5 October, 2022


Public Interest Litigation Against Lankan Envoy To India

A case has been filed in the Madras High Court to declare Sri Lankan Envoy to New Delhi Prasad Kariyawasam persona non grata (unwelcome person) for overstepping his limits as a foreign diplomat, the Indian media reports.

The public interest litigation claims Kariyawasam has issued provocative statements in contravention of Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, India’s The Hindu Newspaper reported earlier today.

Prasad Kariyawasam

Prasad Kariyawasam

The petitioner, L. Lena Kumar, a social activist and the proprietor of Yathumahi Publications based in Tirunelveli district, alleged in his petition that Lankan High Commissioner Prasad Kariyawasam had issued “seditious, inflammatory and provocative statements” which affected the integrity, sovereignty and secular nature of India.

Mr.Kumar stated in his petition that Mr.Kariyawasam had issued a statement on March 19, 2013 claiming that the Sinhalese were descendants of Odiyas and Bengalis and, therefore, they deserve Indian support.

The statement, reported in media, angered the Tamils, whose sentiments were hurt in view of the alleged mass killing of the Tamils in Sri Lanka during the war.

The petitioner claimed that the statement was made intending to “divide and bring fraction in India on the basis of race, ethnicity and region”.

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner was bound by the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961, but Mr.Kariyawasam had transgressed his limits as a foreign diplomat, Mr.Kumar argued.

“The manner in which the Indian government dealt with the “seditious and provocative” statements of the Sri Lankan High Commissioner is highly disturbing. If it is left unchecked, the intervention of foreign diplomats in India’s internal affairs may become inevitable,” the petitioner contended.

The petitioner claimed that he had submitted a representation to the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister on April 25 this year to declare Mr.Kariyawasam a persona non grata, but he got no reply.

Therefore, he filed the public interest litigation.

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    good luck to the plaintiff . that is a lot of money wasted for nothing .

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      Abhaya Premawardena

      It is Mahinda’s money. Financing Tamils to win elections is nothing new and it din’t end in Mullivaaikal.

      VP won the elections for Mahinda. Now the Tamilnadu is campaigning for Mahinda’s next victory.

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        Native Vedda

        Not just Tamilnadu is campaigning for Mahinda’s next victory. British Prime Minister Cameron and stupid TNA fellows like Sritharan and various TNA councillors in the North who are marking the LTTE’s Heroes Day by their speeches and various other antics have ensured strong continued support for Mahinda among the Sinhalese.

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      Divide, distract and rule is the Rajapassa regime motto and that of their lackeys like Kariyawasam overseas!

      Good challenge and expose of the Stupid Rajapassa regime’s to the attempt to divide the Indian stand on Lanka!

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      That is how volatility is contained within a legal system instead of using white vans, disappearances, kidnappings, rape, torture and murder. That is the difference between a civilized nation state and a bunch of barbarians.

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      All these guys should go tuition classes held by GURUs like Jayantha Dhanapala and Late Kadirgamar before being sent to represent the nation outside world. Perhaps, our KNOW-ALL Character – DJ can add good comments to this forum.

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    Every one is intimidating SL and MR & co. Are we the only solo players in this world. These are like multi front multi berral attacks

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    The clan finances the stupid Tamilnadu Tamils to launch all such campaigns. These campaigns revitalises/galvanises the support base comprising vast number of stupid Sinhala/Buddhists.

    This is merely MR’s public relation exercise.

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    so the sinhalese are also from India, just like the tamils so should both the sinhalese and the tamils go back to india?

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      what do you think Demon ?

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      Good One Silva :)

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      I heard Dr. Swamy repeatedly saying that We the sinhalese are from NOthern while tamlians are from Southern India. So, whether his remarks have had the same impact — questionable.. ?

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    demon silva

    “ust like the tamils so should both the sinhalese and the tamils go back to india?”

    What do you think I have been saying in this forum for donkey’s years?

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    ” These campaigns revitalises/galvanises the support base comprising vast number of stupid Sinhala/Buddhists.”

    So it is a win win situation making the stupid Sinhala / Buddhist screw them selves. This sounds great as long as they keep their hands off the Christians and Muslims.

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      “So it is a win win situation making the stupid Sinhala / Buddhist screw them selves.”

      It was a cunning plan devised by VP some 30 years ago.

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    Not only High Comm. Prasad K. but whole SL high commission must kick out from India. Then Srilankan can mind their own business.

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    Sri-Lankan’s should follow and file such cases in the SL courts thereby keeping away from our shores, people who are landing in SL on tourist visa’s with ulterior motives and different agenda’s IF so, most of the NGO’s who are in SL may have to leave ASAP..

    India seems to be having loads of stupid morons who think what they believe has to be the LAST word. Isn’t it the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the External AFFAIRS MINISTRY THAT HAS TO DECIDE ON A PERSONA NON GRATA THAN THE COURT?

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      First NGO;s dont come on tourist visa’s. If they do that then they dont do NGO work. If they are doing then you don’t need to file a case to deport them.

      India does not have stupid beople but a real democracy where the different arms of govt are independent. If people feel they are wronged and the govt is ignoring then they hare the right to go to court without a fear of white vans.

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    This fool Karyawasam is beleiving the tale of Vijaya and his 700 merry men who landed at Mantota – Vijaya marrying Kuveni and the 700 marrying her companions.
    As a diplomat he should deal with facts and not with fairy tales.

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    Its a historical fact that the Sinhalese originate from Bengal and Orissa. Read “From Singur to Sinhala”, by Bhaktiprasad Adhikari


    Extract given below:

    He is professionally state agriculture minister Rabindranath Bhattacharya’s “confidential” secretary and remained his devoted follower when the latter spearheaded the Singur land movement.

    While being an intricate part of the movement, Bhaktiprasad Adhikari has brought national attention to Singur when he went

    on to discover the royal legacy of the small Hooghly village and the deep historical significance attached to it.

    Adhikari’s book “Singur Theke Singhal (Banglar Bismrita Adhyay)” [From Singur to Sinhala-A forgotten chapter of the history of Bengal] has articles on Vijaya, the founder of Sri Lanka (Sinhala).

    In his urge to revive the cultural relations between Singur and Sri Lanka, Adhikari founded Vijay Singha Foundation that organises cultural meetings with both the ministers of West Bengal and higher officials of Sri Lanka.

    In connection with the present political equation and the friendly relations between Sri Lanka and India, this book appears to be a very important contribution in the traditional intercourse between the two countries and calls for further research in this area.

    Adhikari’s quest started in his childhood when he would be curious as to why every village’s name in Singur block has ‘Pur’ or ‘Nagar’ as suffix. He started collecting old articles, pages from history, poems, stories — in short, wherever he saw the mention of the royal legacy of Sri Lanka. He was much inspired when he found out that several historic articles were excavated from Singur.

    The author’s main theme is the popular belief that Vijay Singha of Sinhapur — later changed to Singur — went to Sri Lanka and founded a dynasty there and named the country as Singhal (Sinhala) after the place of his own birthplace in Bengal.

    In his book, with a highly researched reference work, Adhikari has established this fact. The author also highlights the fact inter alia that, there is still a village in Singur called “Singhalpatan” (or Sinhala Patan, Patan/Pattan meaning a city), which was the capital of Singhapur from where Vijay Singha went to Sri Lanka.

    • 1

      Jay Chambers

      You will find further proof of your European Aryan root in an recently published article titled

      “32000 year old Idol of Narsimha (Lord Vishnu’s Avatar) found in Germany”

      Please read the entire article in


      “Many news about prehistoric founds and their possible meaning reached the world in the last decades. One of them, found in South Germany, puts scientist around the world in amazement. The centerpiece is the “lion man” (narsimha), an idol that is made from the tusk of a mammoth in the form of a human body with a lion head. Amazingly it is dated back 32,000 years from now.”

      Let me see how this find can be closely identified with Aryan/Sinhala/Buddhists.

      The idol is Narasimha Lion/Man discovered in Germany. Sinhalese trace their roots to Sinhapura where a lion copulated with a women and gave birth to the Sinhala race.

      Germans were once the proud Aryans who probably worshipped Sinhala lion man some 32,000 years ago. There is a connection between Aryan Germans and the Aryan Sinhalese through Aryan lion man, Aryan race and the Aran family of languages.

      It just occurred to me that Aryan Sinhalese may have been the ancestors of German Aryans not the other way round. Sinhala could have been the mother of all Indo Aryan languages. Civilisation originated from this island and spread through Orissa, Bihar, Harapa, Persia, to the west.

      Sinhalese need to explore more about their global reach as civilising people in Europe than digging every inch of this island.

      We need to somehow reconcile or explain away the differences between Aryan Sinhalese and Aryan German in their physical appearances, for example German Aryans are normally associated with blond hair, blue eyes and ginger beard.

      Another vital point that is not discussed in this forum is that the word Helsinki was derived from Hela-Sinhala.

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        Another vital point that is not discussed in this forum is that the word Helsinki was derived from Hela-Sinhala.

        LOL —applying the same logic England was originally a Tamil nation. In London there areas with Tamil Names

        I can go on

        • 1


          “applying the same logic England was originally a Tamil nation. In London there areas with Tamil Names”

          England might have been a Tamil nation. According to Tamil tradition the first ape spoke Tamil and practised Hinduism, therefore it is not surprising all the historical claims made by them.

          A Colombo based amatuer Etymologist told me a few years ago that the place name Battaramulla was derived from Tamil name “Pathar Moolai”, Goldsmith Corner.

          “Morden” – that is you

          “Mitcham” – excess

          “Balham” – Is this derived from Bodu Bala Sena?

          Clapham – ?????

          Ickenham – ????

          “I can go on”

          Please do.

          • 1

            Clapham – lift it

            Ickenham – now then

            “I can go on”

            Please do…..well not If I have to transale as well

            I am sure there is enough crap here in CT to read

            • 0


              “I am sure there is enough crap here in CT to read”

              Please ignore if you have to.

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      Only the Royals had the Bengal connections and not all Herath Mudiyanses. Jaffna Tamil Royals, Pallava Royals of South India too trace their ancestry to Bengal and Kalinga.

      Mudiyanses and Appuhamys have no business in Bengal but they can go up to Kerala or anywhere in South India.

      Jaffna kings were known as Singai Nagar Arya Chakrawarthi. No Sinhala king ever had those words with their names.

      Jaffna Tamils originate from Singai nagar and not Sinhalese!

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    Wait a minute, BBS and revisionist hacks like Shenali Waduge are trying to claim that Sinhalese are sons of soil and have been in Sri Lanka since time immomrial and yet this Lankan Envoy is telling India to support the Sinhalese because they are North Indians. Didn’t he get the memo from GOTA to support the revisionist historians.

    Shenali Waduge and her revisionist lies.

  • 0

    This is distortion of truth. This guy conducts party and invites all political parties leader for discussions. If such a thing TNA does, will you accept!

  • 0

    “Is n’t he stated that except south indian tamils, rest of the Indian are Aryans as Sinhalese”

    • 0

      It should read as “did not he state” instead “isn’t he”

  • 0

    Why is CT trying to raise a controversy out of an inanity? We all know that this lawsuit will go nowhere.

  • 0

    Very interesting how people are unable to confront facts and start throwing nonsense when their views are challenged with facts.

    To the unbiased, educated reader my bit of advice is, read through the crap they throw out, for its entertaining if nothing else. But do research into articles and books published by respectable organizations, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • 0

      That is the culture in SL. Not facts, but just evasive thoughts.
      I dont think these comments are represented the cross section of lanken society.

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    The petitioner forgot the diplomatic immunity and other issues.

    Jaffna Tamils have more claims to Bengal and Orissa not the Sinhalese generally!

    Kalinga Magha was the first king of Jaffna. Later all the Jaffna kings had the name ” Singai arya” with them.

    Vijaya arrived from Barukachcha which is now in Gujarat. Like the Pandian rulers of tamil nadu, Vijaya also originated from Gujarat.

    The landing places of Vijaya and Pandia are Tamba Panni and Tamira bharani respectivesly! Look at the place names.

    Further Bengalis are not Aryan. Then how these Sinhalese became Aryan?

    Prasad karyawasam bark the history of Jaffana Royals and not the Sinhalese!

    All the sinhalese cannot make a claim for the Royal connection because Sinhala language is native to Sri Lanka only.

  • 0

    Wow! This forum is indeed full of village rustics from Vanni such as M. Sivanathan who are probably the first in their families to learn modicum of English and now feel they know everything!!

    Kalinga Magha, as the name implies, was from Magha, NOT of Dravidian origin. His claim to Lanka wa based on facts, he had Oriya blood, same as many Sinhalese who are descended from Eastern India Bengal, Oriya areas as well as Western India, from Gujarat. Magha did not speak a word of Tamil.

    However, in order to ascend to the Lankan throne he did get merceneries of Dravidian origin. He also had many Sinhalese in his armies.

    My advice to guys who are from villagers: remember, those Ceylonese who have studied at good institutions such as Royal College, Trinity College – they were at a massive advantage. For they learnt history, geography, logic frm good teachers. Some of the older ones in fact had teachers from England even in the post independent Ceylon.

    You guys are lucky to get the free education and having countries like Canada, Germany who opened their gates to the flood of refugees which got most of you in to the Western world. But your rustic and rowdy inheritance is sadly evident when you speak and write.

    • 0

      You are an idiot and think you know everything. In Sri lankan school system all the schools use the same text books. Royal or Trinity did not use any thing different from Madukanda Maha Vidyalaya.

      Kalinga Magha not even used Sinhala but definitely used Tamil to control his Tamil soldiers. He came to invade lanka through Tamil nadu with many Tamil soldiers. He did not take direct JET flight from Bubaneswar.

      You are a fool and dont know the historical connections or the Royal Connections of South India and Orissa.

      Bengalis or oriyans dont claim they are ARYANS even today.

      You are unable to answer to my response and bark like a stoned dog! Teachers from England taught how to be a good slave. You like it. That is the problem you have.

      You better try to explain TAMBA PANNI and TAMIRA BHARANI. Then we will tell who you are or from what background you are coming.

      I know my history better than you fool!

      British Government emblem also has lions. Dont try to bark Sinhalese came from Gatwick or London!

      • 0

        For once atleast you make saner claims

        • 0

          You leave out of the “Tamil” cocoon. Then you will see many of my opinions are acceptable and sensible.

      • 0


        Many so called reputed Sinhalese Historians rewrite history to suit their prevailing political climate and to establish sole claim to my ancestral land.

        Their starting point is the Vijaya story with all sorts of twists and turns. Even K M D Silva is no exception to the long established tradition of mentioning of Aryan heritage of Sinhalese.

        Could we now expect you to write one which would reconcile various sticking points in the long contested positions between Tamils and Sinhalese.

        Leave the LTTE a side for moment.

    • 0

      You realise Dravidian at one time stretched much further North into modern day Pakistan. Those North Indian/Indic languages still retain strong Dravidian influence, such as retroflexion.

      Just because North Indians speak an Indic language, does not mean they are racially Aryan. The vast majority of North India is descended from pre Aryan inhabitants of India, of which Dravidian speakers were likely the most.

  • 0

    Jay Chambers

    “But your rustic and rowdy inheritance is sadly evident when you speak and write.”

    Well said.

    However we also witnessed the rustic and rowdy inheritance of many happily displayed at the airport and railway stations only a few days ago.

    “he had Oriya blood”

    I am sorry, how would you define Oriya blood in medical terms? Also could you define the following blood groups:

    Royal blood,
    Demela blood,
    Veddah blood,
    Kerala boold, …
    Baruhi blood,
    Rodya blood,
    Fakir blood,
    Bengali blood,
    Hindian blood,
    Kandyan blood
    Arya Chakravarti blood,
    Sanglian blood,
    Vijaya blood,
    Mundari blood
    Sakya blood,
    Aryan blood,
    Sunmerian blood,
    Lemurian blood,
    Harapan blood,
    Hela blood,
    Portuguese blood,
    Dutch blood,
    Deutsch blood,
    Sinhapurian blood,
    English blood,
    Irish blood,
    American blood,

    Please help us to medically understand each of the above blood. Of course it would be extremely useful if you could explain the qualitative differences between these blood groups.

    • 0

      In Medical terminology, no such blood groups existing but in political world all these blood groups are existing.

      Science is not respected or followed in politics. Only “groupings” are used in politics nowadays. For that people use or invent these blood groups because these blood groups were ancient to the current science based blood groups.

      Anyway I appreciate the satire.

      Many Tamil and Sinhala children in Europe have many other new bloods.
      German blood
      Nordic blood
      French blood
      Canadian blood
      American blood
      and many more because those children dont know Sinhala or Tamil. Next generation of Sri lankans in france will say “OUI”. hahahaha

  • 0

    At schools like Royal, Trinity I have personally noticed how the well-trained and dedicated teachers provide a wholesome studying experience to their students and especially in teaching English they politely throw away the books from the government and use special texts. Those who live in Lanka should not have a big problem establishing the truth of what I am saying.

    Magha, who came from Kalinga, was particularly incensed by the fact that in history Emperor Ashoka laid Kalinga bare with mountains of dead bodies and then left Northern Hinduism (not to be confused with non-Brahmin saivism that most Dravidians belong to) to embraced Buddhism. Magha was fanatically Hindu and felt a kinship to Lanka due to his Oriya origins wanted to destroy the special place dedicated to Buddhism that was Lanka and make it a Hindu enclave. To carry out this ugly task the only traitors and Lanka hating foreigners he could find were the Tamil Dravidian, who joined him with glee, to destroy the proud Aryan culture and civilization of the Sinhalese, similar to how the likes of M. Sivanathan joined that murderous Dravidian V. Prabhakaran to ransack Lanka not too long ago. No one who is a son or daughter of the land of Lanka, and in fact a son of Aryan India can do that, only Sudra/Dalit/Dravidian hordes with deep dark vengeance against not just the Sinhalese but also the greater Aryan India, who hate the Aryan culture and want to plunder it and replace it with the ugly primitive monolith of Dravidian “civilization” can do that.

    Fortunately, that fate was avoided with a lot of fighting and bloodshed. Of course the noise remain, and V. Sivananthan, the loser Dravidian, is part of that noise.

    • 0

      Jay Chambers

      “M. Sivanathan joined that murderous Dravidian V. Prabhakaran to ransack Lanka not too long ago.”

      M. Sivanathan has been a long time consistent critic of VP and his LTTE and a major irritant of LTTE supporters in this forum and elsewhere.

      Had you done your home work before typing your garbage as factual and objective observation you would have realised this simple fact. You do not need to go the extent of finding a Dravidian in him where as he has presented himself openly in this forum which is self explanatory.

      If you haven’t even noticed the simple truth about him, one might ponder the purpose of your education at all those posh schools.

      “should not have a big problem establishing the truth of what I am saying.”

      No I have difficulty, you don’t even recognise truth when it is presented in front of you leave alone Buddha’s teaching in its pristine form.

      • 0

        Thanks for the observations. Chambers now run as a racist Sinhala because he has only one clue. That is my name.

        He seems to be an uneducated person and think that speaking Sinahla will promote the speakers as a different race.

        What a moronic theories!

        • 0


          “Thanks for the observations.”

          You owe me one.

    • 0

      Jay Chambers

      Earlier in my response to your comment I queried about blood groups. Probably you haven’t notice it.

    • 0

      Fool! Ashoka’s empire was vanished in two generations. That was before the christ.

      Kshatriyas of the Magadha kingdom had a claim over Sri lanka because the kings of Lanka were belong to the Kshatriya caste and not Sinhalese. Sinhalese were ruled by Kshatriyas of the Northern India like Tamils. It does not mean that Sinhalese and Tamils came from north India. Can you show any trace of Sinhala language in the North India?

      I dont know what the hell you studied in the Colombo schools. I am sure that you are an uneducated idiot try to tell here that all the Sinhala speaking rodiya,berakarayo, badu, karawa and other castes belong to the KINGS.

      Kings/queens were different people. Further language never carry any CASTE properties or genetic properties.

      That is why Sigiri Kasyappa and Moggalana went to S/Indian Pallava Hindu rulers for help. Mana Vamma(Varma) too went there. All the Sri lanakn rulers went only to S/India for help or marriage and never to North India. Some kings of lanka promoted Hindu religion because of the corrupt sangha.

      Hindus and Buddhists never had any problems as you imagine. LTTE and UNP had the honey moon because both of them are under the control Christian/Catholic Churches.

      Banadaranayke’s ancestor was a Tamil Neela Perumal. JRJ clan came from kerala. How can Ranil and Chandrika trace their ancestors in Orissa?

      Speakinga Sinhala never elevate you to be a North Indian because no trace of Sinhala in North India. Sinhalese have nothing in common with North Indians but they have many common things with South Indians.

      You are now barking your anti-Hindu tirades because you are a Christian or Catholic.

      Further you barked that I am supporting LTTE. You are real moron and fool. In other words you are a real dumb ass!

  • 0

    If Sivanantan is not a VP supporter, critic of LTTE, etc. he can state so. I will gladly withdraw and admit my mistake at that time. I cannot scour the entire internet for that info, so best to hear it in this forum.

    Be that as it may, he does not hesitate to call me a fool, idiot, etc., just because I have a different view. You will notice that I do not disparage anyone, do not engage in name calling. I call people by historically acceptable terms such as Dravidian, Aryan, and if someone is engaging in bad behavior he is a rowdy or rustic to me. This is how you can maintain a civil discussion.

    Sivananthan is unfortunately typical of most Dravidian Tamils, who resents Aryan credential of any race, especially the Sinhalese people. There is no doubt that the Sinhala people are not fully Aryan, but they are pure enough of Aryan blood to deliver a lethal, deadly blow to the Dravidians, as we saw in the lagoons of North East Lanka in 2009 when it was all over for the LTTE. No amount of weapons can do that, you need to have a strong affiliation to your race, your origins, and also be almost drunk with the legends of Mahavamsa, Dutugemunu, etc. putting them literally on high steroids, all their organs oozing war juices, adrenaline, whatever. Then and only then can they fight and win against a European trained, armed, motivated group like the Tigers.

    Sivanantha is also obviously feeding off the venom unleashed by Periyar, the man who started the Dravidian movement in post-independence India. To them the entire India and particularly the South, was once a part of a Dravida Nadu, and they still harbor ambitions of regaining their lost “civilization”, with constant references to place names, whatever, to prove that point. The Sinhala lads, with little or no understanding of any of these, just went ahead and vanquished the Tigers, perhaps that is just as fine, no need for them to know about the details of how they are being the last Aryan warriors, finishing the final Aryan battle against the Sudra, that goes back over 5000 years or more, to Northern India.

    • 0

      I call you a fool because you are still foolish to cry about Dravida and Arya. Both are language groups and nothing to do with genetics.

      Adolf Hitler also barked about the Aryan race but their fellow Aryans destroyed him.

      LTTE is a product of the Christian morons from the west. Indian help destroyed the LTTE.

      Specially the people like Shiva Sankar menon and Narayanasamy from the Southern Block in Delhi helped the Rajapakse to defeat LTTE in two years.

      But you did not explain how Chandrika and Ranil be Aryans according to your definition but they cannot trace their ancestry beyond Kerala and Tamil nadu.

      Sinhala is native to Sri lanka and has nothing to do with any North Indian languages.

      Periyar was a coolie boy of the British and created this dravida idiotic problem in the South during the British rule. Further he wanted the British to rule India and asked every one to study English and giveup their mother tongue.

      With out knowing the history you bark. That is a clear proof to call you a dumbass again!

  • 0

    I hope you get a lot of satisfaction from using those choice words – dumbass, idiot, fool, etc. If it gives you more satisfaction I am sure there are even stronger words in English, or you can resort to Sinhala and Tamil. Use whatever you want, the truth remains.

    I made it very clear: Sinhalese are not a pure Aryan race, they are a mix of native residents of Lanka at the time of Vijayan arrival, some South Indian races, and since last 500 years, plenty of European blood.

    However, the original culture the Sinhalese built – that of North Central province, and the deep south (Anuradhapura, Tissa, etc.) are almost exclusively Aryan. The Buddha was from the old Kshatriya clan, of the Aryan warriors. When Emperor Ashoka’s son and daughter arrived in Lanka king Tissa and his people could converse with them easily, because the umbilical to Bengal was still intact. This has since then obviously worn away, but a careful study of Sinhala easily relates it to Bengali, Maghadi, Hindi and other North Indian Aryan languages. It has minimal Tamil influence, to this day the average Sinhalese finds Tamil incomprehensible, but can easily discern similar words in Hindi,Bengali etc.

    Hitlerian Aryanism, while it was inspired by the Vedic Aryanism, was a different thing. However, Hitler was ready to accept a few high caste Indians, especially the Brahmins and Kshatriya, as a lesser version of Aryan. Subhash Chandra Bose used this to his advantage to build the Indian League of Hitler’s Army, a fact that was classified and kept in the shadows by the British for over 50 years since the Second World War ended. Bose was ready to work with Hitler to not only establish and independent India but also bring about an Aryan revival. He greatly admired Hitler but Hitler was skeptical of the ability of most Indians, with their lack of militarism, to be able to live up to the Aryan ideals. However, Heinrich Himmler, who was well versed in Sanskrit and the Vedas, clearly wanted to recognize Aryan India and intervened to help Bose.

    To say Sinhalese, which is derived from Pali, Sanskrit and other North Indian languages, is a “local” language of Lanka is preposterous. Go to any accepted website such as brittanica.com and search for the truth by searching for combined words auch as “Sinhala Aryan”, “indo Aryan” and the truth-seeking reader will get his or her fill.

    Sivanathan would LIKE Sinhala to be a local Lankan language, and with the talk about the Aryan origins of the Sinhalese to disappear, and I am sure many Sinhalese, who just want peace with everyone including Tamils would like to join him. But the truth does not have any biases, and it is stubborn, and the Aryan origins of the Sinhalese will not go away. In fact, with the valiant victory over the Dravidian, the Sinhalese have now catapulted to the highest echelons of the Aryan peoples in history.

  • 0

    I know many bad words in many languages. That is not the issue here.

    You try to fool the readers with some idiotic political propaganda.

    Are you telling here that the Sinhalese flew to Sri lanka by passing the massive S/India?

    Can you tell some sinhala words exist in North Indian languages?

    Sinhala, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and other South Indian languages.Their common ancestor was HELA or ELU. Pali and Sanskrit are the languages of HINDUS and developed and spread from the ganges valley civilization. All these languages are mixed with pali and Sanskrit because the Hindu rulers used Pali and Sanskrit.

    S.Chandra Bose allied with Adolf Hitler to expel the British and never found any “common” Aryan issues with Hitler. Bose used the theory of Chanakya “enemy’s enemy is a friend”.

    Bengalis never.. never claim they are Aryans. Then what the cock and bull story you cry here?

    But Sinhala fools admire Adolf Hitler and claim his ARYAN story while none of the Sinhalese qualifies to be Aryan. Himmler knew sanskrit. hahaha.. where did you find?

    more than one third of the Sinhala population has a name HERATH MUDIYANSE.. This is a Malayala word.. How did this word come to Sinhalese specially in Kandyan districts? No one carry this word with their names in North India. Can you state any North Indian family names among Sinhalese?

    Royals are Kshatriyas by caste in Hindu religion. That is why Bhikku Mahanama tell Buddha was a Kshatriya(katiya).

    Can you identify any Royals and their relatives among Sinhalese now?

    Pali and sanskrit mix cannot elevate Sinhalese as ARYANS. If that is the case all the people in the region are Aryans including Cambodians and Thais!

    ARYA means a person with knowledge and it is not a race at all. Hindus call oonly Brahmins as Aryans because they were the educated in the old days. Even Kshatriyas like Subash Chandra Bose never called himself Arya.

    WHITE man’s definitions are funny.

    If a Hindi speaker tells “bolo”, you wil think about “seeni bola”. That is the connection you have with Hindi!hahaha.

    I think you did not read the history of king Ashoka. According to the history he had no children in the name of Mahinda and Sangamitta!

    How did Portugeuse, Dutch and English speak with the Bandas and kanthasamys? Were they fluent in those languages?

    Again and again you show your stupidity! If any Sinhalese tell they are Aryans, north Indian laugh till their death!

    South India was the hub of Buddhism and spread upto FAR EAST. Chinese, Japanese and Indonesians acknowledge the fact except sinhala fools. They cry Mahinda and Sangamitta were flying to Mihintale from Patna(Pataliputra)

  • 0

    We have a typical Aryan-hating Dravidian response here from Sivanathan. For the educated reader the flaws are, I am sure, already visible in his argument.

    However, I am going to take another day to respond in detail so that he can marinate in his own stench for that time.

  • 0

    Jay Chambers or Jay “sambar” of Saiva kade? His harangues are baseless and try to elevate some people as superior based on the languages.

    This kind of morons are the dangers to the communal harmony in Sri lanka.

    This fool tell us when a person speak English, his ancestry will go to England.

    This fool never know why Jaffna Kings were known as ARYA CHAKRAVARTHIs! They were Tamil/Malayalam/Oriyan and ruled Tamils.

  • 0

    Sivanathan, looks like you are drowning in your own excrement. The hard facts seem to have a brutal impact on you, you are now like a cat in a field of burning embers, even calling for help from the NGO types, appealing for protection of communal harmony!

    The facts are ready to demolish you completely. I give you one more chance to do some research and admit that you lied deliberately, apologize and save your skin.

    If not I am about to bust you, and drag you to the guillotine of truth to end your Dravidian dishonesty.

  • 0

    You are still unable to provide any facts or proofs for your cock and bull stories.

    You are a real donkey and eat shit from some racist donkeys and try to fool here.You and other Sinhala donkeys make claims to North india but unable to tell a single connection. Language or Culture of Sinhalese is more S/indian and have nothing in North India.

    You cannot prove your Sinhala connection to North India.

    So, pack up and leave!

  • 0

    Firstly before responding to Sivananthan, it is important to spell out some disclaimers. The term “Aryan” as used here, is in the Indian Sub-Continental context, where the historical invasion of what is today the landmass of India, Pakistan, etc. was overrun by the Vedic tribes of Indo-Europeans over 5000 years ago. While the Hitlerian “Aryans” took a tremendous amount of inspiration from that ancient invasion, in fact going as far as to portray the invasion of Eastern Europe in the same light as the Vedic invasions, in no way does the writer condone the race-based Hitlerian policies, nor does he believe that the Sinhalese people, who are descendants of North Indians who arrived in Lanka over 2500 years ago, thus completing the Vedic subjugation of ancient India, are a pure race.
    In fact the Sinhalese, while essentially still of North Indian blood, customs, rituals, religion, have over the years absorbed into their body a large number of European, Chinese and other Asia, and South Indians and continue to do so today. What stays intact within the Sinhala people is a common identity forged based on their legends, the Mahavamsa, and the historical Buddha and his visits to Lanka. These powerful legends have helped the Sinhala people to come together and fight back many invaders, and the last battle they fought, which was perhaps the most decisive battle of them all, was against the Dravidians, who were led by the most ruthless terrorist of modern times, V. Prabhakaran.

    The defeat of VP not only signified the end of the LTTE but also the end of the Dravidian movement in any meaningful, militaristic manner. Independent India, fast ascending as a global power, cannot afford to have any separatists upsetting its ascension; it has a lot to deal with, including enemies such as Pakistan and China. One of the most troubling matters to India is the Dravidian movement, and the silent cheer that went up when VP and LTTE were vanquished, particularly from the nationalist and North Indian peoples was deafening. The hardliners were happy that the militant Dravidian movement, a potential cancer for India, was finally beaten in the only stage where the Dravidian had a fighting chance to form their own state. The general public was happy, that India can finally be focused on more important matters such as the border issues with Pakistan and strategic issues around China. Also, it was sweet revenge by proxy, for the Dravidian assassination of an Aryan prince, Rajiv Gandhi. Finally patience paid off a very old score.

    The Sinhalese are a most unusual lot. They barely know about their own Aryan history, instead, they have the Mahavamsa, the legend of Buddha who selected them to protect Buddhism, and the general perception that Dravidians are a menace. However, they are not driven by race-based hatred of the Dravidians, in fact in peaceful times they are more than happy to visit the Dravidian temples and do not see the difference between the Brahmins who are the highest caste of Tamil and the other “Tamils” who are mostly low level Dravidians.
    Also, the caste system, as it is practiced by the Sinhalese differs remarkably from the Dravidian version in its embracing of the different groups under one religion, Buddhism, and this has immensely helped them to come together to fight off many invaders, including the LTTE in the recent past.

    Now to the important questions raised here. Why is a Tamil king named Arya Chakravati when Tamil Nadu is mostly Dravidian? The answer is very simple. Arya Chakravarti was a Hindu Brahmin, the topmost caste, and he led the Dravidian hordes who deified him. He used them the same way the modern day Brahmins such as Jayalalitha uses the Dravidians. The Brahmin stays on top, and has all the right to the Arya title. After all, they are the descendants of those Aryan priests who brought the Vedas to the South of India and to this day they are the most powerful minority, though Tamil speaking are aligned in spirit and soul to Aryan India. A quick check for Aryan Chakravarti on Wikipedia will give the unbiased reader a lot more information on this matter.

    Now to the Sinhala claims of Bengali Aryan descent. The best way to assess this claim is for the reader to be acquainted with some of the books written by the English rulers of the Raj. In this instance I suggest the reader starts with the book “The Aryan Village In India and Ceylon” by Sir John B. Phear. It specifically spells out the Aryan village in Bengal and Sinhala villages of Ceylon. A quick google search with keywords “The Aryan Village In India and Ceylon” will give the reader the book and a wealth of information.
    Also of immense importance to the reader should be the Aryan connections to Hinduism and Buddhism that the Germans developed under the guidance of Heinrich Himmler. He was a true believer of Aryan superiority and pleaded with Hitler to grant Subhash Chandra Bose a chance to have his soldiers form a Brigade in the Nazi Army, the Waffen SS. Hitler mind was too preoccupied with the Indian pacifism which he hated but after a while he made a strategic decision to allow the Indian Brigade in the Waffen SS. The reader can use Youtube and see more details of this using keywords “freies indien” or “free Indian legion”
    Members of the above legion comprised of prisoners taken from British Indian troops including Indians, Ceylonese, etc.
    Lastly, Heinrich Himmler was well versed in the Vedas and mandated that all Waffen SS troops carry with them an abridged version of the Rig Veda, and in photos of him you can see him with this little booklet. Also, the reader should be able to find many photos of Bose taken with Himmler in an interner search. Himmler was conversant in Sanskrit and Pali and had read many religious texts from India but decided to only use what he wanted from them, to further the Nazi agenda of global domination.
    Lastly, the unbiased reader should know that the Dravidians of Lanka, despite all the problems they have, are a lucky group. The Sinhalese do hot trample of them the way the Brahmins but the larger Dravidian movement has always tried to use them as a cat’s paw in starting the bigger movement of Dravidian independence from Brahmin dominated India, by forming the Dravidastan, and Eelam was meant to be the first step in that direction.

    Forget Sivananthan, he does not matter. He is the defeated non-Brahmin, and pure Dravidian, who will never shut his mouth. But you the reader, educate yourself, for the truth is easy for you to discover in this age of technology.

  • 0

    Now I see a real “sambar” here. No Bengali claims he is an ARYAN. then how these Bandas and Mudiyanses become ARYAN?

    King of Jaffna was not a Brahmin They were Kshatriyas and belong to Nandi Gothra. That is why they had the bull on their flag.

    Himmler was carrying “RIG” veda. I could not stop laughing. This man “chambers” did not meet any SS trooper. They were carrying a shorter version of the “MEIN CAMPF”.

    I ask this idiot how you or other Sinhala speakers connected to Germans?

    This man is not telling Ranil and Chandrika are Aryans or Not. HERATH MUDIYANSELAGEs are Sinhala speakers but They are descended from Kerala. More than one third of the Sinhala population has these names, specially in the Kandyan districtcs.

    How many Sinhalese have Bengali names?

    Tamils or Dravida people are almost HINDUS. Sanskrit is the language of Hindus. So, Sinhala people cannot make much claims over Sanskrit or Pali because those languages belong to the Kshatriyas and Brahmins.

    Royals are different people. Can the RODIYAS make a claim for Kshatriya or Royals?

    This “Sambar” is not different from many other Sinhala racists. Catholic Church supported Adolf Hitler and LTTE. Evrn some bank robberies done by Catholic priests. How can this dumb sambar expalin them?

  • 0

    The angry, pathetic Dravidian, always under the Brahmin rule and never able to overcome their sad position in society, rebels, becomes downright dirty, hurls abuse, and gets militant. This is true of Vaiko, Seeman or this man Sivananthan. VP, their other cousin, took to arms and then to pure terrorism, because their anger against the Brahmins is boundless. They cling to straws, including paying allegiance to dead Brahmin kings, who would have treated them like turd, just to fight against their sad fate. Kshtriyas never were and never will be Dravidian, they are the ones who massacred the original Dravidian Dalits and Sudra in India, 5000 year ago. Of course they would lord over them, and make them untouchables, as it happened in Jaffna.

    Sinhalese or for that matter anyone can take names from others. Pereira, De Silva, etc. from Portuguese, and other names from Kerala and South India, at times when those kingdoms were at their zenith. When British empire was at its zenith Lanka had Dudley Shelton Senanayake, Solomon West Ridgeway Diaz, etc.

    None of this changes the game. The Lankan Dravidians, who are over 95% pure Dravidians with no Aryan antecedents, should just be glad that the Sinhala masses are not race-oriented and try and mingle and live happily. The very small number of Brahmins who speak Tamil are already a very quiet, peaceful people in Lanka.

    For those interested, below and extract from a popular text on how the original Dravidian was vanquished by the invading Aryans and how the modern India and Ceylon was formed. A keyword search on google will get you the entire book. Search for The Bible of Aryan Invasions

    Aryan Invasions & Genocide of Negroes, Semites & Mongols

    by Prof. Uthaya Naidu

    Denial of the Aryan Invasions

    In recent years a considerable vociferous movement has arisen completelydenying the Aryan invasions. This

    brand of `scholars’ goes to any length to deny

    the notion of any Aryan invasion.

    Even physical facts are distorted merely to fit in with their fanciful concepts.

    Another fraud perpetrated by these scholars is to perpetually claim that theirtheory denying an Aryan invasion is `new’. This is definitely not true; indeed, thetraditional Vaishnava Puranic view, which is supported by all the 6 orthodoxschools of Brahmanism, is that the Aryas migrated from Aryavarta in Bharat andthen spread all across the world. Moreover, ever since the discovery of the non-Aryan Harappan civilization the Aryans have been inventing wild and fantastictheories denying the invasion.

    Patterns in the Deniers of Holocaust

    What could be the reasons for such a vociferous denial of established facts ? Is it just plain guilt ?

    Or is there some hidden agenda ?


    there are several things to notice regarding the background of the `scholars’

    who propoundthese negationist theories :

    Brahmins – Most of the scholars propagating these hypotheses, includingGolwalkar and Rajaram, are Brahmins. The rest are either Aryans or ahandful of European sympathisers such as Frawley, Gautier and Elst. Inall cases, they are all white-skinned Caucasoids who are denying crimesallegedly perpetrated by white-skinned Caucasoids

    . Taking such attempts seriously is like trying to ask Nazi historians to write an unbiased account of the Holocaust. Whatever unbiased theories shall ultimately prevail, these must be produced by neutral third parties not involved in the incident.

    European `Hindus’ – Most of the European deniers of Aryan invasions,such as Koenraad Elst, Francois Gautier and David Frawley, are convertsto `Hinduism’, which in technical terms means one of the 6 orthodoxschools of Brahmanism, generally of a Vaishnavite sub-sect. Needless tosay, such persons shall not be allowed to enter the Vaishnava Jagannathtemple at Puri or many other Vaisnava temples, yet these persons still liketo live in a fantasy-world where they imagine themselves to be `Hindu’.Thus, David Frawley is an American convert to Vaishnavism, as is thevirulently anti-Islamic Belgian Roman Catholic Koenraad Elst, andFrancois Gautier is a French devotee of Aurobindo. All these personshave hence adopted the `Indian Home for Aryans’ hypothesis as a resultof their religious persuasion.

    Hindutva – The Denial of Aryan Invasions is central to the Hindutvaideology, a neo-Brahmanist form of Vedic



    This movement is famous for being involved in the organisation of pogroms against various races, notably Christians, Dalits, Sikhs and Muslims



    Denial of Aryan Invasions is accompanied by a virulent hatred of Christians and Muslims [SAME COMMON FATHER-ABRAHAM

    , whoare dubbed as `invaders’. Sudra human-rights activists are, in thisframework, dubbed as `traitors’ to the `Indian’ Brahmanist tradition.




    A far more subtle form of denial has, however, been the officially propagatedversion of history by the `leftist’ dominated universities of India for the last 50years. In this version of teaching, Aryan invasions are accepted; it is alsoaccepted that the Harappan civilization was pre-Aryan. However, the SudraHolocaust is denied by asserting that the Harappan civilization was not destroyedby the Aryan invaders, but collapsed due to some other means. There was thena `peaceful interaction’ between these two cultures, and no Genocide. Thisversion is also referred to as the `soft’ AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory), and hascaused far more damage to history on account of its `correct’ appearance,accepting the most well-established facts.

    Firstly, most of the Communists and other leftists are Brahmins. Pandit Nehru,his daughter Indira Gandhi (who married the Iranian Brahmin, or `Parsi’, FerozeGandhi) and his grandson (technically still a Brahmin) Rajiv Gandhi were allBrahmins. Namboodirpad, the leader of the first democratically electedCommunist government in the world, was a Kerala Brahmin. Virtually the entirehierarchy of Indian Communism, including Marxism and Leninism, consists ofBrahmins. More than 60 % of leaders of all Communist organisations in India areBrahmins. Only Maoism, of Chinese origin, is not. The reason for this is thatKautilya, a Brahmin minister during the Mauryan Empire, is the founder oftotalitarianism; all forms of communism are based on his teachings asexpounded in the Arthasastra. Totalitarian Communism is thus a Brahmininvention.

    In this Communist framework, the Holocaust is denied by asserting that `naturalcauses’ led to its downfall, or that `internal decay’ were the reasons. Again, themotive is the same as in the case of the Brahmin supremacist Hindutvamovement, namely to deny the Sudra Genocide. However, since it is not asobviously wrong, this point of view is widely held, even amongst scholars andrequires much more effort to disprove.

    Alternative Theories

    The only reason for the fall of the Harappan civilization is due to Aryan invasions.Here all other hypotheses are refuted in a short space. elaborations are to befound in the book; the following is a brief summary :

    Comet Impact

    – Absurd suggestions have been put forth that a cometaryimpact led to the fall of the Indus Valley. The fact is, no trace of an iridiumanomaly that is generally characteristic of all meteorite impacts (eg. theK/T crater in Mexico) has been found. Also absent is any trace of a crater.

    Volcanic Eruptions

    – There are no traces of any volcano vents nearby,nor is there any volcano crater in the vicinity.

    Floods & Climate Change

    – There are signs of flooding in the Induscities, and climate changes also occurred. The Kautilyanists hence oftenattribute the demise of the IVC (Indus Valley Civilization) to flooding. Yetthe Aryan researchers do not state why these changes occurred. The factis, as vividly displayed in the book, these changes were brought about byAryanist environmental destruction. The annihilation of the Indus dam andirrigation system and the fact that Rajastan and the Punjab are now oneGreat Thar Desert, are all due to the catastrophic environmentaldegradation caused by the Aryan marauders.

    Denial of Historical Aryan Invasions

    Even historical Aryan Invasions, such as the Ashokan Aryan invasion, or theMaratha Aryan Invasions,

    are portrayed as `political’ wars rather than



    . Asoka himself, who deported hundreds of thousands of Kalingans, andmassacered thousands of Jains after his conversion to Buddhism, are all crimesthat have been `white-washed’ and erased from the Sudra mind.

    More significantly, the post-Maratha Marathas are presented as `liberators’ fromMuslim rule by both `left’ and `right’, while in actual fact they reinstated Vedicforms of apartheid and suppressed the Dalits in Maharasthra to the the level ofsub-humans. The fact that the Marathas massacred half of the `fellow-Hindu’population of Rajastan is also swept under the carpet. The cult of Shivaji inmodern times led to the rise of the Maratha fascist Shiv Sena. It is interesting tonote that the anti-Islamic rhetoric of the Shiv Sena and its leader Bal Thackerayis of late origin; the movement started and spread solely on the basis of the anti-Dalit platform. Pogroms against the Dalits were organised directly by the ShivSena, and statues of Ambedkar continue to be smashed even when the partyhad officially taken an `anti-Muslim’ stand.

    Secret Motives for the Denial of the Sudra Holocaust

    Let it be said straight away – the motive for Indo-Aryan Denial of Aryan Invasionsis part of a greater secretive plan to obliterate Sudra civilization from the face ofthe earth. I now come to explain how this is so.

    Firstly, there are only two possible motives for such a denial: either out of asense of guilt, or out of deep-seated, sometimes camouflaged,

    hatred of the victims

    . If guilt is the main reason, then the denial of historic crimes is notaccompanied by a denigration of the victims’ race and culture. It is nowimperative to study what are the assertions of the Deniers of the Aryan Invasions1)

    Vedic Indus Valley

    – The Brahminist theory denying Aryan invasionsnecessarily implies that the Harappan civilization was `Aryan’ and Sanskritbased. Essentially this amounts to a theft of Sudra civilization, implying that the

    aboriginal was permanently a forest-dweller inherently incapable of creating anycivilization.


    Sub-Human Sudras

    – Indirectly, this theory implies that the Sudra were notcivilized humans, but were sub-humans living in the forest waiting to be civilizedby Aryans.


    Eternal Brahmin Rule

    – This theory also implies that the Brahmins have beenthe rulers of all of South Asia from time immemorial. It is another indirect justification for the casteist `Purusha-sukta’ hymn of the Vedas which states thatthe Brahmins were created to rule over humanity on account of their birth fromBrahma’s head.


    Sanskrit Origin of Sudric Languages

    – Again, as per this model, the Sudric(or Dravido-Kolarian) languages are descendants of Sanskrit. Essentially,beneath the veil of pseudo-scholarship, the theory says that Dravidian andKolarian languages are degraded forms of Sanskrit.


    Continuation of Apartheid

    – By its justification of Brahmin rule, and thesimultaneous glorification of Shivaji, this theory is basically in justification ofapartheid.

    If follows that the plan of denying the Sudra Holocaust is part of a greatergameplan, ranging from the soft AIT of neo-Kautilyan Communists to the OIT(Out-of-India Theory ) of neo-Manuite Hindutvadins, attempting to obliterateSudroid (Dravido-Kolaric) civilizations.

    Where is the Sudra Holocaust Museum ?

    In summary, one may ask,

    `Where is the Museum of the Sudra Holocaust ?’

    .The Jews have their Holocaust Museum, but where is ours ? Nazi Gold has nowbeen mostly returned to its rightful owners. But what about Brahmin Gold ?

    `Why is the illegally acquired Brahmin Gold not being returned to its rightful owners, the Sudras ?’

    4. Layout of the Book

    Finally, a few brief notes on the layout of this book. I have kept myself as brief aspossible here, without unduly expanding the volume of this work with hyperbole,the plain facts have been here elaborated. Doubtless, scholars inspired by mywork shall take up the task of providing much more detailed accounts ofindividual Aryan invasions.

    When citing references, I have used an abbreviation in square brackets, alongwith volume number in Roman numerals, followed by page number. Thus, [Brag.I.86 ] denotes page 86 of volume one of the reference Brag. Brag is thenfound expanded in full form at the end of each volume. In case of clasical

    references, [ RgV.III.34 ] denotes the 34th verse of the 3rd book of the Rig Veda.This form of referencing is superior to the form of numbering each reference,which is deceptive as it gives a false impression of a larger number of referenceswhich are in fact cited from a few works only.

    Instead of

    quoting widely from secondary sources, I

    have also quoted mainly from primary sources

    . Thus, the reader can gain a feeling for the actualstatements that occur in the Vedic texts, rather than the opinions of secondaryscholars.

    Each volume is, in itself, self-sufficient. It can be distributed as is, without anyloss of data by being disconnected, as the references for each volume occur atthe end.

    There is no copyright to this book. If you distribute it, it is understood that youmay not claim any copyright over it.

    Early Vedic AryanInvasions

    Aryan Invasions & Genocide of Negroes, Semites & Mongols

    The Bible of Aryan Invasions, Vol. II

    by Prof. Uthaya Naidu

    The Aryan invasions which led to the collapse of the Semito-Negroid Indus Valleycivilization plunged India into 2500 years of darkness lasting from 1500 BC to1000 AD. It may sound cruel but the Vedic religion does prescribe that the Aryanrace is superior to other races and is hence justified in massacering, looting andruling over all others. These Brahmanic Dark Ages were the darkest everexperienced in the history of mankind. The initial 1000 years, comprising theVedic Dark Ages (1500 BC – 500 BC) of this episode were the darkest of all. TheEarly Vedic Dark Ages were marked by two major devastating Aryan invasions :

    RigVedic Aryan Invasion

    (1500 BC) :The initial Aryan onslaught began with the First Aryan invasion under


    . Thebarbaric Vedic Aryan hordes swept down into the Indus Valley civilization,attacking the peace-loving and tolerant Semito-Negroid civilization.Unaccustomed to such violence and blood-shed, and unable to withstand thesheer numbers of ferocious invaders, the civilization collapsed into massacres,mayhem and disorder. Following this calamity, India was plunged into 1000 yearsof darkness, a period referred to as the

    Vedic Dark Ages

    . Virtually the entirenative populations of Negroids, Semites and Mongoloids were exterminated. TheIndus irrigation system was shattered to permanently destroy agriculture in theregion in the first recorded instance of ecological warfare.

    Second Aryan Invasion

    (1400 BC) :Bharata launched the second Aryan invasion from Afghanistan, and conqueredmuch of the upper Ganges valley. The mayhem and murder continuedthroughout this period, by the end of which no trace of the Indus Valleycivilization was left and Sudroid Blacks had been displaced from all of NorthwestIndia, the survivors retreating to the Ganges valley and Rajasthan.The massacres perpetuated by the Aryans in India during the 1000 years of theVedic Dark Ages are unparalleled in history, exceeding the Holocaust of theJews by the Nazis (which was inspired by the Vedic Aryans), and the slaughter ofthe South American native populations by the invading Spaniards and

    Activity (16)


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    One more item. About Himmler: read the article on April 10, 2012 by Palash Ghosh on the International Business Times (ibtimes.com), which is one of the many sources for the reader to educate himself about Himmler, his devotion to the Vedas, and his carrying of the Gita and the Vedas in abridged form with him at all times. Below and extract.

    Heinrich Himmler: The Nazi Hindu:
    More than 65 years after the fall of the Third Reich, Nazi Germany remains an obsession with millions of people around the world.

    Adolf Hitler was one of the most prominent historical figures from the 20th century, evoking both disgust and fascination. While other totalitarian regimes from that period — including Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan — have largely faded from the public’s consciousness, Nazi Germany still exerts a powerful hold on many for a variety of reasons.

    Among the most interesting and perplexing aspects of the Nazi regime was its connection to India and Hinduism. Indeed, Hitler embraced one of the most prominent symbols of ancient India — the swastika — as his own.

    The link between Nazi Germany and ancient India, however, goes deeper than just the swastika.

    The Nazis venerated the notion of a pure, noble Aryan race, who are believed to have invaded India thousands of years ago from Central Asia and established a martial society based on a rigid social structure with strict caste distinctions.

    While scholars in both India and Europe have rejected and debunked the notion of an Aryan race, the myths and legends of ancient Vedic-Hindu India have had a tremendous influence on many nations, none more so than Germany.

    Perhaps the most fervent Nazi adherent to Indian Hinduism was Heinrich Himmler, one of the most brutal members of the senior command.

    Himmler, directly responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews and others as the architect of the Holocaust, was a complex and fascinating man. He was also obsessed with India and Hinduism.

    International Business Times spoke with two experts on German culture to explore Himmler and Hinduism.

    Victor and Victoria Trimondi are German cultural philosophers and writers. They have published books on religious and political topics, including Hitler-Buddha-Krishna-An Unholy Alliance from the Third Reich to the Present Day (2002), a research about the efforts by National-Socialists and Fascists to construct a racist Indo-Aryan warrior ideology with strong roots in Eastern religions and philosophies.

    IB TIMES: Heinrich Himmler was reportedly fascinated by Hinduism and ancient Indian culture, and he read the Bhagavad Gita, among other classic texts. How and when was he introduced to Indian culture? Was it prior to his joining the Nazi party or afterwards?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: Himmler kept a diary where he not only listed the books he read but also provided extensive comments on these manuscripts. His entries regarding India and Indians were always very positive.

    Himmler’s Indian reading list started in 1919 [before the Nazi Party was formed] with a German translation of a novel called Mr. Isaacs: A Tale of Modern India by Marion Crawfords. Six years later, in 1925, Himmler also praised Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha as a magnificent book.

    Himmler was also drawn to The Pilgrim Kamanita by the Danish author Karl Gjellerup, which was a contemporary best-seller. In his diary, Himmler commented: A precious narration. The content is the teaching of salvation.

    Gjellerup’s book quoted several verses from the Vedas, including: The one who kills believes that he is killing. The one who has been killed believes that he dies. Both of them are wrong, for one doesn’t die and the other doesn’t kill.

    Later, Himmler delivered some of these same philosophies in his speeches to his SS officers.

    In the 1920s and the early 1930s, Himmler read some popular books about Hinduism and Buddhism. Yet, his actual interest in classic Hindu texts came later, when he founded the SS-Ahnenerbe, the brain trust of the Black Order, a group of highly qualified academics and occultists that attempted to forge the ideology of a racist warrior religion.

    In 1937, Himmler chose Professor Walter Wüst to serve as the president of the SS-Ahnenerbe. Two years later, Wüst became the curator of this notorious organization. Incidentally, in addition to being one of the leading Sanskrit scholars of his time, Wüst served as the president of the Maximilian University in Munich. In the academic world, Orientalists from this particular university were considered the top experts in their field.

    Wüst was keenly interested in extracting ideas from the Vedas and Buddhism of the so-called Aryan tradition in order to give National Socialism a religious dimension. One slogan of his was: Also above India hovers the sun-sign of the Swastika.

    To Wüst, Hitler appeared as the manifestation of a Chakravartin – Indo-Aryan world emperor.

    Wüst tried to support this particular speculation by verses from classical Indian scriptures. Moreover, in one of his emotion-driven speeches, he compared Hitler with the historical Buddha.

    IB TIMES: Germany’s fascination with ancient India and its culture began in the 19th century, no? That is, long before the advent of the Nazis. Is it correct?had been emphasized by various individuals even before the Nazi period, during Hitler’s reign, and even today by the extreme right wing in Europe and elsewhere.

    For example, in his introduction to a popular edition of the Bhagavad Gita, Leopold Schroeder, a student of ancient India, wrote that this poem describes the powerful ethics of Kshatriya (Warrior) religion at a time when the warriors and kings of India provided a spiritual leadership instead of the priestly caste.

    It is very likely that Himmler used this particular edition of the Bhagavad Gita. It was the Kshatriya, the ancient Hindu warrior caste, and its ethical ideals that fascinated the Nazis so much among other elements of Indian history and culture.

    IB TIMES: Aside from millions of Jews, Himmler was also responsible for the mass murder of up to half-million Roma (gypsies). Was he not aware that the Roma are also of Indian descent?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: He must have known it. At the same time, we should remember that Western racist intellectuals usually divided Indian society into two castes: light-skinned Aryan conquerors (priests, warriors and merchants) and dark-skinned indigenous Dravidians or Chandalens — the latter expression goes back to a Sanskrit word Chandala – or, ‘The Untouchables.’ Himmler surely viewed the Roma as a part of this outcast group.

    IB TIMES: Bhagavad Gita partially focuses on the adventures of Arjuna, the world’s greatest warrior. Did Himmler fantasize that he was a 20th-century Arjuna fighting for the glory of the Aryans? Did Himmler view Hitler as his god Krishna – like a reincarnation of god Krishna?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: When speaking about the Aryan culture proper and the old German or Nordic gods, Himmler clearly viewed them as parts of the same spiritual ideology.

    In this sense, Himmler was indeed fighting for the glory of the Aryans. Thus, Himmler was convinced that the thunderbolts mentioned in both Indian and European mythologies were references to the super-weapons of Aryan Gods, who possessed incredible knowledge of electricity.

    However, we do not know whether Himmler identified himself with Arjuna or not. At the same time, considering the fact that he did indeed compare Hitler to Krishna, it is quite possible that he cast himself as the character of Arjuna.

    On one occasion, Himmler recited to other people the following passage from the Gita, in which Krishna says to Arjuna: Every time when man forgets the sense of justice and truth, and when injustice reigns in the world I become born anew, that is the law.

    Having read these words, Himmler added: This passage is directly related to our Führer. He did arise during the time when the Germans were in the deepest distress and when they did not see any way out. He belongs to these great figures of light (Lichtgestalt). One of the greatest figures of light reincarnated himself in our Führer.

    Based on this statement, one can assume that perhaps Himmler viewed Hitler as a manifestation of Krishna and himself as Arjuna.

    IB TIMES: Did Himmler envision the SS as a modern version of the ancient Kshatriya Hindu warrior caste?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: This was really a sensation what we discovered in the archives: In 1925, shortly before he became a member of Hitler’s SS, Himmler read about the Freemasons and anti-masons in Their Fight for World Domination by an Austrian writer named Franz Haiser.

    Strange as it may sound, the greater part of the book deals not with Freemasons but with the Indian caste system. Haiser praised this caste system as the most reasonable and the most sophisticated social model. He also glorified the Kshatriya (the Warrior) caste as the natural leaders in society. Haiser also compared the decline of the caste system in India to the decadence of Western culture. As a way to prevent this decline, the author proposed the creation of a well-organized, international and racially pure elite order of warriors that he called the All Aryan Union (all-arischer Bund). In addition, he advocated for an all-Aryan world revolution and for the emancipation of the Kshatriya from above.

    Haiser derided the so-called lower races as crows, rats, sparrows, louses and fleas and also endorsed the reintroduction of slavery. He envisioned a society in which the Kshatriyas would not be permitted to mingle with other races. In addition, he drew attention to the Hindu cosmology of global eras: the Yugas, the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the Indian law code of Manu, which he interpreted as a guidebook on how to keep the Aryan race pure.

    After familiarizing himself with all these ideas Himmler wrote excitedly in his diary: A wonderful book […] I agree with most of it. One needs such books. They encourage those who instinctively feel what is right and what is wrong, but do not dare to think about it because of their false education. Kshatriya caste [is what] we have to be. This is the salvation.

    Two years later, in 1927, as a twenty-seven year old man, Himmler already came to occupy the high position of the Stellvertretender Reichsführer SS.

    Much of the agenda articulated in Haiser’s book could be found later in the ideology and the structure of the Black Order.

    Himmler was also familiar with the writings of the Italian philosopher Julius Evola, a fascist prophet of the Kshatriya ideology.

    IB TIMES: Is it true that Himmler always kept a copy of the Bhagavad Gita in his pocket and read passages from it every night?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: Yes, this is true. In fact, it has been well documented by Felix Kersten, his Finnish masseur, that Himmler liked to indulge in philosophical monologues in his presence. The Reichsführer SS called the Gita a high Aryan Canto. Kersten also reported that Himmler read the Vedas, especially the Rig-Veda, the speeches of the Buddha, and the Buddhist Visuddhi-magga. Himmler made frequent references to karma, especially when he was talking about providence.

    He also believed in reincarnation: With one life life is not finished. What good and bad deeds a man has done has an effect on his next life as his karma.

    IB TIMES: Discuss Himmler’s fascination with Yoga and what he sought to gain from this practice.

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: The practice of Yoga was already well known during the Nazi regime — but we do not know whether Himmler did Yoga exercises or not. We only know about his plan to introduce meditation practices and spiritual retreats for the elite members of the SS in a special center located at Wewelsburg, a medieval castle.

    Himmler confided to Felix Kersten: I admire the wisdom of the founders of Indian religion, who required that their kings and dignitaries retreat every year to monasteries for meditation. We will later create similar institutions.

    IB TIMES: Did Himmler (and other top Nazi leaders) use the Bhagavad Gita as a kind of an ideological blueprint for the Holocaust and World War II?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: Several historians believe that Himmler’s notorious Posener Speech in front of a hundred SS officers in 1943 was highly influenced by the spirit of the Bhagavad Gita.

    In this particular speech, Himmler stressed that if the destiny of the nation called for it, every member of the SS had a duty to conduct drastic measures brutally and without pity and without regard to blood relationship and friendship.

    This utterance brought to mind the instructions Krishna issued to Arjuna, demanding from the latter to attack his kin and kill them. In the same speech, after mentioning unworthy human beings who were going to be murdered (an indirect reference to the Jews), Himmler assured his listeners: These deeds do not inflict any damage on our inner selves, our souls, and our characters. In the same manner, Krishna assured Arjuna that the latter acts would not pollute his higher self by completing his murderous duty: Whatever I do, it cannot pollute me. […] The one who merges with me, frees himself from everything, and he is not bound by his deeds

    Thus, Himmler encouraged the members of the SS to conduct their murderous acts, unemotionally in a cool detached manner just as Krishna instructed the charioteer Arjuna.

    On the whole, the Posener Speech was focused on the spiritual dimensions of war and the conduct of the warrior, which is the chief element of the Kshatriya philosophy of Hinduism. The German diplomat and undercover U.S. agent in Nazi-Germany Hans Bernd Gisevius concluded: There is no doubt that for Himmler the Bhagavad Gita is the book of the Great Absolution.

    IB TIMES: During the war, there was a community of Indian nationalists living in Berlin. The most prominent among them was Subhash Chandra Bose, who met with many top Nazi officials, including Himmler, Ribbentrop, Goering and Hitler himself. Is it true that Himmler was generally interested in helping Bose to achieve independence for India, whereas most of the other German leaders only used Bose in a ploy to stoke anti-British sentiments in India?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: Unlike other Nazi leaders, Himmler and the curator of the SS-Ahnenerbe Walther Wüst, provided some ideological support to Bose’s political agenda. Wüst spoke about the need to work closely with Bose and contemplated holding a German-Indian congress of Indian scholars representing both countries. Yet, except for these utterances, neither Himmler nor Wüst did anything specific to support Indian nationalists.

    Bose delivered an emotional speech for British soldiers of Indian origin, who were captured by the Wehrmacht in Africa and who were held in Germany as POWs. He said to them: Hitler is your friend. He is the friend of the Aryans, and you will return to India as the liberators of your motherland. The Indian Kshatriya legacy was not the only Oriental culture that attracted Himmler and his ideologists when they were working to construct their racist Indo-Aryan warrior religion.

    In addition to Hinduism, the Reichsführer SS was also interested in the militant Samurai Zen philosophy of Japan as well as the occult scriptures of Tibetan Buddhism. Indeed, one of the goals of the famous SS expedition to Tibet headed by Ernst Schaefer in 1939 was to find in the Lamaist monasteries scrolls containing secret Aryan teachings.

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: Indeed, Germany had been a true center for Sanskrit studies in the nineteenth century. To be exact, there were scholars and writers in this field who either put the emphasis on the peaceful aspects of Indian culture (e.g. Johann Gottfried Herder and Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling) or pointed out the nihilistic side of Buddhism or Shankara philosophy (like Arthur Schopenhauer).

    However, with the radicalization of German nationalism, writers began to put more emphasis on the martial aspects of Hindu culture. One of the first who tried to blend the warrior ideology of ancient India with Aryan racism was Houston Stewart Chamberlain, an English-born author who lived in Germany and who was later held in a high esteem by the Nazis.

    IB TIMES: Is it true that Himmler could read and speak Sanskrit fluently? Where and how did he learn such a difficult foreign language?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: We do not have any evidence that he mastered Sanskrit. However, Himmler did not need to read this ancient tongue since he always had Wüst by his side.

    By constantly interacting with Himmler, Wüst was directly involved in his philosophical and ideological projects, and he could provide an answer to any linguistic questions coming from the Reichsführer SS.

    IB TIMES: As Reichsführer of the SS, Chief of the German Police, Minister of the Interior and head of the Gestapo and the Einsatzgruppen killing squads, Himmler was responsible for the murder of millions of innocent people. How did he reconcile such brutality with the tenets of Hinduism, which is generally peaceful?

    MR. & MRS. TRIMONDI: The image of Hinduism as a totally peaceful religion is a widespread fallacy. In fact, one can find plenty of martial aspects in Hindu culture, which

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