25 July, 2024


Prospect Of Trump Return Has Unnerved The Washington Swamp & Colluding Media

By Amrit Muttukumaru

Amrit Muttukumaru

The growing prospect of the return of Donald Trump to the White House despite the weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ) orchestrating a plethora of court cases against him has unnerved the establishment in Washington, D.C., afraid that he will ‘drain the swamp’. The moguls controlling the media in cahoots with those in the Democratic Party who are calling the shots in the White House in the context of a cognitively impaired Joe Biden have gone on overdrive to demonize Trump. Quite often Biden is literally not aware of his surroundings or what he is saying.

Corporate honchos have now become major donors of the Democratic Party. They ensure that threats from even within the party from people such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are neutralized. It is crystal clear there is a two-tier justice system – one for Trump and another where the judicial system looks the other way  when it comes to credible allegations of corruption against Biden and his son Hunter and Biden’s cognitive impairment visible to the whole world.

‘Big Lie’

The basis of most legal cases against Trump is his alleged ‘Big Lie’ that the 2020 presidential election giving victory to Biden is unlawful/flawed. From what follows below, any unbiased person will conclude that Trump was spot-on to reach this conclusion.

Readers can decide from Biden’s obvious cognitive impairment publicly revealed just 6 months into his presidency whether any RATIONAL person would have voted for him at the 3 November 2020 presidential election let alone the claimed 81 Million? Trump obtained 74 Million votes.

Readers can log into Biden’s ‘Man on the Moon’ gaffe at the CNN Town Hall held on 21 July 2021 (6 months into his presidency) which left even the pro-Biden interviewer Don Lemon embarrassed. Biden’s inauguration was on 20 January 2021.

Another example is a confused Biden looking for dead congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

It is widely known that Biden during the 2020 presidential election campaign for the most part operated below the radar often referred to as the ‘basement’.

Referring to the ongoing 2024 presidential election campaign, even former special advisor to President Obama – Van Jones was constrained to state (i) “If I were Biden, I would stay hidden” (ii) “And I’ll tell you why: He doesn’t inspire confidence.”

Another canard is that Trump instigated his supporters to protest violently on 6 January 2021 against the unlawful/flawed election. His detractors ignoring his exhortation to protestors to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” have mischievously characterized the emotional protest that controversially went wrong as an ‘insurrection’.  It is noteworthy that every single investigation eager to ‘nail’ Trump has also glaringly omitted this exhortation.

(0:52 onwards)

Is the 2020 Presidential Election Legitimate?

It is obvious that ‘mail-in’ voting is less transparent than ‘in-person’ voting and is far more susceptible to abuse. What boggles one’s imagination is that at the 2020 presidential election held in the midst of the Covid crisis, the vast preponderance of mail-in votes was for Biden. Are we to assume that Covid is selective and mainly affects Biden’s voters?

Pew Research Center had this to say about the 2020 presidential election:

“A majority of Biden voters said they voted absentee or by mail in the 2020 election (58%). By contrast, about a third of Trump voters (32%) voted by mail.”

“Trump performed much better among voters who cast their ballots in person on Election Day (65% for Trump vs. 33% for Biden). These shares were reversed among absentee and mail-in voters: 65% of absentee voters said they voted for Biden, compared with 33% who voted for Trump.”

Weaponization of DOJ

i) An example of the weaponization of the DOJ (Department of Justice) and the justice system is the credibility of the case relating to Trump’s alleged Georgia election interference in the context of the alleged romantic involvement of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis with Nathan Wade she handpicked to be special prosecutor allegedly for $650,000/= There are also allegations which need to be probed (i) Wade’s competence to handle this case since his experience is said to be on ‘personal injury/traffic law’ (ii) White House meetings (iii) vacations with Fani Willis paid for by Wade.

ii) Even on the ‘classified document’ case the DOJ has gone on ‘overdrive’ alleging wrongdoing by Trump relating to documents while he was president while soft-pedalling on presidential documents from the Obama administration  allegedly stashed by Biden in his ‘garage’ in Delaware.

iii) Things have been so staged managed that women have come out of the woodwork on the eve of the 2024 presidential election to resuscitate alleged improper conduct by Trump. This includes cases filed by porn star Stormy Daniels and journalist E. Jean Carroll in New York State having a Democratic Party Governor and Attorney General.

E. Jean Carroll awarded $ 83.3 Million

It is outrageous that E. Jean Carroll who reportedly waited 24 years to accuse Trump of alleged rape which was rejected by the jury was awarded an unprecedented $ 83.3 Million in a New York court for defamation. The link given below demonstrates the flagrant abuse of the law:

Biden’s Handlers & Proxies

Biden’s cognitive impairment visible to the whole world makes it clear he is unable to organize even a ‘piss-up in a brewery’! Aided by media tycoons his handlers/proxies who are enjoying power in his name are doing their damndest to keep him in office for a second term. This includes minimizing his public appearances and giving him ‘cheat sheets’.   He even messes-up simple teleprompter instructions.

Biden cheat sheet shows he had advance knowledge of journalist’s question

Biden mocked for reading teleprompter instruction during live broadcast


This writer is not holding a brief for Donald Trump who is controversial and far from faultless. All he is attempting is to set the record straight in the context of Trump being demonized by most of the US mainstream media and the same media giving a free pass to Biden.

These networks downplay Biden’s deteriorating mental state by merely referring to his age! Recently CNN and MSNBC even cut in mid-air or refused to air Trump’s victory speech after his landslide victory at the Iowa Republican primary where their preferred candidate Nikki Haley was pushed to third place.

Given the unprecedented crisis on the southern border, economic crisis impacting the kitchen table, deteriorating law and order and worsening world instability under the watch of Biden, it is believed that Trump’s popularity extends beyond the Republican Party to include even a section of ‘independents’.

The claim of Biden being the standard bearer of democracy wears thin because (i) his winning of the presidency in 2020 does not stand democratic scrutiny (ii) anti-democratic features galore in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election which include media disinformation on Trump and ignoring Biden’s cognitive impairment and failures (iii) Biden’s competitors such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being kept out of the Democratic Party primaries.

I close with what one of the most influential persons in the global financial industry, Jamie Dimon – Chairman/CEO, JP Morgan Chase said to some visibly embarrassed CNBC presenters in Davos:

“I don’t think they’re voting for Trump because of his family values. If you just take a step back and be honest, he was kind of right about NATO, kind of right about immigration. He grew the economy quite well, tax reform worked and he was right about China.”

All this logic and ground reality can come apart if there is a repeat of what took place in the run-up to and in the aftermath of the highly flawed 2020 US presidential election. The forces against ‘outsider’ Trump are powerful and relentless and transcend party lines and may even include people such as Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell.

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  • 8

    Once again, AM is trying to insert himself into issues in America that are way beyond his comprehension. A pathetic man who tries to promote himself as a crusader against corruption in SL, and then strains himself to support the utterly corrupt Trump. Gone, finally, are his insincere and repetitive caveats, “I am not a Trump supporter.”

    • 3


      A despicable coward under cover of ANONYMITY has the temerity to refer to persons who reveal their identity up-front as “pathetic”.

      To make matters worse, he/she does not FRONTALLY dispute ANY of the issues I have raised.

      Amrit Muttukumaru

    • 3

      Does it take residence in the US to understand the farce the democratic choice of a head of state has become?
      I think that here we have had pathetic choices before us, but none more pitiable than between Biden and Trump.
      Is there not something fundamentally wrong with the way that place is being run?

      • 5

        That Biden shouldn’t have chosen to run again is a separate issue.

        AM is trying to legitimize blatant falsehoods and plain criminality and racism of Trump, who would call AM a vermin if he were an immigrant. The intellectual blindness of such schmucks needs to be exposed first. No quarter given. I won’t waste my time responding to such inferior creatures.

        • 4


          1) From Biden’s obvious cognitive impairment publicly revealed just 6 MONTHS into his presidency at the CNN Town Hall held on 21 July 2021 (his inauguration was on 20 January 2021) please state without prevarication whether any RATIONAL person would have voted for him at the 3 November 2020 presidential election? The link is given below:


          2) Hence was not Trump SPOT-ON to conclude that the 2020 presidential election giving victory to Biden is unlawful/flawed? This is apart from other compelling reasons given in my article.

          3) I reiterate that I am not holding a brief for Donald Trump who is controversial and far from faultless. All I am attempting is to set the record straight in the context of Trump being DEMONIZED by most of the US mainstream media and the same media giving a FREE PASS to Biden.

          4) I again urge that you come clean and reveal your IDENTITY.

          Amrit Muttukumaru

        • 1

          That is part of the issue: the way the system works to deny a meaningful choice.
          I did not mean to intervene in any battle.

      • 0

        Is there not something fundamentally wrong with the way that place is being run
        What is so you found as mental in that running? May we be illuminated further on that, begging?

  • 7

    Agnos the coward,
    This is getting very interesting. As another despicable anonymous coward, may I suggest that these persons who reveal their identity sometimes are not quite up- front about their motives.
    For instance, during the last anti-corruption crusade in which said crusader was involved, he , in the process of pointing out corruption in a famous supermarket chain, neglected to state his own employment in said supermarket, and also the fact that he was a shareholder in company. And that the other shareholders were his relatives!

    • 1

      I don’t know if Amrit is coward or not but all my guessing abilities are pointing that his Munthanai may be longer and comfortable than we found in many other times in CT, what is you guess on that?

  • 2

    Complex issues can often be reduced to simple ones. Biden will win as long as the US economy and stock market are doing very well. Whether that is the result of clever financial engineering or a natural process is not important.

  • 0

    President Biden is not Evil or Rowdy Old King for being greedy for the chair. He really has some issues to be managed appropriately. These are truly hard issues for anybody who would be in the president seat in America. Luckly the Chinese economy has forced President Xi Jinping to turn towards Chinese problems. The rest (internal and external) are asking for the blood and flesh of the president. Biden is worried that Middle East issues may boil beyond boiling point. America could not elect M/S Clinton in her peak time. That could shunt the hope of a woman coming as president for a few more decades. Biden’s successful retirement means there is renewed hope. If he is aiming that, we need to remind him that after Senior Bush, no third term went to the same party. So, it will be very difficult for Biden to make democratic party keep the third term too. President Obama could not achieve it after two successful terms. If Biden wins the election, he must eventually develop a strategy to hand over the things to the VP. She should demonstrate in the coming election to the American people that she is ready to take the wheel from where the president is leaving it.
    Without prejudice, Amrit may know the meaning of the words “provocation, irritating and bullying” but has no feeling of those actions.

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