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Invoking Nuremberg In Colombo

By Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka

Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka

They are commitments that Sri Lanka voluntarily undertook in the light of 70 years of experience of Transitional Justice since the Nuremberg trials…” Ben Emmerson QC, UN Special Rapporteur

One of the 2 resolutions adopted at the 5th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council on the 18th of June 2007 is Resolution A/HRC/RES/5/2 namely, the “Code of Conduct for Special Procedures Mandate-holders of the Human Rights Council”. This resolution was adopted without a vote. Article 12 of the text says that Special Procedure should “In implementing their mandate, therefore, show restraint, moderation and discretion…”

In invoking the loaded “N” word –Nuremberg–to ascribe a motivation to the GoSL in co-signing the last two resolutions, I hardly think that UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson QC was exercising any of those recommended qualities. The danger is that when pronounced from the position of authority he holds as a Special Rapporteur of UNHRC, it won’t be long before Sri Lanka will, at least in global public opinion, be associated with the heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis in 1939-1945. It was irresponsible on Emmerson’s part, to say the least. Making careless and extravagant statements also discredits the dignity of the UN Human Rights Council itself and brings into question the impartiality of the Report and its recommendations to be presented to the Council.

In addition, Emmerson’s remarks contain false information. Transitional Justice, according to the relevant UN Background Note, emerged in the 1980s and 1990s “mainly in response to political transitions that took place in Latin America and Eastern Europe…” and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Nuremberg Trials! Nuremberg tried the leaders of a war of aggression in which the crime of genocide was committed, better known as the “Holocaust”.

Sri Lanka’s war against the LTTE couldn’t be more different since it was waged to secure for the people, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the legitimate state, two aspects affirmed by the UN Charter, as well as to liberate, in the final phase, over two hundred thousand ethnic Tamils held as human shields.  One can be forgiven for suspecting that the reference to Nuremberg was a deliberate attempt to conflate in the minds of the world’s public opinion, Sri Lanka’s war of self-defense and liberation waged by a legitimate democratic state, and the invasive war of territorial conquest and extermination waged by Nazi Germany.

As for Transitional Justice itself, repeated like a mantra by INGOs, NGOs and UN officials alike, it was a response not to transitions within electoral democracies, but “transitions to democracy” in Latin America. Today, everything and the kitchen sink is thrown into the concept, and used in every conceivable situation whether it is relevant, appropriate or not. The UN note says that “As transitional contexts have shifted geographically from Latin America and Eastern Europe to Africa and Asia, transitional justice practitioners have also engaged with local –sometimes called ‘traditional’ –justice measures, which can offer an important complement to transitional justice.”  What on earth is it exactly, now that Asian and African ‘traditional measures’ have also been added on, and why is it applied to Sri Lanka? It seems to be a handy cure-all for all the world’s ills.

It is said in the UN Background Note that for Transitional Justice to work, it has to be done holistically, with criminal prosecutions, truth commissions, reparation programs, security sector reform and memorialization efforts. Sounds familiar? Naturally. These are the efforts that are being funded in Sri Lanka. It’s a formula. Let’s not forget the “gender-mainstreaming” approach. This is also a part of the growing body of Transitional Justice initiatives. It is open any other suggestions one might have.

Certainly these reforms, taken individually, make sense for a country like Sri Lanka or any country, especially reforms to do with gender. But as part of a body of law taken together, a package as it were, applied as a whole to Sri Lanka’s post conflict situation, it distorts beyond recognition the problems that Sri Lanka needs to address. It makes us look like a failed state, where massive abuses of a minority took place, the reason for the war was aggression against an ethnic minority, and women were abused routinely, perhaps with genocide –in Nuremberg terms –committed by an undisciplined military. It is ridiculous.

And yet, as Special Rapporteur Emmerson says, the commitment to Transitional Justice was not externally imposed. We committed to this ourselves in co-sponsoring the twin UNHRC resolutions of 2015 and 2017. And this seems to give him the excuse to say that “those members of the armed forces who committed gross human rights violations…” rather than “alleged violations” or “allegedly committed”. Does Transitional Justice allow indictment before the facts have been established beyond a reasonable doubt? I wouldn’t be at all surprised! The first thing a self-respecting nation would do is to ask for a debate on this concept at the UN Human Rights Council so that its scope and its limits can be established clearly and applied more effectively, preventing it bloating like a balloon just before it bursts.

Mr. Emmerson also said he will not speculate as to what could happen to Sri Lanka if it didn’t abide by its commitments, right after he speculated that it could result in revocation of Sri Lanka’s EU status (by which he means GSP Plus), censure by the Human Rights Council and “indeed reference to the Security Council”. I wish he hadn’t said that. The Security Council is a serious place that deals with on-going situations threatening peace and security in the world. It shouldn’t be used to scare errant governments into compliance with Transitional Justice. As for the EU status, as a UN Special Rapporteur, he has no right to speak for the EU. The Human Rights Council has no authority to change “Sri Lanka’s EU status”.

Censure at the UNHRC is also decided on by sovereign member states of the Council. The Special Rapporteur can only present his report and recommendations. He exceeds his mandate, (a violation of the Code of Conduct) when he ventures beyond that. All this undermines the credibility and faith in the independence of the Special Procedures and that is why, together with the Institution Building Package, the Council adopted the Code of Conduct, to safeguard the credibility of the Council, the successor to the discredited Human Rights Commission. 

Having said that, Mr. Emmerson revealed something shocking. He said that torture is endemic and routine in Sri Lanka. He said that no one from the government, police, or any other sector denied that this. He also said that it is built in to the Criminal Justice structure. He said torture was systematic in Sri Lanka and that it was one of the worst in the world. This is an intolerable situation for any country. Why has it gone on, even under the new regime of ‘good governance’? Why has it been allowed to go on? It is shameful. According to Mr. Emmerson, it goes on even today, when there is peace in the island. (Although Mr. Emmerson thinks that unless we accept accountability and Transitional Justice we will have no peace. After a 30 year war was fought to a finish, it sure looks to me like we have peace and have had it since the war ended in 2009.)

Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe PC, was the only person who was alert enough to challenge at least some of the assumptions of the UN Special Rapporteur. Mr. Mangala Samaraweera was not interested or was incapable of it, during his time as Foreign Minister. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe obviously didn’t see himself sleep-walking into endorsement like Minister Samaraweera.

At a time when international relations, especially in the area of human rights, is closely linked to international law, and vies to supersede it amidst stiff resistance by a majority of states at the UN, it is only wise to allocate the responsibility of dealing with the UN Human Rights Council to someone who is thoroughly familiar with the subject of Law. If, as in the previous administration, a Ministry of Human Rights is created and brought under the Minister of Justice, the challenges involved would be more knowledgeably and ably undertaken, while safeguarding the sovereignty of our country. Mr. Rajapakshe will certainly be alert enough not to co-sponsor a resolution on Sri Lanka at the Human Rights Council that may start its Preamble with “Recalling the Nuremberg trials…”

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      Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka types

      “I hardly think that UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson QC was exercising any of those recommended qualities.”

      Does it matter what you think or don’t think. For that matter what the war monger think or doesn’t think.

      “it is only wise to allocate the responsibility of dealing with the UN Human Rights Council to someone who is thoroughly familiar with the subject of Law.”

      Are you putting forward Dayan as the only candidate?

      • 6

        Native` Vaiko` Vedda,
        pee vali!

        “”Are you putting forward Dayan as the only candidate?””

        Wise won’t be busy, and the busy can’t be wise.

        Make No Distinctions!!

        The north and east ba** carrying Demala smuggled drugs in large quantities through a multi network sold it to the whites of the west, obtained refugee community western aid, money laundering, to buy arms and ammunition to bring death to the citizens of Lanka irrespective of ethnic. The component of money paid by economic refugees was minimal. Proof is in the pudding 90k northern and eastern widows left to fend for themselves at Lanka while at UK alone the north and east Tamils boast of £2 billion turnover to the Tory government of Cameron.

        Who pays for the destruction caused to the island, the citizens of Lanka by the sweat of their brow?

        Who pays for your troupes trolling 24/7/365 for almost a decade surely not the Vanni Tamils but western taxpayer?

        It does not take a Dayan but the voice of the suffering masses to be heard by the UNHCR that Chief Pillai suppressed.

        Government debt is about 77% of GDP and remains among the highest of the emerging markets.

      • 8

        Hey …………. What’s wrong with Nuremberg? It’s a beautiful place! All Lankans should visit the joint if they ever get the opportunity. …… If more Lankans had visited Nuremberg they would have prevented Prabakaran’s 12 year old son from shooting himself. …………

        There were only 12 episodes of Fawlty Towers ……… be thankful the rest are coming nonstop from the De Silva Jayatilleka Hotel ………..

        It’s very avant garde of Mr Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe to play the hero …………….. money money money makes the world go round …………………… Then and now ………. where exactly was Mr Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe’s silver spoon lodged?

      • 5

        What a load of crap…

        Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka’s articles are somewhat similar to Dayan De Silva Jayatilleka’s. Is there any relationship?

      • 3

        Had the peoples mandate been given to MR, the world would have to see the rise the numbers of high crimes, under most abusive president we ever had inthis country, Japapakshe.
        These who are close to Rajapakshe cough for nothing today, even if almost everying is underway, that no unfair would ahve been made to lankens, by the foreign affairs being carried out today. Else, the former president was in a situation to be called by HAGUE international court.
        Dayan Jayathilaka and this female jayathialak are both biased to Rajpakashe goons.
        Just intrepret these issues in favours of them. As if they could be the only ones to see it for the sake of the country. My gosh. DJ was recalled by Rajaakshe Regime sicne Mahinda Rajaakshe thought DJ behaviours could damage lot more.

      • 4

        Stupid vedda,
        Another meaningless post!
        Yes, what matter is what the majority think. Not the 10% terrorist think.

        • 1

          If Vedda is to be stupid, there should be no words in the voccabulary to name your stupidiy Eusense, you ve been an another who has failed to sense it yet. Good luck.

      • 2

        I think it does matter. Native Vedda. Here, this lady may have been cheated by the wish of DJ, asking her to come with the kind of article. Actually, her contents sound as if they come from an isolated person who just lived within own thoughts only.

        since srilankens are made to believe her HUSBAND DAYAN FOX JATHILAKA is the political analyst. No matter any higher edcuated Uni Dons would see it different, but DJ is marketed by Rajakashe men to live their blood sucking life styles.
        Animal like Journos painted the picture in favour of DJ s thoughts.
        But the reality of the society lies somewhere else.

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      Spring Koha believes she is slinging it everywhere all over the forum warning us to duck and dive from codswallop. Just warning us is not enough.

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      What a crap this lady has written in defending the criminal entity called The Govt of Sri Lanka with its Neo-Nazi / Pro-Israel Zionist venture called Sinhala Only Buddhist Mafia project. The ruling Crypto Jewish Elite families who are directly linked to the Jewish system in the US, EU, UN has been mass murdering minorities and the majority innocent TAX payers for nearly a century with total impunity backed and supported by the Jews. The criminal Elites are escaping prosecution and punishment just because of this Jewish connections in the West which supporting and even rewarding the GOSL for its part played in Zionist de-population agenda 21 of the UN plans. So, all these UN guys blowing hot and cold against their own criminal colleagues (gosl) is just a drama. No UN action will be taken against any of the Sri Lankan fake Buddhist Jewish Elites and their minions. This is going on for a long long time.

    • 1

      Those who would not be able to get what the lady has been bubbling.

      Please check it here below


      Why to compare lanken issues with those Nuremberg is like – no means match

      Just because they just want to be in the lanken spot light to bring the kind of articles.. is so pathetic

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 15

    A biased article discrediting Mr.Mangala Samaraweera’s performance during his tenure as Foreign Minister. He had acted very tactfully and harnessed the support and goodwill towards Sri lanka.

    The purported incident supposed to have taken place in Colombo, between our Justice Minister and UN Rapporteur Mr Emerson, wide publicity given to satisfy and play into the gallery.

    • 4

      “”A biased article discrediting Mr.Mangala Samaraweera’s performance during his tenure “” LGBT- tatte!
      Sooo soho mangalam the baseball wielding galtikka moved sideways for glorified conman Branson’s understudy to hold the reigns after his calling for black money to be invested because of his association with world’s number one conman Inside Trader Galleon. The Donald and Branson are poles apart while Nandikadal Obama spent his first holiday paragliding in ill-fame Sabena Airline Branson’s island.- tubular bells for a sandwich to steal the first million.
      Ra ra ra vi vi colaba ala battala!! Hong Kong in hanuman land??

    • 9


      “He had acted very tactfully and harnessed the support and goodwill towards Sri lanka.”

      The UNP and Mangla played the game according to UNHRC rules and have managed to postponed the urgency of investigation and put the commissioner to sleep at least for another 3 years.

      The war monger Dayan is desperate to wake the sleeping UNHRC in order to keep the international conflict going. So that he could fight the commission with keyboard.

    • 1

      Yesterday I happened to listen to the talk delivered by current CB governer Dr Kumaraswamy. So there he reiterated that the relatiionship refreshed with the international community by date is so good so thatwe can have more investors in the months to come.
      We have won the hearts and minds of EU countries and America etc.
      Could we ever be able to get all these successes, had the balligeputha been the president of SRILNKA; I mean Mahida Rajajakshe ?


      These buggers who licks the balls of Rajakashes think that Mangala S great service during the last 2 years did not bring much to the country.
      I think these people will never see it right.
      So we call such a biased senior diplomat as one of the veteran in lanken external affairs ? I think the failure lies on the side of lanken MEDIA men.
      They should rather bring articles or propaganda revealing the DEVIOUS NATURE, MALACY and VICIOUSNESS of Rajapakshes proxi Jaythilaka couple.
      Now it is the right time to do so.

  • 17

    Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka,
    It is your point of view that won’t hold any water in the international arena. Too many glaring lies from government of Lanka have accumulated and to top it Obama lies have surfaced too in the conducting of Nandikadal. Somethings are never mentioned in a debate which is 2 dimensional literature So the world is ruled by passion not in a rational way and you are no rationalist but a deliverer of MORE SHIT in the lounge.

  • 11

    By the way bombastic BoJo will strip your knowledge of english away in taking the matter to ICC as he once said still it is possible without the agreement being signed. BoJo need not side with the tamils as he is not dependant on their vote but may lean towards India if Modi backs him for retaining Diego Garcia. Lanka had to stay neutral on that vote because it lost the UNHCR vote due to deporting much loved Bob Rae and the foul mouth Champukas cultural insensitivity- Modays did what the demalas could not achieve now the sinhala moderates are riding the tiger and the tigers are getting hungry.
    wriggle wriggle like a big fat snake and succumb to Hanuman.
    The old rogues are back at new delhi as there is no war but they are smarter and do not trust the 3 band sri lanka STM. If India lets Lanka get away its security is jeopardised for a long time to come and it cannot afford it.

  • 10

    Let Mr Emerson read

    Among the Dead Cities
    How the British’s and the Americans bombed civilians even after the surrendering of the Germany and Japan.
    In fact the atomic bomb was dropped after winning the war, not vice versa.
    Good article

    • 4

      Balan, your statement “In fact the atomic bomb was dropped after winning the war……” is incorrect. Japan might have been on the verge of defeat but actually surrendered after the first bomb. Was the second bomb necessary? What do you think?
      Why did they not proceed to destroy an already depleted Stalinland? Because Stalin by then had the bomb too! There is some truth in the A-bomb being a weapon of peace. Is it Balan?

      • 3

        porriki pillai,
        Nazi scientist were the first to start manufacture of the bomb and the ashkenazi were part of it so the info went to the giant aristocrat Roosevelt to wake up and build. Father of Apollo Nazi. Germany was slow because Russian winter caused Germans to slow- 19 million russians lost their lives in the western front to stop Germany.
        Germany was not nuked because they are europeans.
        Stalin needed american money to stay alive and bombed Japan after Japan was nuked by US because Japan flattened Russia’s east using its aircraft carriers.

        On 29 August 1949, the Soviet Union secretly conducted its first successful weapon test (First Lightning), based on the U.S. design at the Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan.[2]

      • 4

        Japan was on the verge of surrender. There were two considerations for the US. One, getting Japan to surrender to the US and not the USSR or an alliance including it. The other to demonstrate its nuclear potential to potential rivals. There were other benefits too.
        The point is that the bombing was unnecessary to secure victory.
        British bombing of Dresden was pure spite.
        The A-bomb can be a weapon of peace if there is no monopoly.
        It is the only defence that N Korea has against bullying by the US.

        • 2


          “It is the only defence that N Korea has against bullying by the US.”

          If true and going by your rationale, Pol Pot, Prabaharan, Rohana Wijayweera, Hitler, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,, …………………….should have produced Atheist bomb, national Tamil Bomb, Sinhala/Buddhist socialist bomb, Aryan bomb, Islamic bombs, Sinhala/Buddhist bomb, ………………………………………………….respectively. A great idea. Poor VP was not aware of it nor informed of the importance of such bomb.

          • 1

            VP’s problem was that he was not the Great Thinker and Great Strategist that you may have thought he was…

            Someone (you?) should have told him to read any book about East-West conflict written since 1943.

            The only reason that the US is not going after N.Korea is for exactly the reason that SJ mentions. You know it’s true

            • 2


              You should know better.

              Korea is the bad boy which help China to keep the West in check. In a way its like Cyril Mathew to JR. USA cannot afford to expand a conflict which directly effect China and Japan. Chinese don’t like American’s strategic border moving to their borders with North Korea therefore China has to do everything possible to prevent the relocation of American/Japanese/South Korean armed forces into North Korea hence it provides all the necessary support to its client state North Korea.

              If North Korea fires its nuclear armed missile there is a possibility could fall within its own borders.

              The other point is that if conflict escalates Japan will have to care for millions of Chinese and Korean boat people.

              maalumiris I am surprised that you too have bought West’s own false argument that Nuclear bombs are real deterrent which prevented third world war since the WW II.

              If true USA, USSR, France, UK, China ……should arm Palestinians with Nuclear bomb.

              I think maalumiris you should invite SJ to study the 2006 Israels war against Lebanon. Remember Lebanon does not have nuclear bomb however it reversed all what Israel gained in the first few days.

              Very interesting. If you need to save your head use it before the enemy neutralises it (not that enemy needs to because you do it for the enemy).

              ” VP’s problem was that he was not the Great Thinker and Great Strategist that you may have thought he was…”

              VP was a psychopath like the national hangman Gota.

            • 3

              “US is not going after N.Korea is for exactly the reason “”
              The picture is bigger- its shanghai defense treaty.
              China Weapons: These Puppies Have The World Quaking In Its Boots(google it 16 nos)
              Chinese military technology is no laughing matter. They are no longer your grandfather’s USSR puppet regime, they are a beast in their own right these days. Here are the most intimidating new weapons and firepower to come out of China.
              Non-interference no more the golden rule for rising Chinese aspirations.
              Just today Xi has warned india and US in interfering in Bhutan. NorKor is a buffer from US. Now the yellow people of north east India would be its buffer against US using reluctant india. India may even break up if it goes to war So it better retreat. China has recently started protecting its own interest overseas like that which US is doing world wide while US tries to tame China like Russia.

    • 5

      Germany surrendered but Japan had not until Big boy/Small boy.
      and the white russians went even further and bombed Japan after the 2 nukes then went into raping and capturing east germany. All while the unelected Truman looked on having funded the Russians. We are in a similar world scenario where Germany is industrialising China as just before WW2.
      There are no friends but interest of corporate raiders operating within the UN structure.

    • 2

      Balan Baby

      Does axis power’s war crimes, a good justification for committing more war crimes on the people of rest of the world by respective countries and their psychopathic civil and military leaders?

      Had Sri Lanka possessed atomic bomb would you have encouraged the war criminals to drop it on innocent people just because USA did it?

      You got lot to learn and grow up.

  • 7

    The primary aim of both husband & Wife is to create fear among Sinhalese as the fundamentalist Buddhist Sinhala did throughout the period of independence. The want to see fear among Sinhalese, then raise blood against Tamils & Muslims with an outcome of bloodbath and capturing the power. This is going through the period of JRJ and Mahinda Rajapakse. They can only come to power by killing Tamils and Muslims.

    • 6

      ajith the demala catholic crusader all three have joined hands to kill the indians that give you your main export item and made it picturesque. you 3 continue to do so. so what if the sinhala kill a bit more of demala marakele it’s called sharpening tools for the future.
      Show me a man of violence that came to a good end and i will take him for my teacher- Laotse.

  • 6

    Regardless of the Nuremberg reference, one cannot deny that torture is endemic among the police and security forces. This applies to the entire country. It is 2017 and torture is constantly used to get confessions including false confessions. Due to the incompetence of the legal system and police there are thousands of unsolved, backlogged case. When a person is caught stealing something the police automatically adds unrelated crimes to the list of charges and tortures the person to accept responsibility to many crimes he/she had not committed. Torture is now carried out at secret mobile sites unlike before. Even the medical examiners are either in cahoots with the police or they are blackmailed by the police to issue reports favoring them. Police are known to delay suspects appearing in court until a favorable additional-magistrate is available. Drugs and firearms are constantly implanted as evidence to ensure that bail can only be granted at the high-court. Most economically challenged suspects are unable to hire a lawyer let alone post bail and end-up years in remand without trial. Even when someone goes to the police commission, HR commission or file FRP at the supreme court, they are constantly harassed to drop case even false evidence being planted against them even against other family members. The Sri Lanka Police have turned things into a finely tuned art where innocent people are incarcerated. Sri Lanka Police doesn’t care about justice. They only care about throwing someone in jail regardless of that persons innocence. Sri Lanka Police is run by a non-human species. Normal humans never behave like this.

  • 6

    Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka sees a parallel between the real “N” word and “Nuremberg”. This says it all. Is she just buggering “N” or “Nuremberg” or both?
    Has she ever wondered as to why the UNHRC has taken the stand consistently which forced the past-UNSG Ban Ki Moon to be diplomatic? It was to escape the evil tongue of the Sanja-ilk. By the way the present UNSG António Guterres has yet to find out where SL is.
    Sanja finds UN Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson partial. She is worried (quite rightly) that “……….it won’t be long before Sri Lanka will, at least in global public opinion, be associated with the heinous crimes against humanity………”. Unfortunately Sanja this has already happened and the Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe type of response will not mitigate this snow balling.
    By the way Sanja is the Justice and Buddhasasana Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe impartial on the issue of Gnanasaro (May his Mr Universe muscles increase) vs Lanka case?
    Sanja, you have descended to the level of HLD Mahindapala in trying to make some people feel good.

    • 2


      During 1992 Elections Bill Clinton said, ELECT Bill Clinton, ‘and you get two for the price of one’.

      Is that what Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka trying to imply through out her many typing? Give DAYAN a Diplomatic job, and you get two for the price of one.

      • 3

        If Dayan J is that good for a Diplomatic position, why such canddiates need to make that attentive ?

        Diplomats should be not like being baised to any parties but go for do the job for the sake of country.

        Any kind of ultra thought bearers are no fit to diplomatic missions.

        Proved – that DJ is no means a good diplomat – his is like a square peg in a round hole.Basta

      • 1


        they have been put in their den for the last 3 years.
        So the couple sounds to be very uncomfortable being kept so.

        I THINK AT LEAST FOR A CLEANING job, DJ should be appointed by the current rulers.

        If the incumbent prez would ever feel to get closer to this FOX is the MILLION dollar question.

        DJ has been inconsistent for some pathological reasons. That was not overlooked if any 10 year old would study his archives of articles within the last 3 years.
        Today his big cry is against Ranil CBK and Mangala.
        Not at all Mr Sirisena.

  • 5

    Madam, you have written a load of old codswallop!

    You simply show that you have little or no idea of what Nuremberg was about.

    As for making careless and extravagant statements……what you have written mostly discredits the dignity of Sri Lanka (what little is left, that is) and continues to leave us pariahs in international fora.

    For too long our misguided leaders have blustered their way on these charges, hoping that we will wear out those who make them. But there is enough evidence to warrant a proper examination, and the more we go on making political capital of it, and the longer we delay in biting the bullet, the harder it will be when the day of reckoning comes.

    • 4

      Spring Koha

      You are being very rude this lady(?).

      Could she have more.

      • 4

        Native Vedda,

        Sanja De S Jayatillake is indeed a very graceful, and gracious, lady when you have the luck to spy her on the cocktail circuit in the cool of the Colombo evening. Alas, her thinking (in particular, political) has been infected by her closest; her nearest and dearest, so to say.

        NV…can’t you see, I am trying to be kind but I just cannot help calling a spade a spade. I cannot but help think of that Kipling warning that the female is always deadlier than the male.

        Now IF I really wanted to be hurtful, I could compare the person to the legendary harpy Shenali Maduwalige.

        • 0

          Spring Koha

          “NV…can’t you see, I am trying to be kind but I just cannot help calling a spade a spade.”

          Alright, are you saying its like mother’s tough love. Okay carry on with little discipline, a few spanking might help to get across your message.

        • 1

          “”I cannot but help think of that Kipling warning that the female is always deadlier than the male.”” Shaw & Wild say the same- can’t do without her- gods doing!
          That was satire about the goni billas of the sub continent not the burmese birds- Mandalay-(vaiko: tamil no mind)- He spent Just 3 days at Burma
          There’s a Burma girl a-settin’, and I know she thinks o’ me;
          For the wind is in the palm-trees, and the temple-bells they say:
          “Come you back, you British soldier; come you back to Mandalay! “
          Come you back to Mandalay,…..
          ‘Er petticoat was yaller an’ ‘er little cap was green,
          An’ ‘er name was Supi-yaw-lat – jes’ the same as Theebaw’s Queen,
          An’ I seed her first a-smokin’ of a whackin’ white cheroot,
          An’ a-wastin’ Christian kisses on an ‘eathen idol’s foot:
          Bloomin’ idol made o’ mud
          Wot they called the Great Gawd Budd
          Plucky lot she cared for idols when I kissed ‘er where she stud!
          On the road to Mandalay…
          (Wiggie tried it with his bodhi pooja)

    • 0

      “the harder it will be when the day of reckoning comes.”

      You mean the Rapture ??

  • 3

    One issue that has never been addressed fundamentally and at the grassroots level is the persistent culture of torture as a means to obtain a confession. This was evident during both insurrections and the separatist war.

    It is a horrendous culture that is maintained in particular by law-enforcement officers when dealing with suspects and even complainants (sometimes women who were raped or sexually assaulted).

    The perpetrators are never brought to justice, and the police department closes ranks in protecting their members against inquiries by the Police Commission or courts.

    Many innocent detainees are subjected to much misery, grievous and debilitating injuries and lifelong scars due to this rampant practice that has never abated.

    Perhaps international sanctions should be brought to bear to curb this culture in a country that claims virtues of compassion and loving kindness as the Buddha taught.

    • 2

      That’s exactly what Angelina Jolie and William Hague are trying- to make the peacekeeping forces responsible for rape and pedophelia and be proscuted by a UN tribunal. But alas the politicians of the UNHRC nations are unwilling to come to an agreement on that. Samantha Powers headed that protest and just before she left had the nations to agree to self regulating but that is not enough. Using SL alone at the request of the tigers who are still at large in the west is not conducive for any form of discipline. It’s the same as ICC only for Africans.

    • 2

      “”Perhaps international sanctions should be brought to bear to curb this culture “”
      On all the wallawas the incubators of the culture leaving the general public unscatched. Their offshore accounts that run this culture of impunity from 1948- should be jammed like they did to Iranian/Syrian.
      The Donald said he would mind if waterboarding has to be used so please play the line and length because it’s not easy even for William and Jolie to make the IC/UN see the bigger picture.
      Perhaps then the $ may see its real value for the hardworking women to take home.

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