26 February, 2020


Historic Victory Assured For Hillary Clinton

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

When Hillary lost the Primary in 2008, a fortune awaited her. The office of Secretary of State which came her way added to her political stature. Resulting therefrom was a four-year experience at top echelons. A further four years of preparation followed for the highest office. When the primaries for 2016 concluded by end July, her victory at the Presidential was for sure.

Hillary Wins Before Voting Starts

She had won even as the contest had commenced was a sharp comment. How? From 1992 to 2012, Democrats had won 18 states consecutively at 6 elections, securing in a row 242 electoral votes. To that may be added in November, 29 votes from Florida which voted Democrat thrice in 6 recent elections. Two of the latest were consecutive and this win takes the total to 271 electoral votes. To become President, 270 would suffice.

Unerring Knack of Florida and Ohio to Pick the Winner

Not to be discounted in 2016, is Ohio voting Democrat in 4 out of 6 elections since 1992. With this addition of 18 votes, the total reaches 289. There is a further spectacle. Florida and Ohio have a remarkable knack in voting for the winning candidate. Since 1976, Florida selected the winning side unerringly on 9 out of 10 occasions. Ohio’s record was 10 out of 10. Accurate discernment explains the consistent success of the past. In these two states the party gap is ever widening in favour of Hillary after nominations, with no sign of abatement. It is said as a truism that the winner of Florida becomes President. Same is said of Ohio. Hillary’s victory is therefore doubly sure.

As constant as the North Star is Winning Trajectory of Democrats

In the US Presidential election 2016, the degree of certainty in Hillary’s victory has stood constant as the North Star. Conversely, predictability of her opponent’s defeat has been equally unwavering. Both phenomena have gone apace from July 28, the day Democratic Convention concluded. A shattering effect on the Republican candidate is now countrywide. The process never took 20 months to reach this stage by mid-August 2016.

Victory Was Writ Large in the Stars

It commenced in January 2015, well ahead of the primary. Hillary had a head start with a popularity rating of 80%. Trump’s stood at 3%. A gap that started as a chasm narrowed to a hair crack by July 2016, the month of the conventions. Hardly anyone was flustered at the latter’s progress. Thereafter a picture of slide unfolded as foreseen and unsurprisingly. Why? To the discerning among the citizenry, Trump was never ‘Presidential Material’. The more percipient believed He will ‘talk his way out of the contest’. It has happened so and is continuing steadily on. Even the unprecedented step of withdrawing the mandate was considered by Republicans. Idea of changing the Republican horse midstream too was seriously entertained.

Republican Bubble Burst Against Democrats’ Bounce

In the days of Republican Convention in August 2016, Trump got the usual bounce which was prematurely trumpeted. In the week that followed, the Democratic Convention put paid to the seeming bubble that was. Outstanding speakers with impressive records captured the voter audience nationwide. Bernie Sanders who emerged from the primary as a great man and greater still at the Convention, helped weld the Democratic camp with his impassioned oratory. The millennial vote wafted instinctively into Hillary’s fold.

Mischelle Obama with an aura of her own as the nation’s First Lady delivered a speech that was gripping. It was as passionate as Bernie’s, drawing millions to the support of Hillary instantly. John Biden’s oratory, both forceful and persuasive had a strong impact on the elector’s mind. It was unmatched even by his own previous speeches. Coming as it did from the heart of the Establishment, it carried much conviction.

Bill Clinton, ever the most magnetic personality at elections, projected the Hillary that the nation had not fully known. Presented were her predilection for bold initiatives, relentless pursuit of change and tenacity for sustained engagement as pillars of her character. Empathy with students, responsive to the needs of the health seeking, employment for the young and equitable tax regime for all were among the salient transformative policies that Hillary was committed to as affirmed by Bill. They have resonated with the peoples’ mood.

The Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine speaking with a touch of Mark Antony, established his credentials for the high office he was selected. Against his barbs both cynical and sarcastic, Trump suffered demolition of his prating at business success. He ridiculed Trump for saying often ”I alone can fix it”. Hillary said we together will fix it is the approach on her side. By now time had come for matters technical and professional.

The President of US, as Commander in Chief has the powerful and privileged right over the nuclear button. Mastery in defense issues and depth of understanding of Foreign Affairs are fundamental. Even for a click of choice to the correct specialist, deep knowledge is called for. The former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta with his specialized knowledge and experience brought forth the essentials needed in the highest Executive. His speech delivered with patriotic fervor was most convincing to the electors not to have illusions about Trump’s capability. He had none of it the nation averred. It became clear that the citizenry can take no chances.

Outlining a penetrating piece on economic policy and programme, was left to the acumen of Michael Bloomberg. To an extremely important plank in the election agenda, he skillfully knocked the bottom out of the hypothesis that Trump labored to concoct for the economy. Against a professional’s onslaught, a nondescript lost his standing. Bloomberg’s most critical statement was that he was not a Democrat, but entered the forum “to defeat a dangerous demagogue”. This was devastating.

President Obama on Hillary and Trump

On soil long prepared and brought at the Convention to a fine tilth, Obama sowed his ideas. They had a ready reception from viewers in their millions. “There has never been a man or woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton” he asserted. In one sentence Hillary was elevated to high heaven and Trump mercilessly de-pedestalized.

Hardly five days after the Convention, Obama responding to a question at a press conference said in the presence of the Singapore Prime Minister, “The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as President”. Going further he added “He keeps on proving it”. To show how disconsolate he was with the candidate, Obama said he was “woefully unprepared”. About Trump’s business career the description was “leaving a trail of lawsuits and unpaid workers and people feeling cheated”. All this flow of words and more from an incumbent President, was to the glare of the world.

Presidential Nominee Hillary

At the conclusion of a galaxy of oratorical talent that extolled the merits of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton made her acceptance speech. She herself brought out the spirit in her to fight tirelessly and to a finish in all her life. The country knew what she achieved in health reform after decades of effort. Pitted against her is Trump, who for the first time in US election history never held elected office nor was in any public position nor held any office in federal governance. Hillary called him “too unsteady to be president”. She even said he was “dangerously unpredictable and not qualified to be president”

It is not without reason or some superior vitality that she came to the forefront as the first female candidate to gain nomination for Presidency. The office is only 82 days away. Among her firsts, the most significant one was as First Lady being the wife of a charismatic, dynamic and successful achiever as president, Bill Clinton. ‘Buy one, get one free’ is a marketing cliché. It is now deftly used for the best purpose to reach the highest office in US. When Hillary is voted in, the best Advisor with 8 years of presidential experience and 16 years of post-presidential mellowing, walks in alongside. This fact or asset is not lost on the 225 million electors.

What Assures Victory?

In a century from 1912, Democrats won 13 elections and Republicans 12. In the last half a century, the two parties won 7 each. In the immediate quarter century Democrats won 4 out of 6. Democrats have remained formidable. At the November election character and leadership attributes of the two candidates count for much. How fast and how well voters are deciding is becoming clearer by the day. The cumulative impact of all the soul-stirring speeches on the Democratic side has taken its toll on Trump. There is effervescence among Democrats, intensifying their effort further. Slump on the side of Trump is evident.

Voter Profile and Voting Pattern

US is multi ethnic and the ethnic profile of voters has been changing rather drastically in recent years. In the 2016 elections, 64 million or 31% are ethnic minorities comprising Blacks, Hispanics and Asians. From 1980 to 2012, Democratic leaning minority vote increased by 12% and touched 28%. In 2016 there are10.7 million more voters of whom 2/3 are ethnic minorities. Waiting to be garnered by whom?

Trump pitched his tent in the all-white camp, hitched his wagon to waning stars and looks askance at the snow ball effect in voting. He alienated minorities with scare stories of deportation and wall building. He has galvanized them into voting against him. After he meets with his Waterloo and analyses his defeat, he will lament with Napoleon “I am the architect of my own misfortune”.

November Voting – 417 for Clinton and 121 for Trump (both Electoral Votes)

The above prospect is what the future portends. An year of primaries enlightened voters of Democratic orientation into convinced voters at the November elections. Trump was preoccupied with wrenching the nomination from his numerous Republican competitors. In a no holds barred strategy, his talk without restraint exposed his inadequacies. Intellectual capacity and academic equipment crucial for a president were found to be non-existent. Little wonder that leading Republicans have deserted ship.

Alarmist howling designed to draw in more whites, was foreign to white sensibilities. Policies he was trying to evolve on immigration were contrary to the ideals in the constitution. A nation with centuries of immigration being forced to turn anti-immigrant seemed unethical. Ethnic and religious minorities were brutally alienated. What now manifests in polls of wrath will turn into votes of trumping Trump.

National security is primary in an environment of international turmoil. The best of minds and professionals steeped in issues foreign and matters defence have to share their expertise with the highest executive of the nation. Do possibilities exist when a presidential nominee’s stance is, “I alone can fix it”? Serving defence specialists can’t revolt. Retired personnel in numbers have responded to their ‘call of duty’ in moving away from the Republican nominee.

Multiplicity of factors have moved in conjunction to change the electoral balance. The image of the candidate is what the country looks for. At age 70 a public personality is an open book. Can a strategist change a line of what is written?

Post-Convention change in mood is substantial. Swing states have swung and steadied. Battleground states have joined the way the ‘War’ is going. The writer sees 33 states yielding 417 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton on November 8. Trump is supported by 17 states with an yield of 121 electoral votes. Of the 17 states, 9 have voted Republican consecutively at 12 elections till 2012. But for this solidity, the candidate’s position will be more fragile.

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  • 13

    Don’t be surprised if Russia or Wikileaks reveal more dirt on Hillary. Hillary and Clinton Foundation are corrupt. But this was Republican’s election to lose and by choosing Trump they have made it difficult for Republicans to win. If they had a decent man or woman they would have easily won. But it is too early for you LTTE fans out there to crow. If Hillary wins you have the upper hand. But do not go ga-ga over her and her failures in foreign policy and her indebtedness to big business. This nation is racially divided like never before since 1968.

    In 1968 the Silent Majority elected Richard Nixon. Do not be too shocked if that happened. Demographics favor Hillary like how Demographics favored Sirisena. Hillary is yet to reveal her speeches to Goldman Sachs. Big business loves her and you a Sri Lankan MP living in Sri Lanka has no clue about how the Millenials vote. This article by you seems to be a plagiarized reproduction of someone else’s essay or you had a LTTE EELAM man in USA write it for you. Millenials ARE NOT breaking for Hillary. A lot of them are looking also at the Libertarians and Green Party. You are talking through your rear orifice. About 35% of Millenials who voted for the only honest candidate Bernie Sanders will NOT ever vote for Hillary.

    It looks like you had a premature ejaculation in making an analysis. Advantage NOW is for Hillary. But we are 2.5 months or more away. In the USA it is a life time. So stick to Eelam.

    • 17

      “”It looks like you had a premature ejaculation in making an analysis. Advantage NOW is for Hillary. But we are 2.5 months or more away. In the USA it is a life time. So stick to Eelam. “”

      Not a premature but a well rehearsed because he never got a chance from November 2015 wherein Trump was on the rise.
      Now this jaffna school teachers son kalla swami, former DRO of Trinco was an adviser to CBK- like all government servants they like the option to pilfer and send their kids abroad so they may take higher positions abroad.

      Trump still leads over Hillary except for the refuge, illicit immigrant, human smuggling, fraudulent multinational press.
      Lankans don’t matter in an American presidential vote. Indians do and they are republican hindus.

      If the woman wins there will be nuclear war Xi, Putin to put the `sex appeal american` women at ease.(the world is full of women leaders because its corrupt but corruption continues) look at Merkel, May had to step in Boris Brexit. But the world is right wing- La Pen.

      • 16





        • 2



          And American Greed for Money has started all the Wars in the World since then, by increasing their Source of Wealth; which is Weapons’ Manufacture and Sales!

          This is Trump’s War Cry; ‘Let us make America Great Again’!

          Remember Eisenhower’s Words?
          “We are going to have Peace, even if we have to Fight for it”!

          • 4

            “”And American Greed for Money has started all the Wars in the World since then, by increasing their Source of Wealth; which is Weapons’ Manufacture and Sales!””

            you are another greedy man who has no respect for the real. You have not read the world at war and Roosevelt and the American people breaking all records manufacturing and sending that wealth to russia and china and england to defend themselves(no one would do especially when they are the strongest). The giant never woke up when london was blitzed because it was not interested after Thomas Jefferson debacle with Europe trade. then his quote no president leaves his office….. 2nd amendment allows guns which is part of cowboy culture not yours.amrs for sale is number one export. if you buy to kill your own you better go mad.
            The money USA paid out was returned by Stalin and Mao spawning terrorist like you to speak from your rear. plutocratic totalitarianism

            I now wonder what it would have been to have blue eyes and blond hair than all 3 world filth? Should we send ebola to your rat hole??

          • 0


            “”We are going to have Peace, even if we have to Fight for it””
            he was a successful military man from previous war too.

            November 2015 Trump cleared the doubts of media about us forces;
            America would pull out the $$ 800 billion cost of running bases to protect others.Whatever base is retained would be paid for by the receiving nation and iraq what iraq it would be taken off the map and within one month Exon etc would be pumping oil out. You just heard of Dallas Drone by just the police(a form of robot cop to get a seasoned vet). it has better tools of stealth to wipe out nations without a sound or light. He won’t waste time like our politicians are to be selling war hardware. (this is hurting folk like Halliburton Dick C. Bush, Hillary).

            Don’t expect him to have russia and china as opposition, as all especially Obama/Putin have, so that means free wheel with Boris by his side (a man who can split the language like no other and a winner) no media can compete with Boris – 30 years of journalism so they dare not interpret him for fear of hearing the Fword.he has humour.

            Both India and China have complained about the geopolitics that small nations are playing. Trump won’t interfere so if Lanka don’t change you would be swallowed for the better or worse or become cannibals.
            There should not be a mummy hillary taking you down the garden path for a spin and suffering.When her head turns right she says ok when it turns left she say No – all with a feminine smile like the serpent apple.

    • 7

      ” But it is too early for you LTTE fans out there to crow.”
      Mr. Getafix,
      It is not about LTTE fans to crow and Hillary victory. It is not a secret fact that Tamils have been victimised by the Sinhala rulers since 1948 in the form violence and discrimination. It is about truth, justice and humanity. In all these grounds, Sinhalese lead Srilanka is in a weaker position. If you have a conscience and if you think you are a human then you cannot justify or defend the blood thirsty actions of your state.

    • 4

      S. Sivathasan

      RE:Historic Victory Assured For Hillary Clinton

      Hillary will win because Donald Trump, has managed to alienate, even the Republicans. So, all the important segments are not supporting Trumph, even the white males. Most of the red necks may be supporting him, but the red necks are not the majority in the USA.

      Goodbye Donald Trumph. Go back and build more Trumph Towers, for which you are good at.

      • 10

        Most white american women still hate her because she prosecutes whistleblowers.
        Most white American men inclusive of progressive men dislike her because
        I believe that Clinton will continue the Wall Street-style march to oligarchy. With her, the eventual demise of democracy will lead to a fascist plutocracy. It is going on right now, and it will continue to be slow, painful and inevitable.

  • 3

    Good analysis. But once Trumps ads come out, they will be about the ever increasing global complexity of the Democrats vs. a much simplified Newer-World-Order by the free-thinking Trump.

    This Newest-World-Order will cut out the Pork and work with Russia, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan. Israel will be kept in place. It will be a new wave of functioning to maintain the US $$$ at its optimum. The American are ready for that change. They are sickened by the ever widening capitalistic network that emerges from the bombings, dronings, and general bloodshed of others.

    But it’s good to see that Obama-Kerry seem to be backing away from places like Sri Lanka. They are probably opening their eyes to Trump’s intended ideologies and copying him. New diplomatic bargaining tools and dealerships will be on the tables before Nov.8th.

    • 3

      Is this a great analysis ? Or is this making way for a rigged election victory by Hilary Clinton to be accepted by the gullible Sri Lankans?
      If there is a fair election / true democracy left in USA, Trump has a good chance of winning. Americans are sick of corruption of the Clintons. But Sri Lankans will not understand this as they have not seen real corruption !!!!

      • 2

        Yeah….it’s actually facts and figures with no analysis……

  • 8

    Apparently there are no Republicans better qualified than Trump to be nominated for Presidential candidate, so it is their fault.

    As for Bernie Sanders :”Bernie Sanders who emerged from the primary as a great man and greater still at the Convention,”

    someone who attacks Hillary Clinton and support her because of a partly line is the worst kind of moral truncoat and traitor to his own cause I have ever seen. Hypocisy in its perfect form, work of art.

    • 14

      It is human to err – he sometimes says “the wrong thing”

      “Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that. And believe it or not, I regret it. And I do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues,” Trump told supporters here.

      Hillary is a cold hearted Cheat Warmonger who never is wrong- inhuman barbie doll for asslickers- government srevants , mafia, human smugglers.

      Hillary /Obama is sending back undocumented mexican children by the millions after Trump exposed the 11 million.

  • 7

    Sivathasan Anna!
    Why are you bothered about Hilary Clinton. As an Eelam Tamil your priority should be liberation of Tamil Eelam. Our great leader and leader of Tamils Velupillau Prabhakaran wanted we all to labour for Eelam cause. Have you forgotten his advise. All Tamils should follow Thalaivar’s great leadership. Stop writing these nonsense. start working for Tamil Eelam. Pay your patriotic dues on time, teach your grand children about the heroic black tigers and at least make one of them to be such.

    • 13

      Patriotic Eelam Tamil another pathetic

      “All Tamils should follow Thalaivar’s great leadership.”

      And drop dead in Nanthikadal?

      “Stop writing these nonsense. start working for Tamil Eelam.”

      Have you got authorization from Hindians in New Delhi for “Sivathasan Anna” to proceed with your’s/Thalaivar’s cunning plan?

      By the way what is Tamil Eelam? Is there a Sinhala Eelam or Muslim Eelam?

      • 11

        “”Have you got authorization from Hindians in New Delhi for “Sivathasan Anna” to proceed with your’s/Thalaivar’s cunning plan?””

        Why do you need ND approval when you did not need it to murder Rajive or buy sarees.

        Boat people will stay as boat bondage unlike even the west indies who know where they come from.- strike gold at olympics.

        pity you poriki people across the straits- enjoy nandikadal 2 coming soon.

      • 5

        Native Vedda ,

        the article by a kalla pusari,
        is like a raj rajaratnam inside trader trying to con his way into desi voters playground with his ennai theriyama (nattu koli).
        Still Trumps main funder is Shalli Kumar.- trust no ceylon/lanka tamil.- reader’s digest con men of the world.

        democrats, republicans and the status quo are afraid of the exposure – some may commit suicide unable to explain wealth.

      • 2

        As a proud Eelam Tamil i will pass your nonsense. Get a life , man. Veddas are sodomized by genocidal Sinhalese in their jungles, go and rescue your tribe

        • 7

          I know well that no man will ever bring out of that office the reputation which carries him into it. The honey moon would be as short in that case as in any other, and it’s moments of ecstasy would be ransomed by years of torment and hatred. – Thomas Jefferson


          Obama has printed $$4 trillion (helicopter money like MR)
          Obama Hillary has lost Libya war.
          Obama has lost Syria war- Putin is laughing from Iran take off.
          Obama has lost Ukrain.
          Hillary can only do the same unlike Trump who would strike Wall Street and negotiate with putin, Xi as entrepreneurs.

        • 3

          Patriotic Eelam Tamil pathetic

          “As a proud Eelam Tamil i will pass your nonsense.”

          Please don’t stop when you see me. Why do you think you are proud of being a Eelam Tamil? Is it because you were backing a untenable political goal or a psychopath who took for a ride?

          ” Get a life , man.”

          I have a happy life. Do you have a happy and fulfilling life?

          “Veddas are sodomized by genocidal Sinhalese in their jungles, go and rescue your tribe”

          My people have survived 26,000 years. I am confident they will survive another 26,000. Will you and your equally stupid Sinhala/Buddhist brethren survive the next hundred years?

          By the way, it was the Thesiath Thalaivar who surrendered to the genocidal armed forces and later was sodomized with a hot iron rod.

          What stop you from saving the psychopath?

      • 1

        Native Vedda

        “By the way what is Tamil Eelam? Is there a Sinhala Eelam or Muslim Eelam?”

        There is only Para- Eelam, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho occupied by the Paras.

        Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.


    • 8

      Patriotic Eelam Tamil

      You are wrong.

      Sivathasan was an advisor to former President Chandrika, North East Chief Minister Varatharaja Perumal and a few others.

      In other words he was an advisor to all those who were against Eelam struggle and Pirabakaran.

      When Chrdrika carried out all notorious attacks on Eelam Tamils, Sivathasan was an advisor to her.

      While Varatharaja Perumal and his people were torturing and killing Eelam supporters, Sivathasan was Perumal’s advisor.

      How can you expect such personality to work for Eelam?

      Who knows, Sivathasan may have written this with an idea of becoming Hilary Clinton’s advisor too.

      You never know.

      • 11

        “”Who knows, Sivathasan may have written this with an idea of becoming Hilary Clinton’s advisor too.””

        Whoooho low class lankave trumpets blowing the conch shell that does but belches and farts.

        “As one analyst puts it, “Indians in America are emerging as the new Jews: disproportionately well-educated, well paid, and increasingly well connected politically.”
        According to a new Pew Research Center report, 77 percent of Indian immigrants to the United States have at least a college degree, compared to the national average of 27 percent. AnotherPew study finds that Indian Americans lead all other Asian sub-groups in income and education levels. And a 2010 RAND Corporation study reports that Indian-American entrepreneurs have business income that is substantially higher than the national average and higher than any other immigrant group.”

        Foreign Secretary India:
        As Indian foreign secretary S. Jaishankar remarked last yearwhen he was serving as Delhi’s ambassador in Washington: “[The] India-U.S. relationship has changed dramatically. When one thinks about the transformation of our ties, it is natural to attribute it to some good diplomacy on both sides…but to me, the basis for transformation of this relationship is the Indian-American community.”

        Does America the land of the Dream need need Abmude lickers from Lanka??
        Only hillary hubby took funds from Harry J for his Foundation and sent his daughter to work for free.

        • 6

          HJ relative of Mrs B & JR fell into disconcord with Mara before elections because of planned funding for CBK reelection.- Gibraltar offshore.

          low class villagers, subscribers to attha papers can’t see won’t see- what is kicking their butt till the sky falls on them-

          stick to the island of snakes and ladders than American Dream.

    • 4

      @Patriotic Eelam Tamil – matey you must be off your rockers!!!! I am a proud Tamil from the north and VP was never my leader and dead VP will never be my leader in the future. He was the leader of all Tamils, really? From when? The bloody coward sent other people’s children to fight and died while escaping. You call this fellow a hero? Where are you? I will bet you anything, you are hiding in some foreign land promoting your children’s education and on your free time pushing for TE in another country. Leave that nation alone, we have had enough carnage in SL. You want TE, go and fight the army, otherwise stop being a keyboard warrior, sickening.

      • 2

        @Tamil from North
        If you are a Tamil, you have been brainwashed by Genocidal Sinhalese. You have insulted the glorious leader of millions of Tamils in Sri Lanka and worldwide, how dare you the great leader a coward . people like you are insulting the untold sacrifice of the great leader and heroic Tamil fighters. You say he is not your leader. You do not need to decide that, heroic Eelam Tamils have decided he is the leader of all time of all Tamils. You smack like a SInhalese masquarding as a Tamil. You show remove your mask. LoNG LIVE TAMIL EELAM. LONG LIVE THALAIVR

        • 5


          Hooooo, Hooooooooooooooo,

          Await Nandikadal Two.

          • 1

            Grease Yakka.

            “Await Nandikadal Two.”

            You are jumping the queue.

            Next time around it should be Kelani Ganga and not Nandikadal. Tamils and Sinhalese take turn to self destruct or collectively commit suicide.

            • 0

              Native Vedda ,

              You miscued… we always know they are `one` like Thompson and Thompson“ haven’t you told us Gotabaya has buried them both. He is the classic American Use and Throw.

              when he is `not supposed` to carry his extended family baggage like bro MR.

  • 1

    Why you call it a historic victory?

    Is it because she will be the first woman President of USA like Barack Obama being the first Afro American to be the President.

    A token gesture of Americans in their dying days as the sole super power?

    All your statistical analysis for forecasting massive victory of Hilary is not going to be historic, but tragic.

    But why the Republicans opted for Donald? Donald’s ascension is prove that white Americans are moving towards racism and in other words to fascism that will lead to disintegration of America.

    Remember the Republican Party formed as a reaction to slavery had Abraham Lincoln as the First President who unified America after a brutal civil war.

    After the inevitable failure of the one term President Hilary, will more Americans move to the right ultimately leading America to disintegrate despite demography!

    It will not be a historic victory, but we are living in a historic time!

    I am not a pessimist,but a realist

    • 8

      “”But why the Republicans opted for Donald? Donald’s ascension is prove that white Americans are moving towards racism and in other words to fascism that will lead to disintegration of America.””

      Fareed Zakaria does not think like the beggars across the pond.

      • 2

        Both in Europe and in USA, racism is rampant. the reason their countries are economicly, money wise, and job wise squeezed. So, the people think they lose jobs to the immigrents. But, they don’t think that they enjoy the life with hard labour of immgrents and taxes paid by immigrents.

        If immigrents move out, ther condition will be worse.

        It is not the same thing in Sri lanka though. Sri lanka will be better off as there are minorities to sabotage the country.

        • 6

          “”Both in Europe and in USA, racism is rampant. the reason their countries are economicly, money wise, and job wise squeezed. “”

          are you talking about your blacks who come from far across for an easy life OR north/south/east (from closed undemocratic nations) economic disparities??

          racism/sexism are words that have been bastardised by legal aid seeking lawyers.that racism draws a stench. BTW Lankawe is built on Racism and is dependant on western handouts. So who are you??
          empty vessel making the sound bite 24/7/53??

        • 4

          “”Both in Europe and in USA, racism is rampant. the reason their countries are economicly, money wise, and job wise squeezed. So, the people think they lose jobs to the immigrents. But, they don’t think that they enjoy the life with hard labour of immgrents and taxes paid by immigrents. If immigrents move out, ther condition will be worse. It is not the same thing in Sri lanka though. Sri lanka will be better off as there are minorities to sabotage the country. “”

          sadly for you the `idea` does not hold water on the ground.
          You have not clarified the concept of Buddha or Sinhala or Supreme Just`
          so concepts are not for lankawe.- Kim Jung `idea`

          2007 economy melt down – the money did not go in flames because if it did then like Pres Johnson there would not have be a renomination for war to continue over 10 years. The money is in a few hands. US debt $$ 16 trillion GDP 14. (internal debt 12 of 16 owed to billionaires at home and 1.4t external to china abroad) Trump promised to write off the internal debt last nov to cnn- so the fear of dick cheney, jeb bush et al)
          If the american black men you see in the majority of movies learn a bit of british mannerism they would never be hounded by the cops.- period.
          Men like Wills Smith live by their wits but they are few Sidney Poitier.

          simple question does a servant class know his masters economy, money and the jobs he creates world wide??

          Lankawe is classic caste race as the nucleus- all the narakadiya of the west so you boast I am like you Monkey by the Donkey apes of lanka.

  • 10





  • 3

    Elamists are dreaming. According to the latest reports the gap is narrowing. There is a likelihood that Hilary will be charged for perjury.

    • 6

      he is not peelam but sabotage for wattie amma- hillary.
      peelam has no friends because like sinhal le it has no monarchy .
      terror over terror in the island of plantations unlike West Indies where the fastest man and women on earth comes from, and many golds at olympic.

    • 0

      Or else she will destroy America. It’s win-win folks!

      • 4

        she would get the `karre_kill_a resign before that ever happens because someone for 2nd amendment may like to take a stroll.

        all you who support her are make believe rascals like her- she made her slithery moves from school days to be queen with no qualification to govern a dream country- a liar to the core- gods second mistake??

        Ha ha reminds me of King George 11- “I pray, Mr Adams, that the United States does not suffer unduly from its want of a monarchy.”

  • 1

    The idea is to forwarn the Sinhalese.

    There is no way, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, Tamils can **** the 70% Sinhala majority trapped in this island without facing a reaction of double size of the action. If any external party interferes in creating Ealam we will see that all Tamils presently living outside North and East are relocated into Ealam.

    I remember this guy writing the same balderdash before the Modi election.


    • 8


      “If any external party interferes in creating Ealam we will see that all Tamils presently living outside North and East are relocated into Ealam.”

      Has New Delhi consented to create Eelam?

      If it has, please shut up and relocate yourself to Hambantotta (preferably Tamil Nadu).

      If it hasn’t, please shut up and relocate yourself to Hambantotta (preferably Tamil Nadu).

      No one has entrusted with you the responsibility to look after the welfare and interest of the people of this island. Therefore, please shut up and relocate yourself to Hambantotta (preferably Tamil Nadu).

      • 0

        Native Somass is a regular blogger at the extremist racist Sinhalese site Lankaweb. She posts under pseudo name Pea blossom or Peach blossom. The anti Tamil tirade and posts of Pea or Peach blossom aka Somass are a treat to read.

        • 1


          “The anti Tamil tirade and posts of Pea or Peach blossom aka Somass are a treat to read.”

          I do not want to take any credit due to another.

          I am not anti Tamil. I am trying to expose hypocrisy of Tamil racists. I am one Sinhalese who supports a separe country for all Tamil speaking people irrespective of their religion or date of arrival. I am only fighting against this ” North AND East for us AND the rest for all of us” agenda which I call the ‘holiday resrort model” of devolution.

          Tamil racists are demanding “Ealam AND right to llve anywhere”

          I am campaigning for “Ealam OR right to live anywhere”

          Am I a racist?


          • 5


            “Tamil racists are demanding “Ealam AND right to llve anywhere”

            Sinhala/Buddhist racist have been building a Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto for a few Sinhala/Buddhist racists like yourself since the powers to destroy this island was transferred to Sinhala/Buddhist racists, a noisy minority, which they have effectively used to create a pool of thugs, criminals, corrupt officials, murderers, war criminals, rapist, who now have total control of parliament as well as the state.

            Please say hello to your fellow Sinhala speaking Demela, Ravi Perera, another Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto builder.

            Please leave the people alone, they will find their own devices to resolve their own problems as well as problems among them.

            I do not have to remind you about the moral of the Story of Two Cats and a Monkey. Never call a third person to settle a dispute.

            Thanks for your disservice to the people of this island, please relocate yourself to Hambantotta and live happily ever after with rest of your fellow Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto builders.

            I personally prefer you to go back to your ancestral land, South India where you will have ample opportunities to campaign for as many issues as you wish. When you go please take Ravi Perera with you.

          • 3

            look at yourself aren’t you sounding like Idi Amin the Ape of Uganda??

            if you understand the meaning of human dignity and the inter-marriages of the silent but powerful elite you would try to face the problem face on rather than take 1 giant leap backwards into limbo- soma bimbo??

  • 8


    FREEDOM IS PLUCKED… beggars scream from their new found boat peoples Attha patere.


  • 4

    Pathetic S.Sivathasan dreaming.

  • 4

    Some commends came form people, who are worst than Trump, are mirror image of racism. The writer, whoever he may be, puts his predictions with his reasons. It may be true or totally wrong, but it shouldn’t attract racist commends. If people have different view they can put them across with their reasons.

    People, who cannot write decent comments better be quite or look for other media

    • 6

      “”Some commends came form people, who are worst than Trump, are mirror image of racism.””

      It’s the famous cat call in the west especially UK from Blacks-Bengalis when they try to imitate western democracy and are caught deficient at infidel land. especially muslim Block vote is not democracy but a satanic verse quality that only muslims bring and that is anathema to western thought.

      Western values are all about liberty, and freedom but never racism (if it was so we would all be blue eyes and blond hair- coming soon if you play race card and kill us on the streets of the west)
      Chinese of the east value , efficient, effective and honest governance but not racism. Lankans value it too- stick to it than your islands racist policies of 3rd world suckers always begging and bawling.

      Go check your mulla terror habits greedy folk squandering the island

  • 6




  • 3

    In an email communication, an intellectual said comments in CT are pathetic. May be pathetic is not the word.

    It appears that except for one, nobody has read the article in full or even in part.

  • 1

    I think, there were anti-Trump moles in Trump election campaign and they set him up.

    • 4

      Mahabodhi you know how to
      –The well organised governing party media of lefties, The New Republic, Jeb Bush Dick Cheney, Clinton Foundation et al – the nation of billionaire multinational Big Amazon, would lose the cheap agency labour of illegal immigrants.

      That created front line attack, anti-trump protest and Mole in the Hole but never too far away.

      Jeb, Dick would be investigated for money they lose in the writeoff of government debt..

  • 0


    Between you and me what do those stars **** mean?
    A four letter word eh?
    The greatest erection that a man has had for a woman is the Taj Mahal!

    • 2


      “The greatest erection that a man has had for a woman is the Taj Mahal”

      Don’t you know Somaaasss continues to suffers from erectile dysfunction which makes him a very unhappy person, hence his typing in these forums show his frustration, needing lot of attention and support. I think you are trying to take the mickey out of him.

  • 1


    I am unable to appreciate your article because we as Tamils are not concerned who becomes the President of America. It is like “Aathai padukira paadilay kuththiyan monnikku alukiran”. The majority of world leaders including India supported Rajapaksa to massacre hundreds of Tamils and their assets robbed. Are they concerned about Tamils being decimated slowly even now . You do not feel it because you were serving the Sinhala masters. You are aware as to what is happening in the North of Sri lanka now. I feel as many of my relatives perished in that war. Our lands and houses are made inhabitable. Why worry about as to who the next president would be. They are all in the same category.

    • 2


      My article was an academic exercise.

      • 6

        peiris or dj in the making??

  • 1

    I agree with the writer that hilary will win.republicans are like our rajapakshes thinking that they can always rule the country without minorities.At one time it was possible,but now impossible because of the demographic change in the US with blacks,latinos and a substantial mixed population of more than 25%.

    The more racist a republican candidate is the more the chances of him losing.So trump will definitely lose.The republicans will belatedly will have to look for candidates who will be suitable for the whole country in future if they hope to win elections.the racist part of the split SLFP now also will have to do the same,otherwise the UNP plus the nonracist part of the SLFP will rule the country most of the time in the future.Globally racism is getting a bad name and racists will have to do a course correction in future if they want to have power.

  • 2

    That Hillary will win by a wide margin despite many of her negatives because Trump is a crazy ignoramus, is not in question. She is far away the better candidate.

    The margin would have been small if the Republicans had the sense to choose someone like Jeb Bush or John Kasich, but crazy people, like some of the posters here, have taken over their party, setting themselves up for a colossal whipping.

    Trump is derided by many public intellectuals as having the vocabulary and knowledge of a 5th grader, proving to the world that there are many idiots among billionaire businessmen, that the randomness of capitalism doesn’t lend itself to true meritocracy.

    • 4


      Just after her divorce from Trump, Ivana trump advised other women
      “Don’t get mad. Get everything” following divorce.

      Did she or didn’t she?

      • 0


        Yes, Ivana said that. And Trump is simply seeking attention; the day after losing elections, he will use the increased attention to sell more of his useless products/services to idiot customers so that he can get even richer.

    • 6

      “”but crazy people, like some of the posters here, have taken over their party, setting themselves up for a colossal whipping. “

      Passion has always ruled this world not your new found language of irrationality.

      you are just too corrupt tamil that you can’t win a seat at Uk your stronghold.You have no friends at London- May 2009 Nandikadal- a pain in the ass we dislike unions that disrupt traffic.

      The only man that ever gave you an opportunity was Boris (Trump man) at least you threw a egg.

      while stupid bengali women on first try win at famous places like hampstead Heath with ease- they are corrupt too.

      So much for your village ape background.

      “rump is derided by many public intellectuals as having the vocabulary and knowledge of a 5th grader, proving to the world that there are many idiots among billionaire businessmen, that the randomness of capitalism doesn’t lend itself to true meritocracy. “”

      You never read pro and cons. also pro is for progres and con is for congress.

      You still are unaware that almost all American billionaires are not backing him-latest Amazon (cuba) has sworn to work against him- Amazon the man who pays agency wages Propped by Obama Zero contract- you have no reading or knowledge- Just another ape who would be afraid to take a stroll in the american park while black man obama rules.

    • 4

      The Occupy protester turned Trump supporter (24, New York)
      ‘His candidacy is ripping the soul of America apart – we deserve it’

      I work in a liberal arts department. I’ve read the works of Karl Marx, Herbert Marcuse, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault and so on. I am more inclined to listen to what Slavoj Žižek or Noam Chomsky have to say about current affairs than Rachel Maddow or Bill O’Reilly. If one were to take account of my demographics, the smart money would be to peg me for a Bernie Sanders supporter.

      My interest in politics did not truly develop into an intellectually mature form until 2011, when Occupy Wall Street broke out as a populist leftist grass roots movement to combat the evils of unrestricted robber baron capitalism.

      Early in 2014 I began concealing my political opinions from people, and it was shortly after this time that I began plotting to vote Republican in hopes that the party would send the country so far in the direction of complete unrestricted neoliberalism and libertarian free market superstition that Americans would come to recognize the dangers of these ideologies and eventually reject them.

      Who supports Donald Trump? The new Republican center of gravity
      Read more
      I don’t find conversations about how morally repugnant Trump is to be interesting when the rest of the candidates seem to also support imperialistic and fascist policies concerning drone strikes, torture and mass surveillance.

      I don’t agree with discussions of how Trump is making the national dialogue more base and vulgar when Obama has instated common core standards to gear humanities education in public schooling to be teaching children how to read memos, rather than cultivating critical thinking skills that would allow them to understand subtle arguments.

      Do I like Trump’s platform? No, I think most of it is silly and misguided, but at least it is not the same bullshit casserole that has been on the menu in Washington DC for as long as I have been alive.

      His candidacy is a happy accident that is currently ripping the soul of America apart, which is something that I think we desperately need (and deserve) at this time in our history, for better or for worse. I support whatever strange gods happen to be behind his candidacy, for, as Martin Heidegger proclaimed in his famous Der Speigel interview, although for slightly different reasons, “Only a God can save us.”

      many more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/mar/03/secret-donald-trump-voters-speak-out

      • 0

        Zorro aka Take_That aka Jai_Bollo aka Tatcher aka Javi and many other aliases,

        I normally ignore your crazy postings.
        But the guy you quote from the Guardian article is someone who should strengthen the Bernie Sanders movement within the Democratic Party and prevent Hillary from getting too cozy with corporate interests and lobbyists, instead of aimlessly voting for a candidate who doesn’t even want to win.

        • 5

          “”Zorro aka Take_That aka Jai_Bollo aka Tatcher aka Javi and many other aliases,””

          so we have a cut and paste vella engineer from jaffna called Anpu and a scheduled class outcast mad dog engineer from outer space an Argonut.

          this is zorro, what’s your problem?

          “I normally ignore your crazy postings.”

          Because I believe in research before uploading my opinion because there is a sense of shame to be caught bullshiting it is part of `our way of life`-true to self then you can’t be untrue to others.- hamlet

          You are arrogant argo_nut. Guardian.com article (compilation of e-mails to survey)by a woman Amber and you see her picture. – panditiya stop shooting you have no sense. did they not let you into temple? hare krishna services are conducted european women pusari¬ they and the place is clean as can be- pristine that asian are envious of.- think about it.- menik ganga float there for 90 days and cleanse your soul before you underestimate this son of a gun.

          Emails compiled by Amber Jamieson_ ‘Not even my wife knows’: secret Donald Trump voters speak out
          We asked Guardian readers who are voting for Trump why they support him. From firm conservatives to fed-up liberals, their answers were revealing

  • 0

    we had “Tamils for Obama”
    added up to Zero
    it seems now we have “Tamils for Hillary”

    may be “Tamils for Trump” could be a better bet?

    if Trump wins he promises to build a wall along the Mexican border and will force Mexico to pay for it as well

    Has Rudrakumaran the PM of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam made any overtures to Donald Trump yet?

    He may relish at the prospect of a wall along Eelam Sri Lanka border and make Sri Lankan govt to pay to build it

    • 3

      “”we had “Tamils for Obama” added up to Zero””
      surely they themselves were a farce like GTF/BTF.
      In the UK its possible to gat an appointment with your MP very easily. But President of US is a hard nut to crack.

      Also in the us guardian:https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/mar/03/secret-donald-trump-voters-speak-out

      The yoga teacher (29, Tennessee)
      ‘Don’t publish my name. It would ruin my progressive image’

      Barack Obama talked about hope and change, but I believe he failed to deliver on his promises. His record with drone strikes and prosecutions of whistleblowers are especially troubling (not to mention he didn’t follow-through with prosecutions of those who caused the financial crisis).

      As far as Obamacare goes, I’m not buying it, because it seems ignorant to throw money at a problem and hope it will get better. I’m glad more people are covered, but the plans aren’t worth shit, as many of them don’t kick in until you spend thousands on a co-pay. No thanks.

      Bernie is a breath of fresh air, but I’m not sure he can beat Hillary. In a match between Bernie and Donald, I’d vote for the former. In a match between Hillary and Donald, I’d vote for the latter. It isn’t a vote for Trump, but rather a vote against the political establishment (which must be removed from office at any cost – even if it means electing a reality TV star for president). The stakes are too high. Hillary cannot win or the oligarchy will continue unabated.

      And please don’t publish my name, it would ruin the whole “progressive” image (and my girlfriend might kill me).

      I bet a lot of pragmatic sorts are in the same boat …

      how many boat people are there from North East of lanka who can vote in the USA?? you won’t know and will never. like i have asked how many graduates does Lanka have from a few professors who haunt CT by giving them UK and indian stats they don’t know? You are ashamed to answer like the Author SS living in the UK is clueless and writing bull about other people’s votes not lankan.
      As a matter of fact an insignificant lot after rajaRATNAM insider trading implicating unsuspecting Punjabis via his punjabi wife.
      A book is due soon from the woman (millionaire) who went for 2 years- it’s a character from Emil and honest sergeant kandiah.

      • 0

        I wont be surprised if Trump wins probably by a whisker.
        on Rajaratnam there is already a book out by Anita Raghavan

        “The Billionaire’s Apprentice: The Rise of The Indian-American Elite and The Fall of The Galleon Hedge Fund”

        But this is not a first hand account rather based on interviews with close insiders.

        • 0

          Not Anita Raghavan, journalist but the punjabi wife’s friend punjabi IT expert who worked in this area She is planning the book inside Trading.
          She is rich and publishers are 2 for a penny.
          She was refused admission at the same campus to do a PhD insider trading because of her sentence.


          ROOMY KHAN: Here’s what it’s like to get busted for insider trading

          Roomy Khan has over 20 years of combined professional experience in technology industry and Wall Street. She was intimately involved in the Galleon insider trading case. She cooperated with the federal government for over 6 years and was personally charged with wire fraud and insider trading. She served 1 year in the federal prison in Coleman, Florida.

          Read the original article on Roomy 101. Copyright 2016. Follow Roomy 101 on Twitter.

          i want him to win and curtail wars because both china and putin respect him. of course the economy- he is enterprise good to have him.

          • 0

            yes she was faxing documents to Raj Rajaratnam and intel put a camera focussing on the fax machine to caught her red handed in the act.

            Rajiv Gupta reputed CEO of McKinsey consulting was another greedy pig tipping off Raj with insider information

            • 0

              seduction at its best via wife by your gregarious jaffna tamil undoubtedly.

  • 2

    Riveting stuff.. I mean the comments..

    Wonder which candidate the Yahapalana Thalaivar, Suren Surendran backs?…

    • 4

      Thalaivar, Suren Surendran backs?…
      cut throat from SA.
      would be clinging onto Mangala/CBK. The dual passport gives them the right to vote sarema of their choice by post.(they could vote at any seat because they are resident abroad.)
      Unlike india’s in the USA for a centenary
      boat people (diaspora) don’t have any vote strength in the USA – just a family pol geddi affair while others cling on to all the different churches.

    • 5

      New Republic
      “They don’t report the truth,” I heard a man in a “Trump Train” T-shirt tell his wife. “How do you compete with that?”
      The establishment media doesn’t cover what really matters in this country, or what’s really going on in people’s lives. They will take words of mine out of context and spend a week obsessing over every single syllable, and then pretend to discover some hidden meaning in what I said.

      Just imagine for a second if the media spent this energy holding the politicians accountable who got innocent Americans like Kate Steinle killed – she was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times.

      Just imagine if the media spent this much time investigating the poverty and joblessness in our inner cities.

      Just think about how much different things would be if the media in this country sent their cameras to our border, or to our closing factories, or to our failing schools. Or if the media focused on what dark secrets must be hidden in the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted.

      Instead, every story is told from the perspective of the insiders. It’s the narrative of the people who rigged the system, never the voice of the people it’s been rigged against.

      So many people suffering in silence. No cameras, no coverage, no outrage from a media class that seems to get outraged over just about everything else.

      The media had become Hillary Clinton’s running mate, another establishment gatekeeper who held a lion’s share of the blame for ruining the country.

      “Biased media’s gonna steal this thing.”

      “Yeah,” his buddy said. “Reckon one of these days we’ll have to take matters into our own hands.”

  • 3

    One more attack on american soil before November
    (border force has to turn a blind eye like Obama wants it)

    Trump is the undisputed winner.

    what you don’t understand is his culture and way of doing things.

    The Passion for Trump Economics overrides every other brown bats imagination.
    Rationality is the last thing we find even in the great Solomon- that is what makes us human unlike ants.

    Voters are not in a hurry and you are a non voter domiciled in the UK.
    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Siva Anna,

    Not to worry Hillary who accepted massive foreign government donations to their family Foundation (Clinton Foundation)to get favors done from her when she was our Secretary of State will win because Trump appeals to White nationalists and racists and most of his voters are lower educated lower IQ whites. But don’t write him off yet. Another Muslim Jihadi terrorist attack or an attack on police will swing middle class whites in droves to him. Right now Trump because of his lack of knowledge and demeanour has not been able to get more than 35% of the FEMALE voters on his side. He leads by 65% to 35% among White Males. He appeals to racists like how Mahinda appeals to Sinhala nationalist low IQ southern racists.

    We Eelam Tamils will spend money and lobby Hillary Akka to make sure we get EElam or at least another war and chaos like in Libya and South Sudan when she is Madam President. Rudra Anna is busy campaigning for her now and all of us US Eelam tamil economic migrants are voting for Akka. We came here after enjoying free education and becoming doctors in free education Sri Lanka in the 1970s long before 1983. We love Ceylon and we love Eelam. So we will make sure she wins. She is our best chance to win Eelam.


    • 5

      “”Rudra Anna is busy campaigning for her now and all of us US Eelam tamil economic migrants are voting for Akka. We came here after enjoying free education and becoming doctors in free education Sri Lanka in the 1970s long before 1983. We love Ceylon and we love Eelam. So we will make sure she wins. She is our best chance to win Eelam. “”

      RajRatnam and his followers the pseudo doctors – how many votes do you have?? Insignificant even for a looser. you will prolong the misery with village poppycock.

      “”Right now Trump because of his lack of knowledge and demeanour has not been able to get more than 35% of the FEMALE voters on his side. He leads by 65% to 35% among White Males. He appeals to racists like how Mahinda appeals to Sinhala nationalist low IQ southern racists. “”

      run across any hall of honour, with statutes of the great men of history lining the corridor, and you will perceive that rationality of conduct is probably the last thing to be recalled from their lives.

      Premadasa (the foul mouth) gave the nation the largest export item Textiles and Apparel and beautified pavements. (black army)

      Gotabaya.(the foul mouth ) went against the world and gave the nation freedom from suicide bombers and racist.

      what have you parippu force contributed-?? empty vessels make the most sound and like your forefathers of freedom hide in a woman’s saree.

      Hillary is a spin doctor like the media.The Bitch is the new catch phrase.

      “He appeals to racists like how Mahinda appeals to Sinhala nationalist low IQ southern racists. “”

      What do Lanka Tamils have to boast of in the US- Greatest Con tradition?? Ratnam the inside trader?
      Blacks take most of the NBA slots. Indians from India take most of the spelling bee, and engineering slots. Chinese take most of the math slots. Jews take most of the banking, finance, and entertainment slots. Anything left for the WASP?

  • 3

    I congratulate the author for the excellent article.
    I read the article first to admire the well crafted formation of sentences and second to understand the substance and the essence therein. By his careful and analytical investigation of materials and sources he has meticulously established a clear picture of the prevailing situation now. A highly commendable article.

    It is based on a comprehensive study of the situation progressing from January 2015,well ahead of the primary, until now. The bold and courageous initiatives proclaimed by the outstanding speakers of impressive records at the Democratic conventions have been well crafted in the article.

    It is really pathetic to note that some of the commentators are straying totally out of the subject diverging away from what is relevant to the discussion.

  • 0

    This is the self-correcting mechanism of American democracy. They gave 1/10 of the white population to fight out European forcefully introduced Slavery. Those days, European forcefully kept alive the slavery in America for their trade. This is just the way Mahindhapala, Izeth et al, the Appe Aandu agents keeping it alive the caste system in Tamils. But once the freedom is gained, American slowly and steadily worked on that.
    Trump had acceptance from people when he advocated for Muslim immigration regulation and Mexican Immigration regulation. These policies (or policy-less ness) created pain in the mind of section of Americans that their peace and Jobs were being jeopardized by these two immigrant communities. Those who believed in these half-baked theories supported Trump. Those days Trump presented him as a fearless warrior and he would solve Russia’s threat, Middle East’s Threat, North Korea’s Threat and so forth. Further he presented him as a strong male candidate against the weak female candidate on the other side. He crushed Megyn Kelly on her GOP supporting Fox News Interview. This raised the hope of many white males and even some considerable female audiences.

    How Trump’s popularity surged in not a unique instance. After the war, having thought Tamils are wiped out, to get the Majority Sinhala Buddhists vote, Old Royals formed the BBS and attacked Muslims. It worked and the Sinhala Buddhist voted in very higher percentage for the person who illegally stood for a third term. Further his ultimate loss not a democracy’s self-correction. It was only Chandrika’s game playing. She fooled Sampanthar with a promise of a solution to him and got the Tamils’ votes through him. Neither the Tamils who voted to New Royals nor the Sinhala Buddhists who voted to Old Royals had the capacity to assess the actual situation. A part of the Sinhalese who voted to New Royals attempted to assess the situation, but they failed to think one part, that is, Lankawe had passed the normal returnable borderline in corruption and it can return only by a rude awaking, not by a democratic election. These are the reason the victory of the New Royals in the last election had no way to bring a self-correction the Lankawe’s democratic political process. So the net result of the Jan, 2015 election is Old Royals had a strategy and this had achieved their purpose on a ratio of 5:11. This earned some votes for Trump in the start. But, within the disarrayed GOP arena, when 17 policies less candidates were struggling to denounce the Democratic Party’s solid performance for last 8 years, In May 2009 the DJI was about 6K and now it is three times higher than that, 18K. There wasn’t one serious issue for these 17 candidates to bank on to challenge DP. That is where Trumps’ anti minority campaign stood out. Then the American self-correction mechanism set in and corrected it.

    Once Trump came to the open arena, and had hired professional managers, Trump’s trouble started. Some of Trumps stands are not compatible for professional election campaign. Trump ended up showing soft side on Women matter. After all, Ivanka and Melania had to come to the stages and do their part too. First it looked good for Trump but it has affected Trump Muscularity appearance. Trump ridiculing the Muslim couple affected his stand even with in white males, because they have special area in their heart for service men. Trump invited Russia to hack Hillary’s computer while many were looking for him thwart Russia’s threat. Then Trump softened on anti-Muslim issues and became less vocal on the Mexican Immigration.

    None of the above changes Trump introduced are wrong other than calling Russia to Hack Democratic Party’s computers. Those are basic necessity to launch a professional campaign in America. Without those changes, the Republican’s other candidates like Senator, congressmen, Governors all might have lost in the 2016 election. Unwillingly Trump was forced take that path of change. That is the American self-correction mechanism. He has already many times apologized for his mistakes. Now the niche crowd stood with him is not in his side as, after changes, he is no longer on their side. Now, Trump has been placed as a normal candidate in front of the people. But he does have the charisma to complete in an election as normal candidate. His deficiencies are magnified in this vigorously contested election campaign.

    The elections’ effect is not just going to go away from Trump after November. It is going to cause serious stress on his business friends circles and business relationship. Already his not believed lawyer has been exposed by media as a democratic party donor and fundraiser. Even his family going to be stressed out by this and he may be left alone.

    But that is not what is going in Lankawe. There is no self-correction in Lankawe. The Old Royal has more than 50 candidates and this is much more than left with Ranil after he had split the UNP. People less care he altered the constitution. They want him.

  • 2

    It’s up to Americans to decide, whether Hillary or Trump.

    We are far away, other side of the planet so why should we bother.

    Do Tamil people think that Hillary is more sensitive than Trump for their cry.

  • 1

    Oh my dear teacher,

    “Go check your mulla terror habits greedy folk squandering the island”

    You are so quick to accept that your are one of the TRUMP’s images. I am worried about my country Sri Lanka. I don’t care about “mulla” and what they do in their country. Can I remind you of the BBS mullas and their theoretician Dilantha, who works with more speed than Usain Bolt to prove ISIS- ACJU connection (pure racism to eradicate entire Muslims, who are also the owners of our motherland). Teacher YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

    • 5

      preacher, preacher from a minaret howling like a mad wolf.


      BBS has told the world what it does not like to hear- Sinhala Buddhist sex-slavery.

      I am no image of anyone but I and have always questioned in the spirit of liberty and freedom.

      ” I am worried about my country Sri Lanka. I don’t care about “mulla” and what they do in their country.” You are kalla thoni from Bangladesh- supporter of ISIS.

      you folk are very conspicuous on muslim affairs only even on CT not country. BBS gave you an electric bolt- only 4 dead but the media of the world picked it up to look like Gujarat which was again the media lie- muslim started it Modi was a fresh to post as Cm- the divisiveness of western controls- bring in the muslim and let them clear then bomb the last man. Empty vessels the socialist have no support or money to start so they invite refugees on whom they profit and climb the social ladder.

      Haven’t you held the palestinian flag in protest?? What has that got to do to SL begging bowl??
      How much of oil reserves does lanka have for its support to Arab from closure of suez canal from 1960’s?? Muslims will never convince me you are not a `religious fanatic`. Indira married to muslim/iranian supported Palestinian and students but the Indians met pervert muslims and stupid as the Bedouin.

      “Teacher YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. “”

      your concept of God is not for human intelligence but for animals with no human dignity. What you need is Ebola. Then who comes to cure you but the western intelligentsia that you despise.

      You are stupid sarong karaya lover of kuddu pakistan.

  • 2

    Sir, I would not make such bold predictions just yet. I would say “Advantage Hillary Clinton” and that she is most likely to win given current conditions. However, in the US 2 months can be a long time. Real serious campaigns, TV commercials etc will begin in earnest only after our Labour Day holiday; which is always the first Monday of September and signals the informal heralding of Fall or Autumn.

    Now as you know Sir, elections in USA are based on how many Electoral votes the candidate gets. Electoral votes are assigned to each state based on a couple of very amazing democratic representation factors. A. Each state gets the same number of electoral college votes as the number of Congressmen in each state B. PLUS 2 for the two senators from each state. It is confusing to a lot of people who are used to the first past the post system.

    So how are Congressmen allocated to each state? That depends on the population of each state. After each Census, approportionment is done on a calculation based on the population with the guarantee that each state will have AT LEAST one Congressional representative.(Unlike in Sri Lanka, the US constitution before the civil war did not consider Black Slaves to be people and the sordid history of racial oppression is far worse than in SL; you had equal voting rights as soon as voting rights were given to every person in Ceylon)

    For the most part polls have accurately predicted the outcome of the Presidential elections. The best place for you Sir, to reference is FiveThirtyEight.com managed by Statistical whiz Nate Silver. As of now, you can always say that a certain state is “solidly Democratic or solidly Republican” to start at a base figure for each candidate. All 3 states on the West coast are solidly Democratic at this state(California has the largest number of Electoral Votes(EVS) at 55 and even though it went more Republican historically and even went to Reagan twice in RECENT times because of the massive shifts in demographics at national level it goes to Blue/Democratic party; this is not to say it can be different at state level; afterall Arnold Schwarzenegger was a Republican). So here is a summary based on CURRENT polls(please keep in mind polls can change virtually overnight in case of a scandal, corruption allegations, revelations of play to pay by Clinton Foundation etc)

    Remember that the target is 270EVS.

    (REFER today’s CNN article)
    Solid Democratic:
    California (55), Connecticut (7), Delaware (3), DC (3), Hawaii (4), Illinois (20), Maine (4), Maryland (10), Massachusetts (11), New Jersey (14), New York (29), Oregon (7), Rhode Island (4), Vermont (3), Washington (12), Minnesota (10), New Mexico (5)


    Solid Republican:
    Alabama (9), Alaska (3), Arkansas (6), Idaho (4), Indiana (11), Kansas (6), Kentucky (8), Louisiana (8), Mississippi (6), Missouri (10), Montana (3), Nebraska (5), North Dakota (3), Oklahoma (7), South Carolina (9), South Dakota (3), Tennessee (11), Texas (38), West Virginia (5), Wyoming (3) (


    Some states are heavily leaning towards Republican and that includes Georgia with 16EVS, Arizona with 11EVS and Utah with 6. Let us for arguments sake add those to the R tally and you get 191

    Similarly if you put the states leaning heavily towards Democratic party they easily get into the 300 plus mark on EVs

    Battleground states:
    Florida (29), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), Ohio (18), North Carolina (15) (
    For a total of 74. In 2012 Obama carried all states and districts (among states that allocate electoral votes by district) that he had won in the 2008 presidential election except North Carolina, Indiana, and Nebraska but was elected with a lower electoral vote count and a lower population percentage vote than in 2008

    According to CNN, Those statets listed as “Leans Democratic:”
    Colorado (9), Michigan (16), New Hampshire (4), Pennsylvania (20), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10)

    for a total of 72 EVS and enough to give HC an easy victory.

    YET states that were left behind by the economic recovery where traditional manufacturing, coal mining and industrial heartland was it may still be too early to tell because a lot of people uncharacteristically are silent on their choices. A lot of people are also leaning towards Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate because we do not like either choices. We detest both parties and we are also for smaller government and individual freedoms including our rights to free speech and 2nd amendment but we are also pro choice and anti war.

    SO I will say “IT DEPENDS”

    Essentially the race barring a shock or two, is decided by a few key states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida etc.

    So doing the math it is a greater uhill battle for Trump than for HC.

    Only 1% of the African American vote is supporting Trump as per polls. So in states like Pennsylvania where in the big cities like Philadelphia black voters are a large number, their participation will offset the white voters throughout most of the state. But will their enthusiasm rates be the same as in 2008 and 2012? The enthusiasm rates for Trump is massive and is almost a mirror of what Obama had in 2008. There are also people too afraid to say they will vote for Trump.

    So Sir, Thank you for a nice article;

    In 2000, we were up until late thinking Gore won; but the poor bloke could not even carry his home state of Tennessee and lost Florida. He ran away from Bill Clinton because of Bills blowjob scandals and did not ask for Bill’s help.

    In contrast HC is asking for Obama’s help and Obama remains quite popular and can turn out the black vote. But people worry about national security, terrorism and being left behind by the changing dynamic competitive economy. The traditional anti Trade Union Protectionism cries of the Democrats are taken by Trump now and it resonates with a certain segment of the population.

    Here is the breakdown of how people voted in the last 2 elections.
    Obama got 43% of White votes and McCain got 55% of Whites
    Blacks Obama 95% McCain 4%
    Hispanic Obama 67% McCain 31%
    Asian Obama 62% McCain 35%(Asians are not a big voter bloc)

    Whites Obama 39% Romney 59%
    Blacks Obama 93% Romney 6%
    Hispanics 71% Romney 27%
    Asians 73% Romney 26%

    In states like Virginia, where rural whites are overwhelmingly Republican the big urban centers of the modern economy closer to DC are now blue. In such states upper income Immigrants make a difference. Indians in IT, business, Medical fields, and Chinese etc all make a difference and that is how Virginia moved to the Blue column. So you are right about demographics.

    But if you look at Male vs Female here is the pattern
    2008(M) Obama 48% McCain 49%
    2008 (F) Obama 56% McCain 43%

    2012 (M) Obama 45% Romney 52%
    2012 (F) Obama 55% Romney 44%

    So it is women who can deliver this election. These women include suburban WHITE soccer mom types and inner city moms. Trump has a huge gender gap in all the polls even with White college educated women because of his demeaning speeches, arrogant attitude. So it is like Hillary “damn you are the lesser evil” choice. Trump has been unable to bridge the female gap but overwhelmingly white males are with him not just in the blue collar uneducated segment but richer white men too.

    This will be a scary election. I fear violence. Thank you for your article even if I do not agree with it in toto. I feel either way we are screwed.

    I tried to write a similar article but CT did not carry it but they carried yours. I will say “It aint over until the fat lady sings” but in Tennis parlance “Advantage Hillary”.(as of today)

    References and data cites are from

    Thank you Sir and my apologies for the so many off-track comments by our fellow readers. HC will continue same policies towards SL because a lot of these new Assistant Secretaries of state are Obama political appointees. Ambassador Keshap is a career diplomat from a privileged background. After he is done screwing Sri Lanka over, he will go to his next posting; possibly a better one and do what he has to do to foster US Interests as he should. I am sad Sri Lankans fall for their bullshit on every issue. His father was a well off Indian Economist who worked for World Bank, and his mother was American and white and was a diplomat. So he was probably raised very liberal in a elite Virginia school with elite rich liberal friends who sometimes are too arrogant and look down on the white blue collar Americans like a lot of these immigrants who have made off like bandits in the land of opportunity but still want to live their lives segregated from the majority of the people who welcomed them all with open arms. I doubt if Kesap knows what it is like to be Coal miner or a Auto assembly line worker who lost their jobs and are now looking at Trump for some sort of salvation in states like Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Cheers. e Pluribus Unum

    I hope that the US will keep moving towards a more perfect union as its preamble to the constitution says and I hope Tamils and Sinhalese who both seem to like to brag how great their civilizations are and how old their civilizations and religions are wake the F up and realize all those bragging about 2,500 years is not worth anything if you do not work towards a more perfect union.

    • 3

      “”Thank you Sir and my apologies for the so many off-track comments by our fellow readers.””

      danegena giyot kataragama. We know the bloke bases his articles like this on Wikipedia and Wiki has several graphs etc. He was caught on his analysis of india and Tamil nadu. Imagine he did not know TVS (sundaram’s) Madurai.

      he is somewhat like spin doctor narendran so that when stumped they are quick to pass the buck with the intention of publishing similar substance.

      So you are voting- how many diaspora tamils are voting, how many sinhala/muslim are voting?? Will the voting be above 60% like at Brexit.

    • 5

      hello CBK cousin – voter in the USA.
      “” I hope Tamils and Sinhalese who both seem to like to brag “” you are conveniently omitting the thorn who is claiming heritage- muslim
      we always say marakalya when a sinhala man tricks even the sinhalese.

      When Modi came to power he broke of the Taboo that indira placed on israel and backed palestine unreservedly at peril to most university undergrads at India.

      The Desi Arab community headed by Hindus is so big and have more business than pakistan or bangla. Nothing changed when Modi withdrew and went israeli way but Obama recognised him.

      Isn’t American Rep/Dem the same old sh** like Sinhala/Muslim- the boogeymen in power hoodwinking the masses. Remember Sinhala and Muslim are settlers unlike Indians who know where they come from. Tamils are from neighbour overflow.

  • 0

    Sir, Trump is not a typical Republican : A typical republican is very pro free trade and pro business. In fact Trump is using the old Anti Free Trade, Pro Trade Union, pro protectionism cry of the Democrats.

    Also as Famous Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz said it is not that free trade was bad for the USA; In fact US is in a position to dictate terms in trade deals it signs and negotiates. In fact US keeps US interests at heart when negotiating trade deals but those deals are ONLY keeping the interests of Corporate America and Shareholder interests at heart and NOT the interests of the American worker. That is why the DJIA is so high, Employment has improved drastically since the dark days of the 2009 Collapse.

    American companies are raking in massive profits. Just this week, the World’s No 1 company Walmart increased their revenue.

    What do they make? They manufacture NOTHING. They are the world’s largest RETAIL STORE OR Kadey with the best supply chain management systems in t he world. Can you imagine they are No 1 on the Fortune 100 and Forbes 100 ? Big Oil corporations are usually the top ones.

    Wal-Mart Stores on Thursday reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue, as sales in the U.S. market rose and the retailing giant kept a lid on costs. Shares of Wal-Mart closed up more than 9 percent Thursday. The company posted first-quarter earnings per share of 98 cents, versus $1.03 a share in the year-earlier period. Revenue for the quarter came in at $115.9 billion, against the comparable year-earlier figure of $114.83 billion.

    So American companies and Shareholders are happy. But that does not mean the Average American worker or the worker who failed to get his High School Diploma and is not geared for the 21st Century IT based economy is better off. Wages have stagnated while Corporate profits soared and CEO salaries skyrocketed. So what is wrong? This is the vein of anger Bernie Sanders and Trump tapped into. Hillary is very much in cahoots with Big Business.

    If you want a real story and if as some commentators here say about you Sir, please relate this to CBK too because apparently you are an advisor to her. Bill Blow Job Clinton APOLOGIZED to Haiti only long years after he quit the Presidency. Why? He lobbied heavily and pressured Haiti to do away with tariffs on imported Rice. Haiti was protecting its nascent Rice production that was feeding its people. He forced Haiti to remove tariffs so cheap mass produced rice from US (specially from his home state Arkansas which is the LARGEST rice producing state in the USA) will flood Haiti. So in a way, Haiti;s people benefited from competition and cheaper prices(perhaps) but it screwed them over in the long term. This is something it seems that your Sri Lankan “we love USA” UNP RW and Eran W type politicians forget. So Free trade is good for American companies and stockholders but it has left behind a segment of the US working class. What is the use of a contrite insincere Bill Clinton after you eff over a country’s food production capabilities? Why do you think the WB and IMF want you to stop subsidies for agriculture? You all are gaga over the $50million US gave for regime change. It was the US and India that enabled regime change there but reality is US always must and always does keep US interests at heart. It is your political leaders who need to be prudent and not get cheated. Take all the failed regime changed efforts HC engaged in. Coup in Honduras, Libya, Egypt etc and think carefully.

    As for election Data Sir, You need to go to Nate Silver’s

    That is the best and most accurate statistically sound data analytical website. So check it closer to November 8th. Sir, thanks again for a nice article very different from the regular. I tried to send one to CT and they never printed it because it was not supposed to be about SL. Then your’s isn’t either! Enjoyed it but not that I agree with everything. Right now “advantage Hillary”.,

    • 3

      To all the China bashers Wal-Mart Stores, Now WM manufactures less than 30% of its goods at China.- that is the relief.
      Lobbyist forced Obama to increase traffic on Chinese tyres so he went against WTO and did it for the lobbyist to manufacture it in Venezuela having said Chinese tyres are killing our local market.
      Obama has spun employment charts like Blair Brown. Obama records say unemployment is down oh yes the folk are on Zero contract and their pay does barely offer them necessities of life.- no medical, no leave, just Zombie workers.
      That is where entrepreneur Trump is better than clerk Bernie.- no shape shape.

      ” Why do you think the WB and IMF want you to stop subsidies for agriculture?”
      US is the biggest subsidizers of agriculture and France next. They have being and are throwing PL 480 type wheat into the sea to retain world prices.
      America wants stop of subsidies on rice and introduce Monsanto wherein you have to buy seed for always.They like to see lanka move away from agriculture to industry because Agriculture is business for big corporations and future GM free big corporations. Lanka has more corrupt rulers that they never see even their nose.During WW2 London survived because of small allotments.
      Begging nation talking shop Lanka need a big bang for change of attitude and if that has to reduce population by 10 million then let it be.

  • 0

    Here is the best place for current state of affairs.

    Sir, but AGAIN, please note it is too early. It might even move towards a bigger surge for HC or fall flat if Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden or Russia has more dirt on HC. HC was very clearly engaged in unEthical(of course quite the norm for Sri Lanka and other developing nations) behavior with pay for play with Clinton Foundation. They got so much money from rich nations like Saudi Arabia and other nations including Algeria for favors when she was Secretary of State. In fact it maybe because they are from Arkansas in the deep south they saw nothing wrong with that approach which is typically Sri Lankan too. “magey wadey karala dennawada; apita aayuda oni Amerikaaweng, ; mama salli dennam oyagey mahatayyaagey padanamata” or like even the NGOs which are funded by Norway, USA etc whose directors write to CT all the time at the behest of their financiers but never contrary to them. NPC for example.

    So yes sir, “Advantage HC” but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings as the old cliche’ goes.

    • 5

      “”or like even the NGOs which are funded by Norway, USA etc whose directors write to CT all the time at the behest of their financiers but never contrary to them. NPC for example. “”

      their invitation to Lanka was spawned because of the troubles started by Banda family?
      So america with the vikings because of socialist influence Russia marx what not. China does not stay but Japan is always there.

      living in the west we know pretty well if one has excess cash he starts a charity to keep it.- no questions asked, no Vat, no final statement to tax man, no obligation to freedom of information act- in short free wheeler like a church where the cream live like kings and employ many slaves (volunteers)
      The does not trust lanka so when Cameron arrived he spoke to British charity (again same same crooks) before being briefed by locals. there are lankans at Uk having charities for varied things like iddiappa for its privileges.
      Beggars cannot be choosers ha ha.

  • 1

    Lot of Sinhala Intellectuals are stampeding to save Donald Trump’s fame which was not this low even when he declared bankruptcy of his ill run real estate business(As per a new article appeared in NYT, he may do it again).

    Chandrikathasan has been blind and dumb in praising the Solomon West Ridgeway Dias ‘s bloodless revolution turned the Lankawe into a Mahabharat, 60 years of blood rivers flowing. He is known for his stealthy plagiarism and cut and paste. Then he fool the readers and commentators that they don’t know to “Constructively comment”. In other words, when Chandrikathasan put his bosses on his head and dance, commentators are not able to appreciate that and failing to put him on their head and dance. He is such a small soul.

    This is a very controversial for him. Some (Sinhala)commentators misidentified him has called him an LTTE (t)rump for having written that Hillary is winning. From Ranil, Mangala .. down to average Sinhala Buddhist has been looking for their rump’s victory. So they called Chandrikathasan as LTTE (t)rump just based only on this article. Few weeks ago, Mangala, without being able to hide, went against Samantha Power and called Condoleezza Rice was a friend of Lankawe. This is an insult to Secretary Kerry, who chased out Old King from Temple Tree House and crowned the New Royals there. He did that sheepish thing because there were poll results just after RNC saying Trump was leading Hillary.

    The Sinhala Pantham, Chandrikathasan, by his natural dimwit intelligence, wrote this essay which is declaring the Hillary is the win. The only purpose of the is revealed in the last line “The writer sees 33 states yielding 417 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton on November 8. Trump is supported by 17 states with an yield of 121 electoral votes.”, that is, he wants to show that he is a better astrologer than the Old King Astrologers who fixed January 8th, 2015 election date.(I would call him if this prediction goes wrong in November, will he come to CT and apologize for the commentators who tolerates his nasty self proclamations. After that, will he stop signing of his self pride?). Again, Chandrikathasan is such a small soul but the uninformed Sinhala Intellectuals(or real name, the Modayas) have called him LTTE (t)rump. But there could be twist on the story. Chandrika is friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s. There are many premonition of Chandrika’s preparation of receiving Hillary. Chandrika even went to Jaffna and said to fool Sampanthar, Jaffna Tamil and above all American Democrats “Yes, we have defeated the Old King but Tamils have to benefit anything yet out of it”. Chandrikathasan’s this meaningless article may be part of Chandrika’s excessive preparation of receiving Hillary. In the event if that twist turns out to be true, I doubt Hillary ever turns out to be Kathirgamar, Mangala, et al’s Condoleezza Rice. The stampeding Sinhala Intellectuals and the Sinhala Pantham Chandrikathasan must remember one. It was Ambassador Blake who won the war for Condoleezza Rice. But he is the one took the Old King to UNHRC. Hillary may keep the Friendship. But still would do the proper things at UNHRC.

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