10 August, 2022


Gored By The Bull: Government Of Sri Lanka Adding Salt On The Wounds

By Mahesh Senanayake

Mahesh Senanayake

If there has ever been a government in Sri Lanka post independence that fits the old Sinhala adage: “gored by the bull after a fall from a tree”, it is the incumbent government of all sorts of ostentation that fits the saying best from all dimensions; be it the bull that gored or the man who fell. Unsurprisingly, it is the people who are not inoculated from the acts of goring by a government that has failed by its own norms and that has caused dented in every layer of the socio-economic fabric. The nation is being taken towards very much possible catastrophic ends; from governance to international relations, from economy to society and from wellbeing to disharmony.

Coming into power using all kinds of well contrived methods that contravened hitherto known politically expedient tactics, today, the government has only been successful in receiving severe criticism for its failure to meet the  above-the-average promises it made. Brandishing chauvinistic sword cutting the social harmony among the communities mercilessly, government first failed Sinhala Buddhists majority who were mislead that the SLPP government would never solicit support from Muslims or Tamils. Anti-climax started with the appointment  of the personal lawyer of the president Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the Minister of justice who holds sway not only with his ability to wax eloquently but with his special modus operandi with the main tacticians who act above the elected representatives of the governing party. Let’s not forget that the 2/3 majority the government mustered was the result of support from bunch of Muslim legislators. Rapid increase in turncoats disassociating themselves from a “Sinhala only government” either shows that they are angry for having  no say in the governance of their choice  or least they have begun to realize devastating results of hoodwinking the Sinhala Buddhists. Heavy flak government now receives from most of the  monks who tenaciously worked towards forming the Rajapaksa-flavored regime is a case in point. It is the majority Sinhala-Buddhists wounded most .

It is true that the Covid-19 has caused economic crises across the globe. Whoever in power would have to face the bad weather. Whereas the way the current government of Sri Lanka manipulated the pandemic for its political gains is contrary to humanity and hallowed principles of democracy for which it appeared. First they claim that it was the only government who successfully fought the pandemic in the world, held elections violating all the laws while using government reliefs to the needy as a means of political bribe to grab the vote, allowed a business entity  responsible for the second wave to get scot free, enabled unscrupulous business mafia that supported the government, to unduly earn as if “return on investment” is allowed in general business practice. Now, Sri Lankan government has plunged in the pandemic paving the way for economic collapses, mismanagement of ruling the country, and ever growing “fear of tomorrow” among people. Instead, government has succeeded in failing to present a genuine road map to rescue the country from the dilemma. Reportedly vaccination program is in disarray starting from government’s lax behavior in signing the second contract for free vaccines with India, political interference to allow private sector to import vaccines, to carelessly attempting to permit the import of Russian and Chinese vaccines ignoring  local and international expert advice. VVIPS and allied groups are given undue “places” in the whole episode from quarantine to vaccination. Last minute decision by the government to grant a rupees five thousand relief to the needy families  on the 12th April while the public sector is on leave, only shows the callous attitude of the government towards the people. Was there no person in government ranks to advise either to grant it earlier or use the funds to subsidize the essential items to bring down the fast sky rocketing commodity prices benefitting all Sri Lankans? By now, people have pawned their jewelries to celebrate an elusive festive period. It is again the people who are battered.

In a backdrop where the rupee faces devaluation every day and government is on a money printing  spree, reportedly, latest being sixty billion in rupees, what hopes could one have on a government rampant with corruption to rescue the economy? Hurriedly announced massive tax reductions in December 2019 to pamper the business tycoons who helped gaining power , made the government to lose colossal amounts of tax revenue that has had no benefit on the masses. Least to say, such benefits are well reflected on balance sheets on some of the mega business hegemonies. Politically camouflaged scams  from sugar to carcinogenic coconut oil, manipulation of finance grants to various industries, embracing Chinese debt trap further and grossly ignoring financial assistance from the international agencies at very low costs  have lined up for the next onslaught on the people of this country. The only punishment for wrong doing   Sri Lankans could see during recent times was the transfer of the chairman of CWE Mr Nushard Perera to Sri Lanka standard institution – from purchasing to approving authority – or sacking of couple of middle level public servants. No offender of ecocide has effectively been prosecuted, yet, sprawling extents of forest cover have been given to businessman to fell trees snubbing  the interests of the traditional farmers. Rambakan oya saga is a case in point. Majority offenders are connected to the government, hence Powers that be are unable to take action. 

Further, abysmal performance of the government in international relations leave posing dangers to the country’s image and future. Ego centric approach towards handling the recently passed UNHRC resolution has antagonized the international community at large and ended up creating ruptures with the long standing donors and friendly nations. Evident disagreeing views of the  Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardena and his ministerial secretary Admiral Jayanath Colombage have only brought disrepute to the country. UNHRC resolution dwells not only with the war crimes some of which are quite unsubstantiated. It draws attention inter alia  to deteriorating human rights violations, crippling of freedom of speech, threats of democracy and scaled up militarization of the civil machinery. What is so worrisome is that the tendency of the governing types to concoct stories that disrepute the nation and create disharmony amongst the people.

The current plight the country is fast contracting has seemingly gone unaddressed by the government. It is quite doubtful whether the derailed governance can be restored in the remaining period or not. All the main pillars of a nation, society, culture, economy and politics have been shaken. Money makers make undue profits while the public suffer. Rulers indulge in falsehood taking people for granted. Every layer in society is falling into turmoil and the government continues to disappoint a nation who has now been brought to a plateau with possible deep falls both local and international. Is It not worse than being gored by a bull when fall off a tree ?

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  • 12

    Mahesh Senanayake,
    “All the main pillars of a nation, society, culture, economy and politics have been shaken.”

    You have given a rational thoughtful analysis of the current status of the country and the failure of the regime to consider the fundamentals of governance that create a civilised country. Unfortunately, Sri lankan people failed to produce a good leadership over the decades and it has gone worse over time and now unable to find an escape route. They go around with the same cycle again and again. Political leadership and Religious leadership changed their route and people do not know where to go.

  • 12

    6.9 Million Sinhalese Buddhist voters wanted Gota to be a Hitler and voted him to power. Don’t they know, or were they not told of the millions the Nazis killed and the fate of Hitler and Nazi Germany?

    If the regime was voted on this basis, Gota is is gradually becoming a Hitler as promised. He is keeping his promise.

    The people did not care for the atrocities Hitler committed thereby destroying Germany. If millions of Sinhalese voters are so unethical to want a leader of their country to emulate Hitler and Nazi Germany what else can they expect?

    What you want is what you get!

    • 13

      Today D. Amunugama said people wanted a Hitler and GR didn’t want to act like one but if people try to resist, then he can transform to a Hitler anytime as needed. Only in SB Lanka.

      • 13

        The German ambassador replied to clown Amnugama by stating Hitler is never a role model to any of their politician.

        • 6

          Dilum Amunugama and his father were the worst type of Sinhalese traitors that this country has to offer. He is pretty much mouthing off what was really engineered and planned by the Chinese. He is a willing accomplice and a first class traitor. The 6.9million and the few dumb robed thugs had no idea who Adolf Hitler really was or what ended up happening to Germany particularly Berlin, Dresden and other major German cities which were reduced to rubble and their inhabitants who could be equated the the 6.9million idiots. Having said that this dictatorship is not gored. It is merely flexing its muscles. All it does is aimed at remaining in control while imposing more and more menacing hardship on the population particularly those that dare speak up.

        • 6

          Minister Amunugama’s reference to Hitler shows how illiterate & backward he is in his thinking. Hitler’s regime is a shameful chapter in German history & apart from factual events of the war, all references to Hitler is taboo. ‘Nazism’ is banned all over the world but the yobs in SL seem to be unaware of this fact. Diplomatic circles in SL must be scratching their heads as to how such uneducated punks (normal reference to Nazis sympathisers) are running a country. It may go down well with the racist public but would any country be willing to aid a regime which idolises Hitler?

          SL is f****d, the politicians are the laughing stock in eyes of the world but they have no shame & despite the hardships faced by the average citizen thanks to a corrupt & incompetent regime, there seems to be over 6m optimistic citizens still waiting for that promised splendour.

    • 8

      Thiru: “6.9 Million Sinhalese Buddhist voters….” Please note all that (“6.9”) of “Sinhalese Buddhists” is wrong. There were “Sinhalese/Tamils/Muslims of several other “Religions” too. In fact, I was surprised to see how the “Christians” (Catholics) voted the “Vagabonds” from SLPP nominated from predominantly the constituencies of such religious voters. Anyway, reference Gota to be “Hitler”- this was said by a State Minister (Dilum Amunugama) at a media briefing. A nice reply has been given by the Ambassador of Germany, Holger Seubert in his “F/B”: He says: ” I am hearing that Hitler would be beneficial to Lanka today. Let me remind those voices that Adolf Hitler was responsible for human suffering and despair beyond imagination with millions of deaths. Definitely no role model for any politician”. Ref. htts://t.co/BZjFC2Ddpk

    • 2

      Not true. Over 300,000 Tamils and over 200,000 Muslims and over 600,000 Christians also voted for Gota.

      All Tamil and Muslim voters voted for Sinhala Only candidates at all presidential elections except 1982.

      Learn some history.

  • 6

    Thiru Simon is right, it is not just SB, there were Christians, Muslims and few Tamils too who voted for a Hitler. But it not a surprise because I have Met Lankans who were denied rights to live in their own country, reached U.S made it , became one of them but vehemently oppose any privileges/ welfare benefits , to Blacks, Hispanics, refugees and even to (their own) Asians. There were many who are staunch supporters of Trumps discriminatory policies and voted for him.

    • 3

      Corrupt muslim, tamil and sinhala businessmen love the rajapaksa family. Through fraud they all fill each others pockets and steal land also.
      They often create communal tensions to distract the poor from their communities, while their criminal activities go on behind the scenes.
      When mahinda first came to power, his cronies were going around the island stealing land that already belonged to others. Then using threats and intimidation to make them back off. Many of those land dispute issues are ongoing to this day!

  • 1

    Sixty Billion Rupees has been printed says the Author of this essay.

    Every line of this essay is a reflection of not only his indignation but possibly the indignation of most people of this country who voted to usher in what is probably and possibly the worst Govt:since Independence.

    Hold your breath, the chances are that EVEN THE US DOLLAR WILL BE PRINTED???!!!>

  • 0

    Around 4.8m to 5.1 m have always voted for the SLFP or related party. That probably was the number that always wanted a Hitler type Government. The 1.9 million were a quasi hitler support
    @ Mahesh who is to be blamed for those 1.9 supporting the return and establishment of a call for a Hitler like. It is Ranil who through lack of leadership and foresight that allowed a lead to the current situation.

    If he had foresight and acumen he should have known who Sirisena was . Then once he was planted in the seat he was allowed the luxury of having SLFP mp and ministers in his fold . Strengthening SIRA .

    Throughout RW has been a poor judge of character.. look at all his trusted people that left him and joined MR and are kings with GOTA. Include Keheliya , Milinda , Yapa , Cabral , Bogollagama Maverick SB , Late Wijesekera, Johnston, to name a handful.

    The lack of a leader in him is the result of the current situation. What is now important is to support a person or system that will make those 1.9 m come back . It is then that there will be no adding of salt to the wounds of the people.


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