25 July, 2024


Gota And The Minorities

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

A Sri Lankan President, as reported by the BBC, New York Times and The Telegraph (UK) and not contradicted by him up to this time of writing, has for the first time dropped the bombshell that 20,000 Tamils were killed in the civil war. Before commenting on that let me discuss devolution. Allow me these premises. 

1. Gota is on record as having said devolution is not possible because the majority are opposed.

2. I (KD) agree that this is factually correct. The Sinhalese are strongly opposed, at this moment, to any devolution to the Tamils and Muslims in their respective areas of domicile. That’s a fact, let’s face it!

3. There is an implication in the way Gota phrased it that he, personally, would be more accommodating but his hands are tied by prevailing correlations of power.

4. There is historical precedent to this. Banda and Dudley had to tear up the B-C Pact and the Dudley-Chelva Accord, respectively, and duck for cover when Sinhala chauvinists and monks counterattacked.

If 1 to 4 are correct what is the right thing for Gotabaya Rajapaksa to do? You can’t and shouldn’t expect him to hit his head against a rock and destroy himself. At the same time, it would be wrong to do nothing. Then how should he set about overcoming this gangrene?  How did others who faced moral challenges of similar proportions respond? Three that come to mind are Lincoln, Gandhi and Mandela, admittedly men of extraordinary stature, but that’s just what makes them important. All three were determined to fight and to raise the consciousness of their people. Leaders must stand ahead of the people if they intend to lead; the quality of leadership is not the passivity of a tail. Gota has a job to do, but does he have the moral strength?

Lincoln fought a long and hard battle to preserve the union and to abolish slavery. The first was his primary goal but he never abandoned the latter. Gandhi, after early missteps alienating the Muslims and disadvantaged castes, by the late 1930s rose to full stature and stood for Muslims as no other Hindu leader and eventually he identified with downtrodden castes as much as Ambedkar did. He single-handedly stopped the riots in Calcutta which the British-Indian army could not. Mountbatten called him “my one-man army”. Lincoln and Gandhi payed the ultimate price. Gota if he wants to be a leader of stature must campaign hard to educate his six-plus million voters to bring reconciliation and social harmony but in addition to moral commitment he also needs tactical wisdom.  Gandhi was the unluckiest of my triumvirate; he could not prevent the partition of India. Mandela the luckiest; he did not suffer an assassin’s bullet when guiding his people through a grim compromise. The real problem is that there is little evidence that Gota is doing much to educate the Sinha- Buddhist people that devolution is right. He could become another fallen by the wayside discard like Aung San Suu Kye. Pity.

Now to the bombshell. I find an estimate of about twenty thousand Tamil deaths in the civil war credible. He should have pulled together the best official estimates before risking this remarkably controversial declaration. Every previous government has lied brazenly so why did he so unexpectedly come clean, if he did? Perhaps he wants to put the past behind, admit the truth, grant amnesty to military personnel guilty of grievous misconduct and issue death certificates to relatives of victims. Or is he looking even beyond; seeking final closure with the Tamils and clearing the decks for a new settlement? If this is the case, he will have to be prepared to make sacrifices for the public good. Is he ready for a showdown with lunatic racial extremists and hate-crazed monks and does he realise that this admission weakens his vote bank in the coming elections? 

Gota has no declared ideology and subscribes to no political philosophy. One has to make out where he is going by assuming that pragmatism is his yardstick. I am now of the view that this approach provides a better assessment how his presidency will evolve than attributing to him immovable ideological, dictatorial or racist obligations. Paradoxically then, it is important to deny the SLPP-SLFP a two-thirds majority at the next election and forestall a “strong executive”. Authoritarianism is as dangerous a tool in the hands of pragmatist with no proven democratic credentials as it would be in the hands of potentially more sinister successors. 19A is miserable but its better than any now feasible alternative. 

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  • 1

    Toady is 30th January 2020, 21st Century

    It seems that our (Self Proclaimed High Caste) Siva Sankaran Sharma is living in 12th Century mindset to say “low caste/untouchable Tamil”. There is no political correctness, nor sign of learning capacity.
    How can he then expect a born again “GOTABHAYA”.

    • 5

      Thullukan , why are you attacking Siva Sankaran out of nowhere ? Is it because he has stated the truth .The real, largely low caste Indian Thamizh Dravidian origin of Sri Lankan Thullukans? You and the rest of the Thullukans do not like this and keep on attacking him, as you do not want anyone to state the truth and want everyone to blindly believe in the largely Arab origin myth. Why we do not have eyes or brains to analyse?
      Stating the obvious truth and the real origin of a person is not a crime. It is only a crime when someone tries to hide their actual origin and claim to be something else. for perceived social prestige and economic benefits.
      It is a fact that most Chingkallams and Sri Lankan Thullkans are descended from immigrant Indian Tamil low castes . Stating this obvious fact is not a crime. Going around falesely claiming to be Aryan or of Arab heritage , when you obviously aren’t is not on. If you and the Chingkallams were not caste or race conscious , you will not be doing this and attacking Siva Sankaran or the late Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan or anyone who states the truth. It is obvious you are the racist and casteist and not Siva Sankaran. He is an easy target as he is a Brahmin . You obviously think your actual low caste Dravidian Thamizh origin is bad but Arab origin is good and claim this as yours and will attack anyone who states the truth . So who is the casteist and racist?

      • 3

        Pandi Kutti,

        The difference is, Muslims want to be Arabs when mostly they’re not. Likewise, Tamils like you don’t want to accept you are Tamil Nadu origins, when most of you’re. Ask Dutch invaders what happened to the slaves they brought from TN & Malabar for working in tobacco farms. History doesn’t say those slaves were sent back. Something fishy…

        • 4

          Something fishy about you. You are no bloody Sri Lankan Muslim but a Sinhalese Buddhist Fascist , who is pretending to be a Muslim and deliberately trying to create friction between both people by constantly attacking the Tamils under your fake Muslim identity. However if you carefully read all your comments , they are basically full of Sinhalese Buddhist Fascist agenda and lies . Only Sinhalese Buddhist Fascists and racists not Sri Lankan Muslims , constantly come up with this blatant lie and falsehood about Sri Lankan Tamils were imported into the island during the Dutch colonials , to work in tobacco farms, when in reality it was the opposite , it was the ancestors of half the present day so called Sinhalese who were imported into the island from South India to work in the huge southern spice farms and for menial service work . Tamil low castes from South India were also sold as slaves to the Vellalar landlords in the north too by the Dutch , to work in their tobacco farms but their numbers were very little a few thousand , compared to the hundreds of thousands who were sent down south. These low castes who worked in the north did not want to return to South India , as they were treated far better in Northern Sri Lanka by their Vellalar landlords , than in South India . They eventually got assimilated into the local Nalavar ( tree climbers, Durawa or Nadar in South India ) caste.

          • 4

            The ancient history of the indigenous Sri Lankan(Eelam) Tamils , the northern Tamil Jaffna kingdom and the eastern Tamil Vanimmai chiefdoms, are recorded Even your Mahavamsa comic book confirms the presence of Tamils and calls the lands to the north and east of the island as Tamil lands . By constantly trying to vilify the island’s Tamils and trying to link them to the South Indian Tamil invaders/immigrants , most of whom ironically assimilated into the Sinhalese identity, it confirmed the presence of an indigenous Tamil population in the island from ancient times . Did the opposite, The king who converted to Buddhism was a Tamil , His title was Thevanai Nambiya Theesan , meaning the great man who loved god. He was the son of King Mutta Sivan, meaning the great or venerated Lord Siva in pure Tamil. Later this king’s title was Prakritised( Pali) by the Buddhist monks to Devanam Piya Tissa. Theesan or Thisan was a very common name amongst Tamil men during this era, as evidenced by the Keeladi excavations in Tamil Nadu. The so called Sinhalese hero Dutugemunu( not his actual name ) was no Sinhalese , as there were no Sinhalese 2300 years ago but a Tamil Naga Buddhist. His father’s name was Kaavan Theesan, meaning The great protector in Tamil and he was also called Kakkai Vanna Thessan, meaning the king or great man the colour of the crow,( the black king) No Aryan would have been the colour of the crow, proving he was an indigenous Tamil Naga, with a very dark skin. These are all pure Tamil titles. Kaavan Theesan was later Prakritised by the Buddhist monks to Kavan Tissa.

    • 5

      Having a go at me as you do not like what I state about the Sri Lankan Muslims ? Too bad this is the truth. This is not only what I state but many other anthropologists and others state too. It is not me but you who is racist and caste conscious , as you and the rest of your community , do not want to admit to your actual origin as you think claiming and Arab origin/heritage and calling your selves Moors is much better in the eyes of the world and prestigious than acknowledging your actual converted largely low caste Indian Tamil immigrant origin and calling your selves Tamil Muslims. Who is the liar and the hypocrite. I rest my case. I am what I am and do not claim to be anything else but you and your community are not what you claim to be but something else.

    • 4

      Siva Sankaran Sharma & the likes don’t want to touch those low castes. But when another religion touches & dignifies their lives, he gets furious for 2 reasons: 1. He & the likes want to use them in statistics for their advantage 2. These stupid people think a house with back door is designed for just single purpose or they won’t find a barber to have an haircut or find a laundry to get their clothes washed.

      • 4

        Another fake Arab , converted Tamil Dravidian immigrant from South India , a well known Islamic extremist howling here and showing fake concern to so called low caste Tamils . The Tamils who are most affected by state sponsored Sinhalese racism and Islamic extremism and forced conversions in the east , are the poor largely lower caste Tamils. Yet these Sinhalese racists and fake Arab South Indian origin Dravidian Tamil Muslim extremists , constantly shed crocodile tears about them , whilst committing atrocities on them , either in the name of Sinhalese Buddhist Fascism or in the name of Islam. There is a Tamil saying about the wolf crying concerned that the sheep or goats were getting wet in the rain, which everyone knows is a fake concern , as wolves attack and kill sheep or goats. This so called Sinhalese and Fake Arab converted Indian Tamil Dravidian Muslim concern for the low caste Tamils is also like this, as they are the main victims of Sinhalese state racism and Islamic extremism in the island and forced conversions to Islam in Muslim majority areas in the east. This fake concern is to further divide and rule the Tamils but it won’t work.

    • 2

      There are no high-caste Tamils in Sri Lanka. Vellalars (considered Sudras according to the Indian system) were imported by the Dutch to cultivate tobacco. A few learned English and converted to Christianity. In return, the British gave them cushy civil service jobs. These Velllalars became influential landowners and discriminated against other Tamils. This is the root cause of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, not Sinhalese discrimination. Prabhakaran (from a low fishing caste) had to wipe out the TULF (all Vellalars) before he could come sole “leader” of the Tamils. He killed many of them: Amirthalingam, Yogeswaran (husband & wife both), Duriappah, Neelan Tiruchelvam, etc.

      • 4

        Caste boundaries in South India were not as marked as in north India, where the four-tier varna system placed the priestly Brahmins on top followed by the Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras. In south India, on the other hand, there existed only three distinguishable classes, the Brahmins, the non-Brahmins and the Dalits. The two intermediate dvija varnas — the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas — did not exist.
        The dominant castes of south India, such as Reddys, Vellalar, Naickers and Nairs, held a status in society analogous to the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas of the north with the difference that religion did not sanctify them, they were not accorded the status of Kshatriyas and Vaishyas by the Brahmins in the Brahmanical varna system. Historically, land-owning castes like the Reddys, Vellalars, Kapu , Naickers, Nairs and others, have belonged to the regal ruling classes and are analogous to the Kshatriyas of the Brahmanical society.
        The Brahmins, on top of the hierarchical social order, viewed the ruling castes of the south like the Reddys, Nairs and Vellalars as sat-Shudras meaning shudras of “true being”. Sat-shudras are also known as clean shudras, upper shudras, pure or high-caste Shudras.This classification and the four-tier varna concept was never accepted by the ruling castes.
        Low life Sinhalese racist if Vellalars are low Shudras so are the so called Sinhalese upper castes like the Govigamma, Radalas and others. You are also Shudra . Understood Sinhalese racist living the good life in London. In my opinion, you are nothing but disgusting low life creature.

    • 4

      There is also no political correctness or sign of learning when a (Self Proclaimed Low Caste ) born again SB Gothabayee tries to steal the role of a Pakistani Nadvi Ahamadia.

  • 4

    Gota accepted that 20K of Tamils were silenced in the final phase of the war right?

    Technically Gota said that Sinhala chauvinists and Buddhist monks would not allow any devolution to Tamils in SL ?

    Let us appreciate Gota’s courage for telling the truth without any twists!

    How many of us have watched the movie “I am SAM”?

    Over to you U of (India/Kingdom/States/Nation)!

    • 1

      GR has the courage to speak his mind. He was polite not to say that most of the Tamils, 90% or more were silenced by racist, genocidal Tamil terrorists. Nothing technical said about any devolution to racist Tamils when there is no need for it. There is a squalid state across the Palk Straits for those Tamils who want an Apartheid State to live in. Or, ask the Swiss Embassy for a free ticket to a first world resident visa.

      • 5

        He was also too polite to not say that the BBS are a bunch of racists, who terrorized the minority, and that the troops carelessly shooting thousands of Tamils up North, was a crime. What a polite man.

      • 5

        lal loo

        Go look for the 5,000 MIA.

        “He was polite not to say that most of the Tamils, 90% or more were silenced by racist, genocidal Tamil terrorists. “

        This is because the racist, genocidal Tamil terrorists share their gene with racist, genocidal Sinhala/Buddhist terrorist members of the state. Its so happened Sinhala/Buddhists as well as its terrorist state generously funded, aided, bribed, ….. armed, …. the racist, genocidal Tamil terrorists. In fact Tamil Terrorists elected the war criminals and placed the clan in power. Oh by the way they got rid of invading army.

        You are suffering from permanent selective memory lapses leading to serious serious consequences.

  • 0

    While all the current limelight has been on the shit fight between Dr Rani and Keselwatta Kid Factions of the UNP , their ardent supporter, the 3% Party boss and Dr KD’s preferred Prez Candidate is never to be seen now days, although the General Election is around the corner , even before next

    Wonder whether they are also having Factional Fights or just Soul searching on how to save the deposits in the next round.

    Prez Nandasena increased the minimum wage of Estate Tamils to LKR 1000 a month with in 30 days after coming to power.

    Estate Tamil Party bosses who came to Parliament with the Union fees from those estate Tamils joined Dr Rani and got free Yahapalana Car permits worth up to LKR 34 Million.

    But but couldn’t give that One thousand Ruppiah to Estate Tamils even after 5 years.

    Now has this Devolution of Power to Vellala Party bosses any relevance to those One Million plus Estate Tamils ?,.
    Do they get free lands and Estate Tamil Police to protect them ?.

    Prez Nandasen has promised to give jobs for 100.000 Samurdhi recipients .
    And 50 000 Jobs to Uni Graduates, irrespective of their Caste , Class , Race or Religion.

    How can Prez Nandasena get Budget Allocations for these magnanimous projects ,when Dr Rani is still the UNP Boss controlling not only Keselwatta Kid’s Parliamentary Faction but also the Vellala Tamil and Muslim parties there all together ?.

    How did those 20,000 end up in Nanthikadal with their beloved ones, if they were innocent Civilians?.
    Were there any Vellala Tamils specially from Colombo there too among those Innocents in Nanthikadal?.

    • 1

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “Prez Nandasena increased the minimum wage of Estate Tamils to LKR 1000 a month with in 30 days after coming to power.”

      Read this latest news:
      Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka) Calendar 27 Jan 2020

      Even though President Gotabaya Rajapaksa ordered the increase of the daily wage of estate workers, estate owners have not taken any steps with regards to implementation which has resulted in the issue with regard to the pending increase of wages for estate workers to escalate again.

      Estate owners have said that even though an order has been issued to increase the daily wages of estate workers, it has not been clearly said whether the increment would be offered by the government or by estate owners themselves since a raise could not be offered by the estate owners due to repetitive losses being suffered in the plantation sector.

      Estate workers have decided to launch a fast-unto death unless their wages be increased before March 1.

      Estate unions have informed that they would refrain from all estate activities including working in Estate Superintendants Bungalows and would boycott the upcoming General Election.

      Sri Lankan president’s bogus wage increase for plantation workers
      By M. Thevarajah
      30 January 2020
      On January 14, President Gotabhaya Rajapakse’s office issued a media release declaring that the president wanted the minimum daily wage of tea plantation workers increased to 1,000 rupees ($US5.50), starting on March 1.

      Stop being a village idiot.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        May be your Estate owner Buddies like riding in White Vans, rather than giving our Kallathony Slaves a fair go.

        You know what pisses me Native?.

        Those Estate owners bought our natives Lands from the Elite for peanuts , who polished the backs of the Colonials, helping them to even save on toilet tissues in order to get those lands free of charge.

        Still the poor Kallathonies who have been busting their asses to make these Estate owners the Elite class, can’t even get the minimum wage in our so called upper Mid Income Nation..

        And the Leaders of our Kallathoni Slaves are happy sitting in Kotte , drawing that extra LKR 100,000 a month too, from Dr Ranil and still barracking for the UNP.,where the Estate Owners are the main contributors to Dr Ranil’s coffers at Srikotha.

        BTW wonder whether those same Estate Owners would have refused Dr Rani’s nemesis, Keselwatta Kids V’OW to give t LKR 1500 not just 1000 on top the free Sanitary Pads to our Estate girls.

        Or was your buddy Keselwatta Kid telling Porkies to the naive UNP Dalits as usual to win the Election?.

        I don’t know why your mates Sampathar and Abraham do not talk about the abject poverty of our Kallathony bros and sisters,’
        Specially when Abraham is telling us that his TNA is going to give Dr Rani 40 seats this time even before Easter.

  • 0

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