16 October, 2021


Roots Of Pitiless Savagery  

By Sarath de Alwis –

Sarath De Alwis

Muslim fundamentalists are those who feel that the troubles of the Muslim world at the present time are the result not of insufficient modernization but of excessive modernization”~ (P144 Crisis of Islam -Bernard Lewis)  

Terror takes tolerance hostage. The purpose of terror is to undermine our tolerant way of life. What motivates the perpetrators of terror? 

To fight an idea, we must understand the idea. A comparatively small, disproportionately dynamic, unbelievably influential group that calls themselves ISIS are seeking to impose a totalitarian version of Islam on us and all other nations of the world. 

The commonsense approach to solve the problem is to define who we are and accurately ascertain who they are.

First things first. Fighting ‘Velupillai Prabhakaran’ and fighting ‘Abubaker al Baghdadi’ are two different ball games. 

We defeated a terrorist, call him the world’s worst and the most vicious or whatever. But he subscribed to the notion of the ‘modern nation state’. That is why he wanted and fought for a piece of the post-colonial nation state.  

This new guy is different and drastically so. He rejects the notion of the modern state, the role of citizen in the polity and individual human rights. He has found fertile soil to sow his seeds of mindless butchery in Arabized towns and villages in our Eastern province. 

We ended a thirty-year war. As Dr. Jayadeva Uyangoda noted at a recent event – the first anniversary of the weekly Sinhala broadsheet apocalyptically called ‘Anidda” the war did not result in a positive productive peace. Instead we had a negative peace. The good professor called it a ‘Nissheda Saamayak”.

More than a negative peace it is an impotent, confused directionless peace.   The fault lines are further sharpened in the military imposed peace. 

The most venerable Galagoda Atte Gnanasara thero is in prison for contempt of court. Now we learn that the venerable monk has correctly identified some perpetrators of the recent savagery. He has unmistakably warned about the danger they presented.

Now, his foresight is cited as a good reason to validate his dancing the merry jig before a judge presiding over the inquiry in to the disappearance of a cartoonist and imploring the distraught wife seeking closure to go beg on the streets instead of litigating to find out her husband’s fate. 

As I said earlier, we have chaos and that in abundance. The Chaos we are in, is   very real and thriving. 

A former FBI operative Ali Soufan who spent eight years deeply embedded in counter terrorism  in his book “Anatomy of Terror, points out that rounding up the terrorists alone does not address the problem. We must find out what these people believe in. “Ideology is the cornerstone of these organisations. That’s why we should not be distracted by different names, different groups – this is al-Qaida, this is Daesh etc, etc. We have to go into the glue that pulls these things together. It is ideology that we have to deal with If we don’t, we will continue to suffer for years to come.”

The shape and the shaping of the monster is not only important but is the single imperative before us. Yet a mild digression is called for. 

Our well-known history scholar of Sri Lanka, Lorna Dewaraja in 1994 published a book ‘The Muslims of Sri Lanka – One Thousand Years of Ethnic Harmony 900-1915’ 

Her book narrates the trajectory of the relationship between the Sinhalese-majority community and the Muslim minority over a period of thousand years- from the time of Sri Lanka’s first known contacts with Islamic world in the eighth and ninth centuries till the beginnings of the British rule.

She examines the evolving mutually beneficial relationship between the migrant Muslim traders and the agricultural Sinhalese culminating in the structural assimilation of Muslims into the Kandyan body politic.

She provides a lucid account of how this process precluded or prevented the natural process of cultural assimilation where the migrant culture is totally submerged in the host culture. 

The Muslims were loyal subjects of Sinhala kings who remained a distinct and cohesive group in the Kandyan Kingdom devoutly adhering to Islam and cultural attributes that survived their relocation. 

This process of structural assimilation while insulating the migrant community from any erosion of their cultural distinctiveness was a unique process. 

The Eastern province was a part of the Kandyan kingdom. The Eastern province that had the largest concentration of Muslims in the country was frozen in time and in their comfortable antiquity until M.H.M Ashraff discovered the value and the promise of Sri Lanka Muslim ethnoreligious identity under proportional representation and in the context of the 13th amendment. That is another story for another day.

Let us return to Global Islam. The legendary Islamic conqueror Khalid ibn Walid also known as the ‘Unbroken sword of God arrived on the border of Persia in the 7th century. He told the Persians “A people is already upon you who love death as you love life”. 

The inexorable march of those who loved death over life crossed the Indus river and settled in the Gangetic plains. The world reconciled to the spread of Islam on Khalid ibn Walid’s haughty disdain for life and arrogant love of death in taking the message of the prophet to lands far from Arabia.  

In 1854 Karl Marx wrote an essay – ‘History of the Eastern Question’ to the New York Herald Tribune. It was a discourse on the diplomatic horse trading by France and Britain with the Ottoman empire the last Caliphate to frustrate Russian expansion south.

Turkey was wiling but its mullahs and muftis were being difficult. The incisive mind of Marx makes a characteristically Marxian prognosis. He writes “The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various people to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels.” 

To the clinical mind of Karl Marx, every Arab setting out of Arabia in a corsair ship was a portable empire builder! 

Islam had its tryst with democracy and a pluralist democracy at that, when Mohamed Ali Jinnah persuaded the departing British to carve out Pakistan a Muslim majority state in the subcontinent. 

When Pakistan was created in 1947 Jinnah who was doctrinaire secularist declared that non-Muslims would be equal citizens in the new country. Rest is history. 

Pakistan is the first post-colonial modern nation state that embraced   the terrifying tenor of the 7th century Muslim conqueror Khaled ibn Walid and his notion of religious purity.  

Pakistan is not the subject of this essay. Today the Pakistani jurists who are outstanding legal scholars are in a deadly struggle to bring the anachronistic theocracy in to the 21st century.

Therein lies a way forward to our Muslim community now feeling trapped orphaned, insecure and yearning for the days of ethnic harmony described by Professor Lorna Dewaraja

Justice Tassaduq Hussain Jillani is a member of the Pakistan Supreme Court and the author of paper appropriately titled “Democracy and Islam: An Odyssey in Braving the Twenty-First Century.”

According to Justice Jillani, ‘Tauheed’ is “the foremost principle on which the political system in Islam is based.” Tauheed stipulates that sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Allah Almighty and requires that all authority exercised by people fall within limits prescribed by Him”

The concept of divine sovereignty according to Justice Jilani may “appear to be the antithesis of the concept of popular sovereignty” and therefore requires a careful interpretation that goes beyond a literal adoption. He points out that the more pragmatic interpretation of God’s sovereignty would be to regard man as the deputy of divine authority.   

I do not wish to tread on grounds that angels avoid. The purpose of this missive is to point out the need for orthodoxy to reconcile with the essential paradigms of a modern democratic society. 

Justice Jillani does not say it. But it must be stated and reiterated. That man is the true deputy exercising divine sovereignty is the principle the French discovered by storming the Bastille and putting God’s anointed monarch to the guillotine. 

We adopted the principle tentatively courtesy Sir Ivor Jennings and more pronouncedly courtesy Dr. Colvin R de Silva and the 1972 republican constitution with one tiny fly in the ointment – Buddhism given the foremost place while guaranteeing religious freedom to all faiths. 

In the tenth Parliament the Leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress got up to congratulate the speaker on his election. The deputy speaker Anil Moonesinghe Trotskyite, Grand Nephew of Anagarika Dharmapala and later President of the Sri Lanka Mahabodhi society was presiding. The man who gave voice to the voiceless Muslims of the Eastern Province commenced his peroration recorded in Hansard. 

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La-ilaha Illallahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Walillahil Hamdu … Hon Speaker, I have great pleasure in conveying our congratulations and felicitations on behalf of the Sri Lankan Muslim Congress.

Some members interrupted. The Deputy Speaker called for order and let the SLMC leader proceed with his speech.

“Sir, this is the first time in the history of Parliament that a Muslim Member in his capacity as Leader of the Political Party has been given the opportunity of felicitating the Speaker. I am proud and thankful to Allahu Th’ala’ that I have been given this opportunity.”  

Had our constitution been a strictly secular constitution the SLMC’s founder leader would not have been permitted to turn his perch in parliament in to a pulpit. What goes around comes around. 

The identity politics of the SLMC served the narrow purpose of serving the short-term objectives of competitive electoral politics. I am not suggesting that the SLMC knowingly encouraged extremist jihadists. 

The Eastern Province Muslims were our equivalent of the Russian peasantry who did not know of an electric bulb before the revolution. The 19th Century and the first two decades of the 20th Century skipped past them.  They represented the classic post-colonial marginalized under the hegemony of Macan Markar, Faleel Gafoor type Muslim elite who dominated Muslim politics.

They were so dumb that they rejected Badi-ud-din Mahmud who made trained teachers out of Muslim girls who had hardly reached the eighth grade in secondary school. The SLMC opened the pandoras box. The Jihadists captured its contents. 

In 2004, Abu Bakr Naji, a suspected al-Qaeda strategist, published an online manuscript entitled, The Management of Savagery: The Most Critical Stage Through Which the Umma Will Pass. It was translated into English in 2006 by William McCants, a fellow at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center and published by John M Olins Institute of Strategic Studies of the Harvard University. (Any reference to it must carry this acknowledgement)

It is a must read for those who need to understand the minds of those unleashing mindless terror. Management of Savagery is a manual on how to create regions of savagery, how to exploit media attention and how to increase the number of jihadist recruits arising from the control of these regions. The strikes against economic targets are intended to undermine the self-determination of the nation-state controlling the region under attack. So, the ISIS threat is real, global and unmitigated trouble in an election year. 

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  • 10

    Sri Lanka needs to seal its borders . There are close to 2000 refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the country. They all got visa’s on arrival, and then demanded asylum. Visa’s on arrival should only be given to western nations and Japan, Korea etc not south Asians.

    • 2

      Dear Sarath de Alwis,

      Thank you, a great article with references. Thank you. This should be translated to Sinhala, Tamil, and all the native languages spoken by Muslims, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, Farsi, Indonesian, Hindi, Bengali etc., modified, to reflect the local histories.


      • 2

        It’s rational vs irrational.

        Peel away all the claptrap and simply base any analysis on rational vs irrational.

        Allah, Mullah or Bullah ……..blowing oneself up for a God/religion is one of the most irrational thoughts that can enter human mind.

        Irrationality taking hold of one’s mind is simply mental illness. The root cause of indiscriminate killing is a form of mental illness. American society too is rife with this kind of illness …….. where from time to time individuals pick up arms and kill large numbers – even-though they give/have different/other reasons.

        Although not perfect, it’s nature is such Science – in some areas – is the ultimate rational endeavor available to man.

        Ranil, Mahinda, Sirisena, Sarath, Shyamon, Dayan, Milinda, Uditha ……….. the non-scientists do not comprehend this and always have to fall back on their forte the “Humanities!” :))

        “Humanities” are neither here nor there ……… rationality is not it’s cornerstone.

        At one time people thought the world was flat until the scientists stepped in.

        Galileo or some dude spent most of his life under house-arrest for pushing Copernicus (or someone’s idea) that the earth moves around the Sun. And later had to recant due to deathly pressure from the church.

        Humans will always be human (Lankans are a whole different kettle of fish!)……… we have come a long way ……….. but still there is a loooooong way to go.

        What a bummer the rationalists Native Vedda and Old Codger are stuck in all of this ……… I’m past all that ……… gone beyond; speaking from the dead.

        • 2

          nimal fernando

          “What a bummer the rationalists Native Vedda and Old Codger are stuck in all of this “

          Someone has to take responsibility for cleaning the toilet, drains, cesspit, ……………….

  • 2

    A great essay. One feels appreciative of the extent of reading that has gone into it.
    The first thing I did was to go to “Find on page” and type “Rajapaksa”. I was amazed. Greatly relieved, I read on with relish.
    Few on CT can beat Sarath Alwis’s power of expression.


    • 1

      You seem to have trouble expressing yourself, hmm…hmmm, soma.
      First, it is the English language tradition that the first letter of a proper name is capitalised.
      Secondly, you need to add the words…”as far as Wikipanditry goes” a the end of your last sentence..

  • 1

    I am impressed by your well-written articles structured on contemporary events – in flawless English – a commodity rapidly slipping into extinction even within our community of the younger journalists writing in English. Clearly you keep yourself informed of events in the world to know Islamic scholars and leaders in the Muslim world are firmly of the view “the next Crusade has begun” Samuel Huntington is no fool.

    I saw an interesting comment the other day and wish to share this with you
    ““If your religion requires you to hate a group of people because of their beliefs, then you need a new religion” Simultaneously, I saw a clip from Australia where a Moslem gentleman addresses a Rotary Club where he insists the Islamic world might review various features in their medieval religion.

    This week we learn from a British study Christianity is fastly becoming extinct where it began – the Middle East. It is so in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Maldive Islands – in the region. And so, to use the Chinese exclamation “we live in interesting times”


    • 1


      From time to time people have been motivated to kill and ready to be killed for various reasons, for example Marxism, Maoism, Fascism, Separatism, Nationalism, Cultism (James Warren Jones, leader of Peoples Temple, persuaded a mass murder–suicide of 918 of his followers in 1978) , Colonialism, …………..

      The so called “Islamic Terrorism” is another pace of the changing world.
      Have you forgotten the European Tribal War which cost several millions of life and almost destroyed European Civilisation. Imagine the scale of destruction including the racist use of Nuclear Bombs.

      The Islamic Radical Tendency didn’t start yesterday and will not end tomorrow. The seeds were sown in Afghanistan by the west, bankrolled by Saudi new money, in order to roll back Soviet Expansion towards WARM WATER PORTS. Even Khomeini was too careful not to abuse his new found freedom in Iran. Palestinians fought for their land never surrendered to religious sentiments until the late 1980s.

      I am told Islamic tendency was very active in Europe particularly in the UK by early 1990.
      What we see is the culmination of the project rolling back communism (actually Soviet Expansion).

      Compared to Caliphate building Jihadis LTTE was nothing, maybe cuddly.
      Are these stupid islanders capable of dealing with an international force whose intention is to achieve total destruction (partial Nihilism) especially they too bend on destruction.

      LTTE may look cuddly when you compare it with Caliphate Builders.
      Sinhala/Buddhist noisy minorities are not too far behind the Caliphate builders.

      • 0

        You are afraid of Caliphate of Ealam aren’t you?. That noisy minority will stand by your side to help you out.

  • 3

    Until the Easter, we wrote here in CT that lonely individuals of Lankawe Muslims may fight in Iraq or Syria, but ISIS cannot come to the Island. Reason: 1). Though the Rapist Army was not the one won LTTE, but 250,000 with additional supporting troop is more than enough to go around for anything in any province. 2:1 in some areas of Mullaithivu is unimaginable. And these Rapist hooligans have been public denying any ISIS operations within the Island. 2). As the richest Community of Lankawe, Muslims will not watch it germinate and flourish. We were standing two peglegs, fake.
    Now we realize it was cream in Muslim Community was indulged in pillar the local ISIS. Unlike in many other societies, wealth and sophisticated life doesn’t intervene into Jihadist concepts. Unlike with Tamil until 1983, when their wealth and possessions were stripped and burned, to get naked feeling of losing nothing in fight, a certain number of wealthy Muslims & powerful politicians throw their resources to up bring the local Jihadism. Unlike Tamils, who wanted to reclaim what was lost, Local Jihadist’s purpose was to transport the caliphate from Middle East, where it is still a mirage dream.
    Some Muslim politicians played a smart role. They noticed the $18B greed’s is evenly deep rooted from EP to Tuk tuk driver, within Sinhala Buddhist. So they brought the harness to Lankawe Sinhala Buddhist Politicians from the Oil Wells of the Middle East. For Example, when the lay Buddhists & monks opposed cow Halal, Aanduwa Managers made it as the cash cow for them. So the certain groups of Muslim politicians become the string pullers in Diyawanna Lake puppets. The concern of the money, property, protection, life ……….. become nothing for these Muslim politicians. They publicly challenged creating the blood river if Diyawanna Lake puppets not granting their wish.
    Gnanam, who has been standing in same queue for his checks with these Muslim local Jihadists, did know the secret.

    • 1

      “Now we realize it was cream in Muslim Community was indulged in pillar the local ISIS…” Wrong. Ibrahim, the father of the 2 “educated” suicide bombers described as a “multi-millionaire” Spice exporter was a minor Broker in the Spice trade in Old Moor Street – as late as the late 1980s. I am told by a friend, who knew him well, he was a methodical, hardworking man who came by good fortune also as a result of the weakening of the Tamil business community in 7/83 pogrom against the Tamil community. Ibrahim, now called Ibrahim Hadjiar – is believed to be originally from Kandy of South Indian origin . He was said to be religious, not radical then, a decent man who had absolutely no religious radical features in him at all. How he got trapped into global islamic radicalism is not yet known.

      The “cream in the community” were such families as the respected Macan Markars, Falil Caffoors, Jabir Caders, Nalim Hadjiars (of Beruwala) MH Mohameds (and a hundred others) whose business acumen enriched all Sri Lanka. Faiz Mustapha in the Laws, Dr. Sherifdeen in Medicine, Dr. Kaleel in Politics were all as patriotic Lankans as anybody else. All of them contributed to the good of the national whole. There can be a hundred more names in as many a varied field who did well by their Motherland. Except for a minor misled few among the young, the Muslim community is an essential part of the wider Lankan family of different races-religions. The community must be nurtured and protected as anybody else if we are to call ourselves a lawful, religious and civilised society. The bestial hate campaign carried out against them today is the work of a few,
      unemployed miscreants – often led by rogue politicians and deranged

      R. Varathan

  • 3

    This is a well written article but offers no suggestions to counter savage, barbaric, radical Islam now manifesting in Lanka through suicide bombings.

    As the writer says, Islam is unique in that it glorifies savagery, has enough in the Qaran to make it the ultimate manuscript of terror. There is nothing like it in any other religion.

    Lanka is at a crossroads. Lanka has an overwhelming majority of Moslems who are sympathetic is the above barbaric version of Islam and would like to see a full-blown Islamic Republic established in their lifetime.
    My guess is among the age group 15- 45 over 80% are fully supportive of such a savage ideology and in fact secretly they are celebrating the first open attack on the Kafirs. They started with the Christians because Al Bagdadi ordered it, and they will spread it to the soft targets such as Buddhists, who follow a vey defeatist version of the religion which cannot defend itself.
    And they will use a lot off Taqqia, the Koran sanctioned deception and bribery to buy the politicians to their side. Lankan politicians do anything for money. Moslems are already ruling commerce with brutal Jihadi methods. For example, the suicide bomber bought spices grown by the Sinhalese and sold to the Moslems for peanuts and then exported to Western countries making a lot of profits and used the profits to fund Jihad. Meanwhile the leftist parties see in all these chaos an opportunity to disrupt democracy and through the chaos of fanatic Islamic terror they see a chance to seize power in a partitioned Lanka, a Lanka where Moslems rule at least the Eastern province.

    (Continued below)

  • 0

    (Continued from previous posting)

    Unless Lankans wake up and choose a leader at the next election who can unleash the most brutal suppression of Islam, using the same kind of savagery the suicide bombers have used, they there is really no chance for Lanka to stay the way it is. Many outside parties will also get involved and Lanka will destabilize into Venezuela like chaos.

    Moslems are bribing officers at customs to bring lethal drugs which are given initially free or at low cost to unsuspecting Sinhalese to make them eventually drug addicts and dependent on drugs and ready to do anything for them. Don’t be surprised if the next suicide bomber turns out to be a Sinhalese Catholic man who does it for a shot of cocaine. Those are all wonderful ways Taqqia works and Prophet Mohamed himself used in many instances against those who defied him and did not accept his words.

    The selected barbarisms in the Qaran should be published and distributed to ALL Sinhalese and Tamils by the government so that they can see how Taqqia works and above all else should be distributed to school children.

    I have a terrible fear, a nightmare, that they will attack a school soon. The Lankan schools are so poorly organized to handle emergencies. All schools open and close simultaneously, thus making it possible for Moslems to plan attacks well.

    There is so much to do to prevent terror, and I hope Lankans will move fast and take on Islamic terror with the most brutal force and crush it, incarcerating even those who are even slightly associated with the radicals, and use all available means, including water boarding, to extract intelligence. I wish the intelligence teams good luck.

    • 0

      Jay Chambers,
      OMG! What you say is frighteningly true! And combating this ideology will be impossible. But as you say, it will take one powerful leader to eradicate this scourge. Curses to the current leaders who were taking money from the Islamists to build up their Megalopolis.

      • 0

        Thank you Ramona. If you could please share and distribute my contributions I would appreciate it, especially if the thoughts with embellishments can be translated to Sinhalese and Tamil and shared with a larger audience. Long before the terror attack I have been warning people here on CT about the imminent Moslem terror attack. If you can peruse previous articles going back 3 years you will be able to read them. I was a lone voice, literally everyone has been castigating me as a trouble maker. If they listened to me over 350 souls could have been saved and thousands saved from terrible injuries and tens of thousands of extended families saved from the trauma of loss.

        Lankans must be encouraged to not deal in ANY commercial activities with Moslems and shun Moslem businesses, and make all their purchases from non-Moslems establishments as much as possible. If Moslem commerce and trade weakens, so will Moslem terror.

        If we can together save a few lives and prevent an apocalypse then we can feel that we have done everything we can as good people to help poor Lankans. The Devil himself is at the front door, Satan is here. Let us try to save the poor people.

        • 0

          That’s a bit harsh Jay. Muslims are also human, and citizens of Sri Lanka. They too love Sri Lanka. Their businesses also benefit the nation. They have been part of the Nation for thousands of years.
          Better it is that Muslims denounce ISIS, Jihadism and Shariah most vociferously. They should stop insisting and demanding on their rights, in the midst of the carnage their brethren created. They can for example, stop wearing the garish head and neck covering, together with a tight fitting, closed-up Kandyan Sari. What an affront to the Kandyan Sari! Best is that their women dress like the Catholic nuns in Sri Lanka- light colors, no adornments, light veil on the head with hair shown, and feet and ankles open. No big show of religious culture. We will believe them when their women start dressing environmentally appropriately.
          They should show greater humility and accept any adverse consequences in a meek spirit. One can’t desire all the glories on the netherworld of Islam as revealed to the prophet, and then sit terrorizing the rest of humanity to follow suite. Best is that they follow the initial Christian way and be persecuted without retaliation –such that Christianity got its momentum from. Or even better, follow the Buddhist way of complete nonviolence and loving kindness.
          The world that they consider debauched, will then see their sincerity. The world will and be awed and admire their true spirit, and want to follow suite.
          But with the prophet himself declaring jihadism as a panacea for all evils, will there ever be a chance for the ordinary peace-loving Muslims? All we can tell them is that the prophet was not Allah. The prophet as a man was fallible. But once he gained more knowledge and understanding of others and their cultures, he reclined his jihadist spirit and gave out scriptures for their tolerance and acceptance.

          • 0

            Ramona, good luck with your thoughts, and your compassion. Once the Qaran has been learned and digested, the brainwashed automaton terrorist sees in you and others who are ready to give the benefit of the doubt, a weak, easy target. The main killer Zahran himself said in his preaching that even those who treat a Moslem well should be killed because they are unbelievers, and Kaffirs.

            You and I can split hairs debating who said what, Mohamed vs. Allah, etc. but the next attack will come sooner than you think and next attack will be more debilitating and devastating to Lanka. I honestly believe they will use poison gas, such as Tabun or Sarin, to maximize the numbers dead. If you are not aware, these gas attacks were carried out by ISIS fanatics on Shia Moslems and then they blamed them on Assad or the Americans. The number of dead in gas attacks in ISIS “caliphate” run into tens of thousands and even the Americans believed that Assad was responsible for it.

            Also, poisoning of drinking water is a very likely target. Mass chemical poisoning of waterways, tanks, using nuclear waste again brought into Lanka unhindered by fanatic Moslems bribing Lankan politicians, is very likely. The scale of death and destruction will be unlike anything Lanka has seen, like the black plague of the Middle Ages.

            I do hope Lanka gets lucky, men of stature and intelligence will prevail and control the country from sliding into utter chaos, but like night follows day, death and destruction follows radical terrorist Islam. In their eyes, they now have a very large number of Moslems, over 3 million (Lanka census is lying to you) and time has come for full blown Jihad. Every Moslem in Lanka knows this and actively or passively supports it.

            • 0

              Yes, when one gets intoxicated on the word, and nothing but the word, the mind focuses and focuses and pin-points to singularity. Take a bunch of young men and women and do that, and it’s the end of the world. And Sri Lanka was the only shameful country in the whole Universe to encourage it for money.

  • 0

    Sarath Dee Alwis says the ISIS is a real threat. but, you did not suggest which weapons systems to be bought.

    • 1


      “you did not suggest which weapons systems to be bought.”

      You need brain and wisdom.
      However I do not know where to buy them and install in your head, probably an external drive containing Artificial Intelligence, gene editing, reset button, autostop mechanism if gone overdrive, ……………………….. and many more.

  • 5

    Sarath wake up dude,
    Arabic and French experts have rejected the so called Al Bagdhadi video which was doctored, with audio recording imposed on the video later to refer to the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka.
    Like the Fake video of Al Bagdhadi talking about Sri Lankan attacks the Management of Savagery: The Most Critical Stage Through Which the Umma Will Pass. It was translated into English in 2006 by William McCants, a fellow at West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center and published by John M Olins Institute of Strategic Studies of the Harvard University.
    Translated at Westpoint, IS and the Empire’s deep state operatives are increasinlgy the same thing now. IS is largely owned, funded and operated by Empire and its Mid East proxies Saudi experts. Meanwhile Westpoint and Harvard experts put words into IS mouths! The murky terror networks in the Middle east, invisible from Sri Lanka are run buy the Empires 2 proxies Saudi and Israel, the latter spreading White stream stories from the White house that Bitcoin funded the terrorists in Sri Lanka when it was Saudi Arabia that had prior notice and pumps the funds to IS and Kathankudi. All this terror finally benefit the Empires’ military business industrial complex to make America Great Again

  • 2

    I have heard that Anil Moonsinghe and many others, including his cousins, had also become Muslim in order to marry a second time without dissolving their exiting marriages. As a Muslim they could have several wives !

    There is definitely a tendency towards militancy in the religion , ” I have the right religion, you are wrong ” attitude. This is contrary to modern thinking where things are constantly changing, knowledge increases and you cannot have a definite view on anything.

    • 1


      Islam is a religion for man by man, like Judaism and other religions.

      Man has many privileges compared to women. In Islam, women are chattel, like slaves, and can possess, can marry up to 4 women, and own any number of slaves, but encouraged to free the slaves. Saudi Arabia had slavery until 1960, and after the petrodollars, replaced by maids.

    • 3


      “This is contrary to modern thinking where things are constantly changing, knowledge increases and you cannot have a definite view on anything.”

      Good point.
      Could you nail this point into the heads of Eagle Blind Eye, somass, Taraki, …… Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa, …..

    • 0

      Susil Moonesinghe is Anil’s brother. He had a lovely wife of Indian origin and had a beautiful daughter. While he was married to her he started an affair and got fired from Radio Ceylon by Sirimavo. He then got very upset. He married the Maharaja woman and became an extremely successful man with lots of wealth and power and became a strong UNP to seek revenge on Sirimavo. He officially converted to Islam to have multiple wives. This from a descendant of Anagarika Dharmapala.

      Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your disposal so that you can strike terror into the enemies of Allah and of the believers and others besides them who may be unknown to you, though Allah knows them. And remember whatever you spend for the cause of Allah shall be repaid to you. You shall not be wronged.

  • 0

    Thank You Mr De Alwis for this instructing essay.

    Thank You for especially pointing out the difference between the LTTE and this new abomination, and for the opportunity that this has afforded the divisive Gnanasara to now play Cassandra. He has been stewing in gaol, and will return in full flush to sow misery and chaos and throw our slow fragile reconciliation into utter disarray.

    These are times that call for strong, honest men and women to lead us to a better place, but alas all around I see sly weak gutter politicians who look at how they can turn our hardship to their advantage.

  • 0

    Mr Manawadu
    I am struggling with my English. Only consolation is that it makes a few individuals like you happy. Wish you all the best Mr Wanamadu.


  • 0

    Reforming Islam in SL is the only way ahead

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