3 July, 2022


Similarities Of Political Culture In Donald Trump’s America & Postwar Sri Lanka

By Shyamon Jayasinghe

Shyamon Jayasinghe

Trump is a theologian worshipping Trump”- Richard Dawkins

Age of Amorality?

Both countries exemplify what is known as the Age of Untruth; I would say, it is The Age of Amorality because the untruth is generated by amorality. 

An amoral person is someone who has no concern about whether his behaviour is morally right or wrong. An infant or a mentally ill person can be regarded as amoral since he hasn’t the capacity to understand what he is doing. These individuals are amoral. However, when our mature leaders act in ways where there is no concern for the right and wrong of such actions, amorality becomes a serious problem in society. It destructs society and eliminates the fibre of the ‘Dhammadeepa.’

‘Amoral’ should not be confused with immoral, which refers to an agent doing or thinking something they know or believe to be wrong. Most of our political leaders and political elite are simply amoral and not immoral. Even learned people and Professors lie. In such insensitivity lies the aforesaid danger to society.

Donald Trump is amoral.

Not Causal

The similarities in the two countries are, obviously, not causal; their occurrence is disconnected in space. However, the relevant political environment seems to be creeping all over the world. Like the Covid-19, Donald Trump appears to have caught the infection-unknowingly, yet true. When it is growing in the air, these kinds of collective behaviour devours. Little Sri Lanka beat the Americans in this ethos getting earlier into the queue.

Storm of Capitol Hill

The media was frenzied over Trump’s men storming Capitol Hill where Congresss met to ratify Joe Biden’s incoming presidency. Trump had been building up his troops of dimwitted men and women into a collective selfdelusion that he had been cheated at the elections. Americans in their thousands gulped the lie and developed a herd beleif in the untruth. They entered the building, crashed the furniture and used chemicals to overcome defenders of the law. Lunatics all!

Richard Dawkins Tweet

Richard Dawkins, the eminent scientist and famous atheist had the following in Twitter recently about Trump’s selfdelusion:

“Trump is a theologian worshipping Trump,” goes the tweet of 11th January.Theology, unlike science, starts from conclusion, e.g. we KNOW God exists. So there MUST be evidence even if we can’t see it.

Trump’s a theologian worshipping Trump. “I KNOW I won because I’m Trump. So there MUST be evidence. There isn’t any? There just MUST be: voter fraud.”

The American President’s lie caught on until  millions of Republicans began to believe that there had been a voter fraud despite all evidence to the contrary.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, too, we have seen over and over again the development of mass hysteria over nothing. The Kelaniya Nayake monk came out with a fictitious Nagaya narrative: how a big cobra emerged out of the Kelaniya River with a Pohottuwa sign. The monk conned and thousands believed. Dhammika syrup is the latest quirk. Thousands form queues to get that syrup of a charlatan Aurvedic exponent believing the syrup will prevent Covid-19 from entering their bodies. Even the Ayurvedic Department health officials assented to this, pushed by political forces. The Minister of Health sipped a sample before the public camera. Lankan media promoted the untruth and matters became worse. Hence, everyone shared a lie.

At Capitol Hill, Americans used chemicals to overwhelm law enforcers. In Sri Lanka’s parliament, we had an Opposition MP who threw chilli powder in parliament during the Yahapalanaya government. Why use chemicals when we have the natural thing in our homes? The Speaker’s chair was denigrated and an MP sat on it.

Now, a few hours before Trump leaves office he goes on pardoning hundreds of people-many accused of fraud, treachery to the state and so on. This is like the pardons that had been issued by our governments to convicted  murderers, double murderers, drug lords  sex offenders etc. Recently, one convicted murderer has been allowed to continue as MP.

The sane idea of independent commissions for very high positions in the judiciary etc was executed by the Yahapalanaya government and we had relative peace for four years. Now, people are wondering because the government has declared its disinterest in such independent devices that could keep our nation civilised. Surely, the 20th- Amendment -President can make his choice about who is good to be our judges?

Age of amorality

The fact is that since the thirty -year war with the Tamil Tigers was finished a hopeless era of untruth, false claims, massive frauds, corruption by ministers and MPs. It has become hard for decent men and women to stand for parliament anymore. A lumpen society is growing in the island which is like new feudalism. Ordering people botched in their poverty and helplessness are tuned to support the corrupt  and even cooperate in getting them into power and legislate for them. At Ratnapura people elected a convicted murderer.

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  • 3

    Democracy at its best!

    Do not forget Modi. He too had a past in Gujarat.

    For the credit of Trump………….he is the only US president in a long time who did not start a new war.

    Now that is foolish of him. Had he started a new war (against Iran, NK, China, etc.) he would have won. Remember Obama killed Osama just before his second election?

    A lesson for SL in 2024?

    • 0

      I am sorry the Author has no idea what happened in Jaffna from 1970-1977-1981 by the FP/TULF and how they found themselves in the parliament with the blood in their hands from Jaffna led to more blood in the ensued violence that killed more innocent people in 77 and 83.

      Knew there were media vacuums then in 70’s but never thought things were this bad??

    • 1

      Trump did not start a war but he certainly sold weapons AGAINST US polices and the Congress, to war criminals like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, worth billions of dollars. He handed over the weapons to kill starving civilians:

      “The Trump administration is moving to sell another cache of munitions to Saudi Arabia, according to lawmakers and congressional aides, a step that would again defy Congress and ignore the objections of lawmakers in both parties about Riyadh’s human rights record.

      The State Department informally notified lawmakers in January that it was planning to move forward with the sale of precision-guided missiles worth $478 million to Saudi Arabia, and to approve licenses to allow Raytheon to expand its manufacturing footprint inside the kingdom. The top Democrats on the Senate and House foreign affairs committees have both withheld their support for the plan, effectively blocking it, but they fear State Department officials will push the sales through anyway.

      Such a move would infuriate lawmakers in both parties, who have repeatedly objected to the United States continuing to supply Riyadh with weapons it has used in strikes on civilians since it began fighting a war in Yemen” New York Times.

  • 2

    The saddest thing about SL is that most of the voting public are kept in dark intentionaly by the biased media that are controlled by stooges of the rulers…. [some of the rulers are with dual citizenships.] We need to get the voting public to be smart enough to see the harmful actions[ stollen money; illegal killings/kidnaps etc etc] taken by the rulers.

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