  • 3

    Sarath de Alwis

    Waiting long hours to get the jab is not unique to Sri Lanka. I googled and I saw articles like “Senior citizens forced to wait for hours to get vaccinated” (The Hindu, India), “They Waited Hours to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine at Cal State LA, but not everyone Got Lucky” (from the U.S.) and “Americans wait for hours in hopes of scoring a leftover vaccine dose” (CBN News). At least you got one and should be thankful for that.

    Perhaps you wouldn’t have written this article if you had taken along the book titled “What is Happening Around the World on the the Covid Jab” rather than the one you actually did to kill time?

    • 5

      I think the article was not about the long hours wait to get the jab by Sarath de Alwis or or Ameer Ali. It is more about the leadership and the attitude of leadership. Not only Sarath but also the ordinary public wants to see that Corona vaccination programme should have implemented in a way not biased between poor and rich or privileged and unprivileged groups and transparent. We should not defend our mistakes by comparing other countries.
      “I got it so I am lucky”, “why should you bother about your neighbour” attitude is not healthy for a country.

    • 6

      Why should we compare it with the worst- india is a country where 1400 millions of people struggle to live their lives while SRILANKA is a population near to 22 millions.
      Americans got it screwed up by having supported to a CLOWN called TRUMP. Since Mr Biden is in his office, it is believed all is turning to normalized levels. We from Europe are well informed about the medical issues in the states across US.

  • 3

    People waste lot of time in Vaccination Ques as, hundreds of them start/join the queue at the starting time or even before that. They should do it at their convenience. Best example is the ques at Polling Stations. People go leisurely at any time between 7am and 4pm. and there are no long ques.

    If there are enough vaccines for the whole designated group, there should not be any rush.
    Even if it is for a lesser number, no point in waiting exceeding that number. Officials should inform the numbers they have and let only that number to wait.

    My experience is : I joined the queue at 11am (as about the 105th in the que. I counted leaving my wife in the queue) and after waiting the extra 20 minutes (for observation) I left at 11.45. Only 45 minutes. When I was leaving, there were only about five people in the queue.

    This is the case with Passport Office, NIC Office, RMV and many other places. About vaccination queues, I wrote to many officials requesting them to educate people on this. Nothing has happened.

  • 0

    Was it Jimmy carter who said he has commited adultery or unfaithfullness or sinned in only his heart.
    Is that the same in your case, First time I heard of a scribe who are the most unfaithful of the lot admitting to been unfaithful to his wife in public, Whatever it is sounds like the 95 year old man who tod everyone he met on the road that he was unfaithful to his wife, when asked why he did so, her replied as he was very proud of it at his age. Over to all you still sexully active 77 year olds.

    • 2

      Dear Calafer,
      Jimmy Carter: A Moral Hero (Student Essay) Danny Haidar (Utica Academy for International Studies)
      It is said of Carter that he held too tightly to his morals to be suited to the presidency.
      Carter’s tragic presidential tale serves as a reminder that moral malleability is a necessity in the highest office of a government.
      So it is not Carter but Clinton that you refer to, may be.

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