21 June, 2024


Pathetic Plight Of Muslim Politics

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

When the fifteen member caretaker cabinet was announced soon after President Nandasena Gothabaya Rajapaksa assumed office, the Muslim community must have noted that it was the first time since cabinet government was introduced in this country in 1947 that a Muslim name was absent from the list of ministers. Although it is not a constitutional requirement that every cabinet should reflect the pluralist makeup of the society, it became almost an unwritten conventional norm for Prime Ministers to reflect that reality in their respective cabinets. For instance, there was absolutely no need for the Srimavo Government of 1970s to seek support from the Tamils. Yet, and apparently on the advice of a Muslim minister, she brought in through the back door a Tamil, Chellia Kumarasooriyar, into the cabinet to maintain that plurality. That conventional wisdom was broken for the first time by the new President. 

What made the President to do this? Ali Sabri, one of the President’s confidants and attorney, requested his community not to paint the President’s action with a communal brush, and he promised that Muslims would be made happy within a period of six months. Be that as it may, the real reason for the ministerial miss should be sought not in the President’s prerogative per se but in the pathetic plight of Muslim politics itself. The unpatriotic behavioural arrogance and misappropriation of powers by certain Muslim ministers and Governors under Yahapalanaya for example, became so atrociously public that they provoked almost an island-wide anti-Muslim paranoia amongst members of other communities, and led Buddhist priests to call for the dismissal of those personalities.  Rev. Athuraliye’s Rathana Thera went on a hunger strike in front of the Maligawa specifically with that request. That drama and the subsequent resignation en masse of all Muslim ministers, their deputies and governors, and their shameless resumption of duties on the pretext that they were requested to do so by the Mahanayakes are all now archival. Given this shameful political background, no President, even if he were to be a Muslim, would have dared to include a Muslim in his handpicked cabinet. The question to be asked and answered therefore, is, how did the Muslim community arrive at this sorry state of affairs?

In several previous contributions to this journal, the present author had addressed the issue of Muslim leadership and called for the dissolution of Muslim political parties, such as SLMC and ACMC. While the leadership (both secular and religious) lacks long term vision and political sagacity on the one hand, and remains incorrigibly selfish, corrupt and nepotistic on the other, Muslim political parties have become breeding grounds for imported religious ideologies and domestic factional frictions. These parties have not only disunited the community, but also, at least in the eyes of the Buddhist majority, act as a fifth column to Arab regimes. Some thoughtless and stupid actions of one or two leaders have thrown doubts in the public mind whether the Muslims are actually a community in or of Sri Lanka.  This is unfortunate. 

For centuries, Muslims lived in Sri Lanka as a thoroughly integrated community and without any open hostility towards the Sinhalese and Tamils. Can any historian point out an incident of Sinhalese-Muslim open riot before 2015, and Tamil-Muslim open riot until LTTE came into the scene in 1980s? There might have been some sporadic fracas in certain localities, but they were put down no sooner than started primarily through the interference of local leaders from the affected sides. Unlike members of the other two communities, a large percentage of Muslims are bilingual, quite many are trilingual and a few even quadrilingual with some fluency in Arabic or Malay. In addition to this communicative advantage, being a community of mainly traders and pedlars until very recently, and settled in almost every province and district of the country, Muslims have a unique and deep understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the other two communities. These are invaluable social assets for a Muslim leadership that could utilise them and lead the community as peace makers, especially at a time when there is such a widening social and communication gap between fellow communities.  Such a role was played by previous Muslim leaders by aligning themselves with the national parties. Instead, by creating independent Muslim parties, their leaders not only enriched themselves and their cronies at the expense of the community, but dangerously added to an already boiling cauldron of ethno-nationalism.  Muslims, because of this leadership, have become a political outcast at the moment. Instead of standing on a proud pedestal of dedicated service to the nation and country and demanding justice and fair play, a dishonest and disloyal leadership is now forced to beg for mercy and special favours. What a pathetic state of affairs!

It is time the community wakes up, understands the gravity of the situation and start working to create a fresh but patriotic, youthful and visionary leadership, which is prepared to join hands with a new generation of Sinhalese and Tamil political activists who are aspiring to build a united, democratic and prosperous Sri Lanka. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has promised a lot and is currently delivering on the easier part of his promise package. However, the gloomy state of the domestic economy with an equally gloomy economic environment globally is going to make it harder for him to translate his entire package into action. The neoliberal economic paradise is increasingly becoming a mirage for the vast majority all over the world, including Sri Lanka. Yet, the Gota-mania that is sweeping through the Buddhist Sinhala sector may help the Rajapaksa juggernaut to roll over the next General Election, and win the right to govern. As things become more difficult, that government would require a strong and effective opposition to keep it clean and accountable to the people who would bestow that right.  

Muslim community has changed a lot, amidst all recent setbacks, in the sense that it now possesses a critical mass of intelligentsia and a growing class of professionals, who can think and act rationally and in the broader interest of the nation first and community second without, being bound by strings of religious orthodoxy and moneyed powers.  Happily, this intelligentsia and professional class also include among them Muslim women, a component that did not exist in the past. It is this gender mixed group that has to wipe out the past shame and work hard to produce a new leadership. This is the challenge of the century.     

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  • 15

    Don’t worry about the Muslims. They will flip faster than flipping their hat.

    • 12

      Dr. Ameer, Muslims need to get rid of their corrupt leaders – Rauf Hakeem, Bathudeen and Hizbullah who are living on Saudi funds and spreading Wahabi-Salafi hate project to advance the US-Saudi_Isreal project to set up US bases and military servicing Hub in Trincomalee and Mannar.
      The US own ISIS’s Zaharan was funded by the Saudis and protected by Hakeem and the corrupt Muslim politicians who rushed off to Mecca last year during the Sirisena Coup on a grand holiday for their help to US puppet Bondscam Ranil and his MCC, SOFA, ACSA project to turn Lanka into a US military base.

      • 7

        The Shia-Sunni conflict in the Middle East has come to Sri Lanka with the US-Saudi owned ISIS , Tawheen Jamat, Zaharan and the Easter attacks
        Sufis are being attacked by the Wahabis and this must stop.
        Hakeem, Bathudeen and Hizbullah must be put behind bars for promoting Muslim Wahabis, while promoting Muslim- Buddhist violence to de-stablize Sri Lanka so that US, France and EU can start their fake human rights and reconciliation show.. while looting Lanka’s oceans and debt trapping with fake development aid projects

  • 3

    Pathetic Plight Of Muslim Politics

    Not having representative will not shrink the group Who will be the defender in front of the world in view of what this country was based on reaping benefits & look forward to create a better future.

  • 14

    Muslim political party is not suitable for our country.
    we should join the national political parties ..
    Muslim parties done more harm that good.
    so dissolve it and join the national parties .

    • 2

      lanakan only this times muslim leaders missed the boats by accident.from the time TB.JAAYA,BDUDEEN MOHAMED,ACS.HAMMED,MH.MOHAMED,BAKEER MARAKAR,AHM.ASRAUF.HAKEEM,RISHARD,ATHAULLA,FERIAL ASROFF all joined national politics and their golayas were appointed as corporation heads,forgien diplomats,and got so many other benefits.this time only a small change.PLEASE WAIT AND SEE AFTER THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS SO CALLED THABIYAS(as called by majority singalease)WILL BE IN THE CABINET after throwing green hat and wearing blue and maroon caps-alla hoo akbar -jayaweewa

    • 1


  • 9

    Somewhere in the 1970s Muslims adopted a statergy of breeding like rats to address their low numbers. By the 90s Ashraff and Tamils started switching between the UNp and slfp during elections acting like king makers. As a warning Ashraff was killed off in a plane crash. Yet the arrogant Muslims continued to breed like rats. The far right in France, briton, Germany, Sweden etc are extremely hostile towards Muslims living in their nations. They been planning a mass slaughter for years. When this happens – and It will. Guess what’s going to happen in Hindu India and Buddhist Lanka ?

  • 11

    Dr. Ali: first thing first. The Lankan Muslim community has been divided and sold to US backed Saudi Wahabi Salafis’s by corrupt Lankan Muslim politicians who have been looting lands in Mannar and Eastern province for the US military bases in the Indian Ocean project.
    Let’s hope that Rishard Bathudeen, Rauf Hakeem and Hizbullah who received huge funds from Saudi to protect and nurture Zaharan and his killer to ensure the Easter Carnage to weaponize Religious divides so US could set up its Military bases in Lanka are held accountable.
    Corrupt Muslim politicians have sold innocent Muslims to Saudi Wahabi-Salafi project to make piles of money and advance the US Military bases transport hub in Mannar on the West coast and Batticalor-Trincomalee on the Easter Coast.

  • 5

    From the writings it was clearly evident even Ameer Ali was not prepared to engage with the real Southern candidate. Like MP Badurdeen boasted, Ameer wanted to defeat the Southern candidate and thought it is not necessary to engage. No Muslim heard what Ali Sabri was saying. Ameer seems still prefer to fight Gotabaya from the opposition. We wish him well in his endeavor.

  • 16

    A well researched and a thought provoking article by Amir Ali. This is the end result of our power hungered, selfish motivated half baked lunatics carving out a seperate identity for themselves in the name of “Muslim”.

    AA has asked a question as to who will pay for this….. Well, I think we have already started paying. The fanatic racisists were only waiting for the fall of a feather and now they are doing it.

    Sirimavo got Dr. Badi to form the Islamic Socialist Front in order to bag the votes of the Eastern Province in the early 1960s followed by
    Ashif who was instrumental in bringing in his SLMC and that was when the crack started to open. We have never heard of any communal politics prior to this era.

    Mohamed from Borella, Abu Sally from Balangoda, Marikkar from Kadugannawa, Hamid from Harispattuwa, Bakir from Beruwela, Naina Marikar from Puttalam all were from predominantly Sinhala area, yet we had democracy at full throttle.
    It is pointless blaming the majority community for the present day’s illness. It was our own creation by planting the seed and today, it is a huge tree with a new kind of blooming s like ladies in Burka, Face Cover, men in Broom-beards and Thobe ( long cover all etc.,

    Who is going to change this ???

    • 4




      If Muslims lived like Sri Lankans like they used, fully assimilated amongst the Sinhalese and joining the Sinhalese at all times in the Northern War no so-called Racist will have a case against the Muslims.

      We could have continued to live in peace and harmony and even had some fun at the expense of the Tamils. Alas it was not to be.

      But anyhow. Thanks for your service at the Battlefront up there in the North.

      • 2

        The Muslims never got assimilated with the Sinhalese, if at all they were assimilated with the Tamils in the North and East and vice-versa to some extent for the simple reason they were Tamil speaking, irrespective of where they lived. With the passage of time, the Muslims alienated themselves from the Tamils, particularly after they went in search of jobs to the Middle East. They could not bring the Arabic language from there and spread it among the Muslims as the Muslims were Tamils, practicing the Muslim religion. Hence people like Hisbullah brought down Date Plants and planted it At Katahankudi hoping against hope that Date Trees will bear fruits Of Arabic language but failed. Free flow of money from ME, apparently gave some of the Muslims a pseudo superiority complex over The Tamils until the bomb blast on 21 st April 2019.

    • 2

      ACM Musheen,
      It is absolutely correct to lay the blame on the creation of this self inflicted problem fairly and squarely on the Muslim politicians.

      They have been a bunch of corrupt, self serving opportunists with no principles, pole vaulting and somersaulting from party to party under the guise of representing the Muslim community .They have only enriched themselves and their kith and kin whilst the rest have been left to live on the crumbs. Their selfish motives by supporting and aligning themselves with hard line fundamentalists preaching a doctrine of Islam totally foreign to the Sri Lankan Muslims of yore. Were they deaf,dumb and blind not to see the many mosques, madrassas, date palms and arabic sign boards. Yet they were in a state of total denial.They lacked the courage to challenge this trend.

      Succumbing to these pressures to transform the attitudes and physical image of a peaceful community has now seriously disadvantaged the next generation. Their lack of vision in trying to create a separate identity has led them nowhere. There was no need for it .The muslims I knew were proud of their heritage and their women dressed very modestly. They integrated with the rest of society whilst adhering to their faith, traditions and customs peacefully. Today they have moved backwards and are a vilified lot.

      The politicians have failed to address and take a stand on more serious issues facing the muslim community such as amending the MMDA and bringing an end to child marriages.

      It is time these community leaders were dumped .The community must realise that all ” SL Muslims are Sri Lankans First” and not a separate class of people distinguishing themselves by attire and appearance .This is a hallmark of democracy.

  • 5

    Dr. Ameer Ali,

    “While the leadership (both secular and religious) lacks long term vision and political sagacity on the one hand, and remains incorrigibly selfish, corrupt and nepotistic on the other, Muslim political parties have become breeding grounds for imported religious ideologies and domestic factional frictions. These parties have not only disunited the community, but also, at least in the eyes of the Buddhist majority, act as a fifth column to Arab regimes. Some thoughtless and stupid actions of one or two leaders have thrown doubts in the public mind whether the Muslims are actually a community in or of Sri Lanka. This is unfortunate. “

    Thanks. succinctly summarized.
    Caveat Emptor.

    Muslims stopped thinking that they are Sri Lankans first and Muslim second. Being a Sri Lanka, you have a Land live, a reality.

    Bring a Muslim ( Christian, Buddhist, Hindu etc.) is an illusion, a belief.

    On a relative basis, the Muslims are stupider. The Ulama have seen to that. For them the Sun goes around the Earth, the Earth is flat and the Theory of Evolution is not true, even though they have 46 chromosomes compared to 48 in their primate cousins.

    They embraced imported religions ideology of Wahhabisam-Salsfisam. They are so ignorant they do not even know that the Wahhabis follow the Devil, Satan per prescient Hadith of Najd.

    Yes. It is an uphill battle. The uphill battle in the UNP yo replace Ranil W. Is easier, because one day Ranil W will die of old age. Unfortunately, we cannot expect that with the Wahhabis and the Ulama, at least not yet.

    Have any Muslim gone to Heaven and got 72 virgins or raisins? No data or reports yet. Until then, the Ulama have a good time, just like the priests and the monks, giving their version of Heaven, Nirvana , Nibbana etc.

  • 10

    Mr. Ameer Ali
    Your most powerful minister threw down the gauntlet when he proclaimed that “no one can win the presidency without our support “ .
    The Sinhalaya is a modaya , but is gifted with almost inexhaustible patience . When he does react though , consequences could be quite devastating.
    The majority community took the challenge, and the rest is history. Time to rethink your strategy I guess .

  • 5

    Ameer Ali ,

    We keep receiving a load of stuff from you , especially on Muslim issues .
    There’s something I have read about politics that it is not clearly defined
    as to how it works . With that in mind , we will have to agree that like
    everyone else , Muslim and Tamil leaders should have access to make
    political mistakes and even blunders where the majority is behaving like
    headless chicken ! If you look at the U N P right now , even after a major
    electoral blow , it should be evident . I am someone who is not happy about
    Muslim leadership qualities but with their joining hands with so called
    previous National government and staying with it to the last minute and the
    determination to stay put despite the hate filled actions of the chauvinists ,
    one has to respect them . The man called Ali Sabri , apart from being an
    Attorney of the president , coming from a family of strong Samasamaja
    background at Viyangalla in Agalawatte , to my knowledge .

    And the next matter of the fact is , it is reported that about one million votes
    went to the president from minorities which is a reasonable size to its
    percentage of the population . Traditionally , there are strong S L F P Muslims
    everywhere and especially outside of the East and North . Anti-Muslim
    riots happened under both Mahinda and Ranil making it square for the
    loyalists to stick with their masters . Yes , the condition in 2015 was different
    yet the majority was one third of now ! Nearly one million new votes and
    J V P votes made the rest of the contribution . And there are many other factors
    that are more serious ones that decided the outcome . And also turn your
    attention to how J V P’s informative politics and U N P’s promise politics
    were comfortably rejected and the Security assurance of a presumably Not-So-
    Sure Srilankan horse was trusted . Security from ?

  • 6

    , The Prezz gone meet PM Modi.
    85% Sri Lanka Sinhalese (Buddhists, Catholics and Anglicans)wanting Sinhalese only govemment same as Modi’ Hindu govemment. I am thinking they will get 120 – 130 seats and out of it one Muslim and 3 Tamils may get seat -if none get by elect by people .
    Al -Shabiri (only muslim) Thonda, Karuna and Douglas -Douglas and Karuna may get thin vote and get elected but not Thonda and Shabri not sure .
    Then they need 10 or 15 only to change laws fully ,may be same like China one .
    I think they will make same like modern China govemment with one group , no more election .
    This is very good for our Lanka people .
    We will become same like China v.rich soon.
    And only one politic party good no headache.

  • 5

    Communal & religious based political parties are extremely toxic, dangerous and unhealthy for any democracy and must be prohibited by law. The moment you identify yourself as a member of such a party you drive a wedge between yourself and the mainstream population. Names of parties with an ethno religious identity whether they be Tamil, Muslim, Sinhalese or Buddhist should be outlawed. They should be asked to rename their respective parties without any racial or religious identity.

  • 8

    Muslim is a religion; no country should allocate cabinet positions according to religion.

  • 3

    Muslims are Tamis practicing Islam Religion as much as Catholics and Various other Christian sects. The difference between the Tamils and Muslims were created by Sinhalese politicians to divide and rule. Self-interested Muslims too bit the bait and kept it in their mouth, until the LTTE commenced their fight. Initially, a number of Muslims in the East supported the movement. Subsequently, they moved away and wanted to get the best of both worlds the Sinhala and Tamil worlds. The rest is a ‘short history’ for the Muslims and to-day they are indeed in a “pathetic plight” by their leaders’ actions and inaction for selfish reasons. In every government, there was a Muslim minister except in the latest one. Don’t worry – at least a couple of Muslims will creep in with the general elections.

  • 4

    It is a wastage of money and resources just appointing Ministers based on religion and then based on the sect of Muslim. 15th amendment is because of muslims. That divisionary politics must be stopped.

  • 5

    As the writer says –>Quote: For centuries, Muslims lived in Sri Lanka as a thoroughly integrated community and without any open hostility towards the Sinhalese and Tamils, Uquote. I agree to a certain extent

    Until the Halal Certificate that was the ‘thin edge of the wedge’, driven by the sacrilegious Mullahs for petty gains at the expense of Island’s Muslims. Also purposely wasting ten years on MMD Act. with ulterior motives, taking the innocent Muslim majority for a ride and eventually leaving them high & dry, the opportunistic sort of sectarian rogue politicians were conniving with these deviant Mullahs and created a myth that the Muslim vote banks are somehow manipulated by these rogue Mullahs and — that myth is pretty much BUSTED on 17th Nov. 2019, — and now the writing is on the wall, so Muslims have to grow up, to challenge the status quo, I guess.

  • 6

    Muslim community needs govt help to free them the from Iron hand of Mullahs/Clerics/Wahabis but not the muslim politicians help who with help of Arab-western money is trying to destabilize Sri Lanka and destroy muslims. Even Ameer Ali gave the Idea to muslim politician to abandon both major groups and rally with JVP. Now. Ameer Ali is whining for positive gestures from the New president. Muslims were devided this time based on Sinhala and Tamil speaking. Sinhala speaking muslims voted Gotabhaya Rajapakse.

    • 2

      Those so-called sinhala speaking muslims clearly voted for sajith and not for the prez gota it’s clearly evident because sajith won almost all seats in south where there have significant muslim voters like in mawanella, matale, galle, negombo, wattala, dehiwala, nawalapitiya, gampola, hewaheta, mahanuwara, udunuwara, and specially in colombo-central (maradana, maligawatte) where sajith won by over 60 000 votes.

  • 3

    Badudeen Mohamad was the biggest enemy of the Tamils . At his insistence appointing a token good for nothing Tamil, who never did anything to the Tamils , to minor cabinet position is not a great thing. In the 1970s Tamils were 20% or slightly more of the country’s population. Muslims who are actually Tamils but deny this for political and economic advantage , were only around 7%o of the population at that time but due to their hat flipping backstabbing activities against their fellow non Muslim Tamils, in the name of Islam and a fake Arab origin , they were obtaining lots of important cabinet positions , like education , trade, foreign affairs from all Sinhalese led governments , as they were co partners with the Sinhalese in their anti Tamil genocidal dance. It was from this 1970 or 71 era of Srimavo /Baddddhin government that the marginalisation of the Tamils really started , especially in the east. Standardisation of university entrance marks , and then regional basis entrance started in earnest to deny far more competent and qualified Tamil students , entrance to prestigious coursed like Medicine , Engineering and other science courses , whilst less competent and far less qualified Sinhalese and Muslims students , even from prestigious Colombo , Kandy and Galle schools were given places. Muslims were encouraged to breed like rats . especially in the east , to take over the native Tamil population,. It was from this era Arabisation of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Muslims began and they really started to think and distance themselves from their Tamil origin , culture and ethnicity. In the east largely scaled colonisation of Sinhalese , especially in the Trincomallee district began and the Tamils there became a minority. A new Sinhalese electorate called Servavila was formed from Tamil Seruvil. Before that two Tamil MPS and one Muslim MP was elected from the Trincomalee district. In the Kalamunai area and Amparai district native Tamils who owned most of the lands were being persecuted during this era and were forced to sell their lands to Muslims and move away.

    • 4

      Contd: The gradual marginalisation of the Tamil majority and Islamisation of the east earnestly began during this Badudeen /Sirimavo era. Before the Badudeen era Muslims schools were all considered to be part of the Tamil schools . This was from the British era. The British never seriously took at their Arab origin claim despite calling them Moors and considered them part of the Tamils and lumped them with them for everything. However Badudeen changed this and created a new additional Islamic/Muslim school division in addition to the already existing Sinhalese and Tamil schools divisions. The Sinhalese encouraged all these including the Arabisation and Wahhabization projects to create a new Arabized fundamentalist Wahhabi Muslim community from the Dravidian Tamil Sufi Muslim community , to further divide the island’s Tamils and distance the island’s Muslims from their Dravidian Tamil origins. Next would have been the introduction of Arabic or Urdu as the language of these fake Arab Tamil Muslims and it would have even taken precedence over the ancient Tamil language in the island. Already it was taking place in places like Kattankudi and Kalmunai and ancient Tamil Hindu place names in the east were being changed to Islamic Arabic place names in the east under Hisballah and the government turning a blind eye( the Sinhalese would not have tolerated this in their areas) , until the Easter bombings took place. Then only the Sinhalese realised this Arabisation and radicalisation was also going to affect them not just the Tamils,. This is why Badudeen Mohamed is a hero for these Muslims and he started their ascendancy over the native Tamils , with the help of the Sinhalese. When this started in the 1970s Muslims were a mere 7% and Tamils 20% or more of the population . Now due to Sinhalese racism and Muslim opportunism look what has happened. Do not worry these opportunistic backstabbing fake Arab immigrant Tamil Muslims from South India , will find a way to creep in. They have always done so and will continue to do so.

  • 7

    Absence of Muslim Minsters should be seen positively as the first instance a Sri Lankan government has refused to be deceived by Muslim threats that no one can win elections in Sri Lanka without Muslim support.
    Also, to be held hostage to Muslim demands for ransom in the form of ministerial poststo be happily thrown away close to election time in order to cross over to the next winning side!
    Also, Muslims need to be civilised to understand the democratic principle of one man (woman) – one vote, and to refrain from block voting like a herd of pigs.

  • 0

    The Sinhalese enlisted the support of the Muslims to fight the Tamils. They armed the Muslims who along with the Sinhala army drove the Tamils living border Muslim villages. Today, onetime 100& Tamils villages have become 100% Muslim villages. MLM Hizbullah once boasted of his taking over Hindu Kali temple lands for a Muslim meat/fish market. That recording is in Tamil, a translation:

    “That land was owned by a Hindu temple. There were so many problems in seizing that land. If I had failed to obtain that temple land they [the Hindus] might have built a Kovil at Ottamaavadi Town. Muslims must not forget my service on that issue. At that time former MP HON. Durairaajasinham fought with me opposing my attempts of obtaining the land. But I seized the land by misusing the power which I had as the President of District Development Committee. I took over the Kovil land and handed it over to the Ottamaavady Mosque. I am the one who allocated funds to build the market on that Kovil land and shared the shops with our Muslim people from the market which I built.”built meat stalls on land that belonged to the Hindu temple.”

    No wonder Hizbullah made use of his connection with the government to marginalise the Tamils. Today. it is time for retributive justice.

  • 0

    As Jeba, a prior respondent had noted “Communal & religious based political parties are extremely toxic, dangerous and unhealthy for any democracy” and as Ameer Ali has consistently advocated the SLMC and the ACMC should be dissolved. In life, we often shy away from making difficult decisions but sometimes circumstances force those decisions on us. Gota’s win without the support of minor parties has shown that minor parties are no longer even able to play the role of king makers, and what they can achieve is severely limited. The Muslims have always been a pragmatic lot and one imagines they will now see better, the sense of what Ameer Ali and others have said.

  • 0

    Dr Amir Ali, Have your thought of why (i) Burka got widespread in SL – it was not so during ur childhood? (ii) why MMDA is not yet changed (iii) Why Muslims don’t patronize any restaurants other than own Muslim establishment creating a economic sanction on other Sinhala and Tamil establishments (iv) why Muslim houses are built with so much high walls where neighbors cant see.. (vii) why there are so many Muslim international schools in Dehiewla and other predominant muslims areas – as they dont want to go to mix schools… (Viii) why muslim politicians bring money from Saudi and only help there community – Better you reflect on these and the way SL muslim community have become only self serving and walled in and who has done this….

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