21 May, 2022


Imminent General Elections – Ranil Must Be Thrown Out From UNP

By Amrit Muttukumaru

Amrit Muttukumaru

First things first. Congratulations and best wishes to the just elected President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the expectation that he will govern our country in the manner he has promised in the run-up to the election and reiterated in his address to the nation after taking office. This include (i) democratic governance (ii) respecting the pluralism and diversity of our people (iii) zero tolerance of corruption (iv) meritocracy. 

Although it is axiomatic that General Elections are crucial for the democratic governance of any country, it has special meaning for Sri Lanka at the current juncture when the country is sharply polarized as never before as witnessed from the results of the hard fought presidential election. This does not portend well for the country. It is in this context in particular and the democratic governance of the country in general that the general elections due imminently is crucial. It is a matter of virtual life or death for the country that the majority of parliamentarians belong to parties different from the party to which the president belongs. This is to ensure the check and balance to presidential authority even though it has been somewhat diluted by the controversial 19th Amendment. Even the proposed constitutional reforms need a strong parliamentary opposition to offset it being monopolized by the party to which the executive president belongs.

Towards this end it is a sine qua non that the UNP must be up and running to present STRONG competition to the party to which President Gotabaya belongs – Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) of which the leader is his elder brother – former president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

PM Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has CLUNG on as UNP leader for the better part of 25 years virtually by force by the brute power given to the leader by the UNP constitution. Under him the UNP has lost a record number of nation-wide elections and also probably responsible for the party losing thousands of exasperated party faithful. He is still HELL- BENT on remaining as UNP leader. It is a no-brainer that Wickremesinghe who was COMPELLED albeit reluctantly at the last minute to propose Deputy UNP Leader Sajith Premadasa as presidential candidate must bear significant responsibility for Premadasa’s defeat. For several reasons it is widely perceived that Wickremesinghe’s ‘stock’ in the country and among a vast majority of the UNP faithful is at an all time low.

Reasons include:

i) Reneging on the promise of good governance for which PM Wickremesinghe is widely perceived to be mainly responsible. The egregious Treasury Bond Scam epitomizes the worst excesses of the yahapalana government’s alleged corruption and abuse of power.

(ii) Not holding those concerned under the Rajapaksa presidency accountable after alleging in the run-up to the 2015 national elections of terrible corruption, violence and abuse of power.

(iii) Perception that the Yahapalana government ALLOWED the Easter Sunday carnage to take place by ignoring several intelligence warnings due to gross incompetence.

(iv) Perception that Wickremesinghe would be more comfortable under a Gotabaya Rajapaksa presidency rather than one of Sajith Premadasa. This perception is supported by media reports (not denied) that Wickremesinghe who does not have even a ‘snowball’s chance in hell’ to defeat Rajapaksa was seriously considering being the UNP’s Presidential candidate.

(v) Hanging on as UNP leader for the better part of 25 years virtually by force by the brute power given to the leader by the UNP constitution.

(vi) Losing a record number of nation-wide elections and also probably losing thousands of exasperated party faithful.

It must nevertheless be stated that Premadasa himself – UNP deputy leader and senior minister was virtually a silent spectator in the face of yahapalana shenanigans these past four and a half years.


The MINDSET of PM Wickremesinghe, who is REFUSING to resign from being UNP leader whilst professing respect for democratic principles and the practice followed in mature democracies, could be gauged from the following:

1) While neither he nor UNP General-Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam were present at the Elections Secretariat when the results were being officially announced, he thought it fit to be present at the swearing in of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in Anuradhapura. While it is conceded that his presence in Anuradhapura was courteous and appropriate, should it not be viewed in the WIDER CONTEXT of his absence at the Elections Secretariat in his capacity as UNP leader? It was indeed sad to see on TV Sajith Premadasa being IGNORED by his party leader and party General-Secretary.

2) While several persons in the UNP such as Kabir Hashim and Mangala Samaraweera have promptly resigned from Cabinet portfolios with immediate effect, Wickremesinghe continues to STAY PUT as UNP leader and PM.   Kabir Hashim has also resigned with immediate effect as UNP Chairman. 

Democracy and good governance DEMANDS that the UNP should present itself as a STRONG party to face the imminent General Elections under the leadership of Sajith Premadasa. If the UNP goes as a divided party with Wickremesinghe as leader, it will be a TRAGEDY for the country. Forming a new party similar to the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) or the Democratic United National Front (DUNF) of Lalith Athulathmudali and Gamini Dissanayake may not be viable in the context of the imminent General Elections.

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  • 51

    There is no single iota of doubt that Ranil Wickremesinghe assured the victory of Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakshe.

    • 26

      Amrit Muttukumaru,

      Ranil is a Traitor to the UNP. He is not following democracy,

      Unless Ranil W resigns within 7 days, a deadline given, all the others should firm a new party, and invite all UNPers and others, to form the New. United National Socialist Democratic Party (UNSDP) of the Socialist Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.
      Just like

    • 18


      A young UNP member had begun a continuous Satyagraha in front of party headquarters Sirikotha calling for the appointment of former Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa as the party’s new leader.

      Now, there should be a Satyagraha all across the country against Ranil, and ask him to resign and retire.

      Let’s hope that this goes viral.

    • 8

      Ranil is a power hungry monster.Whether he can do or not he want the job.For him it is a completely different thing that there are other people in the party who can perform better.

      Ranil please look back at the road you traveled in the UNP and tell me on what ground do we need you anymore . Do not try to take this party to the grave with you.

      Please go now.You are a man without dignity , self respect and incapable of winning elections.Elections are to be won.
      You are really a miserable liability.

    • 1

      h p,
      I’m not a Rail fan and also strongly believe that it is time time for him to retire from active politics but, I don’t support the view that UNP lost the election b’cos of him. As I explained many times before, the main reason for the loss Ranil’s efforts to do right things for the country leaving aside treating party supporters. That is the main reason he decided to form a joint Gvt with SLFP and continue with it even when it became clear that SLFP was pulling the rug under his feet. Unfortunately, the expectations of majority of voters didn’t coincide well with country’s urgent needs.

      If Ranil has any weakness, it is his lack of charisma. UINP has many equally talented charismatic young leaders to replace Ranil.

      GoRa’s victory also will come with huge a burden attached: How to continue the economic recovery while keeping the election promises. The financial crisis that cost UNP the power actually created by MaRa/GoRa tandem. Now they will have to face the challenge they postponed in 2015. Even though Ranil set the stage for the recovery by taking the political risk of losing power, the challenge of keeping on the recovery process still not over. If GoRa failed the mission, his loss will be much greater. This is where the danger lies b’cos if GoRa decided not to take the same political risk as did Ranil, there is a lurking danger that he might turn towards some kind of dictatorship to ignore voters anger!

  • 40

    Unfortunately this is the man who completely destroyed UNP.
    He is totally responsible for election defeat.
    He and his associates hypocritically manipulated people and paved the way to Rajapaksha family to come to power.
    This man must be thrown out from NOT only UNP but also from politics.
    He is not ashamed to be a Opposition Leader in numerous time till he die.

    • 25

      Saman; Don’t blame Ranil!
      Blame the Education System that has created an Uneducated Voter Base!

      • 2

        well said!

      • 1

        And also the undercover Sirasa shills who created a “bondscam ” industry. These shills targeted Ranil but brought the Rajapaksa mafia back. Let them take their medicine now.

      • 2

        Dear Hamlet.
        I am sorry.
        I totally agree with you.
        I did not blame but expressed my anger in words.

      • 1

        Oh dear! So it is the uneducated voter base that is to blame…..Perhaps it is the high rate of literacy in Sri Lanka, and the ability of this voter base to read and inform themselves that got this result. Their ability to see the failure of the Yahapalana also had an impact. It maybe helpful to educate ourselves of the true nature of democracy- that the voter base will decide and we have to respect that.

      • 0

        I see a highly misguided argument! Level of education has very little effect on decision making on social affairs. In social affairs, it is not the level of education that matters; rather, it is the preferences. Take, for example, Gunadasa Amarasekara and Nalin de Silva, two top level educated political activists. In what measure, except for their own bias, can their racist stand be called logical? That is b’cos, when it comes to social affairs, logic of reasoning is mostly influence by biases; not by any objective criteria. The fundamental factor underlining this phenomena is the lack of naturally defined criteria to measure the objectivity in social preferences.

        Winning elections is governed by many factors. Of all, leadership is the biggest factor. I believe that general opinion that the UNP Gvt lacked a strong leadership was the main reason for its loss. Everything that happened from Bond Scam to Easter bombing lead to one final picture of lack of a clear leadership. This led to various fear of insecurity such as economy, race, future politics, etc. In such situations, most people lose the meaning of the proverb: “Don’t throw the baby with dirty water”!

  • 23

    Amrit, according to Chandrika, “MR initiated the destruction of SLFP as Chairman and MS completed it as treasurer.”According to me “RW initiated and completed the destruction of UNP.” The winner is Rajapaksas and “they are here, for a very long stay by proxy”. (PS : They also managed to successfully split smaller parties including JVP )

  • 38

    Ranil W will not resign from the UNP leadership simply because if he does he instantly becomes a nobody, his “inner circle” will desert him and he will have to live a lonely life with only his wife to keep him company, this for him is a fate worse than death. Party success, state of the country, loyalties are not important to him. He betrayed everyone for selfish gains and pleasures. He is not an intellectual , very least an honest man. Anyone who supports him now is a fool. He will die burying the oldest political party in Sri Lanka and all for the continued company of “his inner circle boys”. More said on the matter is a mere waste of words

  • 25

    Ranil???? what can he bring to UNP he has destroyed the grand old party Maitreepla did the same thing to SLFP those who are aiding and abetting Ranil are the people helping Ranil to hang on to be the UNP leadership for over 25 years or more what a democracy it is time to Ranil to go if he is not going isolate him let the UNP parliamentary group select the next person to lead the UNP if not UNP would be sitting in the opposition for 10 years or more.

  • 21

    Ranil created a situation to donkey to be the president , Ranil will just sit as leader of opposition he Cannot fight or open his mouth because of bond scam UNP will get weaker and weaker it is better to find a new leader for UNP let Ranil go

  • 6

    fyi, RW has more right than many to be a UNPer. It is also true that now any UNPer has every right to remove him from the UNP leadership. But if that is to be done to give Sajith the leadership – forget it. Sajith’s only political strategies todate have been, first to be “the paramount purveyor of Udagam houses”, a concept he borrowed from his late father – and then be the toy boy of Kili Maharaja and MY3-pala.

    • 21

      Never mind your wanting somebody other than Sajith.
      The subject here is Ranil. Why the devil can’t he go?

    • 12

      Janaka from Matara

      “Democracy and good governance DEMANDS that the UNP should present itself as a STRONG party to face the imminent General Elections under the leadership of Sajith Premadasa.”

      Although Sajith Premadasa has his negatives, he is arguably the ‘best’ the UNP could offer at present to pose a real ‘threat’ to the Rajapaksa juggernaut. Although the presidency is now ‘lost’, it is CRUCIAL that at the very worst, the UNP must be a STRONG opposition in Parliament to checkmate the Rajapaksas. This could be achieved by strategic decision making within a UNITED UNP leadership devoid of Ranil Wickremesinghe and his hangers-on. Forming a ‘new’ party must be the last option given the short time prior to a General Election.

      Amrit Muttukumaru

      • 1

        Amirt Muttukumaru: We seem to be missing the wood for the trees. The equation is: As it has been seen elsewhere in the world lately, in Sri Lanka too the battle has been between two approaches to government: One is where a strong man running the show from a nationalistic vehicle. Other is the traditional democratic approach. In Sri Lanka SLPP and UNP were doing reasonable jobs representing these two ends. In this election an strong man was going to win, no matter how good the champion of democracy was going to be. He had one leg on one end and the other on the other. He fell through in between with a big thud. Ranil may not be following democracy in his party. But I dont think that matters much. He is the biggest democrat country has when it comes to the business of government. But everything has an expiry date. He needs to go because he is old – and not because he was doing a bad job representing a set of values – in a complex society like Sri Lanka.

  • 27

    What is worse than being a perpetual loser, is to be someone who blocks the progress of a once successful organisation. RW thinks he owns the party. To persist with his perennial bungling is a serious setback to the young talent who might get through. His serious failure is that he has not prepared succession. Sadly for an educated man, he has no plan to let go, and go gracefully into whatever else he may want to do. The result may result in the demise of a once great party that he used for his selfish purpose. Ranil, for god’s sake, GO!

    • 4

      If the great party did not have the good sense to protect itself by jettisoning it’s ineffective leader Ranil W for over twenty five years despite his poor election record and his part in the crooked Bond scam, the party is itself to blame for losing the recent Presidential election.

  • 28

    Way back in the 1990s, there was a brilliant article that appeared in one newspaper about Ranil Wickremasingle. That was the time Ranil had inherited the leadership of the UNP after the assassination of Gamini Dissanayake. It was written by eminent former civil servant (CCS) Neville Jayaweera. In that article titled ‘Why a tortoise could never fly’ Mr Jayaweera did a critical character analysis of Ranil. In that he eloquently explained why Ranil neither had the intelligence, charisma, character nor leadership qualities required to lead the UNP. Jayaweera drew a parallel between a bird who was naturally equipped to fly and a tortoise who was never equipped to fly even with feathers stuck to its shell. He also stated that the UNP would weaken and become irrelevant under Ranil’s leadership. 25 Years on, that was like prophecy.

  • 2

    Ranil Wikramasinghe

    Take a long comfortable sleep.

    You’ll awake refreshed with more energy & charisma to be the leader again.

  • 16

    Ranil has done a lot of damage to party and country. He has always been inefficient, selfish, and wants power more than doing what is good for the country. He surrounds himself with corrupt people, and yes, due to all these reasons, we have got the much worse Rajapaksa’s back…..the beginning of decades of Rajapaks a rule.

  • 7

    Royal College has changed its Motto from “Learn or Depart”, to “Learn to Depart”.

    Where are the pontificators like Shyamon the Shaman from Melbourne now?he was predicting and lecturing about Sri Lankan politics from overseas.

    Jehan and KD said this election will only be won by minority votes, and it will be close and preference votes will matter

    Gota’s 1.36million majority is like Chandrika madam’s,1994 1.95 million margin in the gap and impact. Time to STFU.

    • 5

      I think that CT’s moderators are much too accommodating to scum like this, and they must do something to ensure that commenters use only one pseudonym.
      How do we report comments like this? Don’t the moderators realise that this guy’s current pseudonym is casteist? That is worse than racism.
      Nasty fellow, I’m not commenting from anywhere abroad. Maha Kalu Sinhalayas like me will never descend to this level.

      • 1

        HE HE HE HE HE HE….. Comedy Thamai,

        Sinhala_Man is saying Dhoby’s aaryaawa is Casteist! Kettle calling the pot, ‘you are back, nasty man’! Why? His conclusion is (Castiest) Tamils are worse than (racist) Sinhala Mahajan. He never can accept the Tamil as equal to him.
        Sinhala_Man, they say by campaigning for Vaalaiththodam Jr, Ranil has defeated Vaalaiththodam Jr. Thus, do you have any idea who might have defeated Anura and how? “Summa Kidantha Changai Oothi Keduthan Panadaram.” (Conch must be blown for it to retain its melody. Leaving it not used make it to sound like donkey’s bray. But our Kurukkal, made it to go worse by blowing it- How did it happened man? )

        HE HE HE HE HE

    • 2

      F***K with ROYAL College …..& F***K all the Sri Lankan’s thinks ROYAL College has produced outstanding Countrymen for this Country….I am more than well Educated to Comment on this I haven’t seen much to any Old boys educated At Flamboyance College applying for Higher level Jobs here in SL for the past 7 Years….it’ s Glory is A RELIC of the Past……Does ROYAL College even Exits….Hmmm it Does Though….

  • 10

    Don’t be harsh. Ranil has a didactic memory and knows the workings of a Parliamentary democracy better than anyone else. The problem is he is believed to be on the Autistic spectrum. Hence the inability to be warm and inability to make eye contact or relate to others. He has a lot of baggage like Batalanda, that his good friend MR helped cover up. He is unable to be open in his private life unlike Mangala S. Had a domineering mother who even arranged a marriage of convenience to an intellectual who isn’t straight either. Everyone knows their proclivities
    Lots of complex issues. But it’s believed, that she a Peradeniya English graduate with a PhD, had been able to mould him.

    The man seems uncomfortable outside the elite English speaking elite. They love him in the cocktail circuit.

    • 4

      Yes, Australian Socialite,
      All that you say is true. But with all due sympathy for the fellow for all the misfortunes he’s had in life, why do we still have to put up with this guy. Isn’t he still the Leader of Gota’s Opposition. I can’t help feeling that had I had all the family political connections that he had, I’d have made a better Prime Minister than him. But no, I think that I’m glad I never strayed into politics.
      You seem to know all about him. Tell me, in which years was his wife at Pera? I, too, was in the English Department there. To encourage you to give me a straight answer, let me assure you that I’ve never had anything against me. It’s just that I’d like to know when she knew the WUS Canteen, or was it in the days of the Gemba canteen?

  • 11

    There was a tiny group of old Royalists, misfits and power brokers around Ranil whose job was to defend him in the media, such as Gamini, Janaka etc.

    Ranil’s permanent expert Charitha showed his true colours by appointing his own brother to run Srilanakn airline( They accused the Rajapakses of nepotism !) Did he turn it around ? The situation became critical at the airline!

    Sagala was Ranil’s comfort giver. Sagala’s brother became chairman of nearly every government body from 2015, lake house, tourism board, Ports authority,now NDB ! He must be born to be a chairman ! Why talk of nepotism?

    Soon after Mahinda lost in 2015 one of these media hacks of Ranil placed a story in newspaper that Gotabaya was offered a job to handle urban development in Singapore. It was calculated to insult Gotabaya as an upstart. Gotabaya is not a swollen headed man, and now the people have given him a mandate Ranil could never get in his long career.

    Now Ranil should try and get a job in Singapore as an expert on International matters with emphasis on the Indian Ocean ( which his blind followers say he is !)

    Ha ha, Ranil is a standout comedian, and only that !

    • 1

      Ranil could teach the PAP in Singapore how to lose an elecation

  • 2

    I came to know Ranil on two occasions . Once in 1989 and then in 1994
    at an opening ceremony to which I wrote the speech for the chairman.
    Late Anura B was among other guests . Both these guys at the time were
    in politics thanks to their families including today’s Gota and Mara but
    the difference with MARA is that he knew what people want and Ranil
    knew what he wanted ! Ranil knows very well that he is not in for any
    win of his own make . Then the question arises , what on earth is he
    doing with the leadership of a grand party ? Easy match is a RECKLESS
    The majority Gota received was about 1.5 million and this was the votes
    Sira Brought into the U N P with his win and pulled back with his stab
    in the back ! Harin ,Ajith P , Sujeewa , Sajith , Mangala , Sarath F and you
    name it , all are responsible for this very short-lived honeymoon with a
    man like Sira . This has been my view all along the journey . Everything
    else just follow ups !

  • 1

    men may come and men may go but ranil will go on forever as no one will beard the lion in his den as he is firmly ensconced with the rajapaksas
    the old unp is dead as a dodo and there is no new party to replace it

  • 2

    Well written Amrit you have hit the nail on the head

  • 3

    All MPs of Unpatriotic National Party who endorsed Sajith’s election manifesto that contained proposals to create nine mini-Kingdoms through ‘Maximum Devolution’ and a Senate consisting of ‘Uwa Rajawaru’ should be branded as unpatriotic traitors.

    They should be hanged in Galle Face Greens from their balls for accepting the racist demands from Wellala politicians of Terrorist National Alliance in order to get Demala votes.

  • 1

    australian socialite
    your statement is not too far from the truth

  • 2

    This prescription is too hard.
    After all, Ranil is loved by some people and he is the brightest, best leader we never had.
    You need to leave him alone, allowing people to decide.

  • 0

    1. Ranil already had experiences on power sharing failures with the S L F P led
    coalitions . And that was under C B K who was closer to Ranil even on a
    personal level . There’s a serious question here about failing to learn from an
    extremely damaging experience .
    2. He Loses the presidential race on two occasions , one to C B K and the other to
    Mahinda and Mahinda consolidates his power base through eliminating the
    king maker at the time that was L T T E .
    3. Ranil chooses not to run 2010 race , here on this occasion one must carefully
    notice that Ranil’s experience works for face-saving ! Why didn’t it work
    when he chose to work with Sira who came to cohabit without giving up his
    party membership ? Why did he announce even before the parliamentary
    election of the same year , his intention of going for a national government ?
    4. Ranil again chooses not to run on the race in 2015 . What was the message ?
    He had no confidence in him , why and how are different issues !
    5. Lalith , Premadasa Snr and Gamini were assassinated by L T T E and the
    consequence , S L F P emerges to fill the void .
    Now , in 1999 C B K second term starts with a sympathy win after the L T T E
    attack on her that damages her eye . And in 2005 , L T T E blocks North and
    East from going to polls , facilitating Mahinda’s win and again making Ranil
    a lame duck . 2010 , again it is the war that decides election win ! 2015 , war
    on Muslims mixed with war scars on the North decides the race ! And the
    latest race is won primarily on the promise of security for Sinhalese from
    Muslim extremists !

    • 0

      Continued ,

      The picture is getting clearer and clearer now when you sum up
      the episodes from Lalith elimination to Gota’s win ! Promise
      politics have been systematically replaced by racial tensions that
      leads to violence against the vulnerable by the big in numbers
      with hidden political backing . The episodes from Lalith to
      Premadasa Snr and then to C B K survival ends with the elimination
      of the L T T E and then turns to a new invention of an enemy to run
      the show and escape from economic woes ! Look closely , Sajith’s
      promise of Houses is countered by Security by Gota . MARA’s defeat
      was due to Aluthgama violence and other anti- Muslim violent
      campaigns by the Monks and Gota’s victory is mainly due to the
      Extremist Muslim terror just six months before the election , before
      the memory of the carnage fades away ! Anyone can see a clean
      pattern here . Security overrides relief packages ! So , more elections
      mean more violence and the best offer of security ?

  • 0

    According to Buddhism, the one who understands that he/she is dumb is actually intelligent. In the case of Ranil he thinks he is very smart and manoeuvring. There are English speaking VIyathun who believes in it. Ranil was born with a Silver spoon in his mouth. Yet he thinks what ever happens he is one of those who has been chosen to direct the country. Some how country is fortunate to avoid it. They were trying to insert the final on the sinhala coffin.
    My next question is People elected gotabhaya Rajapkse as the president and believe that the new dawn is here. But, I see Mahinda Chintanaya is all over again and whether that down is now in the dustbin. So, how many years more people have to wait as they waited 71 years to see a change.
    IT will be interesting to see how this will roll out and whether their first tasks will be to finish all the unfinished businesses in the previous MAHINDA CHINTHANA govt., mostly to erase all the paper trails. viyathun and ELiya are out.

  • 5

    It will not matter the UNP will lose the General Election by a landslide as well. 5 years of blaming the Rajapakshas , not it is their turn to blame each other.

  • 2

    He will go like MS, now, MS does not have any respect in public. Like that Ranil will lose all respect unless he retires now.

    • 0

      lankan ,
      The simple maths is , Ranil wanted to get on the back of M S or
      anyone else greedy of getting the top job in the country at any
      cost . Short lived revenge politics , M S got what he wanted , Ranil
      got his share and both betrayed the public . If Royal college had
      produced a stupid politician in its entire history , it is Ranil ! Ranil
      must go is , a long time demand from the entire country , not only
      from the party . The next question is , how successful the new man
      is going to be . A win based on religious nationalism in a
      multi – religious country !

  • 1

    Here. Amrit Muthu Kumaru talks about die hard UNPers, at the last moment, changing the band wagon or the musical chair game playing. I mean AKila viraj Kariyawasam who helped destroying the Sri lankan Education with lot of lies went and sit to watch gotabhaya Rajapakse becoming the president. I heard Hisbullah also cm and but had to go back. It looks Mahinda rjapakse also did not want to understand still he thinks my brother is also me. That says a lot. Why he has to sacrifice that much. GUNA DHAHAM and frined ships do not work infront of the DUTY and the responsibility. Only thing is people have to be pragmatic.
    Sajith is not a leader. The way discuss it, it looks Mangala and some of it Honchos backed by the foreign interest needs Sajith as the Puppet. I do not think that will work. Sajith Showed by advertising as an election issue of distributing free sanitary napkins for Sri lankan women. Sajith and Hirunika Premachandra before they revealing it, Sri lankan women did not know anything about it. and they want some sanitary products from a US company delivered in Sri lanka.
    Sajith is not a prodigy. HE is 25 years in the parliament. Yet he showed he is not visionary but could read what some one else explained. Sri lanka has people who can come forward. It won’t be Sajith.
    another point AmritM must think is UNP, SLFP, JVP – any major parties can come to the election and win it. They all need alliances. That shows Sri lankan political parties are obstinate, obsolete and well out of reality. That is why there are so many new candidates. IT began with Gotabhaya Rajapakse, if Mahinda rajapakse and the gang do not ruin will see.

  • 0

    Aiyo.. Please, Pleas don’t dissolve it.
    What about those poor brave young Turks who rallied around Keselwatta Kid 24/7 , hoping to get at least that juicy life time Pension after the next Election.

    If Keselwatta Kid scored these Political Analysts would not have said anything about Ranil Aiya…

    I just read Ranil Aiya’s Support Agreement with Keselwatta Kid..

    I always thought Mangala Samare is not stupid.
    But did the other suckers who were following the Kid on to every stage promising all those Freebees know what was in the Agreement?.
    If they didn’t at least they would know by now..

    If you think the Shit Fight now between the Two factions is bad, It would have really Ugly, if Dr Ranil was the PM and Keselwatta Kid became the Gelded President in Yahapalan Mk11..
    That is if Keselwatta Kid’s all those Freebee promises to our Dalits in the UNP were real..

    Some one up there must have had empathy for our great Inhabitant majority.. ..

  • 0

    UNP leadership need not be selected by Democratic methods because Democracy is nonsense. Choosing a leader by majority? Why should that be the best method? Why not understanding of law and administrative qualities?

    In fact who else in the UNP understands these things? Not Sajith that’s for sure.

  • 0

    Aiyooo Paw, No.. Mahaaryawa is totally pissed with Ranil Aiyya..

    The talk of the Town is not Nandesena opening a brand new Chapter for our Mahavamsa Chronicles…
    It is all about Ranil Aiyya demolishing Keselwatta Kid and trying to banish him totally from the UNP.

    Maharyawa told her Loyal UNP suckers who came to console the Kid that she never thought Ranil Aiiya would do dirty on the Kid.
    Mahaaryawa further said she and her son always respected Ranil Aiya .
    And did everything to help him .

    And did not even accept that PM job which Sirisena Aiyya offered him, not once but many times…
    This time she let Puthano to contest not because they did not like Ranil Aiyya.
    But the Puthano wanted to serve the poor inhabitants more than the Piyano did .
    And nothing more.

    MahaAryawa told the Loyalists she can not fathom how nasty Ranil Aiyya has turned out to be..
    And how cruel Ranil Aiyya can be to them who are not only friends going back a long way. but also equal equity partners of the UNP.. ?

    I am with the Maaryawa here..
    I mean this is the son of the only UNP President who at least built a few Houses for the Dalits.

  • 0

    They were not corruption charges, but false charges.You are clueless.

  • 1

    If he does not get his way, he will destroy the party and those against him. That is the mindset of his type. There should not be any compromise, and he and his coterie of members should be thrown out. And why not a third force of sound principles emerge?

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