7 May, 2021


President’s Policy Statement: ‘No One Above The Law’ (Except Daham)

President Maithripala Sirisena, delivering the policy statement at the inauguration of the new parliamentary session today said that the Unity Government had overcome to a great extent the challenge of restoring democracy and establishing the Rule of Law, despite the fact that justice has not been done to the victims of his son’s assault at a night club in December 2016.

On that occasion the President’s son Daham led a mob that included members of the Presidential Security Division (PSD) and went berserk at a night club, attacking a security guard and causing damage to property.

President Sirisena, in his lengthy policy statement outlined the achievements of the Unity Government since he made the first policy statement when the 8th Parliament was convened following the General Election in August 2015. He also acknowledged that there is still a lot of work to be done and hinted that the two major parties, the UNP and SLFP which had ‘different visions’ must learn to work better with one another.

Colombo Telegraph learns that the policy statement was drafted by Sirisena’s aide Shiral Lakthilaka and UPFA Parliamentarian Malith Jayatilleka. According to party sources, there is concern and dismay on the part of UNP leaders that Sirisena did not share the draft of the speech with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and did not solicit comments.

The speech made by President Maithripala Sirisena at the inauguration of the new session of the Parliament on May 8, 2018:

Honourable Speaker, Honourable Members of parliament,

As the President and Head of the Government of the people of Sri Lanka, I greet all of you at the opening of the Second Session of the 8th Parliament of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

You are aware that in accordance of the powers entrusted to me under the Clause 70 of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka I have issued the Extraordinary Gazette Notification on April 12, 2018 proroguing the First Session of the 8th Parliament. I wish to inform that the Second Session of the 8thParliament commences today in accordance with the Clause 70 and Clauses 32 and 33 of the Constitution. This is in fact closing of one session and commencing another session of the Parliament in accordance with the Parliamentary traditions of our country.

I wish to make this Statement as an extension of the Statement presented by me at the commencement of the First Session of the 8th Parliament.

I believe that you will, despite some criticism, acknowledge that the task of restoring the Sri Lankan Society as a democratic, humane, and accountable society has been completed successfully during the last three and a half years, which was the main request of the people of this country who gave the verdict to this government.

I gratefully recall the cooperation extended to me by the 7th Parliament and the 8thParliament since I was elected by the people of this country as President on January 8, 2015 for fulfilling the above mentioned democratic aspirations of the people.

I wish to make a special mention about few truly people-oriented Acts that were passed by the 7th Parliemant, under the tenure of government I formed in January, 2015.

  • The amended Act to establish a National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol in March 2015
  • National Drugs Act adapted in March 2015, and
  • 19th Amendment to the Constitution adapted in May 2015.

The adaption of these Acts has been very significant in the history of Sri Lanka Parliament. I wish to mention two of the important features about these enactments.

It is of high significance that all the political parties represented in Parliament have come to a consensus in view of the benefits to the country and the people. When you consider the party strengths of the 7th Parliament, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) led United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) had 142 seats and the United National Party (UNP) headed by Prime Minister had 42 seats. However, displaying an unusual cooperation, all the political parties proved that they could shed their political differences and work in cooperation in issues of national importance. This has proven that the solutions to the national level issues remain unsolved since independence and accumulated over the years, lie in the path of dialogue and consensus.


  1. The SenakaBibile Drugs Policy, which was unimplemented for three decades is a reality today,
  2. The 80% graphic warnings on the cigarette packets has been implemented,
  3. If any single political issue was met with so much opposition in the recent history of Sri Lanka, it was the system of Executive Presidency. However, over this period nobody could curtail the excessive powers of Executive presidency. On the contrary, the powers were further enhanced in an authoritative manner. The true potential of consensual politics is that, on May 15, 2015 the maximum power reduction of Executive Presidency, without going in for a national referendum as ruled by the Supreme Court, was achieved.

I state with gratitude, that the most members of the 8th Parliament that was elected in the Parliamentary elections in August 2015, have worked to further strengthen the political change that began on January 8, 2015. Most of the bills adapted by you during that period are related to economic management of the country. You have adapted 18 bills related to economy, in addition to the two appropriation bills. They were adapted with the desire of effectively managing the Rs. 10.3 trillion debt burden. Furthermore, several bills have been introduced to enhance the revenue of the country. The Right to Information act, which was passed in August 2016 is the strongest such act to empower the citizens of any country in Asia.

In November 2017, the Local Government Elections (Amendment) Act was passed to strengthen the franchise of the people.

In October 2017, Sustainable Development Act was passed to attain the objective of sustainable development targets.

It is also needs to mention the establishment of the Office of Disappeared Persons and the Witness Protection Act to ensure transitional justice and co-existence.

Hon. Speaker,

I believe that it is necessary to draw your attention on some of the victories achieved for the people by the government during this period.

We were able to regain GSP Plus concession which was lost to our country since 2010. Over 6,600 products get duty-free access to the EU market, increasing our total income.  Apparel and exporting fish to the EU are among the prominent sectors benefited from this concession.

Megapolis and port development commenced again. The independence of the judiciary was ensured. Law and order in the country was enforced without any interference. The power of the law of the country is established. There is no room for illegal detention.

With regard to law and order, we were able to reduce grave crimes by 30% from 2014 to 2018.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority made profits of 13,200 million rupees in 2017, compared with the profit of 1,100 million rupees in 2016, this is over 100% growth. We have accomplished a lot in the field of ports development.

Sri Lanka’s exports in 2017 hit an all-time high of $ 15.1billion, for the time recent history.

With the aim of promoting new technology to the school system and the state sector, many projects are being implemented.

We have fulfilled numerous important tasks for the benefit of the foreign employment sector as well as for the expatriate workers.

The ‘Nearest school is the best school’ project, the  ‘Suraksha’ free health insurance scheme was introduced for the benefit of the school children, Educational reforms, the programme to provide continuous and compulsory school education to all children from Grade 1 to Grade 13, reforms to National Education Institution, and the promotion of Tri-Lingual education are some examples of programmes in the field of education.The ‘DaruwanSurakimu’ (Let’s Protect Our Children) National Programme, the human resource and infrastructure development at Pre-School and Day Care-centres, reduction of the incidence of low birth weight and increase the standard of the nutritional status of the mothers, as well as providing of nutritional meals to children living in selected areas with the aim of reducing malnutrition in rural areas.

The National Action Plan to address Sexual and Gender-based Violence has been successfully launched. A quarter of all projects implemented to develop the rural economy aretargeting targeted to bring benefit to women.

The national housing development programme of our government, implemented by the National Housing Development Authority has shown tremendous progress. Under this programme, nearly 300,000 people have been benefited from 2015 to present. Our Government’s housing programme has been successful for the families heavily affected by financial difficulties.

In order to achieve sustainable development goals of 2030, the period 2015-2017 has focused on four categories to ensure their wellbeing and rights. The groups were, persons with special needs are 9% of the population, people over 60 years of age (12.5%), single parent families (12% of the population), and Samurdhi beneficiaries 25% of population.

Under the ‘Surya BalaSangramaya’ programme ( Solar energy programme), 150 MW have been added  to the national grid. We have presented a mixed – power generation plan to meet the country’s long-term power generation requirements. Also, ending the era where children used to study under the dim light of a kerosene lamp, electricity supply was provided to 275,000 underprivileged families , which was any government had paid no attention to this issue.

It is significant that the development of renewable energy has been a main priority. Like many other countries in the region, we too have had to face hard weather and climate conditions. As a result of the drought prevailed in the country during the past few years, the agricultural output has declined significantly. As the previous governments, we too had to import rice from foreign countries. The production of agricultural commodities and the income derived from agricultural activities have declined by 30% due to the annual rainfall decline. It also had a huge impact on hydro-power generating.

Numerous programmes have been implemented to encourage the farmers to implement toxin-free farming methods.

We have increased the number of Lanka Sathosa outlets from 300 to 400, with the aim of providing high quality food at reasonable rates to consumers. Moreover, a new version of consumer societies has been introduced across the country to ensure the rights of the consumers.

We have made a historic achievement by strengthening the free health service. We have enacted the National Medicine Regulatory Authority Act amidst various hurdles and obstacles, which was the aspiration of people over the past 50 years. As a result of the passing of this Act , the prices of forty eight (48) essential pharmaceutical drugs were reduced. The Government lifted the limit for medical treatment expenses for cancer patients.

For the first time, we introduced a system for the benefit of heart patients where all the heart surgery costs will be borne by the government. Further we started to provide high quality stents for heart patients free of charge.

At present, the World Health Organization appreciates highly us for the great service delivered by our free health service including services rendered by our doctors and nurses.We can be pleased over the National Policy on Alcohol which our government approved.

We have paid special attention to the chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology and launched a broad national programme to prevent the disease as well as to treat the affected.

At present, steps have been taken to build a Water Research Centre in the premises of the University of Peradeniya at a cost of Rs.3,600 million, to identify the root causes of the kidney disease.

Since 2017, we have given the opportunity to all students in the vocational and technical education field to study all the courses free of charge.

We have given the priority to develop the vocational and technical education and to build a human resource to meet the challenges of an innovation economy.

Allowance to Samurdhi beneficiaries has been doubled in order to help needy people. Gramashakthi People’s Movement will cover 2000 villagers in this year.

Allowance to elderly people has been increased, while the nutrition pack for pregnant mothers, worth 500 previously, has been increased to Rs. 2,000.

Basic salary of government servants has increased by Rs. 10,000 after a decade. Salaries and allowances for Judiciary service have been increased on a special basis. Mahapola Scholarship has been increased by Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 5,000. Allowance for kidney patients has increased from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000.

Today, Katunayake International Airport has the ability to facilitate world’s largest airplanes due to the construction of a runway which was completed within a short period of time.

Tourism has become the 3rd largest foreign exchange earning sector in the country, as it brings in 15% of all foreign exchange.

The project ‘SathviruSanhinda’ housing assistance scheme for war-heroes was launched in 2017 and, it has achieved 90% progress as of now.

Strategic Defence Communication network Project started in 2015 has shown commendable progress.

A special salary and allowance scheme has started to provide allowances for the disabled soldiers of the Tri-forces and widows of fallen soldiers.

Paying of pension arrears has been systemized.

Allowance to Samurdhi beneficiaries has been doubled in order to help needy people. GramaShakthi People’s Movement will cover 2000 villagers by this year.

Allowance to elderly people has been increased, while the nutrition pack for pregnant mothers, worth 500 previously, has been increased to Rs. 2,000.

Basic salary of government servants has increased by Rs. 10,000 after a decade. Salaries and allowances in the Judiciary service have been increased on a special basis.

Mahapola Scholarship has been increased by Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 5,000. Allowance for kidney patients has increased from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000.

Today, Katunayake International Airport has the ability to facilitate world’s largest airplanes due to the construction of a runway which was completed within a short period of time.

Tourism has become the 3rd largest foreign exchange earning sector in the country, as it brings in 15% of all foreign exchange.

The project ‘SathviruSanhinda’ housing assistance scheme for war-heroes was launched in 2017, and it has achieved 90% progress as of now.

Strategic Defence Communication network Project started in 2015 has shown commendable progress.

A special salary and allowance scheme has commenced to provide lifelong benefits and allowances to the disabled soldiers of the Tri-forces and widows of fallen soldiers.  Paying of pension arrears has been also been systemized.

During the period 2015 to 2018, a land area of 40,475 acres has been released from the use of the Tri-forces. Thus, 85% of all the land occupied by the military during the war period has now been released in the North and East provinces.

We have been able to achieve 90% progress in the programme to endow ownership of one million land plots to people.

Moragahakanda-Kalugange project, that was launched and implemented among many obstacles, has shown commendable progress. Since 2015, an accelerated construction programme was introduced and suitable officers were appointed to complete this mammoth project, that is six times as large as the Parakramasamudraya. The water of the Moragahakanda was released to the farmlands, and the Kaluganga waters will soon be released too.

As a measure to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and to strengthen national agro-economy by bring solace to the people suffering from drought, an initiative was launched to improve the irrigation systemsinRajarata and other areas. As such, 800 small tanks in the North Central Province, 1400 small tanks in the Northern Province, and 350 small tanks in the Uva Province will be restored. I must mention here that this is the first time that a government in power since Independence has undertaken to restore more than 2500 tanks simultaneously.

Further, the construction of North Western Canal (WayamabEla), and North Central Canal (UthurumedaEla), Minipe canal, have been started. They will certainly bring benefits to the people of Sri Lanka for generations.

We have shown serious commitment towards the environment and brought strict laws to control polythene and plastics. In recognition of our dedication to the environment, Sri Lanka has been chosen to lead the mangrove protection initiative of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The progress achieved by our programmes, Environmental Protection, Anti-Narcotics, “Save our Children” National Programme, Sustainable Schools, Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention, have achieved over 90% progress. We have prioritised managing waste, controlling environmental pollution, increasing environmental literacy, and protection of the forest cover. The waste management system, though received with some criticism, is now a well-functioning system.

Honourable Speaker,

I hitherto stated the political, economic, socio-cultural developments the present government obtained during the first session of the 8th Parliament under your leadership, which brought about some important legislative developments and developmental achievements.

It is no doubt that these achievements helped builddemocratic and humanitarian governance which is responsive to citizens and ascertained a path to fulfil the fundamental needs of the people. However, we have not yet overcome all the challengesconfronting us at present.

It is important to pay serious attention to those challenges when choosing the new path of the government,without passing burden of the ten-trillion-debt to the people. Further, the new path of the government should help the poor overcome poverty,and achieveefficiency in public service while delivering a people friendly service. This needs adopting new policies, implementing strategies and making crucial management decisions.

We must commit ourselves to the fast development that the people hope for, including the educated youth. This can never be postponed to the future. We must also ensure that Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Malay, Burgher, and the indigenousVadda communities can accomplish their reasonable aspirations, together as Sri Lankans.

For the past economic growth, achieving an efficient cooperation between public and private sector, increasing productivity and competition, optimizing resources to increase direct foreign investment, consolidating the country’s fiscal condition are critical.

Accomplishing the above mentioned goals and targets amount the fulfillment of our main goal; to emerge as an unconquerable nation in any aspect of development.

The second target is to achieve national and religious reconciliation to ensure political stability of the country. The third target is to build efficient state governance free of corruption and fraud. My prime goal is to achieve these objectives within my tenure.

The core of the Throne Speech I delivered before you on 1st of September 2015 was this. At that time, we stated that you are the pioneers of a transformative period which none of the previous parliamentary representatives had faced. The history of the world has showed us that a transformative era has always being a hard and unpopular period by nature.

Honourable speaker,

The whole country today wants to achieve the freedom of prosperity. Standing against bribery, corruption and waste is the self defence of a nation, for its future.

It should be considered that the new session starting today provides an opportunity to achieve those noble goals.

In Sri Lanka, three hundred and thirty one thousand babies are born every year. The annual death rate is one hundred and thirty one thousand per year. As such, two hundred thousand people are added to our population annually. The new generation of our country have their goals; the intellectuals too. The country too has its goals and targets. I left the previous regime and formed this government with the blessings of the people to ensure that those noble targets and goals are achieved for the betterment of our motherland.

It must be noted that the country is not in a situation where it is appropriate for different parties and groups to test their political power, but in a situation where the challenges faced by the nation should be overcome with a collective effort.

In order to make this a reality, the power struggle among the parties in the National Government as well as the power struggle between the government and the opposition must be contained. It is the people who are aggravated by all forms of conflicts over power.

Honourable Speaker,

I identify fifteen broad criteria that will make the foundation of a truly people-oriented program to fulfil their expectations:

  1. Ensure economic prosperity of the people,
  2. Eradicate poverty,
  3. Generation of new employment opportunities for the youth,
  4. Satisfy the public servants,
  5. Ensure the confidence and motivation of the police and the Tri-forces,
  6. Further strengthen rule of law, democracy, human rights, and freedom of speech in the society,
  7. Recognition of equal rights based aspirations of the Tamil people,
  8. Ensure the wellbeing and socio-cultural needs of the Muslim community,
  9. Empower the upcountry Tamil community socially and economically,
  10. Further strengthen the indigenous identity by reinforcing the cultural heritage of the Sinhala people,
  11. Involving directly to further empower women,
  12. Being sensitive to the requirements of people with special needs,
  13. Ensure sustainable development that will protect the environment and endow resources of the nation to the future,
  14. Sustainable stewardship towards all religions to protect religious faith and national values with the Buddhist establishment,
  15. Establishing a sustainable development vision by bringing together all ethnic and religious groups and political parties by transcending the struggle for political power.

When operating under those broad criteria it is imperative that we adopt both macro as well micro development strategies while bringing about structural reforms as required.

As such, you, as people’s representatives, are the implementers, supervisors, as well as advisors of this agenda collectively. The government will duly introduce a mechanism to monitor the progress based on development outcomes.

Honourable speaker,

There are some criticisms and accusations levelled against this government by various parties. We humbly take them into consideration, while being self-critical. We have already made sure that the law enforcement agencies of the government are independent. However, there are concerns as to why some large scale fraudsters have not being able to be brought to justice. Our prime motive is to eradicate corruption completely and to enforce law against perpetrators.

Another allegation against us has been about the coming together of the two main parties to form the national government. Yet, given the challenges the nation is facing right now, all parties should come together as one. The nation is burdened with a huge debt. And, we have to clean the remnants of a period that made wasteful expenditure. All should work together as one considering that this is the last opportunity for Sri Lanka to emerge as an unconquerable nation.

I also consider that it is an important political responsibility that we create an environment, in which the winner as well as the loser can co-exist with dignity without hatred and large scale political victimization we have been used to experience in times of regime changes in this country.

Our utmost expectation should be to serve the nation according to our conscience and I urge that we commit towards our future.

There were many challenges when this government was formed. First among them was to restore democracy and rule of law. Second was to ensure trust and promote peace among the communities. Third was to build the economy of the country tied to a huge debt. Fourth was to win the International arena which was lost. Whichever the criticisms may be, the government has been able to obtain a successful outcome within the past three years. However, there are lot of work to be done within all these areas.

Honourable Speaker,

Today, it is essential that we lead the country towards entrepreneurial management and adopt policies attractive to local and foreign entrepreneurs in order to build as strong and modern Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, steps should be taken to beat the so-called ‘economy of friends’ and to build a ‘society and people-friendly economy’. An economy is needed where everyone can prosper.

It is essential to mention here about the people of agriculture sector in the country. Owing to unfavourable weather during the last three years, the contribution of the agriculture sector to the Gross Domestic Product has decreased. The destructively-heavy rains and long term drought is a result of the climatic changes that affect globally. Rupees Thirty eight thousand million has been invested to provide rations including food to the people in areas affected from drought.

We must make sure that people can engage in agriculture unhindered by bad weather. As a nation, we have not yet been able to achieve satisfactory progress in modernising our agriculture sector with new technology. The agricultural production, post-harvest processing and distribution systems need to be be modernized.

Similarly, as a Middle Income Country, it is the time for us to develop an export-oriented industry, based on new technology.

Honourable Speaker,

The foundation of a stable country is national reconciliation. It is important to introduce a structure for taking political decisions based on equality for achieving meaningful reconciliation. I believe, it is dire need of the day to strengthen the existing provincial council system in order to achieve these objectives. Whatever the opposition, it is essential to enter into a political programme with the consensus and agreement of the people to find a permanent solution to the issue of unrest of the people in the North and East. Although we defeated the terrorists physically, we have not succeeded in defeating their ideology completely. During the last three years, I have made efforts to defeat the separatist’s ideologies with the cooperation of the international community.

We have to acknowledge that post-conflict management is a challenging task. At the time we assumed duty as the government, there was a delay of seven years to find solutions to these challenges, and the task of facing the challenges had become further difficult. There is a lot to be done to erase the war mentality instilled in the society for three long decades and establish harmony. It is extremely difficult for the government to do this alone. It is essential for all sections of the society to get involved. Hence, I appeal to everybody to work in harmony to attain this objective.

It is important to draw our attention to the national security, which includes protection of territorial integrity, human security and cyber security. While territorial security includes security of maritime areas, in human security, we have to consider food and water resource security.

As Sri Lanka is geographically located in a central location in the Indian Ocean, it is of strategic importance to us. We also have to remember that this has placed us in a position to think of futuristically about possible security threats. Hence, I emphasize the importance of maintaining a middle path foreign policy with friendship with all nations. This friendly middle path policy has paid dividends. The United Nations and all the countries in the world work with us as friends and cooperate with us more than ever before.

Honourable Speaker,

The era of change to which I gave leadership in 2015, has not been completed. Then, it was a novel experience for Sri Lanka. Certain incidents that took place in the past three years have proven that we have been unable to develop the socio-political maturity required to move forward with a national government system.The consensual and dialogue democracy is the governing structure of most of the democratic countries in the world today, but it is still an alien concept for us.

In the current political scenario, the opposition politics must take a different path and the sister parties in the national government must also a new course.The national unity government consists of various different political parties having different ideologies. If those political parties must function according with the path shown by the Buddha, giving priority for harmony and consensus as the Vajji, at the time of the Buddha, we should also truthfully follow the steps taken by Vajji. As the President during the past three years, I conducted was according to those principles. I strongly believe it will make us a victorious people and a nation.

Honourable Speaker,

In conclusion, I emphasized that, we, as a government, should fulfil our responsibilities under a strong political thought, which gives prominence to our heritage, our great culture and our unique identities, in the journey of rising as a nation while achieving economic prosperity.I believe that moving forward, we must work with a vision that is representative of our heritage and the needs of the common people. I wish success for the country and the people. (speech text courtesy President’s Media Division)

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    Wow , looks likes we are living in an ARSHIKLAND

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      He is king to make public statements.

      But 3 years are gone not a single person is punished .

      When would you use your swode ?

      Just polish his party which has been destructed by former rascal MR.

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        I am against any kind of previledges being given to their own families. But imagine…
        if [edited out] continued … he would have let his sons to hold night car races on and on.
        Remember the high days of former pattapal horagediya s acts ?

        Why the people suffer from the kind of amnesia .. is my next question

        His high days ballige putha never thoughts it was the funds of state.

        SRILANKA was his own property remember ?

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        Yes – this iis what we call – kathawa doolawen gamana payin…. that is part and parcel of lanken behavours.
        Most talk a lot but do nothing.
        Talk always high… like ones living in a water well. They dont know what others are talking about.

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        The stupidity of the Sri Lankan population is glaringly visible when everyone is known about the cost the state spending for a single day in the cesspit or the haven of the thieves we all made to call it as THE PARLIAMENT to keep the political scumbags happy and rolling…and at the same time some poor people in the villages have nothing to eat or feed their children crying out of hunger. I happened to see a video clip of an ITN special report item featuring a village where people are surviving with 3 biscuits and a mug of water for a single day. In the meantime, the Govigama Ruling Elite Mafia does continuously planning to bring down other hardworking people who might be belonging to some of the targeted communities they are fakely projecting as the enemies of the Sinhalese by burning down their properties and livelihoods by deploying the STATE SPONSORED mercenary forces ( JHU, BBS and all allied Buddhist Terror outfits). Gnanasara is a fine product of the Govigama Mafia, well protected, well financed by the Defense ministry, supported by the entire Buddhist Religious authority and the hierarchy giving the moral support, backed by Wijeya and Upali Newspaper Media companies owned by the Govi Mafia, also other media outlets belonging to them, Television, Radio, Newspapers, internet being used with millions of rupees spending for these evils. Why cant they use these energies to build a decent society instead?

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      These criminals (Govigama Ruling Elite Mafia) are masters in deception. Maithreepala and all the other ilks coming from the garbage pits (SLFP/UNP) have one thing in common… they are not FIT FOR LEADERSHIP TO BUILD THIS COUNTRY. What they are experts in is to play games with the lives of the populace, with GOVIGAMA RULE -CORRUPTIONS, KILLINGS, LOOTINGS, ROBBERIES, RACISM, Divide and Rule tactics, State Terrorism and Mind control through the State and Private media they own and during the last 100 years, they mastered the manipulations to keep the society divided on race, religion and cast lines. Sirisena is a selection of the Chandrika, Mahinda was a selection of Chandrika seconded by Sira. DS, Banda, JR, Dudley, senanayakes, Bandaranayakes, Ratwattes….. are all treacherous GOVIGAMA criminals who plotted are naturally racists and traitors who plotted with the invaders (The Jew controlled British Empire) toppled the native KING RAJASINGHE and took over the reign of ruling from the British through their BLOODLINE connections to the JEWISH tribe (The crypto Jews / Donme). Their infiltration into the system is so enormous, as planned by the British, the deception worked beautifully and the Sinhala Majority has been kept on mesmerized with the “Threat to Buddhism” deceptions they devised to use it against the minorities. Thus they became the heroes all the time. Take all the national heroes, 80% of them belong to this evil Jewish blooded lot (Govigamas, Vellalas, Nayakkars ).

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      Wait ! Wait ! All of you with a little bit of Patience.h
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    He was driven into Parliament,with Horses behind him to make this Throne speech.
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      Ranil is hated by people for some reasons… media mafia is run by lanken Rajpaakshe GOONs.
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      Those who were lucky to be behind the horses got a starter course of Fresh Bullshit, and then for the main course we got an even bigger dish of top class Bullshit.

      The moral: Forget Yahapalanaya, admire the Bullshit.

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        Spring Koha

        “The moral: Forget Yahapalanaya, admire the Bullshit.”

        Isn’t that what the people of this island doing for at least 70 years?
        Only problem is they do not seem to know the difference even after 70 years.

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    Hoo hooo son Daham is involved in the biggest bribery scam ever recorded in srilanka.
    God bless you GS

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    The worst President we have ever had in our history.
    Protecting the brutal Medamulana warlords and there henchaiyas.

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      T P,
      Agree. A Total NINCAMPOOP.
      A specialist in MONKEY SCIENCE and hence presides over a scientific cabinet of thieves.

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    True Daham is above the law, and so are the PM and former Finance Minister the two key politcians behind the central bank robbery! They have not been punished yet either; instead the UNP gang of robbers have given their leader their confidence for him to lead. No sword will fall on the gangsters that rob the national treasury.

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      Aibaba and his gang of robbers

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      We crigticise everyone… do you have any better leaders to lead us.

      You mongoose runner, would not know anything but to add your low level comments.

      Please tell us as you repeatedly say, if Premadas would be the leader, what has he got to lead us. He can lead to all hell as was the case with most abusive Rajapkseht thakkadiya.

      Pramadasa should be a leader but not at this critical juncture where MR men have been waiting to take revenge.

      I think UNP should hold together to defeat Rajakshe men.. Rajapkshes want to avoid any kind of court cases being filed against them.
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      CT readers
      Could any of you educate “thrishu” as his history of this island only start from 9 January 2015. Dr Mahinda (LLD + 3 X PhD) was the Finance minister from 2005 to 2015. His American brother (10%, 20%, 30%) was the senior adviser to his bro for 3 years and then appointed minister for Economic Development and his other American brother the National Hangman (DSc) was the Defense Secretary during which time there was a war and state purchased lots of Arms and Ammunition costing billions.

      During Mahinda’s period there was unlimited opportunities available to the clan being Basil he and his clan made use of them efficiently.

      Ten Years > Three Years and Five Months.
      One Person > 154 Persons.

      • 0

        Native with RTI going to be a part of school curriuclum.; I think it is high time them to add corruption and abuses as a subject to all levels. So that they can go on talking about any kin do fcorruption would have been dangerous.
        If we plant that in the hearts of youth already at schooling levels, not many would be caught by corruption and highly abused cultures.
        Most of all they have to react against rural poverty. So long poverty is big porition to be struggled out.. nothing can be changed. basta bum

  • 11

    President’s Policy Statement: ‘No One Above The Law’.
    This statement is taken for granted everywhere but MS having to reiterate this shows the parlous state we are in. The source of the rot is well known but there is gold out there!
    By the way, ask any Lankan politician, for example MR, Gota, Namal, Wimal, RK, RW etc. They will repeat this manthra.

  • 3

    I heard this very same thing with a letter different was read by Sir Oliver Gunathilake in 1948.

  • 2

    How does this relate to the tasks and goals of 114 ministers ?
    Why Maithripala Sirisena opted for yahapalanaya which is a disaster whn he had 142 ministers. He could have appointed 114 SLFP ministers.
    Anywa, MY3 says this statement is the intended and not the one to be read.

  • 15

    President Maithripala Sirisena

    “President Maithripala Sirisena, delivering the policy statement at the inauguration of the new parliamentary session today said that the Unity Government had overcome to a great extent the challenge of restoring democracy and establishing the Rule of Law, despite the fact that justice has not been done to the victims of his son’s assault at a night club in December 2016.”

    despite the fact that justice has not been done to the victims of :

    1. BBS Sinhala-“Buddhist” carnage and criminal activities at Aluthgama, Amparai , Kandy and other places,

    2. Victims of White vans and ego killings that are many

    3. The crooks of Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies

    4. Other crooks and other criminal activities, including 2009 war crimes,

    • 8

      You forgot to add:
      5. Victims of LTTE Terrorists led by Prabhakaran aka Pol Pot of Sri Lanka

  • 12

    Why did Sillysena waited until his Big 16 gave Silly the flick, to disclose these big ass achievements ?…
    When Silly took over we were a Mid Income Nation.
    Are we now High Income?..
    Because Sira has increased everything by at least 25 %.
    Where is Dr Ranil?…..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “When Silly took over we were a Mid Income Nation.”

      That was true in 1948.
      When Sinhala/Buddhism grew in strength and became a decisive destructive force in 1956 well we know what happened since. It has been slippery slope until now. There is no hope.

      “Because Sira has increased everything by at least 25 %.”

      You mean he has increased his former boss Dr Mahinda’s support by 25%.
      Well done. You must be a very happy b***s carrier indeed.

  • 1

    I can not believe there are journalists who would publish these crap the parliament. what a JOKe. they say, Every time in different formats, in different places , they read the same thing.

  • 0

    Every Prime minister and president said the same thing. Mahinda Rajapakse said the same thing. Now Maithripala sirisena read the same thing. Now Ranils wants to read the same thing. that why when he remembers the bond Scam. I di dnot do anything wrong because Maithripala Is doing the same thing. MY3 did not prosecute me. Som,e times Ranil says Now I am not the PM and I am the minister for Transport. He had suggested transport with elephants and horses in the hilly areas. Only problem is Elephants do not like to walk under Al Geta PEra trees. so, he Ordered to cut all the Ali geta pera trees.

  • 2

    What is a Policy Statement? What does a policy statement aspire?
    Isn’t a policy statement a broad overview of the State of the Nation, its Goals and its Path to attain that.
    The Nation is in a State of chaos. Economically there is no direction. Socially there is no revival strategy. Politically there is no sense of purpose.
    Report Card: Failure is in the offing.

  • 3

    This is a “Goosey,goosey, gander, where shall I wander” speech. A disgraceful, “Nothing” speech full of platitudes.No achievements to speak of – just plain intentions. The road to hell is lined with good intentions.!
    The man thinks that the country is full of idiots!

  • 3

    He mentioned that SLFP had 142 (75 crossed from oppositions, previously) members and UNP had 42 members. He was the Chief of the government. The Promise to TNA was 100 days solution. There was more 2/3 and with that, by April End 19th A was passed. No Secret Solution was added to that though he had overwhelming majority. Probably Buddha punished him for his cheating. Now he has only 25 MPs. He had mentioned a long list of things he wants to have dome. But there is no mention about Secret Solution, devolutions, war crime investigation or implementation of Resolution 30/1.

    Sumanthiran and Sampanthar are fooling the North and East. Sumanthiran is saying North is rejecting merging with East. He has for long been well aware and he worked hard with UNP and SLFP to cheat on the Secret Solution. UNP wants to have JVP’s 20A passed. So Sumanthiran has said TNA will be supporting the 20A too. Apparently Yahapalanaya and TNA are only providing lib service. UNP using Sumanthiran to block any initiation USA or West may want to take to resolve Tamils’ problem.

    OMP was unanimously rejected by Tamils because it is only Paranagama II. They cheated UNHRC by pretending like closing Paranagama Commission. But OMP is going to use only Paranagama reports. There is no useful information released to Tamil by RTI. There was small a Tamil girl standing near to New King in one of the receptions. He is not releasing the information of what happened to that girl. The Mother is in desperate condition, but these beasts are not moving other than fooling IC with reconciliation propagandas. Out of the 9 provinces, other than the two considered to be Tamil, all other Provinces have had their governors replaced. Kandy Ayatollahs refusing to send any governors less nasty than Corey or Chandrasiri.

  • 5

    This man is uttering nonsense. Except dham ,chathurika, son-in-law and head of rice mafia dudly are are all above law.

  • 3

    Throne is meant to release kingdom ruling in righteousness and justice or else it becomes an evil king usurping a kingdom throne murdering and robbing his helpless citizen subjects. In 2015, SAITM was releasing MBBS doctors having followed govt. UGC approved course curriculum after August 2011 approval of local degree. Court verdict allowed them internship training for completion of their course. SLMC was found violating the Medical Ordinance, rebel Carlo altering report.

    The king panicked without reigning on his fiery throne, ignorantly worshipping the opportunistic and threatening GMOA. KING breathed his fire on SAITM unaware that true justice was also on the throne. The relics got exposed Now GMOA is very high on the bribery list for CIABOC, offering SAITM an illegal Nizhny export refugee program to be diaspora, with no SLMC approved sending medical school (SAITM failed this 10 years ago) and Nizhny denying any connection with a medical school here. Investigate GMOA trying to hijack approved ONE CLASS of SAITM students through irregular division with craving for their financial gain deceitfully inducing exit, when it is the govt. responsibility and accountability to absorb them like they did for NCMC previously.

  • 16

    We voted for you in 2015.

    Enjoy the next two years because you and your family will both be very lonely people thereafter.

    You had the chance of being a bigger hero than MR but you squandered that opportunity in grand style.

    • 3


      “Enjoy the next two years because you and your family will both be very lonely people thereafter.”

      What about his son? Doesn’t he deserve to enjoy his life being a political brat?

      “You had the chance of being a bigger hero than MR but you squandered that opportunity in grand style.”

      Any other leader comes to mind?

  • 4

    ” On that occasion the President’s son Daham led a mob that included members of the Presidential Security Division (PSD) “
    Is it the PSD again?
    So still the news coming out from outside (Like Indian reporters) may have some hope, but the Collaboration of Lankawe writers to that news cannot be ruled out and again outside does make much difference. So Colombo Media is not telling what how did this goof took place. How did the Commander in Chief failed to have sniffers and let this to come and knock at his private room? What would have been if the Dinesh was mentioned army coup? The entire family would have been house arrested by army? We all know the New King dissolved Parliament when DEW was about to present Emil’s case in parliament. Here some confusing and conflicting info. If that is the case then we would think that New King & Ranil was in good relation at that time. But now suggestions are Ranil was watching while this happen. An Indian writer suggests that New King was informed about three years ago that one of his aides is in watch. But he would now know who it is. Another news suggest that Mahanama was in watch for four years. That is well in the Old Regime period. But they are clams that PSD was the one informed New King of the napping and he exclaimed “‘May ape Mahanama!’”. So when the question is “Why PSD”, answers is they were on duty with New Royal son-in-Law, but when the arrest took place he hid him immediately. That is why the PSD had to inform the Chief PSD the security situation at hotel and he in turn informed the commander in Chief. So is the target included Royal son-in- Law but he slipped?

  • 3

    Media is not clear on that but says that his arrest is now prevented by Commander in Chief, by this time. The story further says Royal guy was the chief negotiator. So let us see back once. The watch was started four years ago on Mahanama. Chief negotiator is Royal guy. Is that then Old Royals fixed this first? Kanthalai factory is much not longer than 1 1/2 year tussle only, by all we heard. Modi had blamed New King for the Sampur too. So, this is, at the end, as they say in Tamil “Pazham Naluvi Pallilai Vizhunthaalpaul” (The fruit slipped down but though fell into the milk) for Ranil. Now lets us infer something- then is that UNP informed the New Royals about the potential sting? It looks like they did not worry a lot, but perhaps changed the main negotiator and felt safe. The mild alertness on Kanthalai costed the job of Chinnaiah. Because they had to postpone the Russian Junkyard, they negotiated for a lower price on Kanathalai, from 540 to 100. Having fired the hostile woman from Bribery and have appointed friendly guy there, now they are comfortable. They did not know the termites were coming through the root. Now the 20th & 21st Century fox’s relationship had fallen apart. To be doubly sure that the needed people will be taken inside, he warned all the UNP MPs not to provoke commander in Chief and stir things up. Indian writer is saying when one was fighting with Old Guys and Grand Old Party, isn’t that he should have checked internally, if his part is good? How did he goof this to happen? Is that because the gray matter is small? Anyway, it seems “Thalaikku vanthathu Thlaipaakaiyodai Pauduthu” Probably it was the PSD guys protected the New Royal Guy in the Taj Sumatra Hotel and got him safely out. May be the firework Ranil looked for had ended not so thrilling.

  • 9

    RW should appoint RK to look into these matters like what he did to the Secretaries.
    If RK is not given a Ministry by Sorrysena, He should act as PM’ coordinator and his first task should be to eradicate the Rice Mafia of Dudley Sirisena and also expose Chathurika’ sordid deals. This B who said he will say Sir to Ranil and Madam to Chandrika has lost his head complet6ely. He tries to show the world that he’s the one who got the GSP+ etc. can’t even put a sentence together. It’s a shame such a person representing the Country

    • 8

      He is SOB no doubt, and a shameless liar and a back boneless bastard – majority of others in UNP also similar – including leader

      We really are ashamed of all these Apathayas

  • 5

    President forgot to mention the greatest achievement of the ‘Jadapalana’ Government: Central Bank Robbery and allowing the main suspect to escape.

    • 2

      Potta Eye

      Biggest ever bribe scandal under my3.

    • 3

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “President forgot to mention the greatest achievement of the ‘Jadapalana’ Government: Central Bank Robbery and allowing the main suspect to escape.”

      Its nothing.
      His greatest achievement is he has managed to protect all those crooks who were involved in multi billion scams, robbery, wasting scarce resources, in the previous regime and protecting possible 300,000 war criminals, ……………………………….

  • 0

    What a parliament.

  • 2

    Yo there President Sillysena could you please do us Lankans a favor and RESIGN from your post??? Even your friend and the man who would have murdered you and family (MaRa & Gotaya) had you lost the Presidential election, say that you are a LIAR!!!

  • 2

    Sillysena has turned into a Marasena after Silly’s prorogation of the Yahapalana Parliament.
    Is this the the preemptive Political Missile attack on Dr Ranil, to finish off what ever expectations Dr Ranil may harbor for the Big , one after beating the NCM?.
    Will Dr Ranil have a come back.
    As a betting man I say no.
    While promoting Silly as the favorite for 2020.
    Why I think so..
    Dr Ranil didn’t even get a mention in these so called achievement of Sillysena.
    In contrast all our inhabitants from Kinder to the Homes for the Aged know Dr Ranil helped his Royal mate and SIL to rob the Central bank and the EPF.
    And all most all inhabitants who can read and write know Dr Ranil’s deputy Galleon, took Santhosams to the tune of at least 150 Million Ruppiahs.
    And there are others like Mallika, and Kirra who have raked in big time.
    They also know that Dr Ranil is hell bent on partitioning the Sinhala Buddhist Nation to give Homelands to Vellala Tamils and the Wahabis. just to please the West and the Tamil Diaspora
    And Dr Ranil and Mangala have already signed off on UN demands to punish the War Heroes..
    That is the record card the opponents will be reading at Political rallies.
    To make it even more difficult, UNP favorites like Poodle Club baby and one time Pin Up Boy young Sujeeva says, he will contest against Ranil.
    Then there is Dentist Dr and the Wahabi Rep in Dr Ranil’s Cabinet ,boasting about his prowess to beat even Gota at the Prez Election..
    And Dr Ranil’s own Field Marshall Ponny as the diaspora Mally calls him, is determined to get the President Gig, mainly to hang Rajapaksa s in Galle Face , as promised in his last Election manifesto.
    In contrast Silly has not only presented this you beauty, list of achievements.

  • 2

    He has done nothing to the country, only helped his family & goons around, Night club bashing thug the son, daughter taking all the Advertising budgets of govt & semi govt organisation, son in law the same , all taking backhanders using third parties, buys metal crap Russian war ships.for kick backs.

    From the time he ate Mahinda’s APPE , just going around the world eating, drinking & waving the hand.

    Country has gone to dogs because of SL politicians.
    F***ALL, do nothing politicians of all sides, President, PM , Ministers, MPs,elected & sod all National list, Provincial Councillors, Local politicos. They all suck taxpayers money, Free car permits, mega tax free salaries, allowances, bank robbers, Arti -fact thieves, drug dealers, murderers, womenisers & their goons all live on this free money from tax payer, Only a handful of honest politicians in SL, That is why they hang on to their jobs into their 80s & 90s.& then pass onto their next generation.

    Religious leader & clergy are NO different.

    That is the SAD truth about SRILANKA.

    We need a genuine person like Phillipines President

    God bless SRILANKA

  • 0

    New King started the LG election with both legs in different boats, UNP and Old Royals. At the end, he was cutting the branch he was sitting. So with killing UNP at 23%, his party came down with 13%. PC Election is now approaching. His, big election preparation of proroguing parliament has ended up only pro-rogue-ing-with Bribery Commission.
    He can’t hold too long from the finger pointed at the Royal guy. It is said that there are video clips and messages. If so, then they are in the hostile Indian government’s hand. Just because some info of Old Brother Prince is in American’s hand, now Jaliya is facing difficulties to get out. So Lankawe had only one way to deal with America, calling back Ambassador Kariyawasam. In any of those tangled countries (UK, USA, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico-? like some other countries) the strategy is only calling back High Commissioners or Ambassadors. India seems to be did not seek and got this, unlike America, but still has got it. (Earlier, China used the Computers to grab Colombo Pong Ching from the Hollow War Crime Hero. Russia let the rice bugs crawl into Tea.) If India uses this material against China Building Empire in Lankawe, then (Lanka)we will have to recall Indian Ambassador too.

  • 0

    The commissioner in India is a famous anti Tamil, M/s Wakeesan. She was well used, even if she not as good as Kathirgamar, in Canada -UK all over everywhere to campaign against Tamils. Because she is too popular in her anti-Tamil stands, India Probably has some record of her too. That probably is why India had kept this Thamul Coolie also in dark. So now the medicine for India’s game on this is calling back M/s Wakeesan. But that is not going to save the Royal guy from Bribery Commission or force India back. So only way is to admit Mahanama with a medical condition of too much sneezing or flatulence at an army hotel. If once Mahanama get out of the hand of BC, then without minding India, the Royal guy can be saved. Otherwise he can be the “wiper of SLFP” on the PC election.
    It is said New King has refused to meet Chandrika for three months. (Anyway she is the one _with Sampanthar and Sobitha Thero- created this problem.) He might fears of Party Leadership if he meets her. If Ranil goes, there is no good one in UNP. But that is not the case of SLFP. The Old Royals waiting with Hawkish eye of every move of New King, to snatch the party. This might be heart ache to Chandrika. She may want to prevent the party again falling in hands of Hitler-Stalin-Mussolini, the triplets Brothers. She can do nothing about it unless this guy cooperating with her. It appears he had many project in work in progress. He was not willing to see her. Now he would not have any face to see her at all. This might end the SLFP’s history, unless mercy or grace comes from Old Royals. That is like asking a thief’s mother where about of her son is!

    • 0

      As usual you give some food for thought..
      Can Silly restore SLFP to its old glory that kept Dr Ranil and his Elite Anglican , Wahabi and Vellala UNP at bay…
      No chance, after sucking Dr Ranil for 3 years under this BS Yahapalanaya.
      Which did nothing but made Mahendrans Millionnaires…Plus a few Diasporians.
      Pohottuwa now has an unassailable position .
      5 Million solid votes , plus more to come .
      Whiskey Madam must be on pain killers..

  • 0

    You came in saying that you will get rid of Presidency?

    It is India who put you there with the Indian block vote in the country.

    Unfortunately India and Indians did not give you any pocket money.

    So you have to work hard to (solicit bribes).

  • 0

    ” Shit is where shit collects. “

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