23 June, 2024


Is The Yahapālanaya Revolution Being Usurped? 

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

That’s what happens in revolutions. Once the regime is toppled, they’re often usurped” – Waleed Aly

Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, and his wife going before old Tirupathi alias Balaji in the Andhra Pradesh temple to beg for help comes as a fearful apprehension to me. I am baffled, as I look up to Ranil as someone who is on the right side of matters. Many view him as an informed, intelligent and rational person. The recollection that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa also made the trip to this part of La La Land about six months before he was deposed is frightening indeed.

Tiru didn’t help Mahinda despite the gold placed before the latter. Tiru cannot help Ranil either. Why? Because Tiru doesn’t exist other than in the clouded mythical world of primitive Indians. Australians will show the middle finger to Tiru when magical claims are being made on his behalf. Sri Lankan leaders must learn from Aussies that when it comes to a problem one must find solutions on one’s own. Why? didn’t Sakyamuni Buddha say the same thing? Be a lamp unto yourselves?

Outwardly, the incident is innocuous; inwardly it is suggestive of a deep political crisis within the fold of the Yahapalanaya government that can bring down the global confidence rates of the new regime.

The roots of the crisis in Sri Lanka go back to the very day of the great deposition of Mahinda Rajapaksa – the revolution of January 8th 2015. The party that led the electoral winning campaign, the Grand Old Party UNP, did not get a comfortable enough working majority. The UNP could have gathered a majority, but not enough to usher in the promised revolution that scheduled fundamental changes – the overthrow of the Executive Presidency and restoring Parliamentary supremacy, revamping the electoral system, setting up of Independence Commissions and the re-establishment of the rule of law that was dumped with impunity by the Mahinda Rajapaksa-led ruling elite. Bringing offenders of the Rajapaksa regime to book was the essential prelude to this promised revolution. The popular imagination of the majority in opposition to Mahinda Rajapaksa was overwhelmed by the anticipated drama of the prelude.

Two years have elapsed and the non-performance of that prelude act is sort of surreal. The cycle is all but familiar with alleged offenders (some of them) summoned to the FCID or Bribery Commission, arrested, remanded, bailed out and released. The charges are very serious ones including manipulation of public property and funds, syphoning them for private purposes, and bribery and brutal murder.

“Catch me, if you can,” the alleged offenders seem to say, “and you will never.”

People don’t look for excuses; their vision is short and they are suspicious of anything possible in the longterm given the public experience of politicians. They even fail to acknowledge much of the substantial work-in-progress and the obvious political freedom in the air. As far as most of the vociferous and articulate government backers are concerned, the game is over and the wickets are folding.

Even academics who are vociferous like Professor Sarath Wijesuriya, Gamini Viyangoda and some others seem to see only the lapses and the failings; rather than emboldening the government to go forward. Public scepticism is growing. The bulk of other academics are totally silent and one notices hardly any serious analysts looking at what’s happening. Sri Lanka has lost that tradition.

In the absence of intellectual discourse on the progress of the yahapalanaya government let me try my humble bit to fathom this all out.

I begin with a rhetorical question: “Can a government without a stable non-working majority enter the deeper end of the rest of the program of promised reform without exacting the cooperation of those in opposition?” The most fundamental step toward the revolution would be the setting up of a new constitution that alone can establish the new order by changing the fundamental rules of the game of governance. This would require a two-thirds majority in Parliament and, then, a referendum. I can see the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, working toward this position assiduously so much so that even an ‘Rajapaksa insider’ like Dilan Perera recently praised him for being a true statesman in handling the steering committee for constitutional change.

Arising out of the deficient Parliamentary strength of the active core in the government- the UNP, it seemed obvious that government had to rope in some MPs from the Mahinda Rajapaksa fold onto their side. Such a step also propped up President Maitripala Sirisena’s ambition to lead a revived new SLFP that would invest him with some legitimacy. On the other hand, this step became the first provocation for the critique of the yahapalanaya government. Many of these cross-overs had controversies behind them and had been known conners and strongmen for Mahinda Rajapakse, while some others were beneath public esteem for other reasons. Critics felt letdown. The ordinary rank-and file of yahapalana supporters didn’t see the reason behind the strategy. Nor could those in government possibly explain the circumstances before a public.

However, ‘bad means to a good end,’ worked here. Some important legislative measures were passed in Parliament with the help of added numbers of ‘yes men.’Furthermore, the so-called Joint Opposition were left with less numbers on the floor of Parliament to shout and engage in vocal exercises and possibly carry away the ‘senkole.’

The strategy also had a symbolical value in that it gave credence to the yahapalanaya promise of “Sammuthivaadi Aanduwa.” There are many in the audience that is the electorate who have felt that these party divisions are the bane of the country and that these blocs should ‘work together for the betterment of the country.’ Here it has come at last!

On the other hand, this added component of SLFPers have shown no enthusiasm for the revolution promised. Most of them focus more on the luxury car permits. Naturally, they would pressurise the government against pursing the legal process that is on against their former buddies of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. They would threaten; they would cajole. It is evident that Mahinda Rajapaksa is also using them as a kind of third column. This is apparent when one observes some of these SLFPers on and oft talking on behalf of the Rajapakses. The other day, Dilan Perera forecasted that at the next elections Chamal Rajapaksa will be PM!

As for Mahinda Rajapkasa himself, he has temperamentally been a Machiavellian opportunist and a moral sceptic. As a result, there are no enemies for him; nor even friends. His backers are mere instruments for his personal journey. As long as he doesn’t smell a threat to him (eg Sarath Fonseka) he would let them do what they want. That has always been his modus operandi. Thus, he awaits with open hands for any of these cross-overs to come back or to conspire and re-align in a combination and permutation beneficial to him. One cannot also rule out some Machiavellian UNPers joining forces.

Besides, the nature of power being as it is, can one rule out the President himself falling within a new political arrangement? Did any of you watch the Warner Bros movie, “Absolute Power,” based on the best-selling novel by the same title by David Baldacci? The theme there is that even the President cannot be trusted when it comes to power. That development would, however bizarre, plainly and unequivocally be a usurping of the revolution. In that event, Ranil Wickremasinghe and the UNP would be back in the doldrums of politics and the revolution will have to be started all over again-maybe many generations later by a more violent vanguard. The JVP cannot take over the reins as, despite Anura Kumara’s brilliance and the honesty of its fold, it has failed to find space in the public imagination as, a serious option for government. Its protests have hitherto done the role only of boosting the chances of anyone wait- ing in line for government.

Small wonder that old Tiru alias Balaji is the only hope. And Sai Baba isn’t around anymore.

*The writer can be contacted on sjturaus@optusnet.com.au

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  • 13

    No point visiting Tirupathi temple by these politicians and invariably betty bribing Gods.

    What is most important is to take masses into their confidence by letting them know the truth and be honest with them.

    • 5

      Shyamon Jayasinghe

      RE:Is The Yahapālanaya Revolution Being Usurped?

      Yes. Thanks for the write up.

      1. “Tiru didn’t help Mahinda despite the gold placed before the latter. Tiru cannot help Ranil either. Why? Because Tiru doesn’t exist other than in the clouded mythical world of primitive Indians.”

      But Thiu exists in the Tiri believers, and Ranil is going after the Tiru believers votes for the elections. Do not expect the voting masses to be rationalists and philosophers.

      2. “Two years have elapsed and the non-performance of that prelude act is sort of surreal. The cycle is all but familiar with alleged offenders (some of them) summoned to the FCID or Bribery Commission, arrested, remanded, bailed out and released. The charges are very serious ones including manipulation of public property and funds, syphoning them for private purposes, and bribery and brutal murder.”

      //“Catch me, if you can,” the alleged offenders seem to say, “and you will never.”//

      Usurped? Yes. President Sirisena has Usurped. Now he has earned new titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona(Sinhala colloquial), and Mala-Peretaya( Sinhala, those who eat off the dead ones), and the crooks and criminals are saying “Catch me, if you can,” “and you will never.”

      “The most fundamental step toward the revolution would be the setting up of a new constitution that alone can establish the new order by changing the fundamental rules of the game of governance. This would require a two-thirds majority in Parliament and, then, a referendum. I can see the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, working toward this position assiduously so much so that even an ‘Rajapaksa insider’ like Dilan Perera recently praised him for being a true statesman in handling the steering committee for constitutional change.”

      If Ranil can succeed in constitutional change, he would have succeeded, God Tiru or not. The question is will the opposition put the country before their own self-interest.

    • 12

      Good old Parabakaran is taking his revenge from his grave – where ever that may be.

      Much more than the suicide bombings and the utter brutality he unleashed, the 2 greatest harms he did SL are,

      1. The elevation of Mahinda Rajapakse to the presidency by the voter-boycott, which heralded in a decade of unprecedented corruption, thuggery and violence into every facet of governance, which we most probably will never be able to put back to pre-Rajapakse levels. He showed fellow Lankans by example, what is possible – how far the boundaries can be pushed and get away – in the sphere of corruption, thuggery and murder. The country is damaged-goods for good. Rajapakse did away with the usual shame associated with corruption and murder and replaced it with a false-bravado in a country that claims to be Buddhist. Both no mean feats.

      2. Elevation of Ranil Wickramasinghe to the leadership of the UNP by blowing away all the UNP leaders who had natural leadership qualities. In comparison to all other pols, Ranil is not a bad guy but he is no leader – natural or otherwise. The greatest tragedy of SL today is the utter weak leadership of the UNP for 20 years or more and the lack of young leaders waiting in the wings to take over.

      The greatest misfortune of the country today is nothing but the lack of a leader in the UNP who can govern on his own-right.

      The absence of a strong leader – with natural leadership qualities – in the UNP is the greater of the 2 harms, even more than Rajapakse’s elevation to the presidency. Rajapakses wouldn’t have been able to get away with most of their crap if there were leaders like JR, Premadasa, Altulatmudali ….. – this is not to say those leaders were good for the country but just to point out, unlike Ranil, they would have fought Rajapakses’ corruptions with more vigour and courage every step of the way.

      Good old Prabakaran saved the “Sinhalese” from India and gave them enough rope to hang themselves! And the “Sinhalese” are doing a good job of it beyond his wildest dreams.

      It’s tragedy if you live in SL and have to cop it; it’s comedy if you live outside and have a front-row seat.

      Prabakaran, you beauty!

      • 8

        nimal fernando you forgot to add that Prabaharan also blew away all good Tamil leaders as well.

        Even if he didn’t get Tamil Eelam he has created a extreme monsters of Sinhala Buddhist Monks masquerading as thugs and more than anything else that is what is going to destroy Sri Lanka

        • 1

          The new breed of terrorism is originating from the Buddhist monks who don the revered saffron garb, Their terrorism is to use the weapon of Sinhala Buddhism and systematically destroy Buddhism by pretending to safeguard
          and protect the revered philosophy.

          Many monks or rather thugs are in the forefront of this plan and one man,
          Galaboda Gnanassara has taken the center stage to recruit and brainwash his army of supporters to bring disharmony and physical harm while the government and the long arm of the law look on as if nodding assent.

          Sinhala radicalism is a cancer that will eventually destroy the confidence
          of the minorities who also play an important role in nation building.

    • 3

      Shyamon Jayasinghe

      RE:Is The Yahapālanaya Revolution Being Usurped Bu Corruption?

      Corrupt EC members shoot down US$ 1.8 B offer. They want commissions..

      Through the Bulath Vine, Vettila Vine and Grape Vine News…/

      An Iranian company has offered a US$ 1.8 billion interest-free loan for the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery Expansion Project, but a few members of the Economic Council (EC) of the government are allegedly trying to scuttle the deal because it does not offer an avenue for a commission rip-off, Vine News reliably learns.

      The only condition the Company, PFN Iran, has stipulated, is that the CPC buys all of its crude oil requirements from Iran for 20 years under the offer that also includes a provision to settle the loan within 20 years.

      Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) sources said meeting the commitments in the offer, if accepted,would not be difficult because Iran has been a supplier of crude oil to Sri Lanka for a very long time.

      If this proposal is accepted, Sri Lanka will have to import crude oil from Iran for 20 years and that will deprive anyone of an opportunity to arrange a rip-off from contracts for all of those 20 years.

      Vine News also learns that the agreement is a zero commission instrument in which no personal financial or other benefit will accrue to those usually involved in tenders.

      Our source added that several ministers tied in with the Economic Council are obstructing this proposal because of their ‘business’ interests.

      The reason adduced by people with vested interests opposed to this proposal from Iran is that it is difficult to deal with Iran due to US economic sanctions. The offer has been on the table since last July and remains so though US sanctions on Iran have been revoked. Several senior CPC officials have expressed their disappointment about this proposal being shelved.
      CPC Chairman T.G. Jayasinghe said the proposal for the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery Expansion Project was a highly attractive offer.

      “This is very advantageous. We can pay back the loan in 20 years without any interest. The PFN of Iran likes to establish a rupee company in Sri Lanka. We can pay back our loan in rupees,” the Chairman pointed out. He said that although China and Korea had also submitted bids, the proposal from Iran was the most attractive.

      Sri Lanka purchases crude oil at the Singapore Flat Price. Iran has consented to supply oil lower than the premium rate and Iran has agreed to supply crude oil at a lower than premium price.

      “We can earn about US $ 350 – 400 by way of profits after modernization of the Sapugaskanda oil refinery. This is the most viable business in the country,” the CPC Chairman said.

      But the government too is dragging its feet on the modernization of the Sapugaskanda Oil refinery, offering several excuses.

      Sri Lanka owes Iran US $ 251 million which Iran wants paid back via a German bank. An Iranian delegation is to soon visit Sri Lanka to discuss this issue.

      • 0

        from what I told, the Sapugaskanda refinery is designed to receive only
        Iranian oil or primarily to refine their crude.

        If there is a hesitation in accepting this offer, then there is something more than the eye can see. Which could be the “western power houses” mainly the USA creating the “block”.

        Otherwise there is no other valid reason.

    • 0

      I HAPPENED TO READ END OF USSR. There I understood leaders in general should have the abilities to keep all those republics together for such a long time.

      Our leaders what they lack much is they simply dont have talents to keep all various elements together.

      Either they stay passive or just react against the common wills of the majority folks.

      And the disipline and knowledge of the people too play a crucial role in a society, if things should work properly.

      We have more that work for culprit agendas than the other way around.

  • 4

    funny for Christians to question the faith of others

    • 6

      Dear “dumb ass”,

      Who are the “Christians” that you refer to. If it is Shyamon Jayasinghe, what I have gathered is that he has a Buddhist background, but has read Philosophy at the University in Peardeniya (apart from being a very important member of Ediriweera Sarachchandra’s group of actors). Enviable record!

      That’s not the point; he has a lot to teach his in his last years on this earth. I’m beginning to realise that I should write to this wise man, since he’s given us his e-mail address.

      Perhaps we should all begin to establish serious links before the new tyrants begin their own crackdown on us, who were once their most enthusiastic supporters.

      • 1

        “Shyamon Jayasinghe… has a Buddhist background”.
        Where did you get that one from?. Perhaps you should first check with him.

        “.. in his last years on this earth”.
        Does anyone knows whose last years will come first?

        • 1

          Dear Paul,

          I don’t want to stick either the “Buddhist” label or the “Christian” on to Shyamon. I only said that I feel that he has a Buddhist background. Howevert owing to your response, I’ve Googled and got this:


          That certainly shows some interest in Buddhism.

          I’ve also found him saying this:

          “Most of us join a religion at birth when our parents clamp their religion on us, infants. Christians baptize in this manner. Actually it isn’t right to identify a child as a Christian child or Muslim child or Buddhist or Hindu child because that child is not conscious at this stage in order to assume such an identity. Yet in Sri Lanka our Birth Certificates carry the name of the religion as an identity mark much as our gender and our race do. How could a system of belief become a permanent identity mark?”

          The quote is from here:


          No, I won’t ask him that question; to me it seems to be insulting him. Actually, I followed up that suggestion of mine that we write to him. He has replied. In his response he has referred to a man who has taught both him and me – M.I. Kuruwila. That may have been at S. Joseph’s, but I’m not going to ask Shyamon about his religion.

          I’ve Googled for him and Christianity, but the results thrown up do NOT suggest that he is interested in Christianity. Of course, you may be right. His parents may have had the Christian label on themselves, but he doesn’t carry it obviously. However, I may have to grant that you could be right about his background.

          As for “last years”, you are again correct; even I’m fairly old. I wish there wasn’t Death waiting for all of us. When I wrote it, I realised that it could sound cruel to suggest that the end is coming near. None of us can SURE that we are going to be seeing the Sun tomorrow morning, but why don’t you now search the web to see the rationale used by Insurance Companies. We’re dealing only with probabilities here.

          It would be wonderful for Shyamon to live another Hundred years, if he can do so with mental and physical powers in tact. But he is an octogenarian, and knows well enough the “facts” that have been been given by me.

    • 1

      Dumb Ass, you really have named yourself very well.

  • 6

    Mr Shymon

    What ‘revolution’?

    A simple win at a parliamentary election held well in advance, clean and free from violence as certified by international observers is a ‘revolution’?

    Be honest for once mr Shymon, did people had to get on to street and shed their blood to get this election?

    A ‘dictator’ who always held all elections on time has been replaced by a ‘democrat’ who keeps on postponing peoples right to exercise their franchise.

    A ‘revolution’ or a ‘conspiracy’?

    Never in our history such an array of diabolical lies were employed with international financing to achieve a regime change.

    Sobhita Thero who believed that ‘executive presidency’ was the root of all evil was deceived in the most crafty and shameful manner who in turn carried out a mass campaign of hatred. Where are his ‘golayas’ today? Propaganda of such intensity were unleashed on people to brainwash them over 90+ ministers, perks and privileges of the Ministers, environmental disaster of the port city, Chinese investments and loans, cost per kilometer on highways, lack of FDIs, cost of living, mega corruptions, favoritism and nepotism , etc. etc. (you have the list with you)

    Poisoning the minds of minorities was a major component of this dirty conspiracy. It was the most successful.

    You mr Shymon were in the forefront of this diabolical propaganda roller coaster.

    If revolution means rapid change, you have a moral obligation to the people to explain them what changes have been achieved? What new developmental projects have been conceptualized, planned, and initiated? When can people of this country feel redressed over crippling cost of living? How changing the name from ‘port city’ to ‘financial centre’ mitigate the environmental impact?

    Above all if half the government are the same as the pre revolutionary team how can that be a revolution? Whom are you trying to fool? Yourself or us?

    As at writing a kilo of lowest quality rice is Rs.95/- and a USD is Rs.152/-. Ha ha that IS revolution!


  • 9

    SOMA AKKA.People are free now and anyone can protest without White Vans coming and taking them away. Lasantha was murdered. Ekneliyagoda was murdered. Raviraja was murdered. Thajudeen was murdered. War hero SF was jailed on bogus charges. CJ was sacked illegally. Country was broke. How many like that. You write like this because you are a blind Mahinda woman,Soma Akka. Don’t do that . Think of the country and not about MR who stinks.

  • 4

    If a political revolution is to succeed the toppling of a regime alone is not sufficient, the whole system should be changed like all the trees in a jungle from the big trees to the smaller plants being uprooted, set on fire and on the ashes the land is prepared for chena cultivation. What happened on Jan 08, 2015 was just a change of faces and the old ghosts are ruling.

    • 3

      Only the ordinary Sinhala people can do this revolution.
      They need to start with men in yellow robes followed by Muslims who need to revolt against stringent Islamic laws and Tamils need to get out of their inward looking shell

      • 0

        There appears to be a little confusion in your thinking Rajesh.

        • 0

          hmmmm….yes leave the Muslims alone right?

          • 0

            No. you seem to leave out one religion out – purposely: in whose name worst worst crimes and atrocities in the history were committed – in scale and brutality- in propagation and in “civilizing the natives” including slavery.

  • 2

    You are right Mohammed. Old wine in new bottles. Rajapakses have so much money that they can pull strings like in a puppet show. How much money they robbed and got as bribes? Bassilia is the worst of the scoundrels and he is smiling with all false teeth showing. The sons played hell (pissu keliya). Most of those thieves have now joined the yahapalanaya government. What revolution can they do. The real revolution is when these third rate politicians are chased out. We had enough

    • 1

      If my recollection is correct, it was Sunethra Bandaranaike who then said about her mother’s so-
      -called socialist Govt. of the seventeen that it is like a soda bottle with the bottle only changing and the contents remaining the same.

      • 0

        it seems you had a good Christmas

      • 0

        Editor, please correct my comment as follows –
        If my recollection is correct, it was Sunethra Bandaranaike who then said about her mother’s so-called socialist Govt. of the seventees that it is like a soda bottle with the bottle only changed and the contents remaining the same.

  • 2

    Shyamon Jayasinghe you say and I quote “Australians will show the middle finger to Tiru “

    If I post this as a comment CT editorial will probably edit this out.

    Is it a coincidence that the birth of Jesus is celebrated during the last week of the last month of every calendar year.

    it’s a conspiracy to have Tamasha & parties and drink up to say good bye to the old year and to usher in the new year.

    So regardless of the religious faith lets all have fun thanks to Jesus Christ conspirators.

    • 0

      Shyamon Jayasinghe misunderstood the usage of the language and use “Thru” to mean Thrupathiyan.

      If Thiru is used with fullstop, it is like “Mr.”

      If it is just used as it is wealth.

      If it is used as prefix to a place or name, then it is “Holy” – Like arabic Al. So in Thirupathi- It is “the holy town Pathy”.So,in sage Thirugnanasampanthar, it is used in the meaning of “His Holiness”. Thirupathy was part of Tamil area until recently. That is why it has that name.

      There you can split the name and the Thiru. So Thirugnasampathar’s name is Sampanthan. Both prefixes can be removed without any effect. Same with Thirupathi or Thiruketheeswaram. Thiruketheeswam’s name is only Ketheeswaram. So one can easily knock off the Thiru without affecting the place name. But in those cases, one cannot knock off the name and leave the “Thiru” alone. So in the first place when Shyamon Jayasinghe knocked off Pahti and used “Thiru” alone, that is wrong, because the Thiru there was only as a prefix. It does not indicate anything.

      Further, because he has met somebody called Thiru, he used that to indicate Thiruppathiyaan too. Thirupathiyan is not a name, it is a word. Ceylonese means only the people living in Ceylon, its is not their proper names. There is nothing to colloquialism. Actual name of Tirupati God (proper name) is Vengadasalapathy. If one use Vengadasalapathy they cannot be casual. One can use his common name, Krishna too. So the best best for Shyamon Jayasinghe is “Australians will show the middle finger to Krishna ”. That is the one will give the colloquial sense he is looking for. Here (1)”Thiru” cannot stand itself, (2) “thiru” not prefixing a man or god, it is prefixing a place. So if one split the Thiru then Pahty is only the place where the temple is. It does not indicate the god residing there.

      If “Thiru” is the part of a person’s proper name, then one can drop out the latter part and shorten it only to “Thiru”. So if you know a lady named “Thiruchelvi” and you call her “Hey Thiru” that is 100% colloquial or casual. That means you knows well her and she is a friend of you or a relative of you. “Thiru” can be used to call a person only if it is a part of their proper name. Further in Thiruchelvi case, if one has an office boss with that name, and they don’t want to be 100% casual, but want to show some politeness too then they can use it with English and can call her Miss Thiru Thiru-amma or Thiru-Akka is full polite form. One cannot call sage ThirugnanaSampanthar as “Thiru” because in his name the Thiru was not a part.

      In words like thirunangai, you cannot split “thiru’ in anyway because even the nagai is only woman, it will not give the sense of her transgender. So transgender women in TN call them officially thirunagai, they don’t use nangai. There the Thiru is not Mr.,not wealth, not holy. It is only a full word.

      Shyamon Jayasinghe does not know that “Thiru” is a name for Luxmi too, Krishna’ consort, not for Krishna.

      Thiru has complex usage in Tamil. He misapplied the Name of the town to mean Krishna.

  • 3

    To see Ranil’s wife at Thirupathi was a bitter disappointment. I believe she is a qualified lecturer at a University. I expected more of her.

    May be she was bound by patriarchal norms and obeyed her husband. Dutiful wife

    • 4

      Malee karunaratne

      “May be she was bound by patriarchal norms and obeyed her husband. Dutiful wife”

      On the contrary, maybe she dragged him all the way to Thirupathi. Do the husbands have any choice?

  • 0

    “Small wonder that old Tiru alias Balaji is the only hope.”
    “And Sai Baba isn’t around anymore”

    why not turn to some alternative?

    starting with Mecca

  • 1

    SOMA AKKA you are talking BS again. You are saying Lasantha had a peaceful death? He was brutally hit with iron bars on the head and he was shot when a little life was still left struggling in his body. All done is a High Security Zone. Who else but by the powerful brother.Come on Akka take medicine. Thajudeen poor young boy was also killed while in the passenger seat and the whole thing cooked up as an accident and covered up. Who else but the ruffian sibling? 27 journalists ran to other countries for life. No one has the right to take another’s life. Maharaja his siblings and powerful bro thought they had that right. Now even you are free to attack the government or go naked in the streets protesting. Do it we like to see

  • 0

    Tirupathy is a place name,[Edited out]. And it definitely exists.

  • 3

    Well said SJ. RW asking for divine intervention, so does MS for rain. They both are bankrupt upstairs and looking for miracles. God has given everything. It is only a matter of good administration, planning, honest interaction with people that is required. Instead the cabinet does all that is crooked thinking people are fools. God or Asgiriya or Malwatte doesnot help build the country. Learn to work hard, honestly.

  • 0

    Ranil is known as 20th-21st century fox. In Lankawe politics other than this writer, if he is sincere in his Ranil boastings, nobody exists not knowing that fact. Trying to elevate Ranil to that high, after that the man had lost 20 elections and in this has come with a slim margin with the help of Minorities, is only an asinine, imbecilic joke.

    After all, there is no one left in this crowd those fail to pray the bo- tree, unable to differentiate man from tree, thinking it as the Buddha. There is no Lankawe ruling Royal family that has not changed from Christianity to bo-tree religion to capture power. SWRD was shot when he was prostrating to Somarama. There no one in this crowd who does not prostrate in front of Kandy Ayatollahs.

    “Because Tiru doesn’t exist other than in the clouded mythical world of primitive Indians. Australians will show the middle finger to Tiru when magical claims are being made on his behalf. If the writer had written it without feeling heroically winning in insulting the Hindus, then this writer, I am sure, also meaning if Australians see this gymnasiums of Sinhala Modaya politicians prostrating in front of human being to impress voters with their religious piousness, Australians would not miss to show their middle finger to Kandy Ayatollahs too.

    From the head of the nations to many ministers and the current defense generals are war crime accused by an International body. I agree Ranil may not in the accused, but he cannot open a case on any looters from the Old Royal as it is going to violate his election promise. The election promise of Ranil is “No leader, no commander, no soldier will be investigated”. There it goes; so to honor the election promise the Yahapalanaya UNP is not able to investigate the $200 billion money looting on killing 500,000 Tamils. That is where the biggest failure of Ranil’s election promises of bringing back Law and order is held up.

    The current IGP was brought in accusing LTTE IGP participated in covering up of Lasantha, Thajudeen, Ekneligoda murder investigations. He announced impunity to a corrupted Nilme with the blessing of Law and orders Ministry, on microphone to the entire country hear. The Navy Commander who assaulted a media reporter promised positions after his retirements. For the first time in Lankawe History, Ranil and New King, the First and the second of the country’s leaders, openly demanding and obtaining impunity to their acolytes and to them. (This was not done even by Old King and DM though they too were also corrupt.) Without putting CBG Mahendran in court, Ranil fought with the system and suppressed that case. Even after Edirisinghe Jayamanne’s death, New King shamelessly fired Dilrukshi and demanded and had his acolytes army personnel released from Holiday Inn prisons.

    When Ranil went to New York to demand from UNSG to ditch the Darusman Report (In Sinhala Intellectual Terminology) he was sent back saying the report in not going to vanish in thin air in UN’s New York Office. Ranil blocked Chandrika from singing the ICC accord. Ranil destroyed Chandrika’s initiation to amend constitution to devolve the power.

    The current Constitutional change initiation was only to fool IC and obtain impunity to war criminals from UNHRC. When SLFP hardcore Dilan Perera praises Ranil’s sincerity in devolving power by constitutional change, there is no additional interpretations needed, but it is obvious that is the classic “Vasidder Vaayaal Visvamitra”.

    When New King was in a Galle meeting asked the president elect Trump to withdraw the UNHRC resolution of September 2015. He is worried of UN electric Chair, which he and Old King have feared of in Old Royal Government. That call is only a prelude to cheat the constitutional amendment, if anything of it gets out of the parliament, by sending it to a referendum. What they will do is let devolution clauses to be approved by referendum to the Sinhala Jury, and anything else to be attested by the Parliament with 2/3, the trial-at -bar.

    If Donald Trump interferes with UNHRC and delays the implementation of the resolution, and by that or even without that help the constitutional change did not go on with devolution of powers, then with in four years, at next election, there will be another call for new constitution. They will explain that the last Change is not satisfactory for all Sinhala Mahajan. How much Tamils suppression promises are important to win the Sinhala elections, now it has become that much or at least next to it the constitutional change promises also necessary to election victory. From the time “Sinhala Only” faced Kodeeswaran challenge, promise of Constitutional Change is an important element in election promises in all eventual elections. With that new constitutional change, within 100 years, that will be the 6th Constitution of Lankawe. Greatest jokes are 2nd, 6th, 13th and 18th Amendments to the 1978 constitutions. The country extended parliament with referendum. Buffoon de Silva dismissed Chandrika before her term ended. So, if Shyamon Jayasinghe tells his Australians mates that his country uses constitutional change and amendment promises to win every election, then Australians who are still with their first constitution for last 115 years would not miss to show their middle finger to Shyamon Jayasinghe and his country too.

  • 0

    Good that Shyamon Jayasinghe has written this so well. Politicians must stop this God business. We used to go to Kataragama. Now Kataragam Deyyo has run away seeing our crooked politicians. We are left with small Deyyas. That is why MR and Ranil went to Tirupathi and prayed bare body. I almost see MR’s naval or buriya. Such a Chandiya he is in Sri Lanka murdering people but before Tirupati he is almost crying for help. We also see Sirisena praying for rain.

  • 1

    The article appears in today’s Island and at 9.14pm over 660 hits are recorded there.
    I am grateful to readers who obviously find this interesting and revealing and something that need be said. Colombo Telegraph is also so widely read globally and although very few readers are in the habit of commenting many who have read the CT article have written to me directly and shown appreciation. One reader found my telephone number from Google and rang me from Sussex.
    I thank CT for have been a very progressive journal-publishing all points of view
    I thank the hundreds of readers for having read me and thank even those who criticise

  • 0

    Why wouldn’t SOMA write on Batalanda? Nobody will take her seriously as it is a ghost story.

  • 0

    “ We will stop racing to topple foreign regimes, that we know nothing about, that we shouldn’t be involved with.” (The US President-elect Donald J. Trump)

    This is why the Yahapalanaya has been in trouble after trouble ever since it has been in power for the last 2 years. Now people like this writer as well as the people who elected this Yahapalana government are struggling for answers! However, there are no answers (because many now believe that the questions that brought it to power were wrong and wrong questions can not have correct answers!); therefore, they look for scapegoats and/or blame each other (e.g. the tug of war between Ranil and My3 factions)!
    Today, Yahapalanaya in SL is a joke; nobody talks about it unless you want to make fun of it and its supporters. The very word ‘Yahapalanaya’ is a real joke among many especially who meet at Christmas and NY get-together parties!

  • 2

    Well stated, Shyamon.

    However with regard to Ranil and your observation that you are “..baffled, as (you) look up to Ranil as someone who is on the right side of matters”, and that “many view him as an informed, intelligent and rational person.”

    Unfortunately for us all, you will have to change your view of Ranil, as he is anything but what you took him for. As for being an “informed, intelligent and rational person”, he is proving to be ‘anything but’ in this scenario as well! Unless, of course, he is so very devious that he is acting the moron for purposes known only to him.

    In my view he is proving to be a shameless liar and hypocrite and deserves to be dumped into the garbage bin of history (together with his boss)!

  • 0

    Ruban says Yahapalanaya is a joke. Maybe a joke to him. Not to intelligent people who can feel and see the freedom prevailing in Sri Lanka now. No Royal Family and no king to ride over ordinary people. Judiciary is free and it gives verdict against the government itself. No white vans. More careful handling of the economy. Ruban is badly mistaken. It is persons like him and the Mahinda boys who try to make a joke of something that’s serious and important for any country.

  • 0

    to Prem Vaidyartane:
    “….. More careful handling of the economy….”;
    Yes, CB Bond scam says it all. (And it is just one among many: another e.g. US$ is now over Rs.152.00).
    It is excellent for you if you are paid in US$ to write this type of comments because it is like a salary increment by 30%. We all know that many writers who live on US$ write hosannas about this government.
    Thank You for providing us with more jokes Mr. Prem.

  • 0

    Ruban what is this bond scam?It becomes a scam not because you and other Rajapaksa poodles keep saying it is a scam but only when court decides. Why don’t you have commonsense?

  • 0

    You asked: “what is this bond scam?..(poor little boy who does not know anything about the infamous Central Bank Bond Scam!! Aiyo!!)….it is a scam but only when court decides.”
    The following is from Today’s TC:
    “Independence Of Judiciary Questioned After Court Acquits All Suspects In Raviraj Murder”
    I don’t know whom to believe?
    But I do believe what is mentioned in crystal clear terms in the COPE report and the Government Auditor General’s report.
    Is that enough for your commonsense?

  • 0

    James Bond is bothered about a bond scam, which is still under investigation. His supremo Rajapkse pocketed pubic money but what about that?

  • 0

    to D. Ruban,
    Friend, don’t waste our time, man!
    If Rajapakse had pocketed public money it is upto the current Yahapalana government to prove it and that’s why we elected this government with that promise. But what has now happened?
    Now, many people in Sri Lanka don’t believe those allegations against the Rajapakses, not any more! Since no proper investigation has happened, and, but instead we hear all kinds of robberies and scams from Mr. Clean to the lowest level of Yahapalanists what are we supposed to do next?
    Central Bank Scam is a day time robbery. Everybody knows about it but our good friend D. Ruban. If you want more details about the Yahanpalana scams go back to past CT articles and get informed.
    Don’t just show just you are wagging your tail! Be a straight-forward critique with a spine and learn to call a spade a spade!
    Freedom of expression is there definitely NOT to licking your master thieves’ boots! it is there to reveal their wrongdoings, punish them, and teach a lesson, while at the same time giving a severe warning to those who intend to hold political and public offices!

  • 0

    James Bond is licking the Rajapakses! How pathetic. Even the COPE report exonerates Ranil and , infant, states that had CB Chairman followed PM’s advice and auctioned the left-over bonds, too, there would have been no issue. CB is an independent body. CB’s are independently operating by law in all democratic and free countries in the West. Even in India! James Bond should stick with mystery stories and find out where Rajapaksas have hidden their money.
    Ranil is the last hope for Sri Lanka!

  • 0

    To D.Ruban of Minuwangoda,
    I understand your problems but as a Sri Lankan living in Minuwangoda, Sri Lanka you should at least set aside petty and myopic political allegiances and pay attention to what’s happening in the country.
    Last November CT published several articles about the infamous Bond Scam and those who are responsible but you seem to act like a baby born with severe disabilities: you are a typical example for a Yahapalana boot-licker and people are fed up of this government because of people like you who say nonsense to protect it for no matter what.
    Among the Colombo Telegraph’s articles on Central Bank Bond Scam, I would like to quote just two from the month of November, 2016:

    1. “Ranil To Dodge ‘Bond Scam’ Through AG Bureaucracy”
    “Following the comprehensive report by the Committee on Public Enterprise (COPE) on the scam involving the sale of the Treasury Bonds in the Central Bank, Colombo Telegraph learns that Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe has no procedural authority to forward a report to the Attorney General. “This sending of the report is a complete sham by Ranil….”

    2.Arjuna Mahendran’s Bond Scam ……
    “The 55 page report by the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE), which was presented by the Committee chairman Sunil Handunnetti on October 28 found Mahendran guilty as he was directly responsible for the Treasury Bond transaction at Central Bank in 2015 and 2016. …….Perpetual Treasuries Limited, which is linked to Mahendran’s son-in-law Arjun Aloysius, recorded a profit of Rs. 5.1 billion for the year that ended in March 2016, an increase of 430% in profits in comparison to the previous year.”

    Don’t drag the Rajapaksas to this issue; we should deal with his wrongdoings separately.
    The problem is that the current Yahapalana government is doing neither one! That’s why the people are fed up and frustrated.

  • 0

    James Bond is going loony when his Rajapaksa God is dragged in. Does he not know that
    1. In Rajapakse’s notorious era this same Perpetual Trustees were the key buyers of bonds sold by CB? Does she mean that when Rajapakse does it it is alright but when it is done in Yahapalanaya it is wrong?
    2. Does he know that at least Arjuna Mahendran stopped the previous malicious system of placement by picked favourites by replacing it with an auction system where any group or person can bid with equal rights? Perpetual Trustees bought the bonds under auction system. The mistake that CB made was to give some balance bonds also to Perpetual Trustees-And this had been against PM’s advice to CB
    3. Does James Bond or who ever is meant by that ghost name know that CB cannot be dictated to by PM or any government Ministry? It is not like an ordinary agent under a Ministry?
    4. James Bond says the new government is disliked by the people. That is his opinion as a Rajapaksa poodle. He must be disgusted from day one because his God was brought down from the skies and is now facing trial

  • 0

    I thank readers for all their comments on my article. Some comments are to the point while others are totally invalid. However, I respect anyone’s right to say his might.
    To this day, over 1200 hits have been recorded for my article and I am happy about that.

    • 0

      Don’t be an MPHOT Shyamon ;-). Why don’t you leave counting hits to the readers..

  • 0

    තමන් ගැන තමන්ම ලොකුකම් කියනවා அவர்கள் தங்கள் சொல்லவேண்டுமா உயர்த்த boast about self not letting others to judge. This is an illness unless self promotion is aimed at getting Ranil clan’s attention for a savory posting – like Consular General – (or even posthumous recognition – perish the thought;-)

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