7 July, 2022


Poisoned Chalice: US Draft Resolution Wants Demilitarization Of The North & East

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

By the draft resolutions ye shall know them. While there are sentences introduced into draft resolutions as bargaining chips, a draft resolution is as clear an indication as possible of the real thinking of those who author and sponsor it. This makes it very easy to distinguish between a real friend, ally and partner, an occasional friend and a “frenemy” (friendly foe).

The US draft resolution, or should I say the US-UK draft resolution, attempts to get Sri Lanka to agree to something that the world’s deadliest terrorist militia failed to do in thirty years of war, studded with suicide bombing. It tries to get us to agree to what a 70,000 strong contingent of the world’s fourth largest army did not try to or tried only partially to do. The US resolution, in its Operative Paragraph 15, “Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to…demilitarize the north and east of Sri Lanka…

In the very first place it is not the business of the UN Human Rights Council to urge the demilitarization of any part of any country, and certainly not a country at peace. Troop deployment is a sovereign decision based on the perception of security threats and needs of an independent state.

In the second place, what does “demilitarize” mean? Certainly it does not mean a mere re-profiling of the armed forces presence in the North and East, because if that were the case, there are other terms which could express that idea, such as “drawdown”, “reduction”, “reconfiguration” etc. No, demilitarization means just that—and let’s not forget that English is the language of the drafters of the resolution.

Can one imagine an area which saw a thirty year war until a mere six years ago, being demilitarized in any country? The USA took twelve years for the Union (Northern) armies to withdraw from the ex-Confederate South after the Civil War.

Can one imagine the demilitarization of the sensitive border areas of any country? Can one imagine the demilitarization of any border area which is separated by a mere 23 kilometers from a landmass inhabited by 70 million ethnics of the populace of that border area?

Can one imagine any country which demilitarizes a border province across which there is a landmass whose political leadership i.e. the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, has in a formal letter to the Indian PM called in just so many words, for a “Tamil Eelam”?

This is what the US resolution wants us to do—which means this is what the US-UK and the West want us to do. This is what they would like to see as the future of Sri Lanka: an unguarded, insecure, wide-open North and East, devoid of a military presence which deters separatist terrorism or cross border incursion.

This call for demilitarization has to be seen in tandem with Prime Minister Wickremesinghe’s recent official visit to India, during which a call was paid on him by Indian Union Minister for roadways, Nitin Gadari who briefed him on the US $ 5.19 billion ADB funded project to link Sri Lanka and India. You don’t need 5.19 billion US dollars to build a bridge or a road; you do need it to build a massive underwater tunnel, which has already been announced. Top Indian strategic analyst C Raja Mohan writing in the Indian express says that the Indian media already calls it the “Hanuman Bridge”.

Thus the big plan is to make Sri Lanka physically part of the Indian subcontinent. It must also be noted that the project will link, not just any part of Sri Lanka with just any part of India but precisely Northern Sri Lankan – which the USA draft resolution wants us to demilitarize—with Tamil Nadu—which wants to see a Tamil Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

The US resolution also calls for the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act as promised by the Sri Lankan Government, which will be substituted by a more suitable piece of legislation.

“13. Affirms the Government of Sri Lanka’s commitment to review and repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act and replace it with anti-terrorism legislation in line with contemporary international best practices…”

Now if the wording merely called for review and reform it would be unexceptionable, but when it calls for repeal, what it means is that no one currently in jail under the PTA can remain in jail when the Act is repealed. No one can be jailed under a new Act which was not on the books when they were sentenced!

Thus over two hundred hardcore terrorists including Black Tigers will be released. Meanwhile the Sri Lankan Government promised in Geneva to repeal the Public Security Ordnance, under which the State declares Emergency and Martial Law. It was not introduced by the Rajapaksa regime but by a liberal-left post WW II colonial administration in 1947. Imagine the situation in which the North and East have been demilitarized as per the US resolution, ex-Black Tigers are back in those provinces, and the Sri Lankan state has neither the military presence nor the laws as deterrents?

The US draft resolution also calls for the removal from the military and security establishments of anyone who can be ‘credibly implicated’ of having violated human rights. This means those who have not had a fair trial but are “credibly implicated” of having deprived Tiger suicide bombers who might have blown up a bus or train fill of civilians, of their human rights.

“8. Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to introduce effective security sector reforms as part of its transitional justice process that include ensuring that no scope exists for retention in or recruitment into the security forces of anyone credibly implicated in serious crimes involving human rights violations or abuses or violations of international humanitarian law including members of the security and intelligence units…”

The US Draft resolution tells the Sri Lankan public what our Government has actually promised, namely a special court with a special prosecutor, and goes on to propose that we not only internationalize that mechanism but revise our laws to prosecute those whose only excesses were committed in their zeal to defeat the deadly LTTE and save us, our children and our country from that enemy. The resolution tells us how to punish such people who saved us.

“4. … and calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka, to involve international investigators, prosecutors and judges in Sri Lanka’s justice processes;

5. Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to review and, where required, reform domestic law to ensure that it allows for prosecution of the full range of crimes under domestic and international law involving violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law.”

16. … calls on the Government of Sri Lanka to review and, as appropriate, repeal or reform legislation and other measures enacted and implemented during the armed conflict and its aftermath so as to reflect the transition to peace and stability on the island and to ensure compliance with Sri Lanka’s international obligations,

17. Calls upon the new Government of Sri Lanka to reform its domestic law to ensure that it can effectively implement its own commitments, the recommendations made in the report of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, as well as the recommendations of the report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights requested in resolution 25/1, including the investigation and prosecution of those most responsible for the full range of relevant crimes involving violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law”.

The famous line about “international judges, prosecutors and investigators” which the US endorses and has incorporated into the draft resolution could well be a dummy pass, because the well-known journalist Amanda Hodge writing in the leading newspaper The Australian, reported in its September 18th issue, what the game plan really is: “local judges and international investigators”! So they are planning to do a WMD on us, with Western forensic experts crawling all over, digging up doggie bones and alleging mass graves and war crimes.

Meanwhile Foreign Minister Samaraweera and his Prime Minister must stop telling untruths on the public record. Their claim is that President Mahinda Rajapaksa agreed to an accountability mechanism—they sometimes say an international investigation, sometimes a domestic mechanism – in his May 23, 2009 Joint Statement with Ban Ki Moon and later in the May 2009 Resolution in favor of Sri Lanka which obtained a near-two thirds majority in the UN Human Rights Council, on my watch. This is given the lie by the simple fact that the US Draft Resolution refers to and stands upon the Resolutions of 2012, 2013 and 2014, and makes no reference whatsoever to the resolution of 2009 which Sri Lanka won. This is because there was no commitment that the US can refer to which derives from 2009.

The relevant portion of the May 23, 2009 Joint Statement read as follows: “The Secretary General underlined the importance of an accountability process for addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. The Government will take measures to address those grievances.”

As for the Resolution of May 27th 2009, it simply stated in paragraph 10 that the Council “Further welcomes the visit to Sri Lanka of the Secretary-General at the invitation of the President of Sri Lanka, and endorses the joint communiqué issued at the conclusion of the visit and the understandings contained therein”.

The “understandings contained therein” were that the Government would take unspecified measures to address grievances regarding an accountability process with regard to human rights and humanitarian law violations. The “Government will take measures to address those grievances” is hardly a smoking gun; no evidence of any commitment to an accountability mechanism, domestic, international or hybrid. Indeed it is a model of diplomatic ambiguity. The LLRC and the Disappearances Commission, are the measures that the previous Government took, as promised, to address those grievances. That Government’s lapse was in failing to fully implement the LLRC report within a compressed time frame.

The hybrid Sri Lankan Government wants us to believe that we shall be bailed out by our friend the USA and that we must at all times cooperate and collude with it, even when that goes against our core national, strategic and security interests, which as history and geography teach us, are centered on our geo-strategically and demographically vulnerable North-Eastern periphery.

The US expects Sri Lanka to agree in the main, to their Geneva draft. If it does so, Sri Lanka is drinking from a poisoned chalice and none of our friends in and outside the Council will be able to save us.

The US Draft resolution circulating in Geneva and the Sri Lankan Government’s complicit posture remind me that Che Guevara used to approvingly quote Frederick Wilhelm of Prussia who said “God save me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies myself”.

*Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka was a Vice President of the UN Human Rights Council, elected to represent the Asian Region in 2007-2008.

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  • 7

    Thank you, Dayan, for alerting that Sri lanka has been cornered by US, UK with the proposed resolution. I doubt if the present government has the will to safeguard national security and the sovereinity of the nation and, respond effectively to counter the draft resolution. This government’s pre-occupation and the fear of a Rajapakse comeback will make it hand over the national interests to the first bidder, as long as they can stay in “power”. My guess is that we will soon witness ugly scenes in the streets as never before.

    • 34

      A perfect resolution. Thank you, US.

      Even the TNA does not call for the complete demilitarization of the North. The military must be pulled back to the pre-1983 positions. The remaining military in the North needs to reflect the ethnic composition of the North. Children in the north should be made to feel that SL army is not the Sinhala army.

      Dayan, this is all about bring up the children in the north as peace loving and decent Sri Lankans.

      God bless SL, US & Dayan

      • 11

        Dayan should understand,

        That all those withdrawal of security forces from north, restrictions etc. from foreign powers is due to..

        1) MR regime’s failure to do any damn thing 06 years after war ended,..

        2)… other than destroying country, making corrupt money running over billions of US$ , waste over dozens of billions US$ , dictatorship, white van abductions etc…

        3) ..& getting finally rejected by majority Sinhalese constituting 76 % of populace ,…

        4)..including Buddhist monks likes of Ratana of JHU, & die hard nationalists like Champika ..

        5).. with Ven Sobitha organizing political front against MR & bringing Sirisena as president.

        So if there is any blame it should squarely go to repressive, corrupt MR, brothers & cronies

        No point in crying foul now, it’s not an International Conspiracy.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 30

    Dayan harps on the resolution of 2009 where he made Sri Lanka to win. If what he says is true then why did his boss Rajapakshe sack him or rather removed him completely and made him jobless.

    What Dayan promised in Geneva during 2009, his boss could not deliver. Now this clown in talking about Mangala’s promise, obviously it cannot be as bad as Dayan’s promise in 2009 that got him sacked.

  • 29

    It is an undeniable fact that the North and East, especially the North is highly militarised even today more than six full years after the war ended. I suppose what the resolution meant was a scaling down of the military presence and not the total removal of the armed forces. This fact is being twisted by this racist author to whip up feelings in the South.
    Sengodan. M

    • 6

      ” The US resolution, in its Operative Paragraph 15, “Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to…demilitarize the north and east of Sri Lanka…”

      That must be plain enough even to you, you who are so quick to label people as being ‘racist’. There is no question that the military MUST remain in large proportion in the North (and the East) than in the South for many more years, without overtly interfering with civilian life. They have protected us from internal enemies in the past, and the threat of a recurrence must be averted at all cost. The Anglo-Saxon attempts to interfere in our internal affairs must be resisted to the full.

    • 7

      DJ proceeds from the contrived assumption that the Sinhala psyche is suffused with the thought that the military should remain entrenched in the North. Far from it is the reality. DJ overplays his false presumption.

      To think that Sinhala Rata will not accommodate its own military …!

  • 4

    The resolution is so loosely worded, it appears it is purposefully paving the path Lankawe has path escape in every angle from the OISL. I wonder why the OISL report was not based to fetch the words. The way the Hybrid idea inserted in the Draft appears America wants to allow Lankawe do its own way for another 65 years.
    America asks to implement 13A. There is nothing to implement 13A. America ask to make sure all provinces are functioning. Sorry! Then that is not 13A. 13As purpose is to isolate provinces and control by central when central does not wants it to stay independent. For example when Divinukuma was to be passed and NPC would not sign the bill, Governor has to be allowed to sign, without a CM there.

    America leave an appearance that UNHRC will be monitory on the coming years. Is there a solution for the 90,000 widows and the mother waiting for the children to come back with a justice within an year at least? When can somebody let them rerum back to start a life of their own?

    • 2

      “America leave an appearance that UNHRC will be monitory on the coming years.”

      America leaves an appearance that UNHRC will be monitoring on the coming years.

  • 16

    It took the US Civil War ended 230 years ago. It took them 12 years to withdraw the Northern forces 230 years ago!! Surely, troop movements have got a lot faster in this time!! The issue is not the number of years but the actual need to have the military there. The LTTE has been decimated. A Police force can easily deal with any issues in the North.

    The most laughable part is that keeping the Military in the North is needed because of India or Tamilnadu. First, Tamilnadu has no military of its own. Second, if India wanted to invade Sri Lanka no amount of our military would be able to stop it. Third, an efficient Coast Guard system can protect our boundaries very effectively.

    Does Dayan really think that the Sri Lankan system will carry out a proper investigation? There is no chance. We can’t even try Thajudeen’s murderers. How many of the BBS were prosecuted? Didn’t Duminda Silva get away from the numerous cases against him? What a joke.


  • 14

    Ask MARA to drink it.

    With LTTE’s Gold, he is now King Midas.

    will he swallow and digest it?

  • 6

    The “Hybrid court” was an interesting one.

    There has been a few around the globe. All previous Hybrid courts covered the entire period of the conflict.

    The UNCHR recommends the second half of the war when it comes to Sri Lanka. That means it skips the Indian IKPF period entirely. So essentially half the “justice”.

    All these are based on TNA submissions. The legal fees for the international component is going to be costly. The TNA should obtain the funding for it.

    Other than that, about the only thing of concern right now is the Sri Lanka/Tamil Nadu bridge.

    As it is we cannot get the Tamil Nadu rabble to honor the International Maritime Border. Why make things more complicated than it has to be?

    • 11


      You are right, even without the bridge your ancestors came (by boat) and settled in the South and got converted into Sinhala-Buddhists, with the bridge definitely the relatives of your ancestors may not honor the International Maritime Border.

    • 0

      “Other than that, about the only thing of concern right now is the Sri Lanka/Tamil Nadu bridge. “

      forget Sri Lanka Tamil Nadu Bridge
      how about bridge building between the various Sri Lankan communities

  • 17

    “The US draft resolution, or should I say the US-UK draft resolution, attempts to get Sri Lanka to agree to something that the world’s deadliest terrorist militia failed to do in thirty years of war, studded with suicide bombing. It tries to get us to agree to what a 70,000 strong contingent of the world’s fourth largest army did not try to or tried only partially to do. The US resolution, in its Operative Paragraph 15, “Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to…demilitarize the north and east of Sri Lanka…”

    Dr. Dayan,
    It is very clear that you are trying your hard effort to bring back Mahinda through another episode of massacre of Tamils. Yes, it is true that 30 years of war by a Tamil militia who tried to change the 60 years of blood thirtsy Sinhala buddhist blood thirsty fundamentalism. It is also true that world’s fourth largest army couldn’t invade to destroy Tamil militia’s war against blood thirsty Sinhala Fundamentalism. Using the peace accord, the world’s first and powerful military intelligence, the world’s seconda largest military power & chemical weapons & cluster bombs & fourth largest military navy blockades finally stopped Tamil militia’s armed war but couldn’t stop the buddhist findamentalist brutalism. The silencing of arms of Tamil milita provided the world with facts about the true nature of the war and the brutality that was shown during the war and continued brutality of Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism. The US resolution is the outcome of the violent nature of Buddhist Fundamentalism

  • 20

    Demilitarization – Because the military is the root cause of the problems in the NorthEast – missing persons, rape, torture, murder, white van, colonisation, sinhalanization, refugees, IDPs, occupation of civilian properties, and continued subjugation, even after the war ended 6 years ago.

    Border protection – So now you are saying the truth that the military is there not that the LTTE will regroup, but to make sure that India will not invade. Please understand that India would need less than an hour to disarm your forces.
    Surely during peace time, the forces could be used by the UN peace keeping forces, again under strict supervision under an international foreign commander.

    Repeal PTA – Why those in jail are not brought to courts for a fair trial and charge. PTA is used and abused with fabrication to silence and to instil fear on the people.

    Why do you fear the truth, who killed who, and why? Was chemical weapons used, western independent forensic experts will test and explain if it was so? Mass graves were created and not part of the geological landscape of the north east.

    A full implementation of the HC’s recommendation with follow up actions will save Sri Lanka and Tamil Eelam.

    God helps those who helps themselves, own up Sri Lanka and move forward.

  • 18

    The international community is at last convinced that what happened during the war under Mahinda was genocide of Tamils:

    Do you want the military that committed genocide and illegally misappropriated last tracts of Tamil people’s private lands to continue to be in the North-East to colonize the Tamil homeland with Sinhalese to change the demography for ever?

    You wants the military which committed during the war, after the war and continuing with heinous sexual crimes other than the sadist Sinhala supremacists like Dayan and his kind in the Sinhala Buddhist hierarchy?

    Sri Lanka should be happy that so far the international community has not recommended trial for genocide.

    Get real when you have the last chance to save Sri Lanka as a single entity.

    Now you Sinhala racists have exhausted your regularly used trump card of anti-Tamil pogroms with the genocide committed in Vanni and elsewhere.

  • 9

    Hey Dayan,

    ////”It tries to get us to agree to what a 70,000 strong contingent of the world’s fourth largest army did not try to or tried only partially to do. The US resolution, in its Operative Paragraph 15, “Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to…demilitarize the north and east of Sri Lanka…”/////”

    Do you got Alzheimer …….. In the Alambil Jungle the 70,000 strong contingent of the world’s fourth largest army did corner the VP …. but the father of all racists JR took long breath to respond to J.N.DIXITS’ request for shooting orders. JR’s long breath was such a long, reflected his thinking that the Tamils of this island have “not got enough” of yet at that time (GENOCIDE INTENTION) to what LTTE was created and, that sigh of relieve that that VP company can be beaten for honours relieved VP&CO span out to do further damage…. that is the 3rd forced escape for LTTE.
    Primitive thinking that an ethnic problem could be solved through a war, cannot fit,who have accepted democratic principles at its true perspective, even if that decision was 32 years ago, only a thinking of who lives in the fantasy of history and their ardent monarchs.
    You Cultivate What You SOW

    • 2



    • 1


      By arresting the senior LTTE members in 1987 (who later committed suicide in the prison) after the Indo-Lanka pact, JR made the world’s fourth largest army to fight the LTTE. His intention was Tamil Genocide. It is NOT SWRD Bandaranayake but it is JR who was the father of all racists right from the beginning, he stopped the Banda-Chelva pact.

      JR later blamed Premadasa for sending the Indian Army back. JR was the cunning fox who destroyed the country. He always wanted to teach Tamils a lesson, a very expensive lesson for the country.

    • 0


      It is true that VP was cornered in Alambil jungle by IPKF however it was Rajiv Gandhi who ordered Indian forces out of that part of jungle where VP was hiding according to my Elders.

      Remember IPKF spokesperson said that the war was fought to “bend the tigers without breaking it”.

  • 8

    The fear mongers are already crawling out of the wood work with poisoned tongues, spreading lies innuendo and trying to cause mass hysteria.It’s a familiar Sri Lankan trait alas !.

  • 11

    This twin brother of Wimal buruwanse continues making effort to paint the picture in favour of him/them. Until today, lanken state has not issued any statements following UNHRC report. This man is a total paranoid.

    Say, the US or any other country would intend demillitarization of the lanken north – finally the decision lies on the srilanken state. Just to spread blatant lies harming and seeking and damaging the current rulers – this mouthpiece is doing a disaster to this country. I cant see this man appearing inthe TV screens anymore. I really cant.

  • 12

    What is wrong with the use of word demilitarize ?

    Demilitarization is a process. The objective is to bring back fully fledged civil administration. MaRa regime deceived the NE people and the regional and international communities.

    On the one hand DJ has been claimin that the country is in peace but on the other hand he wants to deny the displaced people and their livelihood by continue to occupy their lands.
    If the excessive army occupation is to provide security to a unified Sri Lanka, why they are doing businesses like large scale farming, fishing, guest houses, hotels, transportation and many others like kudu ?

    Now the year and the month is 2015, Sept. The war was over in 2009 May. Yet DJ does not want real peace through fully fledged Civil Administration. DJ wants NE as army occupied colony.

    DJ should provide the NE civil population strength, armed forces strength, exact locations of the camps and the size of the lands armed forces occupy.
    Also DJ should provide the number of the families who are still not living in their original lands and what is the average income per week or month.

    DJ shouldn’t forget to provide the names of schools that are not functioning and relocated because of continued armed forces occupation.

  • 9

    DJ:”Poisoned Chalice: US Draft Resolution Wants Demilitarization Of The North & East”

    A stupid fascist has turned mass murderer and is afraid the finger will point at him and his elk.

    weirdo the hunt is on- simply reinforce your butt and vanish like pottu amman.

  • 13

    No words what-so-ever to acknowledge, condemn or refute the issues pointing to human rights violations and possible war crimes commited by the armed forces, the LTTE and Tamil Paramilitary organizations! No reference or discussion of the remedial measures suggested!

    However, nit picking of words that have not yet been fully defined or given form
    in the draft rsolution to rouse the rabble!

    Despicable muschief making directed at the whistling crowd in the gallery.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 16

    Dayan…..You are useless man.
    Shut up….

    • 10

      He is like a person – he would not stop – even if nobody would agree with him.
      he is just bringing the kind of articles to mind off his situation being cornered in today s context. Nor would anyone in the ruling govt want to have exchanges with the bugger. This man is absolute no go.. in today s context.

  • 9

    “The US resolution, in its Operative Paragraph 15, “Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to…demilitarize the north and east of Sri Lanka…”

    Militarizing North/East escalated the ethnic divide in SL.It was one of the root causes of Tamil youth uprising.If any one pay attention to details, why so many from one coastal Town Valvettithurai had so many aspiring militant leaders? The answer lies there.

    Military excess in the form of Rampage after loosing a Football game at St Patrick College,Jaffna,to state a simple example.Subsequent burning of The Jaffna Cooperative Store in front of Jaffna Hospital.Hooliganism all the way to Palaly Camp after the game.

    Tamils nor the international community have forgotten the cause.Stop hiding your head under the sand.This is why an impartial International judges,prosecutors are needed for the hybrid process.

    Sinhala hegemonic majority is not capable of offering fair,impartial inquiry into alleged war crimes because they are the accused/ perpetrators and accomplices aiding and abetting crimes against humanity and war crimes along with LTTE.

    The issue is settled,now we have to find a way to investigate and punish the criminal and their accomplices who are aiding and abetting these crimes.
    In your vocabulary friends are your fellow accomplices in crimes.In decent societies no one would aid and abet suspeceted war crimes and crimes against humanity or any crimes for that matter.In that sense US may not be your friend.

    • 7

      There is no chance of another LTTE coming back. Before LTTE, SJV had Vaddukoddai Convention. Now TNA is keeping back tracking the path. Thieves like Dayan only would claim LTTE will come. This how, when I was in colombo, thugs used “Kottiya avila” to loot Tamils property. When they should like, panic driven mass will run away. Then they go on looting rampage. Dayan looks for space to get his master back on the seat with the same techniques thugs used to loot.

      But the truth is on the opposite side. There will be good chance of another JVP coming against Sirima. The Sinhalese rebelling against his authority, got united and took Tamils help to defeat Old King. This suggest the JVP’s rebellion mentality is well and alive within Sinhala Community. JVP may reappear within Sinhala youths. The army is needed in south. So take it back, New Royal Government!

  • 5

    Your resolution will be for Sri Lanka to be managed by the Rajapakse family and the LTTE managed areas to be controlled by the Sri Lankan armed forces.
    If you leave it like that, one day Eelam will be born! Is that what you want??

  • 5

    Dayan says “Che Guevara used to approvingly quote Frederick Wilhelm of Prussia who said “God save me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies myself”.

    Reminds me of what Shakespeare said:

    “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

  • 6

    Kudos to Dayan for bringing diplomatic verbiage to our common understanding.

    Then, the key operating words are ” Draft “, ” Urge ” and ” Demilitarize “. No one is ” telling us ” what to do. They ” nudge “, ” Urge “, so on.

    India our Frenemy, in on record, the North and East will be calmed, Army sent to Barracks and the region be connected to the Outside World through S. India.

    All these things are falling into place.

  • 4

    OK,let’s appoint DJ as our Permanent Representative in Geneva and let’s see if he could do an encore of his so called “Victory 2009” [Edited out]

  • 7

    Why should anyone take DJ seriously for all his `diplomatic verbiage`? This self-proclaimed expert in International politics talks like an international buffoon with no commonsense!

  • 7

    Hon former youth affairs minister of NorthEast Provincial Council:

    I can fully understand why Gota called you donkey despite you claimed you did a wonder in 2009 prosecuting a case in favour of SL claiming your forces rescued all civilians with zero causality , this you won because of your aggressive argument which you believed is the key ingredient to win, or fool and get through, a UN resolution.

    Tamara and you will never satisfied with a resolution however it nice, if it was brought by West. This writing is a typical example of how hard you try to drive a wedge between current government and the west. You say they want us to accept, who this us you referring here, and how come you include yourselves, it is for the current government and what matters is what Mangala accepts. You have openly supported you hero, despite he booted you out from the very place you claimed made win, and he lost the race, goes with him his entourage, find a corner and sit there with thumb inside the mouth, a loose canon, don’t you feel so? . No shame? Make prediction after prediction… ridicule all three who tried to salvage some pride to this beautiful island CBK, RW, and MS and praised Wooruwansa, such was your intellectuality, and now trying to go with your scare tactics. Full credit to MR, that he showed the door at the right time from the UN for you and Tamara, and I guess one of the best decisions he made on the foreign affairs during his entire tenure, otherwise you would have sent him Hague by now, kicking a own goal.

    Alas, you are one of the religious minorities, if you were a Buddhist, I guess you will be spreading rumours and spitting venom all guns blasting. Such was your bended smart patriotism, if no VP, you will invent Tamilnadu, if not them then west. Your lack of knowledge in the foreign affairs is amply displayed in your own explanation in the joint communique put out by both MR and Mr Moon. The diplomatic etiquette requires usage of appropriate language, yet it went on to say the SG underlines …., what does it says, why does he underline something as important as he quotes? You picked only the grievance, and trying to water down it as a storm in the tea cup. Now the storm brewing but lucky for SL, it is in the good hands to get it down grade. You won’t get it until the Prince mentions some names and relating some gruesome events in his report, don’t live on fool paradise believing if I bury the head inside the sand pit no one going to see me. It is the failure of people like you that didn’t see what was coming that led to the situation which we faces today. When Sajiin calls shots, Shenuka dances while MR looking down the barrel what to expect? A defeat is better than an innings lose, don’t you think? For that, people like you, have to shut up, when you open your mouth, it is a bad omen for the family, clear examples are the recent elections that saw you were extraordinarily active. When A political scientist aspires to be a diplomat, results are…

  • 2

    I am sure we can accommodate the US as far as the request to replace the ” Prevention of Terrorism Act in accordance with international best practice ” . We could borrow the ” Patriot Act ” word for word.

  • 1

    Dr. Dayan Jayathilake:

    I think, for most of these things, India Is behind.

    In 10 20 years time, India wants to build a security zone encircling most of the small countries around it. So, india use Tamils to sujugate Sri lanka. All these CEPA, Building a Bridge and Tamil problems are part of that.

    US is also like that, because they want India yo be a stronger country Against china.
    India is also an easy to country destabilize.

    Mahinda Rajapske could not do it because his external affairs minister was known thug and now is a jail bird.

    On the other hand, Mangala Samaraweera is allowing Sri lanka to be a prostitiute.

  • 3

    The coming colour is not good.This man former member of north-east provincial council is writing and behaving like this is not good for the national unity of SRI-LANKA.its looks like this type of actions not nipped in the bud hope will not create an another 1983 COMUNAL RIOTS IN SRI-LANKA.

  • 1

    Notwithstanding all these brouhaha, if 2009 Resolution under Dyan’s watch agreed to a “process for addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law”, why didn’t Dyan help to implement it rather than LRCC Eyewash and discredited Udalagama Commission….

    Let the others get it right this time and please step aside.

    Interview with Judge Nissanka Udalagama
    Q: Why did the term of the Commission end abruptly?
    A: The term of the Commission was extended every six months, but this time when we wrote to the President and sought a further extension, we were asked to submit a report on the cases into which we had concluded hearings. We had concluded seven of the cases and the report will be handed over by next week.

    Q: Why could they not testify?
    A: But we could not hear evidence of all the witnesses as the video conferencing was stopped.

    Q: The role of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons (IIGEP) was a controversial one and the members eventually left due to disputes with the Commission last August. Did their presence serve any purpose?
    A: The IIGEP was created to assist the Commission but from the beginning they were confrontational. They were questioning the independence of the Commission. They were also complaining over the delays but we were taking time for good reasons. Under the Commission of Inquiry Act, we had to have a quorum of all eight members on sitting days but this was difficult. So we had to have the Act amended by Parliament for the Commission to meet with five members including the Chairman present at all sittings. . That process took eight months
    Reference: http://www.sundaytimes.lk/090621/News/sundaytimesnews_16.html

    Oh dear….You and MARA blew it when you had the opportunity…Greed is NOT GOOD.

  • 1

    Keep plugging away Dyan you are doing a great job in your analysis of this US DRAFT RESOLUTION. Don’t relent . The GOSL must open their collective eyes and read what they are trying to get us to do. They are not bloody fools, OR are they ? There was a guy who wrote under the pseudonym ‘Pac’ about a week ago and wanted the identical things for the GOSL to do for the Tamils to ‘live in peace’ in the North.
    It would be an ideal set up for the rebirth of the next uprising of the ‘Elaamists’.Let the US and there lackeys of the West mind there business and not start another Terrorist war in our country where we have vanquished one Terror outfit. It is what they want ,like they have done in the Middle East. If the GOSL should, despite analysis, and exposures, and despite continuous ringing of alarm bells capitulate to the US and the UNHCR resolutions,that will be the end of this Country.

  • 4

    Dayan’s writings are getting hilarious by the day. This “English Professor” must have taken his lessons from Professor Higgins. He would do well in being the editor of his own dictionary. “Drawdown,reduction, reconfiguration” blah, blah, blah. Hahaha Dayan. What was the army size before the last phase and what is its size now and where most of them are stationed? Demilitarisation alludes to these factors.

    “Demilitarisation or demilitarization is the reduction of a nation’s army, weapons, or military vehicles to an agreed minimum. Demilitarisation is usually the result of a peace treaty ending a war or a major conflict. A drastic voluntary reduction in size of a victorious army is called demobilization.”

    There are no hostilities now. The problem with the military in the north is they can’t keep their dicks inside their pants. They grab lands under the disguise of security zones and get involved in commercial activities and interfere in the day-to-day activities, and interfere with the elected council in the administration. Their torture chambers have been documented. The impunity with which crimes have been committed by the army even after the end of hostilities and because the regime and the army stand accused of these crimes, why would not the UNHRC or the UN put its foot down? If SL wants to hide behind the sovereignty, then it must have conducted itself as a responsible nation. What a joker Dayan is? You mean to say you can murder civilians in the thousands and then flag the word sovereignty to escape from those crimes. What you sow, so shall you reap.

    Some of the citations Dayan gives makes one wonder whether his feet is still on the ground. The American Civil War took place between 1861-1865. Comparing the logistics of that era with the present would only be done by someone with a twisted mind. Whereas with the logistics of that era could have meant it took 12 years, if that is to have a meaningful comparison with the sort of logistics available now, it should have been done within a year, and not drag on for political and vindictive reasons for more than six years.

    Even during the height of hostilities, Tamilnadu was not involved militarily in the conflict. The most it could do was to provide moral support to the Tamils and pressure the Central Govt to request the SL regime to cease hostilities. The twist that Dayan seems to imply does not hold water. Of course, if INDIA wants to show its military might towards the tiny island of SL, then it is a different matter altogether and India won’t need “Rama’s bridge” for that. After all, Dayan has mentioned in some of his writings of the possibility of India invading SL. So this is nothing new.

    While the report and the draft resolution does not say in as many words, it wants the Tamils to be protected from the vindictive actions of the majority, mind their own business within a united SL, and ensure that crimes against them will receive a response. The LTTE has been held accountable, too. It came to this because the trajectory by the Sinhalese like Dayan cannot believe anymore that by pronouncing sovereignty it will be hands-off. Well, the game has just started. Hope Dayan, Wimal and the gang do not collapse under the heat that is yet to come. Just a piece of advice. They and the Mahinda’s gang owe some gratitude to Mangala who had skilfully removed the options of sanctions from the dinner table. Let thinking Sri Lankans critically think what would have happened to MR and Sri Lanka if Dayan had been in the forefront? Dayan should have got some wind of it from his colleague Tamara on what happened during her tenure at the UNHRC.

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