24 July, 2024


Gota: The Manchurian Candidate?

On Wednesday, pro-Rajapaksa Derana TV ran a brief interview with US Embassy Spokesman Nancy Van der Horn. Using an utterly misleading headline, Ada Derana said that the US confirms Gotabaya has lost US citizenship.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa

However, in the interview, Van der Horn specifically explains to the reporter that under US privacy laws the Embassy cannot comment on individual cases. She goes on to explain the renunciation process, beginning with handing over documentation and giving the oath of renunciation at the Embassy in Colombo, and the documents being sent to Washington DC.

The Derana network owned by Rajapaksa campaign manager Dilith Jayaweera was severely criticized for its distortion of Van der Horn’s interview.

But the interview also provided insight into the process of renunciation and the timeline of events surrounding Rajapaksa’s purported loss of citizenship.

Four days after Gotabaya Rajapaksa handed over his papers to the Embassy (April 17), the Embassy went into lockdown for two weeks after the Easter bombings.

It reopened on May 6, 2019. On Friday, 3rd of May, according to Van Der Horn’s rationale, the documents were approved in Washington DC at the State Department. Bearing in mind the tumult in Sri Lanka with the country still reeling from the Easter Sunday attacks, by all accounts the document had reached Colombo from Washington DC by May 6 – in essence couriered in great haste over a weekend. Because by 7th May, Gotabaya Rajapaksa had handed the document into the Immigration Department as proof that he was no longer a dual citizen, in order to obtain a new passport.

It remains unclear whether the former Defence Secretary’s papers were actually sent to Washington DC at all. Did the US Embassy get special clearance to approve and issue the certificate from Colombo?

Or was a decision made at the highest levels of the US Government to get the documents back to the former Defence Secretary in record time, in order to seal his presidential bid?

Grave questions are being raised in the context of Rajapaksa’s citizenship woes returning to haunt him in the final lap of the presidential election campaign, that the US Embassy may be holding on to leverage with the SLPP candidate.

Observers have raised eyebrows at the US’ position, raising concerns that Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s citizenship was being used as leverage to contain Chinese influence on the island.

Early indications of the US strategy was the appointment of Alaina B. Teplitz as Ambassador to Colombo. Teplitz previously served as Ambassador to Nepal, where her effective rear-guard action adroitly placed brakes on the rapid expansion of Chinese influence on Himalayan mountain state. Highly placed sources suggest that Teplitz, cognizant of a likely return of the Rajapaksa family to power, advised the Trump administration that Gotabaya’s citizenship status could be used to strike a deal that would ensure that Sri Lanka didn’t entirely veer towards China under a Gotabaya Rajapaksa administration.

The strategy has two elements. First, ensuring that the US does not comment on Gotabaya’s citizenship status. A comment or even implied statement from the US that Gotabaya remains a US citizen could kill any presidential campaign. Second, Gotabaya must never have to prove his renunciation. As a result, the US never has to process his renunciation and can use it as constant leverage to control Gotabaya. If at any point, he reneges on their deal, they can issue a statement that he has unsuccessfully renounced his citizenship or that the renunciation came into effect after the election – this means the courts could strike down Gotabaya’s presidency as unconstitutional.

However, Teplitz’s plan has come under immense pressure from other US government agencies. Their sources of information and analysis suggested that Sajith Premadasa would prove to be a serious challenge to the Rajapaksa return. They preferred to create administrative delays in the renunciation process to support Premadasa. However, their counsel was over-ruled following the Easter Attacks. The consensus in Washington DC was that a Gotabaya presidency was inevitable, and this was the only way of protecting US interests.

Other signs are rampant that the US Embassy in Colombo tilted in favour of the SLPP candidate. In July 2019, the US Embassy hired Natasha Gooneratne, a former politically appointed diplomatic officer under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government. Gooneratne has openly championed the SLPP cause and has been an abashed supporter of the Rajapaksa regime on social media. With her entry into the US Embassy, fears rose about the information about journalists, victims and human rights defenders whose lives and families are still under grave threat from Gotabaya Rajapaksa might become vulnerable. During the Rajapaksa regime, the US Embassy became a refuge for rights activists and media personnel who found themselves on the wrong side of the ruthless regime in power. Their files and testimony, probably dispatched as confidential cables to Washington DC will now be available for viewing by Gooneratne and others.

“This is as bad as the Witness Protection Authority being chaired by Suhada Gamlath,” one diplomatic analyst told Colombo Telegraph. “The whole system is compromised. It looks like the US Government’s sole obsession in Sri Lanka is preventing China from gaining too much of a foothold,” the analyst added. (By Catherine Madugalle)

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Latest comments

  • 5

    Loks like Bad news for the Keselwatta Kid’s UNP Camp..
    Uncle Sam has been planning this from the begging of 2019 by sending Nepalese Expert Tepitz..-

    I don’t know much about American Politics,
    But I know a bit about US Investment Funds .
    When they pick countries to invest their Retirees Money ,they always pick the Winners.

    Wonder how our Keselwatta Kid’s Cheer squad here is feeling after this revelation?..

    • 4

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “I don’t know much about American Politics,”

      Do you know anything at all?

      “But I know a bit about US Investment Funds .”

      You are no different to Hindian hard core lefties, whose public slogan is “Yankee go home” but “when you go take me with you”.

      “Wonder how our Keselwatta Kid’s Cheer squad here is feeling after this revelation?”

      Is it the aspiring emperor’s new cloth?
      What was revealed?

  • 2

    Sir John Kotelawala told the United States to change its “Battle Act”, when the U.S refused aid in view of the Agreement “Rubber-Rice Pact” between Ceylon and China.

    Mrs. B got the Chinese, Cubans and the East Germans to apologize and compensate fr their role in 1971 in the failed JVP coup.

    RP declared the U.K Ambassador ‘Persona nn grata’ for his role in interfering in elections.

    There were many such instances where our dear little country steered the dangerous path of international diplomacy. Thanks to catastrophic “invasion” of Chinese influence, the Yanks are not yielding. Normally, IF there were no Chinese in South then the Yanks will not bother. Lets face it, if, God forbid a shooting war breaks out involving the U.S and China, we are in the middle!!!

    • 3

      Oliver Cromwell

      “Mrs. B got the Chinese, Cubans and the East Germans to apologize and compensate fr their role in 1971 in the failed JVP coup.”

      Did she really?
      What role did Chinese, Cubans and the East Germans play in 1971 in the failed JVP “coup”?

      Watch out for Hindian invasion.

      • 0

        Native, dont take my word for it. Do your own research. I am old enough and informed to know what happened those days. I am NOT an admirer of Mrs. B, but she never allowed foreign influence. Whatever, the sad fact is that we are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!!

  • 7

    What matters is when the renunciation process was completed and not when it began. If the USA finalizes the renunciation and dates the papers after the date when Rajapaksa handed over his nominations he is in breach of the laws of the land.
    If this happens not only should his candidacy cancelled but charged in violation of the laws of the land.

    • 2

      An interesting comment I picked up from “colombo gazette”:

      Interview conducted by Ada Derana News Media Channel, with the US embassy official, is confirming the procedure of the federal system for issuing a ‘Certificate Renunciation of Citizenship’ which is still ‘work in progress’. As she pointed out, until the IRS and other departments including ‘Homeland Security’ clears his file he is classed as a US citizen under oath. The US government can refuse to allow his request for more than any one reason, for example
      A person seeking to renounce U.S. citizenship must renounce all the rights and privileges associated with such citizenship. In the case of Colon v. U.S. Department of State, 2 F.Supp.2d 43 (1998), the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia rejected Colon’s petition for a writ of mandamus directing the Secretary of State to approve a Certificate of Loss of Nationality in the case because, despite his oath of renunciation, he wanted to retain the right to live in the United States while claiming he was not a U.S. citizen.:]
      Therefore, Gotabaya has not been released from being a US citizen which disqualifies him from contesting for now. Also, should be charged for producing false documentation, forgery and misleading the public.

  • 9

    I think he need to pack his bags and baggage now to go back to US.
    wait and see ..
    if FS get defence; No senior Rajapakse will live in SL
    all will prefer to move abroad.

  • 6


    RE: Gota: The Manchurian Candidate?

    “However, in the interview, Van der Horn specifically explains to the reporter that under US privacy laws the Embassy cannot comment on individual cases. She goes on to explain the renunciation process, beginning with handing over documentation and giving the oath of renunciation at the Embassy in Colombo, and the documents being sent to Washington DC.”

    What does it mean to call someone a Manchurian Candidate?

    A person who is not loyal to, or who harms, their own country or political party because they are under the control or influence of another country or party: Some bloggers hint that a presidential candidate might be a kind of Manchurian candidate.

    Looks like the data and circumstantial evidence supports the above assertion.

    Basil Rajapaksa, Gota’s brother, says that he is not renouncing the US citizenship. Gota can always pull back his citizenship renunciation application.

    A land like no other, where the mean IQ of the populace is 79.

  • 4

    If’s , But’s and Perhaps are all getting a bit tasteless to anyone. What a conundrum?? Sick of it all …. Has SRI LANKA been turned into a spy watcher??
    Our nation is being sold to the super power by one greedy family who craves to remain in power??
    Is this a Plea bargain or a political pawn.
    Gota should know these tricks well . After all he was a war monger who ran the TID during the war time. Have heard and read all about the tactics of interrogation of victims…
    So now he may be a Pawn to big brother US ???? What goes round comes round…

  • 2

    Has Sri Lanka bartered its independence to choose its own future and unwittingly got caught in a global game of super power flexing?

    Will those who tied up first with either China or the US at least now understand the massive hole SL may have lowered itself into through its unwise, large scale investment borrowings?

    • 2

      Justice and Fairplay

      “Has Sri Lanka bartered its independence to choose its own future and unwittingly got caught in a global game of super power flexing?”

      This island has never been free from outside intervention and its people have been falsely led to believe in sovereignty which it never had, another myth conveniently perpetuated by whoever ruled or want to rule this island since 1948 besides their competitive racism.

      The danger comes not from outside but within.
      Before stopping outside intervention the country should stop creeping fascism at all cost.

      If people are being treated well there is no reason for outsiders to grope this island.

  • 3

    The author should just cease creating this phantasmagoria of unlikely conspiracy nonsense. The die is cast. Get ready to welcome President Gotaby who will put Lankan growth on steroids while utterly destroying Moslem ISIS Jihadi terror and put the fear of the Shaitan himself into the minds of the Taqqia masters of Lanka. If fear does not work he know how to use the right weapons to completely annihilate the dastards.

    Heave ho, Lanka, get ready to enter the realm of the Developed World within a very short time under Gotaby!!

    • 1

      Jay Chambers – Sri Lanka will always be a developing country while it has fake patriots. It cannot be a developed country when its leaders and citizens do not really love and care for the country. If by chance, Sri Lanka is recognized as having an impartial judiciary by credible world authorities, national debt reduced or eliminated, and average IQ of the population is raised to at least to 98 by end of Gota’s first term as president (if he wins), I will buy you lunch for a week at a place of your choosing. I may have to travel to where you reside as well.

      • 0

        Thisa, read what I said. I did say that Gotaby knows how to use the right weapons to annihilate enemies of the people.

        My guess is that will inculcate a lot of discipline into the minds of ALL people. Lanka can only get to the next level by raising its exports using the talents of its youth in areas such as technology. While studies do not show a high IQ for Lankans, I do think that with the right leadership and encouragement they have the ability to hit well above their weight.

        And with a well planned program tourism and related activities can earn Lanka billions of dollars an Euros. So I do think Gotaby can put Lanka on the right trajectory. Start in 2020 and get there by 2040.

    • 0

      The CT racist commenter, that will show his Islamaphobia at every opportunity, even in articles that have nothing to do with Muslims or Islam.
      Spend your pathetic life, trying to educated yourself and get informed.
      You are like a Chamber pot, full of it.

  • 2

    None of these Presidential canditates what ever shape or form can do anything as their hands are tied with the 19th Amendment passed by Ranil and the JVP cohorts.
    Once elected they will have even less clout than the current President Sirisena.
    Only way they can rectify this is to introduce the Peoples Constitution proposed by Nagananda.. Are they so ignorant of the law not to comprehend this?
    It is unlikely the 225+1 set of “thieves” will accept the Peoples Constitution as the very introduction will be the end of their existence. So them passing it in parliament is completely out of the question.
    So perhaps Sajith has a way out by proposing this to chase Ranil out immediately after the 17th if he wins and the people accept the new constitution. As the Peoples Constitution is for the people by the people voted by the people and for the first time in Sri Lanka people will get their rightful place to be above the politicians.
    If Sajith has an iota of wisdom then this is his only way out to chase the corrupt politicians surrounding him and also chase Ranil from the political landscape for ever.
    This Peoples Constitution is an iron grid no future politician can break again which ever government comes to power. They can only improve on it further but the peoples rights are ENSHRINED in it for ever.
    Also for the first time in Sri Lanka accountability will be restored. No more interfering of the judiciary by any politician.
    It is a shame that this Peoples Constitution proposed by Nagananda is not understood by some ignorant people as this is the only answer and solution to Sri Lanka if it ever wants to be a developed country with One law, One nation and One Country concept.

  • 0


    Nov, 17th Dhovil, Kandyan Dance, Kiribath and crackers all together!

    • 2


      No Dhovil … It will be Thovil for the Two Aryawas to calm them down..

      Finally our Dalits in my village will be spared the indignity of eating Green Kiribath –
      off the hands of Muslims ..- –

      I know Kiribath is Thamil Tucker and a Deevali Delicacy which we copied.
      But you never changed its color .. even when Pira was around..

      • 3

        KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

        While you are in Thovil mood tell me if you have seen or bought stamp issued in honour of “Demala Sanniya” in October 2018, the value of the stamp is Rs 15.00. If you haven’t you will find it in the following link:

  • 4

    How can the Election Commissioner accept a person’ s application for the presidential election without confirming his or her citizenship status? Without talking here in this forum, who does not have powers to take action, has anyone given a written complaint to the proper authorities including the Election commissioner? Aren’t any citizen have the right to information whether he is an Americal citizen or not?

    What will the fate be in the event that Gotabaya Rajapakse wins the election and becomes the President and subsequently it became true Gotabaya was an Americal Citizen when the election was held?

    If so will Gotabaya have to step down and the election result counted null and void? Will he, the Election Commissioner and his Lawer Sabri be held responsible and be punished?

  • 5

    This so called citizenship saga of goatlike Kunumapaska is quite witty.

    Nobody except he and the clan know exactly what the current status quo on the much vexed issue.

    I pray and hope that the appeal filed in the Supreme Court will this time bear fruit for the two applicants who have been made to look like fools by the truly biased judges who are nothing but a disgrace to the judiciary and the citizens of Sorry Lanka.

    In the event of the goatlike’s suffering a loss at this Saturday’s polls, I pray / hope that violence will not be unleashed by his uncouth uncivilized goons on the innocents and their assets.

    My prayers and wishes are that there will be a clean and a peaceful poll will be allowed to be conducted by all the parties concerned.

    Go forward Mother Lanka, go forward is all that I can wish and hope for from the safety of an isle which is many a mile away.

    Cheers, R. J.

  • 4


    How did Gota, and Fonseka, part of six men search and destroy team …. manage to obtain the green card immediately after the end of violent eradication of JVP along with massacre of nearly 130,000 people?

    US state institutions pursued many war criminals seeking sanctuary in the USA but were unaware of the presence of a leading member of a hit team from Sri Lanka or while processing his visa perhaps didn’t want to raise awkward questions.

    There are too many unanswered questions.

    Why did USA play a crucial role in formulating resolution at UNHRC protecting the entire members of the armed forces and its political leadership.

    US tends to consider all such contemptible persons as Bastards but treat them as their own Bastards, for example “Roosevelt’s Secretary of State, Sumner Welles, once said “Somoza’s a bastard!” And Roosevelt replied, “Yes, but he’s our bastard.”

    Therefore serial killers, psychopaths, war criminals, ….. are meant to be useful bastards hence US will patiently await until their bastards go beyond the agreed limit, or cross the line.
    What did Gota agree/promise to deliver?

  • 1

    Don’t you think CT that you are going a bit too far by raising these doubts quoted verbatim as follows? (1) “It remains unclear whether the former Defence Secretary’s papers were actually sent to Washington DC at all. Did the US Embassy get special clearance to approve and issue the certificate from Colombo?” (2) “Or was a decision made at the highest levels of the US Government to get the documents back to the former Defence Secretary in record time, in order to seal his presidential bid?” To justify this there has to be evidence that the ordinary course of renunciation takes a longer time than the time taken in this instance. An unjustified doubt raised is a scurrilous allegation against the US bureaucracy. Clearly even if Herr Gottler gets elected as the Prez how can he be made to ensure the support to US when there quite a lot of others in the SLPP who are really China boys? In supporting Herr Gottler won’t the US commit suicide if by any chance Puthano Sajith gets elected? Obviously Sajith is not going tolerate that and he would be a China boy better than MR. NO. THE SENSIBLE APPROACH TO SECURE THE US INTERESTS IN SRI LANKA IS TO HELP BOTH SIDES UNDER COVER AND THAT WILL NOT INVOLVE THE EMBASSY OR THE GOVERNMENT DIRECTLY. Processing documents is peanuts. Remember both sides have spent quite a sum (Billions?) on election campaigning. Where did the funds land from? The Moon? China may have its own styles to secure its interests. Electing any one of the 34 candidates as president is subordinate to preserving Sri Lanka’s own identity and integrity in the wake of the powerful nations trying to establish their footprint here.

  • 1

    SinhaLE Lankawe Modayas thought Mahendran just a Tamil Pariah and they kept blowing his Singapore citizenship over the limit. Now Old King is saying if a Sri Lankan renounce his other citizenship, he automatically becomes Lankawe Citizen. That Modaya doesn’t know when his brother got his citizenship in US, he has officially renounced his Wildlife Sanctuary Citizenship. Then, in 2005, there was no real application was placed to get the dual citizenship. That CoA case is under appeal now at SC.

    Vaalaiththodam Jr is saying to campaigners not to talk about the citizenship. Because he wants to crush Old Brother Prince without that issue hanging on the guy. Like No Hold Barred!

    (It looks like Prince dodged doing any deal with US. That is why all these panicky jobs. Otherwise he would be firm and strong, counting on US side for him).
    The guy has taken plane ticket to US for Nov, 18th. I don’t know if US is going to say to him what it said to Ponny: “Sir Please, we don’t want you here.”

  • 2

    Nope, 100% Sri Lankan Candidate born in Palatuwa in the Matara District. During his 20 years of military service, he has received awards for gallantry from three Presidents, J.R., R. Premadasa and D.B. Wijetunga. In 1990 as the commanding officer of the 1st Battalion, Gajaba Regiment he commanded it in Operation “Strike Hard” and Operation Thrividha Balaya. In 1990 the real Manchurian Candidate was in London partying and failing classes.

  • 3

    Derana TV has lost all credibility. It’s the Sri Lankan version of Fox News.

  • 2

    I already said the same thing quoting Wall Street Journal.

  • 1

    Catherine, you are right. You have drawn attention to some important issues.
    The US does not engage in global politics because they love the poor citizens of these countries. They simply want to use the regimes of these countries as ‘cat’s paws’ to achieve their plots.
    It looks like their ‘intelligence’ suggests that Gota is going to win and therefore they are making various overtures to appease the Rajapaksa family (not necessarily the SLFP). As the Sinhala saying goes, it is a case of “kapanna beri atha simbeema”. Unfortunately, the other side is not different.
    As long as we remain poor, we have no choices.

  • 2

    I have serious concerns about Sri Lanka’s independence and sovereignty under Gotabhaya’s Presidency as he is under obligation to USA. Even if he has renounced the American citizenship (still incomplete and therefore ineligible as he hadn’t produced the CLN at the time of handing over nominations. CLN is the confirmed official renunciation document stamped and sealed by US Dept. of State), he is still under obligation to USA. That is the reason he avoided calling American agreements such as; MCC, SOFA, VFA, and ACSA by name.
    The US seems to have found a man who is more obliged to them than even Ranil.
    Through Gotabhaya, they can even control Mahinda, vociferous JO MPs, Maha Sangha and media, basically all voices against American agreements.
    There is no doubt that Gotabhaya will sign SOFA and MCC agreements.
    What is the point of saying all this now, when there is only 48 hours. Is this time enough to make a change? It is enough but Yahapalanaya securing Presidency should be avoided at any cost.
    I wish Gotabhaya would not be able to hold onto Presidency for a long time so that he will not be able to sign MCC and SOFA allowing USA to establish a military base in Sri Lanka in order to control Asia Pacific region.

  • 2

    Apart from the Embassy being on lockdown mode from April 22-May 6th, April 19 (Good Friday/Poya day), 20, 21, 27, 28 (weekends) and May 1st were holidays for the US embassy in Colombo meaning that even internal Embassy work would not have taken place on those days. Also a USD 2,350 renunciation fee had to be paid some time during this period. Probably the effeiciency of Gota that the campaign is talking about.

  • 0

    latest opinion poll
    GR 46 So 43 AKD 6.5 Other 4.5
    GR 50.5 SP 49.5
    sample 2500 MOE 3.5 percent
    This is another poll done more recent. before people yell at me remember this is just poll and not opinion. while GR is leading SP is within striking distance. a few months ago the poll was 57.5 to 42.5 in GR.s favour. thus sajith significantly closed the gap. The message is that if Sajith can continue momentum and ensure second preferences are correctly allocated odds will be in his favour. However if the polls hold for next 2 two days and preferences are.not allocated properly then GR will win. either way it’s a very close contest. momentum in sajith favour but GR has lead. anyone’s game now. An before people reply remember the poll is purely numerical and no political opinions were weighed in.

    further questions
    Was nominating sajith in place of ranil correct decision.
    Yes 49 No 25 Undecided 26
    if ranil had been nominee how would you vote
    GR 53.5 RW 46.5 2CP
    hence showing switch as paged of with sajith performing 3 percentage points better on 2CP.
    Greatest issues concerns
    Economy 36
    Poverty 25
    National Security 24
    other 15

    • 0

      James speethy

      It’s unclear the way of selection of your sample.

      Let me present my personal level study with 100 adult students

      GR 55% sajith 31%, AKD 14%, others nil.

  • 0

    US is having a trump card they can keep people in power or not. This is ware The National Defense Strategy remains our guiders for identification documentary proof.

  • 0

    i have always maintained that this is the case and why the embassy is silent on this matter.
    why interview an embassy official after interviewing gota on this matter where he showed documents pertaining to his renunciation
    does ada derana not believe him?

  • 0

    Catherine Madugalle

    To average Sri Lankans’ point of view this article is meaningless.

    Gota had been a dual citizen & applied for renunciation his US citizenship well ahead of the election date.

    That’s a fact.

    Whether the US accepted it or not is unimportant for us as any country can’t/shouldn’t hold anybody forcefully as their citizen.

    The renunciation process may take a long time & it’s not our country’s problem & the delay of the US should not apply discriminatingly to Gota.

    So from that day he made the renunciation request he has become a non-US citizen according to our peoples’ point of view & there’s zero legal conflict in it.

    The next important thing is the date he applied for Sri Lankan citizenship.

    If he had produced the copies of renunciation papers to related Sri Lankan authority, that’s enough to consider that he’s no longer a US citizen & if there’re no other objections for his being applied for/given Sri Lankan citizenship he must be given it with an effect from that day.

    Why should we make it a complex issue?

    Why are some afraid for Gota?

    Is he a big challenge for AKD, the next forerunner in the presidential race & the other 35 including late president RP’s son Sajith Premadasa.

  • 0

    Concerning the millennium agreement the wining party has given that the agreement will not been signed
    The interest authority will approach and signature saying the millenium city is cancelled but social city will be build come in different name . wolf in sheep’s clothing. or Transform colours to achieve targeted goal

  • 0

    So, everything you guys tried has finally backfired?
    That’s why we call this island ‘a different place from the rest of the world.’ Look, even the US had to change its position according to the foreseeable outcome of the presidential election!
    A recorded number of Sri Lankans working abroad, with their families arrive at the airport on a daily basis according to TV news; they say they have ‘Ranavirugaya’ and therefore will vote for Gotabaya to find out the correct treatment and cure it.

  • 1

    Why beat around the bush? If Gota has genuinely renounced his US Citizenship, he only needs to call a press meeting and show the document, to put the matter to rest once and for all. This has not happened because, he has not renounced his US Citizenship. More important, is Sajith going to investigate and punish the person/s including Gota for the shenanigans and violation of the constitution?

    Over to you Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka,,,,,,,,,,,,start your new appointment with this investigation.

  • 0

    Application for renunciation of American citizenship appears to be confusing according to the prevailing situation. It seems that Gotha may have submitted his papers for renunciation but has not got the approval for renunciation. Maybe that he has not got somebody like his brother, Mahinda in USA, to expedite matters as in Srilanka. Just because you submit papers for dual citizenship in Srilanka you do not become a citizen of Srilanka, you have to wait for your papers to be approved which may take a few months. During the intervening period, you can’t claim to be a Srilankan Citizen
    Similarly, until Gotha gets his papers of renunciation approved with supporting documents he will continue to be an American Citizen. Election commissioner’s claim that he did not check Gothas credentials adequately, is a lame excuse like that of Srisena, Ranil and Pujitha, that, they were not aware of a possible bomb blast in the Churches on 21/4/ 19.,

    • 0

      I received an attachment dated, November 11, 2019, with one of my emails, which appears to be from U.S. Department of Justice, National Security Division, Law and Policy Section, Signed by Christopher Hardee which states thus:
      “LPS officers of the National Security Divison are advised by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) that the above named naturalized US citizen ( referring to Gothabaya Rajapakse) has begun, but not completed…………………”
      The accuracy of this statement has not been verified by me.

  • 1

    Fellow Sri Lankans
    Let us acknowledge the fact that when one country interferes one way or another in the electoral process of another, there is always a selfish interest.
    As you can see in this case where US knowing all the crimes of Gota against our people are playing a hidden hand to favour Gota.
    They know very well what he will do if he comes in. Do they care? They only care about what they can gain.
    When Ahimsas court case was thrown out of the court in US, I mentioned it here that US has vested interests in Gota. Some people didn’t believe me.
    Let me ask you this, what is so confidential about someone’s nationality? What stops US embassy from telling us the truth? It is crucial to our public that we know. Yet they are ambiguous. Why? It is because there is something to hide.
    The bigger the thing to hide, the bigger the chunk that Gota must have promised.

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