27 May, 2022


Power In Nandasena’s (President Gotabaya) Hands Is Like A Razor In A Monkey’s Fist

By Vishwamithra

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.” ~ Voltaire

The deception is total, yet its hold on the masses may well be temporary and slipping fast. But can Sri Lanka and its dangerous leaders extricate themselves from the palpably brutal neglect of law and order? Butchers are in power. Their estimation of the mind of the collective masses may well be under par; when one surrounds himself with sycophants whose vested interests are much more deep rooted than those of the leader they pretend to follow, a way out seems less and less likely. Then begins the shrinking of the cocoon. But the explosion is much farther away. Don’t rush to celebration parties as yet. The Masters are still in power and unless you totally destroy the Master don’t even think of confronting him. If you lose in the confrontation, remember, the Master is still in power and he will destroy you, this time totally and for good. That is the reality of absolute power and it is that absolute power the political cabal of the Rajapaksa family in Sri Lanka are currently pursuing.

The leaked segments of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Political Victimization has succeeded in revealing the extraordinary extent to which the current President and his cohorts are willing and able to go. A corrupt mindset has been reborn, this time in the warped persona of a President who, some so-called ‘intellectuals’ (Viyathmaga cohorts) thought, was going to be a ‘great leader’. The killing instinct that was not all that ostensible during the initial stages of the war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (this one-time Lieutenant Colonel ran away to  greener pastures in America while real soldiers faced the brunt of Tigers’ bullets) this charlatan is now sharpening his razor to sever the very throats from which cascaded praise for ‘Gota’s War’.

According to reports that reached the writer from first-hand descriptions, when a group of Naturalists visited him about three weeks ago at the President’s Office, Nandasena had erupted against the group and been shouting at them like pickpockets and the shouting had apparently made the visitors so scared and they were riveted to their chairs without being able to stand up and go when the meeting was over. It is also understood that Nandasena had reprimanded his appointment secretary for having scheduled this group a time to meet him.

This is not the end of this farcical journey. It’s going to get much worse and more bizarre. We have a Charlie Chaplin in Hitler’s attire; a joker trying to act like a strong dictator, for that matter a demented dictator. That is how loathsome and ludicrous it would look when Nandasena starts undertaking serious geopolitical issues facing the country. The Rajapaksa family has not only personified all political corruption; that cabal has normalized it to such an unrecognizable degree, even the most minuscule favor granted by any government office or officer without any quid pro quo is dismissed by the public as manifestly impossible.

Long gone are the days of the honest government servant. More than one generation has passed the lamppost of Ceylon Civil Service. Ever since then, with the introduction of Sri Lanka Administrative Service and replacement of the village headman by a Grama Niladhari, the integrity and honesty that was part and parcel of the job description of those offices that came in direct contact with the masses began a gradual disappearance. Political intervention at every level of governance, whether by those who were elected or those were appointed by the politicians, became a matter of course.

It was this era, which commenced in 1970 and thereafter, the current set of politicians and their successive generation walked happily into. Political power became a sickness of sort, an addiction which some describe as the most powerful aphrodisiac man has known. Accountability and transparency flew out the window.

The current rulers, the Rajapaksa cabal, is not the creators of this corrupt culture; but they are a reflection of that crooked and shady set of values that were a direct consequence of the diligent practice of that culture. This political culture, for its own sustenance and development, needed a common enemy to attack constantly; it needed a villainous creature in order to portray themselves as intended or unintended victims. The Free Press was that enemy. To that exclusive club of the free press belonged Lasantha Wickrematunga, Prageeth Ekneligoda, Keith Noyahr, Upali Tennekoon and numerous Tamil journalists in the North.

However, in the period from 2015 to 2019, with the defeat of this Rajapaksa cabal, the fifth estate enjoyed almost unlimited freedom as in the Western democracies. But that was short-lived; the drums of pseudo-patriotism started to beat again; the fake-hero became President and the darker shades of light closed in on the center, a center yearning for reconciliation and harmony and peace and above all truth and honesty. As in all declining social phenomena, the first thing that suffers is its own development. The false façade that was portrayed starts cracking and through the fissures emerge the real fellow, every now and then.

That dark, shady fellow whose unholy days in uniform as a soldier, the fellow who disrobed his own uniform and fled his fellow soldiers, found solace among kith and kin-in law. Then, once he became the Secretary of Defense, with enormous budgetary provisions and with a Commander in the caliber of General Sarath Fonseka, the advances and retreats against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) on the battlefield took a totally different turn. Sri Lankans forces prevailed. The man by this time had circled himself with a set of brand new friends, friends who didn’t know him when he was doing another job as a new immigrant to the United states of America. Yet one must bear in mind that this is not a novel socio-cultural occurrence. Power attracts many a scrounger and many a greedy craftsman. In the case of our current President, this spectacle manifested its play as it was described above, without a beat.

Nevertheless, the inherent traits of the Rajapaksa cabal began to surface, from the bowels of the already corrupt political intestines of Ceylon. At the core of this corrupting process is a fundamental school of political thought that, in a democracy when the people elect a political party to power, with that power comes all powers to control and manage all affairs of the subjects of that power, the masses. This false sense of omniscience which politicians themselves attach to political office along with the intrinsic desire in all human beings to believe in a permanency and false sense of lasting feature of comfort and power. Whereas almost all religions, specifically Buddhism, have repeatedly preached the futility of such mundane attachments, politicians consider themselves as self-righteous leaders and strive to preserve themselves in positions of power by hook or by crook.

The results of such dastardly conduct on the part of our leaders could eventually lead to an insane conglomeration of individuals who band together merely for the sake of perpetuating themselves in those lofty pedestals. the masses who elected them to those positions would return to their usual comfort zones of apathy and  lethargy. It is in this context the Fifth Estate needs to assume a more unconventional and radical role of leading the public opinion of resistance and defiance.

But the question is whether we in Sri Lanka do have an independent and well-organized mass communication system and if so, are there any daring writers and craftsmen who have exhibited so far that they are willing to travel the whole nine yards with their convictions.

It has been reported that ‘a leaked copy of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on political victimization reveals that it has been used to exonerate, white-wash and acquit without charge perpetrators of the most heinous crimes committed in Sri Lanka in the recent past and in many cases reward murderers, abductors, and money launderers with compensation by the state.’                                      

It further states thus: ‘Commission unanimously decided that the charges and indictments against every accused in so-called emblematic cases highlighted by the UN, including the murder and abduction of journalists, should be dismissed, the indictments in currently active trials quashed and the complainants acquitted and released. These cases include the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge, abduction, extortion and murder of 11 Tamil men allegedly by the Sri Lanka Navy, Welikada Prison massacres, the assassination of Tamil MP Joseph Pararajasinham, the assaults on journalists Upali Tennekoon and Keith Noir among many others. Going a step further, the Commission has also recommended tough legal action against “respondents” in the complaints – including police officers, former commanders of the military, members of parliament, former ministers and deputy ministers and prosecutors attached to the Attorney General’s Department.’ In a cruel twist of facts and harsh reality, accusers have become victims and victims have turned themselves into accusers.

There could not be a starker manifestation of a bizarre phenomenon of human dishonesty on the one hand and a decline in the value system that we as a people had held aloft for centuries in the past on the other. Voltaire the Frenchman who was a man of reason said thus: ‘The more often a stupidity is repeated, the more it gets the appearance of wisdom.’ We as a nation is fast approaching such a dreadful state.

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  • 4

    Truly terrifying.

  • 2

    Well, the UNHRC resolution has been passed, with India abstaining, along with many Muslim countries. Will the Professor Grand Admiral resign even now?
    I am sure Nande Aiya will surface soon with dire threats against Ms. Bachelet.

  • 5

    What ever said about Rajapakshas, they will be in power for few more years. Is it the ignorance of rural Singhalese that is allowing the corrupted uneducated unethical villains to hold on to power? Why are the Buddhist Monks not on the side of the hard working, law abiding Citizens of this “GREAT” country. It is very important for the voting masses to see through the lies and falsehoods uttered by most politicians.
    The younger generations with wide exposure to the world need to voice their concerns— Ecocide/ Corruption/ lawlessness/ media suppression/ racial & religious intimidations / high cost of living / high handed activities of Security forces / Judges that get directions from political leaders etc etc.

    • 4

      Naman: You asked: “Why are the Buddhist Monks not on the side of the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of this GREAT country?” The best way to answer your question is also by posing another question, such as: How can the Buddhist Priests “ENJOY” a “LAVISH” and a “LUXURY” life in being on the side of the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of the country? Can those “law-abiding” and “hard-working” citizens offer “ALMS” of all sorts of “COMFORTS” (luxury vehicles, palatial living quarters- dubbed “Temple Premises”, Job assignments with huge salaries and perks, unquenchable thirst for “Delicious” food on the table, “Ata Pirikara” of most expensive “Saffron Clothes”, award of great “TITLES” – Mahachariya, Snaga Nayake, Anu Nayaka, etc….) That class of “law-abiding” and “har-working” cannot afford to provide those “COMFORTS” and “LUXURIES”, so the Buddhist Priests have to be on the side of the “Political Gang”. However, this “Political Gang” too “Recycle” the taxes paid by that class of “har-working” and “law-abiding” citizens. That is my answer.

      • 3

        Simon “How can the Buddhist Priests “ENJOY” a “LAVISH” and a “LUXURY” life”

        The Rajapaksas and the Buddhist Sanga are not stupid.

        They have the like sof Karuna, Pillaiyan, Douglas and now Angajan as Tamil thugs who can conjure up an LTTE attack .

        likewise they also have Buddhist Monks Thugs. Who will put on their saffron robe and attack a hapless Muslim or aa Hindu kovil priest

        If they are capable of killing innocent tourists children in luxury hotels and poor local church goers and very next day shout that if I become President this not happen.

        The sangha appeals to Gota they wants tamed elephants?
        you know what that means?
        chaining a baby elephant and beating it for years and years through its entire adult life!!!! so that it can be decorated to please Thevarada Lord Buddha

        These people are not humans not even animals.!!!

  • 6

    The selection of Gota to presidency based on the fact that Rajapaksas claimed it is they who won the war with LTTE. We all remember that Pirabaharan thought if Rajapaksa comes to power it is easy for them to win the struggle. It is becoming true and true every day. Of course LTTE lost the armed struggle but Sri Lanka lost its international support after 2009. Pirabaharn clearly identified Rajapaksa mentality. He knew well that Rajapaksas are not interested in the country but only about his family. The greediness made them to rob the nation and country become poor and poor. After Gota came to power all the criminals have come again the country is going further down and down. Threat against Tamils and Muslims are now turned against Sinhalese as well. No more friends but more and more enemies. To day Rajapaksas brought this country to beg for food daily. Who will bring a man who robbed this nation and ran away from the country to run this country?

    • 0

      Ajith, You say should not run away, Hitler never even ran away to produce his pure bred Aryan race and still had to commit suicide. His stooges got life imprisonment. Fear psychosis saying Buddhism is going away is a myth the brain washed believe. They must be educated with the truth that we all want to live in peace with each other.

  • 2

    Your depiction of the Monks is very much appropriate. They are a well fed pampered people along with the Politicians. But there are genuine Buddhist Monks who are sad about the conditions of SL. The Print Media is all out to mislead people as directed by the Rulers. They practice self censorship. The Lake House Publications should be independent and should not be a mouth organ of the Government.
    Who is prepared to remove the Razor Blade from NGR?

    • 4

      Though this fiery eloquent criticism of GR will evoke emotional response from many, it is doubtful whether replacing him with another politician will make any difference. The real problem Sri Lankans face today is the Sinhala Buddhist supremacist mindset; and using the power resulting from this mindset, to bash the minority communities. It does not show any sign of exhausting. It is the main cause of all the problems faced by Sri Lankan today. Corrupt political leaders are able to hide behind this mindset of the people to continue with unbridled corruption and nepotism.
      Though Sri Lanka always had the potential to prosper, it never materialised. This mindset prevents the rulers to go past it and move on to concentrate on more important matters needed for the country.
      Not only Sri Lanka’s economy in dire straits; the country is also beginning to be controlled by other countries. What else will happen when you take your rice bowl to these countries for alms.
      I hope the Sinhalese Buddhists extremists will wake up and accept that ethnic harmony is the way to go. A soul searching is necessary to get out this mindset and concentrate on the economy and other social necessities which need urgent attention.

  • 0

    ” the fellow who disrobed his own uniform and fled his fellow soldiers…”

    Actually, Gothabaya served in the military from 1971 till 1991. What about the author? He should tell us about his military service, then we can make a fair judgement as to whether Gota ran away.

  • 0

    SL unfortunately never had leaders with integrity & the country has been going down hill all along. We had an upper class hypocrite, SWRD, & selfish autocrat JR, a housewife elected on a sympathy ticket to gutter mouth trade unionist with a chip on his shoulder, Premadasa, a waste of space Wijethunga & slimy yob Sirisena, & now, blatantly corrupt MR & his card board tough guy (because he needs his army cronies around him), acting the proverbial bull in the china shop, not forgetting, an allegedly, Sorbonne educated socialite, who thought the country was her family legacy. Its a matter of arranging them in the order of preference but, undoubtedly, the Rajapakse brothers are second to none when it comes to large scale corruption & incompetence. Never in the history of SL has there been such a bunch of illiterate yobs in Parliament as now. When there are Ministers who think food is more important than oxygen, highways, tourist hotels & deforestation for cultivation are evidence of development, as well as, faith in divine powers & local unproved remedies, which are publicly promoted as the solution for a national pandemic, SL is a joke but the receiving end of the joke are the poor citizens.

  • 0

    A hard hitting article. As few pointed out, this cancer has advanced over decades so much so it has metastasized to every organ. The problem is not just GR. It also includes the whole clan, family owned party, 7 million or so people who are behind it (trump was never alone) MS, RW, opposition, extremist as per commission it is now mostly SB and few others , monks, low and odor AG, , racist media, the list goes on
    Just taking out the tumour alone will be cosmetic dosen’t even qualify as palliative care. The only hope is international experts who are highly specialized in treating such terminal cancers, Cancers are never cured but kept in remission for the rest of our life

    • 0

      Chiv, We are flawed with murder and corruption. Hitler was occultist and belief in the spear he took from museum. Still he could not produce the pure Aryan race, but killed dog and wife and committed suicide. No win for karma. Nuremberg trials gave life sentence on the judges. Beware, this is not a joke.

  • 0

    To further add to my above comment during treatments few mutant cells left , can create the disease all over again even after years of remission. So it is important to periodically get checked by those international experts.

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