13 July, 2024


The Curse Of Lasantha Is Upon You Gota

By Suranimala

“A deaf man recounts that a blind man saw a lame man run very fast” ~ Old Jewish Proverb

The proverb is similar to 6.9 million Sri Lankans who believed in Mahinda thrice. Twice in 2005, 2010 and again in 2019. That aura is gone. They accept they were fooled. Hell hath no fury like a people scorned.

When Mahinda introduced Gotabaya as his nominee for President in 2019 people chanted “Hail Gotabaya”. They remembered the walking paths. They remembered the refurbished Dutch Hospital, Independence Arcade, et al. Gotabaya forgot that there were Ministers before him who were given enormous resources to build their images. Some for projects that would benefit the people and some for vanity. Gotabaya was vanity personified. How many Sri Lankans walk clad in Tracksuits and Nike shoes outside Colombo? But that’s only a smidgeon of what has to be said here.

“Who is Gotabaya? Who is Nandasena? He is someone who murdered and robbed. He murdered anyone who checked on him. He would have murdered all if possible. He was narcissistic, a coward without power but not an ( read tabloid ) editor”. A daughter of one he murdered filed an action against him. “Isn’t that the right thing to do?”said someone who is no longer living. Welcome Nandasena, welcome to your team from Tripoli Market and their bosses. The time is nigh. Oh, you will not understand that. The clock is ticking.

Remember your words to that BBC interviewer?

You went further. “I will hang him”, you said of Fonseka. Only a fool would say such. Did you think that you would rule forever?

Shuffling the deck of Ministers will not do now. The 69 lakhs are after you and your family. Just desserts Gotabaya. They use the language of Mahinda’s Medamulana, on you at every street corner. And on the rest of your family too. Pardon me but the language must be familiar fare to you Gota.

When Mahinda thrust you on the people, he must have known what you were capable of. You yourself said that you were the fool in the family. Therefore, Mahinda must be equally culpable. If anyone, an Appuhamy or Banda believes that Mahinda did not know who was behind the killings of Lasantha, Ekneligoda, Thajudeen, Jesudasan, Nimalarajan, Lalith and Kugan, not to forget the Easter Sunday massacre, well now they do. Also two innocents riding a motorbike for the bike to be dumped in the Attidiya marsh, a retired Army soldier who supposedly wrote a letter that he killed Lasantha, they surely must be brain dead to believe such a trail will be lost forever.

When one sanctions murder the clock starts ticking. I know of some cases where the killers were convicted after twenty years. But time is not on your side now. This hatred now apparent will not go away. None of your family will ever regain the lost glory. I wrote prior to you announcing your candidature that some day a murderer would be President of Sri Lanka.

Let me warn you. The lower rungs of the Police and Army will stand with the people.That day is not too far. Step down NOW. The time to slink away is gone.

The ill gotten gains running to billions of dollars will be hounded. There would be no Ranil to save you and your extended family. Nor a Sirisena. The hatred towards the family is apparent on every street corner. International media is highlighting the peoples anguish. The Rajapaksas are International pariahs.

So where do we go from here? One way is to abolish the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and go back to the 19th. Gotabaya, according to the 19th will noy have even the powers President Sirisena had during his term. But, the Rajapaksas are nothing without Constututional power. Will he accept that?

They could all slink away to Dubai or somewhere else. What would happen to the loyalists? The Nidos kara Nidahas Karayas?

Sri Lanka cannot go through anarchy. Does the Paksha’s have an iota of feeling for the country? The Buddhist Clergy they pushed to follow their divisive style of governance? One family has brought this country to depths never seen before.

Let sanity prevail. The people want the Rajapaksas done with. That is a given. Cool heads after the ouster of the family are needed to bring back order. Elections, as early as possible will allow the people to place their faith in a fresh leadership.

If Sri Lanka is to turn to a truly practising democracy, respected by the World Order, the Rajapaksa ill gotten gains must be unearthed, confiscated and the law applied. The mood of the people will not allow anything short of that. Any leader to follow will not have the support of the masses to govern if he/she does not do that.

Before I wind off, let me quote Gota.

“Who is Lasantha? He is just another man. Why are you asking me about one man?”

One mans curse is upon you now. Eat your words.

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    It is not just Lasantha but the horrors of Nanthikadal has also come back to haunt him. A War winning Criminal now hated by the entire country even Wimal.

  • 5

    Pandi Kutti if you consider Tamil Nadu a toilet nadu where india stores its nuclear weapons and most of its defence industries situated to be furthers away from barbaric Paki land and organ harvesting chinks land , what do you consider sinhala land to b?e BEGGAR LAND ?? BEGGING Hindustan for money, even BEGGING BANGLADESH from which the thug vijaya came to sinhala land for money? and Bangladesh wisely refused. Rather be a toilet land THAN and Comparedwith an international BEGGAR sinhala LAND inevitable as your Menagerie parliament’s (populated by RATpakes (who according to a poster of a sinhala land girl said that -her OLs were better than the majority of the sinhala menagerie in their parliament and this ncluding the RATPakses) speaker said was heading for STARVATION if the BEGGING is not successful.

    • 5

      Poor you cannot understand sarcasm, only just plain hate and constantly spew out crude hatred. It is not what I consider or state but what most Chingkallams call and consider Thamizh Nadu despite most of their ancestors originating from the so-called Toilet Nadu. Others understood my sarcasm but not you,, when I inserted this term in brackets, sorry Toilet Nadu. If you come out of your blind hatred for all Chingkallams, you would have understood. Sorry, in my opinion, you really do not have any sense of humour. Not all Chingkallams are beggars or racists. although the majority are ( not beggers but racist) many are very nice, understand, and sympathize, including the owners, editors, and moderators of this website. In the future please refrain from calling all Chingkallams, toilet cleaners, housemaids beggars, and people from beggar land, as you also originate from that land. Lots of Thamizh also clean toilets, work as housemaids, and are beggars. You can get your point and what you want to say without all these colourful and derogatory adjectives. Otherwise, it only proves that you are as mean racist, and nasty as the people who are accusing you of these traits. Capice.

  • 10

    [Wonder whether guys who massacred hundreds of thousands of Sinhala Buddhists and even the fetus of pregnant Sinhala women also have nightmares?]

    Oi Blind Eagle HLD, Buddha advised whom to be killed to VP. Only one rascal escaped to Australia. Now see how karma haunting the country. Sinhalayas are starving and dying on strees, the crooks Sinhala buddhist weerayas hiding and running for their lives, and only unity of races are at last going to redeem the country and extrictae SL from thieves. Wh are these buddhsit monks. Majority borne to poor parents and that too in an inauspicious palanetary position and thus handed over to temples so that the naki monks uses them for child sex and oral sex. The parents are happy as long as these pathetic kids and fed. They mostly become real thugs and robes and in turn repeat the same stunts and cover them with sinhala buddhist rhetoric. They live on ignorant gullible’s dhana and most of the women who provide dhana are to screwed by these well fed, or over fed thugs. Just see their build, they are just like over fed stud bulls. HLD morons if you get caught to gnanasara you may end up with torn back end despite your age.

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    Raj-UK & NV: I am replying to both of your comments that came on page “1”.

    Re. “White Flag Massacre”: You are aware when Shraveda Silva was appointed to UN as S/L Representative, he could not live long there. Now he, his family have been “Debarred” from entering the USA. But how did the USA handle “GOTA”? NOTHING. Shouldn’t he be treated more severely, because he committed those “CRIMES” while being an “American Citizen”? Haven’t America dealt with such persons in other countries? Why “GOTA” was “Let Loose”? The USA had other “PLANS” to put another “Rajapakse” from the “Clan” to power so that the “American Agenda” in South Asia would be successfully handled as “Dictated”. GOTA is doing it through Milinda Moragoda of PathFinder Movement”. He is another “American” now appointed as the High Commissioner for S/L based in New Delhi and had been granted “Cabinet” status. That is the “USA HYPOCRACY”.

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