25 October, 2021


On Indo-Pacific Regional Architecture

By Alice G. Wells

Last Month, President Trump proclaimed that the United States is “committed to pursuing our shared objectives for peace and security in South Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific region.”

This vision builds upon the Indian Ocean principles the President and Prime Minister Modi announced in June. Our desire for a common vision signifies our enduring commitment to this region and our shared goals of promoting peace, security, freedom of navigation, and a sustainable and open architecture across the Indian Ocean.

We invite every nation here to join in this common endeavor. And, through our collective leadership, we can be a model for the rest of the world.

Remarks of Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells on Indo-Pacific Regional Architecture – Indian Ocean Conference 2017, Colombo, on September 1, 2017:

Thank you for that kind introduction. I also want to acknowledge the India Foundation, and its partners in Singapore and Sri Lanka, for their leadership in organizing this conference.
Let me begin by reaffirming a long-standing facet of U.S. foreign policy: that the United States is – and will continue to be – an Indo-Pacific power.

For more than seven decades, we have embraced the responsibilities this distinction requires across this vast expanse, from the shores of East Africa to the western coast of the Americas. This will not change in the decades to come.

Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice G. Wells delivers remarks on Indo-Pacific Regional Architecture at the Indian Ocean Conference 2017

America’s connection to this dynamic region is not new; more than two centuries ago, ships from New England sailed along trade routes in the Indian Ocean carrying spices, tea, and even ice between Boston and Kolkata.

Fast forwarding to today, our partnerships and shared strategic interests in this region remain as compelling as ever. In the next few minutes, I want to share our vision for the Indian Ocean, as well as the precepts guiding U.S. engagement and diplomacy.

First, we must have a common vision for the Indian Ocean that enhances economic growth, transparent development, and regional integration. Regional initiatives that prioritize accountability, open markets, and delivery of tangible benefits to citizens of the region will be the most sustainable.

Second, countries must be able to effectively counter security threats in the Indian Ocean as well as respond to humanitarian and environmental disasters. Through joint capacity building and exercises, we can share the security burden in this increasingly complex region.

Finally, we must support a principled regional architecture that unites us to support international standards, including freedom of navigation and the peaceful resolution of disputes. All nations have the right to freely fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows.

Let’s start with the economic imperatives. The Indian Ocean is at the fulcrum of global trade and commerce, with nearly half of the world’s 90,000 commercial vessels and two thirds of global oil trade traveling through its sea lanes.

The region boasts some of the fastest-growing economies on Earth, and is home to a quarter of the world’s population, 500 million of whom still lack access to reliable power.

We believe bolstering economic integration will lead to sustainable and inclusive growth. For example, if South and Southeast Asia reduced non-tariff barriers by 50 percent – an ambitious but attainable goal – increased intra-region trade would net $568 billion in increased GDP by 2030.

Already, American companies operate across the region, supplying everything from bottled drinks to airplane parts. In India alone, over 600 American companies have contributed to a 500 percent increase in FDI over the past two years. The United States plans to deliver over $600 million dollars of investment into Nepal’s transportation and energy sectors, yet another sign that our commercial ties to the Indian Ocean are growing deeper by the day.

We are partnering with South Asian countries to develop legal and regulatory regimes that encourage transparent FDI, build resilient energy infrastructure, and connect budding entrepreneurs with the resources they need to develop their ideas. As President Trump and Prime Minister Modi underscored during their June summit, both India and the United States are committed to bolstering regional economic connectivity through transparent infrastructure development and responsible debt financing practices.

The U.S. is building partnerships through the Safe Ocean Network to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, an issue threatening maritime economies around the world. This initiative encourages coordinated action to detect violations, enforce laws, and prosecute those engaged in illegal activities. More than 40 partners from around the world have joined the Safe Ocean Network, and we welcome every nation here to join.

In South Asia, our regional partners are doing their part. India is forging stronger trade and infrastructure ties with its neighbors through its Act East policy. In one example, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal are implementing a Motor Vehicle Agreement to allow free movement of goods and people across their borders.

We also commend progress in BIMSTEC and hope agreements on electricity grid connectivity and transport can be finalized before the next BIMSTEC Summit.

While the region offers unprecedented opportunity, it is also confronting a myriad of security challenges, including terrorism, transnational crime, trafficking-in-persons, and illicit drugs.

To combat these challenges, the United States has sought to improve intelligence-sharing among regional partners and improve capacity-building in areas like community policing, counter-narcotics, aviation security, and forensics analysis. There is also a critical need to expand engagement on maritime domain awareness. In the increasingly crowded maritime environment, the sharing of reliable information is the foundation for greater cooperation.

The United States is also committed to building the coast guard capacity of our Indian Ocean partners. Two weeks from today, Japan will be hosting the Global Coast Guard Forum, enhancing cooperation on maritime pollution prevention, law-enforcement, search and rescue, and many other issues. Every nation here is encouraged to attend.

Expanding naval cooperation is another priority for the United States. The U.S.-India-Japan MALABAR Naval exercise in July was our largest and most complex to date, involving over ten thousand personnel.

We are also expanding our navy-to-navy relationship with Sri Lanka, with our first-ever naval exercise set for October. With Bangladesh, we value our continued engagement through regular exercises like the Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training series.

We hope that one day in the not too distant future, all the navies of this region can jointly participate in exercises and coordinate maritime activities to build collective capacity and uphold international standards.

In order to realize our shared goal of an Indian Ocean region that is open, principled, and resilient, we will need a robust regional framework for bilateral and multilateral cooperation – one in which all states have a say and are invested in decision-making and outcomes. Regional partners must adhere to a common vision that:

· Respects international law as reflected in the Law of the Sea Convention;

· Supports an economic, political, and social linkages between South and East Asia;

· Develops the region’s humanitarian and disaster relief capacity through maritime exercises involving all Indian Ocean partners; and

· Encourages Indian Ocean economies to embrace visa liberalization, competitive markets, and accessible medical and educational facilities.

Last Month, President Trump proclaimed that the United States is “committed to pursuing our shared objectives for peace and security in South Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific region.”

This vision builds upon the Indian Ocean principles the President and Prime Minister Modi announced in June. Our desire for a common vision signifies our enduring commitment to this region and our shared goals of promoting peace, security, freedom of navigation, and a sustainable and open architecture across the Indian Ocean.

We invite every nation here to join in this common endeavor. And, through our collective leadership, we can be a model for the rest of the world. Thank you.

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  • 4

    This is happening in the Eastern Europe too. NATO can not take ttake care the full expenses of the Security bill. On the other hand, Germany like countries do not want to be part of that. Becuse, russia will take those countries as hostile countries. So, the Poland like poor countries are bearing the security bill and they have all the heavy weapons which means russia will bomb poland to oblivian. Now, Sri lanka wants to do the same. Buy all the ships, air crafts to monitor the ocean. monitor. So, if there is a war. China sink and shoot down those. Sri lankan poor bear the cost. Ranil has a full time supporter of this.

  • 0

    What peace and security are we talking about. It is all the super powers and Sri lanka and other poor countries bearing the bill. Only security we have to think about is Somalian – sea pirates. they want to circle China and Ranil is trying to bear part of the bill. .

  • 5

    Freedom of the high seas was the British/Dutch project in the Asian Seas. Now, it appears in the guise of freedom of navigation. The tussle is for dominance in Asia between the big powers, China on the one hand with its One Belt and Road policy and US, UK and India with its freedom of navigation project. Indian link with the US is implicit in Ms Wells’ statement. Further afield there is the need to defend freedom of navigation in the South China Seas. So, we, SL people, are grass in the field in which elephants are going to tussle.

    Mrs B was in the forefront of the move to have the Indian Ocean as a Peace Zone. Why abandon this project? SL is trying to play China off against India/US. It is a dangerous game. As a people we have no natural affinity with China. It could well be that they have excess cash to dole out. It comes at a price as we have seen.. There needs to be more thinking done. China is yet to emerge as a sea power, its geographical distance makes its presence less tangible and its presence would be irksome to people as many Africans are slowly finding out. Not that the US does not have imperial ambitions but these are somewhat dented now with power slowly seeping out of its hands. In the coming multipolar world, India will be the third relevant power. It is our natural ally because our religions, culture, physiognomy, legal systems, languages, music and even food are similar. Let us be cautious in our choice and not try to be smart at playing one against the other.

  • 1

    Western countries are bankrupt. Now they say, Asian emerging economies, subsidizie our NATO projects. I think some european countries did not take that bait.

  • 3

    Dear A.G. Wells.
    I respect your diplomacy and your personal options about US. As a patriotic US citizen you have very right to argue for your nation. and yet I’m sorry to say that I disagree with you ..
    your geopolitics interest that make your country involve in many countries around the world.
    your national interest is above all other interests. Donald Trump has been saying that AMERICA IS FIRST …that has been his political philosophy to win the election..
    now, you US has destroyed ecology and environment of many part of the world . US produces more weapons than any country in the world, it engages in war with money countries.. still it wants to show off that America is a super power in the world …Good luck for that…but as long as it does not put its nose into internal affair of other country it would be Ok…
    when US become a police man of the world, judge and jury of world affairs…that is what humanity does not like in any other part of world..
    In reality US feel that China is only country that could challenge US today..so , it would not like that much Chinese influence in Indian ocean? what do you think?
    China has been expanding its econmic activities today in all Asian countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and many more countries and even in many African countries..
    US can not compete with China today in economy and trade ..so, it is said in 20 years time china will over take US in many areas …
    west has been telling us democracy is only golden gate for development and progress..
    in its own way china proved that it is.not true.
    China does not have western form of democracy still it managed to see progress and development..its iron policy of Chinese government..its is hard work of China’s people…its some form of discipline that made china great ..
    so US is in shock with this Chinese tiger ..which is growing faster than expected ..
    that is why US is now keen in Indian ocean..

    • 1

      Maybe, No 1., what made China great was that it was a communist dictatorship which could drive its people towards one goal with a whip hand, with no religious mafia like the Buddhist priests, no courts, even partisan ones like ours, to question what the state does, no newspapers and no dissent. Do we really want that system? we would rather fight furiously with each other, gossip about our leaders and their mistresses, eat what we want and generally be happy getting loans from everybody, selling our harbors, selling our women to the sheiks or selling whatever others need. Everything is okay as long as the world can believe that we were once the greatest and all culture began here.

  • 1

    At least this lady did not go around promoting LGBT and HR etc this time unlike last year under Obama. Trump does not jack shit about geopolitics or Asia. She is just parroting the same official policy of the State Department and US national interest and Obama’s pivot to Asia initiative that continues. You give a map to that buffoon Trump, he will not know where Sri Lanka is. So that part of her statement is bullshit. He cares only about bullying big talk and fattening his family empire. He runs the Presidency like his family estate. Blonde twit daughter and real estate smart son in law are key advisors! Daughter got a 50million dollar bribe from KSA for her yet to function “female entreprenuer” non profit. Queer eh? also another 50mill from UAE too. But the son in law is smart unlike his born to the manor dumb shit sons who just rolled in wealth never having to work hard. Just like third world dictatorships.

  • 1

    It is based on a strategic need for the US. They have been coveting Trincomalee for a long time now. With India being their best friend in the region, there will not be obstacles to more frequent visits. They are eyeing a new place when they lose Diego Garcia.

    Also for those who know geo-political games, this was one of the reasons they supported Ranil and the UNP to overthrow MR. Not to say MR did not deserve to be defeated, but their interests, giving 50million dollars to the UNP etc was to actively seek a Ranil Pro US regime. His father was believed to have been a CIA(also christian) agent in Ceylon.

    But as long as US does not shit on SL like they did in other places this might be fruitful. They can be charged a lot of money for refueling, repairs and docking. Rest Assured there will be far more of these “friendly” visits and it is all about China.

    At least China did not ruin Sri Lanka.

    But China is no match to the US militarily. Their equipment is inferior and US is the world only real global superpower with a global navy. Now they have 11 active massive Aircraft Carriers.

    Fifth fleet uses Bahrain as their port and that is why they do not give a hoot about democracy, freedom of expression etc in Bahrain where the degenerate Sunni Minority oppress the Shia majority with Saudi help. The 7th anchors in Yokosuka, Japan, with some units based in Japan and South Korea. It is part of the United States Pacific Fleet. Get ready for Yankee love. But they will still get their prostitutes in Singapore, Korea and Thailand because Lankan ones are of very poor quality. Remember the Royal Navy used Trinco after Singapore fell.

  • 0

    After the Cold War, probably now is the highest tension all around the world is present. Middle East has not yet cooled down after its Spring flare ups. Eastern Europe is still in its rebellious nature. Russia shooting down Malaysian Passenger jet and occupying Crimea may drag its consequences beyond Ukraine for few more years (if not decades).

    One time firework ground, South America is cooler now. Anything can happen in Venezuela to replace lost Columbia’s unrests.

    Korean Peninsula is remaining for few years as highly heated hotbed wide enough to make any kind of Appas by anybody. Kim Jong Un’s recent pick up on America is not about Donald Trump, but of his disappointment the way the world politics went/going. When Kim Jong Un was ascending to the throne, it was expected as he was a Western educated man, he may make peace with West. But the internal problems he encountered to consolidate his power had trained him to be more ruthless than his previous generations. In the process of consolidating his local power, Kim isolated him further from West. Now, one of the main concerns of Kim Jong Un’s is, other than Syria, US and West are more or less success in controlling the internal politics of the Middle East Countries. This has left him with fear that he is lonely, now. His new enhanced friendship with Russia is a clear indication that he is desperately looking for cuddle-able & comforting comrades.

    Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam have their concern of China expelling them from South China Sea. Other than Japan, other smaller nations who are opposing China may face their businesses crippled by China; a matter for higher concern for them than their sovereignty infringed by China.

  • 0

    India had a very affectionate friendship with Russia. Marshall Tito, Fidel Castro and Nehru forming Non-Aligned countries benefitted mainly USSR. But the end of USSR left India lonely. India made new friendship with America & West starting with Rajiv Gandhi. Irrelevant of whether USSR had friendship with India or Rajiv moved it to West, neither USSR nor Russia had shown any interest in interfering Indian Ocean. One of the reasons for that was Russia has an open space beyond Siberia. USSR had unfriendly borders on the South and West. It doesn’t have world around naval access like America. So it may not have been willing to extend its hand up to Indian Ocean. But the things have changed.

    China is hoping to grow up as the world leader. Its ambition is to see Lankawe, India even America as at a same level, same degree and same angle. American military expert warned Sonia of China opening up of String of per harbors. Her corrupted dealing with Chinese telecom companies, her assistants like Shiv Shankar Menon and Narayan’s corrupted dealing with Lankawe, and her time’s anti- American feeling of the Congress Party made her to ignore that warning. Now China has strong footing in Lankawe with overt military ambitions. It is not the planning mistake of India only, even America contributed to this in the feeling of supporting Lankawe in its fight against LTTE. “Pauthai vantha Pauthu Puththiyillaiye, Puththi vantha Pauthu Nanpan illaiye”. The failure of India and America to forge strong friendship during Lankawe war and countering Lankawe’s initiative to bring China into Indian Ocean has left them both with a security concern in Indian Ocean. China’s footing in Lankawe is very strong and not anything for reverse.

  • 1

    If one understands up to that, they will know the current meeting is nothing other speeches on the stages. India’s ability to control Indian Ocean is now permanently diluted. America is not going to have as much influence in Indian Ocean as China. India forcing Lankawe beyond a limit will change it to be another North Korea, but it will not deliver any new results like Kennedy-Cuba deal.
    The next part is the more challenging or difficult to accept. India’s original desire is to rule over the Indian Ocean, similar to China’s interest in South China Sea. But both are not comparable. India never had any muscle to do that. India’s later day’s strategy for that is extending its friendship to Lankawe, Maldives and Bangladesh, and makes them voluntarily accept its dominance, unlike Chia which is bullying the neighboring countries to obey it. Further, India never had to put any muscle in controlling Indian Ocean because West do not show interest to fully control any international sea ways though for few centuries they have been leading in seafaring. As we show earlier, USSR did not have the gut to go up to Indian Ocean. So, without any muscle flexing India was feeling as the lonely King around the Bengal & Persian Gulf area. This is one of the reasons Sonia goofed on China’s takeover of Lankawe.

  • 0

    America seeing China, which is controlling South China Sea, has extended its hand to Indian Ocean, wants to get involved in that. Out of the big three, America is last one to start in the rivalry. But, India’s desire to control it alone is still unextinguished dream for India. One may remember in time of Ambassador Blake’s failed attempts to convince Sonia to change India’s arrogant way in the war, his attempt to get a Naval Base in Trinco or Maldives did not materialize because of India’s opposition to that too. That time America fully respected India wish to control Indian Ocean. Now the situation is different in that too. India cannot control the Indian Ocean, at least alone. America has full grasp on that.

    Now, some of you who missed to decode what Ranil meant in his speech that Indian Ocean should be freely sailable to all and the America’s speech that “we have been selling here ice for 200 year ago, and we will be staying here”. Undoing China birthing Submarines is involved in either provoking or blocking. Blocking will trigger war so annoying or provoking will be the solution. What Ranil said was China is not blocking anybody but legitimately accessing Lankawe Ports so nobody may block China in Indian Ocean. What America said is depending in India to control China or dealing with Lankawe is fruitless so America would take care of these activities in the future.

  • 1

    Dear Alice, for 24 years I was living next door to Alice in Wonderland?
    Here is what War Hero and Senator McCain said about Trump
    “Congress must govern with a president who has no experience of public office, is often poorly informed and can be impulsive in his speech and conduct,”

    We all know how you ruined Ukraine during Hillary’s tenure as Secy of State
    We all know how Libya was destablized
    We all know that Trump suffers from Dunning-Kruger syndrome.
    Do not try to tell us he really is in charge and knows everything.
    We know you covet Trincomalee and have done so since you made RW our PM
    As long as you do not do your Dirty CIA type work and do not involve Lankan armed forces in fights against your terrorist enemies or China we welcome you. but do not go around distributing bread to molotov cocktail throwing thugs like you did in Ukraine where you antagonized Russia under their very noses and now have to deal with consequences. And one such was the fact that they helped elect Trump. We await the pee-pee tape release soon. We will await Muelleur and if he says your President is clean we might respect him a bit despite his caddish ways

    • 1

      Gongalegoda Banda: American soceity of Psycholgists/Psychiatrits, I heard, have a long list of mental diseases that lengthen everyday. They prescribe the same tablet to everything. In buddhism it is all bad karma and past life experiences mixed with the present life. Tablets and medication do not work.

  • 1

    Alice akka from Wonderland has to sell her country. She cannot be honest even if she wants to be. Soon Rex Tillerson the Exxon mogul with billion dollar interests in Russia will be fired or resign. So she will have another new boss who will be like a third world puppet singing mad man’s praises like he ordered all his cabinet to do so at his first televised cabinet meeting. They all acted like sycophantic servants praising him. That is because his small dick thin ego cannot deal with smarter people. It is all a TV show for him. but reality Alice from 24 years I have been living next door, why dont’ you talk about torture you carry out, massive numbers of civilians dying (collateral damage) when you go to war; lies you spread to destroy nations(Obama and Hillary Anti destroyed Libya) and starting things that pissed off Russia. Ukraine where you had State Secretaries going and encouraging VIOLENT protestors against a democratically elected President. Need we talk about the LIES getting you to Iraq and the tens of thousands of refugees you caused or civilian deaths(over 35,000 because of US strikes). As long as you do not come to us as White arrogant neo colonial masters, we will welcome you. But do not get us into a civil war again or do not try to get us to turn against China who has been our sincerest friend since 1948. Other than that, you are welcome to use Trincomalee as a base. That is what you have been after for a long time.

  • 0

    Sigh. All we have to think of is who has more warheads – US or China. Guess we’ll have to partner with India at an even worser rate. Governmental and Public Policy must revolve around that axiom, whilst ensuring the security and rights of the Lankan Isle.

  • 0

    She is a career officer but her father was a military man. She is probably hawkish. But the reality is that SL will have to be very careful in dealing with these buggers. White arrogant Christian neo colonialists are up to some game. They converted people within 50 years in S.Korea for it to become a christian majority nation from being a Buddhist nation before. They did this with money and missionaries and that is what they are doing in SL now too. But if we can outwit them like we outwitted the British into thinking we accept their christ but remained buddhist, muslim or hindu we can protect ourselves.

  • 1

    Quote: “The United States is committed to pursuing their shared objectives for peace and security in South Asia and the Indo-Pacific region.” Unquote:

    Shared objectives, my foot. United States’ constant and unwelcome interference is the biggest threat to peace and security in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

    South Asia and Indo-pacific region coupled with Russia can look after the security and peace in our part of the world. US should mind its own business leaving us alone. The entire world witnessed US’s goals of “promoting” peace and security in many countries including Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Iran and Afghanistan.

    In December, 2016, “Los Angeles Times” cited a database of a professor which revealed as to how US swayed elections in other countries. There have been “81 attempts” to influence elections by them. USA’s allergy to left wing governments is world famous.

    USA’s increased presence in Sri Lanka is a bad omen and a threat to the entire region. What should Indo-Asia-Pacific region countries including North Korea should do is being united to minimize US’s presence as much as possible in the region. Until then there will be no peace in this part of the world. It is North Korea’s stupidity which paved the way for the USA to interfere in the region militarily. Russia and China can play a bigger role to ease the tension by starting a dialogue with North Korea to bring it to its senses before US justifies its “permanent presence” in the region by making Sri Lanka its next Diego Garcia.

  • 0

    Agreed! But is there any way out? To be fair to the US, China’s rise was/is a monstrosity. We can have just one country on the globe being a monstrosity (and the US did it out of historical necessity). China on the other hand is blatantly and unnecessarily flouting all conventional global rules to show China-power!*************Best we can do it to stay true to the average citizen of our land. That the Podijana Peramuna party by Basil is around recruiting over 2-million members, shows us exactly which direction we should be heading (‘Build a village that protects the country’).**************No, we will never be a Diego Gracia, though we might become a little bit in the Trincomalee area. ***************We sincerely hope that Yahapalanaya won’t go dividing the country with the Ranil compromise of China for the 2/3, and Tamil Nadu for the 1/3 (replete with land-bridge).

    • 0


      We can’t guarantee that Sri Lanka will never become a Diego Garcia, because in 2007, Gotabhaya signed a pact called “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement” (ACSA) for 10 years. US has taken it a victory as they have tried years and years to sign such an agreement.

      As Gotabhaya was a US citizen, he jumped and signed it with none other than Robert Blake! As a country located at a very important strategic point, we should NEVER have signed it. USA now wants to renew it for another 10 years! The Agreement is generous in explaining the “cross-servicing” part, but I don’t know what is behind the word “acquisition”. I heard that they are eyeing Delfts islands. I made a comment to the President some time ago, not to accede to this request given US’s situation with NorthKorea which is an unexpected development.

      I hope the President has more guts than Gotabhaya and refuse to sign the Agreement. He can take a diplomatic approach and say that he wants to postpone signing the ACSA until the tension between USA and North Korea goes down or something like that.–


      Basil and Podujana are not supported by majority of masses. Even people in the SLFP. Those who supported MR will be there as long as he is there and after that they will abandon Basil. I don’t trust a single word they say. If this 2 million within 2 months is true, there should have been long lines of people in front of their office or in every electorate they recruit members or large number of online applications which could even crash the system numbering 33,333 people joining the party everyday for 60 days. Did you see any news to that effect, even a single day? I didn’t. (300-words dead.)

      • 0

        The 2-million who signed up for Podujana probably did so online. Can you imagine how many more would sign up if booths were opened for signing up? Indeed, IT IS the masses who know their abilities and limitations to what each and every set of politicians have tried force on them. Truth is, Sri Lanka does not have Oil, LNG, Historical-Takeover-of-Other-Places, and/or a connection of Rich Neighborhoods. We have always been an agricultural and fishing nation. Cutting up our land to fulfill the needs of industrial nations will never come to fruition the way countries with the above mentioned success-factors have achieved. Our people will only be slaves to Indian and Chinese companies, with the usual set of elites making money out of their bare bones, and this time, at the total wreckage of our very culture and environment *******Therefore, rather than disseminating our country with gross industrial works, with and for a poor nation like India, it is far better that we return to being a nation of traditional economies so our people will have honorable employment. ********For those Lankans yet wishing to indulge in all things Western-global, selling a small part of our land to the highest bidder will fulfill all their needs. And the US has had the hold for a long time on all things economical and nuclear war-heading. Of course it is better never to sell any part of our land to anyone. But we do have an elite set that will perish if beauty contests (e.g.) are not held yearly. It is certainly a far better deal than what our current and former governments are doing/did to appease such by selling our Trincomalee port to China or India, and having Chinese submarines dock in Port-City.

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