18 January, 2021


Sirisena Is A Conspirer: Anura K

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake charges President Maithripala Sirisena is a conspirer who is plotting to prevent the smooth passage of the 19th amendment despite the promises made.

Speaking at an event organized by the People’s Movement for Democracy, Dissanayake recalls the main slogans that were deployed during the past elections that have resulted in major regime changes. “Elections that resulted in major regime changes were held in 1970, 1977, 1994 and 2015. The main slogans deployed during the first three elections were to do with hunger; but this year the election took a completely different turn. It was about democracy, freedom and bringing those accused of corruption to book.

Anura KDHe also points out that in elections where all other regimes were defeated; the electoral movement was strong and stable enough to challenge the prevalent government unlike at the recent Presidential election.

“In 1977 JR Jayewardene’s electoral campaign stood strong against Sirimavo Bandaranaike’s campaign. In 1994 CBK was a strong contender against the UNP regime. . . But at the recent elections, the opposing movement was not comparatively strong enough to challenge the Rajapaksa regime. The actual work done within the electoral movement in President Sirisena’s campaign was very limited,” he said.

Anura K also notes that all the candidates who led the campaigns for major regime changes were charismatic figures that included CBK who was known as Viharamahadevi and Rajapaksa as a ‘son of Ruhuna’.

“But the role and the background of President Sirisena as a candidate were not that strong. This is not a criticism but he was only perceived as a humble figure and not through the eyes that masses usually saw the leaders. Therefore, as an individual the contribution Sirisena made to the electoral campaign personally, was comparatively very limited,” he added.

But with all those wining factors missing in the election campaign of the Opposition, what prompted the victory that defeated the Rajapaksas? “Because for the first time in Sri Lanka, the masses voluntarily and actively engaged in the electoral system without any inducement of the above mentioned genres,” he said emphasizing on the fact that it is not due to any action of President Sirisena himself or any party, of the common Opposition movement.

He went on to criticize the statement made by Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala de Silva of the decision made to allow the passage of 19th amendment only if it is introduced simultaneously with the electoral reforms .

“When a draft bill is presented before the Parliament, the accepted procedure does not involve a discussion of it soon after it’s read out. But for the first time n history, the Opposition Leader stood up and said he would not support it unless the 19th amendment is introduced together with electoral reforms. This is uttered by Jacob but the voice is Esau’s,” he said.

The JVP Leader points out that MP Nimal Siripala has not made any statements with regard to pushing for electoral reforms during the past few years and points out he never pushed for any such action even when the government in which he was part of, was equipped with a two thirds majority.

“He hasn’t expressed any interest in electoral reforms even while he served as the Chief Government Whip. So then why express a sudden interest now?” he questioned while adding the truth is that a conspiracy is being formulated from the topmost positions of the government to disrupt the passage of the 19th amendment.

He said if that is not the truth, MP Nimal and the President should clarify as to why the former has been suddenly interested electoral reforms. “How is the cabinet being subjected to the whims of a person who doesn’t have a major people’s mandate? Why is a person who never had any interest in electoral reforms suddenly making negotiations with concern to its passage? If President Sirisena is not behind this issue, he should speak up and clear himself,” he said.

Anura Kumara went on to state that it is only then the JVP would decide whether or not to remain in the National Executive Council chaired by the President. “The JVP is not ready to discuss with conspirators at the helm. It is our responsibility to reveal such conspirators!” he remarked.

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    JVP s courage and energies are commendable. But none of these are practical with majority lankens being proxy corrupt & abuses further supporting to the leaders synonymous to corruption. As one of the commentators put it into other threads, underestimating the fact and figures about the larger groups still being that stupid not realizing the danger before them in the future. However those have been in lanken politics nearly for five decades (MY3 and other senior politicians) should have been known it better. That is the reason MY3 to find that way sensing the reality of the nations /and their representatives already in parliament. Theory is not practical in coutries filled with larger stupid fractions that would go amok just not seeing it beyond- they are blind folded by local media institutions that worked only for the power consilidation of MOST abusive leaders like Meeharaka Rajapakshe.

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      Dear JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake,

      RE: Sirisena Is A Conspirer: Anura K

      Thank you, Sir.

      “JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake charges President Maithripala Sirisena is a conspirer who is plotting to prevent the smooth passage of the 19th amendment despite the promises made.”

      “It was about democracy, freedom and bringing those accused of corruption to book.”

      Bring them to task. Demand Passage of 19A.

      Let’s have the Sri Lanka Common Sense pamphlet 2015, just like what Thomas Paine did for the American in 1776.

      Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. The pamphlet explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence in clear, simple language. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places.

      Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2] As of 2006, it remains the all-time best selling American title.[3]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[4] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[5] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[6]

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      The JVP should not sit on the fence any longer. It should make a definite commitment to good governance and join the present government. Criticism though necessary, is easy. What we need is action now and political maturity. If not, the JVP will be like those who whistle and heckle from the theatre gallery! Joining the national government and taking joint responsibility for governance, is what we require of the JVP now. This will give it the opportunity to learn the ropes of governance and gain the experience to become an effective force in Lankan politics.

      Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

      • 2

        @Narendra you mean to say JVP should become yes men to ruling govt? clearly exposes your ignorance about JVP policy.

        • 9

          Definitely not. I want the JVP to help at the present juncture to reshape governance. It’s voice should be heard within the government and shape policy. This is a new war for good governance. The JVP should be part of it.


          • 4

            Are you this naive to ask help from this well frogs! Still living in a dream. They are waiting to form their own government!
            Sometimes this man talks good sense, sometime it clearly show his ignorance, immaturity on worldly matters! UNP will give them another set of lamp posts. 60,000 youths were slaughtered thanks to this mainacs by the UNP, Still there is no investigation! Richard De Soysa is a true son of the soil than Oppertunistic Lasantha Wickramatunga, He was killed and dumped to the ocean! where are the courts? Chandrika came to power to punish them in 90! Now who is sleeping with who, Out poor people should not go after any of these politcal scum on earth, They should get an education and learn a trade and live like decent people.

            • 2

              Really Srinath thats why we are lagging behind so many countries due to your selfish mindset.

              Dog does not eat hay neither allow cow to eat.

          • 1

            JVP should not listen to Narendran kind of “kevatta” advices/opinions. Current leaders too are going in the same path. So a voice that is criticizing ‘yahapalana’ clique is need of the hour since the ruling troika has taken the whole parliament, judiciary, the opposition etc., are under their guidance. Even the media is nothing but praising my3.

          • 0


            JVP have learnt bitter lesson joining govt of Chandrika Bandaranayake during probationery period govt (PARIWAASE ANDUWA) held 4 ministries Chandrika pulled from their legs not allocating funds nor allowing independent management, I doubt you are aware of it?

            They went against Chandrika against P-TOM .

            Then on wards they have vowed its members not engage with other parties , maybe after coming parliamentary elections they might reconsider if cadres agree in politburo.

        • 9

          All JVP’s are like Lenin- when they come to power they don’t know what to do but grab all the wealth in the nation and send their kids to Eaton at £35,000 per child per year and finally fudge on the degree like Sajith.

          Dr RN himself is a keyboard warrior and unable to see much because he is carrying a ipkf (school drop outs treaty) rucksack when the ruler NaMo does not carry a peace keeping force because it is to give small nations an idea of army life and not for Greater India.

          Uruguay a rich cool and quit democracy which functions like the UK- fixed date for elections sends a maximum number of peace keeping forces and they function like Europeans not sex addicts and sadist.

        • 1

          Hadi- Do you mean to say JHU,a similar party like JVP,has joined the govt. as “yes” men.?. They are there to correct the mistakes of the govt.and likewise JVP should join the govt.and have their
          say, after all they too are totally against EP rule and should not be on the fence. The current govt. does not say that, all parties in the coalition of the willing should follow SLFP/UNP policies and raise their hands along with the govt. There is a
          national govt.in power now and each party in the coalition sticks
          to their policies.

    • 6

      You are dead right. Their way can only fit for a country all and sundry is well aware of what is going on. Most of the people are kept away from reality of the day in lanken politics. This culture is introduced by MR regime. Even today, they behave as if they have done nothing but it was the astrology or Karma made it. Even if Prima facie evidence are at the desk – to put the BIG man in jail, nothing is sofar done is fully connected the EMOTIONAL reality of those average who make every effort to keep those corrupted leaders in power. Rathanapura or anywhere, where they raise their voices are dirty men of all kinds.

      Cant you imagine the way Wimal Buruwanse – called MY3 shortly before the election, as if he is the all last of this society, but today, very same men to face the people on stages can only be made to this far stupid naton. There are enough gawky men and women would gather their as onlookers – no matter even if their family ones would have been abducted raped even tortured on their eyes, this wave would work in favour of the HIGHLY corrupted larger masses in this country. Longer they stay so, better it will be for anyone like Rajapakshes. Rajapakshe is simply the most brutal man- extremists by all natuers. He can paint black as white – as one of the commentators put it – is 100% right.

    • 1

      JVPers just shout – do nothing. They could work with computerized robots but not with srilankens that have been abused by MR mechanims for the last decade.

      AKD is fair by talks but walking the talk for them and anyone in srilanken context is not easy- that is why MY3, RW and any senior men in the coalition have to snail-walk with many of the pledges.

      It is like Pandol for Vesak are illuminated by a set of coloured bulbs, but behind it all wires are interconnected as it is not easy to find the end each. In the opposition that has big mandate in Parliament yet goodies and badies are interconnected. So the chairmaship is though under MY3, getting to pass anything, MY3 has to be very patient – it is a devilish task -dillemal actually.

  • 7

    God help us!

    • 19

      Look AKD , don’t try to be too smart , you accuse every single person , what is your game ? you want to fish in the muddy waters , right ? that rouge Nimal Siriplala doesn’t want to go for an early election , he knows that not only he himself going to lose but also his buddies as well., that’s why he is demanding an impossible thing , as many people know JVP is very good on theory but not very practical , if you try to continue this utter stupid strategy , you wouldn’t be able to secure your own seat AKD .

      MY3 must go for an early election after the 19A , the longer it takes ,it’s better for the opposition , Ranil’s henchmen might get fully exposed and government’s popularity might dwindle , so hurry up MY3 , go for a snap election!

      • 13

        My dear friend. I am in agreement with you here.

        • 5

          cheers , supun .

      • 6

        Totally agree. He has lost credibility ! Good for entertainment.

      • 9

        They have lost their memories. They say only thing they could go wrong was in 89 considering as if it was a small issue. How many of then students went missing for the barbaric nature of JVP. I am writing this with tears in my eyes not being able to see my batchas then. Janaka Seneviratne was Batch rep of Vet 86/87 batch. Kumara Kulatungaa was a 3 rd year medical student of Colombo for 84/85 batch. All were abducted and subjected to deliberate killings. Their families stay traumatised even today after 26years. So I would never allow JVP to become that facist again. They are not R-E-L-I-A-B-L-E.

        • 2

          Samuel why you are going out of subject?

          • 3

            Because JVPers make every efforts to paint the picture only in favour of them. If people would wait them to take over the power – can take an another half century since theory = not practice. I believe JHU can talk and walk the talk too, because they have not taken the lives of the youth of this country – except, that Gommanpilla s teeny actions caused to brainwash significant masses for his kind of UPASAKA balala priniciples.If Gembanpila had been a true soul starting the journey through JHU, he simply cant behave the way he behaves it today. He is just a monkey who focues just to counter argue anyone – thinking that his is the best. This kind of selfish politics could bring nothing to the masses. These men should be marginalized from our society since they are even worst than wild weeds of a cultivation.

            • 0

              Samuel you refer to a stale old story discussed debated finished off without any proof in a court of law accusing JVP.

              the capitalist media gave a wrong picture & you all sucked it like honey.

              Have you ever noticed any media making an investigative journalism about JVP policy & its history, because they are paid to distort by capitalist rogue politicians.

              • 2

                Those who went missing were my mates. They were also made out of flesh and blood. Today, JVPers are how sobre.. I know the manner they slaughtered in Weligama area… MANY OF them were not even activists. I really dont know how come a man taking the life of the other. I love the way AKD express issues, but he should be very practical here. Just being out of the story – not being involved in active politics of the ruling coalitions, just criticims can not bring us further. They cant get back. We know how we suffered in that era. I left leaving my belongings at Hilda Obesekara.. how many times not just just 2 or 3.

      • 7


        “you want to fish in the muddy waters , right ?”

        Let him find his feet in the muddy waters first as he slowly and steadily moves out of the grip of old guards. He now accepts past errors of his party. Let him have his own space and time to modernize JVP and educate his new recruits and old guards the importance of democracy. Its not easy to educate the old guards as many of them still believe in “dictatorship of the proletariat” what they mean is despotic rule by a few.

        The country has to be bit more tolerant of the JVP and AKD as they did with TNA and Sampanthan.

        At the same time we should as a religious duty continue to question its past horrendous deeds and hypocrisy.

        AKD needs to address many issues such as

        Why hasn’t the leadership surrendered their arms officially to the state

        Does it still believe in armed struggle/madness?

        Are those JVP cadres who enrolled in various arms of the security forces still loyal to JVP or the state?

        Why JVP does not criticize Chinese investment in this island while it attacks Hndian ones. Is it to hide its secret deals with Hindia?

        Though JVP’s anti Indian card played very well in the past they too surrendered to Hindian imperialism when the leaders and cadres wanted respite from the onslaught of the brutal Sinhala/Buddhists armed forces. In fact they made a deal with devil Hindia when they wanted to live another day and escaped to the land which they previously described as Indian hegemony, imperialism, expansionism, etc.

        JVP never apologized to the hard working up country Tamils for branding them being the fifth column.

        There are other million and one things they will have to be reminded of. Hope he moves the party to centre left politics from its parochial policies of the past.

        Its a question of which brand will prevail, AKD or Wimal Weerawansa?

        • 3

          NV ,

          “Its a question of which brand will prevail, AKD or Wimal Weerawansa? “

          Come on NV , AKD is thousand time better than this con artist Booruwansa , What education , class or ethics Booruwansa posses ? Google Mudiyansalage Thunmulle Gamlath (Booruwansa) should have been behind bars many years ago , just because he has a super filthy mouth , he had been controlling the parties and stupid masses , this includes MR, Basil and Gota , all of them were using this toilet mouth for their own survival ! Sirasa and Swaranwahini were the main culprits who promoted this 3 rd grade classless man to be an icon , due to their own cheap marketing strategies ,Sri Lanka is being destroyed by this very selfish scum bag even today.

          • 4

            “Come on NV , AKD is thousand time better than this con artist Booruwansa “

            Come now you sihala folk especially the men are chicken.

            When Cameron was there with the world watching you could have done what you wanted with ease.- who is Buruva??

            What you have is rustic pick pocket government you cant have anything better to bell the Pol_cats.
            KP was a Europe, ASEAN street wise jack that the Passa used to study how to buy stocks shares and deposit with unmarked accounts. The family would not have stayed back if they knew they would be found. Like the Thai PM he would have gone to Dubai where Vas has deposits stocks etc in Goota name too.

            If you are talking of straight talk and action then nothing like BBS- your fear is the muslim element in you being exposed Muslim means no diversity no to sihala tamil coexistence.

      • 3

        Ignorant of JVP political stance.

        • 2

          Hadi Sheriff

          “Ignorant of JVP political stance.”

          What exactly is JVP’s political stand?

          • 2

            “What exactly is JVP’s political stand? “

            Rob the haves and let the rest go to bintanne- Eaton is calling my child and I have to issue another 10,000 DPL passports to of course smuggle heroin for our tourist trade to keep the sale.

            there is no race or religion just – Lust and that is JVP it cannot change.
            It’s a faulty system of uduran kanna pakshya of womans dynesty of ceylon by ratwatte- uda ratte.

            • 0

              @Javi exposes your political ignorance make research of JVP since embracing mainstream politics see how many graduates university left outs in their movement check the Hansard their media debates & compare with UNP & UPFA performance.

      • 1

        I think you have articulated it very clear. AKD accuses every single person as if people in general make no mistakes. So do the JVPers in general. That Samantha someone who always laughs at hinting the ruling govt. This kind of cleanliness is not right to politicians in this country regardless of the party they represent. Nor could JVP do better, perhaps if they went back to their INSURNGENCY days by which the youth of the island nation went missing in higher numbers. AKD and JVPers in general thought just asking BC to investigate could solve the problems easily- but it is not practical as everyone with a birdsbrain could feel it. How can a system be changed even if ONLY top leadership of the country is replaced ? It is like Principal of a school is new – with all old staffs further in place AND not having the potential to the manner Western world and America have got to see changes effectively. Latter is connected with availabliity of enough funds.

    • 1

      God help us?
      JVP is there to help us,so go back to sleep.

  • 15

    Yes Sun is right saying that JVP is poweful but not practical.

    They have always shown this nature from the day they have been in active parlimentarian politics. In earlier sessions where they had been given chances – they just put the blame on the GOVERNING party and just broke away to be in good books. Last time, while UNP, SLFP, JHU begging JVP to join hands with the coalition was rejected by them for their own reasons. Just attack the ruling coalition this way by JVP is not at all acceptable. Lanken politics is not easy to play even if you are clean – that is what the ruling coalition face it today.
    Those who are born to criticise can move on easily but law makers have to do their jobs being very cautious. They are more or less like caught by devil in today s siatution. Just going to BC and submit accusations lists is easy but when it goes to investigate them – almost all and sundry is interconnected so that no a clean person could be found easily – like searching for mustard from a household from where nobody died.Regi coory is right saying – pandol illuminations are nice but behind the thorana all the wires are interconnected .

    • 4

      JVP never reject to join the coalition led by UNP, They decided to remain neutral to express their opinions in government and opposition parties.

  • 7

    The present “Leader of the Opposition” Mr. Nimal Siripala Silva the other day participating in a TV programme of the ITN, titled “Satyagaraya”, as usual, shamelessly denied any knowledge of a “Dummy Sirisena” introduced during the Presidential elections by MR.MR. He was even referred to a TV Journalist who was involved in the project and the media pictures of Mr. MR walking to cast his vote with that “Dummy”; still this Leader of the Opposition of the present day Parliament denied any knowledge or even seen such pictures in the print media. So what more to expect from this “Dummy” Leader of the present Parliament and why people of Sri Lanka want to talk of him.

    As JVP Leader states, this Leader of the Opposition is the same person who is instrumental in sabotaging the process of passing the 19th Amendment. The President being the Chief of the SLFP and UPFA could have met in sessions and made a decision to “support” or “oppose” the Amendment. Without doing that, why this “Dummy” Leader of the Opposition belonging to the SLFP & of UPFA declare objections to 19t Amendment without that accompanying electoral reforms. That is the “Big Question” and the “Doubt” in our minds. That is where the “conspiracy” is visible. Let me remind again; these tactics are well studied and received scrutiny of the voters of today and this time they are not going to “pardon” these “old guards” any more. These “old guards” must get ready to retire and perhaps, one day they would lose their pensions too. The had “ENOUGH” and we too had “ENOUGH” of them.

    • 7

      Those men can paint white as black when they want.. but now with the current revolution, people may have opened their eyes at least to some extent not to get caught by every trick being played by those power greedy politicians. Now they behave as if they supported MY3 to become the president. The tone I heard on the last Santana – added by Regi Cooray was that he was far near to leave Maharaja, but did not do so just because his voters were not ready or well informed about the ground situation… went on saying – else he would have left MR regime long back. That is how they the most vocal men then coughed for Maharaja behave today. All these are very typical to lanken politicians of the day. I am very tired just looking at all these happening repeatedly on these island. It is true so long stupid numbers in large, nothing would change towards the democracy of the island nation. Even if those most powerful community backed by social media though made the real change in the last P election, they have no chance in general elections, since there are still lot more that would stay alert not being ablet o see it right. To that levels, Maharaja has contaminated this nation. We thought only Rajaarata people were made poisonous by them, now I feel… all corruption and abusive nature is omnipresent in this country as no remedy could easily WORK on it. Even today, Maharaja to stay smile is the quesiton that i raise whenever I see the man though reluctantly.. these days on the TV screens.

  • 8

    Gosh! You only realised now? Anyone who back-stabs a close friend should be seen with a wary eye. In this case with no warning of a rift either. A Judas to the letter!!!

  • 6

    Why are politicians’ podiums decorated heavily with fresh flowers? May be to ward off their body odour? Yuk!

    • 1

      They spend lot of money of flowers – we can do without it.

    • 2

      one needs a big heart to enjoy flowers not pluck them- its part of Buddhism.

  • 7

    The problem with JVP is that they talk big, but cannot do or perform one percent of anything that UNP does when given power.

    First of all why JVP is insisting on 29th of April deadline for this coming elections when they say their aim is 2020 General elections to get power.


    At the moment Sri Lanka and the whole world is going through a recession and low in investments, foreign reserves and funding.There is a huge slow down in world economy and a stable and a sound Government is the key to get investments flowing and investor confidence.

    Constant strikes, go slows and sabotages and asking unreasonable Pay raises with less work and low productivity by JVP is the key to their survival and will never form a JVP Government.

    JVP Government will be the Lowest investor confidence party in Sri Lanka. Therefore big mouth JVP only could dream of coming to power and AKD knows about it.

    Only option JVP has is to join with Maithree UNP Government and to help Sri Lankans come out from the hole and corruptions and to serve people by taking over few Ministerial posts.

    Otherwise JVP will keep on Planning Strikes and protests and conduct negative meetings at every corner of the country………for ever.

    JVP’s blame games will never take them anywhere. Only positive action with results matter to Voters.

    At least JVP could run their own Book stores without loss and strikes to show to public that they could do something to society without wasting peoples valuable time and spreading negative thoughts.

    Remember Politics with only words and no action is like an emperor without cloths and JVP should know about it.

    • 0

      @Pradeep dont you know JVP ran 4 ministries in Pariwaasa govt with Chandrika research that track record with the ministry how well they performed it comparing to other ministries.

      • 1

        Hadi Sheriff,

        If JVP joined Chindrika’s Pariwassa Govt. why they did not join Maithree when called for.

        JVP says it’s only for 100 days and it’s too short, but still JVP could have got voter confidence if they proved how well they could run Ministries even for 100 days.

        The bottom line is JVP has to join with a major party to serve the country and it’s people.

        Otherwise JVP will be only a “Talking party” always planning protests, abuses and demand for Pay hikes and other demands which could be many times could be unreasonable.

        Fighting for Low productive Public sector pay raises, while productive Private sector pay raise is stagnate is unreasonable.

        The bottom line is Sri Lanka lacks Entrepreneurs and jobs and JVP should at least help youth to be more productive,bring up skills, self sufficient and independent……..and not the constant demands and strikes which again roll back their losses back to the Tax payer.

        Anyway I approve JVP’s fight against corruption, pillage and for Good Governance.

        JVP should join any Government when called for and take over at least few Ministerial positions to Serve us the voters and the country.

  • 5

    It’s very difficult to read the mindset of JVP.

    When called by Maithree and UNP to join the unity Government to serve the country and people, JVP refused to do so. Also JVP say their target is 2019 General elections. If so why they force to dissolve the Government on 29th April 2015 before passing 19th Amendment and the Election reforms. JVP is confusing the public.

    The bottom line Sri Lanka is ruled and Guided by a bunch of uneducated, unfit and undisciplined bunch of lunatics who have no direction as to where the country should lead.

    Bring in some Professionals from Japan, UK, USA or China to direct and put Sri Lanka to the correct path.

    All leftists like JVP, CP, etc have only big mouths but no work or action.

    They are all good to plan protests, strikes, work stoppage and to criticize ruling Governments, but they themselves cannot achieve anything to the country or it’s people.

    • 11

      Not worth to do so… they are more theoretical than practical. They are educated men but do they have political maturity to make it a reality ? NO…. simply no…. if all could work well, this country should have become a state that respect law and order long back now. It is simply not easy to implement anything easily, so long average stay in idiotic mode … they cant make it a distinction good and bad… fair and unfair.. justice and injustice.. taht is it…

      If things could do the way JVP have argued, everything would have been much easier not only to the Island nation but also entire developing world today.

      Rulers try hard to achieve their election promises, but these men only being gummed to their parties see it not realitically but making and paving every ways to succeed their agendas. I simply believe if MY3 did not risk his life, nothing would have allowed to divert from the most abusive former prez agenda. There MY3 earns all credits. UNPers sacrificed it while CBK and all other senior men did also their contributions to get rid of the nation from most abusive president – Rajapakshe.

  • 1

    It is shame on you for taking this much of time to realise the reality . AS you the leader of Jvp and as the jvpers would have seen very early stage who the people with that Sirisena is associating and wanting to govern with , but you guys showed the blind eye . I do not say that Rajspaksa is clean and competent but this lot is worst and incompetent than Rajspaksa Which can be distinctively seen today . I hope you would have worked to earn the support of public to establish an alternative state to Sri Lanka which you cannot earn leaning to others . Therefore ,what will happen now ? Wouldn’t lose the faith of public toward jvpers . I knew that sirisena is definitely a conspirator and a puppet ,unfortunately , it didn’t click for you . How come on this earth that you expect UnPers to govern the country which could inspire the Sri Lankans ,can’t you remember the past ?? What is now ?? . Please be concerned this bit as well , we know what precisely is happening since Sirisena elected . He has no gut or personality to overcome the crisis and he is only doing things to aggravate the crisis which is vividly seen when he increases the numbers of cabinet which was the biggest broken promise ,the next promise is abolishment of nepotism , has it happened ?? Not at all ,but he has successfully completed what he didn’t promise to North east . Therefore , please be stayed away from accusing Rajapaksa even if you had problems with him AS he will be better than this lot .

    • 4


      Wonder how your memory got lost in such a short time. You forgot how Ex.President Mahinda Rajapakse pilfered the country for ten long years stealing Billions upon billions from various fraud contracts while giving mega perks, danas and positions to his henchmen including bribing Buddhist monks just to stay in power for life and for generations. There’s still over 100 vehicles gone missing from his fleet of over 1,500 vehicles. Who has them.

      All will come out when the CID completes investigations including his missing brother Mr.10%.

      Pres.Maithreepala is a simple man with simple living while sacrificed his life to save our country from corrupt Rajapakses who left with suitcase loads of printed money. Ask Kelani Mervin Silva about the mass robbery of Central Bank by Rajapakse thieves which the current Maithree and UNP is struggling to balance the CB books, but still hiding the gravity from the public.

      How about over Five Billion (black money) US Dollars in foreign banks and other foreign assets which are still under investigation.

      There are still over 70,000 wall clocks with Rajapakse face and over 100,000 T shirts and 500,000 New year Lithas to be distributed among his supporters. That’s why his supporters are still languishing behind him just to get the Freebies and support for his candidacy to power at next elections.

      All I could say is that our country is at this poor state all because of narrow minded, blind, low thinking and easily forgotten people like you who cannot be educated or ever learn from past mistakes. It is a genetic disorder and cannot be cured. No wonder JVP AKD is coming out with unheard and untested theories while knowingly fooling the public.

      Jayawewa……namo namo namo namo Gembas……frogs who love wells.

      • 1

        It is not impossible to comprehend who has engulfed into short memory . Please do not speak like born yeasterday . We have been through UNP regime for 18 years and I haven lost the memory as you have . I agree with you regarding the arbitrary behaviour of Rajapaksa Regime but it is guarantee that he is 100% better than this liars . Please think of what they have done since jan ,and puppet Sirisena has no clue what he must do . Isn’t it shame ?? Has he kept what he pledged before the election ?? However , I feel very sorry for your petty bold brainless comment with load of low life comment . And I hope you may need extra knowledge to grasp about on going politics in Sri Lanka and else where .

  • 7

    JVP’s true colors are coming out. These are the snakes who has vicious views to destabilize our country. What JVP say effect our investments, foreign reserves and foreign trade.

    President Maithreepala came to power with good intentions to uplift our country and to help all communities and to alleviate corruption and for this he needs help from all other political parties.

    Without helping Pres.Maithree to achieve this, JVP has started to sling mud at him.

    JVP is nothing but blood sucking, rumor spreading, political trouble creating and a cut throat political party.

    When some one tries to achieve something, JVP pulls that person down.

    Trouble creating JVP is a failed political party in Sri Lanka.

    It’s only a dream and a joke for big mouth JVP will ever come into power.

  • 3

    Srilankan politics is a conspiracy. Our politicians brought this nation as a brutal, corrupted and disasterous nation. People have no options other than replacing one corrupter to another. No wonder why there was hundreds of innocent civilians were massacred by the state and billions worth of pubic wealth was destroyed by power hungry politicians.

  • 4

    “It’s only wrong when the government is doing it”…JVP is a party with a huge potential but they are also the symbol of hypocrisy & opportunism in SL politics..If you can remember, these are the people who joined hands with “Tsunami Hora” in 2005, just to defeat Ranil..That was their only intention..They still justify the decision they made in 2005 shamelessly…If they can bring a thief to power and justify it, what right do they have to point fingers at Maithree for bribing politicians to amend the constitution? We should not get carried away by the words of these fake pretentious basterds…When it comes to conspiring, these shitheads are far more ahead of Maithree

  • 8

    Indeed,God should help us, but even God is powerless in the hands of people like Anura Kumara, who was also responsible for the carnage of 1988-89, which he has conveniently forgotten.
    Politics aside, Nimal Siripala made his point very clearly that as a party they wouldn’t agree to reduce President’s powers unless there is a new mechanism to elect a strong government. Current PR system only makes sandwich weak governments. Hence unless electoral reforms are not processed concurrently, we invite dark forces to invade us. Those who are hell bent on dividing the country are very keen on establishing a week government, for obvious reasons.
    JVP is one of them, they would have wreaked even more havoc in 1971 or 1988 if the government was weak, powerless to make decisions. Prabhakaran also must be turning in his grave on hearing JVP’s position.
    Anura K’s other accusation was that Nimal Siripala didn’t get a mandate to control these moves. Of course Nimal and his UPFA still has a mandate to run the parliament until next year. It is Anura who doesn’t understand our democracy. Parliament does not lose power whenever a president is elected. On the other hand, one could argue Ranil has no mandate to run the parliament or the country. But these arguments are irrelevant and useful only for the JVP.
    Finally what is he on? How poor his knowledge about our own democracy is. The UNP has a permanent vote base of about 4 million and on a sunny day, they could pick up 5-5.5 million votes with some effort. Sirisena had a sizeable support from a breakaway disgruntled anti-Rajapakse, pro-Bandaranaike UPFA voters. In addition, Sirisena managed to get almost all N&E votes. With all of them on any day, he could get what he did get, 6.2 lakhs is not surprising at all. So this situation does not need a leaf from Das Capital to analyse, it is very simple to understand. Just like in 1970, 77, 94 those who voted want food and jobs. Because the NGOs and the JVP believed they could get the government to do what they wished, they are getting frustrated but one day the JVP will have to learn the reality, that day they will be wiped out in its entirety.

    • 4


      “we invite dark forces to invade us.”

      Do you mean Dark people of South India? Aren’t you worried about yellow peril, white menace, …. and other imagined/perceived enemies?

      There are other real and ugly forces present in this island which have to be dealt with urgently than your perceived non existent dark forces.

      One should aspire to build a democratic state than a powerful government, more power to people and less and less power to the despotic rulers.

      Powerful governments don’t submit themselves to scrutiny, abide by good governance, commit war crimes and crime against humanity. Weak governments by nature need to listen to the people and more democratic.

      In 1971, between 1988 and 91 after 2005 this island was ruled by strongmen/woman. Most human rights excesses had taken place during this period.

      One of the Dark forces you didn’t name have visited this island several times in the past. In 1971 it sent its forces to protect state installations and provided 3 jet fighters to fight JVP.

      While the dark force was fighting LTTE the Sri Lankan forces were hiding behind their women folks and VP under two strong leaders, in fact one of them provide LTTE with arms and funds. What was the pupose of having strong government when it depended on LTTE terrorists to evict IPKF?

      IPKF, the dark force released the Sri Lankan armed forces which was tied up in the North East to commit war crimes and crime against humanity in the South.

      Immediately after Tsunami struck this island the first shipment of relief arrived within 5 hours. The Dark forces not only started relive work but also surveyed the seas surrounding the island for any changes under the waters.

      Since early 2005 Dark forces provided everything necessary to win the war. Members of the Dark forces were actually stationed on the ground in Vanni directing the war.

      Please note your mathematics do not reconcile.

      Please remember JVP and LTTE are the historical products of home grown dark forces. Those dark forces are more dangerous than JVP and LTTE put together yet you wish those dark forces be strengthened for the sole purpose as you admit “that day they will be wiped out in its entirety”.

      May the force be with you.

    • 0

      Dr Loku..
      Go back to sleep.

  • 5

    Anura Kumara [so called JVP Leader] boasting that their members will not accept their Salaries as parliamentarians. It is Laughable, we already know how your funds flood into your accounts. you were acting like greatest PATRIOTIC PEOPLE but your inside is filthy and killed many innocents. furthermore, now JVP wont talk about more than 60,000 young people in south been killed by UNP. it is very clear that current JVP leaders are real Traitors.whatsoever, end of the day you are trying to cheat us badly. shame on you. Join in hand with UNP and trying to further ruin the Country. you guys are useless and no future but keep talking ,talking and talking. please do not ruin our beloved country again to Tarnish our image before world. try to civilized please

    • 0

      Nissanka you have sucked media lies like honey feel sorry for your ignorance.

  • 8

    Dear AKD,
    Read All comments. They all tell something to you about JVP. People are not fools, they have difficult decisions to make. With all the confusion created by media and propaganda they took the decision. Mainly because of President Maithripala Sirisena. They all woken up to ask a question why this man putting him and his family at great risk. They all know what will happen to him, Sarath Fonseka Saga only one event, they have seen more like that. They all woken up to see the danger country was heading. In Maithripala Sirisena They have seen the courage unprecedented in Srilankan history. People belong to all communities realised this courage something unusual in Srilankan politics. Few words president spoke reassured them his determination and the courage to put his and his family at risk for the shake of saving the country. People don’t need thousand words just one action will show them what they are witnessing is admirable genuine quality. It is that courageous act enlighten people to come out of wilderness to vote for him. All others including you played a secondary role. So please don’t fool yourself and people. If you have courage and honesty help president to do what he promised to his people. People will thank you in return with your needs. You have lots of admirable qualities too. One day people may come behind you if you remain honest and feel for their needs sincerely. The world have witnessed a magic in Srilankan people. Collectively, remain united in hearts, they can travel far beyond. Help to keep people united in their hearts.Regards.

    • 6

      How can he read them, if they dont care of views passed anyone in general ? They just accuse anyone of being not correct. Not focusing on the bottom line issues.

      Many of them behave as if they are not THE THIRD FORCE of the country, but as NGOs. NGOs can in general criticise even what their mothers do – regardless of being bound to their schedules. It is simply this kind of culprit nature took the lives of the innocience in this island towards late 80ties. I lost everything but I was one among who left the country Europe for further studies. Luckily I had the chance to continue my education. But how many of our mates went missing even if they had done nothing but returned to the Pera Campus back and forth on the announcement made by then rulers. However, I left my belongings Hildaobeysekara and ran away for save my life. On return after 2 years only I go to know my beloved batchas were killed out on day light. This kind of nature fits no where. They simply cant be democratic since they dont have space to do so.

    • 0

      Well Said Sajith.

    • 1


      more clearly I could not read anywhere. Many will have to agree with you.

      We all thoguht -from the number of election posters and rallies carried out by Rajapakshe thugs – there would be no chance to MY3 – whose a total of not many rallies were burnt down – had been not given places focused, were treated with stone rains etc.. and not forgetting MY3 himself thought it was the end of his life. He went hiding to escape his life – remembering the way SF saga worked immediately after MR was declared to have won in 2010. So how many of us not aware of the facts – that the man MAHINDA Rjapaakshe is a person with MULTIPLE personalities (may be suffering from multiple personlity syndrome)- in his person – fake lovely father, Killer, Brother, Actor, fake people s lover are everything are in. But 5.7 mios to have voted for him was the message is clear to us all.. but how many among those 5, 7mio were well informed of the facts of the man. Almost nobody. But int he last 2.5 months with the new govt in place, people see the easiness of getting on with the new bunch since they are more democratic and fair – thousand times more civilized under the lead of Prez MY3. All these, PEOPLE will surely consider when voting for the GE soon. I have no doubt, many would elect only the educated people that they think could render a better service, if rulers would allow only qualified educated as nominees.

  • 3

    I noted that 3-people who worked incessantly for the success of MS were not given important potfolios in MS government. These were: AKD, Hirunika and SF. These 3 were also not prominent in MS’s taking the oath ceremony at the Independent Square; What I read in the media was that AKD turned down an offer of a portfolio but not accepted, as he wanted to retain his independence. SF apparently could not be appointed because his rightful place in the parliament was occupied by Ketagoda, who was refusing to give up his seat on MR’s say so, and Hirunika was only a provincial councillor. Whatever, was it possible that all these were Ranil’s conspiracy to isolate MS from his team, to dictate his terms to MS. To me it seems so, but I think MS has been left too open without protection, and he is very vulnerable both to attacks from UNP and SLFP.I think AKD should protect MS and direct his fire at those who is preventing MS from doing his duty.

  • 2

    Mr Dissanayake, wasn’t the majority of the Sihalese could see what you could not see? You can only be ashamed of yourself. Don’t think you are fit to represent JVP.

  • 4

    There is a saying in Sinhala which says…….”Balla piduru kanneth ne, Kan Gonata Denneth Ne” ………Dog neither eat Grass nor give to Cow who eats them.

    This bunch of JVP jokers and their leader AKD is no better than above.

    JVP, Please keep doing what you know best and that is to keep up with your daily Pay hike protests,demands, perks, sling mud at others and keep organizing rallies and meetings at street corners.

    Please go and get a Life without coming out with these crazy ideas. Help the people and the country the way you can and when you are called.

    The dream Government you are talking about will never come true. Good luck.

    • 3


      “JVP, Please keep doing what you know best and that is to keep up with your daily Pay hike protests,demands, perks, sling mud at others and keep organizing rallies and meetings at street corners.”

      Whats wrong with all the above activities? Those have been the important democratic tools with which many rights were won in the past, the ones you take it for granted. Here are the 198 methods of peaceful protest that should that JVP must consider taking on board.


      The Methods of Nonviolent Protest and Persuasion
      Formal Statements

      1. Public speeches
      2. Letters of opposition or support
      3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
      4. Signed public statements
      5. Declarations of indictment and intention
      6. Group or mass petitions

      Communications with a Wider Audience

      7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
      8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
      9. Leafl ets, pamphlets, and books
      10. Newspapers and journals
      11. Records, radio, and television
      12. Skywriting and earthwriting

      Group Representations

      13. Deputations
      14. Mock awards
      15. Group lobbying
      16. Picketing
      17. Mock elections

      Symbolic Public Acts

      18. Displays of fl ags and symbolic colors
      19. Wearing of symbols
      20. Prayer and worship
      21. Delivering symbolic objects
      22. Protest disrobings
      23. Destruction of own property
      24. Symbolic lights
      25. Displays of portraits
      26. Paint as protest
      27. New signs and names
      28. Symbolic sounds
      29. Symbolic reclamations
      30. Rude gestures

      Pressures on Individuals

      31. “Haunting” offi cials
      32. Taunting offi cials
      33. Fraternization
      34. Vigils

      Drama and Music

      35. Humorous skits and pranks
      36. Performances of plays and music
      37. Singing


      38. Marches
      39. Parades
      40. Religious processions
      41. Pilgrimages
      42. Motorcades Honoring the Dead
      43. Political mourning
      44. Mock funerals
      45. Demonstrative funerals
      46. Homage at burial places

      Public Assemblies

      47. Assemblies of protest or support
      48. Protest meetings
      49. Camoufl aged meetings of protest
      50. Teach-ins

      Withdrawal and Renunciation

      51. Walk-outs
      52. Silence
      53. Renouncing honors
      54. Turning one’s back

      The Methods of Social Noncooperation

      Ostracism of Persons

      55. Social boycott
      56. Selective social boycott
      57. Lysistratic nonaction
      58. Excommunication
      59. Interdict

      Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and

      60. Suspension of social and sports activities
      61. Boycott of social aff airs
      62. Student strike
      63. Social disobedience
      64. Withdrawal from social institutions

      Withdrawal from the Social System

      65. Stay-at-home
      66. Total personal noncooperation
      67. “Flight” of workers
      68. Sanctuary
      69. Collective disappearance
      70. Protest emigration (hijrat)

      The Methods of Economic Noncooperation:

      Economic Boycotts
      Actions by Consumers

      71. Consumers’ boycott
      72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
      73. Policy of austerity
      74. Rent withholding
      75. Refusal to rent
      76. National consumers’ boycott
      77. International consumers’ boycott
      Action by Workers and Producers
      78. Workmen’s boycott
      79. Producers’ boycott

      Action by Middlemen

      80. Suppliers’ and handlers’ boycott

      Action by Owners and Management

      81. Traders’ boycott
      82. Refusal to let or sell property
      83. Lockout
      84. Refusal of industrial assistance
      85. Merchants’ “general strike”

      Action by Holders of Financial Resources

      86. Withdrawal of bank deposits
      87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
      88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
      89. Severance of funds and credit
      90. Revenue refusal
      91. Refusal of a government’s money

      Action by Governments

      92. Domestic embargo
      93. Blacklisting of traders
      94. International sellers’ embargo
      95. International buyers’ embargo
      96. International trade embargo

      The Methods of Economic Noncooperation: The

      Symbolic Strikes

      97. Protest strike
      98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)

      Agricultural Strikes

      99. Peasant strike
      100. Farm Workers’ strike

      Strikes by Special Groups

      101. Refusal of impressed labor
      102. Prisoners’ strike
      103. Craft strike
      104. Professional strike

      Ordinary Industrial Strikes

      105. Establishment strike
      106. Industry strike
      107. Sympathetic strike

      Restricted Strikes

      108. Detailed Strike
      109. Bumper strike
      110. Slowdown strike
      111. Working-to-rule strike
      112. Reporting “sick” (sick-in)
      113. Strike by resignation
      114. Limited strike
      115. Selective strike

      Multi-Industry Strikes

      116. Generalized strike
      117. General strike

      Combination of Strikes and Economic Closures

      118. Hartal
      119. Economic shutdown
      The Methods of Political Noncooperation
      Rejection of Authority
      120. Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
      121. Refusal of public support
      122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance

      Citizens’ Noncooperation with Government

      123. Boycott of legislative bodies
      124. Boycott of elections
      125. Boycott of government employment and positions
      126. Boycott of government depts., agencies, and other bodies
      127. Withdrawal from government educational institutions
      128. Boycott of government-supported organizations
      129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents
      130. Removal of own signs and placemarks
      131. Refusal to accept appointed offi cials
      132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions
      Citizens’ Alternatives to Obedience
      133. Reluctant and slow compliance
      134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision
      135. Popular nonobedience
      136. Disguised disobedience
      137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse
      138. Sit-down
      139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation
      140. Hiding, escape, and false identities
      141. Civil disobedience of “illegitimate” laws

      Action by Government Personnel

      142. Selective refusal of assistance by government aides
      143. Blocking of lines of command and information
      144. Stalling and obstruction
      145. General administrative noncooperation
      146. Judicial noncooperation
      147. Deliberate ineffi ciency and selective noncooperation by
      enforcement agents
      148. Mutiny

      Domestic Governmental Action

      149. Quasi-legal evasions and delays
      150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units
      International Governmental Action
      151. Changes in diplomatic and other representations
      152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events
      153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition
      154. Severance of diplomatic relations
      155. Withdrawal from international organizations
      156. Refusal of membership in international bodies
      157. Expulsion from international organizations

      The Methods of Nonviolent Intervention
      Psychological Intervention

      158. Self-exposure to the elements
      159. The fast

      a. Fast of moral pressure
      b. Hunger strike
      c. Satyagrahic fast

      160. Reverse trial
      161. Nonviolent harassment

      Physical Intervention

      162. Sit-in
      163. Stand-in
      164. Ride-in
      165. Wade-in
      166. Mill-in
      167. Pray-in
      168. Nonviolent raids
      169. Nonviolent air raids
      170. Nonviolent invasion
      171. Nonviolent interjection
      172. Nonviolent obstruction
      173. Nonviolent occupation

      Social Intervention

      174. Establishing new social patterns
      175. Overloading of facilities
      176. Stall-in
      177. Speak-in
      178. Guerrilla theater
      179. Alternative social institutions
      180. Alternative communication system

      Economic Intervention

      181. Reverse Strike
      182. Stay-in Strike
      183. Nonviolent land seizure
      184. Defi ance of Blockades
      185. Politically Motivated Counterfeiting
      186. Preclusive Purchasing
      187. Seizure of assets
      188. Dumping
      189. Selective patronage
      190. Alternative markets
      191. Alternative transportation systems
      192. Alternative economic institutions

      Political Intervention

      193. Overloading of administrative systems
      194. Disclosing identities of secret agents
      195. Seeking imprisonment
      196. Civil disobedience of “neutral” laws
      197. Work-on without collaboration
      198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government


      • 4

        Thank you Native Vedda for your posting.

        Yes when JVP and other “Ala Paluwas” organize all of the above, where is the time left for Productive work in Sri Lanka……..

        No wonder all Government Corporations and other Govt. Institutions run at Billions upon Billions in colossal Losses year after year burdening all Citizens.

        Only private sector and individual businesses do valuable and productive work while contributing needed Taxes to the Government.

        That’s why even communist China and Russia opened their economies to Private sector participation.

        Constant demands and protests and Bribes and commissions without Productivity and clear vision will never take the country anywhere.

        There are instances where people have a right to make their voices herd, but not as a weapon to destroy a country and Governments who are struggling to balance the economy and to survive.

        That’s why we need a new set of Brains to Govern our country together and you Native could contribute to help Sri Lanka recover.

        I see NV you have much better brains than many of these Political Frogs with big mouths, always barking for Power,positions and Prestige. They live in a dream world.

        Please help open the hallow brains of our Politikkas.

        • 4


          “Please help open the hallow brains of our Politikkas.”

          They should start with playing games such as “Cities: Skylines” which would hopefully teach them how to plan, build and run cities efficiently.

  • 2

    Lapaya is giving a cock and bull story for he knows 100 day program of ‘yahapalanaya’ is failing and ‘kanda haliya’ government is about to boil.

  • 3

    AKD, why do you bring these type of things to public. Try and work through negotiations and if, not feasible, then make it public. Your feuds only will help bring back MR, which you didn’t want to see. Criticizing our President as some one not charismatic is helpful sustain this relationship, and it becomes more personal. No more slander, get on with the job that people expected of you, focus on the main goal.

    Not sure if Nimal and MS have concerns that diluting Presidential authority right at this moment in time is providing an opening for MR to become executive PM, and restore the all powerful executive power to the President by the Amendment 20. All notorious 25 joined as ministers recently seem to have some motives and backing, I might be wrong. I thought that lady Pavithira flirting even in public daises cannot easily amenable into something else. Hmm, will see how all pans out in months to come….

  • 1

    I am a capitalist, the honest and hard working type and I commend the courageous stand against the wrongs of the country by the JVP.
    Well done Mr Dissanayake we commend you.
    We need more like them in the country. Hope they will have many more seats in the country.
    Hope he will stand for the presidency and save the country.

  • 1

    Nimal Siripala de Silva is obviously looking at electoral advantage for the SLFP when he insists on electoral reforms before the next election. The SLFP has a majority in parliament and therefore can block 19A if the President does not agree. That is the reality we need to see even though we may not agree with Nimal Siripala. You cannot blame the President, who is after all an SLFPer and needs his party’s support to prevent MR from returning to parliament. This is the nature of politics.

    In a sense what we see is a stronger parliament and a weaker President. Is this not what everyone clamoured for? Arm twisting of parliament in to agreeing to any thing the President wanted was what we condemned. Why are we now criticizing the President when he does not do so? A stronger parliament does not necessarily mean that it will be reasonable, just and law abiding as we expect. For that we need to ensure that the people elect good persons at the next election. In reality, that is not going to happen for some time. Therefore the next election is what the people must focus on. Give it a moral backing and a winning slogan to bring in a majority of good persons.

    Anura Kumara Dissanayake and the JVP is not helping matters. There is no point in criticizing without seeing to the practicalities and without observing where such criticism will lead the country. Weakening President Sirisena will only strengthen the opposing forces. It may be that the JVP is beginning it’s election campaign to win votes at the next election. A postponement of elctions therefore will not be favourable to them. Let us observe the unfolding scenario in it’s proper context.

  • 0

    President Sirisena’s actions or No Actions to be more precise tends to give credence to what JVP is now accusing him of.

    For all intents and purposes if President Sirisena is the Head of SLFP as well as the UPFA how come Nimal Siripala and others representing SLFP are singing a different tune on proposed 19th Ammendment ? It is either President Sirisena has no control over the Party or playing a double game as alleged by JVP

    President Sirisena needs to come out on the open rather than simply trying to hide behind the election Manifesto(100 days)most of which are yet to see the daylight.

  • 6

    Sirisena is good for the country. This appeared as Paradise lost from China.


    Its over-reliance on Rajapaksa meant it had no channels of communication with competing political forces and other stakeholders typical of a multiparty democracy. When the South China Morning Post asked Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake if the Chinese were in touch with him when he was in the opposition, he says: “No, they probably thought Rajapaksa would rule forever.”

    R Sampanthan, leader of the Tamil National Alliance, the third largest party, sounds similarly underwhelmed: “They seem to hear what we say but it’s difficult to tell if they act on it.”

    Ironically, it could have been China’s policy of non-interference that blindsided it to Rajapaksa’s changing fortunes, and its own.

    “Chinese missions are not good at reading the general mood. The non-interference policy, which makes establishing a friendly relationship with the incumbent government the dominant goal of the local mission, is part of the reason,” says Zhou Hang, co-author of Protecting China’s Overseas Interests: The slow shift away from non-interference, a policy paper from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri).

    Xi’s Sri Lanka trip in September, the first by a Chinese president in 28 years, was a measure of this disconnect. A politically savvier mission would have seen the change coming in four months and advised against the visit.

    “There is growing debate within academic and policy circles in China on whether it should more proactively engage opposition parties abroad,” Zhou says. But Zhou takes heart from the case of former Zambian president Michael Sata. A China basher while in opposition, Sata’s first official appointment was with China’s ambassador once he was elected to power in 2011.

    “The China card will be played more and more as it becomes a global player. But pragmatism would probably still prevail, especially in countries that receive large amounts of Chinese investment,” he said.

    This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Paradise lost

    But :::
    The global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis has hit the economic development of Russia, Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. The economic belt can bring opportunities to those countries, he said.

    However, China has to be cautious when deepening cooperation with countries to its west.

  • 6



    (what are lankans looking for casinos, prostitution, pedophiles, heroin, sex in the city fast cars and a subic bay at hambantota or colombo???)

    turn white elephants into ant industries and bring the women home because men are sleeping and women are driving.

    China Focus: China accelerates westward opening for Silk Road Economic Belt
    English.news.cn 2015-03-30 16:00:46
    CHONGQING, March 30 (Xinhua) — The Alataw Pass, a remotely-located port in the Gobi desert of Xinjiang, is becoming an increasingly important trade gateway connecting China’s inland cities to Central Asia and Europe.

    Dozens of international trains are running to and from the port everyday with a total freight volume of 74,000 tonnes and foreign trade volume of nearly 50 million U.S. dollars. The Alataw Pass has become a key entrance for energy resources of strategic importance such as crude oil, metal ores and steel.

    The prosperity of the port is a reflection of China’s effort in opening up westward, as part of a strategy to develop the Silk Road Economic Belt that spans the Eurasian continent.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the idea of the economic belt during his visit to Central Asia in September 2013, eyeing a cultural revival of the Silk Road, which historically linked China with Central Asia and Europe, as a way of developing political and economic ties.

    After the Silk Road Economic Belt agreement was signed in November 2013 by 24 cities in eight countries along the Silk Road, a series of Chinese inland cities including Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Xi’an have successively opened international shuttle trains to the Eurasian continent.

    Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, the starting point of the ancient silk road, has been carrying out economic and technological cooperation with countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt.

    Fang Weifeng, director of Shaanxi development and reform commission, said, the Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group has set up an oil refining program in Kyrgyzstan with an annual capacity of 800,000 tonnes.

    Other western provinces and regions have also been extending their reach to the west. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region vowed to enhance agricultural and energy cooperation with Central Asia. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, heavily-populated by Muslims Hui ethnic minority, has been developing Muslim food and products manufacturing bases with the purpose to promote trade with the Muslim countries.

    Yang Shu, professor of Lanzhou University in Gansu Province, said, speeding up westward expansion is of great strategic importance to China. With international trade shrinking after the global financial crisis, China’s economic slowdown is urging the country to further tap the development potential of its west through westward opening.

    The campaign can also help bridge the development gap between China’s western areas and more prosperous east, he said.

    The global financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis has hit the economic development of Russia, Central Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. The economic belt can bring opportunities to those countries, he said.

    However, China has to be cautious when deepening cooperation with countries to its west.

    Xing Guangcheng, an expert with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said China should seek to develop more stakeholders by building joint ventures when innitiating programs in the Central Asian countries in order to reduce risks.

  • 1

    Do you guys see it now?

    Srilankans will never be wise enough to understand what’s right..!

  • 0

    Leadership style in Asia is different to the rest of the World. Singapore success caused many including China to copy. Unitary or power from the center helps de4velopment. The checks and balances should be there to ensure freedom from corruption. A balance is necesary. However transfering power to Prime minister should not be done. The parliment should have powers to represent the people. W@hen bribery is used to have a majority the parliment can become corrupt. Therefore there has to be powers for disolution of parliment. This should not be used rashly with elections held at times to suit the man in charge. I therefore congratulate thre President for not dissolving parliment at the moment. He could have seen that people who were favourable to hom were elected. This may have being the better option.

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    Any route, not cheaper transport makes illegal and smuggling activities rife. China Sri Lanka India co-operation good even trains to the west through himalayan passes possible. The western allies, anti Islamic to the core pitting Arabs against Persians pro Israeli forces ever disturb central and west asian nations. The train journey through a long list of nations too unsafe. Pirates and smugglers thrive!

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    The left politics in Sri Lanka grows and bursts such ballooning effect manifests in MEP LSSP JVP all offshoots of CP. JVP also got 40 in the UPFA, pro rata election of three preferences. All alone they may not get ten maximum even! Policy wise they may tow MR line pro China and pro Russia sharpening Indian strategic interests which will reflect in the unresolved national question unitary vs federal. JVP dream of wooing tamil votes too shattered.

  • 2

    I completely agree with Dr. Narendran. JVP should join the present government.
    A person like Anura Kumara should be in the cabinet. He is one of the best parliamentarian we have today.

    P.T. Ram

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