13 April, 2024


Shocking Incident Involving Mormon Leader’s Assault Of Sri Lankan Father Leads To Charges & Court Battle

By Udara Soysa

Udara Soysa

Reporting from Prince William County General District Court – Date: August 14, 2023

Prince William County, VA: In a startling turn of events that has gripped the attention of the nation, Bryon Ted Biggs, a prominent Mormon high priest entrusted with managing the finances of the Luray Branch and Washington D.C. Temple Ordinance worker, has been charged with assault and battery following a disturbing altercation involving a Sri Lankan American.

The incident, which transpired on August 9th, 2023, unfolded within the walls of a courtroom in Prince William County. The case, presided over by the respected and conservative Judge James A. Willett, drew focus due to its implications for the lives of Yashodara and Abilasha, two young children caught in the midst of a custody dispute. The children’s Sri Lankan American father named Gavin Britto had sought joint legal custody after negotiations with Biggs’s daughter failed to yield a settlement.

Judge Willett’s historic decision to grant joint legal custody to the Sri Lankan father was marred by allegations of a biased testimony. Three Mormon priests, seemingly influenced by Biggs’s position within the Mormon church, offered testimonies that painted the father in an unfavorable light.

In an astonishing twist, it was revealed that Bryon Ted Biggs had allegedly utilized his influential position within the Mormon church to manipulate the local Bishop of the Manassas 2nd ward. The result was an ill-advised decision to intervene in a domestic matter, diverting the Sri Lankan father from returning home and leading to the children being taken across state lines to North Carolina. This shocking revelation further casts doubt on the fairness of the local Mormon leadership in the divorce and separation.

The legal representation for the Sri Lankan father, provided by the reputable Virginia law firm Tate Bywater, has been resolute in bringing this troubling incident to light. The courtroom battle promises to uncover the truth behind Biggs’s alleged forceful entry into the father’s home, despite clear warnings against such actions. The trial holds the potential to not only determine Biggs’s guilt or innocence but also impact the confidence of the Sri Lankan government, which has yet to recognize the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a legitimate religious entity within the country.

As the case unfolds, the eyes of both local and global communities are fixed on the developments. The leadership of the Mormon church from Sri Lanka, Winchester, and Salt Lake City is anticipated to respond to these serious allegations. The implications of this incident reach beyond the walls of the courtroom, touching on matters of faith, justice, and the sanctity of family.

The entire nation remains on edge as the legal proceedings progress. Updates will be provided as new information emerges, shedding light on this unprecedented and deeply concerning incident.

*Udara Soysa is an attorney at law with extensive experiences in both Sri Lankan and American legal systems. He can be reached at udara2004@gmail.com

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