5 March, 2024


Privatization Of National Health Care With A Covid-19 Mask: Vaccinating Children Amid Erosion Of Medical Ethics

By Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake

Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake

With well over 50 percent of the Sri Lankan population double-vaccinated why is Sri Lanka in extended Covid-19 lockdown until October 1?

After all, vaccination was supposed to ensure opening up countries and a return to normal life! No other country on earth with such a high vaccination rate and large percentage of its population vaccinated is being kept in socially and economically ruinous lockdowns, with public transport systems and even the law courts shut down.

Are the leaky Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ gene-therapies as safe as they are made out to be, if people have to still where masks and social distance, or is the current lockdown to keep up the fear psychosis and promote vaccination of children? The current vaccines have not been trialed among children in South Asia, who have different genetic and cultural characteristics than those in Europe and America.

Or, are the continuous lockdowns to enable asset stripping in this strategically located island at the centre of the Indian Ocean on the busiest trade, energy and submarine data cable route (UDC) in the world, by external actors amidst a pandemic of corruption, while the President is feted in the United States and at the UNGA – and this is despite the likelihood of herd immunity when those naturally infected with the virus are added onto the numbers of already vaccinated?

Is Sri Lanka an advanced experiment in the great Covid-19 “Global Re-Set” envisaged by the Davos clique and analyzed presciently by the great French historian of science, Michel Foucault, at this time?

Foucault defined ‘Biopolitics’ as a process whereby biology, life and death become the subject of governance; the control of populations though discourses on health and security. Covid-19 looks like a biopolitical dream or nightmare to promote “Global Governance” as governments, advised by the World Health Organization (WHO), experts and physicians, impose pandemic dictatorship on entire populations in the name of a ‘Health Emergency’. Getting rid of all democratic obstacles under the pretext of “health,” even “survival,” they are finally able to govern and control populations and their movements, more or less openly, as pure “biomass,” or “bare life” through a range of ‘technologies of governance’: masks, tests, vaccines, lockdowns, fear, sanitization, death data, and media spectacle – a full on hybrid “Over the Horizon’ (OTH) cyberwar?

Erosion and Privatization of the National Health System

Covid-19 has resulted in a significant erosion of national health and education institutions and national policy autonomy and sovereignty as networks of international and local “experts” of the World Health Organization (WHO), often funded by big pharmaceutical companies, have captured institutions and policy space aided by increased digitization during Covid-19 lockdowns.

Many big Pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporates and their expert networks are profiting from the so-called Covid-19 pandemic and “Emergency Use”, authorized PCR and antigen tests and vaccines developed at “warped speed” while the risks of these products are not disclosed. This is in-spite of consumers having a Right to Information in order to make informed choices on whether or not to take vaccines or invasive PCR tests.

Simultaneously, a de facto privatization of the national health system and gutting of Dr. Senaka Bibile’s celebrated national Pharmaceutical Policy for affordable, patent-free drugs is ongoing under the Covid mask: Digitization of the health care system, data wipes at the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA), and increased Emergency Use Authorization of vaccines and other bio-medical tests and equipment under the claim that Covid-19 is a health emergency.

Emergency use Authorization for vaccines and PCR tests means that the usual safeguards, tests and trials for product effectiveness, efficiency and liability, are observed in the breach, as is currently the case with Covid-19 gene-therapies and ‘vaccines’ developed at ‘warped speed’ and PCR and antigen tests that give high rates of false positives or negatives.

At this time the PCR test that was once considered the “Gold Standard” for Covid-19 diagnosis has been withdrawn by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), due to conflation of influenza and Covid-19 and other inaccuracies, leading to exaggerations of Covid-19 cases and deaths by orders of magnitude.

Capture of National policy institutions and marginalization of expertise

The Covid-19 emergency has enabled capture of national institutions and policy processes by networks of corporate and business interests and arguably the military-business industrial complex that is pushing Covid-19 surveillance (trace and test), in this geo-strategically located Indian Ocean island, where the USAID rushed to set up a Covid-19 surveillance hospital in Iranawila.

The WHO’s experts and US think tanks like the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) of the University of Washington are designing epidemiology models and prescribe lockdowns, based on inaccurate PCR test numbers, which have rendered Covid-19 a numbers game, without national context analysis or comparison of mortality data available at the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS). 

Of course, some national institutions may lack relevant research expertise, but even when there is expertise they tend to be marginalized and marginalized in WHO experts’ committees and the Covid-19 task force. For instance, demographers from the DCS who could have easily clarified based on available annual mortality data that there were no excess deaths last year (2020), but rather 10 percent fewer deaths than in the previous year, and hence NO health emergency in Sri Lanka have been marginalized.

From PCR and Antigen tests, testing machines, labs, ventilators, Oximeters and fleets of new ambulances to imported Oxygen, personal protection equipment (PPE), quarantine hotels and sanitization equipment, not to mention billions for Emergency Use vaccines, Covid is big business. So too special refrigeration storage facilities and trucks at the Pharmaceuticals Corporation for the highly-marketed, Pfizer vaccines that UNICEF rushed to secure for children. Covid-19 testing, medical equipment and technology, digitization, big data and surveillance is big business, globally and locally for vaccine, bio-technology and pharmaceutical companies, together with cyber security corporations, their local business agents and media partners of the Colombo regime.

WHO “experts” panels together with selected local medical organizations like the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) and the GMOA, are funded by big Pharmaceutical companies. They have promoted fear-inducing militarized mass vaccination lockdowns based on junk PCR-test data. An outfit called the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS), has been avidly promoting Covid-19 fear psychosis and vaccination of children.

The SLMA has a long history of collaboration and sponsorship from big Pharmaceutical companies including for research and annual gala dance parties. Glaxosmithkline funded and enabled the “Guidelines and Information on Vaccines” policy document.

Longest School Closure to Create Vaccine Addicts?

Sri Lanka has had one of the longest school shut downs in the world – almost continuous except for a couple of months since March 2020 when the WHO declared a Covid “pandemic”. This is inspite of children being a very low risk group for Covid-19, particularly in countries like Sri Lanka where Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination, which protects against bacterial and viral respiratory illnesses including Covid-19, is universally administered to children.

Unlike US and UK where BCG vaccine is not used, Sri Lanka has universal BCG vaccination for children and evidence shows that BCG vaccine provides protection against Covid-19 as against Tuberculosis and other bacterial and viral respiratory illness, as numerous international studies including at the University of Colombo Medical Faculty show. So why vaccinate Sri Lankan children?

Moreover, the Covid-19 vaccines developed at ‘warped speed’ have not been trialed on children in Asia who are administered with different vaccines than kids in US and EU or tested for inter-action with other vaccines administered to children.

At this time WHO experts and their local counter-parts at the GMOA and SLMA claim that schools can only open after children are vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

The extended shutdown of schools although all the data shows that there was no Covid-19 emergency in 2020, has exacerbated inequalities in access to education in the country, and seems to be a deliberate strategy to create fear psychosis and coerce vaccination of children although children are a very low risk group for Covid-19.

Ironically, the vaccine being marketed by the WHO and UNICEF for children in Sri Lanka is the Pfizer Biontech vaccine that uses messenger mRNA platforms that have never before been used in mass vaccination campaigns for adults or children, but rather for gene-therapy for individual cancer patients.

Pfizer was fined US$ 2 billion by the US Department of Justice not so long ago for its role in promoting Opioid addiction and the Opioid crisis in the US.

Are Sri Lankans now been primed for Pfizer vaccine addiction with boosters on the horizon?!

Digitalization, surveillance and the future of education

The digitization of teaching and social media infodemic under Covid-19 lockdowns in line with the Disinformation Playbook, has promoted Covid-fear psychosis and an infodemic of Disinformation as well as exacerbated the inequality gap. Wealthy kids are able to access and use the internet but poor children are unable to continue education without digital access.

The extended school and university closure also enables all sorts of foreign secondary, tertiary and universities to offer courses. Meanwhile national and local education and curricular content is reduced and high-jacked by the global market.

While digitization certainly enables wider access to information and knowledge there is a concern about the loss of local and national concerns and context specificity as Global Universities and courses take over.

Data Breach at National Medicines Authority

Meanwhile, the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) portal has suffered a data breach and lost an estimated two terabytes—or 2,000 gigabytes—of classified information from the Lanka Government Cloud (LGC). Previously vaccine politics had plagued the NMRA which delayed getting some brands of vaccines and authorizing their use.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Epic Lanka Technology, a private company that had mysteriously secured operation of the database of the NMRA, was summonsed before Colombo Magistrate’s Court last week (Sept. 09), after arrest by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The previous Yahapalanaya regime when Rajitha Senaratne was Minister of Health had begun privatization of the National Health System.

The NMRA is the body that regulates the issuance of licenses to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and pharmacies in the country. As it is highly sensitive, all information related to these operations is stored in its digital database. The files comprised information pertaining to the formulation of drugs, vaccines and other confidential supporting documents. A private company is responsible for the NMRA data. “They were massive files, very confidential, containing information such as how a drug is formulated given by the manufacturer to the local agent,” said one company representative.

The contents of vaccines are vital to track adverse reactions. With the apparent ‘loss’ of highly significant classified information – 2,000 gigabytes worth by the NMRA, transparency and accountability fly out the door.

Rajya Osu Sala PCR Tests and the Covid Numbers Game

Rajya Osu Sala, the main branch of the State Pharmaceutical’s Corporation at Union Place, Colombo, where the portrait of Dr. Senaka Bibile who fought and died for affordable, patent free drugs and vaccines, hung proudly is a betrayal at this time of so-called Covid-19 emergency. The once proud colonial building is said to be undergoing a face-lift and has been reduced to a construction site in the middle of a so-called global ‘pandemic” national emergency!

In its current state the Rajya Osu Sala building seems a metaphor of an eroding and crumbling national health system due to Covid-19? Simultaneously, privatization of the national health system is on-going as national institutions are debilitated and captured by networks of external business interests and think tanks that churn out questionable epidemiology models based on junk data from PCR tests as a means of population control or Biopolitics.

After the privatization of PCR and rapid antigen testing which was originally done in well supervised government labs, the Covid-19 cases and deaths ‘numbers game’ has increased exponentially. Privatization of PCR testing was promoted vociferously by Mr. Ravi Kumudesh who is not a doctor but a technician who styles himself as President of the College of Medical Laboratory Science. Meanwhile, the poster girl of the vaccine mafia, Dr. Neelika Malavige, has been advertising vaccines and seeking to ensure a ‘vaccine free market” in the country along with Kumudesh, eroding what remains of Dr. Bibile’s National “Pharmaceutical Policy” crippled by health sector corruption.

Indeed, the island’s medical fraternity appears to have been colonized by big Pharmaceutical companies and their business ethics while the Hippocratic Oath of doctors to care for the sick appears abandoned at this time with powerful doctors’ organizations calling to lockdown the country.

Doctors organizations and lack of Medical Ethics

Many Sri Lankan doctors’ organizations and unions have been promoting Covid-19 lockdowns and mass vaccination, following WHO expert “advice’ and epidemiology models from the Gates Foundation-funded University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (UHME).

However, as a skeptical and perceptive professional noted, big Pharmaceutical companies and WHO-funded doctors and their organizations that are calling to lockdown the country under the pretext of protecting the health service while fearful of getting ill, should not be doctors at all. They are violating the Hippocratic oath to help people who are ill, while creating a fake emergency due to the social and economic disruptions and log-jams that lockdowns cause, and by spreading fear in the media.

Doctors’ organizations calling for lockdowns seem like the military refusing to fight when called to battle an enemy, and rather vacating post. Indeed, this is precisely what has happened with the military administering vaccines to the public, even going house to house, as people are impoverished and succumb to malnutrition and hunger, virus-afraid and unable to go to hospital where the cost of PCR and Antigen tests are prohibitive.

The pandemic of corruption and ensuing social and economic devastation is the real emergency in Sri Lanka at this time. It has resulted in institutional ruin and capture of national health and education systems by external actors and bio-security networks to control the population.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg of Covid-19 collateral damage to this strategic island at the centre of the Indian Ocean, perennially in the cross-hairs of great power rivalry and increasingly regarding the Over the Horizon (OTH) war.

Covid an OTH Hybrid War Undermining National Institutions?

The question as to Sri Lanka’s population is being used as de facto Guinea Pigs for emergency use vaccines; or if Covid-19 is a mask to control populations with fear and lockdowns in Over the Horizon (OTH) hybrid cyberwar operation is especially relevant as the US withdraws from Afghanistan and redeploys in the Indian Ocean region?

Is the Great “Covid-19 Global Re-set” experiment envisaged by the Davos clique on-going in Sri Lanka? The “novel” SARS-COV 2 virus was invented in labs in Gain of Function research collaboration agreements, for which a history of patents exists, between America’s bio-terrorism fortress at Fort Detrick and China’s Wuhan Virology labs. Through the Covid narrative and the UNHRC debacle in Geneva, the US Deep State appears to be leveraging the Sri Lankan military and Rajapaksa regime at this time of Over the Horizon (OTH) warfare in the Indian Ocean Region.

Extended lockdowns have devastated and destabilized society and economy in a pattern of Over the Horizon (OTH), hybrid, propaganda and cyberwar. Meanwhile, the country is being asset stripped of valuable lands, mineral resources and strategic national security and energy assets. Most recently the Kerawalapitiay power plant on the west coast of the island, is being handed over to America’s New Fortress company, effectively compromising Sri Lanka’s National and Energy Security, under the guise of a clean, green energy project!

While the highly vaccinated population of Sri Lanka is confined in extended lockdowns, Sri Lanka’s oceans are being surveilled, scanned and mapped purportedly for oil by Britian’s Bell Geospace. The island’s maritime Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) is a spaghetti junction of Submarine or Undersea Data Cables (UDC), that keep the Big Data-dependent, US dominated, deeply unequal global economic and financial system ticking.

Finally, is the United States which lost to the Taliban after 20 years of occupation in Afghanistan winning an “Over the Horizon” seamless cyber and hybrid war operation in Sri Lanka?

This survey is conducted by the UK-based Bell Geospace. The Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat of Sri Lanka (PRDS) has hired the airborne geophysical surveying services of Bell Geospace to provide 3D Full Tensor Gradiometry, gravity and magnetic survey data on a Multi-Client basis for the region. Phase one of the survey is taking place over the shallow waters of the Mannar and Cauvery

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    Yes, the hospitals are empty these days and Sri Lanka probably is hitting herd immunity, when counting those who got the virus naturally.
    A sero Survey also shows parts of Delhi has 70 percent of population with anti-bodies. and herd immunity.
    But WHO and Pfizer want to deny possibility of herd immunity and promote vaccination of children in Sri Lanka with dodgy vaccines.
    Pfizer wants to dump its COvid-19 stocks that are about to Expire and are using WHO and UNICEF!
    Criminals committing Crimes against Humanity!

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    Dinuk are we done hope no more , “to be continued”. If you take out the cut and paste from DRS first rant there is really nothing new here.

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      Chivy fatty, Doctors are not immortal. They die of Dengue, influenza, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, etc. doctors are pretty unhealthy lot
      Besides, on average 140,000 people die annually in Sri Lanka and that is a daily average of 350-390 deaths per day. No one is immortal and the current fear psychosis about death is sickening.

      Chivy, do us all a favour and please get a life and stop stalking this website like a pathetic Peretheya. Try to do something constructive with your life, and do hope you have lost weight or you may die of Covid!

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        DRS/Dinuk/QE, etc,
        Which hospital is empty? Do you actually come out of your CMU cubicle?

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    Covid snatches another 31 year old doctor posted at the Ratnapura hospital , She was admitted to the Karapitiya hospital. DRS says doctors are violating Hippocratic oath because they are scared to die. This lunatic hypocrite should see a doctor ASAP. Don’t you think so Dinuk??

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      Chivy fatty, Doctors are not immortal. They die of Dengue, influenza, cancer, diabetes, heart attack, etc. doctors are pretty unhealthy lot too.

      Is the CIA funded American Psychiatry Association not giving you the therapy you need Chivy to get a life?!

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        OMG, Dinuk you are into bullying and body shaming too. You are not worthy enough for a doctor to sacrifice his/her life or even a fat person to stalk. You need to discuss those delusions with your doctor. Just stop lying and spreading fake news, so that no one has to confront. Thanks for your concern for losing weight which I never had, because of daily workout, proud to have completed two half marathons (21 km) and annual 10 K runs in the past 5 years. Therapy, I really didn’t need any but may consider, so that to deal with people like you. Currently my 2 year old is my personal therapist who teaches me of many things including patience and tolerance.

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    A perceptive piece raising a series of red flags on the ‘Pied Piper’ effect of the ‘fear psychosis’ driven response to Covid. The response hugely benefits ‘BIG’ business also through fiscal and monetary stimulus measures.

    Amrit Muttukumaru

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    The illness here is serious. Schizophrenia can be treated by psychiatry. If unable to access, a devil dancing ceremony will do. There is also the kochchi treatment. Kochchi miris is applied to the eyes. That gets all obsession out of the system, including maladaptive patterns of thinking. The difficulty here of course is in identifying the psychosis.

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