25 May, 2024


The 9 Travel Apps You Should Download When Travelling to Africa

The best travel apps for Android and iOS devices enable you to research, plan, and save your to-do lists. There are also mobile apps that come in handy when looking up travel ideas, directions, and accommodation options. Having the right travel apps make your African safari hassle-free. You can explore destinations virtually at a button press and decide whether to include them in your travel itinerary or not. 

Next we look at the top 10 apps that can make your travel to East Africa better. 

  1.   Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor provides all the information you need while traveling to any part of the world, be it a restaurant or hotel. You can make an informed decision after reading hundreds of reviews and feedback from previous travelers and visitors. 

The app features a map that enables you to pinpoint the nearest attractions and offers smooth navigation in unfamiliar streets. Trip Advisor also gives you the ability to hire 4×4 safari vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruiser, Safari Van and other vehicles. 

 It is a free app that you can download from Play Store and App Store.

  1.   The Kingdon Field Guide

The Kingdon Field guide will help you identify all the animals you come across during your East Africa safari. The app contains images, maps, and other critical information to make it easy to know the wildlife you find in the savannah.

You only select the region you want to tour, and you will get all the information you need. The app goes for USD 15 and is found in the App Store.

  1.   Weather Underground

Nothing would spoil your East Africa adventure like an unpredicted downpour. The typical weather apps provide weather forecasts of a region, but Weather Underground gives the hyperlocal area information.

It provides information about the weather forecast, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, visibility, and temperature. The app also alerts users of extreme weather conditions like flooding and cyclones and is free from Play Store and App Store.

  1.   TripIt

Planning a safari to East Africa takes time and effort. You need to do many things like researching the destination, budgeting, and preparing an itinerary.

TripIt is a superb app that can help you plan every detail of your adventure. It is user-friendly and scans all your emails to generate a detailed report of your safari, including your booking information. 

The app also provides you with offline information that you can access while in the jungle. You can get this app from the App Store and Play Store for free.

  1.   Africa: Live

Africa: Live is an app you should have on your phone when traveling. It lets you view and share your sightings through the smartphone.

You help others spot the animals with ease and even provide vital information to the conservancies. It also comes with offline maps that can allow you to navigate a region with a poor road network.

The app is easy to download on the App Store for free.

  1.   Xe Currency Converter

Xe Currency Converter can come in handy if you have a safari package that sees you visit an interior location with foreign currencies. You can use it to convert your local currency into one of East Africa’s currency when paying the entrance fee.

It is also a vital app to have on your smartphone while traveling in other parts of the world. You can use it when making a quick purchase and judge the worth of the service or product you get.

Xe Currency is a simple and free app that you can get from Play Store and App Store.

  1.   Safeture

It is advisable to get information about the safety of an area before you board that plane. There are some unstable regions in Africa that you should not visit.

Safeture provides you with all the latest safety information of a region from reputable sources across the globe. It educates travelers about the frequency of natural disasters, local safety warnings, and gives emergency response teams’ contact details.

You need to have this app while traveling solo, and you can get it from Play Store for free.

  1.   HerdTracker

HerdTracker is the ideal app for anyone travelling to Kenya or Tanzania to catch the annual wildebeest migration. The app is web-based and plots the precise location of the over 1.8 million wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes’ migration routes to Google Maps.

You also get to know the distance between the herds and your location and view the suggested accommodations in Kenya and Tanzania.

  1.   Duolingo

Your safari can be challenging if you fail to communicate with the locals. That is when Duolingo App comes in handy as it helps in converting a foreign language into your local lingual.

The app is free from both the Play Store and App Store.

In Conclusion

Make your safari to East Africa more memorable by having the best travel apps on your smart devices. They can make you have a hassle-free experience and save money during your travel. 

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