20 May, 2022


Gota A Karma Chameleon

“A real man will be honest no matter how painful truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceit ” ~ Anonymous

Gotabaya Rajapaksa the former Ministry of Defence Secretary under his elder brother Minister of Defence, Mahinda Rajapaksa has finally come out of the closet. In a public interview widely circulated, Gotabaya ventures into a realm quite out of the ordinary. Economics of a Nation, and his plans to take Sri Lanka into the first world. The interview was well managed by his script writer and cameraman.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

The interview was an obvious ploy to shunt Gotabaya as a pragmatic economist, well versed in how a nation’s macro economy is run and so fashioned to deviate his hitherto public image of a military strongman. This left many a viewer bemused.The camera was panned only to show a head shot so as to conceal the written script from which he was paraphrasing. His delivery was slow and contrived, akin to an economist sharing his knowledge with first year university students. The package included sparsely thrown words such as GDP, Low incomes, attracting knowledge and larger intake into Universities. Viyathmaga, his claim to garnering intellectual capital to pitch for Presidency in year 2020, has yet to name the team that is advising him.

Be that as it may, Gotabaya has other hurdles to clear before he could dream of becoming a Presidential candidate let alone holding any public office in the future. In a well researched and exhaustive article Nirmala Kannangara brings to focus the twin investigations of the Criminal Investigations Department into the abduction, assault and torture of Keith Noyahr in 2008 and of course the brutal murder of The Sunday Leader Editor, Lasantha Wickramatunge in 2009. The Daily Mirror of 10.05.2018 carries the article in full.( read here)

Readers attention is drawn to the facts enumerated in the article. They are from reports to Mt Lavinia Courts by the investigators and thereby they are necessarily public documents. It is an established fact that the Army Intelligence was behind the abduction, assault and torture of Keith Noyahr and the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge. It is established that Kandegedara Piyawansa was the person who used Pitchai Jesudasan’s Identity Card to obtain five SIM cards which were used for these operations. It is an established fact that Pitchai Jesudasan died in remand. It is an established fact a motor cycle was dug out from a marsh nearby the murder scene of Sunday Leader Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge on an anonymous tip off received by IGP Jayantha Wickramaratne. It is an established fact that the two young tamil youth who were riding this very same motor cycle were abducted in an army style operation in the north and their charred bodies were later identified by the Criminal Investigations Department.It is an established fact that Kandegedara Piyawansa was promoted, paid his monthly salary and even given loans whilst in remand. It is an established fact that Piyawansa was exonerated in a higher court during Mahinda Rajapaksa reign, with UNP lawyer and human rights activist J.C Weliamuna appearing for him. It is an established fact that the note book of Lasantha Wickrematunge had the false numbers of plates of the motor cycles that followed him noted and was taken away by SI Sugathapala who handed it over to SP Adikari who in turn handed it over to DIG Nanayakkara on instructions from IGP Wickremaratne. It is an established fact that the original notes in this connection were removed/replaced on similar instructions. The policemen involved are presently in remand.

The then Ministry of Defence Secretary says that most of the revelations now elicited by the CID stems from the initial findings made by the TID, during his time. He lies. The SIM cards and the resultant findings were found out by two Policemen from Mt Lavinia Police who did the initial inquiries painstakingly and made notes and copies to Court. These could not be destroyed. Piyawansa was arrested after Jesudasan’s statement at a similar time. DIG Wakishta was a known Gotabaya acolyte and was part of the cover up. What is he doing in Germany? Germany was a country some of the perpetrators of these crimes were sent on Diplomatic appointments, presumably as a reward.

Readers may recall that Lal, the brother of Lasantha Wickrematunge, made public that the former President had informed him on three occasions that it was Gen. Sarath Fonseka that killed his brother. This is a public record. It may be pertinent to recall that the late Lasantha’s brother Lal, sent a letter to this effect through Uvindu Kurukulasuriya to Chairman UNHRC Navi Pillai in London. ( See here). Gen Fonseka too went public on this and his interview is worth listening to. ( See here)

Now, it would be of importance to hark back to a time when President Mahinda Rajapaksa was running for office after the war ended and his brother was the reigning
Ministry of Defence’ Secretary. Recall that Gen Fonseka was dragged by his feet after he lost to Mahinda? Remember the puerile cases that were filed and the resultant remanding of Gen. Fonseka?

Why on earth did not the erstwhile Ministry of Defence’ Secretary Gotabaya charge Gen. Fonseka for the abduction, assault and torture of Keith Noyahr and the murder of
Lasantha Wickrematunge, if as he says now that most of the revelations unfolding before court were found out during his tenure? Mind boggling or is it Mens Rea?

The issues before the nation are more serious than it appears. Can someone who is a suspected of abduction, assault, torture and murder be presented before the people to run for President of a country? Or is such person seeking to become President of a country to save himself from such crimes? (by Suranimala Umagiliya)

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    this gota factor is becoming extremely too dangerous. it is spreading like cancer. arrest and crucify him today not tomorrow.

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      If GotAPAYA arrested then Gota’s Golaya Kaavi Rowdi Venom : Galagodaya will start a huge protest in front of the Court with his other Kaavi goons/Gundas and surrounded by body guards. You know this kaavi rowdi had visited the archaeological site which were damaged by the housing authority when clearing the site in order to put a housing scheme at Vijithapura , Anuradapura district.
      But shockingly this Galagodaya was accompanied by 04-05 body guards . So who is this Galagodaya ? A ‘ special figure ‘ in Sirisena’s politics..? See this photo..


    • 4


      how do you arrest and crucify a guy who has 40% of the population most of them sinhalese right behind him.It might end up with the armed forces who are mostly sinhalese toppling the government and installing him as the leader.

      That is why first that 40% has to be whittled down to 30 and then 25%.To do that we have to see a election by all members of the UNP as to their preference for a leader.

      I have been telling this many times.After the vote create a leadership committee ,like a former communist country polit bureau with the 3 to 5 of the most highest vote grossing members,not candidates.Nobody should put up their hands as candidates and all members of the UNP should be eligible to receive votes regardless of whether they are MP’s or not.Some deserving cases may have not been given a chance to contest the election in this nepotism riddled election system.

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      Crucify Gota and appoint another idiot from your clan ??? bloody BS

      you fools do not see the reality -it is not Gota factor becoming dangerous – but Gota is providing a leadership to a large sector of people who had become thoroughly disgusted with the policies of current administration and who could see how these policies had ruin the country – it is this factor that is becoming dangerous — If Gota do not provide leadership to these people there will be somebody who would provide – God help us that somebody is not a headstrong fascist like Mussolini of Italy – So Gota is a better option to replace this ” koheda yanne malle pol ” leadership of the country

  • 16

    Why cannot USA arrest Gota for the enormity of crimes he has committed. Why USA allows him free travel to that great country? The US Ambassador in Sri Lanka please note, otherwise you will be on notice for gross derilection of duty.

    • 0

      Bull Shit – will just forget about the suitability of USA to act as Policemen of the world –

      How about 60k to 70k killed and burned in public by previous UNP regime –

      How about killers of Richard Soyza and another journalist who happened to take a photograph of then first lady in tennis suit

      The politicians or their siblings who supported these killings are still living among us

      You better pray your God to punish these rascals also

  • 9

    Dear CT Editor,
    Would you please consider the reader comments being shown with the letest one on the top, rather than the oldest ones on the top.

    • 1

      I too suggested this to CT…..BUT NO ACTION..

  • 7

    Go GOTA…..;)

    • 6


      Go GOTA…..;) —
      go back to your adopted country, when you go take your siblings with you. Don’t forget to take your b***s carriers Hela, soma, max, …… Dayan, with you.

  • 6

    This Umagiliya must be seeing Gota in all his dreams. After reading his painful lamentations, I felt like working towards making GR president of SL. !!
    Every Sinhala citizen of Sri Lanka should work towards making Gotabhaya Rajapaksa the president of SL.

    • 2

      we are not fools to get a man of this nature as president of this country. He cant deceive the people of this country except for few hard line nationalists.

      • 0

        BUT you all were fools to elect back boneless , joker and a Royal set of bastards as President , PM and MPs of this country – what have they achieved for more than two years — country had gone to dogs –

        Weather you all like or not Gota is the only choice to clean this mess

  • 8

    I cant understand how some third grade media person who was a pet of international actors against Sri Lanka is worthy than Sri Lanka’s war winning commander or defence secretary. Seriously who the F is Lasantha?

    • 0

      Exactly – who the F.. is Eknaligoda also – parasits

  • 10

    USA must collect the evidence and send Gota to Hague for mass murder investigation and punishment.

    • 0

      Do not worry – they are currently busy in war mongering – so they do not have time

      The biggest mass murderer is currently leading this country

      – you all want to carry the person who destroyed the biggest brutal murderer (Pribaharan) of this country to Hague while tolerating the bull shit of celebrating this murder’s birthday

      Please put you brain upstairs without sitting on it

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    Gota is a nice decent guy. He finished the war with the help of the security apparatus.
    Linking him to unwarranted incidents is absolutely BS.

    • 0

      when this is full of bulls – what else we can expect like Ad , lion etc

  • 4

    While we argue about GR and RW, the future of the country will be greatly affected by discussions being held in the US embassy and Washington. Recently Rohitha Bogollagama claimed that US commandos were on Sri Lankan soil in 2009, ready to save the LTTE. Deatils can be found on the Thuppahi blog.


  • 4

    Reference to M.Mahamuduli
    The crux issues that UNP wanted become next term of President will turn into -2020 by eradicated all other candaitures on one-hose race by that support of foreign powers keeping vital interest US hegemony in Indian Ocean?
    Indeed hence Island of Sri lanka that become revival of BIG POWER by that double issue of which accepts Tamil claim for homeland by Tamil diaspora in return that agreed to granting USA Military & Navel forces base in soli at the North or Eastern part of Sri lanka.?
    How bad it can be? This is nothing more than that inefficient equilibrium of UNP leadership by the poor politics ” Liberal democracy” has been splendidly isolation from masses of majority of people?
    Bring back that square one by charges against Gotabaya Rajapakese it seems me that in my political point of view irrational explanation by that “democracy” of UNP leadership of RW!
    The so -called of “War Crime” of violated of “human rights” and kidnapped & gunmen killed are that issues have no basis in fact. This is every chance that this lack of UNP diversity constrains or distort the field’s rational development and Democracy of 21st century .
    While UNP manipulated charges against GR by attack problem with ruthless logic . Take issue of people representation in politically -economically and socially the field in ground level that UNP has overwhelmingly lost in people base in Island -wide.
    That has shown by February 10th 2018 local council elections as UNP and SLFP national party won only 30% and 12% voters .
    What I have to say voters or people reach things based on the past and recent past experiences.
    While People’s vital interest depend on greater representation of masses in the field would change it in a number of model and paths by different ways. Modernity of political democracy has read on factual basis.

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    If Nagananda Kodituwakku contests 2020 presidential poll he will make it impossible for the former Defence Secretary Gota to gain Sinhala Buddhist vote. In a 4 corner contest Nagananda will come 3rd pushing Sirisena on to 4th. Ranil will win over Gota.

  • 0

    Reference to Kusuma Abapala ……
    Applying the democratic principles and norms on going political crisis in Sri lanka which is organized by the major parties of UNP , SLFP,TNA & JVP; anti-establimanent politics of democracy; that roots goes to the classes of lumpen and bunch of culprits, whom legitimately uproot the public funds by looters of Primer and President of Republic.
    Undoubalely which is team & pool of whole operation has been done by purposely undermined an Islanders common goal of political democracy and economic sovereignty by leadership of MS , RW and CBK .
    These members are also including the team and pool works which is helps by that vital interest of hegemonies of US and Indians.

    By and large current regime of RW+ MS has created man made instability of country and uncertainties of Economy of Island by that nation system of ill-governance and that created whole island in anarchist consciousness among the people!
    Last three and half years UNP leadership of RW & MS has unable address a single challenges we are face toady is inadequately? Here is more than that ruthless regime being to power 2015 January 8th, after 1948 since that ours Republic turn into a Dependent nation? The aim of undermined growth of economy !

    Well, who will be next President of country that an issued is decided by sovereignty of right of voters ,not by few lumpens of anarchists-JVP’s and separatist of TNA who are holding-power behind the state!
    So-called legal opposition leader and organizer in Parliament by TNA and JVP’s !$
    In power of enforcement authority of state is concern that House was put into disorder and mismanaging state by that undesirable policies of leadership of UNP-RW, SLFP of MS+CBK.
    The open economy policies are desirable ,it’s because OPENNESS is in a Sri Lankan ‘s own self-interest not because its helps foreign power.

  • 1

    Is Nagananda Kodithuwakku the best solution to Sri Lanka. Why cannot Ranjan Ramanayake, Nagananda Kodithuwakku, Sugandhika Fernando, Dharshana Handungoda, DM Thushara Jayarathne, JVP Samarasinghe fellow (anti corruption crusdaer) and Samantha Waidyarathne get together and form a political party of new with Ranjan Ramanayake the Presdiential Candidate. They will beat RW, Gota and Sirisena.

  • 0

    My dear Chulani Kusuma

    You are absoultely wrong

    Naganada will come 2nd with Ranil 1st

    If Sugandhika contests, she will come 1st with Ranil 2nd,. Gota 3rd and Appa Sira 4th (with 0.3% vote)

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