25 September, 2023


Satturukondan Massacres: An Extreme Act Of State Terror To Be Documented

By Murali Vallipuranathan

Dr. Murali Vallipuranathan

In 1990, 184 Tamil civilians were summoned to the Satturukondan army camp and were shot, hacked to death and burned with tyres. Five infants under the age of 1 and 42 minors under the age of 10 were among those killed. A Presidential Commission of Inquiry headed by a retired judge was set up and though the culprits were identified, no one has been convicted till date. No compensation was given to the affected relatives. It has been proven in various incidents in Sri Lanka that whenever genocides are committed by state terrorism against Tamils, justice is not served.

In 1985, my father was killed while travelling in a Jaffna bound bus owned by the Ceylon Transport Board from Trincomalee. 85 Tamil civilians were massacred with him in cold blood by the Special Task Force at Pankulam. In my village Thikkam in 1987, in the name of Operation Liberation, more than 30 civilians were killed. State terrorism was so prevalent that there were almost no Tamil villages where Tamils were not massacred and till date none of the victims have received justice.

Now the Sinhalese are beginning to feel the pain of the brutality of state terror when it targets the people of the South. As a result, representatives of those killed in the Easter bombings and oppressed people’s champions fighting for basic amenities and to eliminate corruption have accepted that Sri Lanka’s internal investigations will not bring justice and have begun to request an international investigation mechanism at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Tamils should not rely on the help of those who maintain secret links with the government and use this opportunity to establish an international investigative mechanism in Sri Lanka through representatives who possess sound legal knowledge, language skills and resourceful argumentative skills and with the collaboration of Southern people.

It is very important to document the killings of Tamils until the international investigation begins. In the attached video, taking as an example how the Satturukondan massacres are documented through memorials, in every village where Tamils live, tombstones with the names of innocent people killed by state terrorism should be erected and documented according to the tradition of Tamils.

Through this one day Tamils will get justice and fairness. The pressure to start an international investigation should be exerted through the countries that come forward to provide economic assistance to Sri Lanka, which has reached the stage of bankruptcy.

Only that tactic will humble the racists who say with arrogance that they will not accept any investigation outside Sri Lanka’s constitution.

*Author Dr. Murali Vallipuranathan is a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Jaffna and Colombo, a Senior Specialist of the Ministry of Health and a Council Member of the Sri Lanka Medical Association. He claims the opinion expressed in this article with social responsibility aims to improve Human Rights in Sri Lanka and in no way reflects his official positions.

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    Dr Vallipuranathan,
    Your first two paragraphs leave me speechless. How have you born such horror for so long?
    Forgive me.
    I do not not what to say or do.

    • 2

      The paragraph that follows shows the author’s pleasure at what he sees as suffering by the perpetrators of the crimes.
      Such confusion of a people with a handful that is responsible for the offence is deplorable and designed to make people eternally hostile to each other.
      Is there even feint sorrow for the Muslim and Sinhalese civilian victims of LTTE’s misdeeds?
      He sounds like Draupatthi in Mahaharata who simply wanted revenge for her humiliation regardless of what carnage the war would produce, including the destruction of her own children and relatives.
      He is yet another like the racist commentators of both nationalities we find on these pages.
      All of them crave revenge.

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    I was there when this happened. Don’t ask anything please.

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    The 1990 massacre of 185 could have been avoided if prabhaharan had not clashed with IPKF using the pulendran suicide issue as an excuse.The first major foolish mistake by prabhaharan.IPKF was providing protection for tamil civilians while prior to them coming LTTE was not as the 1985 massacre mentioned here by the author proves.In fact prabharan would have helped LTTE recruit more for their cause and they would not try to prevent what is helpful to would they?However the author is right when he says that justice was not done for the victims.The perpetrators should have been in jail even now.Looking the other way caused the UNP to end up like a headless chook now though ranil the only one left has been valiantly fighting on got a 250000 votes for the UNP at the last general election.What happened to that once great party?

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    Which one is more dangerous and will last long or permanently?

    1. Satturukondan Massacres (and all other similar Massacres )

    2. 2009 genocidal massacres of several generations.

    3. After concluding armed phase of genocide in 2009, current structural genocide was imposed in full swing (with blessing and facilitation of Hindia, US, UK and generally the West)

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