30 November, 2022


Honorable Speaker: Act Now & Act Fast

By Arun Kumaresan

Arun Kumaresan – Air Vice Marshal (Ret’d)

The events on Oct 26th, which has been termed as a “constitutional coup”, which came as a rude surprise to all who cherish democracy and believe in a public mandate that dictates the functions of the parliament; within the framework of the explicit provisions of our constitution, appropriate standing orders and conventions. These rules and conventions are deep rooted in our 70years of democratic traditions flowing from the “Westminster model”, which has been zealously protected by the HONOURABLE MEMBER who wore the cloak & held the Office of the SPEAKER.

The current act by the President who took the ‘Oath of Office’ to protect and uphold the constitution has created a controversy that suggests he has violated the solemn oath. This is further amplified as Hon’ble Attorney General (AG) was constrained from giving an opinion.  It goes without saying, if the act of the President was “constitutional”, AG would have made a call, which would have made your task much easier. It is of public knowledge that AG has advised on the same roughly four months ago, which prevented the President from taking a similar action as that of 26th of Oct and instead led to a “ NO Confidence Motion” against the sitting Prime Minister. What was unconstitutional then cannot become constitutional now.

Hon’ble Speaker as the custodian of the legislature, it is time for you to act to protect the people’s mandate in a functional democracy. The democracy in Sri Lanka now hangs in your mature wisdom. We do not want the current divisions of opinion to become a conflict and threaten the peaceful co existence. We also do not want coups & counter coups. We also do not want the Members of Parliament to become auction able entitles, similarly to the era of slavery; making the legislature an auction yard.

As per the media, it appears that your request to the President to convene the parliament has not materialized and even a MP couple of hours ago have suggested it as the 16th of November as originally planned. Hence Hon’ble Speaker, the ball is now in your court; ACT NOW & ACT FAST.

Summon a meeting in the presence of the leading members of the Clergy, Diplomatic corps. Civil society & party representative at the office of the speaker or at your official residence, as early as this Sunday (4th Nov) and give a ruling on the following:

1. Was the act appointing a Prime Minister by the President is constitutional?

2. Was the act by the President in proroguing the parliament followed the due protocol and conventions?  and,

3. Announce the date of convening the parliament under special circumstances to make your ruling in the floor of the house.

Whatever your determination becomes FINAL and it will resolve the confusion that is dividing the populace of Sri Lanka. In the event the act by the President is unconstitutional you may also make an announcement at this meeting that the status quo prior to 28th of Oct is legitimate to assist the public officers to act accordingly. 

This is not about UNP or SLFP nor Ranil Wickramasinge or Mahinda Rajapaksa. It is only about the constitutionality of actions, whether it is democratic or undemocratic.

Hon’ble Speaker – “ACT NOW & ACT FAST”. You will be remembered forever for protecting “DEMOCRACY” in Sri Lanka.

N.B: It is kindly requested those who have direct communication with the Hon’ble Speaker, please share this note.

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  • 2

    Arun, isn’t the President your GOOD friend? Why don’t you give him a call and tell him yourself!

  • 5

    M&S has done a historical mistake ..
    It will hound him until his death .
    It’s a shame on democratic value in Sri Lanka .
    It’s nothing but greed of some people.
    If the country descend into anarchy..
    M&S must take responsibility.
    You can not blame forces if any unwanted things happens .
    They have been watching all objectively and impartially….
    They cannot act in order with whims of some politicians at the expense of others …
    This is not constitutional crisis ..but man made crisis.
    The best solution would Ranil and MR together impeach inneptitude..Giramasavake president of Sri Lanka soon…before he take this beautiful country into chaos.

    • 2

      Out of three branches of Government in Sri Lanka:

      Executive: Failed (may be Grade 10 educated, Arts)
      Judicial: Sleeping??? (Attorney General: Shirking!!!)
      Legislative: Speaker need to act FAST!!!, like Arun said.

      Any of the three has the power in the constitution to change the situation in the country right now. But have to really act FAST to save the country.

  • 2

    Let us resolve the matter fast as our credit rating may decrease due to unstable parliment. This may also cause withdrawal from share market..

    • 3

      The question is can you do it fast enough. Something has to be done like yesterday. The bleeding has already begun and that is the beginning.

      “Post MR’s Appointment Reserves Bleed by Rs 137.61B”

      Now MR is preparing a welfair budget and calling it a people’s budget and would create a huge deficit budget that the country cannot afford.

      Most probably the budget will fail and the govt will collapse but that will give MR the platform for the next election campaign and even if he fails he would have destroyed the little stability the country has.

      I just cannot get my head around looking a handful of idiots ruining a whole country for personal gain.

    • 1

      Ranil Wijeyesekera – It can also cause a run on the banks when a large number start withdrawing their money in the sincere belief the bank may cease to function in the near future.

  • 3

    Dear Arun,
    You need to straighten your English writing skills, since I cannot fathom some of your intended expressions. has already taken action as his position deems, and as such there is no need to re-as surge the need.
    Also you title of Air Vice Marshal ( retd) does not create any additional influence of the opinion expressed by you.
    Many of us do hold/ have held titles of stature either academically or bureaucratically, but we do not use such accolades when we express our views on CT.

    Cheers Mate !

    • 4


      The former Air Vice Marshal’s English seems good to me. You may have gone to school with Shakespere, but for a SL educated man whose 2nd language is English, it seems in fact pretty good to me.

      And more importantly, yes his title of Air Vice Marshal does create additional influence to the topic at hand whether you like it or not. And that’s simply because he saved his Mother Land while you were probably boozing around Colombo and walking around Liberty plaza holding hands with a girl or something.

      You know what I do to these fellas who hold girls’ hands and walk around MC or LP. I walk right between them.`

      • 3

        As a person who got a distinction in English language in O’level and had his higher education in English at the best school in Sri Lanka, I do not think that there is anything wrong in the essay regarding English grammar or spelling. If anyone cannot fathom the expressions made, than it is that person who has to get her brain examined. It is also height of stupidity when a person accuses another one of committing errors, when that person makes worse mistakes. There is no word in English called re-as surge appearing in line three, which makes the statement incomprehensible. I think it should have been “reassert” , which this swabasha educated person had no clue.

      • 2

        Retarded …………………. shameless ………..

        I am not sure if he flew Athulath S**t Bomb mudali’s many barrel bombs over Northern Towns. Come to think of it those US made second hand Bell helicopters were bought from Singapore and piloted by mercenaries of the UK based Keenie Meenie Services.

        I believe while s**t bombs were targeting the innocent you must be spit polishing Gota’s boots. It’s a job one should admire. It is better than living off your woman folks who toil in Medieval Middle East Kingdoms.

  • 0

    Arun Kumarsen: Why should they listen to you. there is a group who respects Demovracy and HUman rights. I heard they had asked Ranil too whether he wanted PEce keeping forces in Sri lanka. So, the govt was concerned they would start ARAB SPRING in Sri lanka.. I think Sri lanka should keep her sovereignity and must ask those Embassies what to do. Then they would not divide the country to saying This is for Tamils and this for others.

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    Arun Kumaresan: The Speaker is acting right now and acting fast to undo the coup-image.

  • 0

    Gota to speak to Trump and get duty free status.

    “The European Union is worried the return of Mahinda Rajapaksa, as prime minister, could derail halting progress made toward national reconciliation following a war with ethnic minority Tamil separatists that killed tens of thousands, many during the final stages under his watch as president.

    “The government got GSP on the basis of certain commitments, if these commitments are not met, then we would consider withdrawal,” EU ambassador to Sri Lanka, Tung-Lai Margue, told Reuters on Thursday.

    Margue was referring to Generalised System of Preferences Plus status, under which Sri Lanka’s top exports of garments and fish get lucrative concessions in the world’s largest single market.”

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    Arun Kumaresan

    What people want now is a govt. with a fresh mandate.

    Make democracy the number one concern.

    Present mandate has gone as far as it can go with bond scam champions, the reason for current impasse.

    Press this speaker (partial towards UNP) act fast to convene the house to get UNP support to dissolve the house.

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