20 June, 2024


Sports Fan Gift Guide

If you lose your partner or children through the year due to their devotion to sport, the one upside is that you have a chance of buying a gift they’ll love.

Holiday Gift Guide: The 25 Best Presents for Sports Fans 

So, you are an all-year round widow or widower to a lover of sports. You spend your Sundays on the couch next to someone hollowing at the TV or your evenings while they are out for training. The good news is that there is a ready made gift out there for you to buy. It is not hard to come up with a holiday gift guide for sports fanatics – but we thought you might like a few pointers all the same. And, if you are one of those to have drawn a sports fan at work, then these are also great secret santa gift ideas too.

#25 IPad

If money is no object and you are desperate to get your telly back, then getting an iPad for a few hundred quid could be a great investment. With subscription services offering access to every type of sport – why not?

#24 A football

No respectable football fan can have enough footballs. While hiding what the gift is with wrapping paper could be hard, you might want to try to persuade them it is a car anyway.

#23 Fathead

Fathead sells lifesize stickers of sports stars to fit onto your wall. For the sports fanatic, with a hero worship of one superstar player, this could be the perfect gift … for their room, of course.

#22 A pair of Nike trainers and an iPod

Nike have released trainers with an iPod sensor. It tracks your run and syncs with your iPod to deliver music with beats that match your pace.

#21 Throwback shirts

Getting the shirt from the favourite from a class period in their history is a sure-fire hit.

#20 Personalised trainers

If you have a bit of cash to spare you can personalise a pair of Nike and have them custom-made – obviously in the team colours.

#19 Ticket Stub Diary

The true purests amongst us have stubs from tickets that date back years. Why not buy them a book to store them in.

#18 EA Sports Active Training Camp

For the sports fanatic any sport will do. There are loads of VR training games to buy now.

#17 Team sports cap

Get a classic cap for the team of the fan;s choice. Get that hat that the pros are expected to wear too – like one of those Mercedes caps sported by Lewis Hamilton.

#16 LeBron James Jersey

After winning the Championship with the LA Lakers, LeBron James has become a sporting icon across borders. 

#15 EA Sports manager games

Manager games have taken on a whole new dimension now, as you are expected to guide your superstar through life as well as on the pitch. Your sports fan will love it.

#14 Biographies

Help your superfan become a super geek with the biographies of their favourite players.

#13 Sports subscriptions

Maybe the majority of games have been switched to a subscription site. Breakdown that paywall and allow your sports fan to watch all the games.

#12 The seat from the stands

This is an odd one – but worth checking out. When stadiums renovate they have a whole load of seats stands to sell. Why not buy one for the match day at home?

#11 The leading experts’ guides

Your sports fan might think they know everything about the rules and strategy, but why not buy them an ultimate experts’ guide to help boost their knowledge.

#10 Magazine subscription

Maybe instead of a book, they want information up-to-the-minute and in bite size chunks. Therefore, a subscription to a sports’ magazine could be just the treat.

#9 UnderArmour GoldGear

If you superfan insists on going to training in all weather, then they will definitely appreciate some under armour to keep them warm.

#8 The full replica kit

So we have suggested the shirt from a time gone by, but what about the latest kit from the team from socks up to jersey. 

#7 PJs

If the replica kit is a bit of a stretch, why not go for some pyjamas that allow your sports fan to sleep with the badge close to their heart. There are slippers too!

#6 Tickets to the final

Whether the team they support reaches a final in that sport, a true fan will want to be there when the fight for the cup is on. 

#5 Season Tickets

But if you are super flush and love that fan so much (plus you get some peace each week during the season) – buy a season ticket. 

#4 Moneyball by Michael Lewis

This book feeds nto the dream of every sports fan. It is the secret to turning a failing team into the best in the world.

#3 A gym membership

If you superfan loves playing as well as watching, then a membership to a gym to get into shape could be a welcome surprise.

#2 Behind the scenes tour

Getting to see where the players get changed and where they train is a daydream for sports fans – and if they can walk on the pitch, court or rink – then wow!

#1 A trip abroad

Following the team to some far away place and being part of the community that follows a club or side is amazing. Look at the exploits of the Barmy Army in Cricket, as an example – or those that follow F1 around the world. What better way to really treat a fan than with a holiday and a chance to see your team play.

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