24 September, 2023


The Dangers Of The Millennium Challenge Corporation Agreement

By DNR Samaranayaka

DNR Samaranayaka

One of the foreign agreements that had received much attention in Sri Lanka recently is the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement. The MCC, also known as MCC compact, was established in 2004 by the US Congress during the tenure of late US president, George Bush. It was established with the objective of providing development assistance to low income countries. Every year, a country is selected for this grant through a rigorous process and the eligibility depends on a number of factors. Its focus is mainly on countries which are free of corruption and without human rights violations.  The MCC selects the development project suitable to the country based on the local situation and, once it is selected, the project is designed by the MCC itself. A cost benefit analysis is also carried out to decide the economic impact of the project to the country.  

Sri Lanka is the 17th country to receive this grant. Under this agreement, Sri Lanka is to receive US$ 480 million for two development projects: a transport management project and an agriculture project. Of the previous 16 countries that received this grant, most have successfully completed the MCC agreement although a few countries have later withdrawn from the agreement. 

In the case of Sri Lanka, however, there is a strong opposition to this agreement. Unlike in other countries, where this agreement has been successfully implemented, the situation in Sri Lanka is different. The problem In the case of Sri Lanka is that the MCC is linked to two other agreements: Acquisition and Cross Service Agreement (ACSA) and States of Forces Agreement (SOFA).  Of these, the ACSA has already been signed.  These three agreements could give the US certain degree of control which can have a serious impact on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. This agreement has generated a large number of articles and seminars opposing the signing of this agreement. 

The Americans are pushing hard to get the MCC agreement signed since the beginning of 2019. The present American Ambassador, Ms Alania B. Teplitz, on several occasions gave ultimatums to the government to accept the MCC project or lose the grant. So far this has not happened despite nearly a year passing since the agreement was forwarded to the Sri Lankan government by MCC officials. This agreement was about to be signed by the leaders of the former government when it was abandoned due to the starting of a hunger strike by a Buddhist priest against the signing of the agreement. In response to the hunger strike, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa announced that he will not implement the agreement when he becomes the president after the presidential election. It ended the hunger strike as well. 

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact agreement

Sri Lanka’s eligibility for the MCC compact was first announced in December 2016 by the directors of the MCC; it received the final approval from the Board on April 25, 2019. As noted above, countries that are eligible to receive this five year grant from the MCC are normally fall within the low income category. Out of the 17 countries, including Sri Lanka, that had received this agreement so far, eleven countries had a per capita income between US$ 461 (Madagascar) and US$ 2482 (Honduras) in 2018. Five countries, including Sri Lanka, had a per capita income above US$ 4,000 in the same year. In 2016, Sri Lanka was on the border between low income and middle income category. With a per capita income of US$ 4,103, Sri Lanka was elevated to an upper middle income country in 2018. The selection of Sri Lanka to receive this grant appears to have not been made on the basis of per capita income, but on some other grounds favourable to the US. Most of the countries that had received this grant in the past are relatively poorer than Sri Lanka and many more countries which had not received this grant still remain under the low income threshold. Sri Lanka is also not totally free of corruption since political corruption in the country has become a common subject of frequent discussions. The US and other Western countries have also alleged human rights violation against Sri Lanka, particularly during the last phase of the LTTE separatist’s war.  

The MCC proposes to address two development constraints for Sri Lanka under this agreement: inadequate transport logic and planning and lack of access to land for agriculture, service sector and industrial investors. The first is to improve the efficiency of the transport system, reduce travel time and operation costs and increase the efficiency of transport services. The second is about land management with the objective of reducing constraints to the use of the land for productive activities. Out of the US$480 million grant, US$ 350 million (73%) is allocated for the transport project. The agriculture project receives US$ 67 million (14%) and the balance US$ 30 million (13%) for administrative expenditure. 

States of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

The States of Forces Agreement (SOFA), also known as Visiting Force Agreement (VFA), is the most detrimental agreement to the country.  It simply focuses on turning Sri Lanka under the authority of the US government. Furthermore, it expects the Sri Lankan government to facilitate the handover of our sovereignty to the US to operate according to their wishes without any interference by the Sri Lankan government. The US officials involved in this project as well as the contractors and other personnel working with the US government are free to enter or leave the country without checks by the Sri Lanka border control agencies. While on duty all foreign personnel wear their official uniforms. They do not pay taxes and are exempted from customs inspections. The most dangerous aspect of the SOFA agreement is that Sri Lanka becomes a logistic hub which comes to operation in the event of a war where the US is involved. As a logistic hub, it allows the US to use Sri Lanka without any constraints or objections of the Sri Lankan government or its people. The SOFA will allow the US government to turn Sri Lanka as a base of the US government.  This agreement is not being signed yet as the former president refused to put his signature on the agreement. He wanted the incoming government to make a decision as he has already been subjected to criticisms for signing the earlier agreement.

Acquisition and Cross Service Agreement (ACSA)

The first ACSA agreement was introduced to Sri Lanka in 2007 for a seven year period.  It allowed the US military vessels to use our air and sea ports. In 2017, another agreement was signed which was much more comprehensive than the one before.  Compared with the 2007 agreement, which consisted of only six pages, the 2017 agreement has 50 annexes, covering 80 pages. These annexes are said to contain rules and regulations that Sri Lanka should follow during its operation in Sri Lanka.  It allows the US military agencies to use air and seaports without the supervision of the Sri Lankan authorities. It is claimed that this agreement has not been given any publicity and not even a discussion in the Sri Lankan parliament. It was hurriedly signed by the then US ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap in 2017.  As the head of state, President Sirisena signed the agreement, on behalf of Sri Lanka, on August 4, 2017.  He, however, later claimed that he did not read the agreement and did not know what was in the agreement. Whether he read the agreement or not makes no difference since he would not have understood the contents of the agreement. Ranil Wickremasinghe has said that there is no difference between the 2007 agreement and the 2017 agreement. If the two are similar, what was the reason that they used 80 pages with 50 annexes in 2017 instead of seven pages as in 2007? 

MCC is part of the total package

As mentioned earlier, a number of MCC projects have been successfully implemented in other countries.  In these countries, the MCC was not linked with other agreements and what they implemented was simply the projects outlined in the MCC. In Sri Lanka, the approval of the MCC automatically gives approval to the other two agreements as well. This means that Sri Lanka will be bounded by the three agreements, allowing the US to operate in the country without any objections from the government.  This situation is very likely to generate a serious opposition in the country from the people to these US operations. It can also lead to economic and political instability in the country. 

US is not willing to consider the MCC project only. They use the MCC as a precursor to get the approval for the other agreement which is not yet signed. Even in the case of MCC, Sri Lanka does not play a major role in implementing the project. As noted earlier, the project has been designed by the MCC and it will be implemented under the authority of the MCC. This grant is not directly available to the country but it is used to cover the expenses of the two projects. Since the Sri Lankan government does not have any control of the project, the MCC can make changes to the plan as they wish.  The government can, however, benefit from this project since it will improve the foreign reserves. 

Economic benefits of the MCC projects 

A cost benefit analysis used frequently to evaluate economic viability of development projects has also been carried out by the MCC to assess the economic benefits of the two MCC projects, noted above. The results of the Internal Rate of Returns (IRR) show that roads project has an IRR of 19% and the agriculture project 26%. On the basis of these IRR’s, most people would consider investing on both projects as the rate of returns of both are very impressive. The high IRR appears to have influenced the former minister of Finance, Mr. Mangala Samaraweera, to declare that Sri Lanka should support the implementation of this project as it brings huge benefits to the country. 

Although IRR is the methodology that is frequently used in the evaluation of development projects, it is not without short comings. These shortcomings mostly occur in the calculation of benefits. The IRR is calculated by taking into account the amount of the investment and the discounted monetary benefits that result from the investment of the project. The discounting brings the future monetary benefits equal to its present value. The rate of discount that brings the discounted benefits equal to the investment is the IRR. The benefits are not known at the beginning of the investment, rather they are estimated by using various assumptions. The estimated IRR depends on the assumptions that are used. 

If the benefits are jacked up, the IRR can go up. Usually a cost benefit analysis is conducted after the project is finalized and the approval of the project is granted by the authorities. At this stage, the IRR procedure is used simply to rubber stamp the project. Although the IRR is useful, it cannot be used as the sole indicator to determine the value of the project.  In addition to the IRR, the sensitivity tests are also important to determine the adverse effects on the estimated IRR from unforeseen problems and disasters. The MCC has not released the details of the IRR to consider its methodology of evaluation by the Sri Lankan economists.   

Impact on poverty

Poverty alleviation is one of the key objectives of the MCC compact. The location of the project, however, is in the region where the poverty is not a serious issue.  It is not easy to confine poverty to a particular region since it is unevenly distributed with some regions having larger concentration of poor households than others. In 2017, Sri Lanka’s national average of per capita income was US$ 4,073. Out of the nine provinces, the Western Province had the highest provincial per capita income of US$ 5,260 while the Eastern Province had the lowest per capita income of US$ 2,801. The Northern Province accounted for the second lowest per capita income of US$ 3,098.  It appears, therefore, that if poverty alleviation is one of the main objectives of MCC, then the focus of the project should have been either the Eastern or the Northern Province.

The target of the MCC, as most analysts have pointed out, is the 200 km corridor extending from Colombo to Trincomalee for the agriculture project. It is claimed that 85% of the land in this corridor is owned by the government and most of this land is currently used by people in the area for agriculture related activities. The MCC is focusing on making these lands more productive by consolidating them into large landholdings. Most analysts feel that the main objective of the agriculture project is to open the door for foreign investors to purchase land in this region. It is estimated that Sri Lanka has nearly 14 million individual land units and only about 10% of this number has been so far surveyed by the Lands Department since the survey was started more than 15 years ago.  The president has given an order recently to expedite the land ownership survey. Once the land survey is completed, it is likely that the current users of these lands could be the owners of the land they occupy. It is also possible for the foreign investors to persuade the current owners to sell the land to them if higher prices are offered. This is one of the key issues for the objections to the MCC agreement.  

Americans entry into the Asian region

It is becoming clear that the US interests in the Asian region is growing since the beginning of this decade. It is primarily due to the changing geopolitical situation in the region. The rise of China as a super power within a period of less than 50 years is the biggest threat to the US. In the 1970’s, China, under the president Den Xiaoping, started transforming the Chinese economy into an industrial economy with the help of technology transfer from the west. This change attracted a lot of foreign investments from the US, Europe and Japan, and today it is the second largest economy in the world. Its rise as an economic power further strengthened under the present president Xi Jing Ping Peng.  It had over 750 million labour force in 2017 indicating the size of the economy and its economic power. China is also expanding its influence in the developing world with what is known as the ‘debt diplomacy’’ or lending for infrastructure development in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Its rise in sea power and dominance in maritime operations, especially in the south China region and beyond, remains a serious problem to the entire region. 

The expansion of Chinese power, especially in the Asian region, is the main reason that US wants to have some control in this region. For the US, Sri Lanka is the ideal place because of its location and its instability due to various problems such as weak governments, stagnant economy, communal problems, debt crisis, and corruption. These make Sri Lanka easily accessible to the US. 

The relationship between Sri Lanka and the US changed since the beginning of this century, which is driven by the influence of the Tamil Diaspora in the US. They began to exert pressure on the US to impose sanctions for human rights violation during the LTTE war in Sri Lanka. The US also played a decisive role at the UNHRC by supporting resolutions brought against Sri Lanka about war crime allegations by Various Countries where a large Tamil population is domiciled. In the recent past, the US involvements against Sri Lanka has significantly reduced, and it also does not represent the UNHRC anymore.  There is no guarantee, however, that it is not going to support resolutions against Sri Lanka in the future. After Yahapalanaya took office in 2015, the US joined with Sri Lanka to investigate war crime allegations during the last stage of the LTTE war and it resulted in sending a number of service men to jail. This action by the Yahaplanaya was a significant factor that led to the loss of Yahaplanaya at the presidential election.     

Government’s response to this agreement

As noted above, the Ranil’s government almost signed the MCC agreement if not for the intervention of Gotabaya Rajapaksa who promised to throw away the MCC agreement. Ranil always goes out of the way to satisfy his masters and he is willing to accept any proposition about our country coming from leaders of powerful countries. Most of the parliamentarians in the Yahaplanaya government and even in the cabinet do not have the capacity to understand the ramifications of these agreements; they simply agree with what Ranil says, whose only interest is to remain in power.  Mangala Samaraweera, former minister of finance, supported the project arguing that it gives a high IRR and therefore it brings a lot of benefits to the country. He also said that the US buys 25% of our exports and therefore Sri Lanka is obliged to sign this agreement to acknowledge the support extended by the US. This point had also being raised by a member of MCC to push the project to be approved by the government. This argument, however, has no relevance to this issue since the exports to the US are determined by the demand for our goods and services by the people in the United States. The US government has nothing to do with it, but if we are selling Military hardware to the US, then it is a completely different issue.  

Although Gotabaya Rajapaksa earlier said that the MCC agreement will not be signed, he changed his mind after becoming the president, and made a decision to appoint an expert panel to review the project. The panel, which consisted of four experts, has submitted its final report to the president. As reported in the media, the committee’s recommendation was not in favour of signing the agreement. Immediately after the announcement was made by the Committee, Mr Keheliya Rambukwella, a minister of the Rajapaksa government, announced that the government will not sign this agreement. Mr. Rambukwella’s statement followed by another statement from Mr Bandula Gunawardana, the government spokesman; he said that the MCC agreement will be signed after its unfavourable clauses are removed. Since the two agreements are contrary to one another, it is very important that the government clarify as to which statement is correct. If this does not happen, the people in the country will begin to feel that the government is trying to mislead the public and has already committed to signing the agreement. 

A number of US State department officials have been visiting Sri Lanka since the presidential election and they have been engaged in various discussions with the Sri Lankan community. The purpose of these appears to be to convince Sri Lankans that MCC agreement benefits Sri Lanka greatly. At a recent discussion by a group of Sri Lankans and some of the US State Department officials, one of the US officials, referring to this agreement, has said that ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’. This comment, reported in the media, is said to be in response to a question from a reporter about what the US gets from this agreement.  

According to a recent news item in a Sinhala newspaper (Mawbima), the documents that are needed to sign this agreement are already prepared and ready. The US is very confident that the Sri Lankan government will sign this agreement.   

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  • 26

    Mr. Samaranayakka, the reason for the opposition to the MCC by the citizens of Sri Lanka is that the MCC project is linked to the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks mysteriously claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which was set up by the CIA after the US invaded Iraq and disbanded Sadaam Hussein’s Sunni army. ISIS was set up to attack Iran and Shiaa Muslims and cause a split in the Middle East Countries.

    People of Lanka know that there was no reason for Muslims to attack Christians in Sri Lanka as both these communities have good relations being both minorities. The Easter attacks were STAGED to cause panic and sign the MCC and SOFA agreements so that US could set up military “lily pad” bases in Mannar and the Eastern Province Trincomalee and Sainthumarudu, where the Special Operations Forces (SOF) already has a lilly pad operation. US diplomats were discovered at JAIC HIlton with Bomb materials by police sniffer dogs after the attacks which were funded by US ally Saudi Arabia which chanelled funds to Zaharan’s network and Muslims politicians who protected them.
    This year on Easter Sunday we must hold a massive protest outside the US embassy which looks like a military base in Colombo.

    • 31

      Don Stanley,
      There may be some indirect connection between CIA and ISIS but there must be some close relationship between Gotabaya and Easter Sunday bombers in Sri Lanka. There may be some links between CIA and Gotabaya and CIA must have some influence in getting the unofficial exit from US citizenship. So, far to my knowledge, Gota’s name is still not in the official list released by USA of those who gave up US citizenship. Easter Sunday bombers are trained and funded by Srilanka military for a long period of time by Mahinda rule. Kathhankudi is the birth place of HIsbullah and Easter Bombers who are very close with Goat and is military.

      • 5

        If Sri Lanka does not sign MCC compact, Corona virus may be spread in the country. Bad things happen to those who oppose Uncle Sam, including chosen puppets and dictators who are forced to listen to people’s protests..
        Check the facts:
        Iran and China are suffering bad – from Corona (not Mexican beer) because of they are considered enemy no. 1 of the biggest Rogue State in the world.
        India now has a few cases, and only after Trump came and went after selling 3 billion USD worth of weaponry to boost the US economy that thrives on military business..
        Coincidence or Hybrid warfare…?

      • 5

        I always knew Dr Rani and his Yahapalana Cabinet were ace crooks.
        I also expected them to be as cunning as Foxes..
        But I am disappointed.

        If these Dudes who are arch supporters of them are correct , it looks to me like the Yahapalana Cabinet Mob are dumb as dog shit..

        Why the hell Dr Rani. JC Wliyamuna , Dr Rajtha, Ranajan Ramanyaka, Mr Ranawaka spent so many hours in the TT , meeting every Morning almost every day , to direct the UNP IGP and the CID Boss to issue Instruction on Investigations and Court Proceedings.
        And spent Hundreds of Millions of Ruppiaks on O/T, to interview even poor Namal’s Grand Mother to force Rajapakasas to wear Prison Jumpers, if Gota was connected with the Easter Bombers.

        All Dr Rani had to do was get CID Shani and Weiyamuna to interview Bathudeen , and say Gota was his mate and that he told Gota everything about the Suicide Bombings .
        Instead of sending Dr Rajitha and those Two underworld Dudes with False Beards to meet the NGO Media outfits..

        BTW , wonder who picked the Tab for the Two beards which apparently cost 50 thou each?..

      • 1

        You see Mr Ajith there are Muslim devouts who are prepared to lay down their lives in whole families for the sake of Rajapaksas.


        • 6

          So, you agree that only some Muslim devout like Saharan and Hisbullah did the bomb blast for Rajapakse’s

      • 1

        Yes, Trumpland’s game with its puppet UNP’s bondscam Ranil and butterflies, and SLFP/PP US citizen Rajapaksa brothers is “heads I win, tails you lose”.
        Either way the People of Lanka suffer and the US wins.
        Now if MCC is not signed Corona virus will hit Lanka, as it has China and Iran which the biggest Rouge State in the world considers to be its enemies.
        India did not get Corona until AFTER Trump came and went selling 3 Billion worth of Weaponry..
        Bad things happen to countries that resist the US colonization project – Check out Venezuela, Cuba etc.

    • 0

      Sri Lanka should negotiate with USA on the terms and sign MCC. USA should drop war crimes BS. USA should help government colonize MCC corridors with the help of US and SL armies. USA should donate more warships to SL. Any war crimes committed in future along MCC corridors by both armies should be disregarded.

      A win-win for both USA and SL.

  • 11

    DNR Samaranayake,

    Re: MCC

    “In the case of Sri Lanka is that the MCC is linked to two other agreements: Acquisition and Cross Service Agreement (ACSA) and States of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Of these, the ACSA has already been signed. These three agreements could give the US certain degree of control which can have a serious impact on Sri Lanka’s sovereignty. This agreement has generated a large number of articles and seminars opposing the signing of this agreement. “

    There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Thanks for your article.

    The Buddhist priest who started the hunger strike should be commended, because the two traitors, Sirisena and Ranil W, the leach, had signed the earlier agreement. Can these Traitors read?Are they imbeciles? Looks like, only the Buddhist priest could read and comprehend.

    Perhaps the monk belongs to the rare group of monks who were not abused by the senior monks, and therefore can read, comprehend and think. It may me “acceptable “ to prostrate and show respect ONLY to such monks who show wisdom, not to the wast majority of wayward monks, who are abused by the senior monks, and who distort Buddhism and insult the Buddha.

    Caveat Emptor- Buyer of MCC beware.

    • 17

      I need to comment on the your following sentence
      “The Buddhist priest who started the hunger strike should be commended”
      That most VULNERABLE priest even had no idea what MCC meant. I used to respect and listen to his sermons constantly, but after this incident I completely stopped it. If he follows real Buddha Dharma, he should have followed what Kalama suthra teach us. Not to believe anything without inquiring, because many people said so. He had the banner during the protest fast as the ‘Millennium City Development Corporation Agreement’ instead of ‘Millennium Challenge Corporation Agreement’. He had no clue to what he was protesting.

      • 1

        Lalith: You are a stupid fellow. His sermons were based What Almighty Buddha talked and not his own stuff. So, you are harming your self and particularly angry with the face and cut the nose.
        That Bhikku was a Spiritual person and not was engaging in politics. If a politician bhikku engaged in that outcome would have been different. It came from some one who was really concerned results were different. I know how two major groups responded to that too.
        I think the reason is when USA gets angry they are nasty, probably Easter attack is one such response.

      • 6


        Thanks for the info.
        Did not follow this particular priest, but learned about him from the writer. Based on what you are saying, even the rare priests who are protesting are clueless, do not understand, just react. May be he was encouraged by someone who understood.

        Agree that most monks do not understand Buddhism. They get the imbeciles, mean IQ 79, to prostrate to them, and the imbeciles have no clue and have no idea where this prostration “tradition “ came from.

      • 6

        Lalith ,

        “He ( the monk) had no clue to what he was protesting.”

        Thanks. So, the monks have no clue as to what they are protesting, and they have no clue as to what Buddhism is. All they know is Buddha-Agama, Buddhas-Religion, that is a distortion of Buddhism and an insult to the Buddha. Remember, the monks hijacked Buddhism, and set themselves up as the 3rd Gem of the Triple Gem, for the imbeciles to prostate and ask for blessings, ” SANGAM SARANAM GACHHAMI”.

        However, the issues raise by the monks, should be evaluated and heard on its own merit.

  • 3

    We living of different & New Era of political economic-social has began 21st century by has been shifted to New World Order. Its led by emerging countries of Globally by Two giant nation of CHINA and India located in Asian -Pacific region.
    These two ancient civilization played vital role in last several centuries.
    Well set of Huge population and vast land of covered by China and India which that is rise of Two nation; that we accepted by Asian as well as world.
    We Sri lanka in Centre of Asian -pacific region in east. One other side of West of Indian Ocean neux to West Asia as well and emerging of African countries.
    Ours location is quite suitable neutral position for world in Trade Exchange, Center of Economic of Global Value Chain and Global supply Chain,while rising Financial Center of Stock Market, which that Banking of International settlement center and other Business services location can be serves by prudently .Ours challenges are norman of usual but complex phonomme is nothing for US?
    Why I say that ? We were living under the Colonial rule of Western countries over 425 years .It has given that gain many pains, but it had given an unforgettable lessons to People of majority of Islanders.
    The Air, Sea and Land an Island having natural advantages for Citizens of that recognized of Democratic form of Governance by elevated of representative mode of Governance.
    The line of Philosophy and its civilization of 2600 years can be accommodated by different of mode of values governance and ideologies, ethnicities and faith of different religion by deeds .
    Nonetheless that MCC has not in ours National agenda of which key concern that
    Democracy, Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and an Independence are the fundamental interest of Island people and their Right of Self-determination is vision of Democratic of Republic of Sri lanka.

    • 2

      The article by DNR Samaranayaka is written with clarity of thought and transparent honesty. The tripod proposal with MCC as principal mover, has not lumbered along for sixteen years to make a retreat before a mere President. One with a Rs 12.6 billion debt burden, who is yet venturing for a two-thirds to stand on firm ground.

      It can still be said to the credit of the government that it has summoned up courage, not to sign the Agreement. A Phyric Victory one may say, till the general election. To stand one’s ground, a leader needs to be spotless. But the Challenger has many a skeleton to litter in the leader’s path.

      The Agreement throws up economic benefits supremely beneficial to the country. The political negatives are all too irksome to the ruling powers that be. A long 450 years are not easily forgotten. One cannot commit suicide. So rejecting to sign is correct. Homicide is left for the economy to invite.

  • 2

    Hasn’t the government announced that they are not going to sign this thing?
    So its water under the bridge CT, take note.

  • 3

    China is grouping with world power & engage with international partners and investors as to develop new best in class services Marketing tools and strategies need. plan for linking East and West by sea, entry Economic benefits for the developments Sri lank presently is in inadequate transport logic and planning and lack of access to land for agriculture If these roads are not upgraded it will not compete with the silk road. It is not going for hunger strike the country will be in hunger, when the completion of the silk road happens China is a Buddhist country so is sri lanka. Keeping the value of the country you can go for development Partnership will enhance country development. Like the British error

  • 3

    People are aware of ACSA being signed by the slave government and wanted the new President to abolish it.
    If SOFA has also been signed, the President/Government should reveal who have signed that agreement and its contents.
    “November 16 Mandate” was all against ACSA, SOFA and MCC.
    So far, the President and the Government have disappointed the public by taking a disgraceful U-turn about them.
    At the same time people have already seen through their own eyes how fake are the so called patriots who belligerently opposed American Agreements.
    Out of the three agreements, MCC is the biggest threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.
    When compared to treacherous UNHRC Resolutions 30/1 and 40/1, ACSA and SOFA Agreements are NOTHING.
    The Government boldly announced in Geneva that they have decided to withdraw from the said Resolution as per the “November 16 Mandate”.
    Therefore, terminating ACSA and SOFA as per the “November 16 Mandate” IS NOTHING.
    At the next election, people should vote any party that assures the withdrawal from ACSA and SOFA (if signed, people have a right to know who signed on behalf of Sri Lanka) and also the party which TOTALLY REJECT the MCC Compact Agreement.

  • 5

    What we need to make sure is no one tells Sri Lanka leaders how to go about the security of our Country.
    Ranil was a total failure when it came to crusing violence as bad as his late Uncle who paved the way to LTTE in 1983 , Ranil tried hard to do the same in Digana and after 21st April attack, as for digana thanks to My3 he forcefully snacthed police powers from Ranil and brought the situation under control, mostly in Akurana and kandy I was told it was mostly the quick actions of our Navy using drones to identify the mobs which helpped the Navy to crush the violence ,so did the Army and orher forces .
    So far under the president the vigilence through the support from various intelligence units every thing seems under control ,
    Muslims have an obligation towards the Armed forces and must use their influnce through Muslim nations to stand by The forces against any foreign forces inerfereing.
    We all know why a certain nation’s bigotted head visited Sri Lanka and what he did etc, etc after elections,.
    Certain Foreign begotted anti – muslim.wing has established its roots here .
    Only person who will not give into that particular teroror unit is the present President .
    They want to use a fake term. new one no more jihad or Wahabu ; Kababi.
    Its is now love Jihad the new term
    Muslims be awake.
    And members of other minority community to whom this Teroror unit belongs to must report any information they have and if they supress any such information they have to be considered as part of that unit.
    All they are planning to do is use Muslims as Scapegoats by using the term love Jihad and beef .
    This is Sri Lanka and we are surround by any ocean that has some other country’s name , our oceans are named as Sri Lankan Seas and everything that is connected to blue economy is 100% Sri lankan property .

  • 8

    ‘Yamapalana’ don keys got Sri Lanka into this mess. Gamarala who brought these guys to power should be hanged from his balls in Galle Face Greens. What people can do except curse these guys ‘Wehi Nethi Hena Gahapan’.

    • 4

      Eagle Brain Dead Blind Eye.

      “Yamapalana’ don keys got Sri Lanka into this mess. “

      Did they?
      It was the self proclaimed strongman Gota first secretly dealt with the agreement:

      Inside the “secret” American defence agreements
      14 July, 2019

      “On January 27, 2007,” a leaked cable gloats, “Secretary Rajapaksa stated that he was ready to sign the agreement at anytime convenient to the US.” The sudden breakthrough is attributed to the ease of negotiating with a single family.

      Instead of having to convince politicians and bureaucrats across the government, the US ambassador merely had to sell Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who in turn got permission from the rest of his family, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, to enter the agreement. The process could be expedited without having to go before Cabinet or Parliament.

      At the request of the US Embassy, Rajapaksa agreed to finalize and sign the agreement in secret at the Ministry of Defense, and the agreement was finally signed on February 28, 2007 by Secretary Rajapaksa and Ambassador Blake. The agreement bore fruit for both countries. The Rajapaksa government used it to signal tacit US backing for the renewed military campaign against the LTTE, and the US gained an additional logistical hub for its forces transiting through the South Asian region.

      Eagle Brain Dead Blind Eye.
      Watch out it is the Patriotic Rajapaksa clan which is selling this island left right and centre. Try and retain Kachchatheevu which you may need when you are about to kick the bucket.

    • 1

      Blind Eagle,

      —–I wish “Wehi Nethi Hena Gahapan’ to Gothapaya, Mara, and their families and clans for sleeping with “Gamarala” in the upcoming election..

      ——Do you approve this Blind Eagle????

  • 5

    There is lot of politics in the article trying to get advantage saying some are better patriots than the others. How many people in Sri Lanka has $4000/per month or per year income. From one side they say, because of high taxes people have empty pockets, small and medium sized businesses are closing. For Sri Lanka Rs 300 million capital must be a lot.
    MCC agreement wanted Mannar must be simply because of resources. Some one else said that MCC agreement was interested in the SAINDAMARDU ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY – I suspect that must be simply to train JIHADIS, AL QAEDAS, ISIS and many different groups of devoted muslims. I heard, there was a need for buildiong an Oil pipe line from Trikunamale to Colomba direction. If Hisbulla were asked even though he does not provide everything, he may give some clues. It looks RISHAD BATHIUDDIN was sailing in the wrong place and he has become more than a double or triple agent. Because, I read, he was interested even in developing Batti area. Others are MANGALA. Mangala is doing I think because of HATE POLITICS. If not, he can provide lot of information. Zaharan was also became an asset because, he was a socially accepted businessman as well as he was popular among political circles.
    I think the best evaluation of the MCC agreement was given by Pakisthan which said, They gave us $ 15 billion and we have given them $ 120 billion.
    It looks IMF, WB and ADB were completing the prerequisites of the MCC agreement. That is how Parliamentarians are addicted to a certain pattern of politicking.

  • 1

    From one corner, UNHRC is bugging Sri Lanka for Human Rights which is the selfishnedd of one group over the other. From another side, they are forcing us this $480 million grant over Sri Lanka who can not decide on it’s own how to spend it. Only the company created by the MCC can spend money.
    In other countries, I read, there was one quick action force or quick support group (different names, I suppose) were operating. They were secretly bearing weapons and shot at protestors I suppose. I am not sure whether that happened In Sri Lanka twice and they accused the govt and the army shooting at civilians or whether that did not happen yet. Probably, very brave Politicians were keeping mum on that.

  • 0

    The Parliamentary Election to “Elect” the Legislators , is now in full swing. All political parties are “Playing” the “Game”, in my village terminology, called “MAGODI SELLAMA”. This play, I have explained earlier too. In short, it is where two “Dressed” as tigers pounce on each other to kill one of them Like this the”Two” walk in the precession and end up at the temple, without anyone been killed. But they disperse in a happy note after a good dose of “Kasippu”. This is what these political parties are “PRESENTING” to the “SLAVE” voters. What do the “Slave” voters know of ACSA; SOFA: and MCC? The “Slave Masters” (the Political Leaders & their Goons, like the organizers of that temple procession) have “Dressed” the voters (slaves) appropriately and watching , with the assurance of returning to the Parliament. You will be surprised to know, that in Matara District, in an interior village, some of the Goons” canvassing ” for a major political party (in power) walks from house to house with “Tailors” taking measurements of the house-holders to give away “CLOTHES” made to measure. If you want to know the name of that village, watch the TV debate conducted by “Chatura” of “Derana and listen to Sunil Handuneththi of JVP . So what more to talk of , ACSA; SOFA: and MCC”. Mark my words, the two remaining SAFA and MCC would be signed in due course – after the elections. As things are, JVP will have to look for alternative premises for “PROTESTS” not “INSIDE” but “OUTSIDE” the Parliament. A “MAFIA RULE” is in the offing.

  • 0

    $ 480m is pea nuts.
    Consedering the Pakistan predicament, we need to put on table $ 120b

  • 1

    Never mind the US Dudes in full Uniform patrolling 12000 Acres in the North and the East upto Colombo.
    The most interesting bit which I like,is the US deciding on how our Public Lands could be used productively.

    How cool is that ?.

    No wonder Minister Bathudeen started clearing our Nature Wildlife Park there . .
    Got the brother to buy Hundreds of acres of Lagoon front Lands in Kalpitiya and Mannar Area..
    And UNP ‘s heavy Business Buddies surveyed Blocks in Horten Plains and Knucles Rain Forests .to build 6 Star Eco Resorts.

    Because all that must be conered in the MCC Plus . .

    My Elders told me the other day that the MCC does not even have a Sinhala Copy.

    No wonder Eagle Sira signed one of them, although it had 50 pages in the revised version..
    And told us suckers that he didn’t read it..
    He must been shy to say he couldn’t read it..

    Just imagine a Head of a State, an Executive Head for that matter of a so called Mid Income Nation on the Planet Earth, signing an Agreement with the most Powerful Nation with the Most Powerful Military Clout in the World and the most aggressive Nation . without knowing what the hell is in that paper which he was signing?..

    I am not sure about the current Opposition Leader from Keselwatta .
    But I know Dr Rani. Mangala Samare. Kabir Hashim , Mujibur Rahuman , Malik Samara the heavy movers of this MCC have good reading capabilities in English more than in Sinhala .

    Wonder whether the MCC and the other Pacts have Tamil Translations for those Tamil Speaking people to be so fond of these Agreements ?..

    • 3

      KASmaalm K.A. Sumanasekera

      You better sit down, read then bury your head wherever you want to:

      At the request of the US Embassy, Rajapaksa agreed to finalize and sign the agreement in secret at the Ministry of Defense, and the agreement was finally signed on February 28, 2007 by Secretary Rajapaksa and Ambassador Blake.

      Inside the “secret” American defence agreements
      14 July, 2019

      Have you noticed, the patriots and the extreme nationalists are the ones who sell their rights, land and people to foreign powers. Rajapaksa clan is no different.
      Keep selling, then blame the minorities, …………… and victims.
      This cannot go on forever, it’s not so much about shameless crooks it’s all about the b***s carriers like you and the saffron brigade.

  • 0

    gota’s stark choice.american soldiers boots on the gounds of sri lanka or reconciliation with the tamils.So far US and india had not made any protest at the withdrawal of sri lanka from their own UN resolutions,but all that may change if the MCC is not signed.What trump wants trump gets.

  • 3

    Simple question, does USA require a foot hold in SL either to take over SL or control South Asia, the answer is NO. Although SL has the 5th largest operational armed force in the world (no one know why we need such a large one), one US aircraft career battle ship in international waters in the Indian Ocean is adequate to control SL and most neibouring countries. Why all this fuss? Rajapakse and Pohottuwa to get votes used MCC as an evil ghost, now they are finding that the opposition is serving them with the same plate that they served Ranil’s Govt.

    • 6

      Remember when India dropped Parippu from air, SL politicians started shitting bricks! Just imagine what an US aircraft career battle ship would do?

  • 2

    Personally I am not against these agreements (SOFA/MCC etc.) as long as all the bases are stationed in the North/East. US will pay big money. The Sri Lankan Government can use the money to either pay off loans to creditors or for developing the South. The agreements are not binding, they are subject to renewal so if there is some big issue the foreigners can leave.

    • 2

      Hello Lester,
      That proposition is ridiculous. North/East is still Sri Lanka.
      USA will never leave once it is allowed to move in. USA refuses to leave Iraq. With the USA, all agreements and UN Resolutions are meaningless – will NOT be honoured by the USA.
      There is nothing Sri Lanka could do.
      Quite honestly, I just can’t fathom Ranil. Surely, his primary interest should be Sri Lanka and NOT to make Sri Lanka a subservient country.
      We need to see how Gota and Mara plan to deal with the MCC after the elections!
      In my opinion, we need to get back to non-aligned settings and work with India to prevent super power rivalry to play out in Sri Lanka. China already has too much influence.

      • 0


        USA has been asked to leave from the philipines after they had signed the MCC agreement with themThey have 8 months to do so.They are trying to salvage the agreement though trump himself is unconcerned.he has said that US can save money by getting out.Trump is a businessman and only looks ate profits and losses,but his administration officials are keen to have a foothold in the US.

        so sri lanka should look at what is happening and what in the philipines and what is going to happen in the future there.By the end of the year they should know.They have wisely said that they are not ditching the MCC,but are looking at some modifications.They should drag the modifications till the end of the year.By that time we should know whether trump has been relected or not and what has happened in the philipines.If as you say they don’t go from there then we can use that as a example,but i don’t know how they can continue to wait there while the president duterte says they should get out.maybe they will assasinate him like what they did to chavez of venezuela,or giving cigars that explode to castro.

      • 1


        USA refuses to leave Iraq because Iran is nearby. USA is there to spy on the Iranians and have infrastructure in place to invade Iran if there is a need. In fact, the USA has 40 bases surrounding Iran: https://i.redd.it/d4z1ytc1v5211.jpg. It means they have spent a long time preparing for a possible war. Sri Lanka does not have any similar issue. It is liberal, democratic, and majority Buddhist, not Muslim. Regarding Chinese influence, it will continue to spread. China is a net saver, US is a net borrower. China has a strong domestic manufacturing base, most of the US manufacturing base is outsourced. In the long-term, US global power is declining, while Chinese influence is rising. So Sri Lanka should definitely have ties to China.

  • 1

    Although all the Battles at Srikotha are still unfinished business , the UNP Supremo flew to Dubai last night in Emirates Business Class.

    With the Election round the corner, even as soon as after Easter, I thought Dr Rani would have gone to Tirupathi with his Saffron Thread and the Pottuwa accompanied by the Missus.
    To get those famous Poosari Blessings with all the Bells and the Trumpets to get a Landslide at least for himself ,
    Specially with the UNP Second Rung, Opposition Leader now is going for a seat in Colombo.

    Wonder what is going on?.

    Is it an under cover job to get Dr Rani’s fave baby, the MCC past the post, with a new strategy to go with Trumpy’s first Blow to our War Hero Army Commander?.

    Or is it an Interview for a high flying job in Ms Bachelette’s UN Office ?..

    Or is Dr Rani on his way to Mecca to get an extra Blessing before he pays his usual visit to Tripathy in Hindia.

    What ever it is, it must be very important step ,as the Abraham has vowed to make UNP the ruling Party in the next Parliament, with the TNA’s 40 Seats..

    • 2

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “Or is Dr Rani on his way to Mecca to get an extra Blessing before he pays his usual visit to Tripathy in Hindia.”

      Which temples does the crook in chief visit and perform elaborate rituals every time he visits Hindia?

      Watch the link below:
      Shame on you Sri Lanka | Sri Lankan cricket fan abuses a foreign couple for using Sri Lankan Flag

      Why did Gota download his goons from local camps if the goons cannot deal with real trouble? There are local men sitting there and watching this foreign supporter being intimidated, threatened, humiliated, …..by a local drunken thug.

      What the **** the single handed Kamal doing about it?
      Instead he is still gloating his bravados to visiting military officers.
      That ass should be told to keep peace, not start war, keep his goons inside the designated camps, ….

  • 4

    I think it is better to hand over the country to a foreign power like the USA to administer the country rather than carry on like this forever where nothing has changed since Sri Lanka gained independence from the British 71 years ago. If the British did not build the the infrastructure like the roads railway and opened tea plantations etc. which is still our main export the Sri Lankan economy would be in dire straits. Though the Chinese have come to our aid in recent years by building roads and railways by providing loans and man power etc. unlike the British we will be struggling to pay back the loans for years to come and will be under obligation to the Chinese forever. According to a recent survey Sri Lankan’s have a very low IQ of 79 and do not have the knowledge or wisdom how to develop the country knowing this the politicians are taking the poor voters for a ride and are getting elected to parliament to make money The politicians are very corrupt and just don’t care about the welfare of the country. The highly educated have virtually left the country seeking greener pastures overseas while the country is run by drug addicts, criminals, rapists, smugglers etc. who have got into parliament with the help of Buddhist monks who are preaching politics rather than religion to brain wash the poor voters in temples of Sri Lanka. As a result the Sri Lankan economy and quality of life has gone backwards in recent years and the future looks very bleak indeed.

  • 7

    Srilanka needs the $480 min. No question about that. We also need a better land title system. Why not take the 480 mn and later withdraw from mcc, sofa, acsa etc. Just like we did from Geneva 30/1?

    • 2

      A very good idea.

      • 2

        One moron’s proposal supported by another moron…….
        Nobody cares for the reality.

        • 2


          “One moron’s proposal supported by another moron…….
          Nobody cares for the reality.”

          For once you may be right.
          Mahinda, Chamal, Basil and Gota, the entire clan consented to the agreement with USA in 2007.

          “Instead of having to convince politicians and bureaucrats across the government, the US ambassador merely had to sell Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who in turn got permission from the rest of his family, President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, to enter the agreement. The process could be expedited without having to go before Cabinet or Parliament.”

          Inside the “secret” American defence agreements
          14 July, 2019

          If you have been looking for the man who sold the country, now you know who it is, and the clan which traded the country, and yet claims to be Sinhala/Buddhist patriots.

          The country has already been sold to Hindia, China. USA, …… now you can relax.

  • 2

    Dr Rani didn’t go to Dubai to do a deal on the MCC to please the Americans as I thought..

    Dr Ranil went there to get away from Duleepa Livera.
    And try to do a deal from Dubai to try and avoid going in the same Blue Mara with his loyal buddy Galleon Ravi to visit the Fort Magistrate ..

    What a turn of event..

    Duleep I remember went soft on Dr Rani by accepting a written statetment in the first round.

    After Dullepa got the AG Gig, he seems to have grown an extra leg .
    And now firing on all Cylinder to catch the crooks.

    Galleon Ravi issued a Press Letter as late as even yesterday .saying that all UNP Investigations including Dr Samy’s Forensic Bonding Report cleared him in full.
    He had no idea whether the Penthouse he was living in was rented or freehold , during the issue of the first Tranche of Yahapalana Bonds.

    Wonder whether Dr Rani is doing a deal in Dubai to surrender his bosom ex Royal Pal to the new AG Livera?..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      “Galleon Ravi issued a Press Letter as late as even yesterday saying that all UNP Investigations including Dr Samy’s Forensic Bonding Report cleared him in full.”

      All investigation into all fraud that were committed between 2005 and 2019 are meant to absolve the crooks of all crimes, irrespective of party allegiance.

  • 1

    If anyone want to give us grants , praise The Lord and may the Granting nation be blessed.

    But We are The Switzerland of SouthAsia.

    We do not want any physical bridges built with any naighbours we do not want to make it easier to be annexed , why should Sri Lanka Trust anyone and no need of one bealt or whatever road projects
    We are Uniquely Sri Lankan and at all cost we shall remain that way.

    We do not need any militry cooperation with anyone, we will solve our own issues

    Sri Lankans are niether indian , Pakistani, chinese , or Arabs , although we may have some past historical links , all those have now completely evolved to one root , That is Uniquely Sri Lankan and we are not divided by Langauge , dreasess, religion , atheism , agnotism or dietry .

    We are celebrating it .
    We will some how stop the outside envy dividing us so they can destroy us.

  • 1

    We have to make a choice between US, China and India. India is not a big power yet. US interest in us is not because we are a poor country but because of strategic reasons. US does not want us to go the Chinese way. Do we really want to go the Chinese way? Very unlikely. We would dress and behave like the yanks quite voluntarily, send our children to study there, watch American films, listen to American music, all voluntarily. But, this does not mean we should sell the country to the Americans. China will never have soft power. The three agreements are tied together, one or nothing. That is essentially the problem. The Millennium Agreement alone does not seem bad but to make the country a virtual American base is to lose control. We are beggars anyway. Our corrupt politicians of both parties have made us that, kept the people divided for their profits. Yet, we do not have to lose our independence, which we got on a platter.

    • 0

      “We are beggars anyway.”

      Two points: Sri Lanka’s $60 billion USD debt is manageable. By comparison, the US has $22 trillion USD in debt. Sri Lanka should become self-sufficient in order to minimize reliance on future “development” loans from groups like IMF, World Bank, etc. Secondly, regarding foreign remittances, most of those who go to the Middle East are Tamil women from Batticaloa district. In any case, the Middle East is also in big trouble with low oil prices. Those governments will soon have to use money from forex to subsidize their socialist lifestyles. The US was smart to develop its own energy resources at low-cost. That is the path Sri Lanka needs to take.

  • 4

    Hilarious to see MS/MR taking potshots at each other. MS calling himself an Eagle (wit blind eye) and today stating “not allowing MR to lay eggs in his nest”. Very Funny No. And great news Cabraaaaal, Sabry and GLP of the same ilk are entering parliament through back door. So now we have everyone assembled except poor Jaliya in US prison. Udayanga is back, Duminda will be free soon. Lets celebrate . Jeyawewa. Even Mervyn is promising to come back on a UNP ticket. Coming parliament is promising to keep voting public entertained.

  • 4

    Read the comments. More hilarious than politicians. The truth is if US wants this pact signed they can very well do without Easter. One says if we do not sign then US will contaminate us with Corona. (by the way Corona came out of China and not the US). Already US is having a breakout and they too are on an high alert. Also Corona is not like our politicians and religious heads who selectively attack people.

  • 2

    The writer has not quoted a single clause in the MCC agreement that binds Sri Lanka to sign the SOFA. Neither has he quoted a single clause that has any negative impact on Sri Lanka, other than not allowing our corrupt politicians to make money.

    Malaysia developed rapidly after the construction of the KL – Singapore Expressway. MCC grant also envisages BOI zones abutting the Expressways to accelerate the industrial growth in Sri Lanka.

    • 1

      Okinawa is struggling with MCC and Philippines have given notice to get rid of it.
      Sorry, we do not want the Americans messing around with lands and to be law unto themselves.
      Also BOI or not we do not envisage the 12,000 Acres getting bloated.

      Pine trees were introduced and it destroyed the soil. The tree itself is of no use. Not even a bird will make its nest there not will it give any shade. What use?
      Why do we need foreign creations.
      Either we develop ourselves or perish.

      • 2


        “Either we develop ourselves or perish.”

        You are wrong, either we stop digging or race to the bottom.
        You know what the rulers are best known for?

  • 4

    Samaranayaka, sorry for being naive. Can there be anything worse than our current politicians??? OR existing dysfunctional system, financial liabilities and “LOO and ODOR” It is like a person who is now overly concerned and asking repeatedly of side effects of an antabuse, prescribed for alcohol or smoking /tobacco dependence. Can there be anything worse than cirrhosis or terminal COPD (lung failure) , what this person is already suffering from. Answer is pretty simple, now that Rajapaksas are in control, if you do not like then do need to go with it. Why the “kicking and screaming”???? End result is more loans at very high cost just like Greece bonds, hedging oil, standard and charted arbitrary screwing.

    • 1

      Forget the politicians….. Educate the current youth for a better tomorrow.

      • 2


        “Educate the current youth for a better tomorrow”

        Stop educating the current youth on Sinhala/Buddhist Fascism.

  • 0

    “This agreement was about to be signed by the leaders of the former government when it was abandoned due to the starting of a hunger strike by a Buddhist priest against the signing of the agreement. “

    don’t lie.president sirisena clearly told parliament that the next president only will have to decide.If the monk went on a hunger strike it was aimed at gota because he knew that gota will become the president.mangala was pushing hard for the agreement and ranil also went along with him.

  • 0

    USA has to know that common sense of an understand that USA intervention in Afghanistan had been passed over 40 odd years an Invades in People of Afghan by Soviet Union in 1978/79.
    I an opposes Soviet Intervention in Afghan since then. In facts of history says that Sovereignty Nation of Afghan by an invading Soviet Union was violated sovereignty People which that was cannot bring to “Socialism” was a political hypocrisy.
    While that USA run-on WAR footing politica has gone to Four Decades in a People Afgan has been suffering an accounted of USA that total over 40 years .
    Where is that USA Stand now in South Asian Region? US has no change Strategy of Indian Ocean domination is there by MCC has one of the key projects of that.
    Eventually after 9/11 USA War footing politics on Iraq and Afghan; cost of War two Muslim countries borne by Tax payers money of USA citizens which was closed US $ Trillion 3 dollars.
    The lost of cost lives USA solider and People of Afghan has not been an accounted by War launched of USA monopolies of hegemonies classes. US lost his image in among the South Asian nations was unprecedented.
    Is that USA having simple sense of understand that South Asian Politics of US military invention has come to an end with of failure ?
    Indeed USA has lost its political credential and credibilities of “champion of Democracy” & “War Crime” against Afghan and Iraq unpopular among huge populous countries in South Asian region.
    What is the role of played by USA in South Asian region!@USA has by delivered nothing except empty word of ‘PEACE’, instability and uncertainties of whole region. The strategies USA of Indo-Pacific aim at an undermined Economic development and stabilities by MCC SOFA and ACSEC.

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