25 May, 2019


Oh Muslims Of Sri Lanka Give Me Your Ears

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

“Verily the people of innovation are more harmful to Islam than external enemies, why? Because they destroy from the inside and afterwardsopen the door to the enemies and say “Enter” – The Noble Scholar of Islam Sheikh Rabee

Suicide attacks are a religious innovation in mainstream Islam yet it seems recurrent feature of many conflicts around the world. Sri Lanka in particular received the brunt of such attacks over a period of thirty years. The brutal reminder of the war sends shivers down the spinal column. Warfare heroism and martyrdom as a strategic deployment to prevent large scale fatalities are allowed in certain circumstances in times of war but not in Islam. This may shock some but this is the reality. The world has seen much of the extremist version and not the true prescribed methodology. Islam is not a pacifist religion but everything in it has an order and a methodology. Those who overlook or circumvent it cause chaos in society.

Kamikaze the Japanese special attack units of military aviators did it and made it a cult. But from a strict Islamic point of view a suicide bomber might be committing at least five crimes. Killing civilians, mutilating their bodies, violating the trust of enemy soldiers and civilians, committing suicide and destroying civilian objects or properties. One of the senior most scholars of Islam once said “What you call suicide bombings in my view are illegitimate and have nothing to do with jihad in the cause of God. I am afraid it is another form of killing oneself.”

Oh Muslims let’s try and understand the times we are living in and let’s put into perspective the trials and tribulations that are descending on us and Muslims in general all over the world. These are indeed days of patience. These are not minor fitn (trials and tribulations) they are quite major affecting our lives, families, properties and businesses. To compound matters there is no succor or solace from the government. Even the right to protection which the constitution guarantees is proving illusive. In fact the politicians are busy covering up their own sins and hurling allegations at each other. What truly can one expect from a government when its own forces are complicit in acts of arson and vandalism? This is simply mind blowing.

Ever since these dastardly acts of terrorism were carried out by a bunch of cowards a feeling of depression and melancholia had gripped all Muslims of Sri Lanka whether they lived in Sri Lanka or abroad. This religion of Islam is peace and no Muslim will buy the narrative of the extremists however much they strive to misquote and abuse its scriptures. We Muslims wouldn’t hesitate if need be to ascend the highest mountains to scream that this is a peaceful religion which did not come for Muslims only but to all mankind. 

Every truly practicing Muslim without a shred of a doubt would proclaim, pronounce and promulgate not just to its message being peaceful but to its Messenger as well. He was sent as the final Messenger to all mankind and God called him “Rahmathul Aalameen” mercy to all mankind. Also name a single religion on planet earth which greets one another with this beautiful attribute of peace, mercy and blessing? Then why on earth violence surrounds this beautiful way of life?

The quotation at the beginning of this article is a scholarly statement from a great Islamic scholar concerning the issue at hand. Its imperative Muslims read and understand what it means. His wise statement pregnant with wisdom and relevance vis a vis acts of violence committed by “terrorists” which is nothing but a novelty introduced to the religion of Islam. When they wantonly and unjustly violate the rights of other people they pave the way for “dark forces” to carry out double if not triple the amount of attacks and frame them. They are quite oblivious to the far reaching consequences of their actions. Their adrenaline is their warped and twisted ideology.

This scholar along with other senior scholars have been dealing with this ominous reality for a long time especially in the Muslim world. Most notably during the so called “Arab Spring” they pleaded with the Arab youth virtually begging incessantly not to force themselves into the trial as it was a trap and would consume them. 

The Arab youth never listened they went in anyway perhaps bedazzled by the intoxicating eloquence of the then President of the US Barack Hussein Obama. A 100,000 of them perished. The irony that happened in Egypt quite unique. Its septuagenarian president is still alive and kicking and those in the prime of their youth succumbed wholesale. They ran to the foray and it consumed them.

In the religion of Islam sticking to the scholars is always the path of safety and security. They are truthful and trustworthy. The Quran categorically states “Ask the People of Knowledge if you know not.” [Al-Quran 21:7 and 16:43]  And according to the Sunnah the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said “The scholars are the successors/ inheritors of prophets. Verily, prophets did not leave gold and silver rather knowledge.” Source: Musnad Al-Bazzār 10/68 Grade: Sahih (Authentic)

These senior scholars clarify every matter Muslims encounter whether they are issues pertaining to the creed of the religion or pernicious conspiracies targeting Muslims which they always encourage to stay away. They relate every such adverse incident that befell the Muslim nation in the past and how the Messenger and companions faced it, negotiated it and how such adversaries and adversities were neutralized with Allah’s help.

The scholars have informed us that the most dangerous sect in Islam were the Kharijites (al-khawārij). They have existed since the very early period of Islam and they will continue to cause strife in the Muslim nation until end of time when they will join forces with the False Messiah (al-dajjāl). Already they have joined various power blocks and are extensively “lubricated” with funds. These individuals as per the prophesy were young in age and foolish in outlook, thus making them vulnerable and malleable. Their extremism is an attendant impairment and anyone could use them. So many have done just that – chivalry sans knowledge.

Our scholars urge us to understand and beware of their pernicious ideology and characteristics in order to protect the Muslim nation from unwittingly supporting their destructive behavior. The Kharijites earned their name (from the root kh-ra-ja meaning “to go out”) because they exited Islam and the Muslim community due to their heretical innovations. As the prophet of Allah said “They will recite the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats” meaning it will not enter their hearts and they will not understand it. Their acts of worship will send the worship of any other into insignificance but yet they will leave the fold of Islam as fast.

To be continued…

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  • 7

    Apostasy: Good analysis of the symptoms of the disease. But the causes are hardly touched upon. Worse still, the author does not tell what the solution is. In that sense it is a useless article.
    Having spend 2 decades in an Islamic country, I find the people here to be nice once you get to know them. My Muslim friends tried their best to convert me, offering cash and even a temporary bride. But I found that it is a one way street. Once you enter, there is no turning back.
    Turning back would be Apostasy, punishable by death. That is the greatest defect I see in Islam and it reveals the true face of Islam like a veil taken off. Every other religion allows conversion to any other religion. But not Islam. They welcome converts but reconversion means death. To make it worse, there would be no trial of the killer. Worse still the killer would go to heaven and get the usual reward of 72 virgins.

    • 4

      When lions and tigers fight and kill each other, fox waits on the side to eat the carcass. Once lions and tigers get exhausted, foxes pounce on lions and tigers to take charge. This is what is happening in Sri Lanka. It is time that lions and tigers bury their enmity and get together to eliminate these foxes, to save their future generation.

      • 1

        Lanka Perera:-
        When lions and tigers fight and kill each other anyone can creep in, not only foxes!
        Big People from the Far East and the Far West are waiting for an opportunity walk in to Sri Lanka, (a strategic outpost in the Indian Ocean), Pretending to Save Us!

    • 0

      Ayyo @Edwin as per your rational analysis, Mohommedanism sounds like a crazy cult.
      But my dear chap, who in their right minds would spend 2 decades in a Mohommedan country. How can one live without Bacon?

    • 0

      I too worked in the Middle East for some time. Those who tried to convert you were native Arabs or Pakistanis?

      I have no respect for any of the Muslim writers here on CT for none of them have categorically, unambiguously admitted
      that idea of death for apostasy is absolutely abhorrent for a non Muslim. Any Muslim who accommodates this most uncivilized Islamic edict does not deserve to be treated equal in a multicultural environment.


  • 9

    Oh, Moslems of Lanka, your brethren have now feasted on the flesh on innocents and are with Allah. And we know you are so happy (at least 90% of you). You have all been watching this growing, happily waiting for the Jihad to begin, and using crème de la crema of Taqqia Deception, bribery and other corrupt means, you have managed to buy out politicians and others to ignore your build up of weapons. The blood and gore of the Kaffirs (they may be innocent, but who cares, they were all Kaffir) we know bring the sweetest images of heaven to you. We know you also want to join Zahran Hashim in heaven, and to do that we know you have built up nerve gas canisters by the thousands in Eastern Lanka and many other places. We know that you will use them to kill the Kaffir by the tens of thousands, so that you may establish an Islamic Republic in our lifetimes. Those pesky monks and stone throwing kids, they are just the first signs of the coming Heaven!

    Readers, never, ever be deceive by the writer of the article Idroos, a Taqqia expert par non. Cant you see they are enjoying all this. Yes, a few Moslems may be killed by a misguided mob, but they go to heaven, straight in their twisted apocalyptic horror of heaven. After carefully building up for years, watching the Sinhalese and Tamils kill each other, using the best Taqqia, they are ready to unleash hell on earth for Lankans. If you don’t act now a nerve gas attack or something of that magnitude in around the corner. Your politicians will laugh it away, because they would have been warned about it and they will be in London or Singapore when it happens. The bloodthirsty cannibals of Sharia will be waiting for the death and destruction of the Kaffir while the politicians will be in London to cash their checks from Jihadi fanatics.

    • 0

      You seriously need a brain scan pronto !!!!!

  • 2

    If things are happening according to a phophesy then it is pointless to worry. Stand firm where you are . For if you become a good boy after reading Nishthar Kudrus and succeed in avoiding what is prophesied then it is no phophesy. Then can you evade Karma? How can you – you can’t time travel into the past and change what you did. Worst still are my Christian friends who are telling me ‘God has a plan for you’. That terrifies shit out of me -you feel absolutely helpless.
    Fundamental question is you are inside the loop or outside.


  • 7

    The Muslims suffer from God delusion. For centuries they lived very poor lives under despots. Their women were just like chattel. But Islam is like opium-it drugs them into a stupid stupor.

    It was modernity that gave them water in the tap, proper housing, education, electricity, bicycles, cars, aeroplanes , better health.

    Religion cannot improve their lives.

    But there is none as blind as the man who refuses to see.

    • 0

      God is a delusion because it’s a title. Same way there God the son, God the father etc. Then there are sun gods, moon gods and to s of gods. These are all created gods.

  • 3

    Mr. Nisthar idrees, you speak so much of Islam being a religion of Islam.tell me or show one country where is Peace. None whatsoever. Look at the battle between Sunni and the Shi’a. There is struggle between these two sects. Prophet Mohamed’s two grandsons being from the Shi’a were both killed by the Sunni. There is absolutely no unity between the Muslims. There is so much of infighting is Muslim countries that Muslims are fleeing to Europeon countries as refugees. Once these refugees settle down in these countries, these refugees create mayhem and terror in the very same countries who give them refuge. I am a Muslim and I just cannot understand what is wrong with Muslims. Why are they trying to enforce Sharia rule in the countries that give them safe refuge.

    • 0

      Do you know who made the split Sunni and Shia ? The same people who introduced the trinity to Christianity. First learn then talk.

  • 0

    “Oh Muslims Of Sri Lanka Give Me Your Ears”

    look out for the DHL or UPS…

    • 0

      Are you suggesting something that you practice? You sound suspicious

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