22 May, 2022


Sri Lanka’s Politics; What’s The Choice For Those Who Seek Change?

By Vishwamithra

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” ~Barack Obama

Change as a universal phenomenon is vastly understated; its effects, specifically of short-term genre, are not felt by a great majority in the human family; its long-term effects are left for historians to pen on paper long after the said changes have taken root. Absence of change for those who enjoy dwelling in the ‘comfort zone’ is as pleasurable and comfortable as a cushy bed for a sleeping baby. But if man did not embrace change as a matter of a universal constant (pardon for the oxymoron, change and constant), the long and arduous journey he has traveled would not have been a reality. If the first Neanderthal who stepped out of his cave was discouraged by the vast new panorama of what he beheld and forced him back to the narrow confines of his abode, human society would not have experienced the epic changes that made the march of man more enchanting and all-encompassing.

However, the very freshness of change has its own attraction as a common spectacle; its impulses and seductive stimulus is what an inquiring and curious mind would want to pursue. That intellectual curiosity, that logical and rational inquisitiveness draws man towards invention. In such a captivating milieu, man not only invents, he also makes unprecedented twists and turns along his forward journey and renders it more exciting and exhilarating.

Change, the marvel it is and its marvelous consequences on history have continued to shape man’s persona and his likes and dislikes alike. It is this phenomenon called change that allures, especially the young, and inspires the events to unfold. However, when change comes in really tangible measure, some react to such change in a nervous and unsure way, being suspicious about the way his first response to the need for such change. This is the ultimate dilemma of the human being. The mystic shades of nature may have a little impact on man if he chooses to be blind to it. History however has shown us that real societal change has come not by one stroke of pen but by sustained struggle that sheds, to paraphrase Churchill, a lot sweat, blood and tears, and over a long period of time. Man’s very outreach away from his caves, the fall of the Roman Empire, the vast changes that came about as a series of consequences of the Industrial Revolution were changes that revolutionized the way in which man thinks even up to today.

It is in that broad context that we need to characterize the notion of change the people of Sri Lanka seem to demand in the upcoming Presidential Elections. In the first place, there are the political parties that contest the elections; then secondly, those who contest from each of the parties. Let us inquire:

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)

Barring the short term from 2001 to 2003 during which time the UNP was in control of the House of Representatives, SLFP was in power from 1994 up until 2014. Twenty years (20), two decades, is a long time for one political party to be in the seats of power, especially in a democracy where the people choose their rulers. Such a long stretch of time could have seen a country to go forward from economic stagnation to a robust development; it could have transformed a country from one of corruption and dishonesty to one of justice and fair-play; from one of warped cultural values to one of serene family values which define a nation as a whole. What really occurred was just the opposite. 

Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga’s reign was utterly lethargic as was she herself. Subjecting the UNP supporters to humiliating ends, she unleashed all her pent-up anger, envy and intrinsic viciousness on her political opponents while paying scant respect for law and order and unchaotic governance. She was initially responsible for the beginning of the process of obliteration of the image of the ‘common man’ from the political party her father, SWRD Bandaranaike, gave birth to. Such an irony of events would eventually lead to the rise of a pathetic and petty autocrat like Mahinda Rajapaksa within the same party, SLFP.

Having been voted out in 2015, the choice of the same party does not represent change that the people are looking for.

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP)

The 2015 Presidential Election results gave birth to another political process; it exposed the fissures in the party that SWRD created. Essentially a family-owned party, after its transfer from the Bandaranaikes to the Rajapaksas, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party became the responsibility of Maithripala Sirisena who was elected by the UNP but soon forgot to pay homage to that strategic decision to field a non-UNP candidate at the Presidential Elections in 2015. When Maithripala Sirisena took over the UNP, Mahinda and his clannish supporters did not have any alternative other than to form another family-owned party, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. SLPP, however, having all the riffraff from the defeated regime, clearly does not represent change.

United National Party

United National Party (UNP) threw away a wonderful opportunity in the last four years. From the time Maithripala Sirisena was elected as the UNP-led coalition, the main thrust of the new government was supposed to be bringing all the evil-doers of the Rajapaksa regime to justice through a speedy legal system. Accusations are many that some key Ministers of the new government were protecting those who were being accused of many a financial misdeed. On top of that accusation landed the ‘Bond-scam’. The corruption charges that were levelled against Rajapaksas are now being levelled against the UNP. What a shame!

The failure on the part of the United National Party cannot be justifiably disregarded, nor could it be put to rest without seeing it to a successful conclusion. The people should not be taken for granted. So, does the UNP, as it is currently composed of, represent change? The writer doesn’t think so. Yet some of its top leaders, as diverse personalities, may do so. Let’s discuss the persona now.


Maithripala Sirisena is no representative of change. On the contrary, he is one person the electorate at large willfully rejects.


Any one of the Rajapaksa family cannot be an acceptable agent of change; not Basil, not Gotabaya, not Chamal, period.


Ranil Wickremesinghe

Ranil Wickremesinghe certainly does not represent change from the status quo. He is one of many who have been unreservedly rejected by the electorate. Who else is there who could be considered for nomination for Presidential Election? Does anyone from amongst Karu Jayasuriya, Sajith Premadasa and Navin Dissanayake ostensibly represent change?  

Let’s take them one by one

Karu Jayasuriya

Karu Jayasuriya is certainly a change from the norm of the current corrupt culture of politics. His reputation as being an honest and devoted democrat has not been hurt at all. His courageous stand against the parliamentary ruffians in the dark days of October to December of 2018 was ample testimony for his commitment to democracy and administration of justice without prejudice. When corruption charges are being hurled at almost all politicians, Karu has managed to hold on to his reputation as an incorrupt, honest and democratic political leader. He is liked by the Buddhist order and thoroughly respected by the other religious denominations and their leaders. Yet his age may signify a notion of status quo representation and he has to overcome this serious challenge which is certainly going to be levelled against him

Sajith Premadasa

Sajith is a totally different cup of tea. His modus operandi has been in the mode of a loner going where no UNPer has gone before. Yet he has a very serious setback in the context of change. Sajith is going around the country saying that he wants to bring back a ‘Premadasa Era’. That certainly is not change. The writer wonders whether Sajith realizes that, although his father President Premadasa was a unique traveler along the political field in Ceylon, his tenure as President (from 1989 – 1993) was a dismal saga of ‘one man show’. R Premadasa’s way of doing things by driving fear into his subordinates is not a satisfactory commentary about the man. And when R Premadasa died, some in the country went to the vicious and ungainly extent of lighting up crackers. Sajith is a change without a change. The bottom line is Sajith might be acceptable to a certain segment of our voting population but whether it is a winning number is a question yet unanswered.

Navin Dissanayake

Navin’s father Gamini Dissanayake enjoys the highest acceptance amongst the UNP leaders dead and gone. Yet Navin’s refusal to hide behind the shadows of his late father is noticeable. Being the National Organizer of the Party and being the only active UNP leader who is travelling the physical landscape of the country, trying to galvanize the UNP grassroots rendering new meaning to the title of National Organizer is a remarkable feat of this gentleman. If he makes a coordinated effort, he certainly can project the image of an agent of change.

That’s yet to be seen.

The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com   

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  • 3

    Ranil is the eternal party leader. He will come to the parliament at least as a nationalist list MP. The competition is between Maithripala sirisena and Mahinda Rajapakse. Mahinda is asking a considerable promotion for his son such as party leader position in the SLFP or PM post.. He likes his second son also in the parliament. MR also want to revenge from MS because MR thinks it was not he himself and his brother Basil’s decisions and Namal who costed him the Presidential palace, all the benefits and perks. But, it is MS who caused everything. So, MR wants to push GR as the president.
    So, MS is fighting in two fronts. One from Ranil, his NGO clans another from MR and his antiques.
    Voters are in trobule. MScan not say no as he is blocked from two sides. Otherwiose, Mangala Samraweera is emptying the country by selling Tbills almost evert two weeks at high interest rates. Rajitha Senarathne has his antiques too. when he was the fisheries minister in the last govt, he opened slae points every where at private buildings. When this govt came all disappeared. He had the same with Pharmaceutical sales outlets. It is the same with Cancer, and Thallasemia. If you ask the hospitals and poor they do not have good health care.
    It is the same thing with schools.
    I know for sure, that Ranil says, MR may come, still I am the PM. MS may come still I am the PM. Again he thinks ” AYOO, ANE, I May lose the electoral district, then what I should do”. that is why he is good with Penthouse-Ravi and Mangala like people
    On the other hand, .Penthouse -Ravi says I did not do anything wrong, that is why they did not arrest me.
    I don’t thinkS ajith will come. NAvin dissanayake who knows. He is looking for any ropes to hang.

    • 3

      Vishwa: what anodyne rubbish is this?!. Change in Sri Lanka will NOT come from within the UNP ranks- a party that is intellectually and morally bankrupt! Or any other political party – it will come from the people who are fed up of the current crooks in all the corrupt political parties.
      Change will come when politicians over the age of 65 are forced to retire, so that the younger generation may be groomed to take over, and folk over the age of 62 are banned from contesting elections.
      1. Navin Dissanayake is useless – he could not even get a basic living wage of 1.000 LKR for plantation communities. Rather he is sitting on the fence with the likes of Dilmah, Mlesna and other tea Mudalalis who live off the sweat and blood of tea estate labour rather than getting these tea mudhalali leaches to pay up– as a leader should.
      And Navin’s father-in-law Karu – is a doddering old fellow who should be retired as NO Change will come from his. Sri Lanka needs young and dynamic leaders who understand the challenges that the world faces and whose generation will have to live with and clean up the wreckage and pay the debt that the current generation of stinking, corrupt politicians including Karu have caused in Lanka

      • 1

        I fully support all what you have said, the people of SL are to to extricate themselves from the religious and racial noose they are being suffocated under.
        The progress, welfare and self respect of the island demands that urgently.
        It is now or never.

  • 10

    “What’s The Choice For Those Who Seek Change?”

    Simple answer: NONE

    What was the major promises at the last Election?

    1. Abolish executive presidency.
    2.Bring major fraudsters to justice and recover the lost wealth.
    3.Bring war criminals to justice.
    4.Solve the unsolved murders of high profile personnel.
    5.Bring closure to the families of the disappeared.

    Has any one of this been addressed?

  • 0

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  • 8

    Real change will not come as long as the leaders of our major political parties are in hock to the murderers, drug-dealers and thugs who finance, support and manipulate them. Some of these undesirables have an insurance policy supporting more than leader. None of our leaders give a hoot even to be named and shamed. It will take a strong leader to break the mould – just the leader this country needs. There are a handful, but their time has not come yet. Till then the usual suspects will continue to rule the roost.

  • 9

    None of them will make a change. It has to be a new entrant. The first sign of change is when law and order is established and justice done to all the existing cases. None of the above will ever bring justice to the people. Next is to have a course of intelligent program to tackle wastage, corruption and embark on a economic development program. Nagananda Kodituwakku may succeed in achieving this necessity.

  • 6

    In Sri Lanka none of the leaders thought about the country after independence. Before independence there was unity, love for the country from both Sinhalese and Tamils. Intellectual leaders from Sinhalese and Tamils fought shoulder to shoulder to gain freedom from the British. But due to selfish leaders who started to think of their party above the prospect of the country played dirty games that brought this country to this level.
    Now Sri Lanka desperately in need of a Statesman like Lee Kwan to unite the country which is divided and anger and enmity among communities. For that to happen the following drastic steps should be taken;
    1. Eradicate bribery and corruption and discipline the Police and Armed forces
    2. Control the influence of Buddhist Clergy in the administration of the country.
    3. Enforce equal and democratic rights to all communities and religions.
    4. Draft a Constitution with the support of all minorities that will take the country forward with unity and goodwill and ultimate to prosperity.
    4. Intellectuals from Sinhalese & Tamil community must come forward to lead the country who think of the country first
    Voters must be educated by the youths about the situation prevailing and the bad image damaging the country for decades.
    I hope at this critical time the intellectuals with come forward and save the country.
    For more information regarding the continuing monitoring by UNHRC with regards to human rights and its Resolutions Sri Lanka cannot escape from the grip of UNHRC until all its recommendations are implemented in good faith.

    • 4

      ” Before independence there was unity, love for the country from both Sinhalese and Tamils”

      That is to fight & chase away a common enemy.. Then we realized we are not yet capable of creating a common leader.

      • 2

        Love for the country before independence was corroding/eroding from, on or about 1920, due to difference of opinion between the Sinhalese leaders and the Tamil leaders. However they were able to limp together till 1948 and obtain independence- thanks to the “reflected glory” from the independence of India in 1947. I am of opinion that Srilankan leaders did not make even 2% of the efforts made by Indians to achieve freedom or Prabaharan’s effort to obtain independence for the Tamils, though an apparent failure at present. Even before the independence, DS. Senanayake had his own agenda to enhance the life of Sinhalese at the expense of the Tamils and Muslims. Unfortunately the Tamils and the Muslims could not see behind the large mustash of DS. In addition, Tamil and Muslim leaders were also in a state of ‘artificial euphoria’ for personal reasons to obtain Ministries and other crumbs, which may fall from the Master DS. Senanake’s table. DS knowing the weakness of both went on with his move to disenfranchise the upcountry Tamils and Muslims coupled with colonization of the Eastern province with Sinhalese to Change the texture of the population. The rest is history.
        I will not be surprised if the ‘Independent Srilanka’ will Become a dependent nation on China ,surely and steadily.

        • 0

          I agree most of the points. You said “Prabaharan’s effort to obtain independence for the Tamils”, and made him a hero here, I have no issues. But tell me, why did such a “grrreat guy” deprived the Jaffna Tamils from exercising their franchise, just because he was (allegedly) bribed?
          You also blamed DS for the same, “move to disenfranchise the upcountry Tamils and Muslims”

          • 0

            Election were held to benefit the Sinhalese and not for the betterment of all the communities. It appears that depriving the Tamils from voting deprived Ranil becoming the Prime minister which seem to worry the Muslims.’
            Ranil has always been a snake under the grass with the support of the west. It is a war strategy by Prabah. May have failed.
            DS disenfranchise the upcountry Tamils because they were Tamils to reduce the Number of Tamil representatives in the Parliament and have the Superiority of the Sinhalese held high.. Further the upcountry Tamils supported the leftists which was not to the liking of DS/UNP. It is the motive of DS that mattered.
            Despite the SUPPORT of the TNA did they get anything worth while from Ranil? Except perhaps the the post of leader of the opposition which did not bring any light to the darkness faced by Tamils.

            • 0

              K. Anaga,

              “It appears that depriving the Tamils from voting deprived Ranil becoming the Prime minister which seem to worry the Muslims.”

              I don’t know how Muslims felt at that time. But doesn’t it make Sinhalese and Muslims happy today? Great war strategy :-) Thank you for taking time to respond

        • 0

          K. Anaga,

          “Prabaharan’s effort to obtain independence for the Tamils”

          When did this happen? And who is that Prabaharan you mentioned above? I only know of a Prabaharan who was a terrorist group leader, never fought for betterment of any Tamils in SL, but had his own agenda to satisfy few elite Tamils & diaspora community.

          Still these foolish Tamils don’t realize that Prabaharan used them as human-shields, human-bombs & the machines that supplied children to him, to transform into terrorists.

          • 0

            Abdul Kader!
            Your knowledge is apparently very limited. The term Diaspora came into use mostly after the Tamils being chased out of Srilanka. The need to fight for diaspora never arose. Instead, perhaps they helped Prabaharan to fight for a cause- the cause being to regain the sovereignty of the Tamils, lost during the British rule. If you are a Muslim? you were wise enough to get the best of both worlds- The Sinhala world and the Tamil world hoping against hope that you will be looked after by both. But you learnt your tragic mistakes in Aluthgama and Kandy. Being a friend of all communities are welcome. but that being done with Ulterior motives like most of you’ is not acceptable.
            Yes he had his own agenda to get the lost Rights of the Tamils the hard way but apparently failed for the time being.

            • 0

              K. Anaga,

              Please don’t think I am making fun of you here. “Tamils being chased out of Srilanka” – Wow. Who paid millions to the human-traffickers who picked them from north or TN and dropped them in AU/EU? Did SL or Sinhalese pay the cost because they chased poor you? Don’t lie, you guys conveniently used war as pretext for getting asylum in greener pastures – whole things is about greed.

              “Instead, perhaps they helped Prabaharan to fight for a cause- the cause being to regain the sovereignty of the Tamils, lost during the British rule” – What was the sovereignty of Tamils that you lost during British rule? I was thinking that at later stages, the diaspora’s only intention was to make sure the war was ongoing since they knew that a stubborn poorly educated Prabhakaran with one-man show could not win that war. So instead of so said, “sovereignty “, focused to gaining wealth in the countries where landed illegally?

              • 0

                I have written about our sovereignty on numerous occasions. it will be a waste of time repeating matters over and over again. Of course you cannot claim sovereignty in Srilanaka. With Praba’s ‘poor education’ he was able to muster an army and weapons unlike you all. If not for the intervention of the world power and your peoples underhand operations, matters would have been different. It is your habit to to be on the “Vasipathata Hoi”

  • 11

    Real change should be get rid of Ranil and his corrupt gang, the worst leader in the nation’s history.

  • 7

    Vishwa, your analysis is’spot on’ but my assessment may appear stringent if I digress from your classification vis -a- vis the prospective candidates for Presidency. In fairness to all and sundry none of these cannot be considered fitting to be the future leader of our country. Of course Karu Jayasuriya is above board, his integrity and character being unquestionable he could safely be relied upon, but being an exemplary UNPer he failed to discipline the caucus which amounts to aiding and abetting the heinous crimes committed against the country. I presume very many people of good will expected some one in UNP to cry a halt to stop the monumental pillage and plunder of Govt. assets by the politicians and their cohorts. None of the 225 MPP. and President cannot be absolved. They simply do not deserve to enter even the corridors of parliament. In this backdrop what can be the political manifesto of these prospective candidates. Can they promise to restore law, order and justice in the country, they will conveniently evade these sensitive and questionable issues. In my candid and considered opinion our country needs a radical change in governance founded on principals of law and justice based on the proposals of Nagananda Kodithuwakku.
    No right thinking person could or should oppose these fundamental concepts of justice and equality. Let us not allow these total parasites to hoodwink the people, but eliminate them lock stock and barrel.

    • 3

      Fully agree with the comment of Henry F.

  • 3

    I can’t agree with you more. I think, among the current mainstream parties, SLFP & the breakaway ‘Pohotuwa’ are a waste of space. Anybody having faith in Sirisena or the Rajapakses to bring about a positive change are living in denial. The JVP is certainly a better alternative to the yobs currently in Parliament but they need to come out with their political manifesto outlining their policies before I would consider them as serious contenders . Also, they need to prove their credibility by publicly acknowledging their destructive past & apologize to many innocent families who lost loved ones in the wake of their violent past. That leaves only the UNP but despite Ranil being a better educated & experienced leader & widely accepted that he has not gained personally from political affiliations, he has covered up for his cronies, his perceived arrogance & even weakness as a leader, does not make him an inspirational leader to many, so maybe, it’s time for him to hand over the mantle to someone who is more acceptable to the average voter.
    As you have correctly stated, Premadasa jnr, riding on his old man’s fame may not be a strategically favorable for him, as Premadasa snr, himself was a much hyped President who actually did not contribute much but in fact wasted public funds on short his term ‘visions’, such as, the ‘gamudawa’ concept. Several businessmen had him in their pockets & many in SL may not be aware how his wife tried to flog a painting from the Presidential lodging at Christies auction house in London through the son-in-law some years ago. Apart from doling out money to buddhist temples, Premadasa jnr has nothing to claim as a contribution to the country & as for his high academic & experience in international politics, the jury is still out. Dissanayake appears to be a better alternative but has not been an outstanding achiever yet either.

  • 1

    Thank you for the article.

    Please advise all parties to seek advise from TULF as to how to kill all their opponents/get voted at gun point since 1970………then all the parties got the winning receipe/formula……..failing please consult the TN government for much higher level Sicilian advise.

    Once you mastered this art you get UN support/super power secretary of state visits/networking capabilities to legalise all the killings are much higher……..however you have to have the heart to let your children be snatched/stolen from you and taken away to neighbouring camps for brain whaling and regime change revolutions/martyrdom.

    After 35 years of the above and all the ‘able & nationalistic leaders’ were wiped out then you write and ask what are the choice for those who seek change under the ‘duress/lock down’ of the magical noose called ‘Constitutional assembly + War crime tribunals’

    Solution – ban the Language/Religious/Race parties and have a National Security Act for those to disappear who utter a word of divisive politics then we will have all the ‘change’ we want for the Sri Lankans by the Sri Lankans.

  • 1

    The grand alliance of current political-power base on 2015 January 8th mandate won by Mathripalal Sirisena by 6.2 millions of voters .No doubt that vast majority voters were reflected by the aspiration of People of all Sri lankan.
    Hence it seek that masses of people for a Radical democratic changes of by impact of the whole governing structure. An ideal reflected will impact that changes of that overall system of our country by aspiration of Tax Payers of Islands.
    Indeed the banner of democratic which have been reveled by nutshell read as per ; .
    The People’s of Lankan which that is mean back to main stream of politics govern Rule by Law which that ours by norms of democracy that New Goverances by nation team headed by MS, RW, CBK and behind political arms of by TNA and JVP’s.!
    But this team -work of alliance was an unable and failure to deliver nothing 4 years and 3 months by UNP leadership of Ranil Wickramsonghe & clique.
    Who are the partners of alliance that representatives by: CBK of Federalist of that SLFP., TNA of Tamil Terrorist of Separatist of extremist , Muslim Congress of Islamism, JHU of right-wingers, JVP of southern Terrorist as similar as LTTE in north,by that newly emerged of Indian -Origin Tamils of UPcountry allied elements were composition for so-called grand alliance was back by Foreign Political Forces of Indian RAW and political hegemonies in Globe scale led by USA and UK.
    One :They aim at politics of Neoliberalism road map of that Politically ,well guided by that UNP to be build weak nation STATE in center of Government. Needless to say demarcation and partition of an Island also added value for Tamil Federal Regime in NORTHERN Provinces.

  • 0

    Vishwamithra’s submission here can be summed up in “SL has to choose one of the few named to lead us”
    Vishwamithra assesses the parties and leaders and his prejudices are visible.
    It is unfair to give this the Vishwamitra-twist using words like intellectual curiosity etc.
    Lead us where? From bad to worse? Or status quo “Stay put at bad”?
    It has become fashionable to float the idea of radical changes.
    This is a luxury we simply cannot afford.
    Is it wise to give RW a chance?
    He has shown the grit and tenacity through thick and thin including the 26 October 2018 ‘event’.
    PS: The above is not meant to imply that RW is a ‘giant’ but rather ‘playing safe’.

  • 2

    @2015 January 8th day mark the Day of Change has been bad to worst of People’s Life after that an Independence of Ceylon 1948 February 4th . We are become more Weaker Nation that divided and fragmented our Sovereignty, and Territorial integrity by unprecedented range of politics of modern days of political History of Island of 71 years.
    The system of Parliamentary governance that turn to dismantle by Republic Constitution 19th Amendment proposed by UNP had few handful of members in chamber.
    Consequences the Majority RULE by Minority of UNP’s was result of ‘Democracy’ has gone to dictator model of that handful of State power by RW of UNP click. It was negative impact of result of that upside down by rule of minority run by Parliament. Voice of People are disacred by UNP led coalition.
    Well done that has been time to time voice by even head of State of President of MS!
    Meanwhile by gang of RW, MS and CBK….has turn to junta mode of Politics by replace or denied by mode of democratic deliberation and consensus of broad line of Rights of Voters .
    Indeed was a real political coup an initiated by UNP leadership and collaboration with foreign powers…. 2015 January 8th.
    While Nation political and economic sovereignty of Parliament has lost that without mandate of People since 2015 January 8th to 2015 August 17. All major constitutional changes has taken place during that period of seven months has no proper mandate by eligible voters Island.
    Hence New political-economic-social crisis being created by UNP “democratic” of that suited political agenda of Neoliberalism. It turn to domestic politics on by an unknowingly to Public an even to political leaders of Oppositions.
    Well short evolutionary process turn into politically New Normal of UNP regime by carry forward of 1977 UNP-JRJ political road map by his nephew of Ranil Wicks of UNP .

  • 9

    SRI LANKA-The Resplendent Island
    We tried UNP and failed
    We tried SLFP and failed
    We tried UNP+SLFP and failed
    We tried Democracy and failed
    We tried semi-Dictatorship and failed
    We tried capitalism and failed
    We tried socialism and failed
    We tried neo-liberalism and failed
    One thing that we have not tried is Army rule. Let us try that for a change.

    • 0

      The same Sinhala majoritarian historically undisciplined army was used by every single political party you mention whenever in power at various periods during the past 71 years.

      As such even a contemplation of ‘Army Rule’ should be completely taboo for ever.

      • 1

        If Sri Lankan Army is indisciplined, why the hell UN is recruiting SL Army for their missions. One arm of UN blame SL Armed Forces for war crimes but another arm recruits SL Army for their missions. UN is full of white hypocrites. War crimes charges were fabricated by USA and UK to fulfill their ulterior motives. As native Americans say ‘White people talk with a forked tounge’.

    • 1

      Eagle Blind Eye

      “One thing that we have not tried is Army rule.”

      Not exactly.
      Ask your Demela Brothers, they could tell you their experience since 1970 under Army rule.

      • 3

        Native Vedda,
        Except Wellala elite politicians and ‘Koti Diaspora’ the ordinary Demala people who suffered under megalomaniac Prabhakaran will be very happy to be under Sri Lankan Army Rule but never under Indian Peace Keeping Force.
        You go and ask those mothers from whom their children were snatched to be recruited as child soldiers whether they like to be under a mad man like Prabhakaran. Ask those 300,000 kept as a human shield and shot at the people who tried to escape what they like. Ordinary people do not want politicians who are flooding Yapanaya with drugs and Kerala Ganja. They do not want sword wielding ‘Ava Kalliya’.
        I was in Yapanaya recently. Sri Lankan Army is doing a fantastic job among ordinary Demala people. TNA guys are worried about that and trying hard to get rid of Army. Did you see the emotional farewell given to Colnel Ranthapriya Bandu by ex-LTTE cadres?
        The days that Wellala Demalu managed to fool ordinary Demala people are over.

    • 0

      Don’t repeat what you said even as a joke. As is these grade 8 dropouts have more power than they deserve.
      Currently they give protection to drug dealers and carry out hits unofficially but give them political power and they will do it in the open.
      Look at Gota and think again.

      • 2

        There is nothing wrong with Gota? He did a great job by sending barbarian Prabhakaran to hell and wiping out Demala terrorist outfit LTTE.

  • 1

    K. Pillai, ” Tell me your friends and I will tell who you are.” and there is also a saying in political jargon that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.We don’t need to dig deep to understand it’s application, It simply means opportunistic, which is widely seen in our politicians. In the case of RW we have seen the level of friendship he has with Rajapaksha family, going to the extent of preventing them from being produced before the law. Can you beat such a denial of a promise made to the unsuspecting sincere people who had placed their trust in a leader. His friendship with Arujuna Mahendran, and his Royal buddies who are involved in questionable activities and his own ministers who have made enough hay at the expense of the poor and the list goes on. Golden opportunity given at the last election can only be compared to casting pearls before swine, and to this day he has not been able to get out of the rut, CB episode is glaring before him. Country is in disarray and the political leaders are moving heaven and earth to come back to power to continue from where they have stopped. What more examples or evidence do we need to gauge their calibre. Is it not playing safe for survival?. A beleaguered nation cannot tolerate such politicians anymore. Enough is Enough. Let us rally round a leader who can offer a solid foundation based on Justice and Truth. Nothing else can change the present state of affairs.

  • 2

    Gota is the only solution!!!

    • 1

      Johnny Boy

      “Gota is the only solution!!!”

      Of course you are right, THE FINAL SOLUTION.

    • 0

      Why do you hate Sri Lanka that you want it led by a accused murderer.

  • 0

    It will be sad if the painfully slow positive changes make a country go back to a bucketload of backward policies from the Rajapaksha clan. Its time for people to start voting for people based on peoples policies instead of their face.

  • 0

    In fact root cause of post-independent politics were key role were played by that anti-establishment political class and its parties of Tamil chauvinist. The role of political class of Tamil-chauvinist were regardless that an undermined and jepoderzosed very simple norms democracy system of governance by FP, TULF and TNA+LTTE over 71 years.
    Well I do agreed with other right thinking people of all progressive forces that old ruling parties of UNP was colonial party . Its representatives of British Ruling that mode of Operandi was White Man Racism …of that Western Imperialism.
    By and large Rule of an Economy, Political and their cultural tradition has been suppressed by UNP leadership. Hence there was no differences between ruthless governance regime by rule of pre- British conomilism and pattern of UNP governance since 1948 to 1956. .1960 March to July ….1965 to 70 and 1977-1994 then 2001 to 2004 after 2015 to until now!$$$.
    The Majority People of Lankan that civilization of Sinhalese-Buddhist was that destruction by British colonization of 150 years which that all values and norms of old civilization has totally discarded by UNP leadership during 36 years of rule of an Island . Indeed rebuilding and reconstruction of that Sri lankan nation an intentionally ignore by UNP leadership by that rule over that out of 36 years of out of that 71 post independence of Sri lanka.
    Politically very inception that UNP has turn into Comporade bourgeoisie class, who were surrender all nation vital interest to UK USA and other foreign powers by unconditionally.
    The party of UNP working on that ‘democracy Governance” were far from that anti-National interest and undermined Sovereignty of its People’s Democracy. Meanwhile the UNP party lack of the Nation vision and vital interest of democracy order as whole .

  • 0

    By vision and help of USA UK and Indian of that UNP regime change came into being by 2015 January 8th of from that MS mandate. It has upside down 71 years old governances and norms of that Democracy of Parliament order that hijacked by UNP that ‘Democracy ‘ and by the name of its” good governance.,,rule of Law”.
    That was Right to Votes of an eligible voters lost their an undeniable Political Right of sovereignty that unlawful act by Ranil Wicks, Karuantahana Jaysooriya, Sajith Premadasa and Navin Dissananayke of leaders of UNP’s and other members of Chamber.
    Hence, long years of Right vote that enjoy people of Island for an Universal Franchise since 1931, that is currently disfranchised by UNP and its grand alliance of members of National coalition govt. of MS, CBK of SLFP , TNA of Tamil chauvinist of Terrorist and JVP of Southern ruthless Terrorist during last 4 years and 4 months were behind postpont of Local and PC council elections by since 2015 January 8th.
    Needless to say that Right to Vote ours tradition governance of Parliamentary Democracy and legitimated an obligation of key pillar of our Democracy since 1931. We wanted be care of long tradition and political convention is life-line of ours Democracy of Island.Whatever the political party come to power we do NOT wanted looos that basic rights .
    This of core of fundamental Right to Vote has been taken over by blessing of USA, UK and Indian by regime change by MS and UNP leadership?
    To be unbelievable, while that ‘God Bless America of USA’ has suppressed Right votes by US UK and Indian Embassies in Colombo. Current regime headed by UNP of RW, MS & CBK all internal political matters intervention by foreign embassies….their intelligence services. That is not good for democracy of our sovereignty of the People.

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