22 May, 2024


SL Transitioned From Low To Middle Income Status But NP Did Not: Wigneswaran

“This Country as a whole has transitioned from a low to a middle income Country. But the Northern Province has not. It is still a low income area. This must be remembered,” says Northern Province Chief Minister Justice C.V. Wigneswaran.

C.V. Wigneswaran – Northern Chief

Addressing the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) at Chief Minister’s Ministry Conference Hall, Kaithadi today, Justice Wigneswaran said:”Let us not forget that still an Army of 150000 is stationed in the North using our arable lands, official buildings, using our natural resources including drinking water. They are a source of fear and annoyance especially to our fishing communities since they openly get down fishermen from the South to resort to illegal methods of fishing in our waters depriving the locals of their livelihood.” 

We publish below Justice C.V. Wigneswaran’s speech in full:

Hello everybody! We are indeed happy to have all of you representing many an arm of the UN with us today. We are aware that you all are presently working on the UN Sustainable Development Framework (UNSDF) 2018-2022. In fact our present Provincial Council will be in their last year when your Project under the UNSDF comes into being in 2018.

We would expect you to explain to us the difference in scope and content between the UNDAF (2013- 2017) and UNSDF (2018-2022). We were aware that Mahinda Chintanaya was mentioned in the UNDAF documents. You may be aware that the People of the Northern Province rejected that Chinthanaya. We were almost exclusively elected at the Provincial Council Elections having rejected the Mahinda Chintanaya whatever that meant. We were the dominant force in bringing about the change of Government on the 8th of January, 2015. It is because our perceptions were not taken into consideration by the then Resident Representative that we had differences of opinion with Mr. Subinay Nandi who felt we need to be an appendage of the Central Government, carrying out what the Central Government wanted. We were not prepared to do so. In fact I have pointed out to Ms. McCauley the close resemblance between us and the Irish people! We are glad that she heads the UN Family in Sri Lanka now.

We had told Mr.Nandhi that many matters that needed consideration by the UN at that time were not considered by him. I find you have mentioned yourself in your documents referring to “Leveraging the UN’s unique strengths in Sri Lanka” about addressing the perception that the UN has not been a neutral actor in Sri Lanka  in order to improve its standing as an “honest broker” between the Government, the donor community and civil community.

A few matters we were interested at that time as appropriate subject matter for inclusion in the Peace Building Matrix were demilitarization, rehabilitation of ex combatants, providing of sustainable livelihoods for widows and women headed families and the providing of environmentally sustainable and economically productive human settlements for our poorest of the poor specially in the Wanni.

This Country as a whole has transitioned from a low to a middle income Country. But the Northern Province has not. It is still a low income area.  This must be remembered.

Let us not forget that still an Army of 150000 is stationed in the North using our arable lands, official buildings, using our natural resources including drinking water. They are a source of fear and annoyance especially to our fishing communities since they openly get down fishermen from the South to resort to illegal methods of fishing in our waters depriving the locals of their livelihood. 

There had been criticisms leveled against projects by UNHABITAT in the Mullaitivu District. Forests have been cleared to put up roads and houses for Muslims without going through the normal processes.

It is not my intention to criticize your activities. I need to mention the manner in which a closer collaboration is possible provided the UN recognizes the fact that we of the North and East have been agitating for our special rights in consonance with our individuality for over half a century and still there is hesitancy on the part of any Government to grant our legitimate rights.

Since the introduction of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as basis of the UN’s post 2015 development agenda we have a common ground with the Government in pursuing our needs and wants through the said SDGs. What the Government had been hesitant in granting the North and East could now be introduced through the SDGs. It may be appropriate for us to discuss this matter today. Closer collaboration with you is what we want but not at the expense of being manipulated by the Central Government. There are many areas in which we have seen such manipulation.  We shall discuss them now.

Thank you.

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  • 8

    “special rights in consonance with our individuality”
    Hmmmm…there you have it, in a nutshell, I suppose. Looking forward to future speeches given by Qatari Rishard & Wahabi Hakeem on the same topic. Those guys too know a thing or two about special rights. Will there be a speech at Burhger Union for UN expats in Colombo? How about the All Ceylon Malay Club? Don’t forget our good friends in the Colombo Chetty community either. What are we going to do, when Sinhala Buddhist individualists such as Gandasara and Champuka, along with defeated King Kong will exploit such gatherings to get a free ride back into to corridors of power? Special rights in consonance with their individuality? Anyone?

  • 12

    Look at your face in a large mirror! Your role in sabotaging progress would be then crystal clear.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 7

    Say NO to this Tiger. Tamils must be mindful of the fact that they waged a war against the state for 30 years and WE saved them from the Pol Pot. Even the present level of economy, democracy and freedom is due to the generosity of the Sinhala governments. IF NOT FOR THE TIGER WAR THE WHOLE COUNTRY WOULD HAV BEEN ENJOING THE HIGHEST INCOME LEVEL IN ASIA.
    With this kind of hate perveyors on top Jaffna peninsula is going to remain a dark terrory filled with most unhappy citizenry for several decades to come.
    Tamils should get rid of Vigeswaan for their children’s sake.


    • 10


      somass ji

      the country’s legal system, enforcement of law and order are being developed for the crooks, fraudsters, killers, mass killers, cheat, bribe takers, commission agents, drug smugglers, ………………………… and and basically asses like you, not for the rest of the 21 million people, ……………
      You now know what Bertrand Russell meant, at least it is what I understood. You do not have to respond to my comments. please think long and hard before you start typing.

    • 11

      You are quite right when you say that Tamils were saved from Tamil Pol Pot, but now the time has come to save Tamils from Sinhala Pol Pots who are unleashing terror among Tamils to keep them subdued. I can guarantee to you that if Sinhala troops and police are removed from Tamil areas and replaced by UN peace keeping force, Tamils will have a happy and bright future. Look at the example set by the chief Buddhist priest of Batticaloa Vihare, who is gaining respect and admiration from Tamils for his stand against Islamic racism against Tamils in eastern province. Please cultivate similar persons among Sinhala community who will uphold justice.

    • 0

      Soma the mutt, I understand you are not that intelligent. But not everything is Tamil and Sinhalese. It was the LTTE and other outfits which waged a war against the government because they were created by your cousins and uncles. If it wasn’t for the Tiger war, really? If it wasn’t for the Tiger war, the entire Tamil community would have been vanquished. Its ok for you to be dumb, but at least learn some history before you act this stupid.

  • 11

    somass ji

    While you are still reminiscing your 30 years of war I commented and clarified on Bertrand Russell’s quote. I think you have inadvertently/conveniently missed it. However I copy and paste below:

    “Which took 30 years and Nandikadal fou you guys to realise who is left and who is right”

    In a hurry to rebut my comment you forgot the deeper meaning of uncle Bertrand Russell. Here is what you missed or didn’t understand, will never understand:

    This country is left with 225 crooks untouched and unchallenged,
    300,000 possible war criminals unproductive and a threat to democracy,
    a national thief war criminal and his clan,
    a country heading towards a Sinhala/Buddhist fascist state,
    over 30,000 disabled soldiers left to suffer on their own,
    over 60,000 deserters, maybe fit trained, access to arms, …… already engaged in subcontract work,
    a political system that elects known crooks, killers, frauds …. over and over again,
    malnourished hoping to get 8 seru free rice from moon,
    the country is being sold to the lowest bidders,
    the state bureaucracy demands santhosam for attending to matters for which they are paid for monthly,
    war criminals demanding special status/treatment in the South,
    in some cases sexual favours in their own villages,
    already more than 300 serving soldiers have committed suicide the figure expected to go up,
    the women are being sent to medieval middle east kingdoms in order to keep the lazy men stay at home and have good time, including with their under age daughters,

  • 1

    Just wake up people. this article is written by a NO NAME journalist. so, the title and the photo are from CT. Mr. wigneswran has thought UN people are gallery. Otherwise, the talk is for gallery. After some time, they know even the ex-supreme courts judges, if they are tamil, they talk only for the gallery. Otheriwse, why this guy doe snot talk about rehabilitated LTTE cadres are AAVA gang. they also raped and killed a teenage girls. that is how animal’ instinct of Tamils are when they asee a attracitce low caste girl. It doe snot matter whether she is going to school. Politicians have involved and the perpetrator had been dispathed to Swiss ? It is cheap politics and Tamil trade mark to address to the Gallery. IF not Wiggi is reigning there because of Army. If not it was long ago, that Wiggie was chased out from the North.

  • 9

    What the Northern Province Chief Minister Justice C.V. Wigneswaran says here is unfortunately factual. Unemployed in NP is way above national average, graduate unemployment is way way way above national average and underemployment is very very high.
    People yearn for the period when in spite of sanctions, people felt secure to walk the streets, free from burglary, drug free and alcohol very much under control. Now drugs are pedaled near check points and schools. Alcohol consumption is way higher than average. Wiggy says “Let NPC deal with it.
    Wigneswaran is conveying the angst of the people. If his messages are unpopular as the media makes it out, then people will reject him. THEY WILL NOT reject him and there is the message.

  • 11

    Mr Chief Minister,

    Thanks for your address to the UNCT on this topic. During your address you mentioned that
    “This Country as a whole has transitioned from a low to a middle income Country. But the Northern Province has not. It is still a low income area”
    Not only Northern Province, but other areas in Sri Lanka including broadly areas other than Western province remains low income areas.

    What does this mean? One of the objectives of devolving powers to the Provincial Councils was to ensure balance regional development, but it has not happened.

    What went wrong?

    A lot of us expected when the 13A was brought in that the Northern province to spearhead the movement for regional development.

    But it has not happened.

    Without always expecting the center or the international donors to take the initiative, the provinces could have engaged in this noble task. If the other Provincial Councils failed, why not the Northern Province- the crybaby of devolution?

    The Northern Province should have formulated a Master plan for the socio-economic development of the Northern Province! Do we have one?

    It is still not late, the Northern Province could submit concrete implementable proposals for inclusion in the 2018 Budget taking into account the financial constraints faced by the government at the center.

    Have you already submitted or in the process of submitting “Request for Finances” to the Finance Commission for the investment progrmme for the year 2018?.

    I am referring not to a shopping list, but to a comprehensive with clear objectives ,scope, rationale, justification , implementation strategy sustainability along with monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment strategy.

    If funding is not available from the Government we may have to seek funding from international agencies such as World Bank, ADB, JICA, GIZ and several other international agencies.


  • 6

    Dear Sir

    Have you thought deeply of what 40 years of a separatist war does to a community? Especially one that willingly sacrificed mere children (1 child per family, suicide bombers etc.) in the name of Tamil Ealam?

    What role did you play in that destruction of 2 generations of Tamil children, both by war and emigration? What role did the people who support you in the TMVP and those donors from the disapora in effectively destroying democratic voices within the Tamil community and the education of the poor non-Vellalar children?

    Until you and those who support you can unambiguously acknowledge your role in the destruction of generations of Tamil children at the altar of Ealam, you will not be able to lift up intellectual rigour, and thus the employability of Tamil children.

    Wake up!! Instead o talking about politics, get your diaspora supporters to fund teacher-training and a communal effort to eschew casteism. Those 2 things will benefit Tamils more than land and police rights!

  • 3

    These guys won’t give a glass of water to a low cast Tamil..they do not want to give even water to other citizens of the country. What has this so called chief minister done to the Jaffna population other than fanning hatred between communities

    • 3

      If the situation is so bad, a decent man would resign. No sane person will hold on to a chair for the sake of it. This guy does it. He enjoyed the perks of Judiciary for 30 years and on retiring started abusing it. For me, such conduct is disgraceful. If you cannot make an impact or improve the lives of people or do the job you are supposed to do, do not hold on to a chair just for ego and pride.
      He was a Judge who used PTA maximum against the youth in collaboration with the security agencies; now sings the opposite. This was told to me by someone in Vanni.

  • 7

    Tamils living in the Eastern province are very grateful to Rev Ampitiya Sumanaratna Thero who leads the struggle to safeguard their land rights against the encroachment of Muslims. None of the TNA members have come to the rescue of Tamils. While thanking him for his service to the eastern Tamils I appeal to him to come to North and participate in the protests of ordinary people for return of their land and release of their family members detained by the state, and raise his voice.

    Tamils are fed up with their politicians and looking for a selfless person to lead them at present. I beg Rev. Sumanaratna Thero to come to our rescue

    Can someone publish this in a Sinhala news paper so that it will reach him.

  • 7

    Certainly the state has contributed much to the economic tragedy of the North and East, but not the state alone. There is need for soul searching by the (open and not so open) supporters of the LTTE. Tamil nationalist leaders as a whole have paid little attention to the economic question, except that of profits for the rich businesses. There are many questions such as the following that the Tamil leaders should ask themselves:
    What was the overall impact of the domination of the region by the LTTE?
    What has been the impact of consumerism in the North fuelled by foreign remittances?
    What have they done to protect the livelihood of Northern fishermen?
    What have the Tamil leaders done to address issues of poverty?
    Has the NPC even tried to address economic issues affecting the ordinary people? For example, what have they done to protect the livelihood of Northern fishermen?
    Have the resources of the NPC been spent wisely for the uplift of the economic victims of war.
    I read in a Tamil daily only a few days ago that the CM, NPC met a delegation of children from the Sencholai orphanage, and when asked about employment prospects on completing studies he advised them to join the police.
    If that is true, he should be put in charge of human resources for the whole country and there will be no unemployment by the time his term is over.

  • 1

    We have got ourselves stuck in rut, and have also got ourselves bogged down in the swamp of dirty politics., consumed by hatred and sub social attitudes. The citizens in the North and East are paying dearly for this , and the philosophical saying, of hatred begets hatred is finding us imprisoned with dirty politics been the motivator. Let our people go and enjoy the freedom to evolve positively and be contributing to the advancement of society.

  • 1

    Thank you for publishing the very informative speech except a tiny bit that I don’t actually understand why he said:
    ”our special rights in consonance with our individuality for over half a century”
    instead of:
    ”our due rights lost for over half a century”

    I would like to know his reason.

  • 0

    There is no point going in circles. The Sinhala elites are slaves to the countries who have interest in the sea routes. Please see the film Viceroys’ House a production from England. After 70 yrs of independence Winston Churchhills’ reason for partioning India has been revealed. The late Ali Jinnah a Cambridge scholar played into the hands of the British Raj and now one can see the troubles that is going on with India and its’ neighbours.
    Similarly the elite Sinhalese are colluding with the countries who want to serve their own economic interest in the expense of the Sinhalese and Tamils. The rural Sinhalese have been cheated by the elite Sinhalese and the Tamils sufferings are untold.
    The only way out is to get at the Sinhala elites and this is the task of the Sinhalese themselves otherwise they too shall be doomed in the coming years. Living under one roof is over and thanks to SWRD Bandaranaike and it is history now.
    The Tamils and Sinhalese cannot live together anymore and the country has to implement a federal system. This solution shall serve the interest of the Tamils and the Sinhalese. The Tamils and Sinhalese have to dictate their progress and not by any great powers. Land independence alone is not sufficient but self independence is needed. The Sinhale elites have become coolies to the great powers to enjoy wealth and power in the expence of the country.


  • 0

    I do consider all the ideas you’ve introduced for your post.

    They’re really convincing and will certainly work.
    Still, the posts are very short for starters. May just you please prolong
    them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

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