3 July, 2022


Sujeewa Senasinghe & Marikkar – Just Shut Up!

By Vishwamithra

“Infidelity raises profound questions about intimacy.” ~Junot Diaz


Engaging in vituperative brinksmanship, at best, is amateurish. At worst, it is outright self-destructive and defeats the very purpose of your existence. You have to show them, as Mark Anthony orated about ‘ambition’ at the slaying of Julius Caesar, that you’re made of ‘sterner’ stuff. On the other hand, what Ranil Wickremesinghe, the leader of the United National Party (UNP) to which Sujeewa Senasinghe and Marikkar belong, has to contemplate is that the verbal attack aimed today at the President will one day come against him, the Prime Minister. It certainly is no comforting thought for any politician, veteran of novice.

A culmination of an explosive process is confronting both the President and Prime Minister. If they are as smart as to defeat the Rajapaksa regime, they surly are smart to avert a crisis at this moment in time. It’s also incumbent upon them, Ranil and Maithripala, to show that they too are made of sterner stuff. The main purpose of the combination among Maithripala Sirisena, at the time the Minster of Health in the Rajapaksa-led government of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), and the UNP and its leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and other civil organizations, not only to rid the nation of a cancerous political regime, but also to usher in a political system of accountability and transparency. In their rush to entrench themselves in power, Ministers of the new government, it seems, paid scant respect for the purposes for which the new government was elected.

This happens to all new governments. Yet the very ouster of the Rajapaksas from the seat of power was a gigantic step. Another term of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family would have accelerated the maddening pace at which the Rajapaksas were taking the country towards moral decadence and financial chaos. Equally drastic steps they were taking in order to perpetuate a ‘family rule’ on lines of effecting coronation of a son whose individual achievements were below average at best were apparent to any reasonable man. The Eighteenth Amendment provided for such a radical turn of democratic rule into a semi-monarchical rule. But all these do not qualify those who ousted that rule to be unruly the way Sujeewa Senasinghe and Marikkar behaved in the last few days. Indulgence in short cuts for shortsighted political fame is amateurish and damaging to the coalition that was woven around the UNP and SLFP.


They must take a cue from Sajith Premadasa and Navin Dissanayake. Both Navin and Sajith are comparatively young and they too are novices in being Cabinet Ministers. The exemplary discipline and poise they have been displaying so far speak volumes for their strong character and farsightedness. Especially Navin Dissanayake, the elder son of the late Gamini Dissanayake has shown remarkable ability to present even a very complex issue in understandable language to the ordinary voter. He has also shown a positive image of a strong character and not yielding to pressures of modern day politics. Both allies and adversaries of the UNP-led cabinet would be glad to have a leader who is stable and willing to show the art of instigation towards a more perfect union of ideas and action. Both Gamini Dissanayake and Lalith Athulathmudali knew that art and were close disciples of their guru J R Jayewardene.

That art of instigation towards positive policies of generic liberalism and indispensible conservatism and bring about a harmonious juxtaposition of the two philosophies is extremely difficult. Civility and restraint which are essential characteristics of a reasonable leader in the twenty first century would be able to achieve such an arduous task. On the one hand, Sajith Premadasa is treading a more conventional path; his attempt at creating an image of a leader of the déclassé, the same image that his late father President Premadasa created in the entirety of his life is noteworthy. On the other hand, Navin Dissanayake seems to make a non-doctrinaire approach to modern politics. I will not use this column to back either of these two politicians, Navin and Sajith.

Yet the unreasonably cantankerous tongues of Sujeewa Senasinghe and Marikkar are in display and so is that dangerous breakdown of discipline in some leading spokespersons of the United National Party. A populist-play of politics such as making sensational statements, especially regarding their own government-leader, and unguarded remarks about their own leader cannot be justified in any context. Living through a cultural-lowering, sustaining an unsustainable system of government-sponsored programs and welfare-centered economic structures, a departure from such populist tools of government has misguided these political amateurs and it shows in abundance. A complete absence of philosophical approach to politics is understandable, as not all politicians have that rare ability to perceive matters of worldly affairs with a sense of aloofness and objectivity and yet be empathetic and sensitive to the nuanced aspects of life.

The adverse side of the Sujeewa/Marikkar-verbiage is that, close advisers of Maithripala may have told the President that both Sujeewa and Marikkar have done what they had done at the instigation of their Party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe. That kind of interpretation could contribute, especially in a dangerously deceptive profession such as politics, to any interpretation on the subject in question an unkind one, against the Party leader of Sujeewa and Marikkar. That is why political ‘podians’ like Sujeewa and Marikkar should be more careful; they should be able to express their anger and frustration without betraying their inner preferences.

The current impasse between President and Prime Minister is causing a tremendous amount of uncertainty among the supporters of the voters. We are on the brink of an election. Whether it’s a local government or major one, in the context of a coalition government, all partners in the coalition must provide a comforting image to the voters. When that comforting feel is absent among the voters, it could mean either a conversion from one party to another or voter-apathy which would make him stay at home without going to the polls on the election day.

On paper, the UNP should have an easy chance almost in every election district except in the North and East. But elections are not fought on paper. They are battled on grueling fields of character assassination; they are contested on a hostile terrain of vituperative verbiage; their contestants take no prisoners; it’s indeed a very intimidating and unfriendly series of mistakes and gaffes, exposures of past political stances taken by the respective contestants. Yet the concept of the ‘party’ matters and it does matter a lot and in a very decisive way. The voter is waiting to see as to who blinks first; who is advancing and who is retreating.

Against such a punishing backdrop, the unity of the political entity which one contestant represents is of critical value. Sujeewa Senasinghe and Marikkar have done am immeasurable damage to the UNP and its leader. On another plain, Maithripala Sirisena has an inherent right as President of the country to expect, not unquestioned loyalty but conditional and decent fidelity to the office of Presidency. Sujeewa and Marikkar should have exercised that aspect of decency, propriety and civility.

In the context of warfare, political or military, one must never attack his superior unless he is sure of destroying the superior. Because if the superior remains in the arena, though defeated, he still remains the superior and holds sway over the subordinate officer. That is incredible foolhardiness on the part of Sujeewa and Marikkar. They do not learn these nuanced lessons in schools of formal education but the adverse fields of political rivalries. They had better learn these lessons the hard way. Otherwise they become not even footnotes in the history of Sri Lankan politics; they become trash. I’m sure, both Sujeewa and Marikkar don’t want to be in that unholy category.

Yet the bond between the two leaders of the country, Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe, is increasingly becoming loose and on the verge of bursting asunder. Such a disintegration of a carefully woven coalition between the two main Sinhala-led political parties would be a tragedy of immeasurable proportions.

There is only one way in which this political marriage between Maithripala and Ranil could be salvaged. Both of them must meet without their advisors. Just one to one conversation could save it, provided they sense the need for it. Efforts that were put together to defeat one of the most corrupt and incorrigible regimes headed by the Rajapaksa family should not be allowed to go to waste. The unbelievable lies and half-truths expressed on the Joint Opposition (JO) platforms would not go ignored by the discerning voter. It did not happen in 2015 and won’t happen in 2018. Dr. DaShanne Stokes, a recognized thought leader and a sociologist of repute wrote thus: “When you’re dealing with frauds and liars, listen more to what they don’t say than what they do.” It applies to the Rajapaksas in the most appropriate manner. What the Rajapaksas and their henchmen-parliamentarians thunder from their political platforms can be heard. But what they don’t utter, the uncivilized manner in which they treated their opponents, the gross corruption they themselves indulged in cannot be heard because they don’t speak about them. That is what the voters need to hear. If they don’t hear, they need to fish them out and find them for themselves.

*The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com  

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Wishwamithra, why don’t you like Sujewa be Sujeewa, and Marrikar be Marrikar? Let’s change our traditional showbusiness politics and say bye to politicians in camouflage.

    We need our future politicians who talk their minds, so people can decide who they are, and not the ones hiding in the temples, mosques, and kovils to incite violence against innocent people for their own gains

  • 6

    Vishwa, not only these two but ALL in politics! Nothing but enormous wind-bags! Disgusting!

    • 3


      No argument there. That said, we the people keep re electing these douche bags continuously.

      Dr. Ranil in parliament for 40 years. Dr. Mahinda in parliament for god knows how long. 12 years after her term ended, Chandrika still cant seem to go away.

      Now you know why we are screwed.

  • 9

    Born with Silver Spoons at both ends and Poodle pups as pets,Young Sujeeva is the real deal as far as true blue or should it be true Green Yahapalana suckers are concerned to lead them after Dr Ranil cark it..
    Young Sujjeva even took Mobile Lessons from Aloysious, to explain Bond Trading to his boss Dr Ranil and his loyal acolytes..
    It is true Sujeeva sold his Yahaplana Car Permit for lLKR 34 Mil to one of Marrikkar’s mate.
    But then Sujeeva is sacrificing LKR 25 Lakhs a month, which he could have earned from his day job, just to give Yahapalanaya to UNP and SLFP suckers.
    Marrikkar, seems to have a gutter mouth, which UNP suckers in Colombo seem to adore.
    But calling the President a Pick Pocket is no big deal.
    This President has allowed Dr Ranil and his Cabinet mates rob the pockets of poor rural inhabitants to make the life easy for their rich …
    LKR 100 Coconuts is a classic example.
    Now Dr Ranil is about to sign his FTA with Singapore.
    Wait till he signs the next one with Hindians..
    The UNP under Dr Ranil will then be robbing our poor even their jobs to reward the Indians..

  • 8

    Do you see JR as a wise( and very deep !) Statesman and his ministers Gamini and Lalith as masterful politicians ? Is this how we the younger generation should view them ?

    Is not the truth very different ? With all the evidence what does history now say ?They are both known as immoral cads who fooled and robbed the country to enrich themselves while taking up sanctimonious poses.

    As to JR , he was a relic of old fashioned patronage politics who thought being wily , cunning, unreliable and vengeful were virtues. In the last years of his rule ( having got an unprecedented mandate in 1977) the country was soaked in blood and burning from north to the south.

    Having contemplated a third term( he appointed the rascal lawyer Paul Perera -like the Pitipana commission- to examine the possibility of a third term), only the violence of the LTTE and JVP forced the old man to give up.( a man who used to lecture on religion and of the impermanence of things at a drop of hat !)

    Mr. Writer, were these people role models ? Only that unfortunate ( but not uncommon) and mentally warped Sri Lanka product called RW thinks of JR and his time as an ideal . Everyday , we get more evidence to prove RW is a product of a very unwholesome upbringing and mental evolution..

    As to Navin, Sajith , your argument is part and parcel of this country’s stupidity- they have leadership blood ! The mystique of a third world leadership culture. ( the same claim as Namal baby -the incomparable leader in waiting from the other side ! ! )

    • 1


      you said it.

      JR introduced proportional representation but deceptively extended parliament elected on first past the post beyond the given period; the gravest anti-democratic action ever happened in the world.

      He failed to contain Sinhala extremist gang of his govt. in 1983 (black July) that led to uncivilized barbaric attack on Tamil civilians, that made almost all Tamils, refugees in their own soil. Some left the country

      It was that that LTTE obtained international sympathy to continue armed struggle.

      He kept his mouth shut on police failure to provide protection for innocent Tamil people.
      He passed the blame to JVP & proscribed it to shun international pressure upon him (as a matter of fact he misled international community)

      Sad to mention that JVP failed to resort to democratic path to face the challenges
      & that led to the killing of approximately 100.000 Sinhala youth in the country.

    • 2


      One of the most sensible comment I have seen so far in the CT. I agree with almost everything you said. However, I thought that Athulathmudali was a genuine leader destined for the top seat of the country. Never thought he was a crook though I heard claims that Ravi was his accountant and inherited his wealth after his assassination. Finally, I do believe that Namal boy have the potential to go the entire length if he learnt the tricks of the trade. Unless of course he will become another Sajith or worst still Anura B.

  • 6

    Sujeewa is the junior poodle(Kiriella is the undisputed senior poodle) of Dr. Ranil. Looks like Marikkar is challenging Sujeewa’s position here to be the new lap dog.

    Either way, I am pretty sure neither one is able to even tie his shoe laces without the explicit authorization of Dr. Ranil.

    Dr. Ranil gets his lap dogs to do the barking, then goes about business as if he is shocked. How many times has he done that?

    Going back to the bond scam, seriously, does anyone with half a brain believe that Mahendran did this without the explicit authorization of Dr. Ranil?

    • 2


      Same way MS gets his lap dogs to do the barking. then goes about his business as usual but not shocked. How many times he has done that through proxy channel seerasa, roopavahini . He postponed the local council elections giving lame excuses as he was trying to build his party for which DR Ranil gave him time to build his party.

      This bond scam crap is already with the attorney general to initiate legal action.

      • 0


        I agree. In fact, Sirisena acts deaf and dumb when conflicts are brought up as if he is totally innocent. They all have thick skin.

        As for the AG initiating legal action, I think we are all dreaming here. AG was appointed by Dr. Ranil. AG “cross” examined three of the biggest perpetrators of the bond scam in Dr. Ranil, Malik and Kabir and gave them all a free pass. Then, this AG represented the President in his quest to stay in power another year. This AG is more shameful than Mohan Pieris.

        So, No, the AG will not initiate any legal action.

        Malik in an interview a couple of days ago said that the government has not lost any money from the bond scam because they forefitted 11 billion rupees belonging to Perpetual.

  • 2

    At the end of the day , it’s all in the breeding – or lack of it .

  • 1

    Stinky Kalu,

    I fully endorse Sujeewa and Marikks verbal attack. Why is that the entire media including Roopavaheeny and eyetn and especially seerasa day in day out attacking the UNP.

    Why cant Vishvamitra write about the gutter media.

  • 2

    The writer is marriage broker between MS and RW ,no doubt he is /was hard core orthodox UNP members or he is that belongs an ideology of Neo-liberal school of thought advocated by current leadership of UNP Ranil Wicks.
    Both of Sajith and Navia has been that by products of post JRJ set of policies which UNPs has failure to delivered nothing, but except surrender our Nation Sovereignty (Political & Economic),Territorial Interiority and Independent of Island to USA and Indian hegemonies.

    Both of young UNPs has lost their parents due to role played by of that surrendered Sri Lankan Sovereignty to foreign -powers.
    Since 1977 to 1994 that set of policies brought forward by UNP-JRJ leadership was anti- National and anti-democracy and pro-western and anti-Tamil was in wrong policy footing in our soil. Therefor UNP had laid that solid foundation for Federalist war led by Tamil Terrorist was armed wing of TULF.
    As a matter of fact Tamil chauvinist of LTTE ruthless that world renown terror group an advocated WAR Footing politics over 30 years by aim Island divided by racial basis to “New Tamil Nation” or called Eealm in tiny Island.

    Needless to say this political projects by UNP has ended up by granting 13 Amendment to Republic Constitution for new land demarcation of country for Tamil ruthless leadership 1987 July by accord between JRJ-UNP and Rajvie Gandi ……

    Propounded knowledge of historical abscess of UNP mode of operandi which look back can see of their leaders has been proven doubt that paid for the cost of their own lifers.. Meanwhile UNPs of emerging persons that Marrkiier and Sujeewa has no experiences from the past! MS is great savior of modern UNP Party and its leadership !$$$.

  • 2

    UNP slaves getting scared

  • 3

    I heard Marikkar was very upset with the President because he was not taken in the QATAR trip. As some one wrote here, what I can not believe that sujeewa Senasinghe had been eating with silver spoons. Just before the presidential election, he was criticising Mahinda Rajapakse’s corruptions. He was always at the front raw. Yet this silver spoon – eating man wanted the GOVT hand out of LUXURY car permit to earn some millions. He had to write that book all the false hood, fill with foot notes and phone Arjun Aloesius 100s of times to get more money. bond Scam report says he also is one accused. New papers say he got a house free of charge from Arjun Aloesius. I heard, once he finished the book saying nothing wrong happend in the bond scam. Dr. Wijewardane or DEW Gunasekara or some one taught all of them what bonds are and how O/L not completed Arjun Mahendran screwed up all the educated Deputy governors. Arjun Mahendran has gone to Two colleages, the second one in england probably to polish his english. Otherwise he does not have any other academic qualifications until Ranil gave him BOI – chairman post. HE also had a bank chairman position. then he became the Central Bank governor. There are so many O/L failed directors, CEOs, chairman appointed by Ranil to different govt institutions.

    • 0

      Jim Softy ,

      One thing I know is that any one who knows the art of doing
      business , can become a CEO , Chairman, MD and a director
      without a degree or any other academic achievement . You
      can practise even as an accountant without a degree or
      diploma and you call him unqualified accountant . Rohana
      Wijeweera refused to hire a lawyer in the case against him
      in 1971 insurgency and he defended himself . That doesn’t
      mean you don’t need professional advice but in real life
      professionals work under unprofessional bosses who run
      most businesses . Most businesses in the world are run by
      wealthy unprofessional men. Nawaloka in Srilanka was
      owned by one such man and many educated people worked
      under him .

      • 0

        Whywhy: May be in Sri lanka where the name of the game is exploitation, no competition exists, govt doe snot have any regulations or authority to check whether there is any customer gouging etc., and no perforamcne evaluation of the CEO.. See how Ranil appointed people to Central Bank and Sri lankan air liens. Ask them whether they can handle a computer or who have passed O/L.
        You talk BS. Wealthy unprofessional businessmen hire educated professionals and they get big packets of bonuses and stock options. that is why they are always under stress. YOu talk BS. See why SL Airlines needs a chairman. Jist to give some dough to the UNP card holder. Even then UNP election was paid by one, for the election, by one politician who became a minister and the public via Central bank scam.
        If Sri lankan airlines is sold to citizens of sri Lanka, director board and the CEO are responsible for showing profits to share holders. Now it is money through govt. Central bank facilitated borrowing money from the via a private dealer again to the govt. PTL borrowed EPF money and sold it again at a higher interest to the EPF again. that is how Ranikl appointd EPF – CEO and PTL did,. Now, Ranil and Malik Samarawickrama say nothing lsot by the govt. EPF paid 8.5% extra for buying again it’s own money. If that CEO knew that is reputation was in line he would never do that. Now, EPF CEO ran away, I heard, he will be again a a Accountant of a USed Car dealership.

        • 0

          Jim Softy ,

          I never had a cart to own a bull ! I never do that kind of talks and
          that is not in my habit ! Check your IQ .Don’t try to take my
          answer personal as you always do in almost all issues . In the UK
          nobody asks your educational background to form a company ,
          it is only about your ability to run a business . Just a big mouth
          is not enough to enter into a conversation , you should come with
          facts and figures . What I said is the structure in any scale of a
          company . Srilanka is only following a world system and has
          nothing of its own , even DRAINAGE arrangements ! In the West,
          in any area of employment including construction labour ,
          PROFESSIONALISM is a must and if you don’t have it , you can
          get a training , Every citizen has some kind of training and a
          certificate or a degree . So , businesses are run by qualified
          people from the top . That doesn’t mean unqualified people are
          disqualified to run businesses . JOB STEVE , founder , CEO ,
          Chairman of NEXT and co-founder of Apple , was a school
          drop out . He was a Marijuana addict and used LSD in school
          according to FBI report ! Should I remind you to GOOGLE it ?
          I know you are a GREAT FAN OF RACISM but didn’t know
          you possess a lot of BS !

  • 3

    Even Sujeewa Senasinghe has a LAW diploma ?. NOt a degree. Because that law college is not an accredited one. It was built to educate dumb children of english suddha’s translaters and other workers in order to promote them to higher positions. I heard he had never practised law, probably he knows that he is not good enough. there are many such visionary politicians in side the parliament. Ever one knows one such person bankrupted Sri lanka.

  • 2

    Marikar can go back to his tree climbing job in his game.we do not even want his apolagy. If any Muslim vote for him ,then that Muslim is a low down traiter.

    No apology needed ,just kick the buffoon out of the party .and out of politics .GROBR.

  • 1

    BTW. Anyone notice the Singapore flag hoisted ? Have they changed the flag .the Large crescent was missing with the stars ? Thought its a big crime to do so ,unless they changed it ???

    Confused ..

  • 0

    My3 Ranil with forty years experience of dealing discount politics with the
    gallery of grass root members , know what they are up to , suddenly at an
    election and collectively labelling themselves “thieves .” It is a brand new
    drama in the eyes of many and part of their DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS !
    Their experience of forty years through the traditional methods can not be
    changed for any reason .In their world , THEY FEED THEIR FOLLOWERS
    BEST . make no mistake about it ! UNP was in pieces just three years back
    and now the SLFP , same journey . Is there only one way to look at it ?
    Where is the UNP that JRJ built ? 5/6 in 1977 election ? MPs are now being
    traded in MP auctions ! Can any one deny the fact that JVP has succeeded
    in stripping both the UNP and SLFP naked in front of the public ? People
    may be hesitant to give them power due to more than one factor , yet , the
    whole country deep in their hearts , agree with them that THE COUNTRY
    THEM . Even a toddler understands this now . People due to their sky-high
    DREAMS are reluctant to enter into a new journey . It is very unfortunate.
    The way My3 and Ranil behave , if they are true first off to themselves ,
    they can not work together now and even if they want to , PEOPLE MUST
    NOT ALLOW THEM . People must come to the street in protest ! Sensible
    people should do it . Marikkar and Sujeeva are not silly enough to take their
    president to task at this hour of time ! It is a well rehearsed drama that My3
    and Ranil enjoy behind the screen. Rule together and contest separate ,
    what kind of politics is that ? AND FOR THIS THERE SHOULD BE A DRAMA

  • 2

    Jimmy The Dumbo.

    Headline says ” Just Shut Up”.
    Speak up young guys dont be cowards like others. Start attacking all the SLFPEE Basta including Susil, Dilan, If MS can attack UNP through gutter media channel like seerasa why not Sujeewa and Mariks.

  • 0

    In a democracy the government reflects the views of the majority of voters.
    We have an experiment – government of coalition of two main parties. The episodes discussed here should not surprise us.
    Our min problem is corruption. Will this form of democracy lead to checks and balances or will it fail?

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