5 March, 2024


Neo-Populist Wave Sweeps The West

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Populist earthquake redraws Italy’s political landscape – Neo-populist wave sweeps the West

“In democracy, citizens first exercise the powers of sovereignty, and the powers will be abased and afterwards lost if they are committed to an unwieldly multitude”. ~ (Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, Ch. II; Edward Gibbon)

For long I have described neo-populism as a Twenty-first Century phenomenon both in the capitalist West; and elsewhere as the progressive capitalism of Modi or the semi-fascist peril of a return of Rajapaksa. If we use the term neo-populism too widely for the far-right (Hungary’s immigrant demonising Fidez, Austria’s FPO, Holland’s PVV and Germany’s AfD), loonies like Trump, ‘Big Tent Centrists’ like Italy’s Five Star, France’s Macron, and left populists like Spain’s Podemos, then we empty the concept of content. Therefore, today I will confine myself to a broad discourse and just one example.

I delineate modern neo-populism by three characteristics; ethnic or nationalist extremism, cultural backwardness, and economic populism. If I use the Rajapaksa undertaking to give it local context; it is ethno-centrist (Sinhala-Buddhist), culturally regressive cum anti-elitist (anti-modern cum anti-Western) and haphazardly economic-populist. Two additional features worth mention in the local case are great-leader besotted and home to corrupt politicos.

Though we identify great-leader infatuation and domicile of corrupt-politicos as markers in the Rajapaksa case, these are not universal in the West where neo-populists cannot, generically, be termed corrupt. Ethno-centrism is universal; “no immigrants, blacks, Muslims”; “We are the people” (Germany); “Take back control (Brexit), “Make America Great again”, etc. The great leader feature though not universal goes back well before Rajapaksa decided to ride again, to Il Deuce, Mein Fuhrer and Peron. Trump-populism is pompous. The fading libido of jaded lecher and convicted tax-fraudster Silvio Berlusconi, against whom there are 20 trials still pending, has resurfaced. A pompous leader, even if sordid, is a frequent but not universal adornment of populism’s paraphernalia.

Ethno-centrism, anti-modernism, cultural backwardness, rejection of internationalism, and anti-elitism, need further some comment. Fear of waves of immigration – sudden large-scale ethnic mingling with those of a different colour or faith and fear of cultural dilution – has been the largest psychological factor driving masses of people into the arms of the far-right in Europe. The simplistic left-liberal stance of open borders, welcoming all men as citizens of the world, or the lesser version of throwing borders open to all who are oppressed in their homes, has proved infeasible. As the Danish labourer said to the Australian aid-worker “Why don’t you take them to Australia?”

I despise brown skinned Lankan emigrants who gripe about discrimination in the West but had no qualms in oppressing and disenfranchising Upcountry Tamils as kalathonis, though they had been here for generations. Still the truth is that racist and religious intolerance in America and Europe, though nowhere near as bad as bigotry among my compatriots, is the biggest single factor in the rise of neo-populism in those countries. It is not only cultural differentiae; claims for social services and housing, food-stamps and willingness of immigrants to work for less worsens unemployment and erodes wages. Stories, true or false, of Somalians collecting social-security in two or three different places, Armenians taking over neighbourhoods and variations on Donald Trump anti-Mexican bigotry is standard fare in the US. Vox populi, vox dei, so, where there is strong public sentiment, immigration limits are needed however squeamish liberals and left feel. Would the liberals and the left rather have a neo-populist backlash?

This is a bitter retreat: a concession to cultural primitivism, anti-modernism, religious mumbo-jumbo and prejudice. But it is an unavoidable retreat. Fortunately, European and American neo-populisms are not anti-Wi-Fi, do not preach that men can booze themselves silly but women not permitted to buy a bottle of beer, or that halal meat is infected with quotations from the Koran. For that you need the political cave-men of the Joint Opposition, a constitution-violating president and a bunch of looney BBS monks. We, of course, have all that.

Italy, one nation or two?

I will devote space to last month’s Italian general election to bring into focus some features of exploding Twenty-first Century European neo-populism. One should minimise names and numbers since details obscure the big picture but it won’t be possible to do so altogether.

League: An alliance of the right-extremist Northern League (NL) of Matteo Salvini and Berlusconi’s mainstream conservative Forza Italia (FI). The driving ideology of this coalition is right neo-populism like France’s National Front and Dutch, Austrian, German and other excrescences. The alliance won 37% of the vote – the largest of any group and secured 265(P)/137(S) seats – P for parliament S for senate. It gained 138(P)/20(S) seats. Both NL and FI have their base in prosperous northern Italy and are strongly anti-left and anti-immigrant.

Five Star Movement (M5S): Led my Luigi Di Maio (who has not so much as run a bakery or sillara kadde before!) came out as the largest single party securing 33% of the vote and 227(P)/112(S) seats. Its gains were 114 (P)/58 (S). Known as a Big Tent it is what in Sinhala we call an achcharu. It has no particular ideology but its base is in poor Sicily and less developed southern Italy. It is not rightist or racist. M5S’s founder was stand-up comic Beppe Grillo whose motto is “va fa un culo”.

The rise of both NL and M5S is stunning. Imagine 70% of Italians voted for populists! The two populist outfits won 20 million votes between them; the Democratic Party secured only 7 million. Nobody apart from these three did any better than Lanka’s snivelling sects, the JVP included. Calling the JVP a trifle is harsh but deserved condemnation.   

Democratic Party: Led by outgoing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the DP is Italy’s traditional social democratic centre. The once powerful Italian Communist Party vanished into the shadows when the Soviet Union disappeared but it was one of the four minor parties in the DP led centre-left coalition which secured a mere 22% of the popular and 122(P)/60 (S) seats. It lost 227(P)/65(S) seats. Seat changes, up and down, seem huge but unsurprising in a first-past-the-post system.

Why the electrifying rise of populism? What does the clash of two populisms spell for Italy? The first question is easier. May I first blurt the compulsory party line? “Global capitalism is bust; it evokes hopelessness in the population”. Let’s rub in the numbers: 70% voted for populists – right neo-populists in the North, ‘Big Tent’ achcharu populists in the South. Hope was the one commodity in short supply; collapse of faith in establishment parties and traditional economics drove millions to strange new places. Recall Trump’s base, Brexit and Germany’s AfD surge? Emmanuel Macron is a less evil variant of the same exasperation of the masses.

They said the global left was finished a decade ago; now liberalism too is finished. Isn’t it time to build a defensive coalition on a social-democratic programme (social equity and political democracy) and a broad economic programme? Observe that both variants of Italian populism paid little heed to Italy’s ailing economy, failing competitiveness within Europe, and its giant debts.

Over in our neck of the woods Sinhalese and Tamils, and Buddhists and Muslims gouge out each other’s eyes and tear out jugulars. In Italy though they speak the same language, worship the same graven idols in their churches and belt out the same Neapolitan golden oldies, the split between industrialized north and deprived south is stark. It will eventually threaten national unity. The stats are bleak: the economy of the South shark 7% in 2001-2016 but Italy as a whole grew by 1%; 700,000 people from the south emigrated north or abroad; youth unemployment in the South is 45%. So, M5S swept nearly every FPP seat in the South, but got almost nothing in the North; the League vice-versa. The Leagues flat-tax (23%) proposal is rejected in the South as a gift to rich Northerners and the M5S’s minimum wage demand finds little support in the North. One nation united by a common language, faith and culture; divided by economic inequality!

Neo-populism, a menagerie of strange bedfellows

Bet you can’t answer this one. Who said “(the) global power structure has robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put money in the hands of a handful of large companies and political entities”? If you said Marx, Lenin or Castro you couldn’t be more wrong.

Actually, modern neo-populism has no ideology. Come on; grant that Macron, Putin, Modi and Trump (whose only ideology is narcissism) have no guiding creed in the sense of left vs right, socialism vs capitalism or liberalism vs state. So, what fuels the common neo-populist surge? Data for America alone answers the question. Millions are out in the cold; 40 million live below the poverty line, add those just above, those without hope and the ideologically ultra-right, and there you have the Trump Base – the 30% ever faithful. In North and South Dakota, Alabama and some other states nearly 40% live below the official poverty line. Sustained inequality and iniquity of political-economy explain the surge of Twenty-first Century neo-populism, as it does inter war fascism.

Oh, and that quotation you got dead wrong; that was Donald Trump in Davos in January 2018. In Davos, super-rich CEOs and Heads of grand governments weep for the poor. And we deplete the ocean when we overfish; and we destroy the earth when we ravage its climate; and we foster neo-populism when we alienate the people. It would all be a circus were it not so depressing.

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  • 2

    There is difference between what is happening in US, Europe and SL. Especially is Europe the influx of African and middle-eastern refugees are the issue. The govts in the European countries slander anyone who is anti-immigration as racists and you could be even be jailed in certain situations. So much for freedom of speech. Angela merkel even wanted facebook to censor or fliter anti-immigrant sentiment. Why some act surprised when they see nationalism on the rise? Countries like Sweden have gone completely bonkers-

    Sweden and free speech – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_znVnOizU8
    Sweden hates men and manhood – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUrtD8BTjxY

    Denmark is not faring any better –

  • 3

    There is a big difference in the situation in Europe and in Sri Lanka or India. Europe is struggling economically. Yet, Angela Merkel allowed millions of refugees from the Middle-East and Africa to come in. Of late, she too is admitting to there being no-go zones in Germany now where the new immigrants who are culturally alienated from the majority are behaving poorly(to put it mildly). In Denmark, Sharia boys went and threatened Bar owners and wanted the bars in parts of Copenhagen closed or for the Sharia Muslims to be paid baksheesh or kappung(payoffs). There are struggling nations like Greece and Italy who already had economic problems compared to Germany or France. They too are battered by the new refugees with poor cultural manners, very poor hygiene, wanting and demanding their Sharia bullshit. In parts of France for a long time now Francophone old immigrants from their colonies like Algeria had lived and thrived(Marseilles for example) ; But the new black and Arab refugees are different. They have attacked white women; in Germany they attacked lots of women on 31st night. Trump is right to want to PREVENT this from coming over to USA; in USA too traditional immigrant communities form their own regional neighbourhoods. Somalians in Minnesota, Arabs in Detroit and other Michigan areas; Ethiopians the same way.. They are mostly peace loving but there have been health issues with these donkies wanting to slaughter goats and raise goats in city limits and causing bad health issues to local white and black people. Just because you are an arrogant know it all professor who is aloof from real Americans in Florida, does not give you a right to judge people from your bullshit socialist NON EXISTENT utopian rooftop

  • 3

    If you migrate or come in as refugees, ACCEPT, ADAPT and RESPECT LOCAL cultures and local religions. Somalian gangs are ruining Melbourne. It has brought a bad name to all immigrants legal or illegal. APEX gangs are vermin. In Sweden, your Somali savages and other African and Arab muslims have no go zones. In Sweden, the most liberal nation in Northern Europe your type of DARK Skinned(as you refer to them) Arabs and Somalians have 55 No-Go Zones. It is not Sweden’s fault is it ?They did not go to war in Iraq or Syria or Somalia. Your new refugees including Indians are filthy compared to the people who were educated in the English manner in the 1960s and 1970s and migrated to UK, Canada and Australia etc. These people want to slaughter goats in urban areas. Wake up man. You are lucky to be in USA and pontificate.

    Watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8OY_KUNqQ4

  • 2

    There you go, Kumar David says the same thing as Gota, what people need is Economic Freedom. The nationalism, ethenism, racism all has its roots in too much demand on too little resources. Give people economic freedom first! Livable wages, High taxes on the top 10%, opportunity for upward mobility, a relevant education system, these are the true solutions, not hacking up a tiny country to little pieces.

    • 1

      Both the Germany and china on purpose limit the wage increases because that helps exports. On the other hand, thsoe days UNited States which thought that every should get good wages, then only they buya good, is not in trouble. that Capitlaism doe snot work anymore. So, the Economic freedom is BS. with the ecpnomic freedom, there is no wlrking class,. then we need more southin indians, msulims, Tamils and oters to come and help.

  • 1

    “the progressive capitalism of Modi “
    Rich, coming from a Trotskyist— on second thought, should one be surprised?
    North and South Italy have for some time been more like two worlds rather than two nations. The problem today is that the whole of South European economy is in worse crisis than the EU as a whole.

  • 3

    Refugees and Terrorists: Bangladeshi Muslims also form a considerable proportion of the boat loads of refugees that head for Europe. Why is Angela Merkel so concerned about the safety and wellbeing of refugees in general? You can bet your last Mark that it is not because Angela is an Angel of compassion. It is because, it is big business, in the same league as drugs and gun running, and she gets a nice cut from the bundles of money the refugees pay. If a country is seen as more attractive for refugees, then that means more money for the European politicians, of whom Merkel is the most notorious in this business. Soon the refugee problem will get out of control and there are going to be great social upheavals. Forced Demographic changes are extremely dangerous and once it starts having an effect, very little can be done to counter it.

    I say to all these European leaders, serves you right, you idiots, you traitors. With your double standards, you helped organizations like GTF to thrive in your countries You allowed criminals like Balasingham to control LTTE from within your borders. You allowed Tamil Terrorists to arrive in plane loads in your country for a huge ‘something’. They are there, washing toilets and doing other menial jobs, together with their ‘endangered’ brethren from Lanka – the Treacherous Sinhalese, who borrowed the stories from you. The day is not far when these refugees start killing each other. And on that day, I will celebrate by having a meal of Kiribath, Cadju curry and the famous Karan Koku Malu.

    • 2

      Edwin Appuwo, you woul dnever succeed calling them idiots.

      Had Not European soils been that intolerant as we the sinhalayasa have been towards our minorities, their humanity would have been criticised by all over the world.
      How many of the lanken refugees live in Europeoans soils shold be clear to you. Most of them are tamils, just few make up sinhalese.
      However, I would not criticise them, but instead I am grateful to them in Switzerland, Germany and France and also other smaller coutnries how they stood by srilanken human crises.
      Going back to my earlier days in Europe, we just moved out of SL for continuation of our studies; there the flow of refugees were really high. But they were welcome by these masters.
      Most moved out of lanka had no proper education back in home country – simlar to what I see among turkish people in EUrope. Who to be blamed for all these if not our govts ? Dont you think Mr Rodrigo ?

      I think even today after 70 years, they have failed to the right thing- which is for example add reforms to lanken law and order. .. they take years while europeans do it in weeks.

    • 2


      you in your retirement age right ?

      So you should have lot s of exp in your life.

      Tell us as to why lankens cant change so that the young generations can live up their dreams ? I met myself Indonesians that just visited to Germany and Switzerland for some fact-gathering missions in the areas of agriculture.
      Most of them are just basic degree holders with some practical background on Raps cultivations in Europe.
      Why cant our sinhalaya be that advance to come to EUrope or an yother developed world and get some mor eknowledge on develpments in home country ?
      There are lots of resources being offered by developed countries, but our foreign missions are not talented enough to make use of them for the benefit of our folks at large.
      They just hang on their kind of politics back in home country, but nothing seems move forward right .. or not much is being done acutally.

    • 2

      What kind of balligeputha you should be to attack all kind hearted good europeans _ at the time tsunmi took away 30k in coastal areas of lanka and bandacheh,, there europeans donated millions of euros.
      Your beloved highly fradulent men – Rajapakshes embezzeled them all at once – shamless buggers.
      I dont put the blame on anyone just because our lanken leaders failed to do their job.
      Of course it is the globalization that seems not allowing some internal politics fall in the lines as some politicians expect them to be. However, without being open to globe, if we had been like NKoreans, where would have been by today ?
      Not the globalization but ourown politcs and failures stagnate lanken issues – or keeping away from set goals.

      You the like men that have learnt something but behave like wild animals have not done enoug to home country. Alone what you repeatedly add tohis platform gives us the feeling yours can be a scale to see how they tick in our countries.

    • 2

      You attack Dr Merkel.. my gosh- WHAT A DIMWIT YOU SHOULD BE.. how much she did in the line of SYRIAN REFUGESS getting in to Germany. Not just SYRIANS only, but also varied other hungry folks were part of 1 million few years ago. She was praised world wide for the humanitarian step she herself involved in.. No whatsoever labaproyojana she personally got, in conrtrary, her vote base declined to all depths even if she won the elections – she created herself political enemies in her and other parties.

      Are u a real human being Edwin ? or you may have some other genomes mixed into yours right ? I know typical lankens the way they lately attacked those Rohinya refugees in the couunty, is beyond all ethics and morals. But they call them buddhists.. ha hah… Ithink it is high time you guys to rethink … thinking about it is no easy task for some like you.

      I have met few syrian families came to Europe recently. I listened myself to their stories how they lost everything in Syria. SOme of them moved ot Dubai for better jobs. But arabs did not welcome them for some reasons. Most of them are just innocient people. They would not support any terror groups. So were the case with most of our nothern srilankens i met in Europe. .

      I know you guys not having proper and balanced info just add your hearsays to this and other platforms, but I think I would not expect tha tform a senrior man of your nature to behave like Wimal Buruwanse.

      • 0

        The dogs are barking. Good! I have got the dogs barking. Or is just one dog or a bitch writing under different names? Anyway, even if it were so, it only adds to the fun. When I give a good kick to you bumwhite, Samson, Leelagemalli, Peedirisappu, you all will be hurt and gnaaaaas……. you will cry out.

        I stand by my assertion that Merkel is getting a huge percentage from the refugees. You canines call our past President Mahinda a Ballige Putha, without realizing that Merkel is of the same species, the only difference being in the sex. But you lick her ‘u no what’ while insulting the man who saved Lanka from terrorism. I can understand how you feel as bogus refugees (I don’t care Sinhala or Tamil) but bogus refugees with stories borrowed form the Tamils.

        Without that kind of ruse to hide behind, you would have not seen a grass patch of euripi to poop on. Thank Mahinda for giving you canines a chance to poop on ‘beautiful’ Europe.

        I know what your next step would be. You will ask in unison to ban me from CT.

        • 0

          Sorry, I made a mistake there.

          The Step by step Modus Operandi of the K9 gang:

          Step 1- Insult me as a Ballige Putha
          Step-2: Say that I am crazy.
          Step 3- Ask me to consult a psychiatrist
          Finally request that I be banned for CT. Wait and see, I can see it coming. Let us see which Avatar will do it.

  • 1

    Most of the refugees flooding into Germany are educated young men with their lives ahead of them. Germany has the lowest birth rate in Eurpoe. Angela Merkel is a smart leader, if she can separate the terrorists from the rest, she will boost the German economy.

    • 0

      German birth rate is low because German women are highly unattractive. Look at Angela. She looks like as if she had been just had from behind by a K9. And if I tell you that she is one of the attractive ones, you will know what I mean.

      But what you say about the economy is true. With refugees being fleeced of their meagre funds, Germany gains economically.

      To those who are mesmerized by the title Dr. in front, I like to tell, think of Dr. Mengele who carried medical experiments on Jews, gypsies et al. during WW II time. He was a Dr. same as a Mengele.

      • 0

        Correction: He was a Dr. same as Merkel.

      • 0

        You should be a born ashhole. No doubt about that. Your comments prove that even more.
        Is it right to call all OF us sinhalayas “racists” just because Rajapakshe balligeputhas are born racissts ? What harm they did not practise with notherners and sourtherners as well ? Can we call us tsunami embezzeler just because former president was caught in the act in the tsunami fund embezzlement.
        Likewise, why should Dr Merkel be accountable for those atrocities that former men have commited in Germany ?
        Just becasue JVPers of 90tes killed our youth, should we treat them today as murderers ? No… they have now entered to democratic way of life, and now behave well, so as a third force, they are very welcome in lanken politics. So as in Germany, too, people are not at all racists. Most of us sinhalayas are more racial than average germans. I would say.
        Learning is a hard thing toilet Engineer- we can imagine, how hard you face it, being caught to arab slaves.
        Anyways we are lucky to have studied in Europe.. and settled down here.. … it is no for idiots your nature coming from Matugama. Whenver you turn up on this platform, you either create problems to CT readership or you just abuse our time. Why ? You are a most abusive person by nature. That I can be very sure of.
        Are u suffering from ASaHANAYA ? Being faced that hard life in open prisons such as Baharaine ?
        I can not imagine you guys stay tha tlong in that part of the world. I would never want to stay a day in those countries even if millions would have been offered to us.
        Make a holiday in Europe and see how things going on this part of the world Edwin? Just to hang with your outdated versions cant bring you or your offsprings further.
        I remember the days IH added lots of comments to this and other forums. Mostly, he was abused by you Mr Mathugama. It is just you have no knowledge on anything at acceptable levels, but you insist. Typical to lanken older generations:
        Please see your psychologists before add your thougths next. That can help the CT readership.

        Edwin and those youth put fire to Muslim shops have lot more in common.
        They both think if anyone come from Germany, he or she should be nazists.
        If anyone come from NOTHERN srilanka, he or she should be a LTTE supporter.

        I am sorry if I insult 4-leg animals this way.

        • 0

          Hello, Rilavigemalli: You tell Edwin, ”you should be a born ashhole”. The story of my life has been just that. There are many things I should be, like the Chancellor of Germany. But I am not. Similarly, I should be a born asshole.

          There are many things that you also should be, such as you should be Rilavigemalli or Regaththamalli. Somehow a mistake has been made and you name has become Leelagemalli. I don’t know what your obsession about an asshole is. Is it because you do not have one and you are therefore full of ‘u no what’?

          Then you go on to say, Is it right to call all OF us sinhalayas “racists” just because Rajapakshe balligeputhas are born racissts ? What did I tell you? For the K9’s like you, almost everyone else is either an asshole or a balligeputha. Which do you prefer? To be a Rilavigemalli or Balligeputha?

          If you do not like racists, the first thing you should is to forget the toilets and get out of the Third Reich, because they were the worst racists the world has ever seen. You K9 always insult the supporters of Mahinda as idiots. But you call the Germans, who did not raise a finger to stop Hitler committing those atrocities such on the Jews, Gypsies et al. as democrats. If that is not double standards, then I don’t know what is.

    • 0

      Paul please teach this Edwin the vermin all these well. He behaves as if he is in his teeens the bugger is now in late 60ties but being caught by arab slaves.
      Of course, Dr Merkel taught everyone a lession by letting over 1 mion refugees come into Germany. She was attacked by various factions in the country iteself. but she was like an iron lady fought it. And finally got elected herself as the Chancellor for the 4 th time. That is very rare in european politcs.
      Whoever what ever being said and done to put her down, I think we cant compare her profile with that of a man who looted the country to core during his terms.
      Rajapakshes have been creating a mess in our home country. That is the saddest reality. Edwin the bugger has always been adding his low level remarks on the sinahalese living in Europe. Bugger is in the view that every sinhalaya to stay living in Germany or europe should be a refugee. He has not the least knowledge how one could get permanent residence in Europe. At the time, Premadasa was in the spirit of Rajapkshe in late 80ties, we had th echance to continue our studies in Europe. It is very common some to stay back here at least for some years until return home. There are lot more like my status live and work in Europe.
      Ballige Putha is a good term to Edwin and even to MAFIF boss MR since both I dont think deserve any respect.
      This man Edwin either attack some going through race and religion or own folks by calling them toilett cleaning refugees.
      Lack of information should have made him a senior joker to this page. Let forgive the bugger. Get well SOON !

      • 0

        Smart Angel: Hey Samson, you say, “Of course, Dr Merkel taught everyone a lesson by letting over 1 million refugees come into Germany”.

        Ha! Ha! Samson, your idiocy is only second to the Nazi toilet stink that you carry with you wherever you go.

        You think that is charity? How much did you pay to be in Germany and clean Nazi toilets. Multiply that by 1 million and that’s the amount stacked away by your Angel. With that kind of money, she can buy a one way ticket to heaven.

        And as for idiots like you, that is like grabbing a Red Ant colony of 1 million ants and putting them inside your jock strap. Enjoy the pleasure. I hear that Red Aunt bites are good for HIV as well as impotency.

        You don’t like being called a toilet cleaning refugee. Okay. Okay. Hereafter, I will call you a toilet cleaning German.

    • 0

      Our birth rate in SL is also the lowest in th eregion right ?

      Yes, Angela Merkerl is a highly educated personlity among the european leaders.

      She is a physicist by her education. And had been a post doc prior to join local politcs almost 3 decades ago.

      • 0

        Fuch the German: Hi, Bambuwathi, the Merkel gal is OK by my standards, my standards being the same as those of an old ship about to sink and is looking for any port that I can put my anchor in.

        There is no doubt that the Germans are a clever lot. They are good engineers and invented the automobile. They are also good chemists and invented the poison gas that was used to kill the Jews, Gypsies and other ‘sub humans’ in the holocaust. The gas was highly effective and that enabled them to kill 20 million civilian men, women and children, (sorry sub humans) in a few years.

        We had a German engineer (named Herr Fuchs) working here at a natural gas plant. He was a typical non racist German. One day, assuming that I am Indian, he commented – “See I am German and I am standing firmly on my two feet. Cows stand on 4 feet. And Indians stand on 3 feet”. Saying that he leaned on the wall with one arm as support.

        My answer was, “So you say that we are something in between Germans and cows, aren’t you? Fuch you. At least we Indians have never followed a megalomaniac lemming like to destruction like you Nazis. Take a group of 10 Indians, you have at least 12 opinions. That is how diverse we are”.

        Hey, Bambuwathi. In the eyes of Germans you K9’s are just sub humans. Get out of the Third Reich. Else you may end up in a modern version of the gas chambers.

  • 1

    The K9 Story:

    Three K9, (Sam, Leelagemalli and PUK Appu) are chatting at the local vets waiting room.

    First K9 Sam: I’m here because I peed in the sitting room in my master’s house!

    Second K9 Leelagemalli: exclaims, “I pooed all over my master’s Euro 3,000 Persian rug!”

    K9 Piduru Kana Appu: “My owner is a woman who is in charge of a big European country and makes a lot of money by taking protection money from refugees. Today she bent over to pick up a fallen coin and I decided to go for one ride of a lifetime!

    K9’s 1 & 2: So That is why she’s sent you here?” asked the two other dogs.

    PUK Appu: Oh no, I’m just here for my nails clipping!

    Of course PUK is right. Who in his right mind would do that to the Angel except her own K9.?

    That K9 may eat Piduru but he is certainly not a donkey. The K9 is happy and the angel is happier.

    • 0

      Typical EDWIN RODRIO nonsence !

      Please go back to Mathugama and have Kerankoku Mallum to give you some brains.

      After that we can see if we to meet up for awareness programs. Else, you would just leave as IH and Raja since you seem to be the next on the top of the list.

      Arabs should have tested almost everything with you to turn you that abnormal.

      Poor Edwin !. Please god help him get some knowledge about the world !:

      • 0

        Return to Matugama: Piduru Kana Appu, I am already at Matugama on a special operation (Guess what it is. A clue – today is 4th of April). Already had a lot of KK Maalu. I will bring some for you. It is better than Piduru for the development of brain cells provided you have any to start with. With all that piduru you are eating, I wonder how many you have left. Forget that. You can only count up to 4 – the number of legs you have.

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    Angela Merkel vs Mahinda Pajapakse: See the ha ho and the bow wow I raised from the t-cleaning K9’s by the comments I made on their Angel, the Merkel gal. They have no qualms calling Mahinda a Ballige Putha. But when I say even Angels are taking bribes, they take off like a Space-X rocket.

    I am vehemently against Mahinda coming to power and I despise his present attempts to do so through the back door. But I respect him for what he did to save our country from Tamil Terrorists.

    The reason for the K9 gang to be so much against Mahinda is perhaps because they are Tamils. Not just Tamils but Kallathoni Tamils who swam across from India using the Balu Stroke.

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