15 April, 2024


Political Hierarchy – Sadism “Embedded”

By K. Balendra

K. Balendra

It appears, that, sadism is ‘embedded’ in the minds of some of our politicians, especially the hierarchy. Thus, some of them jointly and severally seem to take pleasure in releasing those Army Men and others who have been charged and found guilty of murder, not only during war, but, also prior and after the war.

They are considered heroes of war, when in fact the murders had been committed by men in the army to satisfy the ‘Sadistic’ needs of the upper tier, it appears. Further, they are also concerned about their supporters and others who may be lured to support them, were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment. They released them too, so that they were able hit two birds with one stone.

The murders they cannot commit by themselves for fear of negative publicity, were passed on to their faithful. Thus, their passion for sadism has been fulfilled.

In addition to releasing the guilty from punishment, they have punished the innocent from being released purely because of their race and religion and their political leanings. This is a continuation of sadism in different forms, coupled with arrogance.

It is a pity that even the members of the opposition do not take genuine interest, instead, both sides play a game of ‘ping pong’ ball with the innocents, until the ‘balls’ are smashed beyond recognition.

It appears that one of the form of sadism is to deprive the people of their fundamental rights to food, clothing, shelter and their need of fire for cooking. Children are deprived of their milk powder and the infants are deprived of their mothers’ breast milk, due to lack of nourishment for mothers. This results in the children growing out to be ‘emaciated worms’. Who cares? The present ruling politician will not be in the world of the living to answer the ‘worms’.

Some of the politicians say that that they are not responsible for the present plight of the people, but the President, conveniently forgetting the fact they gave him the 2/3 majority to continue the assault.

The parents, who lived with dignity and decorum are compelled to crawl and creep and fall at the feet of the politicians to obtain their daily bread/rice or even a hundred gram of Manioc, to mitigate their hunger. Of course the Members of Parliament are well looked after by the Tax Payers. They know not what hunger means.

It is suggested, that, if the government is keen to release those in prison, for whatever reason it may be, it should be done in an equitable manner. An MP may sponsor their case in parliament with sound reasons and obtain a 2/3 majority of votes for the release of Murderers/ Drug Offenders and a simple majority for others, including those imprisoned for contempt of court or similar offences, taking care not to dispense with the services of the judiciary.

One law for all prison inmates please.

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    How can there be one law for prisoners when there is no one law for others?

    Take no prisoner!

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    K.Balendra, you are absolutely right. Those 6.9 million knowingly elected Rajapaksas, just to satisfy their urge to see the minority suffer. Now they too are enjoying the privileges of inflation, debt, price hike, scarcity, poverty, hunger, death – – -. 2500 years of so called civilization is embedded with sadism and immorality. It is not just Ratnayaka but Duminda too is freed. Hirunika is back in courts appealing. Sadistic thug Ganasara is in charge of one family, one country one law. It is Rajapaksas war against the country.

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      “Those 6.9 million knowingly elected Rajapaksas, just to satisfy their urge to see the minority suffer.”
      It is wrong to say that minorities to suffer. It is not a minority or majority issue. We always take Sinhalese as majority and Tamils and Muslims as minorities. . Sinhalese are majority not in all parts of Sri Lanka. They are minorities in some parts of the island. If you consider further they are minority in the world compare to Tamils and Muslims.
      This number based theory is relative and I am sure that majority of the 6.9 million who voted for Rajapaksas in 2019 election also voted against to Rajapaksas in 2015 election. Sinhalese people have used only two choices in elections either UNP or SLFP. SLPP and SJB are just change of name. Both political groups are influenced by Buddhist Fundamentalism but at different degrees. If Muslims and Tamils united together Sinhalese politicians cannot cheat Sinhalese but it is sad that Tamil and Muslim politicians are in the same position.

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    Ajith, if so then let me put it this way. 2015 was an aberration. In 2019 majority SB elected Rajapaksas to satisfy their urge to see the minority suffer. Race and Religion has played a major role in every election since our independence, which just got worse with time, and here we have the whole family elected to rule the country. If they rejected Mahinda in 2015, then what the reason to elect him again in 2019 ??? I just do not see any difference between varying Buddhist fundamentalism (as you mentioned) among parties and their urge to see non Buddhist suffer. If you look at Trumps republican party and how many of those who identified with him had lost their true republican values , then it is easy to understand the Buddhist Fundamentalism and their racist mindset. It is there in every party but Rajapaksas took it to a different level.

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      i think people got sick of the tug a war between sirisena and ranil and pulling in different directions.the bombings were the last straw with sirisena keeping all security matters away from ranil because maybe he was suspicious.people had gutfull of those two jokers and had no other alternative but to bring back the rajapakshes.Muslims also turned against them because they just looked the otherway while the vicious digana riots took place.next elections will be different with sajit breaking away from UNP.

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    Not only sadism but also racism fully impeded in present-day rulers of Sri lanka. That’s why they are talking about one country and one rule as if they are under the control of some other superpower. How can they find peace and prosperity when the rulers themselves want to divide and rule a peaceful population under a cloud of race, religion, ethnicity; and towards achieving their goal appointing Gnanasara Thero as chairman of a commission whilst Mr. Mahinda making pilgrimage to Thirupathy .

    as Chairman of a commission Whilst Mahinda going to Thiruppathy Temple to further their rule.

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