18 May, 2024


Mobitel and COMBANK partner up to allow LANKAQR payments for mCash merchants

The evolution of smartphone technology is making payments easier and more convenient than ever. Apps such as Apple Pay mean that forgetting your wallet is no longer a problem.

Many other apps are becoming available, and more widely used, and LANKAQR in Sri Lanka is one such example. Due to a deal between Commercial Bank and Mobitel, it is becoming easier than ever to make and receive payments on your smartphone or tablet. Some details of the collaboration follow.


Commercial Bank (ComBank) and Mobitel have formalized a partnership to enable both mCash merchants and customers to use the quick and convenient LANKAQR app. The system uses QR code-based payments from any mobile device through ComBank’s cutting edge Q Plus QR engine.

The reasons behind the partnership include increasing customer convenience, as well as boosting merchant efficiency. A reduction in transaction times adds value to both ComBank and Mobitel, as it boosts confidence in the brands. New customers may be attracted by the app, and for existing customers, the partnership puts a trustworthy, secure, and rapid payment system at their fingertips.

QR (Quick Read) payment involves scanning a QR code using a mobile device. It avoids a lot of transactional infrastructures traditionally associated with electronic payments. Customers simply scan the QR code displayed by the merchant via the application on their phone. Then they enter the amount and submit – QR is considered one of the safer card-not-present payment methods available.

Various other payment options are available to mCash vendors since the launch with LANKAQR – they can now accept transactions from anyone using supported methods such as Visa QR or Masterpass. This benefits businesses of all sizes who already use mCash.

mCash merchants can issue a LANKAQR code that accepts payments sent via Visa, Mastercard, and LankaPay networks. The QR codes are compatible with other payment methods with certification from LankaPay. This versatility means that LANKAQR codes are increasingly useful to merchants and efficient for customers.

As mentioned, QR is a simple method for customers to use. When presented with a QR code to scan at a mCash merchant, customers can rest assured that their payment will be fast, with real-time remittance and security. ComBank’s powerful Q Plus engine processes all transactions.

Mobitel users will also benefit from the partnership with ComBank, due to the mCash service they can now make payments and money transfers in an easier and more efficient way, without compromising security. The Mobitel user will simply have to register for mCash, and then will be able to control their money through their smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever they need to.

mCash has been officially approved by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, so customers can rest assured that the safety and security of their transactions will be second to none.  The Central Bank is also offering their support via an initiative to encourage digital payments for goods and services across Sri Lanka – the reasons behind this are to eliminate fraud, discourage would-be robbers, and cut down on long queues which the island sometimes experiences in busy markets.

Many other industries in Sri Lanka, such as eCommerce, and online gambling, are also recognizing the benefits of digital payments and putting an emphasis on trustworthiness, reliability, and convenience. We can take an example of some online casinos, which offer transactions in the local currency, which for Sri Lankan people means paying in rupees with fast processing times, and high-end protection, by using plenty of options such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and many more. This is a payment model every local business can look up to.

Mobitel Sri Lanka

A subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom, Mobitel is Sri Lanka’s national mobile service provider, offering mobile telecom, high-speed broadband, Enterprise solutions, mobile money (mCash), and more. It was the first provider in South Asia to roll out a Super 3.5G HSPA network (in 2007), and went on to offer 4G-LTE in 2013 and a 5G network in 2019.

Considered an industry leader not just in South Asia, but worldwide, Mobitel continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology and has an ever-growing customer base.

In 2020 it partnered with Fortumo to launch a direct carrier billing service, offering premium digital content such as games, in-app options, and other digital services.

Many Sri Lankans have smartphones or tablets, but much fewer have credit cards, which caused problems for digital subscription services. Direct carrier billing solves this issue, meaning customers can pay for content through their monthly bill or pre-paid credit.

Mobitel also paired up with tech giant Huawei to launch an affordable 5G phone in 2020.


Commercial Bank celebrates its 100th birthday in 2020, and has spent much of that century honing itself into an organization that strives for peerless customer service, and more recently, technological advancement for its customers. It has been ranked several times in the ‘Top 1000 Banks in the World’ list, an achievement unmatched by any other Sri Lankan bank.

Recently ComBank has been forming alliances with other companies to enhance the digital payment service for its customers, aiming to encourage secure contactless payments via mobile devices across the island.

The bank aims for financial inclusion in a meaningful way for Sri Lankans and sees the gradual migration to digital banking as an integral part of its overall strategy.

It aims to simplify rather than cloud and confuse the banking services it offers, making the most of the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets among the population, and the rising digital literacy among consumers. As the economy becomes digital, ComBank strives to be at the forefront, driving the technology and expanding the user base of these services. Engaging customers, regardless of their digital literacy, is a crucial part of their business model.

ComBank has many affiliations through its investment in cutting edge banking technology – these include Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, WeChatPay,  and AliPay.

This year the bank forged a collaboration with insurance giant Ceylino Life Insurance, allowing customers to pay for premiums online securely and conveniently. This also provides fraud mitigation via 3D secure authentication solutions. Ceylino Life Insurance has been Sri Lanka’s leading life insurer for more than 32 years. Now customers can set up payment plans powered by ComBank which minimiz es the hassle of paying for premiums and  makes the process much quicker.

Mobitel’s partnership with ComBank will make banking and payments much simpler for Sri Lankans. The country is pushing for a digital economy and seeks to engage people with cutting edge solutions – the giants of telecommunications and banking seem like the perfect pairing to bring this about.

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