26 February, 2024


RIGHT Of REPLY:Dr.Victor Rajakulendran's Response To Dr.Roberts

By Colombo Telegraph –

Dr. Victor Rajakulendran

Responding to the article Victor Rajakulendran’s Tirade At The Exposure Of Pirapaharan’s Admiration For Hitler by Dr. Michael Roberts, The Colombo Telegraph received a reply from Dr. Dr. Victor Rajakulendran;

Dear Editor

I am writing this complain regarding the article written and posted in your website by the supposed to be a learned professor Michael Roberts.  I have only met him very briefly in Zurich, Switzerland as a Sri Lankan Expatriate representative from Australia among the participants in a workshop during peace talks time.

The rest of the recent encounter on cyber space is given by Michael in this article.

In your MISSION section you have stated about media people going through, psychology of fear through abductions, killings and other forms of pressure.  But it is regrettable that you let this article to be published in your webiste, possibly not going through in detail unsuspecting this learned professor to right something with the intention of informing the Rajapaksa regime who operates White Vans to exterminate innocent people, false information about me.

As you can see very clearly from the article, my e-mail to his unsolicited e-mail circulation of unnecessary materials is not intended to abuse him verbally.  It is very unethical of him to use your website started with good intentions, to publish my private message written to him for sending me unsolicited e-mail.

More than all this he has fabricated false stories about me with the intention of instigating the Rajapksa regime and their catchers like those who operates White Vans.  He says in this article:

More vitally, he was recently the Secretary of the Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations. It was in this capacity that he marshalled a body of Tamil youth from Sydney (for the most part) to gain entry to Manuka Oval in Canberra during Sri Lanka’s ODI cricket match against India on 12 February 2008, there to mass at a strategic point, display red flags and present a declamation of the Sri Lankan government in the language of liberalism, namely, as the voice of “humanity” (Roberts 2011: 99-103).

All the Sri Lankan knows what AFTA does and I am still the Secretary.  Neither AFTA nor any other Tamil organization was behind this protest.  This was done by few youth who usually patronize Sri Lankan cricket matches in Australia for fun but that time they wanted to add this protest to their way of enjoying a cricket match..  You could see from the pictures in Tamilnet that only 30-40 youth were involved in this protest.  If AFTA organize a protest usually 100s of people participate and Australian Federal Police knows about this. http://www.tamilnet.com/art.html?catid=79&artid=24678

He is also saying that I am part of the Tamil Tiger Lobby in Australia and goes on to say: today which is vigorously targeting the government of Sri Lanka with allegations of war crimes. This engagement as well as his history of advocacy means that he will be known to the university intellectuals, radical-liberal journalists and human rights activists who have shown sympathy for the cause of the Tamils of Sri Lanka as underdogs and ‘oppressed minority,’ namely, such individuals as Jake Lynch, Antony Lowenstein, Gordon Weiss, Damian Kingsbury, Bruce Haigh,  David Feith, Lee Rhiannon and John Zubrzycki. Indeed, to this day he assiduously attends all forums in Sydney where the Sri Lankan situation is discussed.

For these reasons his thinking is of some relevance to anybody interested in “Tamilness” and the worldwide Sri Lankan Tamil lobby as it stands today.

Yes I do campaigning against the SLG on allegations of war crimes like any other HR activists Michael has mentioned,  like Jake Lynch, Antony Lowenstein, Gordon Weiss, Damian Kingsbury, Bruce Haigh,  David Feith, Lee Rhiannon and John Zubrzycki.  But when the whole world is campaigning against Sri Lanka with allegations of war crimes, Michael singles me out as part of the Tamil Tiger Lobby has an ulterior motive  and it is a lie created by Michael.

As Michael indicated in his last sentence of his e-mail on the 31st of January he has deciphered for more than a month on what I wrote in my e-mail to him, used his imagination to the maximum to come with his Concluding Remarks.

He says in his Concluding Remarks:

The principal objective, however, is to make the world at large and Australians in particular aware of the lines of thought favoured by an important Tamil Australian activist.

He does not realize that this is an insult to the intelligence of ordinary Australians. Because my lines of thought are frequently made available to the Australian public through AFTA media releases I regularly release to the Australian media and through my appearances in the Australian media.  But Michael is dreaming that he is making the Australians aware of my lines of thought by writing in colombotelegraph.  Even I would not have read it unless someone sent me the link for his article.

I admire your Corrections Policy which states:

If the Colombo Telegraph  recognizes that it has unintentionally published false or misleading information on the web site, the Editors will publish corrections , and bring them to the attention of the author of the material. Anyone who feels that a posted material is false is encouraged to notify the Editors of the website immediately.

Colombo Telegraph offers a right to reply for any individual or organization who feels they have been misreported on Colombo Telegraph.

I feel you have unintentionally let false as well as misleading information to be published by this mischievous character Michael Roeberts about me.  I feel the appropriate action is to notify the author about his malicious intentions and make your own judgment to withdraw this article from your website.  My replying to this imaginary allegations in your website will not only be a waste of time but also will give more publicity to the allegations made by him with the intention of setting up people against me to harm me.

If you really adhere to  what you have set out in your Mission and Correction Policy sections, I am sure you will accede to my request.

With regards


Dr. Victor Rajakulendran


Colombo Telegraph informed Dr. Victor that we are not removing published materials and asked a formal response to Dr. Robert’s article. Below we reproduced his reply;

Dear Editor

Thank you for your reply.  As I said before I am not going to waste my time writing a clarification separately.  I can also write about his mischief with an attractive title and the rest.  But I can spend that time more usefully as it is not worth spending any more time on this unscrupulous, unethical but still a learned character.  I will let those Australian intellectuals Jake Lynch,Gordon Weiss, Bruce Heigh, David Feith, Damien Kingsbury, Senator Lee Rhiannon to treat them appropriately in the future in Australia.

If you can publish what I have written to you under the title:

Dr. Victor Rajakulendran’s response to Michael Roberts’ false allegations and imaginary discourse

followed by publishing my response to him personally I have already sent (I am forwarding this by separate mail) under the title:

Dr. Victor Rajakulendran’s personal response to Michael Roberts

it is enough for the time being.

Dr. Victor Rajakulendran’s personal response to Michael Roberts;

Dear Michael

Dr. Michael Roberts

Some one sent the email below while I was immersed into the interesting cricket game and now only I read your research article published in the journal of colombotelegraph the link for which was included in this e-mail.  I could not stop laughing at it because of the way you have made it to look like a research article, probably to add one more to your Historian’s bibliography.

As you appropriately stated in your 4 sentences reply to my response to you when you sent me the translation of Ganeshan Iyar’s chapters, “I am also a historian”, now only I realize that you are also a story writer, Chauvinistic Singhalese Nationalist and is involved in the joint criminal enterprise (as an informant) alleged to be run by Rajapaksa brothers in Sri Lanka including the “White Van” abductions and disappearances.  As you promised in your last sentence you have continued to decipher what I wrote to you initially and used your imagination to the maximum to create stories.

I am able to come to this conclusion due to the way you have used little friendly exchange we had on one of your unnecessary actions (sending unsolicited e-mails and materials), to instigate the government of Sri Lanka and the people of Sri Lanka by writing a story about me with lies and misinterpretations of what I do and did in Australia, and trying to persuade the SLG to take action against me.  When some one writes a lie about another person in Australia that some one is liable to face Australian justice.

By describing Rudrakumaran as the head of Global Tamil Forum, you have demonstrated in public you are only an ancient historian and you do not know contemporary history.  This is again reinforced when you say “not unlike the delusion of those Indians who refused to believe that Subhas Chandra Bose did not die in a plane crash: Borra 2007″ .  Not that Indians refused to believe that Subahas Chandra Bose did not die in a plane crash over Taiwan, this was confirmed by CIA to the Indian commission that investigated this incident which (the commission) declared that he did not die in a plane crash.  Lately declassified British documents revealed that he was captured by British and held in prison in Britain and when he was released he was last seen boarding a ship bound for Japan and nothing herd of him after that.

My dear Michael you do not have to tell the Australians or the Sri lankans about me through colombotelegraph.  I am in constant communication with the Australian government from the top to bottom and they all know what I am doing and what my mission is.  Do not think and get the satisfaction that you have given some new information to the Sri Lankan government and the Sri Lankans either.  If they did not know they would not have asked Kumaran Pathmanathan to talk to me on my mobile phone from his cell he was held in Sri Lanka.  Do you know that I spoke to him with Australian government’s permission?

The rest I shall deal with colombotelegraph editor.

With regards


Hi victor
Tks for ur letter. But I feel u r the only one to write like this.
where r the so called Puli supporters i wonder.

I salute ur brave action against to these so called intelectuals like Dayan J and others.
U r one. no one is coming to help U.
God Bless U.
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    Hey-hey, where did that last bit in the tinted box ( below Victor’s correspondence) with a reference to me, drop from?

    Victor writes: “In your MISSION section you have stated about media people going through, psychology of fear through abductions, killings and other forms of pressure. But it is regrettable that you let this article to be published in your webiste, possibly not going through in detail unsuspecting this learned professor to right something with the intention of informing the Rajapaksa regime who operates White Vans to exterminate innocent people, false information about me.”

    I didn’t know that anyone ran White van operations to exterminate people…in Australia!!!

    • 0

      The “learned” Dr. rajakulendran (lower case intentional) will not ever admit that he was ever behind any protests. It does not serve his purpose to have a sticker as being an supporter of a banned terrorist group. Dr. Roberts on the other hand might not have wanted to meet “learned” rajakulendran who are lying through their teeth about what is actually going on in Sri Lanka.The Tamil people are better off today than they ever were.

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        How does this Chettiya know whether we are okay or not while living UK?

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        Who is this?

        Probably, you made your money with the brothers. Poor Sri Lankans looking for foreign exchange from spouses in nailing Saudi Arabians.

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      WOW – Jayatilleka does not have anything to say about, Rajapaksa regime which operates White Vans to exterminate innocent people!!

  • 0

    Dear Dr. Victor Rajakulendran,

    Thank you for exposing Roberts to be the charlatan and paid propaganda writer for GOSL that he is. I have no doubt that he is collecting a hefty commission from Temple Trees, not unlike Dr. Goebbelstilleke, yet another parakeet that sings for his masters on the remotest corners of the internet.

    • 0

      While the poor Sri Lankans paying additional Rs. 5.00 for bread, The price hike of Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel
      The GOSL is spending Billions of dollers to PR Firms like Bell Pottinger for Image building. Appointing War Criminals to UN & Foreign diplomatic mission to hide the GENOCIDE of Tamils. Now shame to Shevendra Silva – kicked out from UN Peacekeeping mission.

  • 0

    Thanks to Dr Rajakulendran for a glimpse into his bizarre and rambling fantasies.

    So, Dr Roberts is now running white vans hit squads in Australia?
    • How much is he charging for this?
    • Are there group discounts if more than one Eelamist is abducted?
    • Is transport to Sri Lanka included in the price?
    • Do these vans use unleaded petrol, thus conforming to best ecological practices?
    • Any plans to open franchises in other Eelam-infested areas like the UK or Canada?

    I think we need answers, now!

    @Nihal/Heshan: you keep accusing Dr Roberts of being paid by GoSL. Do you have any proof, other than your singularly pointless rantings? Any proof at all?

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    Let it be known to Robers and Dyan that the diaspora is there to stay and the anti-community activities
    will not be tolerated for long. This Bill-Pottinger type business is guaranteed to last only during MR Regime time.

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    Please excuse for myself being ignorant.This website is full of doctors.Are they real doctors or quacks?Or are they doctors of terror?

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    good reply to the GOONS of MR. We need couragous learned people like you. Sri Lanka is rogue state now.
    White vans, Kidnapping, Killing journalists & Human rights activists looting the country’s wealth. Mega Cabinet to accommadate opposition members, bribing the opposition MPs. 10% collecting Minister & Brother, Barking dog
    Kota. SR. currency worthless, Gass, Bread prices going up like rocket. This is the beginning of the END. The Goons can change side now.

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    Why is Colombo Telegraph is publishing private letters?
    Don’t we have enough done to the journalists in Sri Lanka?

    It is widely called ‘Sri Lankan spammers’ here headed by multi-mega byte Dayan.

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    I agree

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