20 June, 2024


How are bitcoin trading signals changing the crypto world? Join the changes!

If you live in 2021, you have a chance to earn on cryptocurrency. Why do we clarify this? Because many people still do not think of investing as a good way to earn money. It’s time to keep up with the times, and they are a little (and no, not a little) stuck in the past. Even if you are a beginner and know one word, “cryptocurrency” – you can also make great money. Because bitcoin trading signals help in this case. In these specialized channels, analysts provide reliable information about changes in the crypto market. You are also instructed on a specific time for you to make a purchase. Of course, it is important to follow the news, update the data constantly.

Explain what bitcoin is

Bitcoin since 2009 remains the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. It is the crypt of the first generation. It is the first and flagship cryptocurrency, the digital money that works without a regulator (for example, the central bank). In principle, it works without government participation. Bitcoin is not headed by any person or organization that has a responsibility for the currency. Satoshi Nakamoto created this crypt – at least he has the glory. The author published an article describing the fundamental future. Some consider the text to be similar to a manifesto. Digital money fits into one person’s account. And what about banks, PayPal, payment systems? They are not needed. We can buy bitcoins, pay, and sell too.

Why do assets fluctuate?

One of the main reasons for the price fluctuation of any asset is a change in the balance of supply and demand. Anything can affect it. Among the main factors:

  • the behavior of major players in the digital industry;
  • exchange rate fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies;
  • legislative changes in different countries;
  • news background;
  • regulatory bans;
  • the emergence of new projects.

And a thousand other factors that ordinary traders can not predict. Thus, trading signals we use to form an investment strategy.

What it is and how it works

Trading signals are recommendations on:

  • profitable points of purchase;
  • sale of cryptocurrency made based on a detailed analysis.

Traders disseminate such information through:

  • special platforms;
  • channels;
  • chats;

All platforms are open and closed. The first is available to everyone, the second – only to those who have paid for the subscription. Each service has its approach to analyzing the situation in the crypto market. Some use technical analysis, others fundamental, and still others have insider data. In all three cases, probability plays a significant role because trading signals do not guarantee traders a 100% result.

The primary purpose of fundamental analysis is:

  • to assess the value of a cryptocurrency;
  • to determine whether its exchange rate corresponds to the realities of the market at a particular time.

Fundamental factors also include:

  • the reputation of digital coin developers;
  • their partnerships;
  • long-term development plans;
  • monetary policy features;
  • cryptocurrency capitalization;
  • trading and transaction volumes;
  • price volatility;
  • average commissions.

The technical analysis does not determine the reasons why the cryptocurrency rate has changed direction. The only important thing is that the price moves in a specific direction for a certain period and within a narrow price range.

Those who have access to insider information can make a good living. Specialists warn every user about the plans of prominent crypto market players. They do it to raise or lower the price of a particular cryptocurrency artificially. Trading signals come in push notifications, messages in messengers, social networks, or emails.


Some traders provide indications that bitcoin quotes on the cryptocurrency exchange are declining. They provide different figures, from 5 to 15 percent. Just do not specify that such jumps occur with each digital currency. To avoid dissonance, there are trading signals. They provide detailed information on exactly how the state of the crypt you have chosen changes. That way, you have no reason to worry about your investment.

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    This is another advertorial.
    I have no idea what the hell bitcoin is, and I don’t care. There’s only so much digitalization of your life you can take. Good-bye.

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    The primary purpose of fundamental analysis is:
    to assess the value of a cryptocurrency;
    to determine whether its exchange rate corresponds to the realities of the market at a particular time.
    Fundamental factors also include:
    the reputation of digital coin developers;
    their partnerships;
    long-term development plans;
    monetary policy features;
    cryptocurrency capitalization;
    trading and transaction volumes;
    price volatility;
    average commissions.

    The uncertainty is here. “to determine whether its exchange rate corresponds to the realities of the market at a particular time. “ There is nothing that can be assessed with any of the bullets that are listed above. If you are betting on Ford Motor company shares, the share prices represent the current & future marketability of the Ford vehicles. Ford vehicles have a use for the consumer, but not the share, a paper certificate (no more). So you buy these paper certificates believing Ford Motor Corporation will successfully build and sell its vehicles (Ford just doesn’t build only cars, nowadays). It is not sure why one would want to buy the crypto currencies and why the Cryptos are appreciating in price. There is nothing backing up these currencies behind them. They are cicadas’ skin, looking like cicadas! But the main software technologies behind Crypto Currencies, 1). Block Chain – the distributed database & and 2). Solidity – the Smart Contracts programming language, will be ruling Office Technology very soon.

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    There are many issues that need to be talked about. But here we look at what some of the few said about Crypto Currencies and not said, in an ad-hoc manner on this invention.
    The powerful software, the High Level Language – Solidity – can create massive unemployment and can render Alibaba, Amazon, eBay like distributors worth for nothing. But the Cryptos may leave us with a sour mouth of “Cryptorush” which shook the first half of the 21st century, but no other memorabilia. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of this, is not known by anybody. Is he a professor to invent the Blockchain- the basic technology for these coins? Could he win a Nobel or Pulitzer Prize for his invention? The sad fact is if anybody offers him the prize, the shadowy guy will not come out to receive it. They say about $30B in his Coin assets. He has not claimed it. Some say he is not worried about the possible backlash or legal reprisals, but he is dead, that is why he is not claiming his money. Generally, the world’s economic powerhouse governments are not too happy about these developments. Many of the readers might have seen on the news how Congress was dealing with the Cryptos, embedding it within its new $3T Infrastructure bill. It was looking for some new revenue sources to fund this $3T.

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    China, India and Russia show much more negative attitudes towards Crypto. The EU is already on its way to regulate. Who knows what is going to be the future of the glamorous child, Crypto Currencies! There are countries who are more bankrupt than Lankawe. They want to use Cryptos instead of US dollars, because almost all of them are anti- American crusaders. Can they substantiate if these currencies face downfall one time? All these times we thought that money and the Army were the government’s sole authority. These guys are now claiming that they want to free the money and decentralize it from governments’ control. What appears to be is, these minting and Mining are super techies’ Casino games, but not any type of industry that produces any value. But all over the world the casinos are controlled by governments, these guys don’t want Uncle Sam in their business. Iran, a dollar deprived country, too much involved in this mining and minting. So now they are facing an electricity shortage. Elton Musk said if this industry wastes this much electricity, he cannot support them. He is one of the world’s leading battery and solar panel manufacturers. In other words, these guys are metaphorically burning midnight electricity to steal the government’s authority, the money management, but no productivity.

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    These guys are saying that the Distributed Finance (DiFi) will improve the exchange problems between nations. There are 220 countries. Roughly about 180 currencies. Even out of these 180s, some are replaced by Dollar, Pounds, EU, Yuan like dominant ones. The perceived exchange problem is within that. But ” there are more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence as of January 2021. While many of these cryptos have little to no following or trading volume, some enjoy immense popularity among dedicated communities of backers and investors” – Investopedia Soon or later they may mushroom in millions. Are they the one going to make exchanges easy? You may receive your pay in one crypto, the sugar company will force the retailer to have collected sugar purchases in their currency and Oil guy will demand for his one. You may need a mainframe at home to convert all these into your salary crypto. Even if all these 4000 got together, at this time, they cannot fund one nation’s ( EU’s or China or US or Japanese’) budget for just one year. Can even Amazon or Alibaba or Apple fund American budget? Then when are these crypto’s going to grow up to match the needs of the government?

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    Should the Banking functions be transferred to Crypto miners using the blockchain and Solidity? Look at this one! If you deposit $100 at your bank, the chance of you walking back into the same bank branch and trying to withdraw your money is about 10%. That means, if the banking system keeps only $10 in reserve and invests the rest of the money for their income, still they are safe from a bank run. So the bank who got your $100 must keep an average of only $10. So as the bank has now $100, it can satisfy another 9 people like you with that $100 cash (You + 9 borrowers of each $100). Let be frank, no hide and seek, legally the bank can lend $900 dollars out of your $100 so still it will not face a bank run. This $900 is said to be the bank created money, not CB printed note bills. This can better react with the economy, rather than the Federal Reserve (CB) pumping and inundating the market with bills. If the Crypto miners take over the deposit and bank to bank clearing function, either the sustained money growth with economic growth is lost or uncontrolled Crypto miners will cripple the monetary system many times worse than the Wall Street banks did in 2008.

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    Modigliani and Miller who researched on the stock market said that if the market is efficient, there is no chance for super normal profit. What can be gained is only normal profit. That means it is the wages for the entrepreneur. In other words, if the Crypto participants become fully knowledgeable like the PhD programmers, then the supernormal profit in the crypto currency market will be wiped out. Until that the higher knowledgeable people will be reaping the super normal profits. But the question for the one who wants to get into this is, “Do you know where you are leap into?”
    There are many things. We cannot bring all of them in at one time. But individuals still can invest safely and reap some money by short term investments, as long as the bull market goes with Crypto currencies. .It is unlikely fundamental analysis shedding any better light on this. But technical analysis can look at the current market with high scrutiny and provide some hints for when to buy and when to sell. (Except me accompanying that path only after I master the Fintech technology)
    ” Until that Best wishes with the Cryptorush “

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