28 September, 2023


How To Save Sri Lanka From The Corona Pandemic

By C.V. Wigneswaran

Justice C.V. Wigneswaran MP

Like many countries the world over, Sri Lanka too, from last year until now, has had to face the severity of the Corona pandemic and as a result lost number of human lives and suffered economic setbacks country wise & families wise. The present situation in Sri Lanka is extremely dangerous. Daily we are losing 100-150 valuable lives in Sri Lanka. Therefore we must realize that people of Sri Lanka despite speaking different languages and/or following different religions have been equally affected by the Corona pandemic. During the Tsunami the opposing warring sides, the Sri Lankan Forces & the Liberation Tigers forgetting their differences came together for a few days to join and help those affected by the Tsunami. Therefore it is incumbent that we forget our political differences at this stage and decide together as to how to save this Country from the Corona Pandemic.

The following preventive measures I believe may be helpful to all:

1. Individual safe health must be maintained in terms of advice tendered by the Health Sector.

2. Except those involved in official duties others should severely limit their outings from home.

3. If it is necessary to go out for any reason wearing of mask, maintaining social distance from others and washing your hands with soap or applying sanitizer when you return home are absolutely necessary. Today it seems best to wear two masks. The delta type of Corona Virus is playing havoc in Sri Lanka & hence we must take adequate preventive steps. Even I had been slack in maintaining these precautionary measures. But now I have woken up to the dangers of indifference in this regard. Therefore let us all make sure that we maintain these basic precautions without fail.

4. Avoiding large gatherings of persons is also important. If it is a large important family or social gathering it is best to postpone the programme for some time.

5. According to advice from Health authorities if any person has fever, cold, cough, throat pain continuously for over two days it is best for such person to consult a Doctor, hospital or medical officers of Health.

6. Those going out and returning home should in order to destroy the Corona virus in their nasal passages as well as on their throats inhale hot steam daily for some time. They could mix a little of any Ayurvedic Balm to the hot water before inhaling the steam.

7. Most important precaution to be taken is to have oneself vaccinated without fail. Trying to research as to what vaccines are good and ascertaining  their brand names, finding out which country produces it, checking if certain vaccines bring side effects or waiting for the American Pfizer vaccine to come are ways of delaying your safety. Whichever vaccine is available in your area every person over 30 years must take two doses from it without delay. That would be prudent, I believe.

8. Countries like Israel, Britain and Australia had made it compulsory that every person in their respective countries must get vaccinated and strict adherence to such rule has brought good results in their countries. Let us also make it our obligation to have ourselves vaccinated at the earliest.

It is the paramount duty of all of us to stand together at this stage transcending parochial differences among  ourselves to save this country and the lives of its occupants and resurrect this country from the economics morass into which it has fallen today!

Let us Tamils also stand firm today and save our lives, lands and assets from being expropriated by outsiders!

Let us take steps to obviate the prejudicial steps taken by politicians under the cover of the pandemic to act against our safety and interests!

*Justice C.V. Wigneswaran – Member of Parliament, Jaffna District.

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Latest comments

  • 5

    I suspect a lot of writers here on CT are freemasons.
    They see some of us expose this pandemic as a hoax in the comment sections.
    So they think by promoting the pandemic in their articles repeatedly,
    they can drown out our voices.
    ‘Repeat a lie and million times and it becomes the truth’ – Hitler
    Actually no!

    • 12

      “I suspect a lot of writers here on CT are freemason”
      Ok, Ok, I am a Freemason. So, what’s your cubicle number at the hospital? Is it padded?

  • 7

    Countries like Israel, Britain and Australia had made it compulsory that every person in their respective countries must get vaccinated
    Actually no! There has been a massive uprising in western nations with countless tens of millions refusing the jab. Many on the streets are protesting daily.
    Many have taken their children out of schools. Their governments have been bombarded with petitions. Many have started court proceedings to have all the politicians, media and medical criminals sentenced and jailed for crimes against humanity.
    The media owned by freemasons has largely tried to hide this.

  • 5

    Those going out and returning home should in order to destroy the Corona virus in their nasal passages as well as on their throats inhale hot steam daily for some time.
    So there is no need for the so called vaccine.
    Thanks for letting the truth slip out among the fountain of lies.

    • 1

      “…in order to destroy the Corona virus… inhale hot steam daily for some time.”
      Is there cold steam that one can inhale?

  • 8

    Mr. Wigneswaran disappoints those who like to think he’s not capable of normal human feelings.

    • 6

      Going by the text, but for the reference to Tamils at the end, it seems not very different from what the Army General in charge of the war against the virus would also tell the people.
      Will that disappoint those who like to think that the General is not capable of normal human feelings?

      • 5

        Yes indeed. Corollaries are generally regarded as true.

        • 1

          That is when the theorem is true.

      • 4

        “Will that disappoint those who like to think that the General is not capable of normal human feelings?”
        Not at all. The honourable General is capable of human feelings like Rajapaksas. We show his capability of murdering over 40000 civilians with his normal human feelings.

        • 2

          You may read the response of Ajay Sundara Devan

  • 1

    Save your selves first, start with your self your community your race your country. and please get the Vaccine. Don’t listen to humble or bumble.

  • 2

    Most importantly the discussion should be – how to save Tamil and Minority politics from Wigneswaran, who is a Rajapakse agent, an untrustworthy Tamil politician. Wigneswaran, Rauff Hakeem, and Badurdeen are traitors to their own communities. they are all Rajapakse golayas.

  • 10

    How To Save Sri Lanka From The Corona Pandemic
    one day sooner or later the Corona Pandemic will become manageable.
    The question is
    How To Save Sri Lanka From The Rajapasa Pandemic.
    This pandemic is crippling Sri Lanka.
    it can take many mutations the ultimate mutation is Chinese style! Rajapaksa military mutation”

    The Sri Lankans are treated like a heard of animals by the Rajapasa Pandemic..
    The Rajapasa virus can infect various Sri Lankan variants Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Trade Unions, Judiciary, Police etc with corrupt cash. The Rajapaksa variant identify the weakest link in all these different Sri Lankan variants and infect them with corrupt money. Rajapasas know they have reached heard immunity.

    Now there is no cure yet for corrupt money. The victims fall like dead flies at the feet of the Rajapaksas

  • 1

    I totally agree with the writer. However, I wish to suggest that Hinduism provides the answer that such viruses had to be treated through natural ways with Meditation and Yoga together with herbal trees. Ancient Hindu sages who were engaged on meditation in the Himalayas since time immemorial, have discovered that Himalayas as a source of mysticism, wisdom and unique natural resources. Even in the Ramayana, it is said that the lifesaving Sanjeevani Plant to revive Laxman was brought by Lord Hannuman from the Himalayan range where Rudraksha trees grow in abundance. Rudraksha acts as a neutralizing source for any excessive harmful change received by the body and therefore is considered to be divine. Moreover, it has the force of driving away any viruses to a distance of about 100 meters from the wearer. Hindu sages have dealt with poisonous elements that have wiped out people and have written in our ancient texts about 5,000 years ago. The religious/spiritual content of Hindu texts contained the scientific wisdom and their practical use. But we overlooked them because of the western education and science. Viruses are born with creation and are a natural evolution. Such unseen elements can spread via air, water, touch, food. Hindu texts mention both medicinal, devotional and life habits that may prevent protect from future occurrences.

  • 3

    Foolish for the Sinhala regime to win the war in 2009.

  • 5

    Dear CV, to sum it up all first eliminate the community spread and then implement precautionary measures to prevent it entering the community again to happen.

    1. To eliminate the community spread first country need to cut off from rest of the world which means boarder should be closed or with toughest control in place to happen. So, we can ensure virus within ourselves not from outside. For that authorities should value human lives above economy.

    2. Secondly to eliminate community spread entire country need to lockdown to stop mobilizing people. Then PCR Test, monitor, isolation centres, facilities for people in isolation to meet the basic needs, strategies to curb with mental health due to isolation, etc should be well coordinated.

    3. After that we need to analyse our own data to determine we are on a declining trend if not again we need to alter our strategies.

    4. Once community spread eliminated, we need to increase testing on sewerage water, drinking water, interest of public places to take random sample to decide any presence of virus even in a weak form. Govt should also work on a process of different alert level systems to lockdown entire country, province, district or area of interest.

    5. Treasury should pump out money to provide subsidies or financial support to local small to medium size businesses and individuals for the local economy rolling at least.

  • 4

    ”How To Save Sri Lanka From The Corona Pandemic”

    Start by educating the people with one official govt. body responsible for the strategy & its implementation. The country could also benefit from sacking the useless backward thinking Health Minister who believes in divine intervention & even endorsed the untested concoction of a snake oil merchant. Many self acclaimed pundits, from ayurvedic doctors to retired western medical practitioners & other not even related to the subject have been giving their opinions on TV chat shows & in social media, confusing people, so let there be one official govt. channel, headed by a team of virologists, epidemiologists & members of the Medical Council to advise the govt. & the masses, not a trade union or military personnel.

    People also should act responsibly with sensible social distancing, hand cleansing & unnecessary travelling. There will always be sceptics & conspiracy theorists, which is why it is important to ensure the information comes from a single official govt. channel. At the height of the pandemic, the UK govt. kept the public updated with the PM, Health Secretary, Chief Medical Officer or their representatives appearing daily on TV. Unfortunately, the SL govt. appears to be clueless, passing the buck but taking credit for a job not well done.

    • 2

      We willingly accept conspiracy theories on some subjects but reject some others.
      Not all opponents of vaccination and lock-downs are ill informed. Many of them became objectors because they sense a hidden agenda.
      Why not place all facts fully and honestly before the public? explain the steps to be taken based on full facts.
      When official scare stories contradict themselves people lose trust even without the help of sceptics & conspiracy theorists.
      If we are sure of our facts, why should we run away from democratic discussion.

  • 2

    “Today it seems best to wear two masks. “

    One mask makes it difficult to breathe, two will make you gasp for breath.

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