23 May, 2022


Muslims & The Country Suffered Due To Racist Politics

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Has the collapsing Maithri-Ranil government joined the anti-Muslim United States, Israeli and Indian war mongers axis to implement their evil designs on innocent Muslims in the island?

This is the question arises in view of the refusal of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to take timely  precautionary measures  to protect  Muslims from the senseless attacks and the damage to the country  by racist elements.

These well planned and executed carnage on the Muslims have all the hallmarks of  Rastriya Seva Sangh (RSS) attacks in India since partition in 1947.

Time and again RSS gangs unleash violence on Indian Muslims especially in the north. They desecrate mosques, burn Holy Quran, residential, commercial and industrial units and turn Muslims into penniless. This has been common occurrences and were incidents when Muslim women were stripped naked, paraded in streets and video filmed.

Culprits were rarely brought to book even under congress governments. 

This has been happening to Sri Lankan Muslims ever since violent attacks were unleashed under the defeated President Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

Sick of this carnage more than 95 percent of   Muslims voted for President Maithripala Sirisena who pledged to bring to book all criminals and those who caused communal disharmony.

However Muslim hopes were dashed as Maithri-Ranil government dismissed their interests and sentiments from the very inception. For example President Sirisena visited Holocaust Museum during his visit to Germany dismissing the sentiments of Muslims. This was followed by the official invitation to British war criminal Tony Blair who, together with US war criminal George Bush, invaded Iraq and destroyed that country besides killing five percent of the Iraqi population.

President Sirisena’s government also refused to condemn the recent genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Meanwhile there began sporadic attacks on Muslims and the perpetrators were not brought to justice.     

The result was growing frustration among Muslims.

It is common knowledge that Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero, General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena, a violent anti-Muslim outfit, flourished under Rajapaksa government. He is a man of violence and openly displays his hatred towards Muslims .There are numerous police cases against him. Yet he was seen meeting President Sirisena who promised the nation to bring such people to books.  This was an insult to justice and Muslims.

As time went on the number of attacks on Muslim continue to increase while the government continued to turned blind eye.

Muslims took up the matter with President Sirisena, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and even the IGP. A delegation comprising Professor Sarath Jayasuriya, Gamini Viyangoda and Janarangana together with National Shoora Council members met President Sirisena last year and urged him to stop attacks on Muslims.

His response was “this is Mahinda Rajapaksa’s conspiracy to topple the government” and   never uttered a word about enforcing law and order and punish the culprits.   

This attitude continued until the attacks on Muslims in Gintota, Ampara and areas in and around Digana, Teledeniya, Pallekelle, Akurana, Ambatenne and other places causing billions of rupees worth of destruction depriving  livelihood of thousands of families who were forced to live in fear and misery.

On the other hand Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, known for his pro-western mindset, too adopted a lukewarm policy. As prime ministers he supported former US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair in their invasion of Iraq. When Muslim parliamentarians tried to condemn he told them to leave the government and do so.

Days after the attacks on Ampara Prime Minister Wickremesinghe left to Singapore to attend a seminar while days after the attack on Digana President Sirisena left to India and Japan while curfew was still in force.

This is their respect and feelings for the island’s Muslims. Muslim parliamentarians, if they have an iota of self-respect, should resign and fight for the rights of Muslims from the opposition.

President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe have opened the country  to US. Israel and India. The connecting bond among these three countries is their common hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Israel’s global agenda has been to destroy Islam and slaughter Muslims as they had done, and still doing, in the Middle East 

When Rajapaksa government established close ties with Israel many predicted that it is matter of time before Israel uses racist    to unleash violence against the island’s Muslims and destabilize the country.

Today it appears that these fears have come true.

Meanwhile the government in India, RSS – front BJP, whose Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the architect of the genocide of Gujarat Muslims in February 2002 which killed more than 2000 besides burning their properties. Even before this government came to power RSS established close ties with racist elements here. Thus one cannot rule out their role in the racist attacks on Muslims.

Now the question is whether the Maithri-Ranil government has brought to the island the US-UK-Israel and Indian global anti-Muslim campaign. 

The Irony is that violence came at a time when the country is passing through the worst ever political and economic crises amidst speculations that President Sirisena was discussing the possibility of establishing a new alignment with the very same people in the opposition whom he pledged to bring  to book and clean up the nation of corruption and crime.

In his meetings and passionate appeal government parliamentarian Mujibur Rahman urged President Sirisena, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and the Inspector General of Police of the pressing need to save Muslims and their properties.

All these appeals fell on the deaf ears.

Months ago Tasnim Naseer, an award-winning journalist of Sri Lankan origin based in Scotland,   said in an article that Anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka is on the rise and the government must take action before events spiral out of control.

Reiterating this view Asia News said that “violence against Muslims is up in Sri Lanka, whilst the authorities appear apathetic towards the problem and Buddhist religious leaders remain silent. Many other reports said that the government has failed to ensure the security of Muslims and property in Digana even after it was evident that a communal riot was in the making.

Popular website Colombo Telegraph claimed that it is in possession of video footage that show members of the Special Task Force (STF) of the Police Department or Sri Lankan Army in cahoots with those who have perpetrated violence against Muslims in Kandy district.

Blaming the government for not taking prompt action Ranjith Keerthi Tennakoon, Executive Director of the Centre for Human Rights said “the community leaders in the Teldeniya area were aware that some form of unrest would take place on Monday, but the police hadn’t adopted precautionary measures. The President, the PrimeMinister and all ministers had to take the blame for creating a situation where the instigators of communal violence could operate freely”.

Endorsing this view JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said: “the government did not take action to nip it in the bud, but let the country engulf in fire. What is the need of a government if thugs can come in broad daylight to set houses and shops on fire? The basic responsibility of a government is to ensure the safety and security of its people. This government has shirked that responsibility.

“Because of the communal clashes all the problems of people have been pushed to second place. That was the need of the government. Instead of controlling the situation it purposely let it grow.

“We call upon people to condemn racism and never let others to lead you for their narrow minded political gains. We had a war for 30 years and almost all   from the poorest sector suffered irrespective of their race, language or religion. We do not want to go back to that past again.

Amnesty International’s Deputy south Asian Director Dinushika Dissanayake said “The Sri Lankan authorities must put an end to the impunity enjoyed by groups that incite hatred and carry out acts of violence against religious minorities. They have a duty to protect vulnerable groups and hold the perpetrators accountable. The failure to hold to take action against these groups has only emboldened them further and plunged minorities in a deeper state of fear. This is not the first time such horrors have been visited upon the country’s Muslim minority. The scenes of the past week recall the attacks in Aluthgama, four years ago, showing how little has been done since then.”

Finally the Prime Miinster Wickremasinghe admitted that there was a delay in taking action. 

However the damage was done to Muslims and the country as a whole.

This is not a dispute between Sinhalese and Muslims or Buddhism and Islam. This is sheer bankrupt racist politics. However there is a silver line. That is unlike in the past   Buddhist monks, Sinhalese intellectuals and others have condemned and distance themselves from these crimes.

One should not forget that Sri Lanka today is an active playground for super power politics in view of its strategic location and the ongoing super rivalry in the Indian Ocean. They are all busy manipulating   to implement their agendas here often at the expense of the country. There were even speculations that India is promoting a racist politician for   2020 presidential elections.

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  • 2

    The suppression of Tamils by the GoSL over so many decades after independence allowed Muslims to benefit. Muslims worked against the Tamils and helped the GoSL to suppress the LTTE.
    The Muslims should have seen that after the Tamils were controlled that the Sinhala Buddhists are going to come after them as from 2014 or so

    • 4


      In 24 hours Innocent muslims had to leave Jaffna on the orders of your boss the butcher VP.
      They had to leave only with there clothes and some are still languishing in camps in puttalam.

      • 2

        Why are they languishing there! They should not as the Shaitan from Mannar settled thousands of Muslims along the Wilpattu corridor , stating they were the Muslims displaced from the north. They who are these Muslims settled along the Wilpattu corridor? Muslims from Kurunegala and the south, who had nothing to do with the north? Only 60000 Muslims were chased from the north by the LTTE , however Muslim home guards in the east chased more than 100000 Tamils from the east and many of them still languishing in refugee camps in India and now allowed to return to the east , by the Muslims and the Sinhalese as they had already stolen their lands. You are very silent about this Omar Sheriff?

        • 0

          Pandi Kutti.

          What you are trying to whitewash your brother Naman and VP. Your dream of resurrection of LTTE will never ever happen. They are totally destroyed and annihilated.
          Cheers! Nai Kutti

          • 2

            Dear Latheef, your diatribe against RSS is one sided, as it applies similarly to Muslim gangs in Pakistan and Bangladesh killing Hindus, destroying their properties and desecrating their temples. There should be collective campaign by minorities all over the world in UN to bring legislation to end persecution of minorities in member states. Unfortunately Muslim countries which shout out about atrocities against Muslims will never initiate it, as they themselves are culprits and want suppression of minorities to continue in their countries. You are blaming the government of inaction in protecting Muslims against Sinhala mobs, at the same time it must be pointed out to you that the same government is turning a blind eye on atrocities being committed by Muslims on Tamils in eastern province, despite complains by Tamils. When attacks on Muslims was going on Kandy, attacks on Tamils took place in Kalmunai. You are worried about damage to Mosques, but you have failed to condemn damage to Hindu temples in Mannar. If you want the government to control Sinhala extremists, you must control Muslim extremists like Rishard Badurdeen and Hisbulla who are sowing the seeds of hatred against Tamils by word and deed.

    • 0

      Naman ,

      Did you see in advance what is coming to you ? I mean , Army will
      come and crush you ? in my view VP didn’t ! He wanted to win it but
      he failed ! Are you trying to say your win or loss was in Muslim’s
      hands ? Muslims don’t have to foresee anything to understand what
      is in store. In sixties and seventies , Panadura , Kalutara , Beruwala,
      Aluthgama , Galle (Dewata) , Weligama and Matara in the south were
      hotspots for racial tensions mainly with Sinhala fishermen community
      and some rural low caste thugs . And Kandy , Mawanella . Kurunegala,
      Ratnaura etc; we never lived in full peace . But you can not blame all
      Sinhalese for that . Hatred against Muslims all over the country is
      nothing new but not at this scale and this fast and this progress is the
      result of weapon handling experience in the war . Unlike you are
      trying to pass the ball to Muslims , I can safely kick the ball to your side
      that if it was not the war in the North , these mobs won’t have this
      courage to challenge Muslims at this rate !

  • 0

    “Muslims & The Country Suffered Due To Racist Politics”

    Heading only sound that at last this guy has got it now. But the monkey is not evolved enough to live on land without climb on the tree again. His worry is about Modi, Israel, UK, US not the Lankawe Muslims.
    There is a Middle Eastern guy in the UNHRC. (HC Prince Zeid). He should be able to understand Lateef’s Opaari. Did Latheef, Hilmi, Usuf, Rishard, Hakeem, Amir Ali…. anyone these went there and talked to him about this. They will not go because Old King is not there to send Sinhala Supporting Actresses to go with them.

    • 0

      Your Leaders are responsible for the plight of the Muslims. All most all the Muslim MP’s were keen on their personal glory and not interested in the ordinary people. Quite a number of Muslims wants to get the best of both worlds. Sinhala and Tamil.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 2

    By admitting “more than 95 percent of Muslims voted for President Maithripala Sirisena”, you are admitting a problem with Sri Lankan Muslims that is inviting suspicion of the Sinhalese and Tamils. In a democracy, there is an assumption the the system operates on the ‘one man one vote’ principle and when people (no matter what colour or creed) vote as a group it corrupts democracy. Worse still is that Muslims are instructed to vote in a particular way by their clerics during Friday prayers. Then Muslim MPs and politicians use their ‘power’ to get minister posts in every government. Hakim, Mustapha and all other Muslims have been ministers and advisors of Rajapakse and Sirisena governments after telling cock and bull stories about the reasons. It is well known that Mustapha’s father worked with MI6 in 2014-15. Can’t you see that anyone will feel suspicious about such behaviour by the Muslims? This on top of Sri Lankan Muslim history of turning against kings who saved them from Portuguese and Dutch persecution. When the British came, they abandoned the kings and sided with the British because Churchill was creating Pakistan! Muslims refused to join the National Congress formed in 1917 by the Sinhalese and Tamils because they wanted to show their allegiance to the British. So Mr Farook, you must think of teaching some ethics to Sri Lankan Muslims before crying foul of Sinhalese RACISM to no end. Look inwards and not outwards always

  • 0

    If the facts before us is carefully examine then one finger is directing towards President Sirisena. The reasons for this is their own making. 19th Amendment while on Draft Stage was received by me and I discuss this with someone well qualified in Constitutional Law as I suspected some Clauses were not meeting the Legal requirements. The eminent Constitutional Lawyer confirmed it and I wrote to Jayampathy about it as a copy in a letter address to President. But Ranil and the crowd did what they wanted. The other fingers goes toward Ranil and Mahinda. What ever happened now it is too late to rectify , but we as Sri Lankan should try to examining the reasons for these uprising as a Nation as it is the dusty of every one to see to it.

  • 2

    Latheef Farook,
    what do you say for this Report.
    Reports: Islamism on rise in Sri Lanka – YouTube

    • 0

      At end of the story the speaker says In Cause violance is not accepted.

  • 1

    The Axis of evil – Israel, India, and the US, are part of a larger anti Muslim campaign, being waged around the world. The present leader of India himself, has an ugly record of anti Muslim policies, and worse, it was under him that Muslims were massacred in Gujarat ( 1,044 dead, 223 missing, and 2,500 injured), while he (so much like the Rajapaksa’s, did and said nothing). As for Israeli we know that they are the most ruthless nation in the ME, pretending to be victims, while they keep a brutal occupation going, and defying international laws, keeps stealing lands, demolishing homes, and massacring thousands of Palestinians, when they decide to collectively punish these poor people. As for the US, they have killed millions of Muslims, injured millions, and made millions more homeless.

    “A March report by Physicians for Social Responsibility calculates the body count of the Iraq War at around 1.3 million, and possibly as many as 2 million. However, the numbers of those killed in Middle Eastern wars could be much higher. In April, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed argued that the actual death toll could reach as high as 4 million if one includes not just those killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also the victims of the sanctions against Iraq, which left about 1.7 million more dead, half of them children, according to figures from the United Nations.”

    So the question is exactly who are the terrorists, and it seems Islam is not the only “evil” religion as claimed by the islamaphobes. Christians, Jews, and Hindus, are far worse when one calculates the casualties.

    Is Sri Lanka going to become another Myanmar, because the poison has already taken root here, as we saw last week.

    • 2


      “The Axis of evil – Israel, India, and the US, are part of a larger anti Muslim campaign, being waged around the world.”

      What do you have to say about Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, ……Egypt, Yemen, ….. ?

      • 1

        Nothing gets this Lansi Vedda going like a simple blurb against Israel. Does he know that he gives his identity away? Could he, per chance be a masquerading Jew? Those who know the international fifth column know who this vedda is, and the ‘stone house’ area where he resides in!

  • 1

    Maithri – Ranil company will not do anything to the people of this country. Both of them are involved in deals. Deals are not over yet even after 3 years. Still both of them are in trance like state and have not really got involved in the affairs of the country. By the time they wake up, both will be out of power.Not a single Muslim will vote for them. Any Muslim who votes for them cannot be a true Muslim. Muslims have suffered immensely under this and the previous Government, despite these inhuman and disgusting treatment meted towards the community, our shameless politicians are clinging on to the Government. They will be answerable to Almighty Allah for deceiving the community and will be held responsible for the death and destruction caused to the lives, and commercial loss.

  • 5

    Mr. Farook how hypocritical . ” Muslims and the country suffered only when Muslims were attacked by Sinhalese racists goons and thugs ? This means Tamils and the country never suffered when they were constantly attacked from independence ( even now) by all Sinhalese led governments, the armed forces , police , thugs and goons , with the Muslims eagerly participating in these attacks and discriminatory activities. Even now many Muslims in the east , encouraged by their politicians are still participating in attacks on Tamils , grabbing their lands and destroying Hindu temples. So far not even a single Muslim /Sinhalese person or politician here has condemned these illegal land grabbing temple destroying activities but come here and cry only about Muslims. Why it is ok to kill and murder Tamils and steal and grab their lands homes and destroy their temples churches but not the Muslims? Remember Muslims in Sri Lanka other than the Malay and Borah are also Tamil by ethnicity.

  • 0

    Reading News Items from the Rest of the World, it would seem that Drug Dealers and ‘Terrorists’ demand Protection Money from Businesses, in their Operational Areas!
    When Businesses refuse to Pay, they are attacked, and Mayhem is the result!

    Little do these ‘Terrorists’ realise that ultimately they will be destroying themselves. Businesses will take their Business Elsewhere and The Locals themselves will suffer!

    It would be Incumbent on the Government to Investigate, Who the Sponsors of these organized Gangs Are, and take Immediate Action to Apprehend them!

  • 1

    Lathiff Farook.

    Yes both the the leaders are spineless to take action against the former regime members.
    Muslim ministers should resign immediately.

  • 2

    Latheef Farook,
    “For example, President Sirisena visited Holocaust Museum during his visit to Germany dismissing the sentiments of Muslims.”
    Excuse me, Sir! Would you elaborate a bit more on that particular GRIEVANCE of yours, please?

    • 0

      He means that killing of Jews is justified because Koran says so, and is approved by Muslims, and therefore visit by MS to Holocaust Museum is despised by Muslims.

  • 2

    This is an article from the Indian media about the ugly head of Sinhalese racism raising again in Sri Lanka


    You can translate this article to English. Note how they comment that the Muslims of Sri Lanka are immigrants from Tamil Nadu and how from the outset the British colonial government and later all Sinhalese governments deliberately and consistently implemented policies , so that the indigenous Eelam Tamils from the north east , the India origin Tamils and the Muslim Tamils remain as separate identities , to deliberately divide and rule the island’s Tamils on the basis of religion and origin and weaken them. Every one is aware that these Sri Lankan Muslims are fake Arabs/Moors and are descended from immigrant , Dravidian Indian Tamil Hindu converts to Islam, despite them aggressively denying this fact. Even the Arabs have classified them as South Asian converts to Islam and not of Arab origin or heritage. Meaning descended from Tamil Hindu converts to Islam.

    • 0

      Sharma ,

      Explain why spoken Tamil in Srilanka North is different from TN ?
      And then Muslims of East and the Tamils of North speak different
      Tamil and again not the one in TN ? Muslims of the south is even
      don’t speak what is spoken in the East let alone North or TN ! OK ,
      let it be , Muslims are not from Arabs , so what now ? Let us take
      you serious for a moment and now you agree they are Muslims ?
      It is up to the Muslims to decide their position in a conflict between
      two groups of their fellow country men and of course they take
      decisions to their advantage and later on they might or might not
      regret their stand ! The problem here with you is your itch to pick on
      Muslims for their past against the LTTE ? I am just asking you , how
      much did you do to take Muslims into your fold ? How much support
      did you win from your brothers in the plantations ? Why couldn’t all of
      you together as one could not at least save your VP ? Would you please
      next time come clean and ready ?

  • 1

    Asian Mirror has just reported that Butcher BBS chief Gandasara was invited by MS for a meeting at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Japan.
    Now can we connect the dots in Kandy carnage.

  • 0

    Tamils are giving serious pressure in Geneva and New York. The ugly Muslim writers here are using that to balance with government and go beyond on their demand for perks. The goon named Hakeem, when confronted by Muslims in Kandy, said that Muslims were cheated. (What did he mean by that? Sinhala Government cheated him by not paying the wages for his services?). But when an Indian Media questioned, the rogue said there is no Muslims-Sinhalese riot in Lankawe. The same ugly faced one said, when 150,000 Tamils were wiped in 5 months, Tamils are baggers showing off their beggar wound and begging. (Ranil wants these smelly ones to save him from the proposed no confidence motion. So it is never ending game…….. between these crooks). To make sure that his minister post is not affected, he is hiding the whole pumpkin in the rice. Now he is doing this in Yahapalanaya government. That same rogue went to Geneva, during Chitanta government, with Sinhala Supporting actresses and did the same talk against Tamils. He said that Tamils are just terrorists, other than that everything is fine in Lankawe. When next time the Slap Party government comes, the rogue will do the same thing. There is no law in Lankawe to punish this type of racketeering, he keep doing this trick never ending. This time Muslims in Kandy might have been razed out unless Tamils putting pressure on Appe Aanduwa in Geneva. Sadly none of the Muslims ugly faced writers are accepting that Jaffna evacuation was only evacuation even after facing this kind of destruction.

    If they are really believers of god, Let me tell them one serious thing these writers and politicians; if the Allah they pray is true, for all dirty tricks these guys are playing, he is going punish them to correct them. It is better they feel it on their heart and correct themselves before that. Tell the truth and do the right!

  • 3

    RSS and BBS are connected? Something went wrong in May of 2014 which made India p1$$ed off with Mahinda, and Aluthgama anti Muslim violence happened in the following June, Mahinda lost the Muslim vote. Who p1$$ed off whom this time and is RSS with Mahasona this time? Any ideas Mr Farook? Am I imagining these connections? Innocent people whichever ethnicity should not be victims of internal or external political ambitions, it is time poor and powerless of all races got together rather than kicking each other in the belly.

    • 1

      wanni ,

      Whoever is plotting , we do have government , haven’t we ? Let us
      turn to them ! Did they do their maximum from the start ? Was this
      preventable ? If yes , why not prevented ? Former regime and this
      one both now stand naked . Violent racism against Muslims in the
      name of Sinhala and Buddhism was ALLOWED TO PASS ! Silent
      Sinhalese are ever silent and we all know that SILENCE IS CONSENT.
      Crushing LTTE was not done in courts and not with the permission of
      Tamils either ! These Violent Extremist Buddhists are operating in
      very public and in day light where law enforcements can act swift to
      protect targets . This doesn’t happen . Not difficult to draw your
      conclusions .

  • 1

    My3 was shown his worth at the LG election . Ranil got his usual card in the
    same election . Muslims are getting their share for their role in bringing these
    two from Wilpaththu to Diyawannawa ! This is one side of the episode . Even
    as Muslims were with Mahinda , these evil forces wanted trouble with Muslims !
    How can anyone explain this politically ? What are they saying to Muslims and
    why Mahinda , My3 and Ranil all wanted the evil forces to just carry on ? Is this
    not indicating where this country is heading ? Sinhalese have a lot to worry
    about , Thieves , those who came to catch thieves thieving , Independent police
    commission not doing anything to protect civilians from criminal attacks ,
    hospital bullies roaring at victims of attacks while police watching ? Crime has
    come to everyone’s door , not only to Muslims and if anybody is under the
    impression that once it was Tamils and now it is Muslims now and not us
    Sinhalese , they will be in for a surprise before too long ! Same evil forces are
    going to be hired to strike at anyone indiscriminately at the right time . And
    then , it will be too late .

  • 0

    why and why, why don’t you for a moment think outside of the minority box? Tribalism is part of being human, I don’t believe Tamils Muslims or Sinhalese are any better than the other, yet LTTE was a terrorist organization, show be some place where a terrorist organization was defeated in the courts? Permission from the Tamils? That is a joke, correct? When the fields are ready, farmers sow the seeds and crops take root, when the people are discontent enough the “doers” sow the seeds of violence.
    ps I see in reports that Sinhalese have helped many Muslims stopping the spread of violence just as in ’83 they protected the other. You may not want to believe that but that is your problem.

    • 0

      wanni ,

      You have a problem understanding my comment . take the whole of my
      comment in its context . Don’t go ‘ malle pol.’ What we are discussing is
      the general stand of the vast majority . Not just Sinhalese , Buddhist
      monks came out and helped , Prime minister went to the scene and many
      good things happened but when ? After all damages were done ! And again
      now the main issue here is WILL THIS STOP ? We don’t blame all Sinhala
      Buddhists blindly ! Sharing pain with us at the time of peril is fine but what
      are they going to do to stop this happening again ? Sinhala Buddhists have a
      responsibility to shout loudly to the enemy ” NOT IN OUR NAME ! ” because
      this is happening in every SINHALA BUDDHIST’S NAME ! Should you say
      something loudly or not ? This is where I stand ! When all of you open your
      mouth against using your name , will this have to stop or not ?

      • 0

        Coming into this discussion one must leave prejudges at the door. The reality is that Sinhala Buddhists will not shout from the roof tops to support the Tamils or Muslims just like Tamils and Muslims wont for each other or for the Sinhala Buddhists. The likes of pro black marches by the whites that you see in America is a white wash, never change anything. What we need is to identify these singular forces that incite violence for an ulterior motive, isn’t that why PM was so slow this time, or BBS chief has never been convicted either by MR or the Yahapalas. The cultural divide between Muslims and Tamils and Sinhalese is deep, whether you like to believe it or not Sinhala Buddhists are the most culturally liberal of the three groups, and the most open culture of all three groups. And their protectionism is rooted in keeping that open and liberal nature, like waging war to bring peace.

        • 0

          The army crushed LTTE after separating civilians from their
          clutches .Majority Tamils did support army intervention
          willingly or unwillingly and without which victory over LTTE
          will only be a dream ! The episodes in Ampara and Kandy were
          similar to the acts of LTTE . it was reported that Terrorism
          investigation unit is involved in the initial inquiries.Mahinda
          and Ranil not taking any concrete action against groups like
          BBS is purely politically motivated and that is why I put it to the
          Sinhala Buddhist public voice ! It is this Sinhala Buddhist public
          opinion that these pseudo patriotic leaders are concerned about.
          Because they are operating under the FLAGS OF SINHALA AND
          BUDDHISM and those who are not part of it STAND UP NOW and
          condemn it in the name of SINHALA AND BUDDHISM and take
          the situation into your hands . “like waging war to bring peace,”
          what an ending ! Let us wait a little and see how ” Mahason” is
          going to be dealt with to let MUSLIMS LIVE IN PEACE !

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