26 June, 2022


Our Zimbabwean Future?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“It is the President who has unleashed this wave of terror, of course he knows its going on, even if he leaves the details to underlings and never gets his own hands soiled”. – Denias Dombo (An anti-Mugabe activist)[i]

Robert Mugabe’s landslide victory barely caused a stir, internationally. When the predictable happens, it is not quite Breaking-News. The world seems to have realised that Mugabe will never relinquish power, voluntarily. The usual Western condemnations did emanate, but they were almost token protests, lacking in vigour, purpose or direction.

As journalist Wilf Mbanga pointed out, “What happened…was a demonstration of what can be done by a small group of people who have everything to lose and who have spent more than 30 years cementing their grip on power and wealth”[ii].

In an editorial-comment on Zimbabwean elections, The Washington Post mentioned four methods used by Mr. Mugabe and others of his ilk to turn multiparty polls into electoral tragicomedies with predestined ends: “First take control of the state media and exclude your opponents well before the voting. Then seize control of the election machinery itself and make sure that your rigged triumph is plausible (in other words not 99 percent). Third avoid any signs of voter intimidation that can be recorded by a camera. Last declare that the people have spoken and never look back”[iii].

So elections become electoral coups. Smart autocrats no longer need to cancel elections or ban opposition parties. On the contrary, they can have veritable electoral-sprees, round after round of electoral-farces with pre-ordained outcomes, which, in turn, can be used to justify new anti-democratic policies and fresh repressive measures. Elections transformed, from a measure of democracy to a tool of despotism.

As in Sri Lanka.

The Rajapaksas are becoming experts at using elections to strengthen familial rule and ensure dynastic succession. Incessant and unseasonal regional/local elections (held on a staggered basis) are used to legitimise familial rule, debilitate the Opposition and accelerate the SLFP’s transformation from a Bandaranaike-party to a Rajapaksa-party.

The 18th Amendment, arguably the most anti-democratic constitutional measure of Rajapaksa provenance, so far, clipped the wings of the Elections Commissioner. The Commissioner no longer has the constitutional right to impede/stop unfair electoral practices of the regime. The Impeachment installed a Rajapaksa-crony at the helm of the judiciary; the Peiris Court will never uphold an election petition by the Opposition.

Whenever necessary, targeted violence is used to break the will of opposition activists and plunge opposition voters into despair.

Weliweriya massacre is a snug-fit into this picture. Had the people of Weliweriya succeeded in their water-battle, other wronged communities would have been emboldened into launching their own peaceful protests. This would have been a morale-booster for the opposition. The Rajapaksas applied maximum force in Weliweriya to demonstrate to the entire country that dissent, however democratic, peaceful or non-political, will not be tolerated.

Once the indignation evaporates and media-focus/public-attention shifts elsewhere, the people of Weliweriya will be left alone and bereft. The ‘independent investigations’ will exonerate the army; any report which is even marginally critical will be consigned to oblivion[iv]. The glove-factory, owned by the premier economic stooge of the Rajapaksas, will be pronounced not-guilty. (The Hayleys has already commenced its own brainwashing campaign with half-page newspaper ads hailing the controversial company for its ‘ethical practices’ and ‘national service’[v]). Hopefully, the people of Weliweriya will get the free pipe-borne water they asked for. Realistically, they are likely to end up with nothing other than a few water tanks and an abiding fear psychosis.

The Weliweriya syndrome is already being used elsewhere to discourage democratic dissent. In Batticaloa, the army reportedly invoked the Weliweriya massacre to prevent people from participating in a demonstration, successfully[vi]. Weliweriya can also be used to discourage oppositional activists and sap voter-determination in election times. For example, the army can be deployed near polling stations, to ‘ensure security’, instilling fear, especially in the North. In Zimbabwe, the deployment of soldiers around polling-booths acted as a deterrent on many voters[vii]: “The presence of soldiers in our area brought back memories of the 2008 era…”[viii]

The purpose of the Fourth Eelam War was not just to defeat the Tigers but also to teach the Tamils a lasting lesson in obedience. So civilians were attacked systematically. Similarly Weliweriya was not an accident, nor a benevolent law-and-order operation gone wrong; it was a deliberate act aimed at teaching the Sinhala-South the futility and lethality of disobedience. Its goal is the same as ‘Leadership Training’: the psychological regimentation of society, with the military as Tutor; follow orders or suffer consequences.

Party and Army

Robert Mugabe’s political longevity, despite Zimbabwe’s appalling socio-economic and political conditions, is due, in the main, to his control over the ruling party, his dominance of the military and the support he enjoys from regional leaders[ix].

The Rajapaksas use carrot-and-stick methods to subjugate the SLFP/UPFA and control the military. Loyalists are rewarded; invertebrates tolerated; those who try to maintain even a vestige of autonomy are punished.

L’affaire Nawalapitiya was a superb exposition of this Rajapaksa method. During the 2010 parliamentary election, Nawalapitiya became awash with violence and malpractices, allegedly committed by Rajapaksa-pet Mahindananda Aluthgamage against the not-so-servile Sarath Amunugama. The Elections Commissioner annulled polling in 37 centres (this was before the Commissioner was turned into a Presidential-cipher, constitutionally). Once denial of the internecine electoral war became impossible, the Rajapaksas started their countermoves. Through a series of media ‘leaks’ the SLFP and the public were convinced that President Rajapaksa was appalled by the crimes of his henchman and will ensure that justice is done. An investigative panel was appointed. Once public-interest/media-attention waned, the Panel delivered its report. It decreed that no misdeed has happened and thus none was guilty[x]. The triumphantly exonerated Mr. Aluthgamage was made a Deputy Minister; Mr. Amunugama was punished with a humiliating demotion for crossing a Rajapaksa-pet.

And a potent lesson in mindless-servility was taught to the entire SLFP (a lesson Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra ignored, at the cost of his life).

Similar tactics were used to break the military to the Rajapaksa-bridle, the incarceration of General Fonseka and the elevation of Shavendra Silva being excellent cases in point. The military was turned into a Rajapaksa-tool. This subjugated military is now being used to overrun civil spaces. Lankan militarization is not a military-project; it is a Rajapaksa project.

A non-Rajapaksaised military would protect its own and might baulk at shooting unarmed Sinhala-Buddhists. A Rajapaksaised military will tolerate any injustice (including towards its own) and rampage against anyone (including unarmed Sinhala-Buddhists).

This was demonstrated when Gen. Fonseka was persecuted and when unarmed protestors in Weliweriya were mowed down.

The Rajapaksas do not have the same solid regional support enjoyed by Robert Mugabe. Whether the backing of Pakistan and China can balance Delhi’s confused hot-and-cold Lankan policy, in the medium/long term, remains to be seen.

Presidents, like lesser citizens, are mortal. Zimbabweans can look forward to a post-Mugabe future, because the Mugabe-project is non-dynastic. Unfortunately the Rajapaksa Project is both familial and dynastic. Barring an implosive battle between Presidential Sibling/s and Son/s over succession, our Rajapaksa-winter might not end with the demise of its progenitor.

[i] Quoted in ‘The Fear: The Last Days of Robert Mugabe’ – Peter Godwin

[ii] http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/05/opinion/zimbabwe-election-mbanga-analysis/index.html

[iii] http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/zimbabwe-shows-how-to-steal-an-election/2013/08/06/d6008f54-fdf9-11e2-bd97-676ec24f1f3f_story.html

[iv] In the company of the report on the murder of Roshain Chanaka, the FTZ worker killed while protesting against the fraudulent private sector pension scheme.

[v] http://www.srilankamirror.lk/news/9531-dhammika-s-hayleys-bribes-media

[vi] http://www.bbc.co.uk/sinhala/sri_lanka/2013/08/130804_batticaloa_kovil_theft.shtml

[vii] In the 2008 election, Robert Mugabe won less votes than the Opposition, led by Morgan Tsvangirai. But the army, which, in reality, is more a Mugabe force than a national/Zimbabwean force, continued to back Mr. Mugabe while his regional allies led by South Africa hastened to broker a deal. The opposition became a part of the faux national government and Robert Mugabe was able to regain the political initiative and strengthen his power.

[viii] http://www.thezimbabwean.co/news/zimbabwe/67529/soldiers-deployed-as-presiding-officers.html

[ix] When Mr. Mugabe called early presidential and parliamentary elections this year, the Opposition decided to boycott the polls knowing very well they will be neither free nor fair. The South African Development Community (SADC) leaders ‘persuaded’ Mr. Mugabe to requestZimbabwe’sConstitutional Court (stacked with Mugabe-appointees) to extend the election deadline by two weeks. In a show of compromise, Mr. Mugabe agreed. The SADC leaders then persuaded the Opposition to take part in the election. Once the opposition caved in, the Mugabe-appointees choking theConstitutional Court refused to extend the deadline. Neither the Opposition nor the SADC had any countermoves. Mr. Mugabe was able to have his election and win it.


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  • 0

    You are so right Thisaranee and wrong too. Watching Mugabe on TV I had the same thought that Rajapassa is Lanka’s Mugabe.
    The State is a mess and so too is the OPPOSITION under Ranil Wickramasinghe which should have joined the JVP protests at the fort Railway station yesterday against STATE TERRORISM of the Rajapassa regime to start its electoral campign but Ranil is licking his wounds and wondering who next too oust from the almost dead UNP – after Dayasiri..
    However, my sense is that Lanka’s almost dead civil society is now on the move and a tipping point was reached in the Sinhala psyche with the Weliveriya massacre.
    The excesses of the Rajapakse military dictatorship at the northeast periphery of the State, finally came home to roost at the Centre – in Gampaha.
    All the kings horses and all the kings men will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again..
    of course the opposition UNP and ‘Nature of the Sri Lanka State’ is the crux of the problem: Sri Lanka is on the Failed States list – with a long track record of STATE TERRORISM against its citizens – yet it is tipped to host the Commonwealth of Clowns (CHOGM) and become head of an organization that is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT AND OBSOLETE – a laughing stock of the world today.
    The Nature of the Sri Lanka state today – is a military dictatorship with a FACADE OF DEMOCRACY. Gotabaya Rajapakse has been constructing a DEEP STATE or ‘state within a state’ with select high officials in military intelligence, the judiciary, administration and business sector Rajapassa crony capitalists. It is encapsulated in the MILITARY BUSINESS MODEL OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. Gota the goon is being aided by the WORLD BANK that is funding his city BEAUTIFICATION FACADE by soldiers whose salaries are payed by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) under the Ministry of Defense which receives LOANS from the World Bank that preaches GOOD GOVERNANCE but is funding the Ministry of Defense and the militarization of Sri Lanka. The WORLD BANK and other donors to UDA and thus MOD MUST be held accountable for funding the erosion of democracy, military business and the DEEP STATE that is at the root of STATE TERRORISM in Weliveriya today and god know where tomorrow.

    • 0

      Don Stanley, You dead cockroach, what nonsense are you writing here about Ranil not joining JVP protests and all other rubbish about him? Your typed buffalos are the real hurdle between the oppressed people and the ousting of the despot because you throw in all your nonsense into the minds of people and then they get confused. People of this country must first of all hang donkeys like you on lamp posts before they make any move against the Rajapakshas.

  • 0

    Yet another brilliant expose from Sri Lanka’s bravest and most skilled journalist.
    Thank you, Tisaranee!

  • 0

    Tissaranee real dissent to this corrupt rogue regime.

  • 0

    Sri Lankans have to take the initiative to avoid a ‘Mugabe Style’ regime and take ownership of their economy and develop their existing natural resources rather than depend on foreign aid in the form of debt. A resource based economy is one of the solutions to prosper without any strings attached to the banksters or to the so called politics of the ‘International Community’ of thieves.

    Further a society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those who expose it. The regime will do everything in its power to hoodwink and suppress the people for a short period of time just as the late Gaddafi.

  • 0

    What a fitting tribute to Sri Lanka’s Justice to its citizens:


    • 0

      What a farce! This senile lunatic GL who used to wet his dead dick in Dayasiri’s muck hole is a shame to this country and such a bastard going to Hague for “greater role” is a most sinister thought. Hague must send this criminal proxy GL to electric chair direct from Hague!

  • 0

    Rajapakse Empire is well entrenched from Point Pedro to Hambantota. If he can include a part of Tamil Nadu, he will rival Parakrama Bahu.

    Military alliances with the West, India, Pakistan, Russia and China are in place. So it is a secure raj with solid internal and external security as can be. Biggest military per capita in the world to boot?

    Can the UN war crimes investigations upset the apple cart? No way. China and Russia will ensure nothing of that sort with their vetoes.

    Admiral Cheng Ho, who came to Sri Lanka 600 years ago with a flotilla of 40,000 sailors and ships, took the a unfriendly Lankan king as prisoner with him will not happen with the Chinese appeased with ample gifts. (Please read the history of Cheng Ho’s naval expedition)

    To hell with people’s power. If they protest for food, Give them s–t.

    So a happy dynasty with Lamborghinis and all will flourish!

    May be if have missed the X-factor, have I?


    • 0

      It is only in SL that a B.Bhikkhu assassinated its PM. It is only in
      SL that a visiting PM was assaulted at the guard-of-honour. Only in SL
      a Defence Secy. is a US Citizen. So, anything is possible – be patient!

      A few more deaths are required, I guess to ultimate Justice?

      • 0


        Yes, you are correct. There are over Two million Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora out there and another 60 Million Indian Tamil community watching the events taking place in Sri Lanka.

        There over 40,000 Gen.Sarath Fonseka’s loyal soldiers and officers along whith him out there who are also watching the events taking place.

        there’s a huge 60 odd UNHRC countries waiting Patiently looking for justice to Tamil community.

        Rajapakse’s last two London visits ended up in utter failure. His last Malaysia visit was aborted.

        His desperation to seek new friends in Uganda, Cey Shells and Swaziland will not bring much results.

        Weliweriya Massacre showed three importamt points. It showed a defiant Protesters who pelted stones towards Army even during the shoot out. There’s still youth willing to die for justice. People have lost faith in the administration and this could spread across South.

        CHOGM will be a success only if Rajapakses willing to settle 13+, UNHRC and LLRC, Judiciary, Minority, Racial, religious and political issues amicably. Otherwise there will be no visible investments reaching Sri Lanka through CHOGM.

        Also Rajapakses playing dangerous political game on 13+ and LLRC with UN, India, BBS, North/East Tamil and Muslim community and with Sinhala Extremists.Any wrong decision on this will uproot Rajapakse from power.

        There’s a strong possibility of an economic and Financial collapse.
        Mega White elephant projects will not be able to sustain and maintain. Also paying back Loans will becomne hard and it will resuolt in an economic downfall.

        Therefore there’s a strong possibility of Rajapakses sinking in it’s own cleff of Dynastic, Monster white elephant projects and Political and Economic catestrophies it created.

        Therefore Rajapakses themselves could make it happen their own downfall.

        • 0

          very true Mr.Mahela

  • 0

    You and the Daily Mirror are on the
    same page. Read their editorial today.
    They have been bold enough to say the
    same things.

    • 0

      Daily Mirror? I stopped reading that paper many years ago because of it’s lack of spine. You cannot compare that lady editor to Tisaranee Gunasekara.

      • 0

        Yes, Daily Mirror is no more a Mirror that reflects the real things. Fate of The Sunday Leader and Daily mirror are same. We hardly have any independent media in Sri Lanka and I always wonder that, how come CT is so free to fly so high !!?

    • 0

      Daily Mirror? what nonsense are you talking. Try to make a strong comment against the Despot and see if that will be published. Its a spineless and obedient pro-Rajapaksa useless media. That paper is so scared of MaRa, Gota and even scared of Bum-Champika & BBS Gandasaara. I stoped reading it too and agree with Wickramasiri & Rev.Devil.

  • 0

    What A Shame on the Lankan situation. Where was GOTA ? WHY is he NOT coming forward and acknowledging the Murderous mistake done by the SRI LANKAN ARMY at WELIWERIYA ? This is NOT the first time that the Rajapaksha Regime has done this to the PEOPLE OF SRI LANKA.Just imagine this is done when the country is at peace. WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED DURING THE WAR FOR THE LAST 30 YEARS???????? THE WORLD BODY SHOULD LOOK AT WAR CRIMES IN SRI LANKA.

    • 0

      It is not a mistake.
      It was well planned curtailing of the uprising of people.
      GR was involved in earlier discussion with people to settle this issue. But after all the assurance, he gave people continued with this demonstration. It was a clear decision by MR and GR to teach a lesson to people to not to become big headed and go against them. They don’t tolerate these disobedience.

  • 0

    Mugabe is one, but here we have to contend with an extended family and henchmen belonging to several groups.

    As long as the Politicians are looked after and fattened.
    As long as the Monks are well looked after.
    As long as the Judiciary is bought over.
    As long as the Military is exalted and well paid.
    As long as the Police lick the backsides of the Leaders.
    As long as Govt Servants are well served.
    As long as the Thugs and Criminals are allowed to prosper and carry on their work.

    The family will prosper and so will their supporters. Can the ordinary man survive under the crushing burden of the above groups? They must account for 90% of GDP and less than 20% of the population.

    • 0

      “They must account for 90% of GDP and less than 20% of the population.”
      This was exactly the proportion of White South Africans in Zimbabwe before Mugabe!
      We have to find another ‘Mugabe’ to rid us of this 20%.

    • 0


      But Mara has many more hurdles to Jump. They are….

      Over two million Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora.

      Over 60 Million Tamils across Palk strait.

      UNHRC with 13+ and LLRC.

      India waiting for 13+ to implement.

      BBS and Sinhala extremists blocking 13+

      Economic and Political hit men within and outside Sri Lanka watching Rajapakse’s promises made and his moves.

      Also Weliweriya showed a Defiant Sinhala Youth who are willing to die for Justice, their fellow citizens and for their rights.

      CHOGM is another hurdle to cross.

      Coming months will show us where the country leads.

  • 0

    Aiyoooo apita paw ane!
    The teacher in a shitty school in Hambantota asks a pupil
    “Where is the Capital of Sri Lanka?
    Replies the student
    Do you think Mugabe’s people are better off?

    • 0

      ha ha. enjoyed

  • 0

    Its a sad situation isn’t it? MR would have never won his own. He was elected by Tamil nationalists. Here we go. Its all here.


    How Tamil national lunatics politically destroyed UNP in the process. It goes to show no one should even attempt to help this unlucky muck.

    Rajiv Gandhi, Premadasa, Chandrika all tried to help. Rajiv, Premedasa blown to bits, Chandrika lost an eye and Ranil Wickramasinghe become a political zero.

  • 0

    Better to write something about these bastered.Better to think about how to chase these rogues.
    In 1970, Prof Ediriweera Sarathchandra and all the university student went house to house and educated people not to vote for UNP etc.
    Even at that time had democracy to do so.But today I wonder weather possible or not due to tyrannic family(MR). But we ‘ll try and see.Other major problem is no media to reach the truth the majority of ordinary people.

  • 0

    “The military as Tutor; follow orders or suffer consequences”.

    Lessons were very harsh for the people who carried VP on their shoulders, and now it’s time for the majority to taste the difference of their own ”Hero”!!

    Our dirty politicians (Ruling or opposition) always think of the next election, never of the next generation. For, they are not ”Statesmen”.

  • 0

    Also note that Mugabe is 89yrs old and MARA is mid sixtees with another 3-4 terms capable and then pass the baton to the fake-lawyer son.

    Ranil will be gone by that time and even he canot get into power in JRJs age for sure.

    then.. a SL spring – my foot – its hard to imagine to succeed in the present circumstances.

    A very painful 30 years guaranteed for the masses in the SriRajaFukistan !!!

    • 0


      I am afraid you read the coming colours well. Except there is an outside chance of some change in the territorial integrity part of the island in the interim – going by the current trajectory lead by the Rajapakses.


  • 0

    “Had Weliverya succeded, other wronged communities would have launched their protests too.”Says Ms T.

    So it was a pilot trial run. Wasn’t it?.

    The non locals launched the attacks , after the Water Battlle was not only won,with potable water on its way but with the Govt wowing to close the Factory, althought it has provided employment to locals longer than Prabakaran’s Liberation War.

    So the success Ms T is referring to is obviously the Weliverians blocking the Kandy Road until.the FUTA, Hultsdof, Candle Light Vigilantes, Assath Sally and Sathyagraha Specialists in the TNA launch theirs .

    Who else could be in the “Other Wronged Communities” List of Ms T leaving aside Mangala Samaraweera and the ex CJ?.

    • 0

      KAS, Thank you for your clarification. You know best.

    • 0

      Who were the “non locals” who launched the attacks?
      Do you think that there will be free and fair electoins?

    • 0

      KAS. Have you read the Government Gazette (Extraordinary)published on 3rd July 2013? What do you think about the timing of that gazette? Was it a prelude to Weliweriya?

    • 0


      Who took that ,


      Did you have a sample tot from that load with your fellow agency suckers.

    • 0


      You say……. “The non locals launched the attacks”……Who are these Non Locals…..Are these the same Govt.Proxy criminals who occupied the Roads at Hulsdorf Court complex during CJ Impeachment Trial.

      Yes Locals say they never used or Threw Molotov cocktail or Iron Bars or sticks at Army or Police. If so where they come from.

      Also the Army commander say there was another unknown Shadow Army unit operating from behind that shot and killed Civilians. Who are these shadow criminal Assasin force and who manage them.

      Is this a well planned execution force that both Instigated the Weliweriya riots and also murdered innocent civilians….

      Also are these the two containers that were caught by customs two months ago that imported illicit Ethenol to make Kasippu. The two containers disappeared from custom warehouse recently. Remember Weliweriya is a noted Kasippu distribution center, similar to Kolonnawa for Drugs.

      How could you save the chicken when the wolf is inside the cage.

      Await your opinion.

    • 0

      So it was a pilot trial run. Wasn’t it?

      What if YES?
      Did you wet your pant Leela?
      Lets hope that its the beginning of ‘Bahinakalawa’ of the lunatic, sick, power freak, ugly looking brainless self made, bogus, fake, ill famed king Kekille.
      Why dont you call it a day and hang your glows.
      Your masters will be humiliated publicly for their atrocities.

    • 0

      Sumano, Look at your Bss Gobbasena’s face.
      If you see one of these family & co guys in the morning
      you wont even get a bawl of a ‘Kandha’.
      Appo…munge muhunuwala lassana……

  • 0

    “….Delhi’s confused hot-and-cold Lankan policy, in the medium/long term…” We’ll have to wait and see. No doubt Indian diplomacy failed
    in losing out their supremacy in the island to other “outsiders” about a decade ago. But that was also due to the inevitable developments in the region and the world. But the Brahmins of the South Bloc, methinks, do not usually form their policies on knee-jerk reactions.
    They have enough brains – within and outside the system – to frame policies to serve their long term interests allowing sufficient space to accommodate the temporary vagaries of changing regional State power blocs and their parochial compulsions.


  • 0

    The situation in Sri Lanka is pathetic. We are supposed to be an educated mass of people. But when it comes to voting it does not appear that the people who are voting are educated. What is the reason? The reason in my mind is that there is a divide between those living in villages and those living in cities. Those living in the villages do not have a connection with the educated masses who mostly live in cities. Further there is certain amount of animosity prevailing between the two groups. Its time for the educated masses to move and educated those living in villages and make them understand why Sri Lanka today is an un-democratic country and a dictatorship of a family.

  • 0

    I blame JRJ for introducing Presidency to Sri Lanka. However at that time the majority members in the Parliament were educated and from good families and the criminals were in jail. At the time he never thought for a moment what if a power crazy lunatic creep into that chair one day. For that omission we all are paying today. All the criminals are holding public office today, some are released from Jail or pardoned to become UPFA Members. Our democratic Sri Lanka is turned into a corrupt, lawless Banana Republic with jungle law. All the citizens have lost all their rights today. Anyone who dare to criticize or expose the corrupt Regime will disappear.

  • 0

    Kumar David in his article says ” A not very large demonstration led by youth was organised, and it still remained a minor local affair. “

    So, the objective was beginning a ARAB SPRING in Sri Lanka too ? If Weliweriya succeeded, other protests would begin else where in the country. ANYWAY, SOME ONE USED WELIWERIYA PEOPLE FOR THEIR POLITICAL OBJECTIVES AND USED THE PROTEST CAREFULLY.

    I wonder why the American embassy made peace with JVP. They knew JVP are a good group of trouble makers ?

    Even in the fishermen – protest in which one person died the Church was behind.

    • 0

      I love you for saying this. What a welcoming news.
      So someone started the spring it looks like, isnt it Jim.
      that is indeed applaudable.
      Lets spread the ‘spring’ then.
      Lets start the protests to send the Rajafucksas home for good.

  • 0

    Ms. TG is not a free Thinker.

    The type of Democracy promoted by the west is good for dividing and ruling. It creates political disharmony and countries in disarray. See how Egypt works.

    That kind of democracy is the best way to keep countries poor and disorganized. Then others can reach steal all the resources they have as they do in poor countries in the world. Why East Samao and South sudan were needed.

    That is the kind of thinking that is promoted by TG. It looks that is what TG is looking for too.

    Otherwise, there is another side to the robert Mugabe’s story in Zimbabwe. What TG accepts what was published by the west.

    • 0

      Jim softy,

      It’s hilarious to see how you analysed Democracy or Democratic governance in the world.

      Haven’t you seen many developped countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, SouthKorea, Canada, all European countries and now even Russia flourishing under democratic rule.

      What type of governance we had in Sri Lanka before the Europeans landed. We had about Four Kings ruling Sri Lanka in different Parts who were fighting each other often with constant power grabbing and with no proper administrative body governing the people.

      All the other parts of the world including Africa were Governed by the Tribal leaders or Kings who were more cruel and inhuman in their Governing areas.

      It is not the problem in Democrazy, but the selfish nature of the Politicians who use Democracy as a weapon is the problem.

      Please do your research before commenting.

  • 0

    no need to be defeatist.

  • 0

    Actually TG is DISHONEST asI think always. TG portrayed a very biased account of Robert Mugabe.

    robert bugabe was once a Darling of the West He was knighted by the British Queen and he was nominated for the NOBEL prize. That is not the end.

    Mugabe is a nationalist and that is why the West did not like because he fought against western exploitation and a few white farmers exploiting the natives of former rhodesia.

    ” a fresh perspective on the Mugabe story, truly engaging with the thorny issue of African post-colonial international relations, and for securing incredibly close access to an undeniably fascinating figure. In close-up, Mugabe is seen to be a fiercely charismatic nationalist with more support among the Zimbabwean populace than western audiences might expect,”

    ” Mugabe’s fall from grace came about. After all, he was not always such an international pariah: he was once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and in 1994 awarded an honorary knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II.

    He was also a regular face on the international stage, a fact neatly illustrated by an early photo montage which depicts him hob-nobbing with the likes of Margaret Thatcher, the Pope, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and John McEnroe “

  • 0

    Zimbabwe or the former Rhodesia had a culture in which a handful of white Africans were controlling all the lands and resources and black africans were slave labourers under those white Africans.

    The country that Ms TG is trying to build in Sri Lanka is that former Rhodesia.

    TG wants to destroy the majority Sri Lankan culture. Mahinda rajapakse is not for the majority and is not for the minorities too. Ms. TG is against that. Ms. TG is sure, UNP would do better to Ms. TG’s group than the present Rajapakses.

    • 0

      Of couse ever since Independence UNP Governed country in a much more Transparent Than SLFPers.

      It was only during UNP terms that the country saw more development, progress and opportunities.

      UNP was less corrupt, never had a family dynasty and a more honest governing body was ruling.

      Now the whole country has become Alibaba’s Den. Starting from the top to bottom corruption is rampant, and many more.

      Both Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka when they were under British rule they both were flourishing economically and were governed well, but soon after Independence and taken over by the natives, both countries came down.

      Natives lack of Governing abilities, guidence and administrative skills were shown, while rampant pilfering, communal disturbances,suppression led to distructions.

      I think Zimbabwens are still in a better position economically and socially than Sri Lanka.

      Mugabe is not an Alibaba but a true patriot.

    • 0

      You are correct;

      that is why the Great Zimbabwe is now in the top of the developed countries list like your F King’s Wonderland.

      better you can nominate RAJA PASSA For the Nobel Peace Prize,
      and to get awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen of UK.

    • 0

      You are damn right Jimsofty. Thats what Ms. T wants and thats what WE exactly want. We want the elite back and send this ugly aboriginal family for good (in exile perhaps).
      Its not only what Ms T wants but the dream of millions of Sri Lankans.

      Well said Tisaranee. Again an amazing article.
      Keep writing until the Rajapakses are being uprooted and until people like Jimmmy get heart attacks.

    • 0

      TO GIN SOfTTHI AND K A Sumana,
      and to other Zimbabwe lovers,

      Just read this ,

      This your Zimbabwe, Another Wonder Land similar to Jarapassa Land

      This article appeared on PAMBAZUKA NEWS of ZIMBABWE and republished in EUREASIA news,

      Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa), the southern African country’s electricity utility company, is owed over $700 million, with domestic users accounting for nearly $261 million of the debt.

      Some defaulters enjoy free service due to deals organised by corrupt junior workers, asking for bribes to bury active accounts, and officers demanding sex as payment in kind to desperate defaulting women.

      Since the dollarisation of the economy in 2009, Zesa has been battling to pay its outstanding international bills.

      In Karoi town, about 200 kilometers north-west of Harare, several households said the amounts owed to Zesa are “not real.”

      Some officials are buying cars and houses where huge debts are buried in a sophisticated way. The country is losing out financially.

      Tellmore Mukarakate, a local resident, is saddled with an escalating debt that Zesa officials are reluctant to stop, besides the fact that he is… not connected.

      “I tried to engage Zesa officials over the mounting bill they are charging monthly when there is no service delivery. Our house was disconnected in 2008 over cable failure.

      “Due to high inflation then, I never bothered to have it reconnected. I owe them $1073 and it is balance brought forward monthly. Why should they charge me? And for what purpose?” fumed Mukarakate.

      The 44-year-old father of two children is unemployed, but said the three-roomed house is his source of income after it was left in his custody by his brother who currently lives in Harare. The mounting debt, he said, is scaring away tenants.

      Mukarakate added that his crime is that his electricity bill is under the fixed charge category, where they must pay regardless of using power or not.

      “The officials cannot cancel this debt, but they cannot justify why they are charging us every month without any services at all”, he added.

      Mukarakate is not alone in this predicament. Skumbuzo Sibanda is also suffering the same fate over “misfired debts”.

      Sibanda, who hails from Kadoma, 290 kilometers north-east of Harare, said: “Zesa’s monthly audits look as if we are utilising power but debt is falsified.”

      A teacher at a resettlement school near Tengwe business centre within Mashonaland West province said they were failing to settle a debt of over $2000, incurred when Zesa took away the school’s transformer in 2009.

      “The school was using a transformer the officials claim was for commercial use and took it away. They claim it is now company property, although it was bought by the previous white farmer, before land reform, when he established the school here”, said the teacher.

      A 68-year-old widow Janet Panasi in Karoi town said her six-roomed house is in the dark.

      “The Zesa officers removed the breaker, claiming we were not paying fixed charges on time in May 2010. As you know that the US dollar is elusive, I could not pay anything then of the $1200 we owed them. When they removed the breaker I thought we could have a break on monthly charges”, said the widow, who has four tenants.

      However, there were mixed responses from junior meter readers with some claiming the monthly charge is fixed and there is no reverse.

      “The customers must pay up as they owe Zesa the amount and will be charged monthly”, said a junior officer at Kadoma depot.

      In Karoi, some junior officers blamed their counterparts for forging the arrears as a cover-up for their criminal activities.

      However some sources within the loss and control department of the company said the mounting debts, cover-ups and burying of active accounts is only the tip of the iceberg.

      “Anyone with such queries must approach the depot manager so that he can write a report to have the account reversed. When there are no services being offered, the monthly charges must be terminated.”

      “This is massive fraud. Many people come with such complains, but no action is being taken”, admitted a junior officer in Kadoma, who refused to be named. Karoi depot manager Engineer Chikwanda refused to comment.

      Harare Residents Trust coordinator Precious Shumba said, “Zesa is getting money from unrealistic electricity charges on fixed charges for customers. The billing system is in mess. They are raising money but nothing is being done to transform it into a transparent organisation.”

      He added that the fixed meter billing system was disorganised and baffling. “It is creating inconsistencies that affect services delivery.”

      An internal Zesa investigation carried in June last year unearthed massive corrupt tendencies by some workers in Mashonaland West region who were tampering with some accounts.

      The investigation, codenamed Operation Dandemutande (Cobweb), started in April and exposed how some workers were deleting accounts with huge amounts and replacing them with new accounts at clean sheet.

      A report, secured by the Forum for African Investigative Reporters, says the officers colluded with defaulting account holders who paid them in cash or kind.

      The probing team covered Karoi, Kariba, and Mhangura; farming and rural business centers areas within the province.

      The results addressed to Field Commander of the area give a glimpse into massive scam common in all parts of the country involving the importation of electricity from neighbouring countries.

      Dandemutande audit, commissioned by Energy Minister Elton Mangoma, targeted unauthorised rural and urban reconnections that prejudiced the loss-making parastatal.

      The document’s findings exposed how some workers abused their authority by demanding bribes.

      A number of officials accepted kickbacks as little as $4 for reconnections from defaulting customers.

      Some officials got bribes running into several thousands of dollars while others were paid in kind after demanding sexual favours from desperate defaulting women account holders, said the probing team.

      Karoi town was described as a “haven of corrupt ZEDTC workers” where investigators say customers implicated a worker for demanding at least $10 or $20 every month to bury the accounts.

      The same senior official received several thousands of dollars from clients with huge bills.

      The document cited how an account that owed Zesa $2261.11 was “buried” and a new account reopened in the same name.

      There is also an alleged case where an official demanded a beast from a client who owed the power utility company $984.90.

      Inside sources revealed that no one was suspended over the irregularities.

      “Some officials are buying cars and houses where huge debts are buried in a sophisticated way. The country is losing out financially.

      “They claim customers owe it several millions but individuals are pocketing the monies for their own benefit” said a senior worker in the loss and control department in Harare, speaking on condition of anonymity for professional reasons.

      Zesa chief executive Josh Chifamba said coperate companies are big debtors, accounting to nearly a third of $730 million.

      ”The money we are owed is over $730 million and, of this total amount, domestic consumers owe us $261 million.” he said. He called it a ”ballooned debt”.

      The Competition and Tariff Commission gave an order in July 2010 that Zesa must exclude fixed charges.

      From 1 December 2009 onwards, the charge for such customers must be based “on power availed, taking into account load shedding … All outstanding charges arising from electricity consumed prior to this date should be written off.”

      The government resolved that Zesa must not disconnect defaulting customers.

      Zimbabwe is currently generating 1 400 megawatts against a demand of 2 200 megawatts at its peak. It is importing the rest from regional neighbours, including Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia among others.

  • 0

    “Our Zimbabwean Future ” says Ms T.

    Isn’t Zimbabwe a creation of the King /Queen and her/ his Majesty’s Govt?.

    My elders tell me that they even gave it a fancy name and called it Rhodesia although it was no where near Asia.

    And they also tell me that it was a Sweet Paradise where the White man lived even better than in their own Homeland.

    My Elders also tell me that our rural locals were a bit like Zombies,( no disrespect to Zombies, but just to highlight the lack of opportunities and food and prevalent malnutrition) when Her/ His Majesty Service was running the show for us with the help of the brown sahibs.

    Had it continued perhaps,Ms T’s headline would have had some currency.

    • 0

      KAS- The Rajapaksha koolaid customer.

      Yes, just like ordinary locals in SL under Rajapaksha family
      rule, rural locals in Zimbabwe fell into fire from the frying
      pan under Mugabe rule. For a oxymoron like
      you, it is something to be proud of.

    • 0

      Will your idiocies never cease? “Rhodesia” is derived from the name of Rhodes who exploited southern Africa and has NOTHING to do with “Asia.”(“My elders tell me that they even gave it a fancy name and called it Rhodesia although it was no where near Asia)” Yakko, umbay nayakaya wage, umba amu godayek, bung! Dhanna bambuwak nehe.

      • 0

        True , uh (Leela) Danna bambuwakuth nahe nodanna kehelmalakuth nahe.
        Putting his two cent comment for every article as if he knows everything. KUDU Gota’s ‘leftover’ eater he is.

    • 0

      K A S;

      DO YOU have Elders?????.

      what type of elders??.

      ELDERS Like Kudu Mervin , Kudu dumiya, Deraniyagala Atha Kota or like Tangalle rapist.????????

  • 0

    Another provocative tirade from the gifted writer, determined to waste her/his considerable skills. Nothing but a piece to fuel the animosity of separatists of a lost cause and self-centred elitist Colombians, working overtime to create mayhem, and thereby to invite foreign intervention to carve up a separate state. This is music to the ears of separatists and ultra-capatalists. Nothing else.

  • 0

    This was predicted over 5 years ago. The fact that Sri Lanka has become a Zimbabwe under Rajapaksa is established and nothing new.

    Zimbabwe in the 1990’s was also the Country that could have been the outstanding example of a “rainbow” nation the title that South Africa has now taken.

    Zimbabwe has been ruined forever because it could have been so successful, maybe we are destined for the same fate ?

  • 0

    A Good article Tisaranee.!
    For sure MR is exactly replicating Mugabe. His creation of Bodu Bala Sena, Ravana Sena etc. is to regain the sinhala buddhist majority votes. For sure he will get these extremist to sit the next election under UPFA or under UPFA coalition.

    There is no way Rajapakse will leave power for next few decades.
    Despite all these uprisings people will still vote for him.
    Until people become not gullible to Rajapakse antics, they have to pay the price for it.

  • 0

    Another load of garbage from Thisaranee

    When lion killed a animal then lot of hyenas, foxes, maggots, vultures etc start living on kakas , and if someone try to remove this kakas the all dependants will attack the persons who try to remove the kakas from them

    Same way when there is a war then all the NGOs, Human righters , journalist, arm sellers etc stat to live on war, and if someone stop the war then they will attack the person who stop the war

    This thisaranee is doing exactly the same ,( She is parasite of the SL war)

  • 0

    OK Enough of Burusumana and soft something. A fellow by the name of Rhodes founded the well known company De Beers down in South Africa. Some of his diamond mines were located in territory which was eventually named after him as Rhodasia. Rhodasia made a universal declaration of independence from Britain under a white prime minister Smith. Britain refused to recognize him becasue of their policy of majority rule. i.e. Rhodasia must be ruled not by whites but black Africans. Following a guerrilla war between Mugabe’s ZANU and Nkomo’s ZAPU Smith granted democracy which paved the way for Rhodasia to achieve full independence under Mugabe in 1980 when the country was renamed Zimbabwe. Mugabe has been in power ever since. Regardless of what he did in his early days remember there was another almost equal rival faction who has NEVER had a chance at governing. Mugabe is now a 89 year old senile bastard who has engaged in violent and brutal suppression of the rival ZAPU movement. Therefore, TG is spot on in comparing our megalomaniac to Mugabe. Just remember how long he has ruled. Now imagine how much longer our brute can keep it going and any mutt with a brain ought to get the picture. As a matter of fact at 89 Mugabe himself is quite frail unlike our brute who has now according to sources physically assaulted the former IGP Tissa Balasuriya and the president of the private bus union Gemunu Wijeratne at TEMPLE TREES!!. Even some of our former kings behaved better than this. This is the man Balusumana and soft thingy chooses to defend shameless sycophants.

    • 0

      This is what the cowards do, hiding behind over 300 body guards and under cover police where ever they travel while murder and intimidate unarmed civilians.

      Saddam Hussein also followed this path, but ultimately ended up in a pit.

      Anythying is possible in the Miracle of Asia.

  • 0

    Current Sri Lanka has a culture in which a handful of greedy brown Sinhala Buddhists control all the lands and resources and all others are slave labourers or dead under these Sinhala Buddhist pigs.

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